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    Willem de Kooning Door to the river 1960   • The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary (Pepe Escobar) • US Urges Americans To Leave Rus
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    Happy April Fools Day, Fools –

    Covid booster vaccine to be offered to millions in England next week

    “Millions of people in England will be offered a Covid booster jab next week, health officials have announced, as recent estimates show infections have climbed to their highest level this year.”

    Children under 12 will be offered a child formulation of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.”



    Gee? I wonder ….

    Why are Americans dying so young?
    “US life expectancy is in freefall as the young and the poor bear the brunt of struggles for shared prosperity”


    Dr. D

    Not just vaccines are killing Americans. You’d have to come here to find out. Open borders = infinite fentanyl + no economy = complete hardship and despair. And that’s just one attack.

    Dr. D

    So they started the Bank Run – or the clampdown therein bc they have no money – choosing to sacrifice Australia: no cash withdrawals. That makes sense. If I were the Bankrupt British Empire, I’d dump them first too. Then they can focus on cash flows to the other regions. Cut blood to the extremities first.

    True Democracy: Ceasar, Marlin Brando, 1953.

    Oh noes! The mob demanded I read the will! I never ever intended that! For Brutus is an honorable man, honest! The whole movie is just lobbing from one thoughtless mob to another, led by who? By the magic blue screen, the unblinking eye that finds you, even on the 3rd train in Switzerland. It knows. It will tell you what to do. Antony is honest and oh-so loving, he would never lead us wrong, never for his own career as future Roman Emperor.

    “At this time, I think Poland will likely try to invade Belarus/western Ukraine—with full NATO support but without NATO participation. In other words, I think that as the Kiev regime collapses in military defeat, Poland will be the next proxy victim of this US war against Russia” — Lira

    I would say not. Problem: I said Russia wouldn’t attack Ukraine either. So I suspect I’ll be wrong. Russia thinks so, because look how they’re playing their pieces: they should know, and THEY think this is next. OBVIOUSLY NATO is going to attack, because they are attackers who always aggressively and illegally invade. That’s who they are, that’s what they do. Oh and murder or dismember children. Can’t forget that. Remove kids from a war zone? That’s a War Crime, mister!

    “It would appear at first glance that she’d(Yellen)nationalized the banks. But really what happened was that the Treasury is now a subgroup of the large banks, [pledging all its credit so that uninsured depositors will not take a loss.]

    The banking system has cannibalized the Treasury and mobilized the whole of Treasury for its banking.

    People had, for a long time, wanted the idea of public banking. They wanted banking to be a public utility. But now the Treasury itself has become privatized as a banking utility…”

    An excellent synopsis. In other words, fascism: the complete merger of corporation and state. However, is it also sensible that the banks—now merged with the state – must also support complete property rights and allocate capital and NOT the government, as Davos wishes? I mean they can’t allocate it unless “it” exists, right? To get out of this mess, don’t they have to re-industrialize? Otherwise they will still collapse. Otherwise, who would they allocate capital TO?

    As I would say, they’ve moved all risk to currency risk, or national risk. Which is really military, violence risk. If that nation can’t project force of obedience – which clearly they cannot to Saudi, Africa, anywhere – then it all actualizes. All markets are one market, the Government, and that market falls. …To reality, I suppose. Isn’t falling back to “Reality” a good thing, not a bad?

    Or as Luongo puts it, “Ponzi schemes don’t have to fail: you can always roll them up to a larger Ponzi scheme.” (The Fed.)

    “So a bank could borrow from the Fed at a low rate of interest, redeposit the money at the Fed and actually make an arbitrage gain.”

    We said this was a nationalization, a bailout over time, of all risk, and it was irreversible. At the time. 2001. 2009. All were true.

    “This was a gigantic $9 trillion subsidy to the banks at the same time that the Democrats said, “We cannot afford to forgive student debt”…

    Uh, no duh. They owe that $9T TO, or rather THROUGH the banks. Erase $9T and we have $9T deflation overnight. What’s the M2 minus $9T? M2 – 9T = Mad Max.

