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    Doc Robinson

    “E-fuel, not yet commercially available, is a combination of hydrogen with carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere which ICE vehicles can run on.”

    E-fuel requires electricity, a lot of it. Good thing there’s an abundance of electricity supply in the world, at a low price, with extra available to use for making the Davos crowd appear less hypocritical for using their private jets.

    “Altogether, it takes about 20 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy to produce a liter of eFuel, which contains about 9 kWh of energy. “

    That’s 76 kilowatt-hours to produce a gallon of E-fuel. Plus the inevitable taxes to jack up the price.

    Imagine fields of windmills and solar panels from horizon to horizon, powering the E-fuel factories.


    Afewknowthetruth, see? Despite the clear warning of Overshoot and Collapse, you doubled down again! Just like a soccer mom with the world’s largest SUV, driving her one child back and forth to school instead of the child walking, biking, or using the bus. She reacts with hostility and repetition of her entitlements when questioned. She doubles down, even when Overshoot and the Resource Depletion curve are explained to her!

    The problem is that Climate Meltdowners’ only input is Climate Meltdown “information.” Thus, they live within an a priori world of Climate Meltdown. Since Climate Meltdown is a lie, and their only inputs are lies. Since their a priori view formed of the world comes only from lies, their a priori faculty IS a lie. Since their a priori faculty is their consciousness of the world, we can say they possess a False Consciousness.

    We can call this False Consciousness “Planetary Meltdown Consciousness”

    The unfortunate thing is that Planetary Meltdown Consciousness is giving Planetary Meltdowners all the things they want. It delivers the goods. This is why they can’t stop doubling down.

    They get to demoralize people, preach as One Of The Few Who Knows to those who Do Not Know, tell them they’re doomed all the time, order them around (NO other priority is higher than saving the planet, so no objection is valid – if decent working class people refuse anything that even “might help” that just proves THEY are evil and the Climate Meltdowners are Good)

    The end result is that Planetary Meltdowners will fight tooth and nail to defend Planetary Meltdown, in the face of all appeal to decency and humanity, in the face of all reason or science. Because they defend that which is benefitting them.

    But the ecosystem within which Climate Extinction lives cannot sustain the Overshoot and Resource Depletion of civility and tolerance — and it may already be too late! If you act now, Climate Scientists may avert catastrophe. Or maybe it is too late.

    Please seek some basic education on the subject!

    Read up on the concept Overshoot
    Al Bartlett’s famous lecture on the power of compounding interest would help you
    Start with Christ Martenson’s crash course

    I don’t want you to talk about Planetary Meltdown’s immanent Overshoot and Collapse again until you’ve studied these remedial things for me. You evil newb.


    Read up on the concept Overshoot
    Al Bartlett’s famous lecture on the power of compounding interest would help you
    Start with Christ Martenson’s crash course

    Just what sort of fucking idiot are you??!!! j-b h-b

    I have posted Albert Bartlett’s talk on Arithmetic, Population and Energy numerous times on TAE!!!

    And a few moths ago spent a lot of time discussing the concept of overshoot, which another participant refused to accept, despite the abundant evidence.

    As for Chris Martenson’s Crash Course, well I studied that in depth when it first was created around 2009!!! And regularly visit Peak Prosperity for updates. But to be quite honest, I am way ahead of Chris Martenson and don’t concern myself too much with his work these days. He’s too focused on ‘niceness’ and perpetuation of dysfunctional systems..

    j-b h-b, are you going for the Fuckwit of the Century Award?

    You really have no idea who you are dealing with, do you?!!!

    I referred to the stuff you ‘suggest’ I read in order to become ‘educated’ in the books I have written on these topics, including direct quotes more than a decade ago!!!
    Fuckwit to the slaughter. What a moron you are.


    If there were not other competitors I would award you, jb-hb, Fuckwit of the Century award.

    Unfortunately, there are worse fuckwits in the local council and the regional council and the NZ government.


