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Filothei Skitzi 21,600 Covid Minutes 2021



When you see that in many European countries, as the vaccination grade rises (in some to as much as 85%), so does the number of new positive tests, you think: wait a minute, that was not supposed to happen. And you would expect people to notice, and ask questions. But all you get is media and politics claiming the unvaccinated are to blame, so we need more vaccinations, and now also boosters for those already double jabbed. The vaccines obviously do not work, and certainly not as “advertized”, but the only “solution” there is, is more vaccines.

Does this still surprise anyone? It shouldn’t, because for a long time now, the control of the narrative exerted by media, politics and Pfizer et al has been almost absolute. They all claim the vaccines are a great success and have saved millions of lives. Even if there have been enormous climb downs in the narrative. The vaccines were supposed to be a one time solution that would make you immune to infection, as well as protect those around you. There is nothing left of that original story. Now we need boosters, and they won’t be a one time thing either. Given that they are the exact same substance that didn’t work enough for you not to need a booster, you can just wait for number 4,5, etc. And wonder after how many boosters your immune system, or you cardio-vascular system, will give up.

So what happened to the vaccine that would protect you for life? I think it looks something like this. At present they’re talking about “effectiveness” (whatever that may mean) having waned after 6 months. In the NBA, they advise players to get a booster after 2 months, others talk about 4 months, so let’s say “the science” is still developing. But let’s start with the 6 months. First, you take off the first months after vaccination, too many questions and risks. That leaves 150 days. A Swedish “Total-Population Cohort Study” says:

Vaccine effectiveness of BNT162b2 against infection waned progressively from 92% [..] at day 15-30 to 47% [..] at day 121-180, and from day 211 and onwards no effectiveness could be detected [..].

After 4 months you’re at 47%. That’s obviously not good enough. It’s worse than a coin flip. Now you’re at 120 days minus the first 30, or 90 days in which the vaccine supposedly offers some protection. And then you need to boost that protection. Or you can ask at what point it has waned to 50,55,60%. After 100 minus 30 days? Do you feel safe after 70 days, at 50% protection? And why is something that offers that little protection (again, whatever it consists of) still called a vaccine, which until now was always a thing that protected you for life?

As for all the countries, and their insistence on more vaccinations and more restrictions for unvaccinated when it’s crystal clear you can spread the virus just as easily when you’re vaxxed as when you’re not, maybe it’s good to realize they all have their hands tied behind their backs. On whatever political level it has taken place, and that will be different in different places, binding contracts with Pfizer et al have been signed that stipulate that 1/ the producers have full immunity from any damage their products do, and 2/ it’s strictly forbidden to use or promote any alternatives to these products. It’s literally vaccines or die.

Hence the hunt for horse paste etc., and hence the media promotion of such hunts. There was never a need for the vaccines currently in use (and currently failing), we could have solved the entire problem with simple cheap existing drugs. A recent German vitamin D3 study states: Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3. I think that may be a bit much, I always conservatively said boosting vit. D levels can save the first 50%, zinc (+ quercetin) the next 25%, and then ivermectin can get you close to zero.


We are not allowed to say or think that the vaccines have failed. But we do, and we will. And they have. I predict a “surprisingly” large number of “previously fully vaxxed” people will not go get their boosters. Many understand that there will be no end to this sequence, unless and until they themselves call an end to it. Many understand, too, that the booster story will come to apply to their kids as well. After all, if the vaccines don’t work for you, why on earth would it be different for your kids?

People will start looking for different news sources. They’ve obediently followed the “media, politics and Pfizer” triumvirate, and look where it got them. Many of the double jabbed are not even considered vaxxed any more. It’s not only about their freedom at this point, it’s also about their dignity. They are looking around, and wondering: what do I have left? How am I not just a dog doing tricks? How is this not: go fetch a booster and you’ll get a cookie?

It seems absurd that after -and during- the massive vaccination failures, anyone would still insist on more mass vaccination. You tried, you failed. And you’re not going to solve it by doing more of the same. Still, more of the same is what we will get. At the same time, the resistance against it will increase. Until some government somewhere decides to cut its ties with Pfizer and move to a protocol based on repurposed drugs and vitamin D.

So much damage has been done already through these failed one-dimensional policies, so many lives lost. We need to wake up and say it’s enough. And that’s before we even begin to talk about the long term consequences of the use of spike protein vaccines. We have lost sight of the mess we’re in, and to end it we’re looking at the one tool that is certain to make the mess even only greater.




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    Filothei SKitzi 21,600 Covid Minutes 2021     When you see that in many European countries, as the vaccination grade rises (in some to as mu
    [See the full post at: The End of Mass Vaxx]


    One the mass psychosis fades, enter… Marburg? Alien invasion? Power cuts? Fuel shortages?


