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The Coming Real Pandemic of the Vaccinated (S&F)
Airline Pilot Warns Biden’s Mandate Will Create ‘Massive Disruptions’ (WJ)
911 System In Jeopardy As First Responders Reject Jab (ZH)
The Great New Normal Purge (CJ Hopkins)
Senators Seek Federal Grand Jury For Covid-19 Statistical Manipulation (JTN)
Are the COVID Shots Working? (Mercola)
Australia Building Quarantine Camps For “Ongoing Operations” (SN)
Covid, Lockdown And The Retreat Of Scientific Debate (Kulldorff)
OSHA Submits Vaccine Rule To White House (CNN)
Brooklyn Nets Ban Kyrie Irving From Playing Until He Gets Covid-19 Vaccine (ZH)
Texas Businesses Stuck Between Federal And State Vaccine Rules (Y!)
NY Post Editorial Board Bashes Biden’s ‘Cabinet of Horrors’ (NM)
Wisconsin’s Election Probe Zeroes In On Democrat Machine Tactics (JTN)
Former DNI Ratcliffe Says He’s Given Durham 1,000 Intel Documents (JTN)
John Durham and the Amazing Disappearing DNC Hack (Parry)



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Try some melatonin. Works vs Covid.






What we’ve been afraid of for quite some time now.

The Coming Real Pandemic of the Vaccinated (S&F)

Drs. Trozzi and Alexander explain ADE and other dangers of the ‘vaccines’, and warn of the coming wave of deaths among those who have received these experimental gene therapies. Dr. Mark Trozzi is an ER doctor with 25 years experience. He took a leave of absence early this year to fight Covid tyranny full time. His website is drtrozzi.com. Dr. Paul Alexander is a world-class clinical epidemiologist who was trained at McMaster University, Canada’s top university for epidemiological research. Dr. Alexander was fired from his position at the university for speaking the truth about the harms being caused by the Covid ‘vaccines’.

“78% of the deaths in the U.K. are among the ‘double-vaccinated.” Dr. Mark Trozzi. “If we vaccinate our children the deaths we’ve seen in adults so far we will now see in children.” Dr. Paul Alexander. Watch and share this very important interview. The next fear-mongering tactic coming down the pipe is a ‘wave of pediatric cases’, but in actual fact children are in no danger from Covid whatsoever. Sadly, many are likely to die as a result of the bioweapons being falsely represented as ‘vaccines’.

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Just in: Boeing will require its 125,000 workers in the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 8.

Airline Pilot Warns Biden’s Mandate Will Create ‘Massive Disruptions’ (WJ)

An airline pilot and activist for individual liberty told Fox News on Monday that situations such as mass flight cancelations will become more common if the Biden administration refuses to backdown from its hardline stance against coercing Americans to get vaccinated against COVID. Speaking on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Joshua Yoder, a commercial airline pilot and the co-founder of a group called U.S. Freedom Flyers, cautioned that events such as this past weekend’s Southwest Arlines flight cancellations could soon be unavoidable. The reason: Yoder said the people who do skilled jobs, such as flying planes and driving trucks, will stand against President Joe Biden and their own employers. “My motive for resisting [the COVID vaccine] is primarily religious for myself,” Yoder told Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Among my friends I saw a need. Many of us don’t want to take this. People were being coerced. I believe in freedom, and I’m here to support the freedom of my fellow employees and all people across this country.” “I’m not going to take a mandate. I’m not going to be forced to do something that I don’t believe in,” he added. “If you have flights reduced by 30 percent because 30 percent of pilots are fired because they won’t take the vaccine, this is going to affect how your goods get here from overseas, how they are distributed to the store,” he said when asked to describe the effect on the national transportation infrastructure. “The same thing is happening with the truckers; it’s happening in the shipping industry. Those Amazon boxes that typically show up in two days, you might be looking at three weeks,” he continued, making note of a reported shortage of truckers and dock workers as ports — such as the one at Long Beach in Los Angeles Country — experience a backlog of ships waiting to be unloaded.

[..] Yoder, when speaking of staffing shortages and logistics, asserted that more shortages of employees, such as the one which that hit Southwest, could come. He blamed Biden for the issues and challenged any notion that the federal government is in control of what American citizens and workers choose with regard to vaccines. “It’s squarely his [Biden’s] fault,” he said. “First of all, we have all the control, and the control comes from a simple word, and that’s ‘no,’” he said. “We just don’t need to comply. As far as I’m concerned, I will never promote a sick-out or a work action that is illegal. With U.S. Freedom Flyers, the organization I’m with, we will never promote such a thing. With that being said, we also cannot control the actions of individuals.”

“And I think that you will see massive disruptions in supply chain and in your travel if we just stand up and say no,” he said. “If these companies fire us and they fire 30% of the workforce, aircraft are going to stop moving, and it’s going to affect you. It’s going to affect your air travel, and it’s going to affect the economy.”

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What will the world look like by Christmas? Will anything function at all?

911 System In Jeopardy As First Responders Reject Jab (ZH)

The American Ambulance Association (AAA) warned House and Senate leaders the “nation’s EMS system is facing a crippling workforce shortage, a long-term problem that has been building for more than a decade. It threatens to undermine our emergency 9-1-1 infrastructure and deserves urgent attention by Congress.” “The magnitude has really blown up over the last few months,” AAA President Shawn Baird told NBC News. “When you take a system that was already fragile and stretched it because you didn’t have enough people entering the field, then you throw a public health emergency and all of the additional burdens that it put on our workforce, as well as the labor shortages across the entire economy, and it really has put us in a crisis mode,” Baird said.

What’s making the EMS labor shortage worse is President Biden’s vaccine mandates. First responders are quitting across the county because they don’t want to get the jab and have realized they can transfer to other higher-paying jobs. Waldoboro, Maine, town manager Julie Keizer told News Center Maine that “the vaccine mandate has contributed to the loss of first responders.” “I think part of the problem is everybody thought they (workers) would conform because nobody wants to lose their jobs,” Keizer added. “But when you look at the rate of pay for emergency workers, they can make more delivering packages than patients.”

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“The purge must be conducted openly, brutally, so that the masses understand that the rules of society have changed forever, that their former rights and freedoms are gone, that from now on any deviation from official ideology will be ruthlessly punished.”

The Great New Normal Purge (CJ Hopkins)

So, the Great New Normal Purge has begun … right on cue, right by the numbers. As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted. Relentless official propaganda demonizing “the Unvaccinated” is being pumped out by the corporate and state media, government leaders, health officials, and shrieking fanatics on social media. “The Unvaccinated” are the new official “Untermenschen,” an underclass of subhuman “others” the New Normal masses are being conditioned to hate. But it isn’t just a purge of “the Unvaccinated.” Anyone deviating from the official ideology is being systematically demonized and persecuted.

In Germany, Australia, and other New Normal countries, protesting the New Normal is officially outlawed. The New Normal Gestapo is going around to people’s homes to interrogate them about their anti-New Normal Facebook posts. Corporations are openly censoring content that contradicts the official narrative. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, checking people’s “vaccination” papers. And it’s not just governments and corporations carrying out the New Normal Purge. Friends are purging friends. Wives are purging husbands. Fathers are purging children. Children are purging parents. New Normals are purging old normal thoughts. Global “health authorities” are revising definitions to make them conform to New Normal “science.” And so on … a new official “reality” is being manufactured, right before our eyes. Anything and anyone that doesn’t conform to it is being purged, unpersoned, memory-holed, erased.

None of which should come as a surprise. Every nascent totalitarian system, at some stage of its takeover of society, launches a purge of political opponents, ideological dissidents, and other “anti-social deviants.” Such purges can be brief or open-ended, and they can take any number of outward forms, depending on the type of totalitarian system, but you cannot have totalitarianism without them. The essence of totalitarianism — regardless of which costumes and ideology it wears — is a desire to completely control society, every aspect of society, every individual behavior and thought. Every totalitarian system, whether an entire nation, a tiny cult, or any other form of social body, evolves toward this unachievable goal … the total ideological transformation and control of every single element of society (or whatever type of social body it comprises). This fanatical pursuit of total control, absolute ideological uniformity, and the elimination of all dissent, is what makes totalitarianism totalitarianism.

