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Giuseppe Arcimboldo Four elements – Air 1566


99% of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted in ‘Natural Immunity’ (BN)
Pentagon Responds to Claim of Spiking Post-Vaccine Disease Rates (ET)
This Medical Data From The US DoD Is Explosive (Kirsch)
Strictly Regular Use Of Ivermectin As Prophylaxis For Covid-19 (RG)
Ivermectin, A Potential Anticancer Drug Derived From An Antiparasitic Drug (PMC)
The Power of Protest (Tucker)
Prosecutors Gear Up As GoFundMe ‘Redirects’ Convoy Donations (RT)
Retaking Crimea By Force ‘Impossible’ – Ukraine (RT)
‘Without Russia, We Won’t Stop A Full-on Ukrainian Offensive’ (RT)
Joe Rogan Apologizes As Podcasts Disappear From Spotify (RT)
Joe Rogan Apologizes for Being Joe Rogan, Begs Woke Forgiveness (CTH)
Man Being Devoured By Hungry Sharks Tries Apologizing To Them (BBee)





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“..for three different types of important antibodies, about 95% of people with prior infections retained all three..”

99% of All Covid Prior Infections Resulted in ‘Natural Immunity’ (BN)

Johns Hopkins university this week dropped a quiet bombshell of a study that went widely ignored in the mainstream media. Dr. Marty Makary, spearheading a team at Johns Hopkins to do the work that the CDC and NIH refuse to do, showed that 99% of unvaccinated people known to have Covid infections had robust “natural immunity” that did not diminish for at least 650 days. The charts included in the study reveal the story. As you can see, for three different types of important antibodies, about 95% of people with prior infections retained all three. 99% had the anti-RBD positive type of antibody.

Most importantly of all, this is clear indisputable evidence that natural immunity is far more durable than vaccinated immunity: The Covid protection lasted for 650 days with no noticeable decline.

As Becker News reported in October, Dr. Makary was leading a study that would force the CDC and NIH to do their jobs and not merely act as vaccine salesmen. “The NIH should be doing a long-term study of natural immunity instead of torturing thousands of beagle puppies, including cutting their voice box to avoid barking sounds (sick),” he said. “All taxpayer funded. All our health agencies need fresh new leadership.” “My Johns Hopkins research team is leading a long-term study of natural immunity because the NIH and CDC are not doing it,” he added. “They have $50 billion and 30,000 employees and yet can’t seem to conduct one of the most important studies we need done to inform the public.”

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The military is actively trying to tone down the data now.

Pentagon Responds to Claim of Spiking Post-Vaccine Disease Rates (ET)

Three United States military doctors have blown the whistle on documents allegedly from The United States Department of Defense (DoD) that they had access to, which show “skyrocketing rates of disease” since the introduction and mandating of the CCP virus vaccines in armed forces, human rights attorney Leigh Dundas told The Epoch Times. Dundas was recently approached by Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, Special Forces flight surgeon Lt. Col. Peter Chambers, and Aerospace occupational medicine specialist Lt. Col. Theresa Long. They handed documents to Dundas, who appeared recently with attorney Tom Renz in a five-hour hearing organized by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) titled “COVID-19: Second Opinion.” Renz shared some of the numbers related to medical disorders in the U.S. military data with The Epoch Times.

The whistleblowers, who are represented by Renz, gave him the data “under penalty of perjury,” he said during the hearing. Renz intends to submit the information to the courts, he told Johnson. The DoD responded that the DMED (Defense Medical Epidemiology Database) data from 2016 to 2020 that the whistleblowers brought up was erroneous and incomplete, and is currently under review. “DHA’s Armed Forces Surveillance Division (AFSD) conducted a complete review of the data contained in the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) and found that the data was incorrect for the years 2016-2020,” Maj. Charlie Dietz, a spokesperson for the DoD, told The Epoch Times. “DMED is a web-based tool to query de-identified active component personnel and medical event data contained within the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS).

“Comparing the DMED database to the source data contained in DMSS, AFHSD discovered that the total number of medical diagnoses from 2016-2020 that were accessible in DMED represented only a small fraction of actual medical diagnoses for those years. In contrast, the 2021 total number of medical diagnoses were up to date in DMED. Comparison of 2021 to 2016-2020 resulted in the appearance of significant increased occurrence of all medical diagnoses in 2021 because of the under-reported data for 2016-2020. AFHSD has taken DMED offline to identify and correct the root-cause of the data corruption,” Dietz said. Renz responded: “The DoD has claimed that the DMED data from the years 2016-2020 was incorrect. This is absurd.

We spend millions of dollars per year on DMED and people monitoring DMED which is one of the premier epidemiological databases in the world. Accuracy in this database is critical as it is used to monitor for health issues in our troops. “The DoD would have us believe that the DMED database was wrong from 2016-2020 but then magically was corrected in 2021 despite the fact that they had not noticed it was wrong until we pointed it out in our testimony before Senator Johnson. Further, we are asked to believe that in 2020, the year of what they claim to be the greatest pandemic since 1918, and despite the fact that it is documented that the CDC was also watching this database, no one noticed an error of 20 million-plus injury/disease codes per year,” Renz told The Epoch Times.

Ron Johnson letter

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“VAERS is severely under-reported this year relative to other years by at least a factor of 10.”

This Medical Data From The US DoD Is Explosive (Kirsch)

I spoke to a doctor in the military who confirmed the high incidence of vaccine-caused events in his practice. This doctor estimates that 85% of the military has been vaccinated, although the military official total is 93%. The doctor is responsible for thousands of service members and has dozens of significant vaccine injuries that are VAERS reportable (most of which have not been filed). This is a significant adverse event rate of more than 0.75%, i.e., nearly 1 in 100 soldiers are vaccine injured, some very seriously. It’s important to note that the soldiers are tough and don’t want anything on their medical records that could limit their responsibilities. So many simply don’t report severe symptoms. So our .75% vaccine injury rate is likely an underestimate. And remember, this is in a very healthy young population.

