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    Elena Angelopoulos Kostas comforts on Lesbos 2015 This is a call-out to the entire -financial- blogosphere to help the Automatic Earth help the poores
    [See the full post at: An Urgent Christmas Call To The Finance Blogosphere]


    A worthy cause and great effort, well done.


    Great I can put in $5 but the Greece has to act differently. Knowing the numbers logic states Greece cannot be part of the EU. The costs are to high. You cannot use inflation or any other tool to fix the situation. I hoped Greece would do an Icelandic default and be removal from the situation.

    The EU doesn’t have the ability to help Greece and actually expects to remove assets to repay to the EU. This doesn’t alarm me cause a Greece sticking with the EU will slowly deteriorate. My perspective is either way Greece gets nothing no matter what from the EU.

    The Red Cross has a speckled record with aid. The UN equally has similar record. They are bringing forth aid to places agreed upon by allied forces. Yes it really amounts to post war allegiances and where they want things to move. Old thinking, and no ownership for causing death to maintain that old thinking.

    Jef Jelten

    Certainly no one is going to like hearing this but this is just one tiny speck of an example of the ravages of the end game of Capitalism. Any of us could point out a dozen other perhaps worse examples. They all are worthy of assistance but…

    The problem I have is that everyone wants assistance so they can get back in the game. The game, like all other games can only have one winner, everyone else looses.

    If we allow it to continue to play out the images of devastation will be endless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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