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    Caravaggio The raising of Lazarus 1609     Justus R. Hope, MD, at Desert Review has a long article up on the views of former Blackrock exec
    [See the full post at: Bankruptcy For Moderna, Definitely Pfizer]

    D Benton Smith

    Today is is shaping up to be a very big day (of intense homework study at the very least.). After listening to what Ilargi served up then the next big assignment is the 50 minutes of update (fresh From late Tuesday night… under 24 hrs) from Reiner Fuellmich on the progress of the Corona Committee’s Grand Jury proceedings. Link here :

    In my opinion this is a “must hear” report on the current situation.

    The Cabal is testing our resistance and reactions, so based on how things go in Canada (for example) they will decide on what to do in Washington , DC this coming week end (for example.)

    No matter what happens, however, the epic conflict is a long way from being “over”. Just like any other war. Rome wasn’t built in a day ( and neither was the Third Reich or WEF), but more to the point : They Did Not Fall In A Day Either. These things take time, and of course they cost many lives. The earlier you fight hard and effectively the earlier we win and the fewer people die.


    “The mainstream media may ignore this. Wall Street is not.”

    During the 80s, merger mania and downsizing were headline news. I was too busy — becoming a father and struggling to earn a living — to pay close attention to politics, I recall saying that it seems like Americans really vote via the stock market, not voting booths.


    Bodies pilling up? What bodies?

    Darwin Award Winner – got Covid, recovered then got vaxxed.
    Now dead.

    Mark Lanegan on His New Book Devil in a Coma and His Near-Death Experience With COVID

    “Romania’s most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, announce a ban on VACCINATED players, because their madcap owner says that athletes ‘lose strength’ – and claims those that are jabbed die in hospitals” Haha – he’s a madcap!

    “French No 1 Gael Monfils blames adverse reaction to Covid booster for his recent withdrawals”

    Deflationista? Hahaha. Now go get ‘yer booster, baby.


    Edward Dowd not only needs to be on Rogan but needs to tap into Reiner Fuellmich’s 16,000+ global network of lawyers who have done the lion’s share of investigating and documenting this Crime Against Humanity.

    The only thing holding back Ed Dowd is pride and vanity for not connecting with the Corona Committee seeing how amazingly LATE Ed is to the investigation Party.

    Hey Ed, what rock were you hiding under this past TWO YEARS.

    Oh, that’s right, you were hiding under BLACKROCK!!!

    With humans, it’s never about doing the right thing at the right time, it’s always about the Mammon.

    Silly me, for a split second there, I thought Humanity was actually acting from a moral stance not the same old 10,000+ year motivation of greed.

    Humanity, a day late and a dollar short…..


    What’s that old saying

    “The greatest Sin in all the seasons, is to do the right thing for all the wrong reasons”


    At least Ed Dowd is providing some rope for the phase in this pitiful pageant of Humanity finally buying a clue after millions suffer and perish.

    The biggest Darwin Award Win in human history!

    Go Team Human!


    Ed Dowd from Black Rock as Oskar Schindler.

    Works for me.


    Ed Dowd plays by Liam Neeson addressing Wall St investors and Covid survivors


    The utter irony of the Covid Death March is that Israel, of all countries, fell for it the hardest.


    I am going to have to interfere in the Comments sections again soon, and I really don’t like that, a recurring thing.

    But when it becomes unreadable to me myself, what choice do I have? I usually see it as: when Bosco is off his meds, here come 100 comments in one session, but that’s not all of it. I see Oroboros post 5 comments in a row, and think: how do you not get that we want everyone to feel free to comment? Why don’t you see that they won’t, if you take up all that space?

    Restraint, girls. You’re shouting from a rooftop all day long, but there’s no need.


    Adverse events after the second dose.
    A woman spends various months asking help to Doctors for her severe negative event after the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccination, nobody listened to her, nobody wanted to help her.
    Her conditions get worse.
    After various months of suffering, the woman commits suicide.


    point taken, gotta run off the the real world for a while anyway


    “I am going to have to interfere in the Comments sections again soon, and I really don’t like that, a recurring thing.”