This doctor has zero VAERS reportable injuries in nearly two decades. So this suggests that the increased rate of reportable adverse events from these vaccines is far more than 500X. But other physicians I know with larger practices report elevated rates of from 600 to over 20,000 from the shots this year. In short, the number of adverse event reports from these vaccines is off the charts compared to other vaccines. This suggests that the 30X increase in the rate of adverse event reports in VAERS is because the vaccine is dangerous, not from reporting bias. It also suggests that VAERS is severely under-reported this year relative to other years by at least a factor of 10.

The FDA has assumed that VAERS is over-reported compared to previous years by 30, our estimate is that VAERS is under-reported compared to previous years by 30. Note that this estimate (comparing the propensity to report between years) doesn’t change our minimum 41 under-reporting factor estimate for events this year. This doctor had no doubts that the vaccine is causing these injuries. Over and over again, severe reactions (some never seen before in his/her career) all started happening shortly after after the soldier was vaccinated.

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Hospitalization rate was reduced by 100% in strict users. 90% reduction in mortality.

Strictly Regular Use Of Ivermectin As Prophylaxis For Covid-19 (RG)

This is a prospective observational study of the program mention above, that used ivermectin at a dose of 0.2mg/kg/day for two consecutive days, every 15 days. We obtained and analyzed the data regarding the accumulated dose of ivermectin use, in addition to age and comorbidities, to analyze the patterns of reduction of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates, and risk of dying from COVID-19, according to the regularity and amount of ivermectin used in a 5-month period. Following definitions of regularity, we considered as strictly regular subjects that used at least 180mg of ivermectin (180mg = 30 tablets), and as sporadic users subjects that used 60mg (= 10 tablets) or less during the 5-month period.

Comparisons between subjects that did not use ivermectin and these two levels of regularity of ivermectin use were performed. Analysis of the intermediate levels of ivermectin use are present in the supplement appendix of this study. To analyze hospitalization and mortality rates, we utilized the database of COVID-19 infections of all participants, from Itajai and outside. To analyze COVID-19 infection rate and risk of dying from COVID-19 we utilized the Itajai city database. Propensity score matching (PSM) was employed, followed by multivariate adjusted analysis for residual differences (doubly adjusted analysis). Results: Of the 7,345 cases of COVID-19, 3,034 occurred in non-users, 1,627 in sporadic users, and 289 in strict users, while the remaining cases occurred in the intermediate levels of ivermectin use.

Strict users were older (p < 0.0001) and non-significant higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes and hypertension. COVID-19 infection rate was 39% lower among strict users [4.03% infection rate; risk ratio (RR), 0.61; 95% confidence interval (n = 289 in each group for both comparisons; 95%CI), 0.53 – 0.70; p < 0.0001] than in non-users (6.64% infection rate), and non-significant 11% reduction compared to sporadic users (4.54% infection rate) (n = 1,627 in each group; RR, 0.89; 95%CI 0.76 – 1.03; p = 0.11). Hospitalization rate was reduced by 100% in strict users, compared to non-users and to sporadic users, both before and after PSM (RR, 0.00; 95%CI, not applicable; p < 0.0001).

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But…there’s no money in it..

Ivermectin, A Potential Anticancer Drug Derived From An Antiparasitic Drug (PMC)

Since the first report that IVM could reverse tumor multidrug resistance (MDR) in 1996, a few relevant studies have emphasized the potential use of IVM as a new cancer treatment. Despite the large number of related studies, there are still some key issues that have not been resolved. First of all, the specific mechanism of IVM-mediated cytotoxicity in tumor cells is unclear; it may be related to the effect of IVM on various signaling pathways, but it is not very clear overall. Second, IVM seems to induce mixed cell death in tumor cells, which is also a controversial issue. Therefore, this review summarized the latest findings on the anticancer effect of IVM and discussed the mechanism of the inhibition of tumor proliferation and the way that IVM induces tumor programmed cell death to provide a theoretical basis for the use of IVM as a potential anticancer drug.

As the cost of the research and development of new anticancer drugs continues to increase, drug repositioning has become increasingly important. Drug repositioning refers to the development of new drug indications that have been approved for clinical use [28]. For some older drugs that are widely used for their original indications and have clinical data and safety information, drug repositioning allows them to be developed via a cheaper and faster cycle and to be used more effectively in clinical use clinically [29]. Here, we systematically summarized the anticancer effect and mechanism of IVM, which is of great significance for the repositioning of IVM for cancer treatment.

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“What exactly were Fauci, Farrar, and Collins doing the whole of February 2020 instead of examining ways that sick people could get well? Why did they use burner phones?”

The Power of Protest (Tucker)

The great slogan is “living with Covid.” It is an implicit repudiation of everything that has happened for two years. It’s what we should have done along along. But the fanatics took over. The hysterical scream back in 2020 was that the power of the state, backed by media and corporate interests, would somehow make the virus go away. It was always ridiculously unachievable. The attempt unleashed massive abuse against the population, disrupted economies everywhere, and unleashed a tremendous amount of financial corruption that is still going on today. We are nowhere near done with this. Massive restrictions are still in place. Travel is still a disaster. The mask mandate on transportation is as awful as ever. The segregation in D.C., NYC, and Boston is morally repulsive.

Plus, so many lives have been shattered. So many businesses have closed. Public health is in shambles. The demographic disruption has been profound. There are scandals lurking everywhere. What exactly were Fauci, Farrar, and Collins doing the whole of February 2020 instead of examining ways that sick people could get well? Why did they use burner phones? And that article debunking the lab leak in Nature, the one highly criticized later. How did that come about? Mysteries abound about the vaccine trials. And wait until people have a look at the “Emergency Use Approval” documents submitted by the manufacturers. They will discover that the pharma companies never promised much at all. They certainly never said that the vaxx would stop the spread, keep people from being infected, much less end the pandemic. They never said that it would work against variants.