    I have posted Albert Bartlett’s talk on Arithmetic, Population and Energy numerous times on TAE!!!

    …and that’s how you remember the times when YOU pretended that I didn’t know about these things. It’s how you remember when I complained ABOUT you pretending and your immediate response was to do it again! LOLOL. I’m doing YOU, man. Stop punching yourself.

    And you’re still doing it! You are still practicing the strategies and tactics of self-defeat! You continue the doubling effect, by continuing to double down on depletion of the resource you depend on.

    It’s April 1, man. The holiday of humorous inversion. So I’m arguing from all YOUR constructs.

    NOTHING I’ve deployed today hasn’t been repeatedly used by you personally in the past year or two – although this wasn’t aimed at you personally, more I was just using these general structures and constructs not unique to you but typical in the Climate Extinction scene. I’m being, you know, fearless in the spaces I occupy and stuff.

    If you were going to use some wit and humor and cleverness, you’d find some way to occupy the other side of it humorously. But Climate Meltdowners are always, ALWAYS The Fun Police. But you were still a great straight man.

    Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale?

    Sir Toby – Twelfth Night- Act 2, Scene 3,Shakespeare

    Doc Robinson

    Craig Murray shines some light on recent anti-Russian propaganda:

    The Guardian, Washington Post and Der Spiegel have today published “bombshell” revelations about Russian cyber warfare based on leaked documents, but have produced only one single, rather innocuous leaked document between them…

    Which puts in perspective this large exercise in anti-Russian propaganda. Here are some key facts about it for you:

    Taking the Guardian, Washington Post and Der Spiegel articles together:

    Less than 2% of the articles consist of direct quotes from the alleged leaked documents
    Less than 10% of the articles consist of alleged description of the contents of the documents
    Over 15% of the articles consist of comment by western security services and cyber warfare industry
    Over 40% of the articles consist of descriptions of alleged Russian hacking activity, zero of which is referenced in the acutal Vulkan leaks
    We get to see one page of an alleged 5,000 leaked, plus a couple of maps and graphics.

    It took 30 MSM journalists to produce this gross propaganda. I could have done it alone for them in a night, working up three slightly different articles from what the security services have fed them, directly and indirectly.


    I am still in two minds whether to follow up on my previous discussions with Office of the Auditor General of New Zealand.

    Half of me says that despite the declarations of independence, the Office of the Auditor General (supposedly above parliament and able to talk down to parliament) is just another ‘run and hide under a stone’ organisation which will do zilch when confronted with the endemic corruption and lies that characterise NZ government.

    On the other hand, we are now so close to meltdown, the writing is clear for everyone to see on the wall. So maybe the Office of the Auditor General needs to be exposed as phony.

    ‘The Controller and Auditor-General is an Officer of Parliament. This means he is independent of the Government and can’t be directed by whichever political party is holding power.

    The Auditor-General has two business units – the Office of the Auditor-General (this site) and Audit New Zealand (

    Together, our work gives Parliament and the public an independent view of how public organisations are operating. That independence, along with watching the spending, is why the Auditor-General is sometimes called the public’s watchdog.

    Note: Our inquiries function is limited, in how many we do and what we can do for you. Our power is only reporting. To avoid disappointment, please read our information before writing to us.’

    ‘Ou power is only in reporting’.

    I really cannot see The Auditor General reporting that everything in government is fraudulent and unsustainable and about to go into complete meltdown. After all, Audit NZ has endorsed dysfunction and fraud for decades.

    On the other hand, the Auditor General himself (John Ryan) and his staff with suffer the direct consequences of not exposing the numerous frauds and deceits of government and the complete failure of government to abide by its own laws! i.e. falling property values, surging devaluation of fiat currency, societal meltdown and environmental meltdown.

    ‘Interesting times’.

    For the moment I am more concerned about my personal preparations than attempting to wake up the institutionally braindead. Fiat money collapse and societal collapse may well be just months away. Weeks?


