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    V. Arnold

    @ WES #102733
    Question: What can we as citizens do to protect ourselves in the future from this when it happens to us?

    Good question…without a good answer…
    Given “we” are property; we are thereby at the mercy of our corrupt, despotic, governments and their minions…
    Being very close to my 77th orbit, I may not live to see the worst of it…we’ll see…


    Trudeau might have gotten check mated by the senators. However, we will never know because he destroyed the game board.


    Holy hell, nothing to see hear. That ain’t long Covid.


    This is amazing.


    Or the jab is not working. Again, this guys lack curiosity takes the cake.

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz regarding bio nanotech

    I don’t want to be or seem over-sensitive, BUT your reply sure did seem disrespectful, regardless of saying you meant no disrespect. Correct me If I’ve got that wrong. The link I sent was intended as help. The response I got was not appropriate . . . or deserved.

    My reference to the WEF document was meant as a possible STARTING point , by reporting what WEF’s stated intentions are. It wasn’t intended as detailed evidence of how far they had progressed in pursuit of their goals. It almost doesn’t matter if their intentions are the delusional fantasy of con men . . . if the EFFORTS to achieve them are fatal by themselves whether the fantasies work or not. Like the old saying goes, “Sometimes, it’s the thought that counts.”

    So how far along are they? Well , here’s a random example (from roughly 3 years ago) , plucked from a myriad of other examples which could have served as well or better :

    “In research published in Science Magazine, scientists with the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and Department of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, stated:
    “As a proof of principle, nanorobots loaded with combinations of antibody fragments were used in two different types of cell-signaling stimulation in tissue culture. Our prototype could inspire new designs with different selectivities and biologically active payloads for cell-targeting tasks.”

    To do that, they had to have first designed and then built those bots. So that particular type of nanobot (at least) has existed for quite a while. Their existence proves that targeted, parallel work in closely related fields has also been around for at least that long. . . . and is also now a few years further along. In other words, they made tangible progress toward their stated objective , and are now several years closer. That much collaborative technology in multiple disciplines generates huge quantities of paper trail.

    In other words, the evidence exists ( the accomplishments could not have happened without it ) for a serious searcher to find.

    I am obviously not an engineer. But I am a middling investigator, and a motivated investigator would see the preceding facts as solid leads.

    Once the WEF has that many ducks in a row all that remains for them is to keep at it until finished. Since there are no impossibilities standing in their way it’s reasonable to predict that they WILL finish. And I find that scary as hell.


    I love this guy’s work. This is something every parent needs to be informed about.


    One might argue that Trudeau has moved too far, too fast. He’s given the game away. The world can see clearly now how TPTB can (try to) control us simply by making it very difficult if not impossible to buy or sell using the state-authorised financial system.

    This news is surely making its way around the world at very high speed, the Ukrainian sideshow not withstanding. I expect that a lot of people are making a lot of plans to deal with and counteract the situation.


    It is useful to examine this simple statement from
    “subprime mortgage crisis, which itself was caused by the unregulated use of derivatives.”
    And…consider that the real risk was that there was not enough insurance (the derivatives were rated up to AAA, but were in reality very risky.) to cover the insured risk. The lives of the “few” 18 to 65 yr olds were also covered by premiums much to small for the risk launched by the Covid vaccines. As the life policies are paid out, the insurance industry will be rocked by loses.


    Fist bump!
    Are there any archives available from TAE’s salad days?
    I’m a knob with a computer and need direction.


    This is a Moderna patent (by Bancel et al) that is ONCOLOGY (Cancer) related and is about making cancer-causing proteins.

    Mind boggling. Moderna is toast too if this is for real.

    V. Arnold

    Ilargi; thanks for the 3 part Dowd podcast…
    I listened to the whole thing and WOW! There it all is, layed out.clearly and succinctly…
    Double plus good and a double plus warning…trust no one and nothing going forward(??)…


    This is quite the day.