    “The madness of mass vaccination during an epidemic was known; if the vaccine is imperfect (i.e,, “leaky”), vaccine escape is all but assured. Vaccine efficacy has plummeted, and is now likely below 50% for all three vaccines in use in the US”

    Madness indeed!
    Now – “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™




    “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™

    Belgium’s Most-Vaccinated Province Also Has the Highest Number of Covid Cases

    Belgium’s most-vaccinated province also has highest number of Covid cases


    If the news that a fraction of vax batches are responsible for the majority of adverse events, it doubly makes boosters a game of Russian roulette.


    “Biden administration plans imminent booster expansion to all adults”

    “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™

    TAE Summary

    The place where I work had a malware attack on our computers about 18 months ago. Originally it was thought to be spread by infected thumb drives but eventually we learned it came via the internet. The malware had different effects on different machines. Older machines and machines with full disks were hit the hardest. Newer machines saw little effect.

    We have an advanced anti-virus system that adapts over time and automatically blocks new viruses. The people in IT said to give this a chance to work. The CEO first reacted by having everyone disconnect from the internet. When this proved unworkable he announced he had a brother-in-law with a security startup who said we shouldn’t wait for the AV software to do its job and that the old and full-disk machines needed something quicker, and he had the solution.

    The brother-in-law’s startup took the malware and isolated a few lines of code that did most of the damage. They then wrote a utility that when installed had the OS on a machine insert just these few lines of code in lots of places on the machine. They claimed that these few lines would be more easily recognized by the AI in the anti-virus software and that it would more quickly stop the original malware. They tested this on a few machines and sure enough the AV software did quickly recognize those few lines of code and blocked the worst effects of the malware. So they rolled out this fix to the entire company. Since a lot of computers were not at risk and since this method actually changed the OS it was a voluntary upgrade. Suddenly IT started getting reports of machines failing, even brand new ones. IT suggested that in some machines those few lines of malicious code deleted parts of the operating system before the anti-virus software could do its thing. The proponents of the utility claimed this couldn’t be the case, that the utility code had limited effect. IT was forbidden from examining the failing machines. Most were old anyway so they were considered unimportant. Even so a lot of employees decided against having the utility installed. The management began offering free lunch and better parking to get people to install the utility. This motivated some people to get it, but others refused.

    Someone in IT wrote a patch for the anti-virus software to directly combat the malware rather than just wait for the malware to be recognized by the AI. When the CEO found out about this the employee was fired and told he would never work in IT again, anywhere. His patch leaked out nonetheless and was secretly handed from person to person on a thumb drive. Anyone found installing this patch was fired immediately.

    About this time the utility became mandatory, first on old computers and then on all computers. Not getting it meant getting fired. Some pointed out that they had already had the malware attack their machine and the anti-virus software recognized it and so they didn’t need the utility. This was dismissed as anti-utility and the utility was still required.

    It was found that the anti-virus software de-prioritized the response to only a few lines of code and over time became less effective against the malware. The official response to these finding was to mandate re-installation of the utility on all machines periodically so the anti-virus software would again prioritize those few lines of code. This was required no matter what your computer’s status was.

    About this time it was discovered that the malware was adaptive and that those few lines of code in the utility were not in the malware anymore. The anti-virus software on machines that had actually gotten the malware recognized a bigger block of code and were still protected, but machines that had only gotten the utility with the few malicious lines were not. Again the solution was to reinstall the utility while a new utility was being developed.

    It was then discovered that the utility actually modified parts of the OS that the anti-virus software depended on and made the AV software less effective against all sorts of malware, not just the targeted malware. This was vehemently denied by the company that created the utility. They said that even if it was true the obvious solution was to invent a utility specific to each kind of malware out there to help the AV software recognize it. It was pointed out that the adaptive AV software was already doing a pretty good job of this and the thing that would help the most was to get people to remove unwanted files on their hard drive, but this was dismissed as anti-utility.

    By this time many employees had quit, many were fired for non-compliance and others couldn’t work because the the utility had broken their computer and they couldn’t get a new one. The company looks likely to go under. The CEO still claims his brother-in-laws solution was the best one and that the problem lies with people who refused the utility. Time to find a new job, I think.


    What to do with the pieces of a broken society?

    And how can the truth we know come into the light?

    And why, if they say that the vakzine is so good, then why are the unvaxxed much more strong?

    And then the sun went down, and we started to sing a new song…

    I totally approve of the performance seen below, down to his worn out romeo boots, red socks, xmas lights, and harmonies

    Vakzine Translation


    This one really is a shocker:

    “More people died in the key clinical trial for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine than the company publicly reported”


    “Not a single case of flu detected by Public Health England this year as Covid restrictions suppress virus”

    More covid magic tricks.

