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Flood-tide of Darkness (Jim Kunstler)
The “If It Does Not Work Do It More” Stage Of The Pandemic (Gato Malo)
Rand Paul: Vaccine Zealots “Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn” (SN)
Virginia Hospital In Contempt Of Court For Denying Patient Ivermectin (DW)
Doctor Fired for Trying to Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin (ET)
Why You Can’t Get COMIRNATY (Steve Kirsch)
First UK Death Recorded With Omicron Variant (BBC)
Boris Johnson’s Biggest Blunder (Chudov)
Queensland to Allow Grocery Stores to Ban the Unvaccinated (SN)
What Leads To More Spike Protein In The Body: Vaccine Or Virus? Part 2 (Joomi)
Reduced Neutralisation Of Omicron By Post-immunisation Serum (medRxiv)
Norway Bans Booze To Tackle Omicron (RT)
Federal Lawmakers Invest Big In Vaccines, Treatments, And Tests Producers (BI)
One In Three UK Small Firms Plan Major Staff Cuts (G.)
The Execution of Julian Assange (Chris Hedges)



They are literally telling us that we must get vaccinated because omicron is vaccine resistant.











ICU patients in Holland.



Pilot deaths



“For the moment everything is just froth and noise, and most everybody is in too much of a panic to make sense.”

Flood-tide of Darkness (Jim Kunstler)

The frenzy around the Christmas holiday conceals deeper currents running through advanced techno-industrial societies like froth on the surface of a raging river that surges with dangerous, hidden flotsam. We’re informed that the next James Bond might be a transsexual. But, you see, it’s not just that Hollywood is running out of gimmicks for its floundering “franchises,” but rather that there has been no place for men these days in the struggle to prevent civilization from drowning. The lifeguards are cancelled. All that’s left in the commotion of the flood is the shrieking of women. Thus, the hysteria over Trumpism. America actually needed a rescue operation and, defective as he was personality-wise, Mr. Trump rose above the surge and called for exactly that, and was pulled under for the effrontery of saying so.

It was a bad time to be a man standing out among men. The torrent is in charge now, not the people bobbing and flailing in it. Ride it out, if you can. By and by, the flood will subside and the survivors will be cast back on shore. The shrieking women will also subside, because the men will tell them to cut it out. And then the men and women will go forth reconstructing the human project here in North America. The landscape will not look the same and we will not act like we did before, when we were just carried along helplessly in the flood. There will be fewer of us. All the giant things, too large to save themselves — the corporations, the institutions, the agencies — will be swept away, but we’ll be back on dry land, with a lot debris to sort through, some of it useful for rebuilding a way of life. We’ll be too busy for any more shrieking and hand-wringing, and crybabies will get whapped upside their heads.

That is what you can expect in the decade ahead. For the moment everything is just froth and noise, and most everybody is in too much of a panic to make sense. Humans don’t do well without sense-making. What makes sense is having a roof over your head, something to eat, some purposeful activities to provide those things, some other people to exist with and care for, and some ceremonies to honor our efforts and declare our gratitude for being here in the first place.

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The explanations for why boosters “work” are hilarious. But yes, they will “work” for two weeks or so, so it’s not strictly a lie.

The “If It Does Not Work Do It More” Stage Of The Pandemic (Gato Malo)

We’re clearly going through a round of “the vaccines don’t work so you need to take more vaccines” or even more hilarious and wrongheaded “omicron is vaccine evading, so you need boosters.” This clearly makes no sense and the argument is rapidly falling apart as what sure looks like OAS is causing omi to pop up disproportionately IN the boosted. This is going to be WAY too big to hide. It’s already become utterly apparent that the vaccines do not stop spread. It’s going to take little time for this to spread to boosters. Alas, if you think this is going to discredit the pushers of public health pablum and pseudoscience (or their acolytes), you may want to think again. That’s not how it’s going to go. Doomsday cults become more, not less devout when the world fails to end on tuesday. and they have cards left to play.

The next round is going to be the return of lockdowns. It’s clear they want it, perhaps in general, perhaps only for the unvaxxed. It’s already heating up with the “we need lockdowns to prevent more lockdowns” absurdity and the “we must lock down those not vaxxed with a vaccine that does not stop spread so that they will not spread covid” nonsense. To swallow this after 2 years requires credulity to beggar belief, but the sad fact is: many still buy it. [..] the sunk cost fallacy has set in and all the past sacrifice and belief and proselytization and identity commitment to the cause weighs heavier and heavier. they NEED it to have meant something. It’s a classic behavioral trap. economists study it. they build business models (like gym membership structures) around it.

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“We have 57 for Christmas, no vaccine passport. The only requirement is that you have read and understand the Constitution..”

Rand Paul: Vaccine Zealots “Won’t Be Happy Until They Get Your Newborn” (SN)

Appearing on Hannity Friday night, Senator Rand Paul noted that COVID vaccine pushers are becoming more militant in their demands and efforts to force as many people as possible to take jabs. “You know, these people won’t be happy until they get your newborn,” Paul urged. “I mean, they really want to get your newborn inoculated before they leave the hospital. They’re going to restrict certain things. You know, they’re not going to dispense schooling. But they’re also going to try to get them before they leave the hospital. I think it’s outrageous and ignores the science,” the Senator emphasised. Paul continued, “It’s all based on this misreading of the science that says we haven’t been vaccinating enough and that we’re under-vaccinated.”

“The truth from the CDC is quite the opposite. Over age 75, 97% of people have voluntarily chosen to be vaccinated. Between ages 64 and 75, 99% of people have been vaccinated,” Paul further explained. “So we are voluntarily accepting this,” Paul continued, adding “Most people at high risk have been vaccinated. This is a disease of the elderly, not of children.” Commenting on Anthony Fauci spearheading the medical tyranny, Paul noted “he’s not obeying science. He’s sort of granting his impulse to authoritarianism. His default position is always, how can I control people? How can I regulate people?” The Senator added that Fauci would be apoplectic with the Paul family Christmas plans. “I can tell you — he’s not going to be too happy with the Paul family Christmas. We have 57 for Christmas, no vaccine passport. The only requirement is that you have read and understand the Constitution,” the Senator quipped.

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“..when Chris and a registered nurse went to administer the drug on the night of December 7 on the orders of Maturi, “hospital administration barred [him and the nurse] from entering the ICU with the Ivermectin.”

Virginia Hospital In Contempt Of Court For Denying Patient Ivermectin (DW)

Chris Davies and his father Donald have been fighting for their mother and wife Kathy Davies’ right to try the drug Ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment at Fauquier Health hospital in Warrenton, Virginia, for the past few weeks. But the hospital — where Chris happens to work as a radiologic technologist — had put his mother through a series of legal hoops seemingly designed to block the treatment from being given to her. On Monday, December 13, Virginia’s 20th Judicial Court found Fauquier Health in contempt of court after refusing to comply with previous orders and ruled that by 9:00 p.m. Eastern time tonight, Kathy Davies must be given the dose of Ivermectin as prescribed by a doctor retained by the Davies family. Additionally — if the hospital did not comply — the state had the right to fine the hospital $10,000 per day.

That order would have been applied retroactively from December 9 onwards. The court also ordered that the Davies family be given police escort if necessary to administer the drug to their mother. But, the court also said that the hospital had an opportunity to purge the contempt charge by complying with the order. The hospital is reportedly now opting to comply with that order after a week of arguing why they could not allow the drug to be given to Kathy Davies as the family requested. The story offers hope for legal respite for many families who have found themselves in similar situations while trying to battle a medical establishment arguably opposed to any treatment not supported by the FDA to fight COVID-19.

The Davies’ saga started in October when Chris Davies’ mother was admitted to the hospital with COVID-19. She was placed on a ventilator in the intensive care unit (ICU) on November 3. Donald was to serve as her medical proxy — and after consultation with Chris and his siblings — wanted doctors to give Kathy Ivermectin in hopes of finding success against COVID-19. The doctors and hospital refused that request and were adamant they would not administer the drug despite the family’s wishes. On December 3, the Davies family notified Fauquier Health that they were hiring attorneys on Kathy’s behalf and filing a lawsuit.

“Pray we get a compassionate judge and that litigation goes smoothly,” Chris emailed friends supporting his mother on December 5. “We just want the right to try Ivermectin!” “Let us pray we can get it to her and it will help her out of this long-suffering!!” he added. “Thanks all and God Bless!!!” On Monday, December 6, according to a court document obtained by The Daily Wire, the court had ruled that Kathy had the right under Virginia law to try Ivermectin or any other order and prescription provided by Dr. Martha Maturi — the doctor retained by the Davies family who had prescribed Ivermectin — regardless of her employment with the hospital. But, when Chris and a registered nurse went to administer the drug on the night of December 7 on the orders of Maturi, “hospital administration barred [him and the nurse] from entering the ICU with the Ivermectin.”

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How and when did we forget that treatment procedure, including medicines, is a doctor’s responsibility?

Doctor Fired for Trying to Treat COVID Patients With Ivermectin (ET)

A Mississippi doctor said he was fired for attempting to treat COVID-19 patients with ivermectin, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat parasites, although the hospital in question said he was not an employee but instead was an independent contractor. Dr. John Witcher, an emergency room physician at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Yazoo City, said was “told not to come back” after taking several COVID-19 patients off Remdesivir, which is approved by the FDA to treat the virus, and allowed them to use ivermectin. “I was very surprised that I was basically told to not come back at the end of the day,” Witcher said on the Stew Peters podcast. “These patients were under my direct care, and so I felt like taking them off Remdesivir and putting them on ivermectin was the right thing to do at the time.”

Baptist Memorial told news outlets that Witcher “no longer practices medicine as an independent physician” at the Yazoo City facility, adding that he was an independent contractor, not an employee at the facility. The hospital system said that it follows “the standards of care recommended by the scientific community and our medical team in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19” such as vaccines and monoclonal antibody treatments. But Witcher said that he was working at the Baptist Memorial emergency room when three new COVID-19 patients arrived on Dec. 10. They were prescribed Remdesivir, but Witcher said that he has concerns about the drug.

“I was there at the hospital for three days straight in the ER and so I felt like this would be a good opportunity to try ivermectin on these inpatient patients that I had been following very closely and just see how well it worked,” Witcher remarked. The hospital couldn’t prescribe ivermectin, he said, adding that he had to call a local pharmacy. The pharmacy, Witcher said, then delivered the drug to the hospital and switched their prescriptions from Remdesivir to ivermectin. However, according to Witcher, Baptist Memorial severed ties with him before he could administer the ivermectin. “There’s a first time for everything, but I wouldn’t say it was experimental,” he said. “There’s been plenty of evidence with patients right here in Mississippi that have taken ivermectin, and they’ve done well.”

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“Do you know the difference between the Pfizer EUA vaccine and the approved vaccine COMIRNATY?”

Why You Can’t Get COMIRNATY (Steve Kirsch)

Do you know the difference between the Pfizer EUA vaccine and the approved vaccine COMIRNATY? Do you know why COMIRNATY isn’t available anywhere? Do you know if it is even approved? Are vaccine mandates legal? Are employers that mandate vaccination, then fire you if you refuse, liable for damages? If you know the answers to all of these questions, then there is no need to watch my latest interview of Alix Mayer, President of Children’s Health Defense, California. But if you don’t, watch it now. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

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You just knew they’d come up with a first. No details, because privacy etc. How old was the person, co-morbidities, we have no idea.

And within minutes outlets with the exact same information produced headlines that said the death was FROM Omicron.

First UK Death Recorded With Omicron Variant (BBC)

At least one person in the UK has died with the Omicron coronavirus variant, the prime minister has said. Boris Johnson said the new variant was also resulting in hospital admissions and the “best thing” people could do was get their booster jab. Visiting a vaccination clinic in London, he said people should set aside the idea Omicron was a milder variant. On Sunday, the PM set a new target for all adults in England to be offered a booster by the end of the month. Speaking during a visit near Paddington, west London, Mr Johnson said: “Sadly yes, Omicron is producing hospitalisations and sadly at least one patient has been confirmed to have died with Omicron.

“So I think the idea that this is somehow a milder version of the virus, I think that’s something we need to set on one side and just recognise the sheer pace at which it accelerates through the population.” On Monday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said 10 people were in hospital in England with the Omicron variant. The booster rollout has been accelerated in response to Omicron, after early analysis suggested two doses of a Covid vaccine were not enough to stop people catching the variant. However, a third booster dose gives around 70% to 75% protection against symptomatic infection with Omicron, analysis by the UK Health Security Agency found.

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“If it does turn out that Omicron triggers ADE in Wuhan spike-vaccinated, it would be extremely dangerous for the course of the Omicron wave in the West.”

Boris Johnson’s Biggest Blunder (Chudov)

Antibody Dependent Enhancement is a frequently encountered problem when developing vaccines. It describes a situation when antibodies developed for a particular antigen (for example, for Wuhan virus spike), when encountering a different virus (for example, Omicron), do not neutralize the virus but instead aid in its infection. ADE happened when scientists were developing vaccines for RSV and measles, for example. On a few occasions ADE has resulted from vaccination: • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) — RSV is a virus that commonly causes pneumonia in children. A vaccine was made by growing RSV, purifying it, and inactivating it with the chemical formaldehyde. In clinical trials, children who were given the vaccine were more likely to develop or die from pneumonia after infection with RSV. As a result of this finding, the vaccine trials stopped, and the vaccine was never submitted for approval or released to the public.

• Measles — An early version of measles vaccine was made by inactivating measles virus using formaldehyde. Children who were vaccinated and later became infected with measles in the community developed high fevers, unusual rash, and an atypical form of pneumonia. Upon seeing these results, the vaccine was withdrawn from use, and those who received this version of the vaccine were recommended to be vaccinated again using the live, weakened measles vaccine, which does not cause ADE and is still in use today.

The three epidemiological signs of ADE are: 1/ Preferential infection of the vaccinees, compared to the unvaccinated. We definitely see this with Omicron. I discussed this in my previous article. 2/ Worse outcomes in the vaccinated, compared to the unvaccinated. We do NOT yet have any data about that. We might not get this data for a while as it should lead to instant firing of all vaccinators, which they obviously do not want. So if this occurs, this information will be suppressed for a while. 3/ Specific symptoms in the vaccinated, that the unvaccinated do not display. Information about this might come out sooner than the second item. Most likely, my prediction is that it would be cardiac events from Omicron that occur mostly in the vaxxed.

If it does turn out that Omicron triggers ADE in Wuhan spike-vaccinated, it would be extremely dangerous for the course of the Omicron wave in the West. The unvaccinated persons who had Covid previously, have a number of other antibodies (N-antibodies and others) that would likely assist in neutralizing Omicron. It explains why in the barely vaccinated South Africa, where most people had Covid, the outcomes appear to be milder so far than in Denmark. This may, unfortunately, NOT be the case for highly vaccinated and Covid-naive Denmark, UK or USA. What about vaccinated persons who had a breakthrough infection? Plenty of people who were double jabbed, unfortunately, had breakthrough infections, mostly with Delta, post-vaccination.

It seems that they do NOT develop lasting and multi-epitope immunity (different kinds of antibodies) due to the Original Antigenic Sin. Thus, all that these Covid-surviving vaccinees have, is the useless Wuhan antibodies from their vaccines and more from Covid infection, but not a multitude of neutralizing antibodies such as N-antibodies. Therefore, these people are just as open to ADE from Omicron as the Covid-naive vaccinees.

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The Christmas spirit in all its glory.

Queensland to Allow Grocery Stores to Ban the Unvaccinated (SN)

Authorities in Queensland, Australia have told grocery stores that they are free to impose vaccine passport schemes that would ban the unjabbed from being able to buy food. Yes, really. With Queensland set to re-open its borders as a state lockdown comes to an end, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath revealed that new directives will take effect. “In the coming days, the Government will issue the guidelines required for business and industry as our border reopens,” she said in a statement. Citizens will be required to show vaccine passports to enter innumerable venues after December 17, including pubs, restaurants, museums, and cinemas.

However, venues deemed to provide “essential services” like supermarkets, grocery stores, post offices and pharmacies are supposed to be exempt from that requirement. That didn’t stop authorities from inviting all businesses to ban the unvaccinated. “There will also be a range of other businesses who may make the choice just to only have their vaccinated staff and patrons using their business,” said Small Business Minister Di Farmer. “Any business is able to make that decision, and a lot of them are actually thinking about that very seriously,” she said.

“[When Queensland opens up] you will need to be protected and businesses all over Queensland will be making that decision. If a person decides not to be vaccinated, then those are the things that they will take into consideration,” Farmer added. Australia has imposed the most draconian system of COVID-19 population control out of any developed country in the world and can no longer technically be considered a free nation given that it literally imprisons people in COVID gulags and doesn’t allow them to leave without permission. While governments have yet to take the final leap into the fully vaxxed dictatorship by outright banning the unvaccinated from being able to feed themselves, they’re giving businesses free reign to impose similar measures.