This is only a few of many remarkable shocks that will be pouring out over the coming years. Governments spent many trillions of dollars, most of which ended up in the pockets of well-connected elites in the corporate and banking sectors. The payoffs and graft connected with everything, from testing kits, to masks, to therapeutics will be alarming to behold. And wait until people figure out that all along we might have had solid generics that have a massive effective impact on early treatment. All wars come to an end, but governments rarely think in advance about the exit strategy. Instead, they kill and destroy until exhaustion sets in and then try to sneak away hoping that everyone will just move on. That’s pretty much how things fared with the Iraq War, and the results were devastating for the whole world.

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DeSantis is there too. And Texas.

Prosecutors Gear Up As GoFundMe ‘Redirects’ Convoy Donations (RT)

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Ohio AG Dave Yost have urged citizens who donated to the anti-vaccine mandate ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada to come forward, after crowdfunding site GoFundMe seized nearly $8 million in donations. Morrisey says the platform engaged in “deceptive” practices. “In [West Virginia], organizations must not deceive donors and engage in deceptive advertising practices,” Morrisey, a Republican, tweeted on Friday night. “If you’ve been victimized by a deceptive act or practice, let us know!” Ohio’s Dave Yost, also a Republican, issued a similar statement on Saturday morning, instructing duped donors to file a complaint on his website. It is still unclear what kind of legal action, if any, the AGs are preparing to take.

The ‘Freedom Convoy’, a group of truckers who have clogged up roads in the Canadian capital, Ottawa for a week now, had raised $7,964,141, before GoFundMe shut down their fundraiser on Friday. The decision was seemingly made at the behest of Ottawa’s police department, which thanked the company for “listening to our concerns as a City and a police service.” GoFundMe announced that unless donors request refunds, the site will distribute the seven-figure sum to “credible and established charities.” Even though the truckers confirmed that “funds would be used only for participants who traveled to Ottawa to participate in a peaceful protest,” the crowdfunding platform justified its decision by saying that the protest has become an “occupation” of the Canadian capital. Conservatives on both sides of the US/Canada border were outraged.

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“..the areas of the country currently under the control of separatists in eastern Ukraine. According to Danilov, capturing these areas is also impossible by military means..”

Retaking Crimea By Force ‘Impossible’ – Ukraine (RT)

Using the Ukrainian military to retake Crimea from Russia is not a realistic proposition, but it could be an option in the future, the chairman of Kiev’s National Security and Defense Council said on Thursday. Speaking to TV channel 1+1, Aleksey Danilov explained that Ukraine would not simply accept that Crimea is now a part of Russia and stated that the government would “do everything” in its power to take control of the peninsula. “Do we have a strategy to return Crimea militarily? Right now, we have a strategy to return Crimea. Whether it will be the military way, whether it will be any other way, it depends on many factors. As of today, I can say that it is impossible,” Danilov said. “What will happen tomorrow or in a year, we will see. It is not such a simple matter.”

Crimea came under the control of Moscow in 2014, when the peninsula was re-absorbed into Russia, following a referendum. The vote took place a month after the events of the Maidan, when violent street protests toppled Kiev’s democratically elected government. Ukraine, as well as most of the world, considers the referendum illegitimate and views Crimea as illegally occupied by Moscow. The national security official also spoke about the areas of the country currently under the control of separatists in eastern Ukraine. According to Danilov, capturing these areas is also impossible by military means, as it would entail a large number of casualties. Speaking last year, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Russia would work “to help Ukraine solve the problem” of Donbass, but “Crimea is out of the discussion.”

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“Ukraine has blocked almost 90% of the water supplies flowing into Crimea, after the republic joined Russia ..”

‘Without Russia, We Won’t Stop A Full-on Ukrainian Offensive’ (RT)

“It takes time to replace a window. First, they take the measurements and then you have to wait for the window to be made. If we’re talking about just one window, everything will be done more or less fast, but a bulk order, for several families, takes more time to process, coordination takes time. We have had several cases when the customer did not live to receive the promised support. Sometimes, when we finally arrive at an old woman’s house to install a window, it is already too late. She has died, they tell us. It happened on several occasions. Once we were even treated with pastries at a funeral repast.” Vladimir does not attach much importance to the present-day escalation, nor does he believe the status of the Donbass republics is going to change.

He thinks that any offensive, limited to the Donbass – no matter if it comes from Ukraine, or the Donbass republics, or the Russians – will only bring more destruction and take more human lives. “This is an urbanized area, where both conflicting sides spent eight years in the trenches. Debaltsevo was destroyed and, after seven years, it is still in ruins. Why lose more lives, tens of thousands of lives? If Ukraine wins, it will have to address the Crimean issue and the need to restore the Donbass region it has destroyed with its own hands. If the republics get the upper hand, the war will continue, but the frontline will be moved to Mariupol and Slavyansk, instead of Gorlovka and Donetsk,” he says. “Only the Russian peacekeepers can bring this war to a close by launching a massive attack against the rear parts of the Ukrainian armed forces. This is what can help end the war in Donetsk and Gorlovka, in Mariupol and Slavyansk, and in Kharkov, in Odessa, in Kiev.

And this is when Crimea will finally get enough fresh water. [Ukraine has blocked almost 90% of the water supplies flowing into Crimea, after the republic joined Russia – RT.] And I will be able to finally ask this bunch of scum, our public officials – where is the money that was supposed to stop civilian losses? Where has it all gone, I will ask them, and I don’t care if this will make them think that I’m siding with Ukraine.” These people, who fell victim to a geopolitical conflict, do not fool themselves. They do not insist that the path they have chosen is perfect and beyond reproach. The rasputitsa that we witnessed in September 2014 when the first Minsk Protocol was signed, then again in February 2015 with Minsk II, has diverted the Donbass and the rest of Novorossiya from their path of rejoining Russia.