    The Fed was a fatal turn for America, “And all that will be left [with] to relate to the international economy will be military power. “ Yes, that was the plan. Take over the world, “a 100 year war” after 912. The Generals (seemed) to be on that plan…until it failed…then they suddenly! Became nationalists. “They Bravely bravely bravely ran away.”

    “China Outpacing US Military at ‘Disturbing’ Rate: Gen. Milley

    Might have something to do with giving $150B to a losing war, after 2$ Trillion in losing wars the 20 years before that? Maybe the $60B left in F-stan? $23T for the banks since ‘08? Then poisoned both the minds, and bodies, of every young person in America? I detect some opportunity for further “readiness” here.

    “Yellen Warns Next Crisis Could Come from ‘Shadow Banks’ and Regulators Must Act

    “We’ll never have another crisis in our lifetimes” –Yellen (or at least not while I’m in office having to hear about it) “Act” like Gensler did with the now-missing FTX? “Act” like they did for the 10 years leading up to Madoff when Markopolis wrote a letter to the SEC weekly? “Act” like when for 20 years they said there was no market precious metals rigging, until they paid a tiny fine for the rigging that was going on all along? That kind of regulatory “help” and “Acting”?

    “California Man Arrested 10 Times In 31 Days, Faces 33 Charges Chastain, 38, faces 18 felonies and 15 misdemeanors…

    Love and tolerance. For him. For his dozens and dozens of victims: not so much. In #Oppositeland, we love and free the Criminal and hate and attack the victim.

    In the same vein, new NYC mayor has 30% increase in auto theft. Blames TikTok. “NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blames Tik Tok For 32% Surge In Car Thefts” But not Facebook and Twitter, which he, the government, run as a full joint venture. No no. Only TikTok because…cat videos?

    “Small European Countries “Morally & Financially Exhausted” by Ukraine War Effort

    Hahahahahaha! Exhausted? They ain’t seen nothing yet! Wait til Holland Davos shuts off all food.

    “Dowd: Deaths 5 Million.”

    No, look in that other category: injuries. If it’s true myo and percarditis are not curable, all those people will die soon, perhaps within 5 years. That’s not including the cancer rates.

    “Gates, the WHO, a ton of these universities: they’re all talking about including mRNA vaccinations as part of the food.”

    Doctors present, can you please explain in baby terms the reason we don’t put drugs into the food supply. I’m in need of a little digitalis today.

    “Western media refuse to report on the major changes happening. How does that serve their audience?”

    They don’t serve their audience, they serve their owners. Who lose money every minute because of it. Now all bad ideas are financed when money is free, but when money costs something again, the bad ideas go away. Pin chart of U.S. Bonds since 1979 to 2020 and back. 500% in a year.

    How sharp was good ol’ Lenin, prime modernist, when he mused,”

    “the best way to destroy the capitalist system was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security but [also] at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth.

    Those to whom the system brings windfalls, beyond their deserts and even beyond their expectations or desires, become “profiteers,” who are the object of the hatred of the bourgeoisie, whom the inflationism has impoverished, not less than of the proletariat. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.”

    Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.” –Keynes

    “• ICC’s Putin Arrest Warrant Based On US-funded Report That Debunked Itself (GZ)

    Actually the ICC arrest warrant was based on springing pedophiles from prison to wander free to act again, and that act was performed on the basis of bribery. That’s like a Win-Win.

    “By fleeing the war in Donbas, these children had escaped a nightmarish military conflict for which Yale HRL and the ICC have demonstrated little to no concern.”

    Their heartlessness towards children is simply breathtaking. But of course the same thing is happening here. Rather than wander halfway around the world, they might look to similar violence, crime, and desperation in the Connecticut valley, one of the most beaten up, washed out, ex-industrial areas I can think of. Like much of the U.S., I wouldn’t dare get out of my car in some areas, and they are food and retail deserts, akin to Omegaman, where you could see the end of the world in some fallen factories and overgrown lots. You could get there in a cab. Yale Scoreboard reads? F’s = Zero

    Helping people within eyesight of your tower wouldn’t allow you to be busybody and tell everyone what to do as an “expert”. Because they intuitively know that if they lifted a finger to help the desperate rust belt, raising rabbits in the Connecticut Valley, it would get complicated and messy, be hard, go nowhere, and mostly fail. Like Calvinists, they don’t talk to God’s Losers. It might rub off.