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Good long read.

What Leads To More Spike Protein In The Body: Vaccine Or Virus? Part 2 (Joomi)

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has a protein on its surface called the spike protein. The COVID vaccines available in the U.S. work by getting the body to produce this protein, with some modifications. In a previous article, I went over multiple pieces of evidence showing that the spike protein alone, either from the virus or vaccine, was harmful. In Part 1 of this article, I responded to an article by Uri Manor and Jeremy Howard. Their article claimed that: (1) The amount of spike protein from the COVID vaccines was harmless or physiologically negligible. (2) The amount of spike protein from the COVID vaccines was much lower than what one would get under viral infection from SARS-CoV-2. They used these claims to argued that if you were trying to gain immunity, it was safer to get it via the vaccines than with infection by the virus.

In Part 1, I argued that the study that Manor and Howard used to make claim (1) did not actually measure all physiologically relevant spike protein. I also argued that we already had evidence that the levels of spike protein from the vaccines were physiologically relevant. In this article, I’ll examine claim (2).

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The competing interests are something to behold.

Reduced Neutralisation Of Omicron By Post-immunisation Serum (medRxiv)

In this report, we present live neutralisation titres against SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, compared with neutralisation against Victoria, Beta and Delta variants. Sera from day-28 post second-dose were obtained from participants in the Com-COV2 study who had received a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination schedule with either AstraZeneca (AZD1222) or Pfizer (BNT162b2) vaccines. There was a substantial fall in neutralisation titres in recipients of both AZD1222 and BNT162b2 primary courses, with evidence of some recipients failing to neutralise at all. This will likely lead to increased breakthrough infections in previously infected or double vaccinated individuals, which could drive a further wave of infection, although there is currently no evidence of increased potential to cause severe disease, hospitalisation or death.

Competing Interest Statement G.R.S sits on the GSK Vaccines Scientific Advisory Board and is a founder member of RQ Biotechnology. MDS acts on behalf of the University of Oxford as an investigator on studies funded or sponsored by vaccine manufacturers, including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Novavax, Janssen, Medimmune, and MCM Vaccines. He receives no personal financial payment for this work. AJP reports grants from UKRI, CEPI and NIHR, during the conduct of the study. AJP is Chair of DHSCs Joint Committee on Vaccination & Immunisation (JCVI), but does not participate in discussions on COVID19 vaccines, and is a member of the WHOs SAGE. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of DHSC, JCVI, NIHR or WHO. The University of Oxford has entered into a partnership with AstraZeneca for the development of a coronavirus vaccine. JSN-V-T is seconded to the Department of Health and Social Care, England (DHSC). The views expressed in this manuscript are those of its authors and not necessarily those of DHSC.

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Banning booze always works….

Norway Bans Booze To Tackle Omicron (RT)

Norway has banned the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants in an effort to curb the spread of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, which continues to push infections in the country on a sharp rise. New Covid-19 rules will prohibit the sale of alcohol at bars, restaurants, and other service-based venues from Wednesday, while Norwegians are also being urged to work from home if possible. “Infection rates in Norway are increasing sharply, and we have now gained new knowledge about the Omicron variant and how fast it can spread. We are in a more serious situation,” declared Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, who claimed that the “stricter measures” were necessary “to maintain control of the pandemic.” Store said there was “no doubt the new variant changes the rules,” before acknowledging that the new rules “will feel like a lockdown” for many, “if not of society then of their lives and of their livelihoods.”

Norway’s previous rules – put in place just days before the latest measures, which were announced on Monday – allowed alcohol to be served at bars and restaurants until midnight, though only at tables and only if the venue had enough socially distanced seating to accommodate customers. Covid-19 cases in Norway have experienced a sharp rise since October – recording its highest daily numbers since the start of the pandemic. Last week, Norway recorded 21,457 confirmed cases and 33 deaths. Other countries have had a different response to the rise of the Omicron variant. On Friday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hinted that relaxed Covid-19 restrictions could allow for orgies of up to 25 people.

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A vested interest in keeping the pandemic going.

Federal Lawmakers Invest Big In Vaccines, Treatments, And Tests Producers (BI)

Dozens of Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill have invested in companies that have a direct stake in the nation’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an Insider analysis of federal financial records. In 2020, at least 13 senators and 35 US representatives held shares of Johnson & Johnson, the medical behemoth that produced the single-shot COVID-19 vaccine that more than 15 million Americans have received. At least 11 senators and 34 representatives also held shares in 2020 of another COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer. Two representatives or their spouses held shares of Moderna during the same year that the world went on lockdown in response to the pandemic. Lawmakers held these investments in COVID-19-minded companies as Congress was at the center of pandemic relief efforts.

In 2020 and 2021, members of Congress voted on six relief bills together worth nearly $6 trillion. Congress also authorized more than $10 billion to help drug companies develop and distribute vaccines and forced health insurers to cover the cost of getting the shot. Policymakers especially viewed the coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna — which each spent substantial amounts of money lobbying the federal government in 2020 — as critical to helping countries around the planet overcome the grip of the pandemic. The tally of investments is part of the exhaustive Conflicted Congress project, in which Insider reviewed nearly 9,000 financial-disclosure reports for every sitting lawmaker and their top-ranking staffers.

[..] In early January 2020, a share of Moderna traded below $20. As the pandemic took hold, the stock’s value grew exponentially. Moderna peaked in September 2021 at more than $455 a share. After dropping steadily through the autumn, it began rising again in late November. By early December, a share of Moderna traded above $280.

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It will get worse.

One In Three UK Small Firms Plan Major Staff Cuts (G.)

A third of UK small businesses are planning to make staff redundant over the next few months, rising to more than four in 10 in London, according to a new survey. In a clear sign of the financial stress felt by many owner-run businesses as they head into a potentially difficult new year period, many also said they would be forced to raise prices, with Britain’s supply chain meltdown being cited as the main reason – adding further to inflationary pressures. The poll of 442 businesses found many were struggling with repaying the debts they racked up to get them through the pandemic as well as grappling with other challenges from supply chain disruption to shortages of key staff such as drivers and chefs, and high energy costs.

A separate study by the accountants EY, which reveals a clear divide between the winners and losers in the pandemic, found that thousands of firms, mostly major corporate entities, paid down existing debt far faster than predicted in 2021. It said UK businesses would repay £1.6bn over 2021 after borrowing £35bn in 2020, an amount driven by firms that have fared well over the past 20 months. Recently introduced rules relating to the new Omicron variant, which have dealt a blow to many city centre outlets reliant on commuters and made life harder for hospitality businesses such as nightclubs, coupled with the end of the furlough scheme in September, could turn the screw further on many small firms.

Accountancy firm Moore UK said its latest quarterly survey of owner-managed businesses found that 33% were planning to make redundancies over the next six months now that the safety net of furlough had been removed. Businesses in London were more likely than those in any other part of the UK to be planning redundancies, with 42% considering laying off staff. This is likely to reflect the effects of the pandemic on the finances of the hospitality sector – restaurants, pubs, hotels and so on – which makes up a significant part of the capital’s economy. Those UK small businesses planning to make redundancies were, on average, considering shedding 45% of their staff over the next six months.

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Assange’s biggest crime is not jounalism, it’s building an infrastructure that is impenetrable for the CIA with all its money and expertise.

The Execution of Julian Assange (Chris Hedges)

That Assange, who is in precarious physical and psychological health, and who suffered a stroke during court video proceedings on October 27, has been condemned to death should not come as a surprise. The 10 years he has been detained, seven in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and nearly three in the high-security Belmarsh prison, were accompanied by a lack of sunlight and exercise, and unrelenting threats, pressure, anxiety and stress. “His eyes were out of sync, his right eyelid would not close, his memory was blurry,” his fiancée Stella Moris said of the stroke.

His steady deterioration has led to hallucinations and depression. He takes antidepressant medication and the antipsychotic quetiapine. He has been observed pacing his cell until he collapses, punching himself in the face and banging his head against the wall. He has spent weeks in the medical wing of Belmarsh. Prison authorities found “half of a razor blade” hidden under his socks. He has repeatedly called the suicide hotline run by the Samaritans because he has thought about killing himself “hundreds of times a day.” The executioners have not yet completed their grim work.

Toussaint L’Ouverture, who led the Haitian independence movement, the only successful slave revolt in human history, was physically destroyed in the same manner, locked by the French in an unheated and cramped prison cell and left to die of exhaustion, malnutrition, apoplexy, pneumonia and probably tuberculosis. Assange committed empire’s greatest sin. He exposed it as a criminal enterprise. He documented its lies, callous disregard for human life, rampant corruption and innumerable war crimes. Republican or Democrat. Conservative or Labour. Trump or Biden. It does not matter. The goons who oversee the empire sing from the same Satanic songbook. Empires always kill those who inflict deep and serious wounds.


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Nail man





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Nov 292021

Ivan Kramskoy Christ in the desert 1920



It’s time for the world to come to its senses. Maybe Omicron is a good guide for doing that. Because it shows how something that is not a threat at all, as far as anyone knows from evidence, can still be blown out of all proportions in order to manipulate behavior. Kind of a mini version of the past 2 years, a play within a play.

For the past year, we have increasingly given our trust -and money- to Pfizer et al, to save us from the terrible virus. Many millions of people have been injected with their vaccines, and they have failed spectacularly. Of course, since Pfizer, and the governments they signed production and distribution contracts with, have captured the media almost 100%, you won’t read or hear about it, but it’s there for everyone to see in this US graph:

US COVID Deaths In 2021 Have Surpassed 2020’s Total

COVID-19 has killed more people in 2021 than 2020. The virus was reported as the underlying cause of death (or a contributing cause of death) for an estimated 377,883 people in 2020, accounting for 11.3% of deaths, according to the CDC. As of Monday, more than 770,000 people have died from the coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University data. That means over 15,000 more people have died in 2021 than last year from COVID-19 – and there’s still more than a month left. his has happened despite the fact that last year no Americans were vaccinated (now 59% of all eligible Americans have had the “life-saving” jab) and some 17% have received booster shots…


In 2020, no American was vaccinated. In 2021, 60% of them were. If the vaccines had been effective, that should have meant 60% fewer positive tests, hospitalizations, and certainly deaths, or if not 60%, at least a substantial percentage. But the opposite happened: Covid deaths went up, and not a little bit. Between mid August and mid November 2021, they increased some … 60%.

That is all you need to know. The vaccines do not work. And not just “not as advertized”, they do not work at all. Granted, there appears to be a 2-3 month window in which they suppress something in the virus, but 2-3 months is not nearly enough to be labeled a “vaccine”. And the “something” may well be just an accumulation of binding antibodies that turn against the “patient”‘s immune system, certainly when boosters are applied.

Of course the media, politics and industry claim it’s because “the unvaccinated act as reservoirs of the virus” (someone actually said that), and it’s because of Delta. But no separate vaccine was ever launched for Delta, and the boosters people get now are the same substance that they claim made boosters necessary in the first place. The Science.

Forget it all. The vaccines don’t work, and we need to move on. But we can’t. Because our “leaders” signed deals with Pfizer et al that gave the latter complete immunity from any harm caused by their vaccines, and -more importantly- made it illegal to use, promote, research, any other drugs that could have worked against Covid. And those deals still stand now that the vaccines have failed.

Robert Bridge is one of the few people who addressed this issue in The EU Is Not Revealing The Details Of Its Contracts With Vaccine Makers. Why?, which details the fruitless efforts from European parliamentarians (!) to see the contracts signed by Brussels and Pfizer et al. They failed.


Still think the vaccines work? That maybe they don’t prevent transmission or infection, but at least they prevent severe disease and hospitalization? I personally don’t see how that can be enough to threaten forced vaccination, get people boosted, have toddlers injected, but yeah, that’s just me. But prevent severe disease and hospitalization? They don’t even do that. If only.

Instead, the vaccines make people more likely to be infected, and to transmit the disease, to have severe disease, and to die. I know that’s 180º different from what you hear every single grinding day, but hey, you yourself fed your body and your life to the machine, not me.

Here’s a few tidbits. First, a Google translate:

German States With Higher Vaccination Rates Have Highest Excess Mortality

The summary of the analysis states: Excess mortality can be found in all 16 states. The number of Covid deaths reported by the RKI in the period under review consistently only represents a relatively small part of the excess mortality and above all cannot explain the critical issue: • The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality. The most direct explanation is: • Complete vaccination increases the likelihood of death.

Of course, more indirect explanations are possible: • The higher the proportion of old people, the higher the vaccination rate and excess mortality. Therefore, the vaccination rate and excess mortality also correlate. (This explanation is not very plausible, however, as the proportion of old people would have to have changed significantly between 2016-2020 on the one hand and 2021 on the other.) • Higher vaccination rates are achieved through increased stress and anxiety in the country concerned, and the latter lead to higher numbers of deaths.

[..] The correlation coefficient is +0.31. In the eyes of the two scientists this is “astonishingly high”. Especially since the sign is wrong. Actually, we expect a different relationship: the more vaccinations, the lower the mortality. After all, the intention of the “vaccination” is to protect people. Now the connection is positive: “The excess mortality increases with the increase in the vaccination rate”. This requires urgent clarification, demand the two statisticians.

Infection rates, excess mortality: the vaccines make everything worse.

Official UK Data Says COVID Infection Rates Higher in Vaxxed Than Unvaxxed

In every age group over 30 in the UK, the rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. Indeed, in the cohorts aged between 40 and 79, infection rates among the vaccinated are more than twice as high as among the unvaccinated. PHE’s fruitlessly rechristened body, the UK Health Security Agency, frantically clarifies that the data ‘should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness’, a caveat which I include for the sake of accuracy. But the differences in the infection rates are drastic enough for you to draw your own conclusions.” Shriver then summarizes how that data demolishes the reason for implementing vaccine passport schemes.

“Gatekeeping of pleasure palaces promotes the wrong impression — statistically, the lie — that the unvaccinated riff-raff exiled to the pavement pose a far graver threat of communicable disease than the diners in the nearby banquette who, like you, have righteously got the shot. In truth, the double-jabbed airline passenger in 24A can be just as risky a seat-mate as the great unwashed banished from the flight.” Meanwhile, the Times reports the results of another study which “found the double-jabbed are just as likely to pass on Covid-19 as unvaccinated people.”

After Public Health England published the data, government bureaucrats begin to panic that people would use it to suggest vaccines were not that effective. Office for Statistics Regulation director Ed Humpherson called an urgent meeting with U.K. Health Security Agency during which he worried about the data having “the potential to mislead.” “We noted that these data have been used to argue that vaccines are ineffective,” Humpherson subsequently wrote.

Steve Kirsch interprets Aaron Siri’s stats:

Vaccinated Up To 9x More Likely To Be Hospitalized Than Unvaccinated

A concerned Physician Assistant, Deborah Conrad, convinced her hospital to carefully track the Covid-19 vaccination status of every patient admitted to her hospital. The result is shocking. As Ms. Conrad has detailed, her hospital serves a community in which less than 50% of the individuals were vaccinated for Covid-19 but yet, during the same time period, approximately 90% of the individuals admitted to her hospital were documented to have received this vaccine. These patients were admitted for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to COVID-19 infections.

Even more troubling is that there were many individuals who were young, many who presented with unusual or unexpected health events, and many who were admitted months after vaccination. [..] here’s the part Aaron didn’t point out that needs to be stated very clearly: The only way you can get those numbers is if vaccinated people are 9 times more likely to be hospitalized than unvaccinated; It is mathematically impossible to get to those numbers any other way. Period. Full stop. This is known as an “inconvenient truth.”


Not clear yet? You think these people are all lying, while your politicians, media, Pfizer and Fauci all speak the truth and nothing but the truth?

Let’s try Dr. Geert VanDen Bossche, who’s been warning for over a year about mass vaccination breeding mutations. Hello, Omicron. Geert is more pessimistic than ever. He thinks even people who were not vaccinated, or ever had Covid, are at risk from the mutations caused by the vaccines.

My Opinion On The New African Variants

The world may be taken by surprise but that doesn’t include us. It remains to be seen whether Omicron can outcompete Delta (to be confirmed). If that’s the case, we’re definitely not in good shape. In case of CoV, innate immunity protects the individual and the ‘herd’ (sterilizing immunity, no natural selection pressure, herd immunity) whereas adaptive immunity induced with leaky vaccines has exactly the opposite effect. THE big Q is whether such an immune escape variant could even resist naturally acquired Abs in people who recovered from C19 disease. I am, indeed, cautious and worried about ADE, even in the unvaccinated who recovered from C-19 disease as they may no longer be able to control viral infection. ADE would equal ‘enhanced virulence’. Difficult to predict. Mass vaccination has compressed the evolutionary trajectory of the virus from a few hundred years (?) down to one year. Hope that naturally primed individuals can deal with that speed.