Dirty politics has almost succeeded in confusing millions of people, in persuading them that everything they have gone through – fighting, hardships, friends and family members killed in the war, all the defeats and victories – everything was done for the sake of something entirely different. However, every nation has a special legend they turn to in times of hardships. The Russians of the Donbass are no exception. They go on living in their native land, hoping that this period of rasputitsa triggered by hybrid politics will be over one day, and all the foul and mean things that are happening now will freeze along with the mud of the steppes. And then these people, living in the constant fear that tomorrow may never come for them, will finally get a chance to liberate their towns and themselves. Are they afraid of the “Russian invasion”? No, they are hoping for one. And they call it “humanitarian intervention.”

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Not getting any prettier.

Joe Rogan Apologizes As Podcasts Disappear From Spotify (RT)

More than 70 episodes of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast have vanished from Spotify, as first reported by JRE Missing, a service that monitors the popular podcast. The episodes disappeared this week and feature a variety of guests, from commentator Michael Malice to comedian Tom Segura. News of the pulled episodes comes as Rogan has addressed controversy around his show for the second time in an Instagram video, offering an apology for some past language and jokes highlighted recently by critics calling for the comedian’s widely popular show to be censored or pulled by Spotify. Rogan addressed multiple instances of him using the N-word, as well as another podcast clip that has long been criticized where he appears to compare a black neighborhood he arrived in to the film ‘Planet of the Apes’.

On using the N-word, Rogan revealed he once would use the word “in context,” as in discussing a story or person that involved the word, like comedian Redd Foxx breaking cultural boundaries by using the word on television. Rogan says he knows today that he was wrong in his thinking that ‘context’ mattered. Addressing the ‘Planet of the Apes’ clip, Rogan explained that he acknowledges making a bad joke on the show in question and then recounts what a positive experience he had. “There’s nothing I can do to take that back. I wish I could. Obviously, that’s not possible,” Rogan said. “I certainly wasn’t trying to be racist, and I certainly would never want to offend someone for entertainment with something as stupid as racism.” Rogan ended his statement by saying he hopes this instance is a “teachable moment” to others and offering his “sincerest deepest apologies.” Neither Rogan or Spotify have offered an explanation for the new batch of missing episodes.

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“Joe Rogan stuck the fork in himself – another irrelevant notch on the belt to be forgotten..”

Joe Rogan Apologizes for Being Joe Rogan, Begs Woke Forgiveness (CTH)

This never ends well. Joe Rogan has self-flagellated while treading water in a pool of Alinsky piranhas. This never ends well. Apparently, the Lightbringer for all modern Alinsky tribal followers, Barack Obama, triggered the final thumbs down and threatened the financial mechanism that supported the embattled Mr. Rogan, Spotify Inc. With the twitch of his pinkie ring, Teh One, the bringer of all racial and progressive enlightenment, Barack Obama, forced the ashamed and humiliated Joe Rogan to kneel before the altar of wokeism and apologize for the mortal sin of using the “N” word. Earlier on Saturday, Mr. Rogan assessed his bank account, glanced at the tin cup and used Woke-Insta to profess his sins and beg forgiveness from the leftist tribe. In an effort to avoid his cancellation, Joe Rogan denounced his skin color, renounced his former shameful conduct and announced his new enlightenment.

Rogan predictably declared the oft familiar last ditch effort phrase, “this is a teachable moment.” Quickly, Joe Rogan’s newly subscribed conservative audience was warm to appreciate his humility and offer their forgiveness. However, that tribe is not the Spotify audience who manage the coliseum of his indentured servitude. Despite their protestations to the contrary, the progressive and enlightened woke tribe never relent until they have achieved their goal – the removal of all Joe Rogan flesh and death by ten thousand screaming piranha bites. For the professional and political left, apology is weakness. Weakness must be punished. The Alinsky clan bait their victims with the false promises of forgiveness; if you just cower strongly enough, bend meekly enough, apologize sincerely enough, it will be okay. But forgiveness is never provided, it is never okay.

The millions of dollars that Joe Rogan might be worth to the corporation known as Spotify are irrelevant to the swarm. Indeed, the mob view higher value as a challenge, a new height for the wokeness to achieve. Rogan just bled into the pool of that swarm. There is no exit now. The professional political left does not control media in all forms as a business proposition, for them it is a weapon. Rogan’s financial value to Spotify means naught – his cancellation is only a matter of time and contractual exit. He’s done; another sacrifice on the altar of Wokeism. Joe Rogan stuck the fork in himself – another irrelevant notch on the belt to be forgotten with hundreds, if not thousands, of previous notches. Everything now is simply a formality. We’ve seen this cancellation show too many times to pretend we don’t know how it ends.

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“Look, these creatures charging me with their blood-drenched teeth and soulless black eyes seem reasonable..”

Man Being Devoured By Hungry Sharks Tries Apologizing To Them (BBee)

According to sources, a local man was devoured by several hungry Great White Sharks off the coast of California today after several failed attempts to calm down the murderous creatures by apologizing to them. “Look, these creatures charging me with their blood-drenched teeth and soulless black eyes seem reasonable,” said the man. “I must’ve done something to anger them or hurt their feelings! I should just do the right thing and apologize to them.” “Hey there Mr. Shark!” said the man to one of the creatures chewing through his left leg. “I am deeply sorry for any comments I may have made in the past that were hurtful and damaging to the shark community. This has been a time of learning and growth for me. I’m grateful for you and others like you who have called me to ‘do better.’ I am deeply sorry.”