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“The CDC’s National Vital Statistics System told mortality data compilers to emphasize COVID-19 as the “cause” of death in a March 2020 alert, departing from a 2003 federal manual on recording infectious disease as a “contributing factor to death” in the presence of preexisting conditions, the letter said.”

Senators Seek Federal Grand Jury For Covid-19 Statistical Manipulation (JTN)

The CDC adopted a “double-standard exclusively for COVID-19 data collection” that inflated cases and deaths starting early in the pandemic, violating multiple federal laws and distorting mitigation policies, Oregon lawmakers told the feds’ top lawyer in the state. Advised by “a large team of world-renowned doctors, epidemiologists, virologists, and attorneys,” state Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum petitioned U.S. Attorney Scott Asphaug to approve a grand jury investigation into how the pandemic is being measured. “Public health policy must be based upon accurate and independently verifiable data to optimize outcomes and strengthen the public’s trust in the people leading them through this crisis,” the Republican lawmakers, whose state has imposed some of the harshest and longest COVID restrictions, wrote in a letter with several attached exhibits.

One is a synopsis of allegations, findings, relevant law and implicated agencies intended to “assist grand jury members in orienting themselves to the scope of alleged crimes committed.” Their letter is dated Aug. 16, but the materials were not released for a month to “protect those involved,” Stand for Health Freedom (SHF), the holistic medicine and legal nonprofit behind the petition effort, said in last month’s announcement. “I’m not sure there has ever been an allegation of government wrongdoing on this scale,” so the group wanted to assess “accuracy and safety” before going public, relationship manager Bailey Kuykendoll told Just the News. Asphaug’s office said Thursday it referred the petition to the Justice Department’s Office of Legislative Affairs. That office didn’t respond on whether or how it had answered the Oregon lawmakers’ request.

[..] The lawmakers’ petition also accuses the FDA of withholding “safe and effective evidence-based treatments” just as the Tuskegee study withheld penicillin from black men with syphilis. They name vitamin D and ivermectin, which have “extensive clinical histories of safety following the administration of billions of doses.” Doctors who prescribe these for COVID may face loss of license, fines and imprisonment, Thatcher and Linthicum said. [..] Thatcher said she was troubled that even as the infection’s high survivability rate became clear, arbitrary restrictions that worsened child abuse, suicide and mental health remained in place. “I began to really question whether the cure was worse than the disease,” said Thatcher, who is better known in Oregon for her legislative effort to compensate people wrongfully convicted.

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Well, they’re doing something alright.

Are the COVID Shots Working? (Mercola)

In a Twitter thread, Ben M. double-checked and recalculated the vaccine efficacy, taking into account all CLI admissions, not just those where the patient had been vaccinated at least 14 days prior. When adding those previously excluded patients back in, Ben M. came up with a vaccine effectiveness rate of 13%. He also discovered that if you look at how many people actually had a CLI (covid like illness) clinical diagnosis code among the 41,552 included patients, the rate of diagnosis between the unvaccinated, the partially vaccinated and the fully vaccinated was nearly identical: 73% for the unvaccinated, 71% for the partially vaccinated and 72% for the fully vaccinated.

Here’s where it gets interesting. When you look at the rate of CLI, and add in the rate of positive PCR tests, all of a sudden, differences between the groups become clear. Only 2% of the fully vaccinated had a positive PCR test, compared to 6% of the partially vaccinated and 18% of the unvaccinated. Ben M. speculates that vaccinated patients may be tested less routinely (12.5% less frequently to be exact), or unvaccinated patients are tested more routinely (11% more frequently than the vaccinated). But there may be another explanation. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention actually has two different sets of testing criteria, depending on the patient’s vaccination status.

Fully vaccinated individuals suspected of having contracted COVID-19 are to be tested using a CT of 28 or less, whereas unvaccinated patients are to be tested using a CT of 40. Anything over 35 CTs has been shown to produce 97% false positives, so this biased testing guidance virtually guarantees that vaccinated patients are more likely to test negative, while unvaccinated patients are more likely to get a false positive.

v$xxine effectiveness

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“Why anyone who had left Australia would come back again is unclear..”

Australia Building Quarantine Camps For “Ongoing Operations” (SN)

Despite some states tentatively beginning to lift lockdown restrictions, Australian authorities are building quarantine camps that won’t be completed until next year in order to prepare for “ongoing operations” and to house those “who have not had access to vaccination.” According to ABC Australia, one such 1,000-bed quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport outside Toowoomba will be fully completed by the end of March 2022. “At this stage, the cabins will be used by domestic travellers returning from COVID hotspots,” states the report. However, it also makes clear that the camp will be used for “ongoing operations” and will be a source of employment for the local area.

The camps is split into different zones and accommodates singles, doubles, and family rooms while being patrolled by police and security guards 24/7. Citing new strains of COVID and people “who have not had access to vaccination,” Queensland Deputy Premier Steven Miles told the media outlet, “We anticipate there to be a continuing need for quarantine facilities.” The government is leasing the land on which the camp is being built from the Wagner Corporation for 12 months with an option for a further 12 months after that. Another 1,000-bed quarantine facility is also being built on a 30-hectare Army barracks site in the industrial area of Pinkenba, near Brisbane Airport.

“Why anyone who had left Australia would come back again is unclear,” writes Dave Blount. “It is possibly the most repressive country in the world regarding Covid tyranny.” As we previously highlighted, state authorities in America are also constructing new “quarantine facilities” for Americans who are “unable to quarantine at home.” As we reported last year, Authorities in Quebec City, Canada announced they will isolate “uncooperative” citizens in a coronavirus facility, the location of which remains a secret. New Zealand also announced plans to place COVID infectees and their family members in “quarantine facilities.” Back in January, German authorities also announced they would hold COVID dissidents who repeatedly fail to properly follow the rules in what was described as a ‘detention camp’ located in Dresden.

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“The language, here, is non-scientific: herd immunity is not a creed. It’s how pandemics end.”

Covid, Lockdown And The Retreat Of Scientific Debate (Kulldorff)

The BMJ article is full of errors that ought to have never found their way into any publication. Here are some examples:

1/ My colleagues and I are described as ‘critics of public health measures to curb Covid-19’. On the contrary, throughout the pandemic we have strongly advocated better public health measures to curb Covid-19 – specifically protection of high-risk older people, with many ‘clearly defined’ proposals. The failure to implement such measures, in our view, has led to many unnecessary Covid deaths.

2/We are described as ‘proponents of herd immunity’ which is akin to accusing someone of being in favour of gravity. Both are scientifically established phenomena. Every Covid strategy leads to herd immunity. The key is to minimise morbidity and mortality. The language, here, is non-scientific: herd immunity is not a creed. It’s how pandemics end.

3/ It says we have ‘expressed opposition to mass vaccination’. Dr. Gupta and I have spent decades on vaccine research and we are all strong advocates for Covid and other vaccines. They are among the greatest inventions in history. To falsely credit the anti-vaccine movement with support from professors at Harvard, Oxford and Stanford is damaging for vaccine confidence. This is unworthy of a medical journal.

4/ The GBD is referred to as a ‘sophisticated science denialism’. Note here how something that challenges an orthodoxy is described as anti-science – a label that presumably could have been applied to any scientific innovator who ever questioned a failed orthodoxy. Collateral public health damage from Covid restrictions are real and enormous on cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, backsliding childhood vaccinations, starvation and mental health, just to name a few. It is not the GBD, but those who downplay lockdown harms who should be equated with those who question the harms of tobacco or climate change.

5/ The GBD was not ‘sponsored by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) – and I’m pleased to see that the BMJ has at least retracted this claim. We were there for media interviews, with no sponsorship. How did such a blunder end up in print in the first place? The AIER staff did not even know about the Declaration until the day before it was signed, and the AIER president and board did not know about it until after publication. If we had written the Declaration at say, Starbucks, would the BMJ have claimed that it was sponsored by the coffee shop?

6/ The BMJ article mentions ‘AIER contributor Scott Atlas’, but Dr. Atlas has never been affiliated with nor written for AIER. Neither have we – unless the BMJ also views us as affiliated with hundreds of universities and organisations that we have visited during our careers or that have reprinted some of our articles. Dr. Atlas was not even aware that AIER had reprinted one of his articles until the BMJ linked to it. Several AIER employees have gracefully supported the GBD, just like countless other people around the world, but we have never received any money from the AIER. This basic error again exposes how normal checks did not appear to have been applied by the BMJ.