There are three ways in which people can die (and/or get sick) in relation to Covid19.

1/ Die of Covid

We need to say not WITH Covid, but OF Covid. Recent Italian research indicated that only 1% of what is currently labeled a Covid death actually died from it, the rest all have comorbidities (sometimes 5,6) that make that label impossible to assign.

2/ Die of the absence of prophylactics, early treatment

As I said above, the contracts “we” signed with Pfizer et al make it illegal to use, promote, research, any other drugs that could have worked against Covid. Because if anything would work, that would endanger the Emergency Use Authorization the vaccines operate under. Covid is the only disease where people with symptoms are told to go home and not come back until they need to be put on an intubator.

Meanwhile, just about everybody in the Northern hemisphere has Vitamin D levels that are far too low for their immune systems to work properly where and when needed. There is for instance the German study that suggests Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved With [Sufficient Vitamin D]. As I said before, “I think that may be a bit much, I always conservatively said boosting vit. D levels can save the first 50%, zinc (+ quercetin) the next 25%, and then ivermectin can get you close to zero.”

But zinc and ivermectin, and quercetin, and hydroxychloroquine, and 100 other repurposed drugs, have all been swept under various carpets, and the highly skilled doctors who promote prophylactic, early treatment, or treatment protocols that involve them have been banned, censored, fired, sued, etc.

When I see a graph like this one, from WHO EU, proclaiming many lives were saved by the vaccines, I have 2 questions: 1/ What data is this based on?, and 2/ How many lives were lost to the lack of prophylactics and early treatment? Wait, there’s a third question: how many lives will be lost to the vaccines?



3/ Die of vaccines

The big unknown. But not entirely. Through adverse reactions registration systems like VAERS in the US, even though they are notorious for catching only between 1% and 10% of events, we know that 100s of thousands of people have died from the vaccines, and millions have had severe adverse effects, often diminishing their lives to a shadow of what they once were. Myocarditis is just one example.

But it’s what lies ahead that is more worrisome. The spike proteins that all popular vaccines induce in your body, can last inside you for a long time, and bond with your binding antibodies, which is where an auto-immune disease starts. Your immune system may be strong enough to ward of the first 1 or 2 shots, but once you move into the booster phase, the odds turn against you.

If you get a booster shot after 6 months (or 8, or 4, or 2), your body is prepared for the spike protein attack. Unfortunately, it may well end up helping the attackers, in some form of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), a form of auto-immune.

When you get the next booster, and the next, and be sure you will be told to get it, remember the vaccines only “work” for 2-3 months, the autoimmune risk continues to increase. That is also true if there is ever a Omicron vaccine, or pill, or whatever; it’s still all spike proteins.


Do you understand yet why vaccine mandates make no sense at all, at least not from a health point of view? They only serve the interests of Pfizer, and in their wake, your politicians and media.

We have one option left only: get rid of Pfizer, the vaccines, the mandates, the entire circus. It has failed spectacularly, and lost us millions of people and productive lives. Time’s up. This is our moment.




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Nov 162021
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Filothei Skitzi 21,600 Covid Minutes 2021



When you see that in many European countries, as the vaccination grade rises (in some to as much as 85%), so does the number of new positive tests, you think: wait a minute, that was not supposed to happen. And you would expect people to notice, and ask questions. But all you get is media and politics claiming the unvaccinated are to blame, so we need more vaccinations, and now also boosters for those already double jabbed. The vaccines obviously do not work, and certainly not as “advertized”, but the only “solution” there is, is more vaccines.

Does this still surprise anyone? It shouldn’t, because for a long time now, the control of the narrative exerted by media, politics and Pfizer et al has been almost absolute. They all claim the vaccines are a great success and have saved millions of lives. Even if there have been enormous climb downs in the narrative. The vaccines were supposed to be a one time solution that would make you immune to infection, as well as protect those around you. There is nothing left of that original story. Now we need boosters, and they won’t be a one time thing either. Given that they are the exact same substance that didn’t work enough for you not to need a booster, you can just wait for number 4,5, etc. And wonder after how many boosters your immune system, or you cardio-vascular system, will give up.

So what happened to the vaccine that would protect you for life? I think it looks something like this. At present they’re talking about “effectiveness” (whatever that may mean) having waned after 6 months. In the NBA, they advise players to get a booster after 2 months, others talk about 4 months, so let’s say “the science” is still developing. But let’s start with the 6 months. First, you take off the first months after vaccination, too many questions and risks. That leaves 150 days. A Swedish “Total-Population Cohort Study” says:

Vaccine effectiveness of BNT162b2 against infection waned progressively from 92% [..] at day 15-30 to 47% [..] at day 121-180, and from day 211 and onwards no effectiveness could be detected [..].

After 4 months you’re at 47%. That’s obviously not good enough. It’s worse than a coin flip. Now you’re at 120 days minus the first 30, or 90 days in which the vaccine supposedly offers some protection. And then you need to boost that protection. Or you can ask at what point it has waned to 50,55,60%. After 100 minus 30 days? Do you feel safe after 70 days, at 50% protection? And why is something that offers that little protection (again, whatever it consists of) still called a vaccine, which until now was always a thing that protected you for life?

As for all the countries, and their insistence on more vaccinations and more restrictions for unvaccinated when it’s crystal clear you can spread the virus just as easily when you’re vaxxed as when you’re not, maybe it’s good to realize they all have their hands tied behind their backs. On whatever political level it has taken place, and that will be different in different places, binding contracts with Pfizer et al have been signed that stipulate that 1/ the producers have full immunity from any damage their products do, and 2/ it’s strictly forbidden to use or promote any alternatives to these products. It’s literally vaccines or die.

Hence the hunt for horse paste etc., and hence the media promotion of such hunts. There was never a need for the vaccines currently in use (and currently failing), we could have solved the entire problem with simple cheap existing drugs. A recent German vitamin D3 study states: Mortality Rate Close to Zero Could Theoretically Be Achieved at 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3. I think that may be a bit much, I always conservatively said boosting vit. D levels can save the first 50%, zinc (+ quercetin) the next 25%, and then ivermectin can get you close to zero.


We are not allowed to say or think that the vaccines have failed. But we do, and we will. And they have. I predict a “surprisingly” large number of “previously fully vaxxed” people will not go get their boosters. Many understand that there will be no end to this sequence, unless and until they themselves call an end to it. Many understand, too, that the booster story will come to apply to their kids as well. After all, if the vaccines don’t work for you, why on earth would it be different for your kids?

People will start looking for different news sources. They’ve obediently followed the “media, politics and Pfizer” triumvirate, and look where it got them. Many of the double jabbed are not even considered vaxxed any more. It’s not only about their freedom at this point, it’s also about their dignity. They are looking around, and wondering: what do I have left? How am I not just a dog doing tricks? How is this not: go fetch a booster and you’ll get a cookie?

It seems absurd that after -and during- the massive vaccination failures, anyone would still insist on more mass vaccination. You tried, you failed. And you’re not going to solve it by doing more of the same. Still, more of the same is what we will get. At the same time, the resistance against it will increase. Until some government somewhere decides to cut its ties with Pfizer and move to a protocol based on repurposed drugs and vitamin D.

So much damage has been done already through these failed one-dimensional policies, so many lives lost. We need to wake up and say it’s enough. And that’s before we even begin to talk about the long term consequences of the use of spike protein vaccines. We have lost sight of the mess we’re in, and to end it we’re looking at the one tool that is certain to make the mess even only greater.




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Sep 162021

Pablo Picasso In “Le Lapin Agile” or harlequin with a glass 1905


The Spike Will Not Be Found In The Blood. It Travels “Incognito” (Chesnut)
Are Booster Shots Increasing Covid Spread And Covid Deaths? (Gato Malo)
CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated (Mercola)
So You’d Like To NOT Have Society Collapse? (Denninger)
39% of Australians Unable To Perform Daily Activities After Vaccine (TE)
Mask Mandates And Vaccine Passports Are A Performance (Stuart Waiton)
91% Of China’s Youth Aged 12-17 Are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid (RT)
Are You Kidding Me, Pfizer, Volume 1 Gazillion (Berenson)
A Slog Vaxicide Special (Ward)
France Leads The Way In Holding Covid Incompetents To Account (RT)
33 Districts In Uttar Pradesh Are Now Covid-free (HT)
EU Red Tape Prevents Russia From Boosting Gas Supplies To Europe – Lavrov (RT)
US ‘Lost Focus’ In War On Terror – Oliver Stone (RT)
Durham Reportedly Seeking Indictment Against Clinton Campaign Lawyer (JTN)



Looking worse, fast. I’m starting to think you will need ivermectin -and/or HCQ- to fight off the vaccine. Preferably, don’t get vaccinated, but if you have been, get ivermectin. And whatever you do, stay away from booster shots.

“We are very certain about this, the vaccine is directly killing individuals”.

“The growing consensus among vaccination researchers is that exposure to 5-8 of these mRNA jabs over a relatively brief period of time will – dependent on the underlying health of the individual – result in death.”



McCullough NZ the vaccine is directly killing individuals



Thread by @Parsifaler (Walter Chesnut). Yikes.

The Spike Will Not Be Found In The Blood. It Travels “Incognito” (Chesnut)

The Autoimmune Mechanism. THE SPIKE WILL NOT BE FOUND IN THE BLOOD. IT IS TRAVELLING “INCOGNITO” INTRACELLULARLY. WE KNEW IT ENTERED CELLS VIA ENDOCYTOSIS IN 2008! Yesterday I observed that every cell the Spike Protein invades seems to cause the body to develop autoimmunity against it. I believe I have discovered the mechanism. It is a very brief and straightforward mechanism. Most likely many spikes do NOT stay on the cell surface, once they are expressed via spike protein therapied. The Spike is proven to be brought into the cell by Endocytosis. The spike protein is internalized into cells rapidly and is detected in cells within 5 mi, a hallmark of endocytosis. The amount of spike protein in cells continues to increase for up to 30 min. Thus, SARS-CoV-2 spike protein enters cells via endocytosis.

Once it is in the cell, its signaling damages mitochondria. The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria (organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged and fragmented. Once the mitochondria are damaged, this then activates the autoimmune response of the body. The accumulation of defective mitochondria led to overproduction of an inflammatory protein called type 1 interferon.

The findings suggest that failed quality control of mitochondria may cause Sjogren’s, lupus, and other autoimmune diseases through production of interferon. The Spike Protein then proceeds to travel from cell to cell via EXTRACELLULAR VESICLES. This means, of course, they will NOT BE FOUND IN THE BLOOD. We would not have been aware all this time. As the S1 unit has been found in monocytes 15 months post infection, it may be traveling intracellularly, executing a “Sherman’s March Through Georgia” on the mitochondria, resulting in multisystemic autoimmunity. Again, we have known the spike enters cells via endocytosis since 2008.

Read more …

“..we are seeing such a strong surge in deaths from a delta variant that looks to have a much lower CFR than prior variants..”

Are Booster Shots Increasing Covid Spread And Covid Deaths? (Gato Malo)

israel has been playing an interesting role as a bit of a canary in the coal mine. They have been pushing vaccines, vaccine passports, and now boosters harder than just about anyplace else on earth. They also make a good lab as they report solid (by covid standards) data and occupy only one regional climate zone so we do not need to adjust for heterogeneous seasonal surges within the aggregate (as we do in the US). And one thing is becoming very clear: whatever they are doing is not working and even their health ministers are having to admit this. This dip was (as i expected) driven by a drop in testing and reporting due to rosh hashanah (and will likely dip again late this week for yom kippur) but next week, we should be starting to get clearer data again.

With over 30% of the total population now having had a booster shot since the commencement of that program in earnest on august 1st, we should be able to get a sense of efficacy. I ran the series of booster uptake and plotted it vs deaths per day. What i saw looked like cause for concern and appears to validate calls from the departing FDA vaccine experts to get a good, hard look at this data before doing anything aggressive. Boosters began to rise and by the time they hit even 0.5%, deaths were starting to rise with them. the two move in near perfect lockstep. Clearly, correlation is not proof of causality, but this is an awful lot of signal to ignore out of hand especially given our strong reasons to presume causal linkage. (that said, the alignment with seasonal surge poses difficulties in separating signal source)

It’s further worrying that even with a 67% vaccination rate at the beginning of this rise and a significant portion of the population having already had exposure to covid and cohorts of the highest risk already having been depleted in past waves, that we are seeing such a strong surge in deaths from a delta variant that looks to have a much lower CFR than prior variants. (0.4% vs 1.1% per UK variants of concern data) It has barely attenuated at all (and it’s not clear we’ve reached highs. Consider the “false flat” from last year and how much later this surge was this year. We could be at the half way mark. This will bear watching.)

Read more …

“..if you have received a COVID injection, the CDC’s guidelines call for your PCR test to be run at a CT of 28 or less. If you are unvaccinated, your PCR test is to be run at a CT of 40..”

CDC Now Lists Vaccinated Deaths as Unvaccinated (Mercola)

According to the CDC,6 you’re not counted as fully vaccinated until a full 14 days have passed since your second injection in the case of Pfizer or Moderna, or 14 days after your first dose of Janssen. This is how the CDC defines a vaccine breakthrough case: “… a vaccine breakthrough infection is defined as the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA or antigen in a respiratory specimen collected from a person ≥14 days after they have completed all recommended doses of a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-authorized COVID-19 vaccine.” In other words, if you’ve received one dose of Pfizer or Moderna and develop symptomatic COVID-19, get admitted to the hospital and/or die from COVID, you’re counted as an unvaccinated case. If you’ve received two doses and get ill within 14 days, you’re still counted as an unvaccinated case.

The problem with this is that over 80% of hospitalizations and deaths appear to be occurring among those who have received the jabs, but this reality is hidden by the way cases are defined and counted. A really clever and common strategy of the CDC during the pandemic has been to change the definitions and goalposts so it supports their nefarious narrative. For example, the CDC has quietly changed the definition of “vaccine,” apparently in an attempt to validate calling the COVID mRNA gene therapies vaccines. In an August 26, 2021, archived version7 of vaccine, the CDC defines it as a “product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.”

But a few days later, a new definition appeared on the CDC’s website,8 which now says a vaccine is a “preparation that is used to stimulate the body’s immune response against diseases.” The differences in the definitions are subtle but distinct: The first one defined a vaccine as something that will “produce immunity.” But, since the COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to stop infection but, rather, to only lessen the degree of infection, it becomes obvious that the new definition was created to cover the COVID vaccines. It’s not just the CDC’s definition of a breakthrough case that skews the data. Even more egregious and illogical is the fact that the CDC even has two different sets of testing guidelines — one for vaccinated patients and another for the unvaccinated.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC has recommended a PCR test cycle threshold (CT) of 40.9 This flies in the face of scientific consensus, which has long been that a CT over 35 will produce 97% false positives, essentially rendering the test useless. In mid-May 2021, the CDC finally lowered its recommended CT count, but only for patients who have received one or more COVID shots. So, if you have received a COVID injection, the CDC’s guidelines call for your PCR test to be run at a CT of 28 or less. If you are unvaccinated, your PCR test is to be run at a CT of 40, which grossly overestimates the true prevalence of infection. The end result is that unvaccinated individuals who get tested are FAR more prone to get false positives, while those who have received the jab are more likely to get an accurate diagnosis of infection.

Read more …

“I give this right up into the Christmas season when Biden’s mandate allegedly will go into effect before it totally screws the economy.”

So You’d Like To NOT Have Society Collapse? (Denninger)

Go ahead Governors, let businesses mandate jabs and masks. Let Biden get away with his bull****. Don’t put in place E/Os and don’t call back the legislature into special session right here and now, today, and put a conclusive stop to all of it. I give this right up into the Christmas season when Biden’s mandate allegedly will go into effect before it totally screws the economy. With that, down goes the market, commercial real estate detonates (what happens when that Lowes closes due to lack of staff and so do another couple of nice big-box stores for the same reason down the street — everywhere at once!) and with it the debt markets.

There are already places where WalMarts are being forced to close to restock shelves as they’re so short of people and can’t hire more, having put in place employee mandates which enough prospective and current employees are responding to with “**** that!” that the only option remaining to them is to lock the doors and repurpose the few people they do have. This area is tourist-heavy and now, with schools allegedly back open, the traffic shifts — down a bit now, down more as we go into the winter. That local places still can’t manage to hire tells the tale — the people are tired of the abuse and, for the offered wage, they won’t apply or work. Give someone 18 months to figure out how to give you the finger and many will do exactly that.