The shark then chewed off the man’s right leg as well. “I suppose I deserved that,” said the man. “Thank you for holding me accountable.” Sources say the man apologized to the brainless underwater killing machines several times until they devoured the rest of him. The man is survived by his family and friends, all of whom have now disowned him. Medics arrived on the scene to find only half of a severed arm left in the water. The severed arm has been hired by The Daily Wire.

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Now it makes sense








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    After Rogan apologizes to the people attacking him, will he apologize to his loyal listeners for betraying them?

    The song of the day is:
    a) Another One Bites The Dust
    b) We Don’t Need Another Hero
    c) Thanks For The Memories
    d) Back In The USSR

    Dr. D

    “Bloomberg Had Fake Headline “Russia Invades Ukraine” On Homepage For 30 Minutes”

    Yes, because Bloomberg isn’t news. It’s fake news. “We Make S—t Up!”

    They said it’s because they “pre-make headlines”. Uh, you want to tell me how you do that and why? Because you’re incapable of writing a headline in less than 12 hours? ‘Cause me and all the other journalists, copy editors, could make up a snappy one, with the type-face matching exactly the point and pitch, using three puns and a reference, in about 5 minutes. In your pre-made headline, you have no idea what you’re doing. Did Russia invade with tanks? Blockade? Aerial bombardment? Missile strike? Hit Kiev? Poland? Take the Bosphorus?

    In other words, if you have the brains of a sea slug: THEY. ARE. LYING.

    They floated the headline to see what people would do. So the CIA/MI6 calls their wholly-owned subsidiary, Bloomberg/Reuters/BBC, and TELLS they editor to PRINT THIS S—T. By 1pm. Or else. Yes, boss!

    The reaction? Nobody cared. At all. Nobody is caught up, interested, emotionally engaged in their crock of a sham of a story. They have no traction. They only mock and undermine Bloomberg for being ignorant, careless, alarmist, fake news.

    Other news, since most of what I cover is the news and its 99-44/100ths pure lies, found out what’s going on with CNN Zucker. Probably. CNN is a collapsing, failing, failed entity. A shell of a worthless company. And all thanks to Zucker, who is worse than Jack Welch, which is really saying something. Now that it’s worthless rubbish heap and a smoldering crater, they are trying to sell its smoldering husk to Discovery while there’s still something left to sell. You know, like Buzzfeed and HuffPo before them. The dealers of this deal don’t like Zuck. Golly, I wonder why! Since he took a billion-dollar, headline going concern and turned it’s value to near-zero in just a few short years! But unlike us, down here, “some animals are more equal than others” and you can’t just fire people. Even in America, believe it or not. You have to have cause. So the prospective buyers said “We’ll bail out your wreckage buy you, but we won’t take Zuck” CNN parent company calls down says, “Everybody is always in violation of something, we only do selective enforcement (like GoFundMe Trucker vs BLM) now find me something on Zucker.” At the same time, Cuomo was faking his fake quarantine, which being so retarded he ALSO went on the radio and said he was all over Long Island. He wasn’t fired for that, nor for being not-news, nor for openly helping his brother, Governor DNC. Why? Because he was “blackmailing” (lite) “the old pal’s club”, that Zucker was sleeping with his brothers DNC publicist, etc, and that would be mildly embarassing. So Cuomo stays on.

    As this heats up, Cuomo has to be fired, Zuck fires him, Fredo comes in and says, “Great! Couldn’t be happier! Now where’s my $6Million free dollars to finish my contract?” Zuck says pound sand. (They don’t have $6M dollars because they’re a failing, bankrupt husk. He needs to embezzle than money for himself.) Cuomo puts out to HR, and Bob’s yer Uncle, we have a cause to remove Zucker!

    …Because not one person in this whole story has a lick of ethics to begin with, ethics mean nothing, are incomprehensible to them. However, they will use them as a stick to club you with if it’s momentarily convenient. This is America, when’s the last time we had “ethics”? In 1959 Billy Graham said “If God doesn’t punish the United States, he owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology” and that was no joke. But let’s say last tiem we had ethics internalized in the population was by the end of the church age, Vietnam or after 1975?

    This is America. Ethics are for saps and fools. There is no God. It’s my power, right or wrong. Ethics is an attack vector, that’s all.

    That’s why arsonists and looters get money and protesters don’t. Ethics are the attack vector of selective enforcement. Are you “a pal”? To the Judge, the Mayor, the power? Or are you annoying them and not paying your vig?

    Speaking of the selective scammers at GoFundMe “Bitcoin Fixes This”. Of course that’s a placard for lots of things, like the Fed’s new interest rate detonation, but it fixes this “nuclear option” of getting down into everyone’s bank accounts and credit cards as they’ve been doing.

    Or not exactly: a Coin called “Tallycoin” actually fits this, where BOTH the donor and the recipient can have keys until the transaction is completed, so like “GoFundMe” the funds are in a kind of escrow. Of course that isn’t fully necessary: most donors don’t want it back ever, but it’s part of the premise. Problem solved. If built correctly it won’t crash like the smaller, religious GiveSendGo” did, because it’s peer-to-peer and scales itself. Also can’t have HSBC shut off, say the rent and heat of that “GiveSendGo” site…for being annoying to billionaire thieves and murderers and their cowardly, black-faced, cross-dressing minions.

    “Castle Rock” Whoever has the money picks the tune. Pull your kids out of school/prison industrial complex and let them collapse like they deserve. If they’re too dumb to follow science should they really be learning from them? If they have no ethics or integrity to even try to find a solution, do you want them around? No. I don’t want my kids learning from spineless, obedient weasels.


    Nice thread on occupy Ottawa. Lots of commentary from various points of view.



    “Mostly peaceful but noisy”
    100-150 decibel horns honking 12-16 hours per day. Lets not do a makeover here.

    Truckers are offering to limit horns to 12 hours per day. Risk of hearing impairment in this environment for everyone including protesters.