    Iceland and Australia did everything right to hold coronavirus off until Omicron flowed over them and like the USA/UK, they’ve given up. Together, the raw data from UK and Israel, life insurance claims and undertakers’ increased profits; all point to the unavoidable conclusion that mRNA vaccines are not safe or effective. As long as coronavirus is endemic and mutating, thousands will continue to die daily or suffer from long-COVID, and life-expectancy will continue its sharp decline.

    Right now, Russia is conducting a shock and awe attack on Ukraine. The full-blown Russian invasion of Ukraine and rounding up of neo-Nazis is underway. The problem is that as they approach Western Ukraine and Poland, the use of tactical nuclear weapons will be the only way to stop the advance. Every wargame conducted indicates, at this point, ICBMs are launched to avoid their loss. The USA and Russia have 1600 deployable nuclear weapons each.

    Missing workers, shortages, seizing financial assets, the Eurasian War, and toxic vaccines are all interrelated. This is what happens when the only thing of value is money; not human beings, not morals, not good governance.

    Dr. D

    Not sure but these companies had 2 choices (or more). One, tell the truth and help people. Two, lie and profit. They chose two as completely predictable and will more or less cease to exist in present form. This was actually in Mr. 17’s postings once or twice. That goes for IVM too, which does (cures) more than this. There are a lot of known cures out there that the AMA makes illegal. That goes way back to the 40s.

    But here we are, playing it out. Notice that health, or rather sick-industrial-complex is the size of the Military Industrial-Complex, yet interacts with more common people and is far more dangerous, as well as better PR. “You’re killing grandma!” What I’m saying is that no other sector, not even government – and certainly no one man or team of men – can take them down. So it has to go like this, and there may be casualties, as Cheeto probably is. If so, it were worth it. That’s a fair trade of pieces on the big chessboard.

    They also need to be discredited in public, and that’s from 100 years of solid PR pretending they’re the good guys, not the creators of new opioid epidemics for profit and a top cause of death, perhaps 100x that from guns. It takes time for these things, and people need to feel it. As each person processes information, emotional turns of betrayal, resetting the compass and beliefs, then the aggregate of those people is far, far slower and takes years. Not just for information to distribute with each person having about 10 free minutes a day to hear it, but also to internalize and credit what they’re seeing. It’s pretty fast, actually, although it frustrates me to no end.

    For this article, they’re going to win all the lawsuits – eventually – but there is no money to pay out. Clearly even Pfizer cannot pay damages and death for 200 million people. Nor was that a problem: already J&J got in trouble for, you know, knowing that their baby powder caused cancer, covering it up, and when caught, shunting the division into a new corporate subsidiary that could go bankrupt. I mean, causing cancer for babies? Just another day at work for America’s Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

    And when all these companies are bankrupt, who prospers then? Who does the research, makes the pills? First level effects and second level effects. In “capitalism” they go bankrupt, rightfully, and assets and employees are picked up for pennies and then directed by someone who is not a criminal perpetrating murder or fraud. Or in Pfizer’s case, a literal convicted felon (where naturally no one went to jail). But you have to understand, the same entirely immoral liars and data-fabricators ARE THE ONLY EMPLOYEES THERE. Their lack of morality, straight from Harvard, as publicized by the editors NEJM and Lancet, where effectively zero medical studies are repeatable, is not a thing that can be cured. To create an employee base of non-fabricators and non-liars takes a generation and who’s going to create them? Their lying parents and lying professors?

    Other points: this is exactly what we said would happen, and was happening. Great, yay us. We told you as hard and as often as we could, but it’s a free country with free choice. As the good guys, we won’t use violence to stop you from yourself.

    Now their depopulation gambit in order to retain their fascist dictatorial powers – as openly published for the last 40 years – seems to have failed. Great. However, suppose death rates stay elevated at +40% for five years? Some children are perhaps sterile? They knew. They are religious zealots. As such, they do not work for money but sacrificed these companies into oblivion to serve their god. Including CNN. Did it openly and happily. Nothing will make sense until you understand that.