On top of this you have all of those who complied with said mandates and now are out sick, many with the coof which, the company and the government assured us all would not happen if you just rolled up your sleeve. Of course they lied and still are, trying to claim it’s “rare” that people get materially ill after being vaccinated against Covid. That’s just the latest line of bull**** and, given the sick rate among those who have been jabbed it’s obvious if you pay a single bit of attention. Good luck Biden along with governors and local officials — you’re going to need it, and were I you in this market today I’d be rather careful if you’re not ok with a 201k — which is what you might have left of your 401k as we approach Christmas.

Read more …

It gets worse fast.

39% of Australians Unable To Perform Daily Activities After Vaccine (TE)

The National Centre for Immunisation and Research (NCIRS) in Australia are currently leading a collaboration with the Australia’s Government known as AusVaxSafety. The group has been conducting active vaccine surveillance of the Covid-19 vaccines in use in Australia to “ensure their ongoing safety”. Up to the 16th August 2021 over 1.4 million Austalians had partipated in the surveillance completing more than 2.4 million safety surveys, outlining their experience following the Covid-19 vaccination and the published results show the following –

Pfizer Vaccine – 1st DoseFollowing the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine 1,007,479 people responded to an SMS/email about their health in the three days after having the jab. The results show that 37.2% reported having an adverse reaction, with 374,832 reporting at least one adverse event. 0.5% of participants also reported seeing a doctor or attending hospital in the three days following vaccination due to an adverse reaction. This equates to 5,037 people. Whilst 6.7% of participants reported missing work, study or routine duties for a short period – meaning 67,501 people were left unable to perform daily activities following their first dose of the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection.

Pfizer Vaccine – 2nd Dose Following the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine 770,864 people responded to an SMS/email about their health in the three days after having the jab. The results show that 56.4% reported having an adverse reaction, a significant increase on the percentage of people who reported having an adverse reaction after having their first dose of the Pfizer jab. 1.3% of participants also reported seeing a doctor or attending hospital in the three days following vaccination due to an adverse reaction. This equates to 10,021 people – double the number of people who reported seeking medical attention after having the first dose despite there being 237,000 less particants in the 2nd dose survey. However, a huge 21.2% of participants were left unable to perform daily activities, that’s 163,423 people who reported missing work, study or routine duties.

Read more …

Dr Stuart Waiton is a senior lecturer in sociology and criminology at Abertay University. He is a columnist for the Glasgow Herald, author of three books, and is currently writing a book entitled The Criminalisation of Everything.

Mask Mandates And Vaccine Passports Are A Performance (Stuart Waiton)

The illiberal actions of Western nations over Covid are as much about a worrying shift in politics as it is about ‘the science’. Some very basic freedoms that we have traditionally enjoyed are in grave danger. In America, Joe Biden is putting pressure on workers to get the vaccine. Without proof that you do not have Covid, or evidence of vaccination, you will no longer be able to enter a workplace that has more than 100 staff. This policy will affect two-thirds of the workforce – around 100 million people. While many liberals in America have understandably reacted with outrage at changes to abortion regulations in places such as Texas, the idea of bodily autonomy as a basic human right, a right that should apply to vaccinations, barely gets a mention.

In France, vaccine passports have been introduced in cultural and leisure venues – cinemas and museums, as well as bars, restaurants, cafés, trains… Basically anywhere and everywhere you go in that country, you will be expected to show your papers. In England, thus far, vaccine passports have been ruled out. However, in Scotland, the governing Scottish National Party (SNP) have once again shown that it is always prepared to take authoritarian measures one step further than their English counterparts by introducing passports for major venues. Suggesting a puritanical dimension to this policy, not only are outdoor venues of 10,000 people and indoor venues of 500 being targeted, but all “sexual entertainment venues” will need evidence of vaccination.

Despite the fact that 84% of over-18s have had both jabs, the policy in Scotland is being introduced, in part, and arguably in large part, to put pressure on younger people to get a vaccination for a virus that has little or no effect on them.

Read more …

Again: Yikes!

91% Of China’s Youth Aged 12-17 Are Fully Vaccinated Against Covid (RT)

Just over 90% of students in China aged 12-17 have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, state media has revealed. Despite the high inoculation rate, the Ministry of Education has urged caution in schools over the virus.
On Wednesday, People’s Daily shared that the two-dose vaccination rate of teachers and students over 18 years old stands at 95%, slightly higher than the rate among younger pupils. Despite the wide vaccine coverage among China’s school children, the Ministry of Education has issued a notice imploring institutes and schools to make Covid prevention and control a top priority.

The statement came after China’s National Health Commission warned that coronavirus infections were circulating at a primary school in Putian, a city home to three million in East China’s Fujian Province. The region has recorded over 150 local cases in five days, prompting some cities in other parts of the country to impose travel warnings before major holidays. A number of cities in Fujian province, such as Quanzhou and Fuzhou, have decided to suspend primary schools and kindergartens, with others switching classes to online learning.

The Chinese government has manufactured and authorized two of its own Covid jabs. While the domestically produced vaccines have been given the green light for administration to children as young as three, authorities have yet to expand the inoculation campaign to the under-12s. Several regions across China started vaccinating its teenagers against Covid in July, including the capital Beijing. Figures from the National Health Commission showed that China has so far managed to administer close to 2.16 billion vaccine doses.

Read more …

“ conducted a single “Phase 1” trial that covered 12 people over 65..”

Are You Kidding Me, Pfizer, Volume 1 Gazillion (Berenson)

The FDA just released its briefing book for Pfizer’s request for a third dose of Comirnaty (or is that BNT162b2? No matter! It’s approved either way, sorta). It is every bit the mess we all expected. Let’s go to the highlights: Pfizer basically hasn’t bothered to test the booster AT ALL in the people actually at risk – it conducted a single “Phase 1” trial that covered 12 people over 65. The main Phase 2/3 booster trial (beware efforts to cover multiple “phases” of drug research at once, you want it bad you get it bad) included no one over 55. No one. As in NONE. Which makes total sense – why test the booster in people who actually need it because they’re at high risk from the ro? Nothing good can come of that. So that’s our trial design. Now safety:

Of the 300 people who received the booster, one had a heart attack two months later. No worries, Pfizer concluded it wasn’t related. Yay! Five percent of recipients had enlarged lymph nodes. How about effectiveness? Well, we don’t have enough data – or any data, really – telling us how well the booster will work. But the FDA made Pfizer go back and review its data from the pivotal clinical trial from last year. Pfizer compared people who received the vaccine with those who received the placebo and THEN the vaccine (the best we can do at this point, since Pfizer blew up the trial by giving placebo subjects the vaccine, double-yay!) Pfizer concluded that your annual risk of getting Covid-19 IF YOU ARE VACCINATED is about 7 percent.

Further: “An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2 at the start of the analysis period.” Oh. But don’t worry, Uncle Joe already told you you can get your booster on September 20. If it’s good enough for our fearless leader, it should be good enough for the FDA, amirite? SCIENCE!

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“The growing consensus among vaccination researchers is that exposure to 5-8 of these mRNA jabs over a relatively brief period of time will – dependent on the underlying health of the individual – result in death.”

A Slog Vaxicide Special (Ward)

One can observe categorically that medical researchers in Australia, India, France, the US, Germany and Japan are showing why the mRNA Covid “vaccines” tested by Oxford Recovery on dogs killed all the vaccinated animals. The detailed nature of deadly Cytokinic overreaction is closely allied to the study of how ‘autoantibodies’ develop. These little mothers are not always good news. Antibodies are produced by our B cells in two ways: (i) randomly, and (ii) in response to a foreign protein or substance within the body. Initially, one B cell produces one specific kind of antibody. In either case, the B cell is allowed to proliferate or is killed off through a process called clonal deletion. Normally, the immune system is able to recognise and ignore the body’s own healthy proteins, cells, and tissues.

But sometimes, the immune system ceases to recognise one or more of the body’s normal constituents as “self,” leading to production of pathological autoantibodies. When this happens, these psycho antibodies go into a frenzy of destruction. The more the body is exposed to mRNA formulations, the more certain death becomes. That certainty helps to explain the emerging narrative about “booster” shots of “vaccine”. This is Anthony Fauci of the US CDC from a live media interview five days ago: “You know, I think we are going to need boosters. And I think very likely, when we look back on this, the proper complete regimen for good full protection will almost certainly be three shots – the first two that we’ve spoken about and a late third boost several months later.”

For the already vaxxed, that would make five jabs in all….and no doubt, a new strain would miraculously appear to justify a 6th and 7th top-up. The growing consensus among vaccination researchers is that exposure to 5-8 of these mRNA jabs over a relatively brief period of time will – dependent on the underlying health of the individual – result in death. In a bid to head off awkward questions about the efficacy of such drugs, Fauci then resorted to the current default lie: “This is still an outbreak, a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And when you look at the percentage of cases, particularly those that wind up with severe consequences leading to hospitalization, it is overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated.”

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That would be Macron?!

France Leads The Way In Holding Covid Incompetents To Account (RT)

Former French Health Minister Agnès Buzyn faces a possible prison term and heavy fine for “endangering the life of others” in her mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, as France leads the way in making its leaders accountable. Despite the massive failures by governments and public health officials across the globe in dealing with the pandemic, it’s only the dead that really pay any sort of price. Most of the so-called experts simply move on, retire, or fade back into academia or big pharma where many of them came from. Not so in France, where the appetite for accountability has landed former Health Minister Agnès Buzyn in la merde,having just been indicted by the Court of Justice of the Republic – a special court established specifically to hold government ministers accountable for their actions – for “endangering the life of others” through mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has cost the French 115,000 lives. If found guilty, she faces a year in jail and a €15,000 fine.

Buzyn, a former doctor, did not have a good pandemic. She stood on the steps of the Elysee Palace in January last year and foolishly declared, “The risks of the coronavirus spreading to the population are low.” Ooops. But Buzyn is not the only French politician with their neck on the block. Her successor, Health Minister Olivier Véran, is also under investigation, along with former Prime Minister Edouard Phillippe. Surely, this is the sort of ministerial accountability that every democratic nation should be enforcing. Too often, incompetent, bungling, and plainly dishonest politicians escape sanction when they step aside, trying to present their resignation – or sacking – as some kind of noble gesture for which they should be congratulated, not imprisoned.

[..] But what about the rest of the Covid clowns around the world, with their misinformation, backtracking on guidance, exaggeration, underestimation, and sheer, cack-handed incompetence? Right up there is WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who, when meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, was full of praise for China’s containment of the coronavirus. The very least we could expect would be the WHO boss clearing his desk. In the US, Dr Anthony ‘Flip-flop’ Fauci faced his own messaging problems, having initially announced that the pandemic posed a “very, very low risk to the United States,” in January 2020. Since then, there have been more than 40 million reported covid cases in the US and around 652,000 deaths. I hope he likes golf, because Dr Fauci might soon have a lot more time to work on his handicap.

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33 Districts In Uttar Pradesh Are Now Covid-free (HT)

There are no active cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in 33 districts of Uttar Pradesh, the state government informed on Friday. About 67 districts have not reported a single new case of the viral infection in the last 24 hours, the government said, noting the steady improvement of the Covid-19 situation in the state. [..] Overall, the state has a total of 199 active cases, while the positivity rate came down to less than 0.01 per cent. The recovery rate, meanwhile, has improved to 98.7 per cent. As per the state’s health bulletin, Uttar Pradesh reported only 11 new Covid-19 cases and zero deaths in the last 24 hours. The fresh cases came out of 2.26 lakh samples that were tested in the last 24 hours.

As of Friday, the state government has conducted 7.42 crore tests, according to the data published by Uttar Pradesh’s health department. On the vaccination front, around 7 crore people in the state have received their first dose of the jab. The vaccination coverage in the state has exceeded 8.47 crores, out of which, 12 lakh people have been inoculated in the last 2 hours. Meanwhile, the overall nationwide tally climbed to 33,174,954 after recording 34,973 cases in the last 24 hours. This was around 19% lower than Thursday when the country had logged 43,263 fresh infections. The death toll stands at 442,009.

India home kit.

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As prices are soaring all over Europe, the EU keeps playing politics. My guess is Merkel will put a stop to that. She does’t want to leave her country in a state of huge unrest.

EU Red Tape Prevents Russia From Boosting Gas Supplies To Europe – Lavrov (RT)

Despite the completion of Nord Stream 2, Europe should not expect the Russian pipeline to start deliveries this year due to bureaucracy within the EU, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned on Wednesday. “Now the process of obtaining the necessary permits from the German regulator is underway. The process is not fast. The beginning of 2022 has been indicated,” Lavrov told the press. Experts say this could be the reason behind the current surge in gas prices, which have been smashing records for several days now. According to the press secretary of the German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), Fita Wolf, Nord Stream 2’s certification may take several months, a prospect which practically forces market participants to raise prices.

To add to the problem, the pipeline’s main adversaries, Ukraine and the United States, have both vowed to complicate the certification procedure. According to Lavrov, there will be many roadblocks before certification is finally granted. “I have no doubt that attempts to attack this gas pipeline will continue,” the Russian foreign minister said. Gas prices in Europe have risen 20% since the start of trading on Wednesday. The price of October futures on the Dutch TTF exchange exceeded $964 per 1,000 cubic meters by 11am GMT, ICE data shows.

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There was ever any focus.

US ‘Lost Focus’ In War On Terror – Oliver Stone (RT)

On the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, in a conversation with RT, award-winning director Oliver Stone condemned the US response as rooted in “exaggerated hype to go to war” and a misguided attempt at revenge-seeking. Stone condemned the bloody-minded drive for vengeance that characterized the US’ reaction to the attacks from the outset. “‘We’ve gotta get them for this’ – [but] we didn’t even know who ‘them’ were!” he exclaimed to Going Underground’s Afshin Rattansi on Wednesday, pointing out that it was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, rather than the better-known terrorist bogeyman Osama Bin Laden, who put together the entire plan “in his brain.”

“We lost focus in that moment – we were terrified, horrified, but we didn’t really look at what happened. We should have looked at why. A lot of [the government’s reasoning] was BS. A lot of it was exaggerated hype to go to war by the US and Israel,” Stone explained. Regarding US President Joe Biden’s controversial pullout from Afghanistan, Stone’s was a rare voice of support, insisting he “didn’t think it was a bad withdrawal at all” and that the sense of crisis was inflated by the media. “I appreciate a man who isn’t rushing to judgment like Bush was or Trump would be. A man who thinks about things and is deliberate … Most American presidents would fold – change their minds because of the polls,” which are “always tough on presidents.”

Stone observed that the reasons the terrorists gave for the 9/11 attacks were relatively simple: former president George H.W. Bush’s decision to station US troops on Saudi holy land and the US’ increasingly ‘one-sided’ support for Israel, despite international law. “We should have looked at why [the attacks occurred]. Bush said they envy our freedoms, but that was nonsense. They did it because of two reasons, as Osama stated very clearly,” Stone continued. “Instead of disengaging when the war was over in November, we sent in a huge amount of troops, didn’t understand the landscape, went out again and again on patrols, and, as we did in Vietnam, [the US Army] antagonized people by just being there.”

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Coming too close to Clinton?

Durham Reportedly Seeking Indictment Against Clinton Campaign Lawyer (JTN)

Special counsel John Durham reportedly is seeking a grand jury indictment against Michael Sussmann, a cybersecurity lawyer at a Democratic-allied law firm that represented Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. According to the New York Times, the charge is said to be related to an alleged false statement to the FBI about a client’s identity when Sussmann pushed now-debunked claims about secret communications between Russia’s Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election. Durham “has told the Justice Department that he will ask a grand jury to indict a prominent cybersecurity lawyer on a charge of making a false statement to the FBI,” the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

Prior testimony and documents show Sussmann, who worked at Perkins Coie, delivered allegations about the Alfa server to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in fall 2016. Baker has told invetsigators Sussman told him his approach was not on behalf of any client. But Sussmann told Congress he made the approach on behalf of a computer security client. The newspaper said Durham’s team has obtained records showing Sussmann billed work on the Alfa Bank matter to the Clinton campaign, the newspaper said. Sussmann’s lawyers, Sean M. Berkowitz and Michael S. Bosworth, acknowledged Wednesday that they expected him to be indicted, but denied wrongdoing.

“Mr. Sussmann has committed no crime,” they told the Times. “Any prosecution here would be baseless, unprecedented and an unwarranted deviation from the apolitical and principled way in which the Department of Justice is supposed to do its work. We are confident that if Mr. Sussmann is charged, he will prevail at trial and vindicate his good name. Durham has until the weekend to charge Sussmann because of a five-year statute of limitations, the newspaper said.