    As usual, Raul, your social leadership has it backwards and is counter-productive. You did it again: “Restraint, girls.”

    Now, I admire women far more than men, but I own a pair of cock’n’balls. You may have heard of those?

    You calling us girls a) confounds my gender in a world already having difficulty distinguishing the difference these days, and b) insinuates that girls are somehow less wise or prudent or what-not than men. You have, in my very earnest opinion, little if any clue about this social forum thing, and I’ll leave you to your own devices now that you’ve clearly outed yourself. (Watch how soon the chronic grumps and church ladies take over, btw.)

    It’s been fun; I’ve learned a lot; and I hope others have learned or taken some respite from insanity, or received a little encouragement, from me. I thank you for the camaraderie, stimulation, commiseration, sympathy and empathy.

    So, getting Huffy and all about it, thanx for all the fish but I’m very much done here.



    So, maybe the stock market will do what proper science and the precautionary principle failed to do: control and punish the corporate culprits. How ironic: the Mammon-worshippers may be clobbered by Mammon.

    On a different note, in Canberra plague conditions are easing. On Friday at 6pm the wretched masks will no longer be required except in certain “high risk” circumstances. Some venue limits have already have been eased, but since I never go to venues with limits, I am not affected. Third jabs have not been as accepted as the first two were; it’s something like 60% vs 98%. And yet we are being told that condtions are to be eased. Hmmm.

    Why Friday 6pm? Canberra has late-night shopping on Fridays, and 6pm is knock-off time for most white-collar workers. (The blue-collar workers knocked off an hour or two earlier.) So now we can all go shopping! The traders were heeded by the government. Probably.

    It always annoys me that the ending of any restrictions is always in the future, at some symbolic later date and time. If it was announced yesterday that masks aren’t needed as from COB Friday, then why couldn’t the change have been applied almost immediately? We have the technology these days to spread the news very fast, so it’s not as though a long period of adjustment is called for. Reminds me of a sort of a reverse Seneca Effect when it comes to the wielding of power: regulations are piled on very quickly but taken off slowly and reluctantly.

    Formerly T-Bear

    Maybe lay down the parameters: 1) germane to subject(s) of your postings. 2) informative. 3) comprehensive no ‘flow of consciousness/sequential postings’. 4) for general readership – not for personal or private communication. 5) blather, inanity, profanity, ad hominem free. There may be other bugbears that can be added. Violators will be asked to create their own forum (and see how they fare in their comments) as they will be blocked at your site with further transgression.


    It continued, “Reinsurance Group of America, for example, reported a profit in Q4 2020 when the most of the population was unvaccinated and amid a deadlier strain of Covid-19, yet they registered a loss in Q4 2021 with more than 60% of the country fully vaccinated (and around 75% who have received at least one dose).”12

    In other words, they paid out more in death and disability benefits in late 2021, after the shots became widespread, then they did at the peak of the pandemic, when no shots (or only a small number) had been issued.

    Funeral Home Stocks Surge, Death and Disability Payouts Soar


    Raul: Whew. Thanks. It was getting a bit much when there is so much of great importance going on.
    Bandwidth is limited (mine, anyway)
    Many commenters have much of importance to relate,
    No time for fiddlin’ while the city burns

    D Benton Smith

    The silence is killing me. Somebody SAY something!


    Quoting the top authority (Truth/lies)
    Benefits of Getting Vaccinated
    Updated Jan. 11, 2022

    What You Need to Know
    Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can lower your risk of getting and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19. Vaccines can also help prevent serious illness and death.
    All steps have been taken to ensure that vaccines are safe and effective for people ages 5 years and older.
    If you already had COVID-19, you should still get a COVID-19 vaccine for added protection.
    When you are up to date on COVID-19 vaccination, you can resume many activities with proper precautions (e.g., mask wearing in indoor public spaces).
    COVID-19 Vaccination Is a Safer Way to Build Protection
    Getting a COVID-19 vaccination is a safer way to build protection than getting sick with COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccination helps protect you by creating an antibody response without you having to experience sickness.