    Executive Director
    Photo of Steve Walker
    Stephen Walker
    Cell: 021 222 6069
    [email protected]

    Stephen (Steve) is Audit New Zealand’s Executive Director. Before taking up this position in 2009, he was based in New York as the Director of Operations for the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

    Steve began his career in 1987, when he was employed by Audit New Zealand as a bursar while studying for his degree. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant early in 1993.

    He has experience in a wide range of roles, including external and internal audits, setting standards for financial reporting, policy documents, strategic planning, governance, public sector management, training development and delivery, and executive operational management.

    Steve is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ). He was awarded a CA ANZ Fellowship in December 2013, for outstanding contributions to the accountancy profession and the community. He is also a member (Honorary) of the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy in the United Kingdom, and of the New Zealand Institute of Directors.

    Steve was President of CA ANZ in 2019, following two years as a vice president. He has also served in several other governance roles with CA ANZ. He was a member of its board (2017-2019) and Chair of the its New Zealand Regional Council (2017-2018). Steve is currently a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board.

    He is a proud Alumni of the Victoria University of Wellington, having completed his Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA) in 1990, and obtaining his BCA Honours (First Class) in 2001.

    Page last updated: 29 June 2022

    The thing about these career clowns us that they are actually extremely poorly educated and are employed to not see the writing on the wall but to assume everything just carries on as it did, forever.

    Scientifically and financially illiterate. As are 99.9% of the populace.


    Trudeau the Environmentalist.

    Introduces new carbon taxes on natural gas used for heating homes to save the environment.

    Buys a new large Airbus jet to travel in, replacing a much smaller fuel efficient Canadian made Challenger jet because it is too small for him.

    Flying 8 Leopard tanks to Ukraine rather than ship them by boat.

    Yes,Trudeau will save us. That is why I ignore the climate change nuts.


    Well, Trudeau has internalized Climate Meltdown Consciousness, hasn’t he?

    As a result, he cannot access reality.

    YOU however, because you are on the margins – the margins of Climate Meltdown Consciousness – have access to both your own reality and his, while he has access to neither.

    As a marginalized person, you can speak to him authoritatively on reality while he must be quiet, listen, and try to do better. And just try to be less Climate Meltdownist.

    He probably isn’t able to escape Climate Meltdown Consciousness, so he’ll just have to keep trying to be less Climate Meltdownist all the rest of his days.


    The whole ICC Putin ‘war criminal’ narrative has been exposed as a sham.


    Only cares for himself, getting votes, liberty, and freedom for himself and his way.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Jb-hb is correct, in that at least about the climate nonsense he spouts so dogmatically and fake-authoritatively, AFKTT is quite the fetishist retard. His aggressive-defensive and childishly sleazy invective is an embarrassment on this site, and many of us here are increasingly aware of that — and also aware of what the genuine “climate science” tells us, which isn’t much, and certainly does not justify the cheap-thrills panic and posturing we get from the peanut gallery. That is really just systematic lies hiding behind half-truths and factoids taken out of context (i.e., the real world), and given what we do know, it represents willful ignorance and corrupt ass-kissing to some agenda that we are also increasingly figuring out. So AFKTT is a plant, an ingratiating spy, betraying his own integrity and seeking to subvert ours. Shame on him.
    And after all those stupid lies, we can’t believe anything he says. Perhaps he has some sort of death-wish, and even lies to himself about that. Perhaps it is barricaded rage corroding his own self, since he can’t make it stick out there

    those darned kids


    When it comes to challenging covid vaccines in court, no court will support a challenge. All the judge needs to know is who appointed him. End of story.

    Same here in Canada. There is no judge who will accept a challenge of the vaccines. Not even one judge. Same story. Who appointed you?

    The vaccine is legally set above all basic human legal rights.

    D Benton Smith

    It is well above our paygrade to even have an opinion about whether or not the Universe knows what its doing (He, they, it, whatever) or if it is doing it right. The last time I checked the records, my status in this world was listed as ‘temporary resident’, not Landlord. That’s a good thing, too, because if the operation of Life, the Universe and Everything depended on me then we’re screwed because I don’t know jack about how any of the “stuff” around this place actually works! And neither do any of you.