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McCullough Delta




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Sep 052021

Jusepe de Ribera A philosopher holding a mirror 1630




The term Russian roulette was possibly first used in a 1937 short story of the same name by Georges Surdez: “‘Did you ever hear of Russian Roulette?’ When I said I had not, he told me all about it. When he was with the Russian army in Rumania [sic], around 1917, and things were cracking up, so that their officers felt that they were not only losing prestige, money, family, and country, but were being also dishonored before their colleagues of the Allied armies, some officer would suddenly pull out his revolver, anywhere, at the table, in a café, at a gathering of friends, remove a cartridge from the cylinder, spin the cylinder, snap it back in place, put it to his head and pull the trigger. There were five chances to one that the hammer would set off a live cartridge and blow his brains all over the place.”


The game we know is 5 empty chambers, theirs had one! I suggested the Russian Roulette metaphor recently for the vaccines after I wrote Five Alarm Fire, commenting on research funded by the British Heart Foundation which seemingly involuntarily between its own lines exposes the risks involved in the present line of vaccines imposed upon everyone but a few hard-headed:

I think Russian roulette is a good “model” for the vaccines. The classic six-shooter gives you a great 5 in 6 chance (83.3%) to live. Would you take it at those odds? And then they tell you to do it again, boosters. Still feel lucky? Hey, the odds are the same….

Got a few good comments on that from new commenter “bpeptide”:

Russian roulette – i like the analogy, but the odds of bad shot outcome are probably closer to 1 in a 100, than 1 in 6. That is still too high for a vaccine!

I think the risk ratio is not so important, the point is that risk is involved in the first place. Especially when publication of that risk is suppressed. “Informed Consent” may have been swept under the carpet by now, but it’s still an important legal “entity”. It’s the LAW!.

I asked a friend yesterday what he thought would happen if local media headlines would, besides “20 Covid deaths today”, also say “10 Covid vaccine deaths today”. Not even thinkable in the present landscape, but crucial for informed consent.

100s of 1000s across the world have died from the vaccines by now, and many millions have had severe adverse reactions, but none of these things are reported. There are “systems” like VAERS in the US and EudraVigilance in the EU that pretend to keep track of adverse reactions, but they themselves say they catch maybe 1-10% of those. And even they are already at some 40,000 deaths. But as long as the media don’t report on it…

“bpeptide” continued:

[..] the risk depends on which cells are instructed to manufacture the spike protein. if it is a muscle or fat cell, then the risk is lower because the spike protein does not immediately enter the blood circulation. It is stuck in the medium of fat and muscle and skin, and the immune system has time to respond. On the other hand, if the shot gets injected directly into the blood stream then it is the vascular system, heart, and brain that get instructed to manufacture the spikes protein. that is where the danger lies…this is why i really do think the bad outcome is related to where in the arm the injection lands. If it pricks a vein and enters the blood circulation directly, than that is where we get the worst, vascular and heart short term bad outcomes. Russian roulette….

My personal impression is that it doesn’t really matter all that much. Sure, some ways are more direct and lethal, but as the British Heart Foundation article confirms once more, spike proteins can do their damage anywhere in the body, even without a virus present. It’s all a toss-up, it’s a Russian Roulette! And that was my whole point.

We are injecting 100s of millions of people with something that carries risk to their lives. And to the lives of those around them, because we know it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission of the virus. And that is a risk to your life all by itself. Because it induces your cells to produce the very spike proteins that the virus uses to get into your cells and make you sick.

I don’t want to get into the details of that now, I just want to make the point that these things carry risk, and substantial risk at that, and that people should be made aware of that risk before they are “jabbed”.

They are not. Instead, their governments even try to force them to “take the vaccine”, or they can lose their jobs, freedom etc. That is so fundamentally wrong, where do we begin? And now they want to force it on your children… Where is their informed consent?

And don’t let’s forget that the worst consequences of the vaccines will probably come in the long term. For instance, the spike protein-related auto-immune ADE, or antibody-dependent enhancement, a concern for many health professionals, takes 6 to 36 months to show itself. We just don’t know. But it’s because we don’t know that we should not be doing this.

We should not have politicians and so-called experts putting a gun to people’s heads. Everyone understands that. So why is it happening everywhere? Yes, Covid itself carries a risk as well. But it’s not that bad a virus:



It could have been “fought” with vitamin D, zinc and perhaps ivermectin, melatonin, HCQ, that would have stopped 50% or more of all “cases”. It’s not a really complex story. But all these other options had to be swept off the table to make room for an emergency authorization for untested vaccines. And now, here we are.

I said a few days ago that we will soon see the moment that the vaccines kill more people than the virus. But even if I’m wrong in that, what remains is that being vaccinated with any of the 4 vaccines currently applied in the US is a risky game, just like Russian Roulette, that people should only agree to on the basis of Informed Consent.

They are not. Crucial info is withheld from them every day and at every step of the process. That is highly illegal.

The future risk of the vaccines injected into people today is very real, Moderna et al did plenty research into the risk of spike proteins, and the results were terrible, they never got an approval for any mRNA “vaccines”. We’re playing Russian Roulette, but not with an individual, with millions of people at the same time, and therefore with the societies they are part of.

You want to put a bullet in your head, whether it’s with a 1-in-6 or 1-in-1000 risk? Fine, but at least find out what that risk is. And don’t let some politician or expert coerce you into doing it before you know.

What your government is doing today is playing the Vietcong role in the movie The Deer Hunter, in which American prisoners of war are forced to play Russian Roulette.

But you know what? At least that was all fiction.






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Sep 032021

Paul Klee Sicilian Landscape1924



We’ve been following, and reporting on, the travels and travails of mankind in virustime every single day for 20 months now, we’ve see our share of lies, denial, ignorance and incompetence. But there are still things that knock me off my feet. And it’s not even the sudden horse dewormer campaign the media started against ivermectin, that’s merely a surprise, as in: why now? Oh right, Joe Rogan is more popular than all of you put together…

Anyone who still believes a single thing either their governments or their media say is a fool on a hill. But not a lonely fool, it’s getting crowded on those hills. And we can ask ourselves how we got here till the cows have been home, fed and watered and out to pasture again, but it’s a little late for that now. We swallowed it all, and we continue to do so.

Still, as I said, there are some things left. The British Heart Foundation is a 60-year old reputable non-profit that spends some £100 million a year funding cardiovascular research by scientists around the UK. They are currently funding over 1000 research projects. One of those projects took place, or maybe is ongoing, at the University of Bristol. On August 28 2021, the British Heart Foundation published an article on this research.

It should have raised alarms all over the world, but it’s absolute crickets. It may not help that author Jennifer Mitchell herself doesn’t appear to understand the impact of what was found. She leaves the impression that this is mainly about the heart, and about Covid, while the implications are far more wide-reaching. She does mention that the problem is “all over the body”, but stops there.

All “vaccines” used in the west, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen, work by inducing your cells to produce spike proteins, “found on the surface of Covid-19 virus”, 1 of 30 proteins contained in the coronavirus that causes Sars-Cov-2. These spike proteins bind to cells called pericytes, says the research, “which triggers a cascade of changes which disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.” “Even when the protein was no-longer attached to the virus.” Still don’t hear the five-alarm bells and see the red lights flashing?


Covid-19 Spike Protein Binds To And Changes Cells In The Heart

The spike protein found on the surface of Covid-19 virus cells causes changes to cells in the small blood vessels of the heart, according to research we funded presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress. Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that the spike protein binds to cells called pericytes which line the small vessels of the heart.

This binding triggers a cascade of changes which disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. This happened even when the protein was no-longer attached to the virus. There is some previous evidence to suggest that the spike protein can remain in the blood stream after the virus has gone and travel far from the site of infection.

In this study, researchers only studied pericytes from the small blood vessels within the heart. However, pericytes are found within small blood vessels all over the body, including in the brain and central nervous system. This latest finding may start to help explain the effect of the virus on organs away from the site of the Covid-19 infection.

Researchers took small vessel cells from the heart and exposed them to the spike protein. They found that the spike protein alone was enough to disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. They then blocked the CD147 receptor and found that this prevented the spike protein from causing some of the changes to the cells. However, the inflammation continued.

Now the researchers hope to find out if a drug blocking CD147 in humans can help to protect people from some of the complications arising from Covid-19. Professor James Leiper, our Associate Medical Director, said: “Covid-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge for the cardiovascular research community. There is still a lot that is unknown relating to how the virus can impact our health in the long term, but this research brings us one step closer to better understanding how Covid-19 affects the heart and circulatory system and may ultimately lead to new ways to protect the heart.

Maybe the British Heart Foundation, and Jennifer Mitchell, and the University of Bristol simply don’t know that the vaccines induce your cells to produce spike proteins. Maybe they don’t know about micro blood clots. Maybe they are all just happily vaccinated. Maybe they only think in terms of the heart, and they don’t care about the brain and central nervous system. But even is that is all true, someone else must have picked this up, someone who understand what it means.

The spike proteins travel all through your body, through all your blood vessels, stick to their linings, and cause inflammation there. How would you like it if that happens to your brain, your heart, your lungs, your central nervous system? With no virus around? Remember, spike proteins are cytotoxic, they kill cells and/or turn them into spike protein factories, possibly for a long time. You don’t want these things in your body.

Yet, we inject millions of people every day with them, many two or even three times, and say this will make them safe. What do you think?




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Sep 022021

Henri Matisse Laurette in a green robe 1916


Covid-19 Spike Protein Binds To And Changes Cells In The Heart (BHF)
Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce (NEJM)
How Many Fully Vaccinated Mass. Residents Have Tested Positive for COVID (NBC)
Covid-19 Vaccines Killed More People In 8 Months Than Covid-19 In 18 Months (DE)
Sydney Covid Patient In Hospital After Overdosing On Ivermectin (G.)
Joe Rogan Has Covid – And His Treatment Will Make Health Experts Feel Ill (G.)
Washington Nationals VP To Resign Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate (Hill)
5,895 Unvaccinated Health Workers Suspended in Greece (GR)
Chicago Gets Schooled On Vaccine Mandates (Gato Malo)
German Companies Cannot Ask About Employees’ Covid Vaccination Status (RT)
Covid Policy Skeptic Sues Big Tech, Feds For Censoring Social Media Posts (JTN)
Biden Manufactured Weeks-long False Narrative On Afghanistan (JTN)
6 in 10 Say US Has ‘Seriously Gone Off On The Wrong Track’ (Hill)








British Heart Foundation. Oddly, not one word about the vaccine-induced spike proteins. But the dangers are glaringly obvious.

And putting stuff into your blood that makes this happen is simply a very bad idea. We should stop it.

Covid-19 Spike Protein Binds To And Changes Cells In The Heart (BHF)

The spike protein found on the surface of Covid-19 virus cells causes changes to cells in the small blood vessels of the heart, according to research we funded presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress. Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that the spike protein binds to cells called pericytes which line the small vessels of the heart. This binding triggers a cascade of changes which disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. This happened even when the protein was no-longer attached to the virus. There is some previous evidence to suggest that the spike protein can remain in the blood stream after the virus has gone and travel far from the site of infection.

In this study, researchers only studied pericytes from the small blood vessels within the heart. However, pericytes are found within small blood vessels all over the body, including in the brain and central nervous system. This latest finding may start to help explain the effect of the virus on organs away from the site of the Covid-19 infection. Researchers took small vessel cells from the heart and exposed them to the spike protein. They found that the spike protein alone was enough to disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. They then blocked the CD147 receptor and found that this prevented the spike protein from causing some of the changes to the cells. However, the inflammation continued.

Now the researchers hope to find out if a drug blocking CD147 in humans can help to protect people from some of the complications arising from Covid-19. Professor James Leiper, our Associate Medical Director, said: “Covid-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge for the cardiovascular research community. There is still a lot that is unknown relating to how the virus can impact our health in the long term, but this research brings us one step closer to better understanding how Covid-19 affects the heart and circulatory system and may ultimately lead to new ways to protect the heart.

Read more …

Number of fully vaccinated went from 16,426 to 16,492 from June-July. Hardly moved at all.

But the percentage of cases in fully vaccinated workers jumped from 33.3% to 75.2%. Riddle me that.

Vaccine effectiveness plummeted from 94.3% to 65.5%. In one month. No idea how that is possible when vaccination numbers almost stood still.

Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce (NEJM)

In December 2020, the University of California San Diego Health (UCSDH) workforce experienced a dramatic increase in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections. Vaccination with mRNA vaccines began in mid-December 2020; by March, 76% of the workforce had been fully vaccinated, and by July, the percentage had risen to 83%. Infections had decreased dramatically by early February 2021.1 Between March and June, fewer than 30 health care workers tested positive each month. However, coincident with the end of California’s mask mandate on June 15 and the rapid dominance of the B.1.617.2 (delta) variant that first emerged in mid-April and accounted for over 95% of UCSDH isolates by the end of July (Figure 1), infections increased rapidly, including cases among fully vaccinated persons. Institutional review board approval was obtained for use of administrative data on vaccinations and case-investigation data to examine mRNA SARS CoV-2 vaccine effectiveness.

UCSDH has a low threshold for SARS-CoV-2 testing, which is triggered by the presence of at least one symptom during daily screening or by an identified exposure, regardless of vaccination status. From March 1 to July 31, 2021, a total of 227 UCSDH health care workers tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 by reverse-transcriptase–quantitative polymerase-chain-reaction (RT-qPCR) assay of nasal swabs; 130 of the 227 workers (57.3%) were fully vaccinated. Symptoms were present in 109 of the 130 fully vaccinated workers (83.8%) and in 80 of the 90 unvaccinated workers (88.9%). (The remaining 7 workers were only partially vaccinated.) No deaths were reported in either group; one unvaccinated person was hospitalized for SARS-CoV-2–related symptoms.

Vaccine effectiveness was calculated for each month from March through July; the case definition was a positive PCR test and one or more symptoms among persons with no previous Covid-19 infection (see the Supplementary Appendix). Vaccine effectiveness exceeded 90% from March through June but fell to 65.5% (95% confidence interval [CI], 48.9 to 76.9) in July.

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“..The breakthrough cases represent just a small percentage — about 0.43% — of the more than 4.5 million people who have been vaccinated..”


“Breakthrough infections again accounted for about 40% of all cases reported in Massachusetts last week..”

How Many Fully Vaccinated Mass. Residents Have Tested Positive for COVID (NBC)

Nearly 20,000 fully vaccinated Massachusetts residents have now tested positive for COVID-19 and more than 130 of them have died, according to the latest state data on breakthrough cases published Tuesday. The Department of Public Health has tracked a cumulative 19,443 confirmed COVID-19 infections among those fully vaccinated in the state to date and a total of 144 deaths. The breakthrough cases represent just a small percentage — about 0.43% — of the more than 4.5 million people who have been vaccinated and the deaths an even smaller percentage — just 0.003%. In the last week alone, 3,074 new breakthrough cases — infections in people who have been vaccinated — have been reported.

Health officials said 651 of the new breakthrough cases resulted in hospitalization, or about 0.01% of all fully vaccinated individuals. Breakthrough infections again accounted for about 40% of all cases reported in Massachusetts last week. The number of new breakthrough cases announced each Tuesday has climbed each week since DPH announced the initial batch of 7,737 breakthrough infections on July 31. Dr. Philip Landrigan, director of the Global Public Health Program at Boston College, told The Boston Globe last month that the rise in breakthrough cases “reflects the fact that the delta variant is loose in the population, and it reflects the fact that there’s a lot of virus circulating around.”

Experts also told the Globe the increase in breakthrough cases is attributable to diminishing immunity from the COVID-19 vaccines, emphasizing the need for booster shots in the coming months. Tuesday’s report pushed the state’s cumulative confirmed COVID-19 caseload to 709,599 since the start of the pandemic and its death toll to 17,874.

Read more …

I like my predictions coming true within a few hours, but this feels like cheating. It appears to compare apples (UK) and oranges (Scotland).

Covid-19 Vaccines Killed More People In 8 Months Than Covid-19 In 18 Months (DE)

There can no longer be any doubt that the Covid-19 injections are more deadly than the alleged Covid-19 virus itself thanks to a raft of official Public Health and Government data available, confirming more people have died due to the Covid-19 vaccine in 8 months than people who have died of Covid-19 in 18 months. NHS data for England shows that since March 2020 up to the 12th August 2021 a total of 3,743 people have allegedly died of Covid-19 who had no other pre-existing conditions which include dementia, chronic kidney disease, chronic pulmonary disease, chronic neurological disease, and heart disease.

Whilst official data provided by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) shows that just 704 people have died of Covid-19 in the whole of Scotland who had no other pre-existing conditions between March 2020 and July 31st 2021.

However, data released by Public Health Scotland shows that between the 8th December 2020 and 11th June 2021 a total of 5,522 people died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 injection with 1,827 deaths being due to the Pfizer jab, 3,643 deaths being due to the AstraZeneca jab, and 2 deaths being due to the Moderna jab.

