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René Magritte Memory of a journey 1955



I thought that this, today, from our resident physician John Day in Texas deserves more attention than it gets in our Comments section. Because John is living, as we speak, the consequences of the vaccine mandates that are thrust upon doctors, nurses, pilots, etc.

You may be perfectly healthy, you may have dedicated yourself to your job, and the people you serve, for decades, but if you’re hesitant, based on your experience over all that time, about being injected with a substance that was never properly researched (can we agree on that at least?), you are now an Untermensch.

I’m just thinking: how many lives could John, and 1000s of medical professionals like him worldwide, have saved and/or made lesss stressful? How far gone must you be when you start firing the people who literally save lives, in the middle of a pandemic? What’s wrong with you?

When the only alternative you have is leaky so-called vaccines that have been proven to harm and kill many 1000s of people, and you have shunned any and all prophylactics and early treatment options? But instead you fire doctors who have made it their mission to save lives for decades?

Make it make sense to me. I dare you.



John Day MD: Monday night I was heartened to hear that Texas Governor, Greg Abbott had issued an executive order forbidding any entity within Texas from having a COVID-vaccine mandate. I did not see this as being against private businesses deciding things, but as being supporting of individual humans having the right to make their own, personal medical decisions, with somewhat less coercion. This does go against existing federal policies to withhold payment from Nursing homes and medical facilities that do not enforce COVID-vaccine mandates. It seems that the federal government can choose to withhold such payments, which will kill those businesses if they don’t comply.

That category includes the public health clinic, for which I work until the end of the month. The board decided to declare a vaccine mandate around the time that the nursing home vaccine mandate was announced by the feds. The writing was on the wall, but the official position is that it was to protect people. It elicits less cognitive dissonance to tell oneself that one is acting virtuously, rather than being coerced. That comfortable position is now superficially challenged by Governor Abbott. His executive order is now a thing, not an expected-soon thing. It is ahead of the proposed OSHA recommendations in time.

One of the fundamental assumptions in the OSHA draft is that mass vaccination is the best protection against COVID. What if it increasingly appears to be worse-than-nothing after about 6 months, and offsetting-penalties before that? People are clearly more susceptible to catching COVID in the 13 days immediately following vaccination, and the Public Health England data shows that the vaccinated are more prone to catching COVID (negative protection rate) after about 6 months, now in all ages above 30.

I am heartened by Governor Abbott’s order because it is an action against tyranny, an action in support of individual freedom and personal bodily autonomy, medical autonomy. It comes at a time when the primacy of vaccination-only policy is openly decaying, because everybody can see that they don’t work very well. Not everybody does see that, but it’s apparent to many people who are not even really scrutinizing things.

Tyranny craves absolute control of each person, each action, and increasingly, of each thought and perception, which might lead to actions. Tyranny must control all circumstances, so that no actor can choose non-compliance. Using artificial intelligence to shape “consensus” on social media, through advancing posts that fit the narrative, retarding or deleting posts that do not support, or contest the narrative, and salting in some snide “bot” attacks to publicly demean any new post that challenges the narrative. 2-3 of those makes people afraid to comment in favor, but the negatives have to be there right away. That’s do-able…


Freedom of choice requires groceries, water, shelter, food, fuel and companions. Tyrant-types need to own all of that. They need to be able to keep the essentials of life away from dissidents. People need to remain completely focused upon compliance, in order to avoid insecurity. The specter of insecurity must be always present to remind people to not miss a payment, or a paycheck. I have long wondered how there might ever be a societal shift away from the micro-control which has come to be so pervasive in my world these days. We seem to be seeing it in the squeezing-too-hard-too-fast edicts coming from the tyrants and petit-tyrants as they experience insecurity themselves.

What is happening, as a result of this fast and tight squeeze is a separation out of people who are more independent of thought and action, who have also kept open some options for themselves, and who are at least suspicious of this power grab over their bodies. Many people who solve difficult problems in human society might be in this class. Many who already got COVID vaccines, especially early-adopters, can still have deep misgivings about what they now see happening, the totalitarianism of vaccination in places like Australia. Why? It does not make sense as presented. It seemed to make sense that way up through May or so… I think we can see the position of big pharma, wanting to control the narrative that pumps money to it.

The answer to a vaccine that makes you catch COVID after 6 months is boosters every 3 months, each at full price. Just don’t look at the 2 weeks after the shot. It’s not fair to count that. Don’t look at heart attacks after COVID vaccination. Don’t. No! Don’t look at all-cause-deaths. No! Another good thing about mandatory vaccination is that it allows for the removal, the shunning of the non-compliant from all of the things which support their lives, “the economy”. This dovetails into electronic transactions through smartphones. Each transaction can be approved or denied. Accounts can be deleted. China is leading the way with this technology.