    Masks & sanitizer prevent flu – but not covid.

    It’s amazing that folks actually believe this nonsense.

    “Go Get Your Cookie!” ™


    @TAE Summary re: allusive allegory

    Excellent! It reminds me of a story my mentor told me about an encounter in the early ’80s he and his partner had with the ‘tech spooks’ in DoD.

    Primer: Cassette tapes, and the copy-protect tabs in the upper corners. They operate by preventing a sensor in the tape deck from depressing. If the tab is in place, the deck will write to the tape. No tab, no write, purely a mechanical implementation. Same goes for old floppy disks, 5.25 and 8 had a sticker over a notch, 3.5 had a sliding puck.

    Before all this, 9-track tapes had the same interlock…for decades. On the bottom of a 9-track tape is a groove cut into the flange. There is a solid plastic ring that can be placed in the groove, like snapping a Tupperware lid. A finger in the drive will probe for a ring, and refuse to write if there is no ring (or other obstruction simulating a ring).

    In this long-ago meeting, the subject of data protection came up. Among other things, keeping people from erasing or altering the contents of 9-track tape came up as a requirement. L (my mentor) and E described the write-protect ring used in all 9-track tapes. Spook read into their statements the grandiose possibility that the Write Ring was a kind of magic. Despite being told “It’s only plastic, dude!” the Spook fixated on the Write Ring as the giver of permission to write. Solution: fill the grooves with epoxy so nobody can place a write ring in there!

    General Turgidson is a living meme. ‘The Worst are full of juice, while The Best say “What’s the use?”‘ Paraphrasing, obviously.



    One of the four major flu viruses, Yamagata, has not been detected since April 2020, anywhere in the world. It is thought that covid-19 may have killed it. If the Yamagata virus has gone extinct, that may be part of the reason the flu seemed to have disappear in the winter of 2020/2021.


    TAE Summary:

    Whenever I see such behavior, I know corruption is involved. It is in someone’s best financial interest to continue such destructive behavior. Likely your CEO does own the company so couldn’t care less if the company goes under as long as he profits handsomely.

    We see this behavior in action between the politicians and Pfizer. Pfizer is obviously kicking back large sums to the politicians. This vaccine behavior only exists in rich countries.

    Notice how we don’t see this behavior in countries too poor to enrich their politicians this way. An example is the poorest state in India verses the richest state in India.


    TAe Summary:

    Should read CEO does not own company. Dam auto correct!


    “On November 16, 2021, the [US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation] received … a notice of multicircuit petitions for review of [OSHA’s vaccinate-or-test ETS]. The notice included petitions for review pending in twelve circuit courts of appeals as follows: District of Columbia Circuit Court, First Circuit Court, Second Circuit Court, Third Circuit Court, Fourth Circuit Court, Fifth Circuit Court, Sixth Circuit Court, Seventh Circuit Court, Eighth Circuit Court, Ninth Circuit Court, Tenth Circuit Court and Eleventh Circuit Court. The Panel has randomly selected the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Court in which to consolidate these petitions for review.”

    The 6th Circuit sits in Cincinnati, OH, and has jurisdiction over federal appeals arising from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee. This Court is generally considered very conservative, with 11 of the 16 active sitting judges appointed by Republican Presidents. 6 of the 16 active judges on the court were appointed by President Trump. When factoring in the judges on senior status (who could be called on to serve on the three-judge panel assigned to the ETS challenges), the 6th Circuit is made up of 20 judges appointed by a Republican president vs. only 8 appointed by a Democratic president. In short, the 6th Circuit is every bit as conservative as the 5th Circuit, which already granted petitioners’ emergency motion for Stay of the OSHA ETS.

    30+ Challenges to OSHA’s Vaccination, Testing, and Face Coverings ETS Consolidated in the Sixth Circuit


    You’re typing this stuff on a handroid, wes? And you say you can’t write. I’m impressed.

    Figmund Sreud

    Well, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) is now hunting for unprincipled doctors, doctors that violate COVID-related mandatory directives. Well, well …

    Alberta doctors accused of spreading COVID-19 misinformation face unannounced inspections



    Zuckerberg is such a textbood psychopath including the psycho-stare eyes:


    TAE Summary

    I am a little embarrassed to say the story is just an allegory for Covid and didn’t actually happen. I guess I should have made this clear.



    You mean you MADE IT ALL UP, TAE!?!



    Again, the Foss Effect (or if you prefer, the Bono effect):

    Sting baffled by vaccine skepticism from veteran rockers, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton Sting puts it politely: “I don’t really understand the, uh, the science of the objection.”

    No you don’t, Sting. Music, yes. Tantric sex, apparently so, according to your wife, Judy.