    And surprise! Pierre Poilievre announces he is throwing his hat into the ring to run as leader of the Conservative Party. He pledges to make Canadians the freest people on Earth:

    If elected, Canadians will be the freest people on earth, he said.
    “Freedom from the invisible thief of inflation, freedom to raise your kids with your values, freedom to make your own health and vaccine choices, freedom to speak without fear and freedom to worship God in your own way,” he said.

    Except Poilievre’s freedom pitch, if you look at his past record as Harper’s right-hand man, does not include freedom of speech by climate scientists:


    Trudeau is not the disease and if we think he is we will be sadly disappointed. Governments around the world if all stripes have been captured by corporate interests and are no longer doing the bidding of their people. This is where the populists gain traction and, unfortunately, some populists are chasing goals that are not in the interests of their people.
    Poilievre is using vax mandates as a wedge issue but he must certainly will continue governing with the “business as usual” model.

    I cannot understand why young families who are concerned about vaxing their kids would throw support behind a guy who will pulverize any shred of effort to address climate change which threatens all life on Earth.

    Mister Roboto

    CNN headline on my MicroSoft Edge homepage: “What a Trump 2024 coup could look like”

    Yes, Trump remains capable of whatever nefariousness he might get away with in service of his ego-fantasies, but it’s like CNN isn’t even trying to hide the fact anymore that they’re basically the Pravda now.


    Wokism is killing us. Swastika at the protest has been repeatedly misrepresented for what it was intended to represent at the protest. Rogan using the N word in a non-derogatory way is condemned. I’m not a fan of the trucker protest but this misrepresentation is so dishonest. When our leaders have sold us out to the highest corporate bidders the only thing they have left to virtue signal is identity politics – just smoke and mirrors.


    Governments around the world if all stripes have been captured by corporate interests and are no longer doing the bidding of their people. This is where the populists gain traction and, unfortunately, some populists are chasing goals that are not in the interests of their people.

    I blame the internet. No cell walls – just complete penetration like lipid nanoparticles.
    Perhaps it’s teething problems but it also could just be what collapse looks like early on

    Mister Roboto





    Where is humanity going? How realistic is a future of fusion and space colonies? What constraints are imposed by physics, by resource availability, and by human psychology? Are default expectations grounded in reality?

    The PDF is a free down load.


    Does this kind of statement resonate for folks here? Truckers public statement on horn blowing on Sunday morning:

    “Out of respect for the Lord’s Day, for members of our military who have sacrificed and who continue to sacrifice so much for our freedom, for the men and women in blue who are doing such a superb job protecting us, and as a gesture of goodwill, members of our Convoy will desist from the blowing of Horns tomorrow, Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Ottawa time,” a news release said.





    Only the right kind of lies by the right kind of snobs can change reality

    John Day

    Finally a picture of the plywood walls I have been brushing with finish upstairs. One coat dry, now needs sanding, another coat, then screwing into place. Yes, you have seen a lot of this.

    A “Reformed Physicist” (no longer working for Canada’s DARPA), living in Ottawa, goes out at night to talk to the new neighbors, who live in truck cabs.
    ​ ​As I finally made my way back home, after talking to dozens of truckers into the night, I realized I met someone from every province except PEI. They all have a deep love for this country. They believe in it. They believe in Canadians. These are the people that Canada relies on to build its infrastructure, deliver its goods, and fill the ranks of its military in times of war. The overwhelming concern they have is that the vaccine mandates are creating an untouchable class of Canadians. They didn’t make high-falutin arguments from Plato’s Republic, Locke’s treatises, or Bagehot’s interpretation of Westminster parliamentary systems. Instead, they see their government willing to push a class of people outside the boundaries of society, deny them a livelihood, and deny them full membership in the most welcoming country in the world; and they said enough. Last night I learned my new neighbours are not a monstrous faceless occupying mob. They are our moral conscience reminding us – with every blow of their horns – what we should have never forgotten: We are not a country that makes an untouchable class out of our citizens.

    Alternative fundraiser for Freedom Convoy claims ‘DDoS & bot’ attacks
    Despite technical issues, GoFundMe competitor GiveSendGo has managed to raise over $1 million in just 12 hours​
    Christian fundraising website GiveSendGo has blamed “heavy DDoS and bot attacks” for server downtime after taking over raising cash for the Canadian trucker convoy on Friday. The platform began raising funds for the truckers protesting against Covid-19 vaccine passports and mandates on Friday after its better-known competitor GoFundMe froze the Freedom Convoy’s account with $7 million in donations.
    Popular alternative video platform Rumble has offered technical help to GiveSendGo. “We are hearing, but have not validated, that GiveSendGo is experiencing server issues and a possible denial of service attack,” Rumble said in a tweet. “If true, Rumble would be happy to help in anyway we can. We have equipment and engineers on standby, please feel free to reach out.”

    ​Florida and Texas are seeing the possibility of bringing charges​ also.
    ​ ​West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Ohio AG Dave Yost have urged citizens who donated to the anti-vaccine mandate ‘Freedom Convoy’ in Canada to come forward, after crowdfunding site GoFundMe seized nearly $8 million in donations. Morrisey says the platform engaged in “deceptive” practices.

    John Day

    ​Lew Rockwell on Trudeau: (Trudeau is not the problem. Trudeau is employed by the problem, which likes invisibility.)
    ​ You may think that perhaps Trudeau may be urging his compatriots to submit themselves to the shots, because that will immunize them against severe Covid. But this also is not the case. In England, Scotland, Israel and Denmark, for example, the boostered and vaccinated comprise the bulk of Covid hospitalizations and deaths. In Scotland, in the second week of January, 87 percent of Covid related deaths occurred among the vaccinated.
    In the Canadian province of Alberta so many people were contracting and dying of Covid after receiving their vaccine that the government decided to remove the data from the internet so that people could not see the truth.