From my personal point of view, I want to turn my brothers and sisters in a direction away from that. I have to start walking away from it myself, and I have been wandering, trying other little trails, like buying things with cash more. Credit-shopping online is so easy… Getting home improvements done in Yoakum works better with cash, except it is easy to leave a credit card with the hardware store… This is really a complex life-support system and it is owned by the control-freaks who control the rest of us through controlling our access to the necessities of life, and to our communications with each other. They control us while we comply. They threaten our existence, but they also feel their existence threatened. They grasp us so tightly that they squeeze some of us out between their fingers.

Those most capable of doing something new, making parallel economic support structures, are being squeezed out of the current structure by the insecure, control-freak “owners”, who are the “owners” as long as the rest of society sees them to be the owners, and the economy holds them in that rank. The first steps for those of us who would build an alternate economic support system are parallel steps. We can’t just leave. Getting out of debt, riding bikes, growing vegetables, storing food, water and fuel, having reliable vehicles, and being helpful to other human friends, family and neighbors are things we should all be doing already.

Each day brings me new questions. I meditate, then do my best to contribute to the good of all. The insecurity of the current “owners” drives them to act against the interests of the humans who are members of the societies, upon which they rely for their own support. Let’s help them out by gently relieving them of duty. Nope, I’m not sure how that works, but not by becoming like them…




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    René Magritte Memory of a journey 1955     I thought that this, today, from our resident physician John Day in Texas deserves more attention
    [See the full post at: Make It Make Sense To Me. I Dare You.]


    “Mike Tagliere revealed he was fully vaccinated before he contracted covid-19”

    Was Mike Tagliere vaccinated? Fantasy football writer dies aged 39


    Scroll down the above link to hear all his words



    “It is more than a little embarrassing that oil-powered generators are having to be set up to power the plush, electric Jaguar Land Rover SUVs being made available to world leaders at the Cop26 climate summit because of a lack of charging points.”

    The problem in microcosm



    I don’t get the rationale here. Using the same logic (that the majority of the scientific community is wrong about vaccines), one can argue climate change is conspiracy, as people do.


    Excess mortality is off the charts in Scotland. Holy fuck!

    Extracted from this:

    Scotland: The canary in the coalmine is getting sick

    “What seems to be happening is that the vaccines lead to widespread autoimmune problems, because of the production of autoantibodies. Vitamin D is known to play an important role in modulating the immune system. With higher levels of vitamin D, the adaptive immune response is suppressed and the innate immune response is strengthened. Vitamin D deficiency greatly increases the risk of developing autoantibodies in various conditions.”


    ” …when people have received this vaccine they develop a psychological shield, that prohibits them from recognizing any evidence that anything is wrong with these vaccines. Evidence that these vaccines are unsafe has to jump over much higher hurdles after people have taken these vaccines themselves.”


    I can make sense of it. It’s just dark, malevolent, and machiavellian.

    Over at Denninger, where I go for the upbeat nature of the posts, the optimism of economic competence holds sway. They think failing businesses and loss of services will crush the economy, without seeing that is precisely the point. You can’t build back until it has been torn down.
    The hungry anger of the “vaccinated” continues to be aggressively directed towards the un”vaccinated”. Lists of known refusers will be disseminated (we were HACKED!), and there will be no police protection. One gun against a dozen molotov cocktails won’t work.
    They have already shown us that they will not arrest or prosecute those who follow the narrative.
    The administration is doing everything it can to whip up hatred for refusers. Once Mr. Jones has burned down the house of his unclean neighbor up the street, he really can’t go back. This is how things will ramp up. Governments are abetting it.
    The narrative is showing cracks, alright. They must double down.
    “Oh, my God! What have we done?” won’t even enter into it. Righteousness will have come into play. Someday it will be given a charming name: The Spring of Purification?
    And some will vow it will never happen again.

    The “elite” are terrified and running on self-preservation instincts. Their tactics have always been to throw apples of discord- it pleases them to create carnage among the little people.

    I haven’t been very optimistic lately. I have never known such a malevolent “president” as Biden.


    The Pill cocktail
    I don’t believe the the pill cocktail is ready for anybody.
    Would you recommend the vaccine for children <12?
    Would you recommend the pill cocktail for children <12?
    Would you recommend Ivermectin cocktail for children <12?

    Veracious Poet

    Just say no!

    WE say no! to the vaccine…

    THEY say no! you must submit!