This means that in just 6 months nearly 8 times as many people died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine than people who died of Covid-19 (704 deaths) in 18 months in Scotland. Whilst 1.5 times as many people died within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland than the number of people who have died of Covid-19 (3,743 deaths) in 18 months in England. Even when adding the number of people who have died of Covid-19 in both England and Scotland together; which comes to 4,447 deaths in 18 months, there have still been 1,075 more deaths within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland. Public Health England have so far refused to publish the number of deaths within 28 days of a having a Covid-19 vaccine in England, claiming they do not hold the data despite their counterparts in Scotland being able to provide it.

But based on the number of deaths seen in Scotland and adjusting to the population for England we estimate that the number could have been as high as 57,470 in England by the 11th June 2021. There are of course those that will argue that using the number of deaths within 28 days of having a Covid-19 vaccine does not mean the person died due to the Covid-19 vaccine. They are of course correct, but these will be the same people that believe a death that has occurred within 28 days of a positive Covid-19 test is definitely a Covid-19 death. Which is why we’d like to point these people to the data provided by the MHRA Yellow Card scheme, which shows more people have died due to the Covid-19 vaccines in 8 months than the number of people who have died of Covid-19 in the whole of Scotland in 18 months.

As of the 11th August there have been 293,779 adverse reactions and 501 deaths reported to the MHRA against the Pfizer mRNA injection. As well as 813,622 adverse reactions and 1,053 deaths reported to the MHRA against the AstraZeneca viral vector injection. The Moderna mRNA injection meanwhile has caused at least 41,274 adverse reactions and 14 deaths as of the 11th August 2021. This vaccine has also mainly been administered to younger adults who are least at risk of suffering debilitating disease if infected with Covid-19. Around 1.4 million people have received the Moderna jab which means at least 1 in every 33 people have suffered and adverse reaction and at least 1 in every 100,000 people have sadly died.

The overall number of deaths due to all three jabs now stands at 1,596 when including the 28 deaths that have been reported where the brand of vaccine was not specified. Therefore 892 more people have died due to the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK in 8 months than people who have died of Covid-19 in Scotland in 18 months. But it’s also important to remember that the MHRA have stated just 10% of serious adverse reactions are reported to the MHRA Yellow Card scheme.

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The Guardian continues its Orange Man Horse Dewormer Bad campaign, and thinks the headline will do the trick. The worst the article itself can do is: “The patient didn’t get severe toxicity from taking the ivermectin cocktail, “but it didn’t help their Covid either”..

Sydney Covid Patient In Hospital After Overdosing On Ivermectin (G.)

A Covid-positive person in Sydney was admitted to Westmead hospital suffering from vomiting and diarrhoea after overdosing on ivermectin and other drugs ordered online. Westmead hospital’s toxicologist, Naren Gunja, said the case was part of a growing trend the hospital was seeing of people taking unproven online cures for Covid. The patient didn’t get severe toxicity from taking the ivermectin cocktail, “but it didn’t help their Covid either”, he said. “There’s no evidence to support the use of ivermectin to treat Covid-19. Don’t look for magic cures online, and don’t rely on what’s being peddled on the internet, because none of them work.” The New South Wales chief health officer, Dr Kerry Chant, said on Thursday that people should only take health advice from a healthcare practitioner before taking medication.

“It is important to seek the best health advice. Our doctors in Australia are across the literature in terms of what drugs and therapies are useful in Covid,” she said. “Please listen to them.” Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication, is only approved for use in Australia for medical issues such as river blindness, scabies and roundworm infections. The growing trend as an unauthorised Covid drug stems in part from its promotion among rightwing politicians and media outlets in the United States, which has flowed into the same groups in Australia. The Therapeutic Goods Administration on Monday said there had been a shortage of Stromectol 3mg ivermectin tablets in August, and said there had been a tenfold increase in detections of people seeking to import the drug.

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More Guardian comedy. Joe Rogan got better in a day, and one of the things he took is ivermectin. But that’s bad!

Joe Rogan Has Covid – And His Treatment Will Make Health Experts Feel Ill (G.)

Joe Rogan, the host of Spotify’s most popular podcast, has contracted Covid, he announced on Wednesday. He says he is feeling better – but his health update undoubtedly made health experts instantly sick. On Instagram, the podcaster, who professes not to be “an authority on health” but has discouraged young people from getting the coronavirus vaccine, said that he had “immediately thrown the kitchen sink” at his infection. Among the many medications he used, he said, was ivermectin, a drug used to deworm horses. Rogan, described by the New York Times as “one of the most consumed media products on the planet”, has legions of devoted followers.

Some episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience have boasted tens of millions of downloads, and his recommendations for everything from supplements to shaving supplies can be a godsend for companies. That’s why his apparent endorsement of a medicine totally unproven as an effective treatment for Covid-19 is concerning. Though ivermectin can be prescribed to target parasitic infections in humans, the US Food and Drug Administration has not approved the drug for use against the coronavirus. In large doses, the FDA warns, it can be dangerous, with side effects including “nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death”.

But after an Australian study last year that found ivermectin could kill Covid in a lab, chatter about the drug has exploded online. Politicians and rightwing talkshow hosts have promoted it – even as the very researchers behind the study warn against it. In the US, prescriptions for the drug have soared from 3,600 weekly before the pandemic to more than 88,000 in a week last month, per CDC data. At the same time, poison control centers have seen calls related to ivermectin explode, reaching five times their usual rate in July, the Washington Post reported. Rogan’s announcement is not his first widely criticized tango with ivermectin. The 22 June episode of his podcast features an interview with Dr Pierre Kory, who testified to US senators in December about ivermectin and called it a “miracle drug”.

Joe Rogan

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Mass delusion.

Washington Nationals VP To Resign Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate (Hill)

Washington Nationals Vice President Bob Boone will resign over the team’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to multiple reports Wednesday. Boone informed the team that he will resign instead of complying with the mandate, which applies to all non-uniformed employees, sources told ESPN and The Washington Post. Boone, who was a star catcher for decades before becoming a manager and executive, served with the Nationals since 2005, and is currently vice president and senior adviser to general manager Mike Rizzo. He is the father of former professional baseball players Bret Boone and Aaron Boone, who now manages the New York Yankees. The Nationals’ vaccine mandate went into effect Aug. 12, according to ESPN.

It was one of the first teams to require staff to be vaccinated. Non-playing full-time employees, such as coaches, executives and staff, had until Aug. 26 to provide proof of their first vaccination or apply for an exemption. According to the Post, which first reported Boone’s resignation, employees who have not complied are on unpaid administrative leave. They now have until Sept. 15 to comply or have their contracts terminated. Boone told the newspaper that he and team are “unfortunately” parting ways. But Boone is not the only shakeup for the team. According to the Post, the Nationals also told eight scouts that their contracts will not be renewed next season, two because of unwillingness to comply with the mandate.

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All for a vaccine that doesn’t work, and worse.

Wow, they want to hire scabs: “In order to cover any loss of staff, the Greek Health Ministry has proposed hiring healthcare workers on three-month contracts.”

Don’t think that will fly.

5,895 Unvaccinated Health Workers Suspended in Greece (GR)

5,895 unvaccinated health workers have been suspended or are in the process of being suspended from working in Greece. The suspensions follow a new law that mandates vaccines among healthcare workers, under penalty of suspension from their workplace. The Suspension Commission of the Council of State, Greece’s top administrative court, rejected applications that were submitted by healthcare workers attempting to block the law mandating employees in the national healthcare system be vaccinated against COVID-19. The Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Employees (POEDIN) has submitted an appeal to completely annul the law. The appeal will be reviewed by the court’s plenary on October 8th.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis decided in July that all healthcare workers, including doctors and nurses, who work in public and private hospitals and health clinics would be required to get their shot by the first of September. The law had already set in on August 16th for those working in elder care facilities. Starting today, healthcare workers who remain unvaccinated against Covid-19 will be put on unpaid leave in Greece. Any healthcare workers — including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and administrative support staff in private or public hospitals, clinics, and care facilities — who refuse to be vaccinated will lose their social security during their unpaid leave if Parliament approves the motion.

The suspension without pay will last until the person receives the vaccine or “as long as the pandemic lasts,” according to a statement from the Ministry. In order to cover any loss of staff, the Greek Health Ministry has proposed hiring healthcare workers on three-month contracts.

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Shot. Chaser.

Chicago Gets Schooled On Vaccine Mandates (Gato Malo)

here’s a fun story from jalopnik:

“About 2,100 students, including 990 in special education, were given no more than two days’ notice that their bus route no longer existed. District officials said they received word Friday from the private companies with which they contract for bus services that 73 drivers had resigned because they refused to abide by CPS’ vaccine mandate, which requires all employees and contractors to get shots by Oct. 15. The requirement was announced more than two weeks ago.” The claim of “only 73 drivers resigned” is a bit misleading. this makes it sound low. it’s not. it’s nearly 10% of drivers. and they are now 500 drivers short.

“Only 73 drivers are believed to have resigned over vaccine requirements, but the district had recently adjusted routes to account for an existing shortage of drivers. The district now has 770 drivers which is still 500 drivers short.” These are 100% own goals. Drivers were already tight because, as in so many industries, hiring is impossible despite vast un and under-employment. the reserve price of labor has been blown into the stratosphere by high jobless benefits baked into covid response. They then exacerbated this further by (quite literally) decimating their ranks by demanding vaccination. Even the good kitten saw this coming.

Every parent of every kid that was affected by this should be livid. This is an epic fail of government policy. This is what happens when you break markets and predicate outcomes on ideology and performative solutions lacking in sound basis. Get this stopped and rolled back now. You do not want to wait until this hits the hospitals.

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Meanwhile, elsewhere in the EU:

German Companies Cannot Ask About Employees’ Covid Vaccination Status (RT)

Germany’s labor minister has said companies will not have the right to ask staff to reveal their Covid vaccination status, though “pragmatic solutions” may be required for sectors deemed a higher risk for transmitting the virus. Speaking to broadcaster ARD on Wednesday, German Labor Minister Hubertus Heil shared that there will be no general right for employers to access information that discloses staff members’ Covid vaccination status. “We must act according to the rule of law. Acting under the rule of law means that an employer is not entitled to information about health data…[and] is also not allowed to look at the medical records of an employee, because this is very personal data,” the minister said.

Heil added, however, that he is “in favor of finding pragmatic solutions” for workplaces that are at a greater risk of transmitting Covid, namely prisons, hospitals, and care homes. This could mean requiring employees to show that they have either recovered from coronavirus, been vaccinated, or have tested negatively. The labor minister’s remarks coincide with Germany’s cabinet ruling on the same day that companies must allow their staff to take time off work to get their coronavirus jabs. German bosses have recently been applying pressure on the government to grant them the power to ask workers whether they are inoculated or not.

Thilo Brodtmann, the head of the German Engineering Federation, said on Tuesday that “employees must do everything they can to reduce the risk of infection to zero,” and “this includes at least an obligation to provide this information.” Neighboring France has been riddled with weeks of protests against a government decree that will require workers from certain sectors – such as firefighters, medical workers, caregivers, and certain soldiers – to get vaccinated by September 15 or risk penalties.

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Brave, but …

Covid Policy Skeptic Sues Big Tech, Feds For Censoring Social Media Posts (JTN)

An influential COVID policy skeptic followed through on his threat to sue Facebook for suspending his account this summer based on a graphic he posted: “Masking Children is Impractical and Not Backed by Research or Real World Data.” Identified in a recent MIT paper as one of a handful of “anchors” for the anti-mask network on Twitter, Justin Hart also named Twitter, President Biden, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as defendants in the lawsuit. “When the federal government admits to conspiring with social media companies to censor messages with which it disagrees, as it has in this case, both the government and the private companies are guilty of unconstitutional viewpoint discrimination,” it says.

Five days after Facebook suspended Hart’s account, which he also used for business, Twitter suspended his account for commenting on a CDC report that 70% of infected people were wearing masks, according to the suit. “We know that masks don’t protect you … but at some point you have to wonder if they are PART of the problem,” he wrote. Murthy and White House press secretary Jen Psaki publicly disclosed “within days” of the two removals that the feds were pressuring social media to remove “misinformation super-spreaders” and that White House “senior staff” were directly contacting the companies.

The suit cites Murthy’s 22-page advisory asking technology platforms to monitor and stop distribution of views such as Hart’s, through algorithm changes, increased staffing of content moderation teams, imposing “clear consequences” for violators and amplifying “trusted messengers and subject matter experts.” In addition to the First Amendment claim for “state action” against Hart’s posts, the suit claims HHS and OMB are violating the Freedom of Information Act by missing their statutory deadline to provide him requested records relevant to the suit.

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“And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

Biden Manufactured Weeks-long False Narrative On Afghanistan (JTN)

The long saga of the Russia collusion scandal — during which law enforcement, media, political operatives and intelligence assets manufactured a two-year illusion of a Trump-Russia conspiracy that did not exist — raised questions about a new era of political warfare in which false realities could be foisted upon the American public. The bungled, bloody U.S. exit from Afghanistan now has some fearing the Biden administration practiced deception by omission and commission to create a two-month false narrative that misled Congress and the American public by making the situation in and around Kabul look better than it was.

Two powerful pieces of evidence emerged this week that strongly suggest the Afghan exit wasn’t just a case of incompetence but rather an intentional effort to use PR lipstick to disguise a Biden plan that was secretly willing to accept chaos and stranded Americans as a possible outcome to avoid further military casualties during the exit. On Wednesday, Reuters published a leaked transcript of a call that quoted Biden asking the soon-to-flee Afghan president Ashraf Ghani to offer a narrative to change the “perception” of the Taliban’s rapid advance in Afghanistan, “whether it is true or not.” “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” Biden is quoted as telling the Afghan president. “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

The White House did not dispute the account of the July 23 call, even though it suggested that an American president asked a foreign leader to assist in creating a potentially fake story. Earlier this week, Biden administration officials also conceded the president granted himself a waiver to avoid providing Congress this summer a legally required report on the dangers of withdrawing from Afghanistan, leaving lawmakers mostly in the dark about a situation in which U.S. confidence in the Afghan government and military rapidly deteriorated.

One act of commission, another of omission that clearly created false expectations and impressions and empowered the president’s top aides — from Jen Psaki at the White House to John Kirby at the Pentagon — to make pronouncements like: • Every American who wants to come home will be able to do so before Aug. 31. • Every Afghan loyalist in danger could be evacuated. • The Afghan army could hold Kabul for months after the U.S. departed. In the end, none of those pronouncements were true, and the plan failed. Scores of Americans, thousands of Afghan loyalists and $85 billion in prized U.S. military hardware were left behind, Kabul fell to the Taliban before Americas’s departure, and 13 U.S. troops were killed in the single bloodiest American tragedy of the Afghan war in a decade.


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And that’s with a rose-colored press.

6 in 10 Say US Has ‘Seriously Gone Off On The Wrong Track’ (Hill)

About 6 in 10 U.S. voters believe that the country has gone “pretty seriously” off “the wrong track” as President Biden faces a wave of criticism over his handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to a new Politico-Morning Consult poll released Wednesday. The study, conducted from Saturday to Monday, found that 61 percent of respondents believe the country is on the wrong track, compared to just 39 percent who say the country is “going in the right direction.” The survey also found a record-low overall approval rating for Biden at 47 percent, with 49 percent saying they disapproved of the president’s job performance overall.

When it comes to Biden’s policy on Afghanistan, 61 percent of respondents said they either “somewhat disapprove” or “strongly disapprove” of the president’s performance, with 30 percent saying they either strongly or somewhat approved of how he addressed the situation. The poll, which included responses ahead of Biden’s announcement Monday that the U.S. had completed its military withdrawal from Afghanistan, found that an overwhelming 72 percent did not think the troop removal was going well, with just 22 percent saying it was going “very” or “somewhat well.”

Despite the criticism on Biden’s job performance overall, survey respondents were more likely to have a favorable view of the president’s decision to remove all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. According to the poll, 50 percent of American voters either strongly or somewhat supported Biden’s decision, with 41 percent indicating some level of opposition to the move. Biden has faced mounting bipartisan criticism over his withdrawal from Afghanistan, especially as anywhere from 100 to 200 American citizens remain in the country following weeks of the U.S. military’s operations to evacuate thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghan allies.

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Gerald Celente is s big fan of TAE.