7/The BMJ article ends by saying that my colleagues and I are peddling a ‘well-funded sophisticated science denialist campaign based on ideological and corporate interests’. Nobody has paid us money for our work on the GBD, or for advocating focused protection. None of us would have undertaken this project for professional gain: it is far easier to stay silent than put your head above the parapet. As a vaccine developer, Dr. Gupta has connections with a pharmaceutical start-up, but Dr. Bhattacharya and I are among the few drug/vaccine scientists who purposely avoid pharmaceutical company funding to be free from conflicts of interests.

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Weekly testing is still valid. Businesses that go beyond that do that on their own accord.

OSHA Submits Vaccine Rule To White House (CNN)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which falls under the Labor Department, has submitted the text of a new vaccine rule for large employers to the Office of Management and Budget, bringing the emergency standard announced by President Joe Biden last month one step closer to taking effect. “The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been working expeditiously to develop an emergency temporary standard that covers employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing to protect employees from the spread of coronavirus in the workplace,” a Labor Department spokesman said Tuesday.

“On Tuesday, October 12, as part of the regulatory review process, the agency submitted the initial text of the emergency temporary standard to the Office of Management and Budget.” Once OMB concludes its review of the regulation, the emergency temporary standard will be published in the Federal Register, when it will go into effect. Last month, Biden announced the Labor Department would draft an emergency rule compelling private companies with 100 or more employees to require vaccinations or weekly testing. “While America is in much better shape than it was seven months ago when I took office, I need to tell you a second fact: We’re in a tough stretch and it could last for awhile,” the President said in a White House speech at the time.

The new emergency temporary standard will require large employers to give their workers paid time off to get vaccinated. If businesses don’t comply, the government will “take enforcement actions,” which could include “substantial fines” of up to nearly $14,000 per violation, according to officials. Officials have said the standard was a “minimum” and that some companies may choose to go further, including by mandating the vaccine instead of offering a testing alternative. “Each employer will decide exactly what they want to do, but what we’re saying through the Department of Labor rule making process is a minimum of testing once a week or full vaccination,” a senior administration official previously told CNN.

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Make that: Weekly testing is still valid, but not for Kyrie.

Brooklyn Nets Ban Kyrie Irving From Playing Until He Gets Covid-19 Vaccine (ZH)

The Brooklyn Nets have banned 29-year-old Kyrie Irving from both games and practice until he gets the Covid-19 vaccine, just one week before the team kicks off their regular season against the Bucks. The star point and shooting guard will even be barred from playing during away games – the vast majority which will be held in locations where there is no local vaccine mandate. The Nets said they won’t allow Irving to be deemed “part-time” in terms of his availability for games. The move comes after Irving missed Monday’s preseason loss to the 76ers (115-104) over his refusal to get the jab. “Given the evolving nature of the situation and after thorough deliberation, we have decided Kyrie Irving will not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant,” said the team in a statement.

“Kyrie has made a personal choice, and we respect his individual right to choose. Currently, the choice restricts his ability to be a full-time member of the team, and we will not permit any member of our team to participate with part-time availability.” The mostly word-salad statement continues: “It is imperative that we continue to build chemistry as a team and remain true to our long-established values of togetherness and sacrifice. Our championship goals for the season have not changed, and to achieve these goals each member of our organization must pull in the same direction. We are excited for the start of the season and look forward to a successful campaign that will make the borough of Brooklyn proud.” Irving earns more than $400,000 per game – and forfeited some $817,000 in salary in January after missing two games to take part in a league-ordered quarantine after attending a birthday party in a club. He earned around $35 million last season, and was slated to earn $36.6 million this year – the last year of his contract.

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“A Federal Judge in TX has temporarily put on hold United Airlines’ policy that places employees on unpaid leave for claiming a religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Texas Businesses Stuck Between Federal And State Vaccine Rules (Y!)

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines said Tuesday they will continue requiring employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19, deferring to federal regulations as Texas and the White House square off over vaccine mandates. The clash comes as the Republican governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott, signed an order Monday banning all vaccine mandates in his state, including those coming from private companies. But that state rule is in direct contradiction with a regulation announced by President Joe Biden last month, which would require all companies with more than 100 employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Tuesday the new Texas law does not change the federal government’s vaccine mandate plans, which could cover some 100 million US workers. “We know that federal law overrides state law,” Psaki said. But the Biden administration has yet to detail the practical applications of the federal order. “There isn’t a big historic precedent for this and we want to get it right,” Psaki said, assuring that plans for the federal order could be expected within “weeks.” As federal contractors, major airlines must require their employees to be vaccinated by December 8, which could prove complicated for those based in Texas. American Airlines said it will defer to federal law over the state law.

“We are reviewing the executive order issued by Gov. Abbott, but we believe the federal vaccine mandate supersedes any conflicting state laws, and this does not change anything for American,” a spokesperson for the carrier said in a statement to AFP. Fellow Texas-based airline Southwest also said Tuesday it would continue requiring vaccines for employees, despite Abbott’s order. “According to the president’s executive order, federal action supersedes any state mandate or law, and we would be expected to comply with the president’s order to remain compliant as a federal contractor,” Southwest said in a statement.

And the Greater Houston Partnership, a Texas business group that includes Exxon Mobil, Chevron, BP, Shell and JP Morgan Chase, said in a statement Tuesday: “The governor’s executive order does not support Texas businesses’ ability and duty to create a safe workplace.” Abbott said Monday he supported vaccination, but would not allow mandates for it in his state. “I issued an Executive Order prohibiting vaccine mandates by ANY entity in Texas,” the governor wrote on Twitter.

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“Halloween came early this year, courtesy of the Biden administration..”

NY Post Editorial Board Bashes Biden’s ‘Cabinet of Horrors’ (NM)

The New York Post Editorial Board has come out to blast the “scandals from top to bottom in Joe Biden’s Cabinet of horrors” in a scathing review of the early struggles of the administration. “Halloween came early this year, courtesy of the Biden administration,” the editorial began. “While the president is primarily to blame for the choices in Afghanistan, the border and holding an infrastructure bill hostage to the Squad, his team is facing their own crises, many self-created. Here, some of the lowlights of many of the members of Joe Biden’s Cabinet of Horrors.” From calling Vice President Kamala Harris the VP in the shadows — “Harris has gone into hiding, barely making public appearances as her favorables have tanked”— to White House chief of staff Ron Klain being the “shadow president,” few were spared in Biden’s Cabinet from the Post’s critique of the administration’s first 10 months. Among the Post’s scathing rebukes:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “He has no answers for the debacle in Afghanistan.” Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen: “Yellen promised that she would ‘be a voice for fiscal sanity.’ So much for that!” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin: How can he trust Gen. Mark Milley after the joint chiefs of staff went behind former President Donald Trump’s back? And “How can he not tell Biden he must be removed from his post?” Attorney General Merrick Garland: His call for the FBI and U.S. attorneys to investigate and prosecute school board protests is “a spectacular overreach of federal power”; yet, the Post adds, “But in a fight between angry moms and a weaponized Department of Justice, our money is on the moms.”

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland: She moved the Bureau of Land Management to Colorado, “but not enough bureaucrats wanted to live there (300 retired or quit), so Haaland is now moving it back to the swamp.” Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack: Take a Democrat’s word for it: Collin C. Peterson, D-Minn., former House Agriculture Committee chairman. “I would argue this transfer tax, which could be as high as 43.4%, is the worst idea that has been proposed in terms of its impact on agriculture in my lifetime.”Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo: “Argued, counterintuitively, that companies needed to be taxed more in order to compete globally.”Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh: “When 194,000 jobs were added in September, far below the 500,000 forecast, Walsh said, ‘I don’t think it’s as bad as what everyone’s reporting.’ It’s his own department that reported it!”

Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra: “Politico noted that the guy who should be in charge of the nation’s COVID response doesn’t even attend meetings. ‘They brief him,’ a person close to the pandemic response team told the outlet. ‘But he’s not a decider on response activities.’ Why? Because of his ‘lack of experience as a public health policymaker and communicator.'”Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge: “As Democrats rush to spend even more money, only 11% of the $46 billion in emergency rental assistance has been distributed.”Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg: “With supply issues impacting the economy and cargo ships waiting offshore, Buttigieg’s answer is a task force.”