    WE say no! WE have rights…

    THEY say no! you must submit!

    WE say no! It’s against the law…

    THEY say no! you must submit!

    The law is whatever THEY say it is, don’t forget to jab your children too!

    Oops! WE forgot to say YES! to what truly mattered i.e. YES! to a Democratic Republic under Natural Law.

    YES! to protecting the unalienable Rights of ALL! That among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


    Attention passengers!

    The autopilot is set to death, destruction, totalitarianism & the door to the flight deck is locked!

    Assume CRASH positions, with your head between your knees, good luck!

    Michael Reid


    The Vatican gives a clear statement about the state of things in the world. We are at war

    Thanks Germ


    The data are really confounding, and the epidemiology of this disease is really hard to understand:

    Cases spiked in low-vaxxed India, India deployed Ivermectin, the cases came down, and many Ivermectin proponents declared victory. Case numbers have remained at a low baseline.

    Cases spiked in highly-vaxxed Israel, and that seemed to discredit the vaccine narrative. But now cases are coming way down. If the vaccines enhance transmission, why are case numbers down?

    Cases spiked in highly-vaxxed England, and that also seemed to discredit the vaccine narrative. Cases have since come down off the peak, but the new baseline is very high, especially compared to highly-vaxxed Israel. Why such a big difference?

    The delta wave hit the US, but New York and LA were only mildly affected. How did the two largest population centers dodge the bullet?

    Cases spiked in highly-vaxxed Singapore, and now seem to be coming down again. But why?

    Cases spiked in low-vaxxed Indonesia, Indonesia deployed Ivermectin, and now the new baseline is much lower than it was before the spike.

    Remember when the Maldives and Sechelles were the first to open up once they reached high vaccination rates? Vanden Bosshe predicted the spikes that followed, but the spikes were short lived and case levels have returned to baseline. Why?

    Does this make any sense to anyone? Maybe this just comes in waves, regardless of vaccination, regardless of Ivermectin, and (mostly?) regardless of social distancing?


    “Contractors have been enlisted to assist with increasing the vaccination rate of the American population. Although exclusions and exceptions exist, they are intended to be rarely applied. Thus, contractors need to walk fine lines when approaching compliance with these quickly drafted and swiftly issued regulations:

    For medical or religious exemptions of covered employees, make sure to coordinate with human resources and labor and employment counsel to ensure robust compliance with all of the laws that such inquiries raise. Further, make sure that such efforts and offered accommodations are properly and consistently documented to limit both audit risk stemming from enforcement activities and litigation risk originating from irate and/or fired (former) employees.

    I submitted my exemption today. The best outcome is wrongful termination. Booster hell is coming for those I will be leaving behind. I expect a call from HR in short order. “I got nothing more to add, make a determination and let the chips fall where they may.” This should be fun. Thirty two year career, my team was nominated for the highest engineering award in the company. There is about 15K engineers in the company.

    “I suddenly had this feeling that everything was connected. It’s like I could see the whole thing, one long chain of events that stretched all the way back. I felt like I could see everything that happened, and everything that is going to happen. It was like a perfect pattern, laid out in front of me. And I realized we’re all part of it, and all trapped by it.” (from V is for Vendetta)

    Michael Reid

    Boogaloo wrote:

    Does this make any sense to anyone? Maybe this just comes in waves, regardless of vaccination, regardless of Ivermectin, and (mostly?) regardless of social distancing?

    Perhaps it makes more sense if there is someone going around with a spray bottle of COVIDX

    John Day

    Thanks for putting this up with the leaning tower of Pisa, Ilargi Thanks for the news finds, Germa and friends.

    I was handed a letter from the clinic today, explaining that I’m still being fired at the end of the month, but not for failure to accept a COVID vaccination. In the 7 weeks since the mandate was announced, and I explained my reasons for standing with the untermenschen,
    I have committed a lot of wrongs in that time period, which are detailed in the letter. I have also advised patients who already had COVID to avoid the vaccines, since they provide only risk and no benefit. I even put that in writing on their charts. That is not explained in the letter, but was brought up to me by the Chief Medical Officer, who is a good and caring guy, and forbade me to prescribe ivermectin using the clinic’s address or software last month, after I had done so for over a year, already.

    In all fairness, I was a much better person and a much better physician as recently as July, when I was awarded the maximum 5% merit pay increase.

    I’ve really let myself go since then…


    In Hong Kong, we have a three week quarantine period for anyone coming into the country from most other countries. That barrier has kept our deaths down to just over 200. A total of 200 deaths is the equivalent of 1.5 days of the all-causes death rate. Do the calculation: over the past 700 days of Covid, for 1.5 days people died of Covid and for the other 698.5 days they died of something else!