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Aug 312021

Vincent van Gogh Courtyard of the hospital in Arles 1889


SARS-COV2, Vaccines Accelerate Biological Age (France Soir)
Open Letter to CDC (Steve Kirsch)
Anti-Androgens As Promising Therapies For Covid-19 (Cadegiani)
Why Covid-19 Is Not So Spread In Africa: How Does Ivermectin Affect It? (medRxiv)
Schools Across Europe Must Stay Open, Say WHO And Unicef (G.)
Mandatory Vaccines Will Be ‘Applied In Full’ As Deadline Looms (K.)
Ohio Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Covid-19 Patient With Ivermectin (JTN)
750,000 US Households Are About To Be Evicted (ZH)
A Heedless Aftermath (Kunstler)
Julian Assange’s Warning: Humanity’s Last Stand (Hayase)





Truck driver revolt



Google translate.

All too short part of a fascinating article in France Soir that shows, among other things, why spike proteins from vaccines do more damage than those in the virus. Telomeres.

SARS-COV2, Vaccines Accelerate Biological Age (France Soir)

Are the spike proteins from RNA vaccines more harmful than the spike protein from the SARS-CoV2 virus? The following three experimental and then theoretical explanations allow us to answer in the affirmative. The “apprentice living technologists” thought to make the RNA of vaccines more stable by doping it with G bases, without modifying the corresponding amino acids, something made possible thanks to the “mode of operation” of the universal genetic code which allows several triplets to be produced. separate codons to encode one and the same amino acid. Unfortunately, in the context of vaccine RNAs, this leads to a diametrically opposed result since the latter become more unstable, more fragile and more brittle.

1 – The article “vaccine-induced Covid-19 mimicry” syndrome (Marschalek et al., 2021) shows how this doping in G bases of the spike RNA can cause changes in the reading frame of codons, therefore partial sequences of different amino acids, which may ultimately lead to thromboembolic events in patients immunized with covid-19 vaccines.

2 – In addition, it has been demonstrated how this excess of bases G of the RNA of the spike of the vaccines reduces to zero the megastructures according to AU / CG proportions defined by Fibonacci whereas, on the contrary, the spike of the virus and especially that variants see the complexity and quantity of such structures enriched. To put it simply, this means that the RNA of the vaccines is only a stack of nucleotides without the slightest backbone ensuring it a megastructure at medium and long distance, while the variants acquire day by day a greater solidity and cohesion. overall of their RNA. ( Perez JC 2021 )

3 – This inconsistency can also be visualized in the figure below as a kind of “fractal roughness” which is much more unstable and inharmonious in the RNA of the vaccine spike (Pfizer more particularly) than in the RNA of the spike of the vaccine. virus . This has been shown using the master code method.

[..] To date, the health response to the management of the crisis consists of the injection of substances still being tested, still in phase 3 at the time of this article’s publication, for which the definition of the word “vaccine” had to be. modified by the WHO itself. In addition, it is accepted that injection with messenger RNA technology results in increased production of the spike protein while not reducing transmission (Pfizer treatment reported only 42% effective against the delta variant). This vaccine barrier would also promote the creation of variants that seek to bypass it. In countries which have massively vaccinated, the data published by the authorities tend to show that a high percentage of people hospitalized are people whose vaccination course is complete.

[..] Several questions arise about the virus: 1 – Is it better to catch the disease randomly and develop a natural global immune response or to try the vaccine experience by incurring the many side effects reported by pharmacovigilance, as well as a risk of increased cell senescence? 2 – Is the deterioration in biological age the same in Covid patients and in vaccinated people? Is one worse than the other? At this stage, no one can give a precise answer to these questions. In any case, this virus causes an increase in the biological age in people who contract the disease, the effect of which is probably accentuated by the vaccine injection. With the decrease in efficacy on contamination, it is therefore essential to prevent the worsening of the disease and for this, early management is imperative.

By letting the disease progress beyond the first few days and using vaccines as the only solution, there is a risk that the lifespan of both adults and children will be reduced . At a time when women and men alike are looking to age in the best possible conditions and stay young as late as possible, do we want to take the risk with regular injections of ruining all these efforts? Faced with the desire to vaccinate children who are not affected by SARS-CoV2, the remedy should not be worse than the disease . Faced with the feelings of some patients who have contracted the Covid and / or some vaccinated people testifying that they have the impression “of having taken ten years at once”, science would bring it at the right time, once again , evidence for a response in favor of early treatment? A final step, which some will not hesitate to take, is to declare that the acceleration of biological age would lead to a decrease in life expectancy.

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“.. one of the world’s top pathologists ascribed at least 30% of all deaths to the vaccine.”

Open Letter to CDC (Steve Kirsch)

I am the founder of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund ( Our work in funding early treatments for COVID was featured on 60 Minutes. I have been vaccinated and my entire family has been vaccinated. However, shortly after I was fully vaccinated, I began to hear stories from my friends that were very troubling. For example, one friend had three relatives who were formerly healthy die after getting the vaccine. Another friend had a heart attack 2 minutes after the injection and is now disabled, apparently for life. I assembled a team of over 19 doctors and scientists listed at the end of this comment to investigate the available evidence. Using the VAERS database and other official government data sources from the US and around the world (covering 35% of the world’s population), we found evidence that clearly demonstrates that the current vaccines are significantly more dangerous than has been previously believed.

Our most important findings include:

1/ The “real world” fatality data from VAERS does not match the fatality data from the Phase 3 trials. They aren’t even close. Using multiple independent methods, we estimate that over 150,000 Americans have already been killed. It is urgent to resolve this discrepancy as soon as possible as we strongly believe that the real world data is right and the vaccines should be immediately stopped.

2/ None of the COVID vaccines reduce all-cause morbidity. It’s the opposite: they all significantly increase all-cause morbidity by as much as 4.2 times baseline (p<=0.00001). The CDC must know this since this information is hiding in plain sight in the published literature. What is the point of offering an optional medical intervention which significantly increases all-cause morbidity when safer alternatives such as early treatment are available?

3/ There is an error in the adverse event detection formula used by the CDC that appears to have prevented the CDC from seeing the safety signals that were obvious to our VAERS experts.

4/ Early treatment and prophylaxis protocols are a superior option to the current vaccines, yet have been inexplicably ignored by the NIH:
• Higher relative risk reduction (over 99%)
• Greater safety (minor temporary side effects, known safety profile)
– They lower both all-cause mortality and all-cause morbidity
– They work equally well on all variants
– They do not promote escape variants
– They do not cause vaccine enhanced infectivity/replication
– They do not cause prion diseases
– They prevent long-haul COVID syndrome nearly 100% of the time
– They enable people to acquire recovered immunity which is both 13 times stronger and more durable than vaccine-induced immunity

We recommend the committee take the following actions:
• Require autopsies for all deaths within 4 weeks of any COVID19 vaccination so that data is available to compute an estimate of the true all-cause mortality.
• Make available the analysis of the 11,000 deaths investigation in VAERS for public inspection. It’s important for the public to understand why the CDC couldn’t attribute a single death to the vaccine whereas one of the world’s top pathologists ascribed at least 30% of all deaths to the vaccine.
• Explain publicly why there is a death peak on the second day after vaccination if the vaccinations are perfectly safe and not causing deaths.
• Explain publicly why the severe adverse side effects are dose dependent

[..] • Recommend that vaccine mandates should not be issued without evidence of a statistically significant all-cause morbidity decrease (which there is not in this case).
• Define a COVID vaccine stopping condition after which that vaccine should be halted until the stopping issues are addressed. In 1976, the stopping threshold was 35 deaths.

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Twitter thread.

Anti-Androgens As Promising Therapies For Covid-19 (Cadegiani)

Studies with proxalutamide resulted from a solidly constructed scientific knowledge pathway. In this thread, I briefly describe the process from the beginning. Since the beginning of the pandemics, men were found to be at higher risk for severe COVID-19, irrespective of other risk factors. In March 2020, overrepresentation of bald men was found in among patients in ICU due to COVID-19 in Spain. This finding was consistent across several countries, which was further confirmed to be an independent risk factor for COVID-19. How could we justify male alopecia (baldness) to be a risk factor for COVID-19? The justification was not only found to exist, but was strong. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, enters into cells through a protein called ACE2.

However, in order to couple to ACE2 and enter into cells, the virus must be ‘prepared’ by another protein, an enzyme called TMPRSS2. Without this ‘preparation’, the ability of the virus to infect cells becomes much weaker. The point is that the only known regulator of TMPRSS2 are the androgens (hormones with ‘testosterone actions’). Male baldness is a sort of maximized biological expression of high androgen activity, resulted from the in-tissue ratio between androgenic hormones and sensitivity of androgen receptors (more sensitive receptors lead to more testosterone action). The resulting equation can be called as ‘level of androgen activity’. Bald men has therefore ‘high androgenic activity’ (which does not necessarily correlates with sex drive, muscles, etc).

High androgen activity leads to high TMPRSS2 expression. Consequently, the COVID-19 virus gets ‘more prepared’ to couple to ACE2 and gets more easily into cells. This leads to increase in SARS-CoV-2 infectivity (ability to infect) and pathogenicity (ability to cause harm). Further epidemiological data reinforce the hypothesis. Pre-pubertal children have way less severe COVID-19, while babies under 1 y/o have relatively higher risk of severe COVID-19 than pre-pubertal children above 1 y/o. This likely happens due to a physiological phenomenon called ‘mini-puberty’: babies under 1 y/o may have unblocked steroid hormonal production.

Although women have much lower testosterone and overall androgen levels than men, their androgen receptor tends to be more sensitive. That’s why females may present severe COVID-19, in special women with higher androgen activity.
While men are at higher risk of severe COVID-19, those at androgen deprivation therapy for severe prostate cancer, supposedly to be at higher risk due to the frailty of sarcopenia and metabolic disorders due to lack of testosterone action, were actually protected.

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March 26 2021

Why Covid-19 Is Not So Spread In Africa: How Does Ivermectin Affect It? (medRxiv)

At least for now, it seems that Africa will be in completely different situations under the coronavirus infections. Some scientists have cited a higher proportion of young people [1,2], a warmer climate [3], and widespread BCG vaccination [4] as possible factors. While these are positive theories, they do not provide scientific evidence to explain why the spread of new coronavirus infections in Africa appears to be at a slower pace than in other parts of the world. In the meantime, based on a growing data of recently reported data on a large number of published and unpublished trials, it is suggested that ivermectin being a well-known antiparasitic agent with antiviral activity and anti-inflammatory effects, has activity against SARS-CoV-2 [5]. On the other hand, ivermectin has been administered in Africa for onchocerciasis under the WHO strategy.

In 2012, WHO’s neglected tropical diseases (NTD) Roadmap set a goal of elimination where feasible by 2020, and the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control advanced the goal to elimination in 80% of countries by 2025 [6]. The community-directed treatment with ivermectin (CDTI) is the basic strategy to eradicate onchocerciasis in Africa. More than 99% of the infections have occurred in the 31 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa listed below: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central Africa, Chad, Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Niger Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo, Uganda, Tanzania. In the rural populations of sub-Saharan Africa where health systems are weak and under-resourced, the community-directed treatment strategy is proving to be one of Africa’s most successful in reducing disease at low cost [7].

If ivermectin has an antiviral effect on SARS-CoV-2, the morbidity, mortality, recovery, and fatality rates caused by COVID-19 would be reduced in the community-directed treatment with ivermectin (CDTI) countries compared to non-endemic untreated ones. Therefore, epidemiological analyzes of the two groups are necessary. These results will validate the effect of ivermectin intervention on COVID-19. This study aims to evaluate the impact of ivermectin interventions for onchocerciasis on morbidity, mortality, recovery rate, and fatality rate caused by COVID-19.

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So they can jab all the kids?

Schools Across Europe Must Stay Open, Say WHO And Unicef (G.)

Schools across Europe must stay open and be made safer for staff and children, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef have demanded, as a new term gets under way with the highly transmissible Delta variant still dominant in the region. “The pandemic has caused the most catastrophic disruption to education in history,” said Hans Kluge, the head of the WHO’s Europe region. “It is vital that classroom-based learning continues uninterrupted.” Kluge said that while the pandemic continued, “educating children safely in a physical school setting” was of “paramount importance for their education, mental health and social skills”, and must become “a primary objective” for governments.

Forty-four out of 53 countries in the WHO’s Europe region closed their schools nationwide at the height of the pandemic’s first wave in April 2020, and while most reopened that September, surging infection rates sparked new restrictions and more closures in dozens of countries during the autumn and winter. Mass absences and frequent school closures have continued in several countries through the spring and early summer, with more than 1 million children, or 14.3% of the age group, out of school for Covid-related reasons – either self-isolating or because their school was closed – in England in late July.

“We encourage all countries to keep schools open, and urge all schools to put in place measures to minimise the risk of Covid-19 and the spread of variants” throughout the new school year, Kluge said in a joint statement with the deputy regional director of the UN children’s fund for Europe and central Asia, Philippe Cori. The two organisations said teachers and other school staff must be primary target groups for national vaccination programmes, adding that all children aged 12 and over with underlying health conditions should also be inoculated.

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Greece threatening everyone who’s not vaccinated.

Mandatory Vaccines Will Be ‘Applied In Full’ As Deadline Looms (K.)

With the deadline for health workers to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or face suspension without pay expiring Tuesday, the government is sending a “clear” message that the law will be strictly applied – with all that entails. “The law will be applied in full. The salary paid [to unvaccinated workers] in advance at the end of August will also be returned,” government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou said Monday, noting that there are no guarantees that suspended health workers, “even when they choose to get vaccinated, will return to the same positions, given that the character, needs and organization of the national health system will to a degree have changed.” “The epidemiological burden in our country remains at high levels and the next period will be extremely crucial in the evolution of the pandemic,” he said.

Echoing the same sentiment regarding the enforcement of the law, Minister of State Akis Skertsos stressed earlier that the government is not going to back down on the issue of mandatory vaccinations for health workers, emphasizing that “it is a matter of protecting the healthcare workers themselves and the health of the patients.” He added there is still time for those few thousand that did not get their jabs to do so Monday or Tuesday, “so that there are no problems with their work or with the operation of the national health system.” Meanwhile, the application platform for the recruitment of auxiliary staff will open Tuesday as final data on the unvaccinated are expected.

Concerned with a new surge of cases expected in the fall, the government is keen to increase vaccination rates and testing. To this end, pharmacies will supply free self-test kits to eligible groups this week and mobile vaccination teams from the Health Ministry will be parked on public squares and outside churches. “Data from the National Public Health Organization show that the pandemic at this stage mainly threatens our unvaccinated fellow citizens,” said Oikonomou, noting that the need to shield the public from the possibility of new universal restrictions is dictating the nature and content of the safety measures to protect both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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With horse dewormer, you said?

Ohio Judge Orders Hospital To Treat Covid-19 Patient With Ivermectin (JTN)

An Ohio judge ordered a Cincinnati hospital to administer Ivermectin to a COVID-19 patient at his wife’s request, as he has been in an intensive care unit (ICU) for over a month. Last week, Butler County Common Pleas Judge Gregory Howard ordered West Chester Hospital to treat 51-year-old COVID-19 patient Jeffrey Smith with Ivermectin, Ohio Capital Journal reported. Smith’s wife of 24 years, Julie, filed a lawsuit on behalf of her husband, requesting that he be given 30mg of Ivermectin every day for three weeks as prescribed by Ohio physician Dr. Fred Wagshul.

Smith tested positive on July 9 for COVID-19, was hospitalized and admitted to the ICU on July 15, and on Aug. 1 was sedated, intubated, and and placed on a ventilator. He has since developed another infection. Julie found out about Ivermectin and contacted Wagshul, who is a founder of the nonprofit Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, according to the Journal. He prescribed Ivermectin for Smith but the hospital would not administer it. Ivermectin was first developed for deworming livestock animals prior to doctors using it to fight parasitic diseases in humans, the Journal reported. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn against using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19.

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2 or 3 times that, I would think.

750,000 US Households Are About To Be Evicted (ZH)

Goldman estimates that the number of housing units at risk of eviction, based on uncollected tenant revenues in 2021Q2 for large property managers, representing 20mn tenant-occupied housing units, and based on survey data reporting the share of consumers who owe back rent and also “lost employment income” during the pandemic, representing the remaining 25mn units. Because the moratoriums also deferred hundreds of thousands of evictions unrelated to the pandemic, one should also add an additional backlog to reflect these missing filings.

Together, the bank estimates that 2½-3½ million households are significantly behind on rent and at risk of eviction without policy support. Since roughly half of eviction filings historically result in eviction (47% over 2006-2016), Goldman assumes that barring a new eviction ban from Congress or a much faster pace of ERA distribution, 750k households will face eviction in the fall and winter months. With 8-9 million Americans currently unemployed and emergency unemployment programs winding down, the sudden loss of tenant protections could plausibly generate an eviction episode of this magnitude.

Translating these figures to a dollar amount of back rent based on the stock and flow of bad tenant debt among residential REITs, implies 4.4 months of rent payments outstanding on average across tenants who are behind on rent. This is consistent with research from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities estimating average tenant debt at 3 months rent. Taken together, some $12-17 billion of bad tenant debt accumulated during the crisis.