    The policy of the European Union, both foreign and internal, has become totally subordinated to US interests,”

    True. Except the U.S. is totally subordinate to European interests. It’s almost like there’s a third party called “Globalists” running around. But if there were, surely they’d publish papers, make statements, and hold meetings in in the Alps or something, right?

    If Russia and Europe unite, it will be a powerhouse no one can beat.”

    Not any more. Would you WANT to unite with blue-haired, PC, self-immolating retards like Europe? Why?

    The Trump Indictment: Making History in the Worst Possible Way (Turley) “

    Are you kidding? This is great! They have broken the veil that says we can arrest politicians. (He KILLED the Butler. He Killed the BUTLER?) THEY have broken the veil that says we can now arrest politicians. They did. And also the one that says we can look at all their tax returns. They did that, approved that, passed that, fought for that.

    It’s required in this environment to get buy in from the lost 30%. They do that by arranging for that 30% to demand this be done to Trump. Sort of the reverse of the “Well we can’t allow the KKK to march/speak” and ending up with speach being outlawed for YOU and everyone. In this case they MAKE LEGAL the punishment of the Bad Man, the one nobody will defend, and the precedent then – just as above – slowly includes THEM. They are under surveillance. They are under exposure.

    We already tried all the other ways. We already warned you for 75 years. Nobody cared. They cried foul and called the Whaaaaaaaamublance. 50 years trying it the way honest, logical people would. So here we are. Had to try something that works instead.

    Arrest all you want. We’ll make more.

    Having set the precedent, how is Paul Pelosi’s income and Hunter Biden now off-limits? Just as Congress is investigating them, Twitter, and abuse of government from stem to stern?

    E-fuel, not yet commercially available, is a combination of hydrogen with carbon dioxide”

    Huh. Hydrogens on Carbon chains. Gosh but that sounds an awful lot like “Hydrocarbons”, aka “Gasoline.” However did you come up with it? And you say this is a safe, stable energy source, one of the most highly concentrated and least volatile on earth? We should look into this.

    “Torpedoing the EU plan to ban the sale of new ICE vehicles will allow car producers to continue using their existing products and infrastructure.”

    It wasn’t about that. It was about “15 Minute Cities” Or better known as “Gaza Strip Open-Air Concentration Camps.” Electric cars can be shut off outside of prison grounds. Their power source is fully centralized and cannot be stored. “The Resistance” is Futile.


    @ Dr. D

    California police union executive charged with attempting to import opioids

    “At least one package of drugs, in 2021, was sent using the UPS account of the San Jose Police Officers’ Association”

    What a hoot!

    Dr. D

    “CNN Publishes Real News Story for April Fools’ Day” –BBee

    I looked on CNN, but I didn’t see it…

    Dr. D



    Malhotra (the Grifter) discussing the South African High Court case to stop all the Covid death shots.



    Lighter side of life
    US citizens residing or traveling in Russia should depart immediately. – . Blinken and Jean-Pierre
    😊😊 April fool – Said US National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby 😊😊
    April Fool
    “abductions” of children from Ukraine and attempts to “destroy their identity.”
    😊😊 Hahahaha 😊😊
    Evacuated children from the war zone in Donbass
    Deliberately misleading. In reality, we are talking about temporary preliminary guardianship or temporary guardianship.

    Peace Plans

    Real or Illusion
    😊😊 Hahahahah 😊😊

    Minsk III Peace Plan ….
    Chinese President Xi 12 point Plan
    Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Cease Fire Plan
    • ‘Peacekeepers’ Deployed To Ukraine Without Russia’s Consent – Medvedev (TASS)


    😊😊 ecstatic Trumpgasm 😊😊
    😊😊 indictment circus 😊😊
    😊😊😊😊Evacuate starving children from Haiti 😊😊😊😊


    Christine Lagarde, blood drinking Satanist has a message for the Sheeple of Eurotardistan,

    Bend over and touch your toes

    Digital Euro to have built-in limitations, as Central Bank President says it will never be as private as cash

    Digital Euro to have built-in limitations, as Central Bank President says it will never be as private as cash


    “The EU financial industry and policymakers are rallying around the push to introduce a digital euro….