    My belief: yes they are self-serving, murdering fascists. But they are also alien ant farmers, smarter and better than you. They figured out in the late 60s that the planet was unstable and these cycles happen. We would go into an Ice Age or food disruption as published in the 70s before they fixed on the “Global Warming (and it’s all your fault)” BTU carbon taxation repression plan of the “Technocrats”. But wasn’t that what YOU would do? If you know there will be 1/3 less food in 40 years, it will topple governments and cause wars in a nuclear and biotech age, perhaps the whole planet a cinder, wasn’t reducing population a GOOD thing? Saving people, actually? And isn’t having a truly random lottery the fairest, most moral way possible to have a mass dieoff without ending art, culture? …I mean while keeping all us sooper-important people fully in charge. Can you see it from their side?

    What were they supposed to do? Tell us? As with stock markets, the minute you tell us there’s a bank run, the bank runs start in earnest. You’re making things worse, not better. If you tell people there will be a 200 year weather crisis and food shortage, they will start hoarding and arm themselves up into warlord bands in 1985. What good does that serve?

    Not to leave it hanging, NO, they were entirely wrong in this. Yes, you need to tell people, though maybe not on the first day. Telling the truth is what makes you the “good guy.” But what you HAVE to do, is REDUCE CONSUMPTION, and thus GDP, thus taxes, and never-ever, EVER pave anything. You need to go green with local gardens, you need to shut down profit central distribution systems. You need to distribute the military like Switzerland. You need to shut off the factories and promote workshops. You need to open rails and shut down road subsidies. You need to promote nature and families and demote Congressmen and billionaires. You need to live like it’s “Ecotopia”, Or gosh, there are so few Sci-fi examples I can hardly name any. They did the opposite of all these things, with non-stop printing, non-stop creation, non-stop tax subsidies for construction and sprawl, non-stop centralization with will shortly lead to non-stop death. And said, “aw heck, we’ll have a death lottery, so I can fly in my d—k rocket.” And be too flaccid to even reach ‘space’.

    Well, you’ll just have to do it all despite them. At home. Collapse early and beat the rush. Gas at $14/gal should create great motivation.

    Dr D Rich

    While we’re pointing fingers, I think Dr. D is saying we should be weary of following others on their personal journeys of self-discovery.

    So. Why follow an investment adviser, a BlackRock guy? Since he has insider information where to park money for no-risk returns?
    Is that about a good enough summation?

    Because at the heart and inception of this monumental fiasco was willful blindness and reprehensible panic under the guise of erudite thinking and masterful prose.
    Now y’all know you can’t trust your doctors or your nurse unless those doctors were marginalized, if not outright destroyed, by the Peddlers of Panic. Fauci, Redfield, Scott Gottlieb, Collins and Walensky come to mind. Those 5 piss-poor excuses for doctors should be imprisoned awaiting trial, their bank accounts seized, their credentials indelibly marked as unsuitable for medical practice or leadership in any medical organization and their family/followers harassed by the FBI, NSA and DOJ until kingdom.
    What’s good for the goose…

    However on this blog those humans recalcitrant to panicked isolation, masking and mRNA vaccinating were demonized as mortal threats. And these mortal threats were to be isolated and marked with clappers and bells, social Lepers, a false analogy misapplied.


    @DBS Appologies for appearing disrespectful, I had no intention to do so. My point is that I read alot of similar claims in CEO literature, where the CEO is desperate to show that their company is on top of all the latest technological innovations. These CEO people will never understand anything about the technology even if you educate them for 100 years. Their goal is to appear to be ahead of the tech curve. I see the same talk in the WEF document and as a result it does not bother me because my experience is that most of this talk produces nothing and is discarded and forgotten when the trend moves onto the next big thing. I am more concerned about WEF taking existing Chinese populaiton control tech and applying it to the western ex-democracies.

    I acknowledge that as technology constantly advances it becomes more and more scary. As biotech moves on we will probably end up killing ourselves through some incompetent biologist thinking he knows it all and releasing something accidentally infectious and dangerous. After all, in 10 years time every biologist will probably be able to create viruses in a lab in their home.


    @boscohorowitz said:

    So, getting Huffy and all about it, thanx for all the fish but I’m very much done here.

    Not another nappy change? You need to work on your oversensitivity, maybe some baby powder will do the trick.


    Well, that should just calm everyone right down. Message from head of the Derp State.

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