    Getting sick with COVID-19 can have serious consequences.

    Getting sick with COVID-19 can cause severe illness or death, even in children, and we can’t reliably predict who will have mild or severe illness.
    You may have long-term health issues after COVID-19 infection. Even people who do not have symptoms when they are initially infected can have these ongoing health problems.
    People who are sick with COVID-19 may spread COVID-19 to others including friends and family who are not eligible for vaccination and people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19


    What diseases do vaccines prevent?

    Vaccines protect against many different diseases, including:

    Cervical cancer
    Ebola virus disease
    Hepatitis B
    Japanese encephalitis
    Yellow fever

    Are vaccines safe?

    Vaccination is safe and side effects from a vaccine are usually minor and temporary, such as a sore arm or mild fever. More serious side effects are possible, but extremely rare.

    Any licensed vaccine is rigorously tested across multiple phases of trials before it is approved for use, and regularly reassessed once it is introduced. Scientists are also constantly monitoring information from several sources for any sign that a vaccine may cause health risks.

    Remember, you are far more likely to be seriously injured by a vaccine-preventable disease than by a vaccine. For example, tetanus can cause extreme pain, muscle spasms (lockjaw) and blood clots, measles can cause encephalitis (an infection of the brain) and blindness. Many vaccine-preventable diseases can even result in death. The benefits of vaccination greatly outweigh the risks, and many more illnesses and deaths would occur without vaccines.

    More information about vaccine safety and development is available here.


    Sadly I expect that all of the bad actors at Pfizer and the CDC will suffer only riches, not the pain they knowingly inflicted on others without the slightest hesitation.

    D Benton Smith

    @WES Regarding your expectation that the bad guys get away with it.

    I’ve run the scenario many many thousands of time, with better and better evidence of material fact as the years go on, and I assure you that to the best of my skill and knowledge, the Good Guys win.


    The PREP ACT states the following:

    In general, the liability immunity applies to entities and individuals involved in the development, manufacture, testing, distribution, administration, and use of medical countermeasures described in a Declaration. The only statutory exception to this immunity is for actions or failures to act that constitute willful misconduct.

    Certainly explains why the FDA and Pfizer are trying to slow down the release of documents to the public concerning the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine: because both know that there was fraud involved in obtaining approval under the EUA.

    And God Bless Kennedy, Nass and the Children’s Health Defense group for the letter they sent to the FDA calling them out on the hole they were digging if they went ahead and approved this for 5 and under.

    Pfizer/FDA/CDC is a modern day Moloch.

    Feeling a Mellencamp vibe.

    Formerly T-Bear

    World’s first trillionairs will be the law partners in those firms making first few class action suits, their secretaries the first billionair of that class. May even see the first lawyer in heaven as well. Who knows?


    bosco, you will be missed.


    I watch Bloomberg with the sound off when the market’s going down (so I’ve watched it quite a bit lately), and I have seen little of the tanking of these two darling stocks.

    WES: I like to imagine that such people have underground bunkers where they will hide as the world reaps what they have sown. There, they will have only each other. I like to think that that is what Hell is.


    Mammon worshipping has a karma of its own.


    Who those who miss him, he’ll be back.


    Just saw this:

    Trudeau discontinues Emergencies Act
    Canadian Prime Minister has revoked the controversial order that had given the government sweeping powers to crack down on mandate protesters


    Raul has ALOT of daily reading with this project -his comments were cutting only to get the job done and slow the feed – lets not go deeper than that. We all became part time researchers over the last 2 years and it is exhausting. Oroboros and Bosco have given us endless Gems of info and wisdom but we have lots of pages open in the browser do we not.
    Glad you are on substack John – it’s where the cool kids hang.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Funeral Home Stocks Surge, Death and Disability Payouts Soar”

    Global Research pulled the wrong photo from their library to post with the above Mercola article. I’ve taken the liberty to correct this for them. You would expect more from an alt-media source, but people do make mistakes.

    Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths


    “As usual, Raul, your social leadership has it backwards and is counter-productive.
    Now, I admire women far more than men, but I own a pair of cock’n’balls. You may have heard of those?
    You have, in my very earnest opinion, little if any clue about this social forum thing, and I’ll leave you to your own devices now that you’ve clearly outed yourself.
    I’m very much done here.”

    Promise? Door hitting you in the ass and all that, bet you’ll be climbing in a side window “back” in no time. With what? Another fake character cross dressing account, spamming pics and all.

    Attention Seeking Disorder is Real, as is your Narcissistic personality disorder. Does not matter what kind of attention as long as its attention on you right? Me me me me. everybody pay attention to Meeeee !

    This blog and info presented here are not about YOU, jackass. I’ve often wondered if you were intentionally trying to distract away from the pertinent information being discussed here. That may in fact be true. Either way, it is crystal clear you have mental health issues and impulsive control issues along with being completely tone deaf.

    It is not about you regardless of your obnoxious spamming, fake accounts, cross dressing pics, constant attention seeking behavior etc., try face book rather than using TAE for your personal entertainment?

    I was contemplating how nice it would be if you limited your bloat to two posts per day? Or striking a deal with you that I would donate to TAE if you would kindly show some respect around here and stfu.

    My bet is you can’t do any of those things. You can’t restrain yourself nor can you help yourself. Attention seeking narcissist personality disorder on full blown display.

    Now that my finances are getting back in order I will donate here anyway. The content information here is the truth I seek so I find it better for me to stfu and just read. There is a book called “The Zen Teaching of Boddhidharma” by Red Pine. Get yourself a copy, sit on a cushion, find some inner peace.

    TAE Summary

    I met an adviser from an asset fund,
    Who said—“Two vast and bankrupt Pharma firms
    Stand on Wall Street. . . . Near them, on the sidewalk,
    Half shrunk a shattered vagrant lies, whose smirk,
    And reedy lip, and whiny, high pitched voice,
    Tell that well authority bred
    Which yet survive, there upon that tragic being,
    The cash that funded, and the ego it fed;
    And on his cardboard, these words appear:
    ‘My name is Tony Fauci, NIAID Ex-Director;
    Look on my Science, ye Mighty, and donate!
    Even a few dollars or some small change will help!’
    Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
    Of that disgraced Bureaucrat, boundless and bare
    The lone and level concrete stretches clear to Yonkers.”

    those darned kids

    those darned kids

    TAE, thanks for the Shelley!


    Thanks Raúl
    This is one of those times where I wish I could click a thumbs up button

    Come on man. Did he hurt your feelings? Well maybe a time out will do you good but you know you’ll be back. You just can’t help yourself.


    Too many words can dilute the message.
    The federal, Trudeau, cancelled “The Act” .
    At the same time, Ontario also cancelled their Emergency Act.
    Also …..
    Trudeau preempted the vote from the senator. (refusing to approve “The Act”) .


    Please go to the conservative tree house and read the 3 articles explaining what is really going on with Trudeau back tracking suddenly.

    Trudeau by freezing bank accounts, has accidently exposed the WEF’s plans for a digital ID being spearheaded by Canadian banks for world wide use.

    Now everyone can see how easy it is for a government to seize one’s assets at the flick of a switch. Not only seize your money, cancel your human rights, jail you without trial, but cancel insurance policies, mortgages, credit cards, work permits, driver’s license, passport, ownership of your assets like your car, house, pension plans, broker investment accounts, safety boxes, take your children, kill your pets, anybody caught helping you, and go after you for political revenge, etc.

    There is no limit to what they can do and you also have no legal rights to appeal these actions.

    Trudeau did all of the above things to the truckers. So you can’t say these things didn’t happen now. They just did!

    Question: What can we as citizens do to protect ourselves in the future from this when it happens to us?

    V. Arnold

    Formerly T-Bear #102687

    Thanks for chiming in on the resident blabber-mouth…
    R.I.M. has the patience of a saint on his blog; but there always seems to be some idiot pushing the limits…

    citizenx #102721

    Spot on summation of our resident wack job…


    Another observation I would make.

    Today is a very significant day in Canadian history.

    There hasn’t been a day, like today, in Canada, in a very long, long, time.

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