    Lagarde told a panel at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) event that cards and apps that people use these days in Europe are “not necessarily European” – and to “sell” the digital euro, she praised the possible future centralized digital currency as not only “safe and cheap” but also, “sovereign.”

    The European Banking Federation would like to see control exerted over what Europeans are allowed to do with their digital wallets…..

    and speaks in favor of “a low fixed cap on individual holdings…..

    designed reflecting the average daily payment needs of European citizen.

    There should also be “a limit on the transaction amount,” the trade association said.

    Lagarde is a dirty little cuck.


    Note the secret hand sign an invert pentagram on her


    Just kidding

    April Fools



    The Empire of Lies and it’s Ukronazi Project

    Lookin Good chief!



    Presidementia Biden’s 75 car armored motorcade to global warming conference in Canuckistan

    Pissing on ya and sayin’ it rain!


    Has to be repeated.
    And after forcing it on millions.


    The Markster

    Wow that Trump Team “Outsider” video on Benny Johnson’s Twitter packed a punch, I was totally balling like a schoolgirl. Great advertising from a clown, but a powerful message nonetheless.

    Yay on encouraging news from South Africa and elsewhere as cracks in the ‘safe and effective ‘ lies grow and grow. Now we need criminal investigations, speedy trials with convictions, and jail time.

    Thanks and Many Blessings to Ilargi, Germ and all the regulars. 🙏



    From Club Orlov:

    “83% of all the US dollars that now exist in the world have been summoned into existence during just the past 22 months; since May 2021

    Four out of every five dollars in existence has been conjured up pretty much yesterday in historical terms.

    The dollar is on the glide path to Non-existence

    As inflation is going to Infinity and Beyond



    Clown World

    Thief tries to steal jewelry, can’t break case with a rock

    Duhmerica can’t even do that!



    NATO, deployment of “peacekeeping” forces without Russia’s Consent
    NATO “invasion force”, of Ukraine.
    NATO “Booths on the ground” in Ukraine.
    NATO “Fourth mercenary army” in Ukraine.


    Life is a series of pop quizzes

    Some pass, some don’t

    So it goes
    ~Kurt Vonnegut



    50,000 North Koreans To Join Russia In Invading Ukraine; Kremlin Offers Food For Weapons
    By Danielle Ong
    03/30/23 AT 10:51 PM EDT


    A more down to earth explanation of Baudrillard uses a tale about strawberries. Sometime back in the 1950s, a grandfather takes his grandson to pick strawberries from the garden. The grandfather leans down and selects the biggest, juiciest strawberry and hands it to the grandson. The grandson bites into it and is delighted by the combination of sweetness with just a hint of bitterness.

    Fast forward to the late 1960s, and the strawberry patch has been replaced by a massive hydroponic strawberry farm. And the strawberries are no longer the original organic ones but are the product of intensive gene selection designed to enhance the sweet flavour. Moreover, the flavour itself has been captured in strawberry jam and strawberry juice. Later still, confectionery companies begin to use sugar and sweeteners to enhance the strawberry flavour in candy. And then a soda company begins to produce strawberry flavoured soda. But because the sugar is too expensive, they have used even sweeter corn syrup as a key ingredient. Finally, another company takes the strawberry soda and freezes it, marketing it as a strawberry slurpee… a product which not only bears no resemblance to a real strawberry at all, but which has been crafted to taste better than the real thing.

    Sometime later, the original grandson – now a grandfather in his own right – takes his grandson to the old strawberry patch. He leans over an picks the ripest, juiciest strawberry he can find, and hands it to his grandson. The grandson is amazed to see a real fruit which looks just like the logo on the slurpee. He bites into it, and then spits it out. “Yuk!” It tastes nothing like strawberry… “Strawberry” has become a simulacrum, bearing no resemblance to reality at all.

    Counterfeit World – Part One – Fake News

    Ukraine’s offensive force fully manned – Kiev
    Eight new brigades have been assembled, Interior Minister Igor Klimenko claims
    01 April 2023


    Body Blow To Activists: Whopping 82% Of Berlin’s Voters Refused To Support Net Zero 2030 As Referendum Fails

    How can I explain this in a way a Climate Extinction / Planetary Meltdown / Jensenite can understand?