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Drip drip drip.

Wisconsin’s Election Probe Zeroes In On Democrat Machine Tactics (JTN)

Move over Arizona and hold on Pennsylvania, the next election integrity investigation to take center stage is occurring in Wisconsin, where a former state Supreme Court justice empowered by the Legislature to compel testimony and document production is gathering steam. Interviews with more than a dozen witnesses, officials and lawyers who have interacted with retired Justice Mike Gableman and his staff suggest a strong focus on the role election bureaucracies played in changing the rules — without legislative consent — for how ballots were sent out, filled out, collected and counted.

Gableman’s early investigative work as special counsel appointed by Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is shining a spotlight among other things on the Wisconsin Election Commission, a statewide body created by GOP lawmakers after an earlier political rigging scandal in the state known as the John Doe investigations. The commission provides guidance and rules to the 1,852 election clerks in the state on how to conduct voting. The commission in 2020 altered numerous state voting rules and procedures during the pandemic, often without seeking legislative permission. The changes range from allowing nursing home staff to help fill out resident ballots to giving permission to election clerks to fill out missing witness information required for absentee ballots.

Those two changes alone affected thousands of ballots in a state in which Joe Biden was declared the winner with a narrow margin of just 20,600 votes. Perhaps even more consequential, the commission gave its blessing to an idea first conceived by election clerks in the blue counties of Dane and Milwaukee that voters could claim the normally rare status of “indefinitely confined” if they were too scared to go out during the COVID outbreak. The change allowed nearly 250,000 people to vote by absentee without complying with required voter ID rules. That advice, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled after the election, was unlawful. Only people who determine they have bona fide disabilities and infirmities are allowed to vote as “indefinitely confined,” and regulators had no right to declare the pandemic as such a condition, the justices ruled in the only major court decision after Nov. 3 to declare a large bloc of votes as potentially illegally cast.

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How close is Durham to looking at Hunter Biden?

Former DNI Ratcliffe Says He’s Given Durham 1,000 Intel Documents (JTN)

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says he’s given John Durham, investigating the Justice Department actions in its Russia collusion probe, a trove of documents that he thinks support charges beyond those recently filed against cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussman. “Sussmann’s is the first of what I would hope would be a number,” of additional people charged, he told Fox News on Sunday. Ratcliffe made the argument on what he said was “1,000 intelligence community documents” that he thinks support additional charges that he would “expect” Durham to bring, in addition to the declassified documents he’s provided.

Durham, a former Connecticut attorney general, was appointed by the Trump administration to look into the origins of the federal investigation into whether the 2016 Trump presidential campaign colluded with Russia to influence the outcome of the election. A grand jury recently indicted against Sussmann, former federal prosecutor, of lying to the FBI. Ratcliffe, who oversaw the country’s 17 intelligence agencies in the latter part of the Trump administration, announced in October that he handed over the roughly 1,000 pages of materials to the Justice Department to assist with Durham’s investigation, according to the Washington Examiner. Ratcliffe has also declassified two heavily redacted Russia-related documents, including handwritten notes from former CIA Director John Brennan showing he briefed then-President Barack Obama in 2016 on an unverified Russian intelligence report.

The report claimed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton planned in July 2016 on tying then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia’s hack of the Democratic National Committee to distract from her improper use of a private email server, the Examiner also reports. Sussmann, a former attorney at Perkins Coie, is accused of falsely telling an FBI lawyer he was not representing any clients when acting on behalf of a technology executive and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign during a September 2016 meeting on possible links between Trump and Russia.

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The FBI not doing its own investigation remains very weird.

John Durham and the Amazing Disappearing DNC Hack (Parry)

[..] at the same time as the alleged DNC hack, there were similar reports regarding the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (“DCCC”) server as well as DNC Chairman John Podesta’s personal email devices. In testimony before the Senate, FBI Director James Comey stated the following: Question (by Senator Burr): Did the FBI request access to those devices [the servers and Podesta’s devices] to perform forensics on? A: Yes, we did. Q: And would that access have provided intelligence or information helpful to your investigation in possibly finding … including to the Intelligence Community Assessment? A: Our forensics folks would always prefer to get access to the original device or server that’s involved. So, it’s the best evidence.

Q: Were you given access to do the forensics on those servers? A: We were not. We were … a highly respected private company eventually got access and shared with us what they saw there. Q: But is that typically the way the FBI would prefer to do the forensics or would your forensic unit rather see the servers and do the forensics themselves? A: We always prefer to have access hands on ourselves, if that’s possible. Q: Do you know why you were denied access to those servers? A: I don’t know for sure. Um, I don’t know for sure. Q: Was there one request or multiple requests? A: Multiple requests at different levels and ultimately what was agreed to is that the private company would share with us what they saw.

So, instead of using a search warrant or some other legal process to perform a direct, hands on forensic examination of the DNC server, the FBI agreed to base its investigation on the findings of a private cybersecurity company. And, as discussed in the previous article, that company, CrowdStrike, was to do the investigation pursuant to its contract with Michael Sussmann of Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Think about that. When presented with allegations of a devastating foreign cyber attack on one of the two major political parties, the FBI meekly agreed to allow CrowdStrike and Perkins Coie to do the forensic examination and, for all intents and purposes, run the investigation.

Not even the lowliest local police department would agree to such an absurd arrangement. What if this was a murder case? Would the Smallville PD allow a private investigator and lawyer hired by the murder victim’s family to process the crime scene, do the autopsy, and tell the police and district attorney what they supposedly found? Wouldn’t such findings be subject to attack in court as coming from sources that may have had an interest in shaping and tailoring the investigative results to suit the needs and desires of their client? Wouldn’t there be legal problems with the evidence’s provenance, chain of custody, and the reliability and comprehensiveness of the investigative work that supposedly produced it? Would the police and district attorney ever allow themselves to get roped into such a bizarre, ridiculous, nightmarish, and self-defeating arrangement?

Of course not. No rational person or organization intent on conducting a serious investigation would. But that, in effect, is precisely what the FBI — the self-proclaimed greatest investigative agency in the world — did when faced with this purportedly monumental foreign attack on the Democrat Party apparatus.

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    M. C. Escher Bond of union 1956   • The Coming Real Pandemic of the Vaccinated (S&F) • Airline Pilot Warns Biden’s Mandate Will Create ‘Massi
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    Strange how many healthy young men are dying these days:


    An otherwise healthy 20 year-old died on the pitch playing hockey near us the other day.


    Anecdote. Got pulled over by two military and one police officer yesterday asking where I was from and checked my driver’s license to confirm I live in this town – population of under 10 thousand. It is getting oppressive. They were all masked up and many other enforcement agents were present with all the gear on.
    As an unvaccinated person I just can’t wait till this time next year when I get shipped off.


    Resilience is gone — sold off for stock bonuses. Southwest Airlines still hasn’t recovered from flight cancellations in Florida last Friday. Transport, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing and public service are on the edge. The big lies make it worse. Without trust, humans cannot work together. With very leaky mRNA vaccines, Joe Biden’s mandates and passports cannot work.

    There are no functional public health systems in the West. Australia and New Zealand are giving up as the corporations ordered. There has been no attempt to find workable treatments — even discouraged. Despite media propaganda that the virus is in retreat, the pandemic is not going away any time soon. “Let ‘er rip” means new variant spikes, hot spots, overflowing hospitals, illness, and death. Even with available viral treatments, roughly 680,000 died worldwide last year of HIV.

    It is clear that Americans are not willingly risking their family’s lives for crappy jobs. Those that can have already gone to the underground economy. Yes, there is a silent General Strike underway in America right now by walkaways.