    Coolly Clueless


    Headlines like this bring out the Dr. D. in me:

    Either of two gunshots that struck Ahmaud Arbery could have been fatal, medical examiner testifies Asked whether there was anything that could have been done at the scene to save Arbery’s life, the medical examiner replied: “I don’t think so. No.”

    I know nothing and don’t care about the case. People are murdered each day. But could we possibly make a dumber headline?

    P.S. “Arbery, who was Black, was chased by Travis McMichael; his father, Gregory McMichael, and William “Roddie” Bryan, all of whom are white, after they saw Arbery running in their Satilla Shores neighborhood in Brunswick, Georgia.”

    The bullets, however, were aracial non-binary, he-she, transgender victims of culturally insensitive ballistics.


    Plague is one of those human existential events along with war and famine that individuals and families can’t deal with by themselves although they try. The fundamental problem is that the West it is not putting the resources into exterminating coronavirus like China and Taiwan because it would cost the oligarchs too much and would require restoration of a functional democratic republic in the USA. Profiteers, anarchists and libertarians are totally against this. So all that is left for the corporate state to do is messaging which is totally divorced from reality. Issuing pointless vaccine mandates to fire essential workers.

    At some point either the coronavirus pandemic is addressed constructively/scientifically or the West collapses. Shortages are occurring right now due to the failure of just-in-time logistics. A relatively peaceful secession of the USA like the Soviet Union is highly unlikely. The heartland cannot be separated from the coasts and survive. Not all of the 50 US states have nuclear weapons. The chaos will make mitigating Climate Change impossible. Complex systems go suddenly into unstoppable cascading declines.

    Truth and cooperation are the only way to avoid an extinction event.


    TAE Summary- that was absolutely wonderful!

    Mister Roboto

    I can’t think of a better song for the Covid “vaccination” campaign than this one:

    “Broken is the promise, betrayal. The healing hand held by the deepened nail, follow the god that failed.”


    Pfizer to conduct trials of antiviral COVID-19 pill in Russia

    Watching Putin either fold with the flow or play a boldly callous hand, has me feeling elegaic:

    Pressed Rat and Warthog


    Speaking of healing, when I want to escape it all I turn out the lights and listen to this.

    those darned kids

    Here comes Fauci’s claws, here comes Fauci’s claws,
    Write down ev’rything sane
    He’s got a mind that’s filled with plans
    For boys and girls again
    Hear those shekels jingle jangle,
    Oh what an unbearable sight
    So dig your grave and cover your head
    ‘Cause Fauci’s claws come tonight!

    Here comes Fauci’s claws, here comes Fauci’s claws,
    Write down ev’rything sane
    Pfizer and Bill Gates and all those news shows
    Pullin’ on the reins
    Alarm bells ringin’, children dying’
    All is scary and blight
    So dig your grave and cover your head
    ‘Cause Fauci’s claws come tonight!

    Here comes Fauci’s claws, here comes Fauci’s claws,
    Write down ev’rything sane
    He’ll come around when the vax runs out
    It’s Booster time again
    Peace on earth will come to all
    If we kick these psychopaths all the way to freakin’ pluto
    So let’s say our prayers and cross our toes
    ‘Cause Fauci’s claws come tonight!

    and don’t forget to leave him a goddamn cookie, or else.


    TAE summary, cle-ver. Yess… OK.

    Moderna has used and abused the ‘virus in the computer’ analogy. Links don’t illustrate that ‘tops’ – the orig. version I was looking for seems to be gone …but e.g.:

    The tangled history of MRNA vaccines, Nature, 2021…hmmm

    Gossip about the Moderna Co. and Bancel. from STAT.

    Ego, ambition, and turmoil: Inside one of biotech’s most secretive startups

    // The name Moderna doesn’t come from ‘modern’ but from Mode RNA.//

    John Day

    @TAE Summary: I was into the third paragraph before i realized the allegory. Most subtle! Good Work!

    , It was Fluoxetine (Prozac) and Fluvoxamine (Luvox doing all the good, from the looks of it. There are a whole lot of people taking Prozac.

    : I suspect a lot of immune system damage, already done by spike protein vaccines, may make populations more vulnerable to whatever the next pandemic is…
    I’m suspicious these days. I’ve read about human culls, and I think this smells like another one.


    You are getting closer to the truth. Once you realize that there is no scientific study using proper controls, that proves a dead non living protein molecule big pharma boys want to call a virus causes disease, and never will because what they call a virus is dead, dead, dead, you will have come to the ultimate truth, and the whole mentally insilico constructed lie comes to an end, including the effecicay and safety of vaccines. Virology is a total fraud.


    Virology is a total fraud.
    Virology refuted here;

    New Study Set to Disprove Virology (Video)

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