    Most expats I meet over here have taken the jab, but there is a growing divide in the expat community between those who have the jab and those who don’t, and it can get pretty ferocious. Why is this happening? The jabbed expats want to go on holiday again and so they want the unjabbed to get the jab so that they can go on holiday. Most can do quarantine to go to weddings and funerals etc, the problem is holidays. In fact, more than half of the people that I have spoken to have supported mandatory vaccination, so that they can go on holiday.

    The jabbed morons are willing to force you to lose your job so that they can go on holiday!


    @ John Day
    Your consolation prize is that you have become a much better writer since July. Good piece today!


    I can understand why people would support mandatory vaccination if it meant that we could all go back to normal, including going on holiday. But what makes people think that is ever going to happen? Wishful thinking? It is hard to imagine Hong Kong tolerating the huge spike in cases that will follow leaky vaccines..


    Peace, Dr. Day.


    @ Boogaloo
    I can’t help but wonder if the factor in all of the countries you cited is herd immunity. Many of those taking ivermectin may not get sick with Covid, but will still develop (or fine tune) immunity to it. The vaxxed in Israel are contracting Covid; if they survive then they are immune. (At least…to Covid…who knows how they will fare with other immune challenges.). If here immunity gets high enough, then each person infected spreads it on to less than one other person, and the pandemic stops.
    We shall see.


    Thanks, Dr Day, for your splendid attitude: “Let’s help them out by gently relieving them of duty. Nope, I’m not sure how that works, but not by becoming like them…” It never works to respond in kind to threats and bullying.

    Talking of “the totalitarianism of vaccination in places like Australia”, as a resident of that country, it doesn’t FEEL like a totalitarian state much at all. Riots and demonstrations have been few in number, but luridly presented in the MSM. Only Sydney and Melbourne have had much in the way of unrest. In the national capital where I live, conditions have been calm and peaceful for the entire plague period.

    The people in the main are entirely convinced of the need to be jabbed, and there is comparatively little social division because of it. Canberra is one of the most jabbed cities in the world, methinks. Today’s report is that 98.8% of the people aged 12+ have been jabbed once, 74.7% twice.

    Only time will tell if we’re vaccinating ourselves into extinction. The Southern Hemisphere summer is approaching, so if the plague is made worse by winter then we have a long time to wait before experiencing that ourselves.

    I await developments with interest — and morbid curiority.

    V. Arnold

    Make it make sense to me. I dare you.

    Control; pure and simple; it’s ALL about control…
    WWIII is against us, the unwashed masses and; those in high positions who will not tow the line…
    Hybrid Orwell 1984…


    Dr. Day, all my best wishes and hopes for the future.

    Ibsen wrote a play that was perhaps super prescient, I saw it in July, the young person I went with could NOT believe it was written in 1882, “nooo… that can’t be.” The play explores old issues in a modern way, this modern 1880 way not having changed much. –> Dreadful bacterial infection, water treatment, ecological issues, economy triumphs or not, etc.

    Dr Day reminds me of the hero of the play, Dr. Stockmann, who decides to fight for what he considers ‘right’ and ‘pragmatically the best’. (I am taking Dr. Day as a figure here, which is permissible I assume, I adressed my message to the real person above…)

    The difference w. today is that in the play Dr. S. is the one who instigates the alert (today’s whistleblower), tries to effect changes (e.g. closing dangerous places, eradicating ‘germs’), and is resisted by politicians, money-makers, etc. There are many subtle passages and sub-themes in this play, v. interesting, beyond the crude summary below…

    Now today that plot is turned upside down or back to front, as we see instituted powers (Gvmt, Big Corps, Big Med, Big Pharma, Potentates, etc.) supporting fighting the germ, for closures, radical measures, etc. The extra twist is that they are also supporting an antidote, *the cure* — and that is what needs to be explained. (Many expl. exist but imho there isn’t one winning one for now.)

    off the web:

    Dr. Stockmann has discovered that the new baths built in his town are infected with a deadly disease and instructs the town to repair or close the baths. The Mayor, who is Dr. Stockmann’s brother, does not believe the report and refuses to close the baths because it will cause the financial ruin of the town.

    Dr. Stockmann tries to take his case to the people, but the mayor intercedes and explains to the people how much it will cost to repair the baths. He explains that the Doctor is always filled with wild, fanciful ideas. In a public meeting, he has his brother declared an enemy of the people. The doctor decides to leave the town, but at the last minute comes to the realization that he must stay and fight for the things he believes to be right.


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