    Without resources, energy, goods and labor, digital dollars are worthless. A Weimar America is fast approaching. The economy’s losers will end up in favelas working in unsafe workplaces, if they can find a job.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Bringing this forward from DR 12 Oct 2021

    Oxymoron at # 89844 has an interesting POV that parallels the development of the species. Early on in that process the child encounters the magic and power of the word ‘NO’ and embarks on a voyage of discovery on how to use and to manipulate that simplest of words; also known as the ‘terrible twos’, who hasn’t been in a checkout line and witnessed some episode where a toddler encounters mom’s ‘no bomb’ and counters with tantrum, which works until it doesn’t (at that point the age of negotiation begins on the child’s journey to becoming an adult). On that journey, something has become amiss in the process of socialisation and those lessons are apparently forgotten, the power and magic of NO! Silence is not a response when a NO! is needed to some demand, nor is begrudging submission to authority when a stiff, resolute reply is actually required, coupled with a challenge to the basis of that authority to make such demands. Often this requires that retort be issued in a forum that speaks the language of the authoritarians – a court of law, that for some moments will have the authoritarians attention. This needs to happen universally until a leash is installed upon those wayward authoritarians and some manners put on their remits, otherwise they will continue unrestrained as is their nature.

    Maybe it was the increasing urban size that produced larger groups in the schools that allowed some group of ‘kool kids’ to precipitate out into a social elite but without the ability to experience the responsibilities of governance that may lay root to the failures of all elites to responsibly govern. Elites have always occupied positions of authority, a key to the success of the species but they always were firmly embedded within the population they ruled. Nowadays the chasm between the governors and governed is beyond bridging and the consequences are becoming apparent to wider awareness. This trajectory will end poorly; nothing in the experience of the species supports such conditions. Much if not all excesses could have been thwarted by a well placed NO!

    Blather away about morality, beliefs, and cosmic conscience to our hearts content but it remains blather. The species developed a bicameral central nervous system that has two methods of conduct; one emotional, ephemeral, quickly reacting, the other rational, slower but sounder, evidence or factually driven. Both are needed but in balance. Achieving that balance was once what becoming an adult measured. This no longer applies for any organisation outside the size of tribal organisation. It has become necessary to revisit those qualities that made the tribe a successful organisation and then trace those qualities through the increasing social organisations and see how those qualities developed or changed. This will be an interesting journey of discovery and may possibly contain some answers to the questions now facing the species. Bon voyage!

    Michael Reid

    @ vlad (to answer your question yesterday)
    The J&J and AstraZeneca are not mRNA, BUT they use an adenovirus to gain entry to cells, and then deliver a “payload” of DNA that encodes for the spike protein. The cells translate the DNA to mRNA, and from that point on the process is identical to how the mRNA jabs work.
    How different are they? Well…the Pfizer biodistribution study obtained from Japan using luciferase as the payload suggests that the lipidnanoparticles disperse throughout the body, collecting in the organs. I don’t recall any biodistribution studies on the J&J and AstraZeneca jabs, however, these jabs are not the first use of the adenovirus technology, so it should be possible to look it up.

    absolute galore

    An excerpt in yesterday’s The Morning, a New York Times newsletter. The subject line was Covid and Age. After admitting that even vaccinated people in their 30s pose more risk than unvaccinated kids, it poses the question:

    Vaccinate the kids?

    The more encouraging half of the story is on the other end of the age spectrum.

    For children without a serious medical condition, the danger of severe Covid is so low as to be difficult to quantify. For children with such a condition, the danger is higher but still lower than many people believe. The risk of long Covid among children — a source of fear among many parents — also appears to be very low.

    All of which raises a thorny question: Should young children be vaccinated? I know some readers will recoil at the mention of that question, but I think it’s a mistake to treat it as unmentionable. There is not the scientific consensus about vaccinating children that there is about adults. It remains unclear how many countries will recommend the vaccine for young children. In the U.S., many vaccinated parents have decided not to vaccinate their eligible children yet.

    The arguments against doing so are that there are some rare side effects and that Covid seems no more worrisome for children than some other respiratory diseases. The arguments in favor are that any troubling side effects seem very rare; that there is uncertainty about the long-term effects of Covid; and that vaccinating children can help protect everybody else, by reducing transmission.

    If I had young children, I would vaccinate them without hesitation. I have heard the same from multiple scientists, including those who understand why many parents are reluctant. (Here’s a Times Q. and A. on the subject.)

    It feels like a close call that leans toward vaccination for an individual child — and an easy decision for the sake of a child’s grandparents and everybody else’s grandparents. “Unvaccinated people at any age are much more likely to cause transmission relative to vaccinated people,” Dr. Aaron Richterman of the University of Pennsylvania told me.

    So there you go. Despite The Science, I will give my opinion that I am definitely going against it, because it fits The Narrative we are selling. Back when there was still a touch of sanity left in the media, this would have been risible even for the NYT. Not any more. Now NYT readers nod their hypnotized heads in agreement.

    Here’s more of the piece, with the data they choose to not use when making the decision to vaccinate their own kids:

    Emily Oster, an economist at Brown University who frequently writes about parenting, published an article in The Atlantic in March that made a lot of people angry. The headline was, “Your Unvaccinated Kid Is Like a Vaccinated Grandma.” The article argued that Covid-19 tended to be so mild in children that vaccinated parents could feel comfortable going out in the world with their unvaccinated children.

    Critics called the article insensitive and misleading, saying it understated the risks that children could both get sick and spread the virus. Oster responded on her website with a note standing by her main argument but apologizing particularly for the headline’s lack of nuance. Her critics seemed somewhat vindicated.

    Seven months later, with a lot more Covid data available, the debate over the article looks quite different.

    Oster is the one who has largely been vindicated. If anything, subsequent data indicates she did not go far enough in describing the age skew of Covid. Today, an accurate version of her headline might be: “Your Unvaccinated Kid Is Much Safer Than a Vaccinated Grandma.”

    I recognize that may sound hard to believe, so let’s look at some data. Here are hospitalization rates by both age and vaccination status in King County, Wash., which includes Seattle and releases some of the country’s most detailed Covid data:
    Source: Washington Department of Health

    As you can see, the risks for unvaccinated children look similar to the risks for vaccinated people in their 50s.

    Nationwide statistics from England show an even larger age skew. Children under 12 (a group that’s combined with teenagers in this next chart) appear to be at less risk than vaccinated people in their 40s if not 30s.


    @ absolute galore
    I’ve been collecting links for that same purpose. Drop me an email and I can send you everything that I’ve collected: [email protected].


    The ballot box, the basic bulwark of democracy, has failed.
    Lying scum get in, and our only defense is to vote them out in two to four years.
    Not good enough. Need something better.
    I had dreamed, with the Internet, and something like retina scans, we might have REAL democracy. The founding fathers were afraid of THAT too.


    “..heightened cultural sensitivity..”

    Rolling Stones retire classic rock song ‘Brown Sugar’

    “You picked up on that, huh?,” Keith Richards, 77, responded to the LA Times when asked if the Stones had cut the second-most-performed tune in their catalog amid a climate of heightened cultural sensitivity. “I don’t know. I’m trying to figure out with the sisters quite where the beef is. Didn’t they understand this was a song about the horrors of slavery? But they’re trying to bury it.”

    The first verse of the hit song depicts slaves being sold and beaten in Louisiana, with references to a “slaver” who whips “women just around midnight.” The famous chorus portrays a non-consensual sex encounter between the violent master and a young female slave, while possibly also alluding to heroin use. In the next verse, the song describes the abuse suffered by slaves on a plantation.

    Lead singer Mick Jagger ends the tune by singing, “How come you taste so good … just like a black girl should.” “We’ve played ‘Brown Sugar’ every night since 1970,” Richards told the newspaper. “So sometimes you think, ‘We’ll take that one out for now and see how it goes.’ We might put it back in.”

    those darned kids

    i thought today’s painting was actually a microscopic view from a pfizer vial.

    absolute galore

    Today, an accurate version of her headline might be: “Your Unvaccinated Kid Is Much Safer Than a Vaccinated Grandma.”

    The article above means this in the sense the kids have less chance of getting seriously ill. But it also means, contrary to their logic for getting kids vaccinated–“vaccinating children can help protect everybody else, by reducing transmission“–it is actually vaccinated Grandma that carries the bigger viral load. But they haven’t acknowledged that one quite yet. Give them another 7 months..

    My head aches trying to keep up with the stupidity, denial, and malicious propaganda. Ouch.


    I was glad I went back- as I usually do- to read what last comments I missed from the day before. I see I forgot the “/s” on my “couldn’t be Covid” line- it could be, of course. I appreciate that they aren’t going to get tested.
    Also, I was going to suggest TBear reprint his comment, but I see he has. Thanks Tbear.
    “NO” is the most important word in any language, and learning how to use it is the most important thing we do.