    Justin Trudeau is a Bungler and Menace to His Nation

    ​Clear UK data shows that children are much safer without these harmful gene-therapies
    ​ ​10–14-year-olds, on the other hand, run the risk of dying almost by a factor of ten following the first dose while the second dose brings a 51.8 times greater risk of death than if they had remained un-jabbed.
    ​ ​On average, it means that children between 10 and 19 years of age who had received at least one shot of the COVID jabs had a 3.7 times greater chance of dying between January and October last year.

    Dr. ​Paul Alexander DEVASTATING NEGATIVE EFFICACY Public Health Scotland COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report
    As at 31January 2022 Publication …The Scottish data mirrors the latest UK data that the vaccine is driving escalations in infection, hospitalization, and deaths especially in the double vaccinated (vaccinated on the whole)

    This medical data from the US DoD DMED database is explosive. Mainstream media has been ordered to ignore it.
    ​ ​Military physicians blow the whistle, reporting to Congress a drastic increase in medical problems since mRNA “vaccinations” began in 2021, compared to 2016-202 (COVID inc.) rates.​ Military calls foul, saying they didn’t look very closely before 2021, though no procedures changes…​
    Hypertension – 2,081% increase
    Diseases of the nervous system – 948% increase
    Malignant neoplasms of esophagus – 794% increase
    Multiple sclerosis – 580% increase
    Malignant neoplasms of digestive organs – 524% increase
    Guillain-Barre syndrome – 451% increase
    Breast cancer – 387% increase
    Demyelinating – 387% increase
    Neoplasms of thyroid and other endocrine glands – 374% increase
    Female infertility – 372% increase
    Pulmonary embolism – 368% increase
    Migraines – 352% increase
    Ovarian dysfunction – 337% increase
    Testicular cancer – 269% increase
    Tachycardia – 202% increase

    John Day

    US Army commanders are to initiate “involuntary administrative separation proceedings” against any soldier refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine, the Army said in a statement on Wednesday, citing a fresh directive by Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth.

    12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions, Israel Scraps ‘Green Pass’
    Sweden and Switzerland joined Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK in announcing they will lift COVID restrictions and open up their countries.

    I have been advocating this for over a decade, and vigorously so for over 2 years. Your own immune system cannot function properly with low vitamin-D.
    Israeli study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D’s power to fight COVID
    Bolstering previous research, scientists publish ‘remarkable’ data showing strong link between vitamin deficiency, prevalent in Israel, and death or serious illness among patients


    Both stories on the exploding military adverse medical reactions of a generally young tough healthy population tells me that destroying the US military’s readiness and ability to act decisively seems to be a priority of the Covidian Death Cult (CDC)

    The other CDC, Center for Disease Control, can now officially be used interchangably with the Covidian Death Cult (CDC)

    The US military leadership, manwhores in uniform, having spent untold millions on the DMED database, are now trying to say with a straight face that this critical metric stopped working for four years and then magically corrected itself.

    Their lies remind me of the kind of lies 4 year olds tell.

    Cute from a four year old, truly pitiful, impotent and emasculated coming from a four star general.

    Senator Johnson seems to be the only small lighthouse of sanity still functioning in the whatever whorehouse formerly known as DC.

    All of this Plandemic kabuki goes back to hedge funds Blackrock and Vanguard’s silent owners.

    Even Reiner Fuellmich has mentioned them as global pressure points.

    Between the two of them they can exert control over every aspect of financial and political decision making imaginable.

    Blackrock and Vanguard probably have their greasy little hands up Old White Joe’s damp sock puppet butthole. The Whitehouse being the song & dance department of Hedge Fund Central (HFC)

    It would be an interesting Mashup to get Reiner Fuellmich’s grand jury operation in front of Senator Johnson’s committee.

    While having an astonishing amount of assets under their direct control, Blackrock and Vanguard’s silent owners have managed to leverage that up several full magnitudes higher into the political space.

    Blackrock and Vanguard’s silent owners need to be publicly vivisected

    Make it a Real Spectacle with Flash & Panache


    John Day

    ​Ongoing since 2015. US Special Forces and also “civilian contractors”​
    Ukraine: American Mercenaries Train Ukrainian Neo-Nazis to Prepare Them to Fight in the Donbass

    Ukraine: American Mercenaries Train Ukrainian Neo-Nazis to Prepare Them to Fight in the Donbass

    ​Ukraine plans to increase the army by 100,000, whether young men want to or (mostly) not.​ It’s hard to recruit volunteers after 7 years of this.
    Kiev Preparing Offensive, Restricts Exit of Those Liable for Military Service, Donetsk Says
    (psst, it’s a secret) …​He added that in order to avoid panic among the population, the reasons for refusing to leave the country are: the lack of information on issued visas in the database, the alleged presence of cases of administrative offenses, unresolved property disputes and other reasons. The military registration and enlistment offices are updating the lists of citizens subject to mobilisation.


    Only the right kind of lies by the right kind of snobs can change reality

    Tell me about it:

    D Benton Smith

    The Corona investigation committee has officially commenced its case operationally, and the video from that opening Grand Jury proceeding is at this link : https://brandnewtube.com/watch/covid-crimes-against-humanity-grand-jury-day-1_2YHf75I8Lawztht.html

    In my most strongly held opinion it is of great importance that you watch/listen to it as soon as possible. It is fairly lengthy ( about 1 1/2 hours ) but the first 10 minutes should be enough to rivet your full attention. After that, I reckon that you won’t stop for any reason short of dropping dead in your foot steps.


    Only the right kind of lies by the right kind of snobs can change reality

    You can say that again!

    those darned kids

    attention all rats! attention all robots! the ship is sinking!


    those darned kids

    those newly vaccinated ontarians must be planning trips to israel.

    those darned kids
    blues surfer

    Climate change [psy op] hypothesis = fact


    blues surfer

    the deflator intimates a possible typo invalidates dozens of studies and mountains of data…

    Lmfao again!