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“They know we no longer produce things of value. What are we good for, exactly? Absurd ventures in gender confusion and race hustling? Drugs and pornography? Is that what stands behind the dollar?”

A Heedless Aftermath (Kunstler)

We will not submit. We’re nearing the end of this medical reign of terror. The trouble is, the medical establishment won’t survive it. They’ve perverted and undermined what used to be called science — truth-driven inquiry into what’s real and what is not — and, anyway, the medical system had already poisoned itself with racketeering so outlandish and cruel that it makes the old Mafia look like a charity organization. Not only do Americans get a Covid virus whose development was funded and guided by America’s chief public health official, Tony Fauci, but if it puts them in the hospital, their doctors deny them treatment with efficacious medicines, and, if the patients happen to survive the ordeal, they’re hit up with million-dollar bills. This conduct exhibits a kind of sadism that goes beyond just adding insult to injury.

Half the country is also paying attention to the invasion of border-jumpers coming in from Mexico with the assistance of the Deep State. They’re also noticing “Joe Biden’s” failure to comply with the recent US Supreme Court decision that he must enforce the standing procedure to return “asylum-seekers” to Mexico to await any decision on their eligibility. Many of these migrants come from the farthest corners of the world, including places full of people who don’t like us or our country. How many of them are coming here to blow things up and shoot American citizens? Nobody knows. The Deep State doesn’t want to know and they don’t want you to find out.

Finally, there is the question of the financial system which, lately, has become the proxy for what used to be the productive US economy, its Potemkin false front. The various plans to spend about $8-trillion in non-existent money on more social experiments such as paying citizens to be idle, would have been enough to sink American money, the US dollar. Now that the world has witnessed the humiliating withdrawal of the US from our 20-year-long war in Afghanistan, the process will accelerate. The world sees that we can’t be depended on in any foreign crisis. They know we no longer produce things of value. What are we good for, exactly? Absurd ventures in gender confusion and race hustling? Drugs and pornography? Is that what stands behind the dollar?

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It’s all connected.

Julian Assange’s Warning: Humanity’s Last Stand (Hayase)

As the U.S. loses face in the Afghanistan debacle, a video of Julian Assange speaking in 2011 about the goal behind the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan went viral on social media. While war criminals walk free, Assange who exposed the U.S. government’s war crimes in the Middle East and its illegal torture in Guantanamo, is in jail – tortured, suffering and isolated. The U.S. government’s attempted prosecution of the WikiLeaks publisher is an unprecedented attack on press freedom. With this celebrated journalist behind prison walls, this war on free speech now continues to expand, turning the internet into a battleground.

As the Covid-19 crisis has progressed, censorship has become rampant. From the onset of the pandemic, tech companies – pressured by the U.S. Congress – have been aggressively removing content that is deemed ‘inaccurate’ and/or ‘harmful’ by designated health authorities such as the WHO and CDC. In the name of protecting public health, social media networking services like Facebook and Twitter have silenced physicians and scientists whose views counter the official pandemic narrative. This includes credible medical professionals such as Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology and Dr. Pierre Kory, chief medical officer of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance [FLCCC], who has been censored for discussing documented benefits of Ivermectin for early treatment of COVID-19 and the medical establishment’s cover-up of its efficacy.

Assange, now silenced inside London’s maximum-security prison, warned us about the censorship via private corporations that is moving our society into authoritarianism. In January 2018, a little over a year before the UK police illegally arrested him inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Assange predicted “the future of humanity is between humans that control machines and machines that control humans”. He continued: “While the internet has brought about a revolution in our ability to educate each other, the consequent democratic explosion has shaken existing establishments to their core. Burgeoning digital super-states such as Google, Facebook and their Chinese equivalents, who are integrated with the existing order, have moved to re-establish discourse control. This is not simply a correction action. Undetectable mass social influence powered by artificial intelligence is an existential threat to humanity.”

In this ‘cancel culture’, now the ‘new normal’, civil liberties are suspended through algorithmic control. From stay home orders to lockdowns that destroyed small businesses, with the aid of social media conglomerates, the government has imposed their top down solutions on the public. As our economy has yet to recover from the pandemic crisis, changes in the system that could usher in the machine takeover of a society are now quietly taking place.

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Aug 012021

Paul Klee Hammamet with Its Mosque 1914



On Thursday, an internal CDC slide deck was “leaked”. On Friday, an “official” document was presented. The first is more interesting, because it contains things that are ostensibly not meant for public consumption (how to present…). The second is made up of a lot of official looking terminology. What else? But both largely say the same thing: there is no difference between the infection rates of vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. Of course that is then dressed up again in calls to get vaccinated, they can’t help themselves…

In colorful language such as “the war has changed” and “Delta spreads as easily as chickenpox”, the CDC tries very hard to undermine -even deny- it own findings. The slide deck is here:

Improving Communications Around Vaccine Breakthrough And Vaccine Effectiveness

CNN commented:

“The document – a slide presentation – outlines unpublished data that shows fully vaccinated people might spread the Delta variant at the same rate as unvaccinated people..”

The New York Times said:

“The Delta variant is as contagious as chickenpox and may be spread by vaccinated people as easily as the unvaccinated, an internal C.D.C. report said.”

Friday’s document refers to an event in Barnstable County, Massachusetts, where 3/4 of infections were in fully vaccinated people. It’s funny to see people react with: “that makes sense, most people are vaccinated now”, completely forgetting that the vaccines were supposed to prevent infections. And inadvertently admitting that there is indeed no difference in infection rates, ergo: the vaccines don’t work.

Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gatherings — Barnstable County, Massachusetts, July 2021

In July 2021, following multiple large public events in a Barnstable County, Massachusetts, town, 469 COVID-19 cases were identified among Massachusetts residents who had traveled to the town during July 3–17; 346 (74%) occurred in fully vaccinated persons. Testing identified the Delta variant in 90% of specimens from 133 patients. Cycle threshold values were similar among specimens from patients who were fully vaccinated and those who were not.

Perhaps because of the big words used to dress up the story, or perhaps because people have become so conditioned to react to everything Covid with fear, the logical conclusion of these two documents is not drawn anywhere. Which is that notions such as vaccine mandates and vaccine passports should now be discarded. There is no reason for a “vaccine” to be applied if you get infected with it as easily as without.

Some will still claim that they stop more severe sickness, but evidence of that is scarce at best, and it has nothing to do with the “societal functions” of not infecting others that the mandates and passports are designed for. If we know what’s good for us, it’s back to the drawing board.

There is of course no reason from an individual point of view to get vaccinated either: even if you believe that you might get less sick, you would still have to weigh that against the risks the vaccines come with. And they come in multiple large shapes and forms. There is a group now trying to prove that 500,000 people have died from the vaccines, up from 50,000, and the info from VAERS and other systems remains shaky. You would think every doctor and nurse would consider it a matter of honor to report adverse reactions as accurately as possible, but that’s not the impression we have so far.

Also, you can read everywhere that when numbers of infections (“cases”) are down in a country or region, it’s because of the vaccines. But how is that possible if infections are equally spread between vaccinated and unvaccinated? Where’s the logic? And what’s the logic of blaming the unvaccinated once you know they are no more contagious than the jabbed?



I think perhaps the biggest problem of all right now is that there is so much invested in official narratives. That is as logical as it is unfortunate. And I get it, all those politicians and experts are slowly and very reluctantly realizing that they bet on the wrong horse, and to turn a ship of state around is much harder than for me to change my life.

The alternative to admitting your failures is a very dark place, so maybe you should make sure you’re ahead of the crowd, ahead of your co-PMs and presidents and “experts”, admit your faults, profoundly apologize, and shift that steering wheel 180º if need be. You don’t want to find yourself in that dark place.

Now they want to put masks on the vaccinated. That must mean the vaccines don’t work, right? No, no, they swear, the vaccines are very very efficient. It’s just that you have a very rare breakthrough case now and then, because no vaccine is perfect. So for a few rare breakthrough cases you’re going to tell millions of Americans to mask up? And then you see that New York State alone has 11,000 of such very rare cases.

Pfizer wants to give everyone a booster shot this fall. I was thinking they must have made some improved version against Delta, but no, it’ll be a third shot of the same “vaccine”. But wait, we just found it doesn’t work against Delta. The Israelis give it a 39% efficacy, which is not even enough to get an emergency authorization. Get it off the market then.

Why would I get such a shot at this point in time? The only reason I can think of is that if I don’t, you’ll take my job away, and/or severely screw with my life, and rights, and freedoms, in other ways. But certainly not for protection, because the substance offers me none of that, not for me, not for others. And there’s something terribly wrong with that, with forcing me to make choices based on such warped notions.

The entire grand idea of getting everyone vaccinated is just like Zero covid: impossible and unnecessary grandstanding, obsessed by grand illusions of power over every single individual mind. In reality, it’s everyone’s own choice, and nobody else’s.



For some obscure reason we have accepted the idea that we can do no risk stratification, that everyone is at equal risk, and therefore everyone should undergo the same treatment. And then we find out that this treatment doesn’t work, or only half, or only for a few months, etc. But you can be sure insurance companies are still doing risk stratification, also for Covid, it’s how they make a profit.

We find the vaccine is not a vaccine, but a therapeutic. An untested one at that. While we could have focused on prevention, either for everyone or just for the vulnerable, and early treatment for early victims. As 80% of people were never at risk at all and 80% have already been infected and survived.

There are plenty ways to do prevention and we have discarded them all, in favor for a treatment that now turns against us. That is to say, the vaccine makes the virus more, not less, dangerous. It’s not the unvaccinated that are the pool the virus mutates in, it’s the vaccinated.

And it’s not only the mutations. All Covid therapeutics used in the west induce the vaccinees’ body to produce spike proteins, which are toxic to the body. Initially, it was claimed that they would stay near the site of injection, but we soon found that they spread through the entire body, and assemble especially in the most vulnerable spots: lungs, testes, placenta etc.

And that’s not all either: we now see suspicions that the spike proteins remain active in the body, and continue to be produced inside the body, for much longer than we were told they would be. An as yet unpublished report will claim that they have been found five months after injection, instead of mere days. The potential consequences would be much more disastrous than the virus.



And wouldn’t you know, the moment we find out from the CDC itself that the vaccines don’t work, that same CDC clamors for more vaccinations, and all the usual suspects in the media and politics and “expertise” chime in. Everyone vaccinated now or we’ll take your jobs away, and all of your fun. Children, no matter how young, must be jabbed, even pregnant women. This therapeutic we never really tested is perfectly safe for your unborn child!

Without a jab, you’re a lethal danger to everyone who’s been vaccinated!

Well, actually, I am not, and thanks to the CDC now I can prove it.

The other way around, though, I’m not so sure.




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Jun 222021

Giorgio de Chirico The Archaeologists 1927



This is kind of a sequel to Let’s Save Some Lives , published here on June 6, when I said “All we can do is hope our immune systems are strong enough to fight off the vaccines.” and quoted Michael Yeadon, former Chief Scientific Officer of Pfizer, as saying: “Ivermectin is an off-patent drug that is one of the most widely used drugs in the world, and we know it is able to reduce Covid-19 symptoms at any stage of the disease by about 90%, so there is no need for vaccines.”. We’ll just keep on going.



It’s mighty cute that Matt Taibbi gets some coverage after writing Why Has “Ivermectin” Become a Dirty Word? , just like it was cute that Michael Capuzzo got some when he wrote The Drug that Cracked Covid a few weeks ago. Question is, where have all these people, the writers and their readers, been in the past year? As I wrote two days ago:

Taibbi should ask not only “WHY Has “Ivermectin” Become a Dirty Word?” but also “WHEN Has “Ivermectin” Become a Dirty Word?”. And then apologize to his readers for completely missing the story for a year, or at least the half year it’s been since Kory’s Senate testimony -which he talks about- was deleted by YouTube.

It’s also cute that the American Journal of Therapeutics recently published:

Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection

Therapeutic Advances: Meta-analysis of 15 trials found that ivermectin reduced risk of death compared with no ivermectin (average risk ratio 0.38, 95% confidence interval 0.19–0.73; n = 2438; I2 = 49%; moderate-certainty evidence). This result was confirmed in a trial sequential analysis using the same DerSimonian–Laird method that underpinned the unadjusted analysis. This was also robust against a trial sequential analysis using the Biggerstaff–Tweedie method. Low-certainty evidence found that ivermectin prophylaxis reduced COVID-19 infection by an average 86% (95% confidence interval 79%–91%).

[..] Conclusions: Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.

And The Journal of Antibiotics did the same with:

The Mechanisms Of Action Of Ivermectin Against SARS-CoV-2

Although several drugs received Emergency Use Authorization for COVID-19 treatment with unsatisfactory supportive data, Ivermectin, on the other hand, has been sidelined irrespective of sufficient convincing data supporting its use. [..]

Real-time data is also available with a meta-analysis of 55 studies to date. As per data available on 16 May 2021, 100% of 36 early treatment and prophylaxis studies report positive effects (96% of all 55 studies). Of these, 26 studies show statistically significant improvements in isolation. Random effects meta-analysis with pooled effects using the most serious outcome reported 79% and 85% improvement for early treatment and prophylaxis respectively (RR 0.21 [0.11–0.37] and 0.15 [0.09–0.25]).

The results were similar after exclusion based sensitivity analysis: 81% and 87% (RR 0.19 [0.14–0.26] and 0.13 [0.07–0.25]), and after restriction to 29 peer-reviewed studies: 82% and 88% (RR 0.18 [0.11–0.31] and 0.12 [0.05–0.30]). Statistically significant improvements were seen for mortality, ventilation, hospitalization, cases, and viral clearance. 100% of the 17 Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) for early treatment and prophylaxis report positive effects, with an estimated improvement of 73% and 83% respectively (RR 0.27 [0.18–0.41] and 0.17 [0.05–0.61]), and 93% of all 28 RCTs.

Those numbers are clear enough, I bet you if you get an honest report on the vaccines none can compete, but for these science journals the same question must be asked: where were you over the past year? You really had no idea? We did at the Automatic Earth, but our reach is limited; we’re lucky if we convinced a few thousand people to obtain ivermectin, if they could get it in the first place. Which is great, don’t get me wrong.

There are a number of parties to this: there’s the vaccine manufacturers, aka Big Pharma, there’s politicians including governments, there’s the experts the latter derive their knowledge from, and there’s the media. And they’re all a year late when it comes to ivermectin and HCQ and other repurposed drugs. And at some point it will become clear that there was no need to be late, and it cost an enormous amount of misery and deaths and overwhelmed health care systems and lockdowns and facemasks.

They will do what they can to keep it from becoming clear, but it’s too obvious by now. Big Pharma simply says its products are superior, and suppresses research into ivermectin etc. Politicians hide behind their experts, who claim they go with what science journals publish. And the press hides behind the experts: “See, there’s no research”, without asking why there isn’t. There is, by the way, there is a lot of research:



It’s a closed club that all say the same thing. And put the onus on the -prospective- patients. Whereas if common sense had prevailed, and we had all given everybody enough vitamin D to bring those levels to an acceptable height, and we had given them ivermectin either as a prophylactic or an early cure, this pandemic would likely never have happened.

But if we had done that, the mRNA vaccines would never have gotten Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) , we couldn’t have locked everyone down, and there wouldn’t have been any reason for the huge-scale bailout programs. Sure, a few really old and/or really obese people, both with comorbidities, might have died, even with vitamin D and ivermectin, but they might have anyway. And we don’t know, because they never got that support.

That is the story that needs to be told today. Not why ivermectin today has a bad name, but why it got one a year and change ago. Why Capuzzo and Taibbi are so late to this game, and why politicians today are pushing vaccine passports while if they had acted a year ago, there would not have been a pandemic of anything the present size. Who are these people listening to, who controls the narratives?

Meanwhile the stories about the vaccines keep on piling up. Along the lines of: why is myocarditis among young men such a problem, if they mostly recover from it? Or: why are 10s of 1000s of spontaneous abortions among young America women a issue, when they can simply have another child? The benefits outweigh the problems, we hear it every single day.

It’s sort of funny, if the effects weren’t so ghastly, that both ivermectin and the vaccines were never tested, even though the WHO says: “Vaccines are safe and effective and have been tested extensively”. The first because that would have made the second ineligible for EUA, the second because some parties really wanted to push our bodies into becoming spike protein factories, to see how these gather in our brains and ovaries and testes, and watch what happens.

So who’s going to pay the price for the full year delay, which is ongoing -there’s still no ivermectin distribution campaign other than in parts of India and a few South American and African nations-, who’s going to take the blame for all the deaths and misery? Or will the system remain closed to the public’s eyes?




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