    Dr. D

    “Former Mossad Chief Stuns Audience By Admitting Iran “Not Even Close” To Getting Nuclear Bomb”

    Don’t worry, Israel will fight Iran to the last American.

    “UN Tells Greta Thunberg to Pound Sand over Climate Complaint”

    This was legally strange and showed how far law has drifted. So you can sue on behalf of an amorphous “children” and an amorphous “change”? Why not sue on behalf of a river? (A: They have). Yet if you can class action, and can for damages or pre-damages, why not? If you get to this point, stop immediately, something’s gone terribly wrong with your thinking, which is about to subsume your entire law and culture. We won’t, and it has.

    It is an example of the limits of law, and its premise, however. Law is for Justice, where something bad has been done, and the wronged party needs compensation. It’s also possible that there is a violent crime, where deterrent punishment, or isolation of the violent is recommended. This is on behalf of the State, and so immediately goes wrong. This is a clear failure, however, and reactionary, as the crime is always committed.

    We however, have gone strongly into pre-crime, where – thinking ahead – we arrest people BEFORE they commit crimes, in order to stop the crime from occurring. This is very progressive and much more sensible. Logical. However, it is completely wrong. How do you know what MIGHT have happened? The accused did not, in fact, commit the crime, or they were arranged, encouraged, maneuvered into it as the FBI, who gave them the target, the encouragement, the money, and the weapon? In a few cases now, each of several people played along in order to tell the FBI, about the FBI’s plans. 13 out of 15 co-conspirators agree.

    This is slightly different. We are going to be compensated for a wrong that never happened. Which, on its face is a great idea; I can sue people all day for harms they never caused me and get enormously rich in the process. This wall hasn’t entirely broken down, but like the rest of our culture, is pretty degraded and near failure. And obviously they are running social statistics and intending to arrest people on that basis – and have sometimes – which is contrary to worldwide understandings of human beings and free will. It’s the weirdo, dead, clockwork world, where men have no choice and “Do what they’re told” by circumstance. Wee wittle wictims. Which then if you accept the premise, means we can arrest people for being “born bad”, by race, gender, or circumstance. …Aaaaand that’s Eugenics, rearing its ugly head again, the pillar of the unimaginative, the platform of poor thinkers, the joy of Egos, and therefore becoming universal among the intelligentsia all over again. Professors, Doctors, what would be NPR listeners, the super-smart and caring, were 90% in the bag for Eugenics last time, and now all over again. Here we just see its expression in law: I know best, not only do I know all things that ARE, what is best for each and every, but I know all things that MIGHT be. I am god. Ye shall have no gods before me.

    All criticisms on, well, anything really, are a direct and mortal attack on Ego, which it is clear and appropriate to defend against hurtful words with violence, prison, even death, without hesitation. Meanwhile my hurtful words fall as manna from Mount Hermon, a blessing on the people, a joy to all. Sound familiar?

    Speaking of law being degraded, right now people have to choose WHICH law to follow, there are so many and none at all. Ol’ Joe creates and passes law now just by speaking, without Congress, the courts, even OSHA. Do we follow it? Texas has contradicting law to his law, so you’re in violation of somebody. So we should choose the most fascist, least-legal source, I think. This goes from the bottom to the top, then they complain about tax law and loopholes. I didn’t make a million-page federal register, where the IRS cannot, refuses to, interpret their own sections. “The Law is in my mouth.” It’s whatever I SAY it is. Do what you’re told. Like King John, no one can live under this, and it ends.

    “US Farm Income Booms To Near Decade Highs”

    So…China’s refusing to buy our soybeans, right? Going to show us who’s boss? Just like they refused Australian coal, power plants be d—–d?

    Speaking of China, they’re circling their borders like a tiger, looking for who to attack. Senkaku? India? China sea? We just had a U.S. sub get in a little accident there, ran into a gum wrapper, I guess. Nothing to worry about. So if they sink half a fleet and Xiden doesn’t react, what happens to all Asian partners, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, even Oz? War over. Easy-peasy.

    Isn’t Melatonin related to Vitamin D? And someone was talking of minerals – your iron, copper, and magnesium. I’d add that you essentially cannot ingest magnesium. At any useful dose it’s a laxative. It really needs to be absorbed through the skin. Double, as water treatment, or in the U.S. at least, strips all Mg from the water, so you’re Mg depleted, leading to mineral but also sleep troubles. Epsom salts are magnesium, as is spending the weekend at the lake house. You wonder why you sleep so well there, at last. Humans are meant to paddle in the streams barefoot like Hobbits. We love it, it’s a requirement for us. So we outlaw it, poison every Pooh-stream with Glyphosate, fence every right of way, and remove all the mineral health to sell back to you if we feel like it. Probably not. Hunting the King’s Deer and eating meat is not for peasants. Nor regular humans in 2021, as they publish, then shut down plants and establish “fast days” in ye olde merry England again.

    What will the world look like by Christmas? Will anything function at all?”

    No. But as above, they can blame you for “not doing as you’re told.” Comply yourself to freedom and prosperity, as some say. The lawsuits should be epic, but with a universally corrupt judiciary, does it matter? As CJ Hopkins says.

    “As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted.”

    Just 15 days to stop the spread: is that too much to ask? Just 2 years, 4 jabs, an unending, universal martial law, passport papers, social credit, arrests for speaking, concentration camps, taking your kids, and losing your job and becoming a caste of non-people ‘Untermenschen’ ‘untouchables’, is that too much to ask?

    “Every nascent totalitarian system, at some stage of its takeover of society, launches a purge of political opponents, ideological dissidents, and other “anti-social deviants.” – Hopkins

    For the good of the children and all humanity, naturally. Why’d you make me kill you? And now I’m the bad guy??? You got a lot of nerve making me kill you like that. How DARE you?

    “The essence of totalitarianism is a desire to completely control society, every aspect of society…”

    But more than that, “every individual behavior…”

    But more than that, “to control every thought.” That is, it is Ego. Not only am I awesome, but the entire world must be flat, barren, identical to me. Borg-like, Hive-like, crushing all diversity, all nuance, all “other” until the entire world is made of ME. Like Agent Smith.

    You cannot comply your way to victory. Nor can you survive it. You are not making any choices: Totalitarianism, “they” give you no choices to make. Even if you tried to submit, you cannot submit ENOUGH. You cannot actually BE them, their ego. It’s literally insane. So they give you no choices whatsoever, nor can the fight be avoided. There is no choice, no alternative, and no delay to resistance. EVERYONE is the enemy, as with Stalin. EVERYONE not-me.

    “The lifeblood of totalitarianism is fear … fear is then channeled into hatred … hatred of the official “Untermenschen,”

    This is going pretty nicely right now. The engineering of this transformation is moving along on an orderly route, long-researched and established. So anyone not complying ENOUGH is murdered, like Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The Left, being sadly the epicenter, therefore is ground zero and has been purging their own ranks sharply. No special credit, simply because they all live closer and know each other better.

    “Every totalitarian system … instinctively understands how all this works.” It’s not instinctual, it’s well-written and extensively planned. No point in history do I see it as accidental, although it might have been once, centuries ago. It’s written out, signed and published by the very people having the levers of power, and like Adolph, they proceed to do exactly what they said they would. Not instinctual. Laboriously planned and engineered for power and profit. Disaster “Capitalism” at the apex, the logical conclusion. The final solution. There can be peace only when everyone is me.

    Obviously he says it’s ‘capitalism’ but totalitarianism by definition cannot be ‘capitalism’, although because of the merger of corporation and state I can see why he might say so, such a merger is by definition Socialism (the international variety) or Fascism (the national variety). If they’ve been unclear, we in are in the globalist, Socialist variety.

    “Weekly testing is still valid.”

    Actually no. It is medical discrimination and/or compelling a medical experiment, both illegal.

    “NY Post Editorial Board Bashes Biden’s ‘Cabinet of Horrors’ (NM)”

    Who knew the tabloid Post would be the last remaining newspaper? Didn’t see that one coming. Figured it would be “Democracy Now” or “Mother Jones” both of which have gone full authoritarian state, FBI-fondling, death-eugenics cheerleaders.