    Imagine a stadium. Imagine the empty volume of this stadium represents the general goodwill of society. Forebearance, tolerance, patience, niceness. Notice that it is FINITE, not INFINITE in nature.

    Imagine this stadium is filling up with water. The water symbolizes Planetary Meltdowners’ continual threats of immanent doom, vocal wishes that everyone was dead and everyone that ever lived could be retroactively killed, the continual hisses of Climate Extinctionists into the ears of CHILDREN that it would be better if they were dead, better yet if they had never existed. The continual pushing for actions and policies that appear intended to kill millions – no, billions, while making billions miserable WHILE lording over them as if they were morally superior.

    The thing is, Planetary Meltdowners, Climate Extinctionists, etc don’t understand the compound function, which is a real problem, spells doom for them, as we are already seeing signs of – signs they foolishly ignore of course. They assumed that civility and forbearance was an INFINITE resource. That by simply making more demands, more civility would come from… somewhere. That from somewhere, the civil commons would provide.

    So you’ve got this stadium symbolizing the average working joe’s civility vs water symbolizing the increasing irrationality and increasing demands of the Planet Meltdowners

    Let’s say it starts with just one drop of water – just some fringe hippies and “scientists” that don’t stick to the scientific method – ignore vast quantities of available scientific data, insist on calling a hypothesis a theory, keep manipulating their own data and models to give the results they want to see. This is fine right? The world can accommodate a few fringe whackos. There’s PLENTY of room left in the stadium. Plenty of goodwill and tolerance left in the public. They’re willing to put up with a LOT of absurdity, rudeness, even some cruelty to preserve the civil society they value so highly.

    But here’s the thing, imagine that drop doubles every minute. So that means 2 drops in two minutes; 4 drops in three minutes, 8 in four minutes, etc. How long would it take to fill the stadium?

    The stadium will be filled to the very top with water in approximately 47 minutes. The Planetary Meltdowner may look at the total patience left in society and compare it to the rate at which they are CURRENTLY using it up and say “No problem! We can keep going like this for 100 years!” But of course, they forget the exponential function. They cannot grasp it.

    At what count is the stadium out of space for more water – ie at what point are Climate Extinctionists and Planetary Meltdowners about to exhaust the last resources of public forbearance, basic goodwill, niceness in the face of hissing at their children that they’d be better dead and ought to never have been born, of continual policies meant to make everyone miserable and kill them?

    When has the general public about to lose all patience with them? At the 46 minute mark. With just one minute left to go.

    But Climate Extinctionists and Planetery Meltdowners can’t grasp that they are functioning as if they had an infinite resources in a finite world. Sad.

    D Benton Smith

    “Straussian” must be pretty awful, because you won’t find many reputable sources even willing to discuss the sordid psychosis, much less define it. This evasiveness seems to include its originating source, Leo Strauss himself, who always demurred from laying the cards on the table or calling a spade a spade. The closest thing to a definition that I’ve been able to come up with, by cobbling together a patchwork of explanations from multiple sources is that it means lying, cheating, stealing, killing, prevaricating, self-serving, cold-blooded psychopathy under cover of a happy face and appeals to vanity, but that’s probably too bland to really get the concept across fully . As for a geopolitical synonym, well, “evil” comes to mind, but that too lacks proper impact because the magnitudes of the two words are not really comparable, because geopolitics is to Straus as evil is to the devil himself.

    Oh, hey! That’s the synonym I was looking for. Straussian means Satanic.


    @Dr D re: “…They have broken the veil that says we can arrest politicians…”

    That’s not all they’ve broken. The concept of a ‘nondisclosure agreement’ is now a flattened cow patty on the ranch driveway. A new form of covenant must now be devised to secure ‘trade secrets’ and such.


    “Don’t look where they want you to look. Look somewhere else…Divide and conquer.”


    Little Rock looks a bit like parts of Ukraine.

    Were screwed if we continue to use fossil fuels. And we’re screwed if we stop using fossil fuels.

    The Progress Trap!