    The Neo-nazi component of the current Ukraine government has there at it’s murderous Maiden inception.

    The notion of a giant conscript army doing battle with even the Donbass defense forces is a joke, much less against actual Russian forces.

    The Ukraine is a stinking cesspool that deserves to be hung around the EU’s neck, you know like a stack of burning tires in the form of a flaming necklace.

    Russia doesn’t need Ukraine, it wants it to be a permanent financial and social order DRAIN on old Europe.

    Dmitry Orlov speaks of this eloquently here:

    A Short-Term Geopolitical Forecast

    “The worst kind of provocation would be if NATO advisers actually succeed in goading the hapless and demoralized Ukrainian troops into invading the Donbass. If that happens, there will be two steps to that operation. The first will involve confusing the Ukrainians into walking into a trap. The second will be to threaten to destroy them using Russian long-range artillery from across the Russian border. When that happened previously, the Ukrainian government in Kiev was forced to sign the Minsk agreements that required the Ukrainian military to pull back and the Kiev government to grant autonomy to the Donbass by amending the Ukraine’s constitution.”


    Joe Rogan should dump Spotify.

    Now, I’m not sure how his contracts work, and he may need to wait till he is canceled off of Spotify to escape losing mounds of wealth by actively breaking the contract himself. From a practical standpoint, the wealth would come in handy while setting up a new platform.

    But, ultimately, he is well-known and any where, any way his podcasts are done, multitudes will follow to tune in. Period. He isn’t “infowars” — he is JRE.


    image tag malfunction again and again



    There are two different truths – the right kind and the wrong kind


    @ sumac.carol
    “ I cannot understand why young families who are concerned about vaxing their kids would throw support behind a guy who will pulverize any shred of effort to address climate change which threatens all life on Earth.”

    I remember a pivotal moment in my life when the severity of the ecocide hit me – I was working myself into a depression over it. And then my son came home from school, age 9, joyful ebullience in every bouncy step as he raced to the front door from the bus, the sun shining radiantly around him. He lifted my spirits. I decided that regardless of any eco-doom baked into the future and the little that I could do about it, life was today and tomorrow and yesterday — not some far off doomsday.

    The vaccine is today, tomorrow, and yesterday. The vaccine can — right now — halt the joyful steps of our children. The vaccines are an existential threat that are in our faces and can quench the joy right out of our lives — today, not some distant tomorrow. My cousin’s family knows this — although it is the father that has been so stricken, and not the children. The anxiety that family is experiencing is staggering.

    Today, tomorrow and yesterday there are bees buzzing amongst the purple spiky flower clusters of the Thai basil in my front yard. Some days there are so many, some days there are few. I’m beginning to suspect my neighbor’s monthly bug spray may directly relate to the number of buzzy bees in my yard and how that number varies. I plan to start paying attention to this, tracking it, to see if there is correlation. If there is, I’ll show it to my neighbor and see if he and his wife’s “woke” conscience can be stirred to stop an activity that is contributing to the ecocide.

    I worry about the bees. But I can continue to provide the bees with toxin-free flowers.

    I worry more about my neighbor’s twin daughters that, if I remember correctly, will be in kindergarten in the fall and will soon be 5 years old, and whose parent will likely soon inoculate them with a pernicious substance that will cause their bodies to create a cytotoxin.

    I worry more about a society on the vax mandate train, wanting to pull *my* children onto that train, knowing that I may not have the power to stop it if the vax train’s goons become too strong, because my ex is already on that train, and I may not have sufficient legal clout to stop it.


    Unpacking the Russian-Chinese joint statement

    At the Saker

    Unpacking the Russian-Chinese joint statement

    Maybe this is why Soros had a Conniption at the CCP recently


    A fit of violent emotion, such as anger or panic.
    An attack of hysteria; a fit of rage or vexation.


    The release of this joint statement is the geostrategic equivalent of Putin’s famous speech in which he described the new Russian weapons systems: it will initially be dismissed by western politicians who will then slowly undergo the five Kübler-Ross stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance). This “limitless friendship” working towards a “community of common destiny for mankind” is the absolute worst nightmare of western imperialism and it is only made worse by the fact that there is absolutely nothing which the West can do to foil, oppose or even slow the progress of Russia and China towards their common goal and future.

    Far from “attacking” the West or from invading anybody, Russia and China have been doing something for years already and now what that “something” is is quite clear (at least to those with the sobriety and intelligence to see it): Russia and China are simply leaving the united West behind, letting it do its own thing (political, cultural, economic, military and even spiritual suicide) while they built an alternative.


    Meanwhile, the pathological liars running the covid grift decided after two years the masks you’ve been wearing served no medical purpose and that the vaccines don’t work either. Wait: who said the masks and vaccines don’t work?


    I feel better already. Very refreshing. Meanwhile, many of my friends and colleagues look at the same data and say, “Oh. I guess I better get the booster and a KN95 mask.” You have got to unfuck yourselves. You’ve been duped. It will get worse.


    Ode to Zeke E and Jaques A

    The thinkers were thinking as hard as they could
    They thought that their thinking would make them look good.
    “There’re too many old folks! That’s easy to fix!
    “Let’s add some fatalities into the mix.
    “A dodgy pandemic could hasten demise-
    “A bit of sedation will muffle their cries.
    “And if they still linger, we’ll poison the buggers
    “And keep them away from their lovers and huggers.
    “And if they persist- well, we’ll starve them to death
    “And withholding their liquids will terminate breath.
    “The people will thank us and strew us with roses!”
    What the Lord won’t remove: clever thinking disposes.

    D Benton Smith

    In his latest interview Dr. David Martin reviews a key facts and then speaks eloquently to solutions. Informative, uplifting and inspirational. Runs about 50 minutes. I think you’ll like it.


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