    “Wisconsin’s Election Probe Zeroes in on Democrat Machine Tactics (JTN)”

    In theory, the idea was to have a sharp event which the media could deny and “rally ‘round” the faithful. Cheeto and the Gang are slow learners but do eventually identify the gaps, which was first to say things to be attacked and denied, then over and over proven true. This time is to deny them this, which media delays truth/reality for as long as 3 years (Mueller report). They are now trying the drip dry. Although not in the MEDIA, it does exist in FACT, in state laws and actions. I’m torn on whether this is better or worse. Let’s note that under this pressure, you have only one chance to get it right and win, or humanity dies for 1,000 years.

    “Elite’s Depopulation Agenda Is Now Irrefutable”

    Nah, they’re having no trouble refuting this. When 90% of the people are dead, the cities look like Omegaman, they will still soundly deny it and be joyfully believed.

    Sorry to be long. Also sorry we’re still talking about Covid, the non-disease that kills so, so few. You’d think a disease that barely exists wouldn’t need much comment.

    absolute galore

    Tucker Carlson on the economy. Interesting analogy, good overview:


    Number are used to tell lies
    “Fully vaccinated individuals suspected of having contracted COVID-19 are to be tested using a CT of 28 or less, whereas unvaccinated patients are to be tested using a CT of 40. Anything over 35 CTs has been shown to produce 97% false positives, so this biased testing guidance virtually guarantees that vaccinated patients are more likely to test negative, while unvaccinated patients are more likely to get a false positive.”


    Fully Vaccinated Are COVID ‘Super-Spreaders,’ Says Inventor of mRNA Technology – Dr. Robert Malone, recognized for his role in inventing mRNA vaccine technology, said, “The idea that if you have a workplace where everybody’s vaccinated, you’re not going to have virus spread is totally false. A total lie.”

    John Day

    Monday night I was heartened to hear that Texas Governor, Greg Abbott had issued an executive order forbidding any entity within Texas from having a COVID-vaccine mandate. I did not see this as being against private businesses deciding things, but as being supporting of individual humans having the right to make their own, personal medical decisions, with somewhat less coercion.
    This does go against existing federal policies to withhold payment from Nursing homes and medical facilities that do not enforce COVID-vaccine mandates. It seems that the federal government can choose to withhold such payments, which will kill those businesses if they don’t comply.
    That category includes the public health clinic, for which I work until the end of the month. The board decided to declare a vaccine mandate around the time that the nursing home vaccine mandate was announced by the feds. The writing was on the wall, but the official position is that it was to protect people. It elicits less cognitive dissonance to tell oneself that one is acting virtuously, rather than being coerced. That comfortable position is now superficially challenged by Governor Abbott. His executive order is now a thing, not an expected-soon thing. It is ahead of the proposed OSHA recommendations in time.
    One of the fundamental assumptions in the OSHA draft is that mass vaccination is the best protection against COVID. What if it increasingly appears to be worse-than-nothing after about 6 months, and offsetting-penalties before that? People are clearly more susceptible to catching COVID in the 13 days immediately following vaccination, and the Public Health England data shows that the vaccinated are more prone to catching COVID (negative protection rate) after about 6 months, now in all ages above 30.
    I am heartened by Governor Abbott’s order because it is an action against tyranny, an action in support of individual freedom and personal bodily autonomy, medical autonomy. It comes at a time when the primacy of vaccination-only policy is openly decaying, because everybody can see that they don’t work very well. Not everybody does see that, but it’s apparent to many people who are not even really scrutinizing things.
    Tyranny craves absolute control of each person, each action, and increasingly, of each thought and perception, which might lead to actions. Tyranny must control all circumstances, so that no actor can choose non-compliance. Using artificial intelligence to shape “consensus” on social media, through advancing posts that fit the narrative, retarding or deleting posts that do not support, or contest the narrative, and salting in some snide “bot” attacks to publicly demean any new post that challenges the narrative. 2-3 of those makes people afraid to comment in favor, but the negatives have to be there right away. That’s do-able…
    Freedom of choice requires groceries, water, shelter, food, fuel and companions. Tyrant-types need to own all of that. They need to be able to keep the essentials of life away from dissidents. People need to remain completely focused upon compliance, in order to avoid insecurity. The specter of insecurity must be always present to remind people to not miss a payment, or a paycheck.
    I have long wondered how there might ever be a societal shift away from the micro-control which has come to be so pervasive in my world these days. We seem to be seeing it in the squeezing-too-hard-too-fast edicts coming from the tyrants and petit-tyrants as they experience insecurity themselves.
    What is happening, as a result of this fast and tight squeeze is a separation out of people who are more independent of thought and action, who have also kept open some options for themselves, and who are at least suspicious of this power grab over their bodies. Many people who solve difficult problems in human society might be in this class. Many who already got COVID vaccines, especially early-adopters, can still have deep misgivings about what they now see happening, the totalitarianism of vaccination in places like Australia.
    Why? It does not make sense as presented. It seemed to make sense that way up through May or so…
    I think we can see the position of big pharma, wanting to control the narrative that pumps money to it.
    The answer to a vaccine that makes you catch COVID after 6 months is boosters every 3 months, each at full price. Just don’t look at the 2 weeks after the shot. It’s not fair to count that. Don’t look at heart attacks after COVID vaccination. Don’t. No! Don’t look at all-cause-deaths. No!
    Another good thing about mandatory vaccination is that it allows for the removal, the shunning of the non-compliant from all of the things which support their lives, “the economy”. This dovetails into electronic transactions through smartphones. Each transaction can be approved or denied. Accounts can be deleted. China is leading the way with this technology.
    From my personal point of view, I want to turn my brothers and sisters in a direction away from that. I have to start walking away from it myself, and I have been wandering, trying other little trails, like buying things with cash more. Credit-shopping online is so easy… Getting home improvements done in Yoakum works better with cash, except it is easy to leave a credit card with the hardware store…
    This is really a complex life-support system and it is owned by the control-freaks who control the rest of us through controlling our access to the necessities of life, and to our communications with each other. They control us while we comply. They threaten our existence, but they also feel their existence threatened. They grasp us so tightly that they squeeze some of us out between their fingers.
    Those most capable of doing something new, making parallel economic support structures, are being squeezed out of the current structure by the insecure, control-freak “owners”, who are the “owners” as long as the rest of society sees them to be the owners, and the economy holds them in that rank.
    The first steps for those of us who would build an alternate economic support system are parallel steps. We can’t just leave. Getting out of debt, riding bikes, growing vegetables, storing food, water and fuel, having reliable vehicles, and being helpful to other human friends, family and neighbors are things we should all be doing already.
    Each day brings me new questions. I meditate, then do my best to contribute to the good of all.
    The insecurity of the current “owners” drives them to act against the interests of the humans who are members of the societies, upon which they rely for their own support. Let’s help them out by gently relieving them of duty. Nope, I’m not sure how that works, but not by becoming like them…



    Chatting with Doug Casey about theGreat Unspooling of Advanced Economies

    KunstlerCast 350 — Chatting with Doug Casey about theGreat Unspooling of Advanced Economies

    Maxwell Quest

    “Sorry to be long.” – Dr. D

    Are you kidding? In just a few short paragraphs you were able to drill down to the core of humanity’s current predicament, and the bane of every individual – essentially cutting through the many layers of obfuscation to expose the ugly cancer within.

    Once this is understood, there is no need to climb a mountain and meditate in a cave for ten years to meet the “little me”.

    To repeat that famous line from Oliver Twist: “Please Sir, I want some more.”


    The Royal Society has published an issue titled:

    COVID-19: science, history, culture and imagination.

    Including ‘imagination’ sounds great, right? A compendium of outrageous BS from the PTB (imho.)

    one can click on a preview, or the abstract, for each article.


    One abstract:

    The global COVID-19 pandemic of 2020–2021 required politicians to work alongside and depend on scientists more closely than any other event in recent times. It also saw science unfold in real time under intense public scrutiny. As a result, it highlighted as never before the ways in which science interacts with policy-making and with society, showing with sometimes painful clarity that science does not operate in a social or political vacuum. With the advent of vaccines against the coronavirus that has caused the pandemic, science has come to be seen as something of a saviour. But at other times and in other contexts it has also been cast as a villain and an inconvenience, and has run into stark conflict with political leadership. In this article, I consider these issues with particular reference to the situation in the UK—which, as with any nation, illustrated some considerations of more general applicability but also had aspects unique to this country. I argue that there are many lessons to be learnt, and that, as this is surely not the last infectious-disease crisis of such magnitude that the world will face, we must hope they will be heeded.