    And we would be screwed due to using fossil fuels WHY?


    But you know very well that CO2 has been much, MUCH higher than you like to “warn” us of and that temperature has been much, MUCH higher than you like to ‘warn” us of WHILE the earth was chock full of way more life than it is NOW

    The stadium is half full. You have one minute left to go. But you keep DOUBLING down on Climate Meltdown. Because you don’t understand the doubling effect. Sad.


    You guys were claiming warm winters were fossil fuel based global warming until we got some really cold winters, then you claimed cold winters were fossil fuel based global warming.

    You claimed drought in California was fossil fuel based Global Warming, until they got tons of precipitation, at which point you claimed fossil fuel based Global Warming was causing THAT.

    Now you are claiming fossil fuels are causing so much tornadoes that we are screwed if we keep using it!

    I suppose if you stopped doubling down on Planetary Meltdown, some other Planetary Meltdowner would see the available resources left unused – the public space, the attention – and use it themselves. A sad PARADOX of some type.

    Truly, doubling down over and over with “arguments” that look increasingly (doublingly) absurd uses up the remaining patience the general public has left.

    But Planetary Meltdowners don’t believe that civil society comes from people living in cultures that choose to live by a mutually beneficial social contract – no. Planetary Meltdowners believe that it is created by non-organic geological processes of the earth, that the sweetness of civility comes bubbling up naturally, inexaustibly, from the earth’s molten chocolate center


    ‘POTUS is intended for entertainment purposes only, and not for commercial applications:


    Fuckwits don’t understand destabilisation of Jets Steams. Nor do fuckwits understand high pressure blocking. And fuckwits surely do not understand the relationship between sea surface temperature and vapour pressure.

    Fuckwits like to deny the well-established relationship between the absorbance and reradiation of energy in the IR that was first characterised by Tyndall in 1859 and which was accurately forecast to cause overheating of the Earth by Arrhenius in 1896.

    Fuckwits declare that the presence of snow in one location indicates planet-wide cooling.

    Fuckwits cannot distinguish the difference between weather and climate.

    Fuckwits carefully avoid all discussion of the record-high (and rapidly increasing) ocean heat content.

    Fuckwits do not understand that record low ice cover recorded in recent years in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions are canaries in the coal mine for even faster overheating than has already witnessed.

    Fuckwits do not even know about the potential for eruption of methane clathrates from the shallow seas around the North Pole, and certainly do not understand the humungous overheating potential that methane has -being up to 300 times the potential of carbon dioxide.

    Fuckwits do not recognise that atmospheric methane is currently almost three times the pre-industrial level and is rising at the fastest rate ever recorded, particularly over the Arctic Sea and permafrost regions of Siberia.

    Fuckwits do not ever consider the effect of depression of pH by carbon dioxide has on the formation of shell of numerous shellfish species and corals -the messing up of the bicarbonate-carbonate.

    Fuckwits do not recognise the potential for oceans to become sources rather than sinks for carbon dioxide, as the temperature of the oceans rise.

    Fuckwits couldn’t give a shit about the welfare of future generations are purely concerned with the now.

    Fuckwits refuse to look at evidence:

    SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2023
    Sea surface temperature at record high

    The world is full of fuckwits. And one of them, jb-hb, persists, indeed absolutely insists, on repeatedly making a fool of himself on TAE.


    @jb-hb — Yes, that’s correct. Global warming leads to both warmer/colder, drier and wetter weather, depending upon location. Most temperate weather is determined by the location of the jet stream. North of it, the air tends to be cool and dry. South of the jet stream, it tends to be warmer and wetter.

    When there’s a large temperature differential between the poles and tropics (which is largely what drives the jet stream), the flow is relatively stable. Like a river travelling down a steep gradient, it will be relatively straight and stable in it’s banks.

    When you decrease that temperature gradient by warming the earth (which occurs mostly at the poles),, the jet stream starts to meander, and form large ox-bows. Places like like Mexico City — which were formerly well away from the normal jet stream flow — suddenly find themselves experiencing freezing temperatures as the meanders grow in amplitude. That’s why they had 150 year old citrus trees die in a freezing event a few years ago.