    For the above stated reason it should be sufficient to say that whatever this world is, it just IS what it is, and that same thing goes for the way it runs, too. It just runs the way that it runs. Neither you nor I can do anything to change or circumvent that arrangement either. You can learn what “is” (to some degree) and you can learn how it works (to some degree) but you can not change what it is, nor effect the way that it works. At all.

    But you do have two very big things going for you nevertheless. First of all, you are aware, and secondly the Universe (He, it, God, Universe, stuff, spirit, whatever) is willing to engage with you instantly upon request. It does start with you, though. You are the only one possible who can decide what part of the Universe you want to be aware of, and you’re also the only one who decide to make the attempt at awareness, or to not make the attempt to become aware of more than you are aware of now.

    That’s it, and that’s all. Simple as falling off of a log. But there is a catch. The catch (the only catch) is that you have the free will to NOT do any of that, also, unless you want to, and to stop whenever you feel like it, too.

    That may have sounded esoteric, but it isn’t in the least. It can be applied directly and on short notice to every single discussion item that’s been mentioned around here since day 1.


    Peter Schiff throws his weight behind the narrative of collapse now being underway.

    “It’s going to get much worse.”


    Alexander Carpenter said

    AFKTT is a plant, an ingratiating spy, betraying his own integrity and seeking to subvert ours. Shame on him. And after all those stupid lies, we can’t believe anything he says.

    Indeed. He will post all the very basic aggravations we all have with the world, the anti-government bile, the “I hate your enemies too” bullshit etc. That way he gets you on board, earns your ear, your following, your sympathy, then he will ply you with his snake oil. Same old con-artist trick that has been on the streets for centuries. Wouldn’t surprise me if he was a chat bot, his tactics are so basic, his debating skills and consideration of other opinions are simply non-existent despite him claiming to be a scientist, which I believe to be total horse shite.

    Total waste of time engaging with him (it). But we will have more of this in the future as chat bots gain even more AI functionality and become even more common. Spouts of absolute bullshit – and in a confident tone with made-up facts – just like the AFKTT, the man who’s name should have warned us from day one: Mr “I know nothing but will pretend that I know everything and will belittle and insult anybody who challenges me”.


    on: Without Russia the UN would loose its meaning (from top post)

    While the UN started out as a replacement for the failed League of Nations, with perhaps good intentions, it is an ‘association’ / ‘club’- like institution, financed by its members.

    As per usual, the biggest / er chippers-in control it. At present, and for some time past, => USA, China, Japan, and Germany. For about half the UN budget.

    The financing mech. is explained in more detail here:

    The veto powers at the UN, ultimately control all that goes on there (the widening of councils, rotations of diff. countries to boards, etc. to be more ‘democratic’ etc. are just for show) are held by the winners of WW2:

    Russia, who did most of the fighting, China (ppl forget its role in WW2), the US (imho only joined the winning side when the loss was seen as inevitable), France, who managed to weasel itself in (while it was heavily collaborationist), and GB as a still sort-a powerful coloniast power at the time and seen as ‘plucky’ and taking heavy losses, etc.

    The UN will find it difficult to survive as different factiosn set up other ‘inernational’ institutions, forums, agreements.

    Ex. The new, Democratic Rules Order, Summit for Democracy.

    Today, President Biden and the leaders of Costa Rica, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, and the Republic of Zambia opened the second Summit for Democracy, which gathered leaders from around the world to spur further action to strengthen democratic resilience, demonstrate how democracies are delivering for citizens, and highlight how democracies are best equipped to address the world’s most pressing challenges.

    As a testament to the shared desire of people and governments around the world to advance lasting peace, prosperity, and human dignity, the United States is pleased to join over 70 governments and authorities in endorsing the 
    Summit for Democracy Declaration.

    This effort seems to have fallen flat, so what is next, we will have to see.

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