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    Dr. D

    “Front man”, is Mr. T, obviously. The plan was for Ron Paul, but the clock slipped (Say hello to currency 2018”) and they didn’t have the expected leverage and support. Now they’re force-drafting Rand, and he’s a competent workman but never wanted to be a Congressman anyway and isn’t made for it. So…B Team, set up years beforehand, in Rudy, WWF, “George”, and “The Apprentice.” …Or did you think that was an accident?

    Like everybody else, he has no existence of his own but is the face of his consortium and power-block, just like Joe, Obama, and back through Ike. That’s just how power works. So I don’t grasp picking on him or his ego/behavior whatever when he’s irrelevant. He’s not deciding anything. Just like all consortiums back to Ike. So how could his – whatevers – get in the way or affect anything? His front-man job was to make a mess and keep them busy chasing their tails with their hair on fire, drawing all fire, while they – white hats and constitutionalists being a minority in government — beavered away in the shadows to get back some control of the Republic and WWIII. And MAN did it work! They fell for everything, even the cat-laser sharpiegate. And even now.

    But this is reality and at certain times, he – THEY – had to go to their supercomputers and pick among bad scenarios. That’s what “war” is. They picked a certain path with the Covid response that maybe wasn’t what we would choose, maybe expecting some win that didn’t materialize, or was in fact honestly the best that could be expected under the circumstances. And maybe so considering the contradictions in The Narrative™ are blowing the Derp State into smithereens worldwide right now. They can’t get traction or keep order anywhere and half the population have escaped. But it COST. Cost LIVES. Like any war. Did you think there would be no casualties, no decisions? 1) They could have opened up the whole truth no one would believe and be shot down 2) They could have gone along with the plan to end economy, his Presidency, and kill some folks, like 2 billion of them 3) Done a slalom that tries to survive now, succeed later, and box the opponent for later takedown.

    Done by: 1) Is there a disease at all? Violently denied. 2) Was it from China? Violently denied. 3) Was it from the Lab? Violently denied. 4) Should we go to City-wide parades? Violently supported. 5) Should we close the borders? Violently denied, you racist pig-dogs. 6) Should we have an impeachment about nothing on the day of the first case? Violently supported. 7) Should we put all infected people in nursing homes? Violently defended. 8) Should we mobilize the Army, Guard, ships, hospitals? Violently refuted, left empty. 9) Should we have summer-long maskless riots? Violently supported by nurses, doctors, and scientists. 10) Should we not lock down the economy bc it won’t help, will kill people, but should at minimum put it in the hands of the States, where the jurisdiction lies? Violently denied. 11) Should we try experimental practices like blood-sterilization, or suggesting, in the weakest foray ever, the weakest, cheapest cure, like HCQ?

    — There are no words in the universe for the screaming that followed, akin to unsealing all books and unleashing all the winged demons of hell. Lancet took no more than hours to fabricate data by adult film stars and publish known-idiotic data like fabricated heart conditions never-before-existing. The screaming was so loud, it’s still echoing a year later. 12) Should we tell people the truth, publish good data, and allow medical discussion as an open, democratic society? Violently denied. 13) Should we investigate Chinese influence in universities and labs, perhaps arresting them? Violently denied. 14) The WHO and possibly the CDC were bought-and-paid-for by China and should be defunded for complete failure at a minimum? Denied, lambasted, and reversed.

    So who was right in those things “he” said? The idiot who knew nothing and botched it all? Or Fauci, Pelosi, CNN?

    15) Per counterattack, March, 2020: No traction with the public in ’20, no uptake on telling the truth, naming the real (fairly minor) danger, or anyone believing cures. At all. No hope of getting any. Therefore: feed them rope. Let them (Fauci) run the whole thing and do (almost) anything he wants. Let CNN tell every lie they can think of. Their plan depends on you opposing them so they can cry “interference!” “Victim!” Don’t. If it all fails or turns out to be a scam, then the guy he (they) know to be the focus-and-funder of CCP bioweapons research is the one who now takes the blame. Despite everything they could do, no matter how contrary, ridiculous, illogical, how hypocritical, or how exposed (emails) the people refused to leave their liar-and-abuser daddy Mr. Tony. 12 months later, and we’re still at Step 15 today, but the tide is finally turning. 60% believe Lab-leak, many now believe Fauci funding. Remember: “They” follow US. The Army, White Hats, can’t move anywhere without having OUR support first. WE are the Army. WE are the government.