    As a farmer, I find that the normal cycle during our growing season here in Michigan starts to vary wildly. Whereas we would normally be oscillating between cooler/drier and warmer/wetter weather every week or two, it’s now often every month or two as the meanders in the jet stream stall out.

    The same effect is the reason that Washington’s forests are now burning at rates much greater than they historically did (the phase shift occurred around 2016 if my memory serves). I grew up there and once worked as a commercial forester there as well, so I pay attention to these things.


    Yes, I get that Climate Extictionists like to screech that whatever weather is happening proves Global Warming and when the opposite weather happens, they screech that that proves it too.

    The fact that you padded your essay out doesn’t change it

    While meanwhile, actual real science shows, for millions of years, higher temperatures and higher CO2 with the earth being chock full of life rather than turning into Venus as threatened.

    The mere feat that you used more words to go fu-nu-mu-nu with the same simplistic endpoint that STILL flies in the face of actual real science just goes to show that you cannot grasp the concept of overshoot

    You see, Climate Extinctionist / Planet Meltdownists have made more and more of themselves – through abuse and misuse of the educational system and media. They’ve also multiplied the space occupied in the cultural space via increasing activism and use of technology.

    Sadly, they just can’t see that having repeatedly doubled down, they are reaching a point of overshoot, where the resources to maintain tolerance for their message will be exhausted. Overshoot always leads to a collapse, a crash.

    It is sad that you Climate Extinctionists cannot heed the increasing danger signs. If you act now, you may perhaps be able to prevent it. Or it may be too late.


    Great rant from Celente:


    Ursula von der Albrecht- you left out babies being thrown from incubators at bio-lab sites ?

    It’s Gendercide !

    Biological Women declare War on Biological Man… the shortest and least profitable War to end all Wars and Humanity.

    Mad Max Clown World coming soon.

    WHO now recommends healthy, young people NOT get the Covid Vaccines.

    Billy Boy Gates getting nervous?

    (un) safe and (in) effective …

    50,000 North Koreans To Join Russia In Invading Ukraine

    Rock On ! War at home, War abroad… What a lovely Nation.




    It is most certainly too late because we have had fuckwits and liars in charge for decades. And those fuckwits and liars have implemented non-solutions to vast array of predicaments we have been faced with for decades -non-solutions (such as Carbon Trading and Quantitative Easing and electric cars etc.) that suited the short-term interests of banks and corporations but made all the predicaments worse!

    What is more, the fuckwits and liars and saboteurs in charge systematically lied to the ignorant masses in Oceania/NATOstan over many decades to ensure that only fuckwits and liars and saboteurs ever got elected or installed as CEOs in the vast bureaucracy of fuckwits and liars.

    Celente puts it, it’s a Crime Syndicate.

    And now it’s all unravelling as a direct consequence of all the systematic fraud, deceit and criminality that characterise the ‘governments’ of UK, US, Canada, Australia, NZ. -Airstrips One, Two, Three Four and Five.

    Yesterday I took some time away from various urgent projects to rewatch the 1984 version of ‘1984’. It’s all there, other than the environmental meltdown (which was a lot less noticeable when Eric Blair wrote the book over 1947-8).


    I think you can die of confusion.
    I think you can die of despair.
    But now that they act in collusion
    There won’t be a soul left to care.

    The photo of Julian Assange…

    On “climate change”: it could be worse. They could decide it is the sun’s fault, and plot something they could do to tame it. We’re coming close with darkening the skies.

    I recently read a $.99 book referred by Rense (I paid too much for it), and it told of a universe populated by species so far advanced it boggles the mind. They have their sights set on earth for depopulation and restructuring. The foundations are being laid. It meshed with a storybook site of an interview with someone called “Hidden Hand” which I would link but it was not secure and had to be obliterated for doing dodgy things to the desktop. They both imply that Lucifer (Lucifera- a female! in one) isn’t such a bad guy, after all. Just another cog in the the realm of universal domination, poor thing.

    What circle of hell captures those who would tell all their children they rue that they had them?

    I just got my copy of “There is no Antimimetics Division”.


    The April fool’s joke here in the heartland was six inches of wet snow. Oh, how we laughed!

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