    Wordy woo + deceptive intellectualism, replete with ersatz ‘savvy’ terms and moves.

    It all sounds like an ex. of the ‘Start Up Nation.’ The big bosses have to ‘work with’ ppl on the ground who ‘have local knowledge’ etc., communication is needed! All to sit down and chew the fat and argue…and come up with some ‘reasonable’ directives…!

    I suppose the PTB think this is some kind of open hearted display that the deplorables / plebs will ‘relate to’ due to their ‘life experience.’ Such as arguing about planting trees, weeping about cladding that kills ppl, wanting to kick out drug dealers, etc.

    The point of course is to annul / circumvent what the ‘instituted’ regulatory bodies in the area of public health – medecines – other – were supposed to do, for about 50 years.


    @ Dr D

    No barefoot stream paddling for me! I can get just as much water against my skin wearing sandals — barefoot in a creek got me stitches for the 2nd time as a child and a lesson was learned.

    It really comes down to how you define capitalism. Often, capitalism is described as a “free market system,” and yet, every time we get close to to a truly “free” market system it is rife with problems — slavery, lies about what is being sold, caveat emptor, boom/bust cycles, bank runs, etc. So, it gets regulated. And the regulations become onerous, and serve an elite group, etc.

    Another way of defining capitalism is by the relationship between those who own and run the businesses versus those who are the employees. Employees have little power individually. If what I’m describing sounds “suspicious” — that’s because it is — it is Marx’s argument. Except, that “really existing” socialism and communism simply substituted one capitalist ruling class for another — they substituted the private business owners for party elites in communism and in socialism left the private business owners but increased the regulation dramatically. Either way you look at it, power is further concentrated at the top, and individual employees remain essentially powerless.

    You have advocated for local control. So do I…. Does it matter if you come to it from a “capitalist” path and I come to it from a decidedly “anticapitalist” path if we can agree on the way forward? I advocate workers’ co-ops and other cooperative organizations because I see the need for concerted human efforts, but weary of top-down, authoritarian structures. I think that the way forward is bottom up initiatives and lateral initiatives. Now, I’ve lived long enough to realize that generally what is needed in life is balance — I’m a parent, and while the kids and I have discussions of how to spend a vacation or holiday, and we make many decisions collaboratively, in other areas I make the choices and they are obliged to abide. Perhaps, what we ultimately need in our human systems are balances between bottom up, lateral, and top down ways of organizing. I am open to this…however, right now the excesses are in top-down organizing, and too few of us even have an inkling of how to organize bottom up or laterally.


    From Aesop, 2600 years ago:

    A gaunt Wolf was almost dead with hunger when he happened to meet a House-dog who was passing by. “Ah, Cousin,” said the Dog. “I knew how it would be; your irregular life will soon be the ruin of you. Why do you not work steadily as I do, and get your food regularly given to you?”

    “I would have no objection,” said the Wolf, “if I could only get a place.”

    “I will easily arrange that for you,” said the Dog; “come with me to my master and you shall share my work.” So the Wolf and the Dog went towards the town together. On the way there the Wolf noticed that the hair on a certain part of the Dog’s neck was very much worn away, so he asked him how that had come about.

    “Oh, it is nothing,” said the Dog. “That is only the place where the collar is put on at night to keep me chained up; it chafes a bit, but one soon gets used to it.” “Is that all?” said the Wolf. “Then good-bye to you, Master Dog.”

    Better starve free than be a fat slave.

    Veracious Poet

    The power of no! aka as the emergence of child EGO.

    I want, I don’t want! I like, I don’t like! Ay yay yay!

    Then comes the conscience separation from everyone & everything, including the Infinite.

    Easy pickings for con artists, sociopaths & other assorted villainy…

    All THEY have to do is convince US that something WE should agree to is a BAD thing.

    Then voila! We no longer know what we do.

    If you can get enough sheeple to say no! to a fictional scenario, like say global warming, then WE become THEM, trampling truth in the process.

    It’s a small step to go from environment pollution (a real reality thing) to AGW, made up with lying scientists, apparatchiks & other assorted asshats.

    Let’s ban all lawnmowers & chainsaws, replacing them with less functional tools that require much MORE power to charge/operate, and thus MORE pollution…

    #Tiger blood! #Winning!

    DemoRATs & GOPhers giving the sheeple what they want!

    The collapse is baked-in-the-cake, the Empire of the child will demand it!

    Try saying no! to sociopaths with superior power (F15s, nukes, bioweapons, et al.) Good luck!

    Nothing left to do now but document the death, destruction of rise of ??? ~ I’m checking out now before the official commentariat shows up.


    Ryan Cooper at The Week: ‘It’s time for bold action to save Republicans’ lives, whether they like it or not- Vaccine mandates would save lives — and Biden’s presidency’:

    “..As I have previously argued, Republicans like DeSantis (who is vaccinated, by the way) are functionally conducting human wave attacks against Joe Biden’s approval rating, sacrificing their own loyal base for cheap political wins. The extent to which this is a conscious calculation may vary, but the practical effect is that the pandemic continues; Biden is blamed for it; and that (probably) does more damage to Democrats’ vote totals than the GOP loses in dead voters.

    This ruthlessness must be met with bold, uncompromising action to save life rather than end it. A minority of Republicans insist they absolutely will not choose to get the vaccine? Fine. Force them to do it..”

    According to Mr. Cooper, it’s just a few Republicans that’re that are keeping “us” from
    fully-Covaxxed Nirvana… Mmm, I don’t think so, but it fits with the elite new-civil war
    stoking, for sure. I’ve noticed too that the words “bold action” inevitably fit into
    ruling-class plans quite nicely..


    those darned kids

    does anyone here know where i can get on one of the refugee boats bound for albania?..


    @Bill7: One of my cousins, who is a long-time Republican, sent me this note recently:

    Read the following on Breitbart on this morning. Made me think of you. Not sure what you’re thinking these days, but I believe he has a point. Something to think about.

    “The latest data shows that people in Trump counties are dying at much higher rate than people in Democratic counties.”

    As you might have guessed, both my cousin and his wife are vaccinated. Here is what I wrote back:

    “The Breitbart article is distressing, not because I accept the premise that conservatives are in some way rejecting the vaccine against their own health interest, but because to me it represents how completely the globalists own all sides of the media landscape. That the author Nolte can write that the vaccines are miraculously effective and safe, and be allowed to publish those bald-faced assertions without even a smidgen of evidence, is doubly distressing. In fact, you can see in the comments of the article that readers are vigorously pushing back on that idiot, quoting Israeli data on how the vaccines are neither effective nor safe. A truly honest conservative web site would recognize the vaccine agenda for what it is: the biggest threat to personal liberty and body sovereignty that has emerged in my lifetime. For the author to cast it in red team / blue team “owning the libs” terms is unbelievably insulting.”


    The government is using mandates to cripple services all across the country in a, so far, successful attempt to destroy the economy. Obviously this is all just part of a bigger plan of which we are not yet aware. The government is basically saying to people: do as we say or we will close down the country, withdraw your services, cancel Christmas etc.

    A government blackmailing its citizens. As their argumentation is so crap, so the blackmail just shines through as clearly criminal. The question is, will the common unthinking man be able to recognise this crime or will they continue as before, happy in their Stockholm syndrome.

    And what of the rest of us. Although TAE rightly focuses on the virus scams and virus oppression, we have to start wondering what will happen once we get into winter and they declare a state of emergency because of … well, it doesn’t seem to matter what excuse they make.

    Michael Reid


    Thanks Germ

    The Vatican gives a clear statement about the state of things in the world. We are at war.

    I wonder if the Vatican would organize our side of this war.-

    Showed it to my jabbed father and he did not get all the way to the end before loosing interest.

    What a war

    Formerly T-Bear

    My Parents said know at # 89871,
    Thanks for the mention. Knowing that, the effort became a worthwhile investment in time.

    Vicious Poet at # 89896,
    I see you have bought into psychobabble hook, line and sinker and now would feck up a wet-dream.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Oops! that was Veracious Poet; must be a fraudian slip.

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