    16) Once Fauci, NIAID, Daszak crack into acceptance, following the slow gains in Wuhan Lab, even with Jon Stewart; more investigations slowly begin and begin to expose and hoover up CDC, WHO, Pfizer, Moderna, John Hopkins, one by one. All the ground is already set for this. And their planned, advertised counter-attack, “Cyber-pandemic ’21” that shuts down anyone who speaks straight from Joe/Psaki’s office. …But it will come out anyway.

    17) As this happens, the SECOND massive power block of the Derp State is rejected by the people at large – an irreversible act – and follow/double the FIRST rejection of the Media. Worldwide. That leaves banking and blackmail remaining, and bankings’ failure is coming on REAL FAST. History says Dow collapses in the fall, on the Moon calendar.

    So what would you do if you told the truth and no one believed a word you said despite quoting nothing but CDC/WHO data — just as I have and did and no one believed me — but fought against it instead with every breath? Well I ain’t them, so I can just sit here and scream and be useless as is my place as citizen. THEY however, have to get things done and take ground by figuring out how to expose lies and establish truth. And to do that, they often need to take a sacrifice on one side to make a larger gain on the other. I’m not well-suited to that role, but I understand it and would do it too.

    18) Vaccines. Violently denied!!! CNN: “It’ll never happen!” Joe and Kamala “We’ll never take them!!!” NBC “They’re untested/not safe!!!” (There’s a 5-min montage video going around with this)

    What did force/shaming the bankrupting pharma vaccine out there do? Now you have the entire Pharma/Health block attacking the entire government/lockdown block, and vice versa. That is, for 9 months now the Derp State has been doing nothing but shooting THEMSELVES. Right square in The Narrative™. …Which as said, as Bernays said, is the only power they have as “Technocratic Dictatorship” of Plato’s “Philosopher Kings”, The “Highborn” as they believe themselves to be. The illusion that there IS a choice, a Democracy. Sinking this is not just an attack, it’s a stake in the heart of the vampire.

    “We’ve Got to Fight Disinformation”, Says Empire Made Entirely of Disinformation” — Cait Johnstone. (Not the Babylon Bee) https://caityjohnstone.medium.com/weve-got-to-fight-disinformation-says-empire-made-entirely-of-disinformation-a3b7fa72eed8

    So what would you have him/them, do? Sit around and deny/protest pointlessly while being lambasted for a million (mostly fake) deaths? As Madam says, just calling them poopy-pants? Or

    5. And…screw up their timing real bad and counter-attack a major attacker, China.

    …which you can only do by giving people — all blue people, your opposition — a vaccine they demand and won’t move an inch if you don’t provide. ..Created by their own people, FOR their own people, bc of the timing, not authorized and not mandatory.

    I can sit here and scream. THEY have to act, and time’s wasting. My perception? 1) They made this (bad) sacrifice. 2) It will/is working and will save lives/the planet for freedom in the end. I don’t like it, but that’s war. And one whole team just shot themselves despite our every plea not to.

    Mister Roboto

    IOW, the smaller, less-powerful Nationalist faction of the Deep State has been playing some kind of 3-D chess? I guess I can wrap my mind around that, even if it does seem a tad far-fetched.


    @ Dr D
    Despite my respect for your posts – seriously, WTF?!
    China attacked the US (via Detrick) who then attacked China.. Seriously.. What.The Fuck?
    Ron Unz will spent 5000 words explaining his logic – yes, Covid in Iran immediately after Covid hit the news, and killing several of Iran’s legislature is a good solid argument, well made.
    WTF is a couple paragraphs suggesting the US did that in response to a first attack? Unless I missed something.. the evidence was so brief..
    It’s a trainwreck. There’s a vast amount of bullshit. Geo-politics and self-interest continue as usual, driving humanity towards the precipice. Yep – same ol’ same ol’
    But what?


    Ilargi, have you had a look at the numbers in https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1001358/Variants_of_Concern_VOC_Technical_Briefing_18.pdf It’s regularly updated, and Table 5 has a breakdown of cases by vaccination status, age > or < 50 years, cases, A&E visits, hospitalisation, deaths. My reading of those is there is some vaccination protection as cases are 7:1 unvaccinated:double jabbed 21 days. Hospitalisation is 5% vs 3% in unvaccinated : double jabbed. Deaths 92 unvaccinated: 118 in doubled jabbed, I read this as probably those who get it despite being double jabbed are likely to be much iller and less able to respond to treatment when they do get very sick. Also the age breakdown is such that those dying unvacinated, CFR approx 0.1% include some under 50, so I would think about this as the sickest person amongst 1000 dying, vs 118/10834 >> CFR 1% in double jabbed, the sickest person in 100. It is a set of numbers to look at what’s been happening over the last six months in the UK and do some thinking with.

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