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    Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Fall of the Rebel Angels 1562   • (Hunter) Biden-Linked Burisma Used For Terror Attacks In Russia – Moscow (RT) • Bu
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    China Sending Message That ‘It Has Russia’s Back’ If West Escalates

    Put on your hip waders, The Yellow Peril mongers will start any minute now.

    Dr. D

    “Rep. @AOC & @StephenAtHome double down on debunked claim that Biden impeachment probe premised on “Russian propaganda”

    I’d say, “of course” but really the tide seems to be breaking. For a change, it may not be so obvious. Several high-level influencer s—t Libs have flipped and are asking questions. …One of course bc he’d allow anything, but not in NYC. Once it affects him, then it’s all different. (Yes, it’s out of abstraction)

    Cautiously optimistic. How long can you keep a Jacobean Madness going without … well I guess without actually chopping heads of the innocent, that really gets the demons going. So if they can’t win, and they haven’t even with Biden, people start backing away and they lose? No one I know of has done this before. America engineers this madness for others, we’ve never run test cases for reversing it.

    “It is claimed that…2,000 years ago…”

    WHO claimed? Zionists. That essentially the modern definition of Zion, to re-establish the Biblical state and condition of Israel. This was a tough sell as the Jews rejected it for centuries after a few whackos started it, and it took engineering the Holocaust, then amplifying it, to get them to start agreeing to it at all. We forget that since it’s now very common and popular. This is quite similar to the US Evangelical system, arranged by the same people. We pay infinity money to promote the Osteen or whoever, and infinity money to find scandals on those whose platforms involve sin, repentance, or in this case do NOT specifically support giving me a free country with nice beaches. So you go research what whacko fringe cult loons are always out there, pick one up, clean him off and reform him with Mr. Pulitzer, and release like a Scofield Bible with infinity money and promotion. Lo! A new religion type (The Rapture) exists that never existed for 1800 years is born! …But every Bible and every Christian except me were all Idiots, you see. Progressivism.

    And so we see today all over. As soon as the media mentions a Christian without spitting and lighting on fire, I know it’s one of these paid promotions, meaning it’s whacko doctrine that will kill everyone.

    “Joel Osteen Releases New Edition Of Bible With All Words Redacted
    Joel Osteen Wears His Pastor Costume For Halloween Again
    Joel Osteen Bankrupt After Local Woman Names And Claims His Estate
    Joel Osteen Releases New Brand Of Table Salt That Has Completely Lost Its Saltiness
    Joel Olsteen Tests Negative for Christianity
    Joel Osteen Berates Apostle Paul For Negative Self-Talk About Being ‘Chief Of Sinners’” –BBee

    Not to pick on him only, practically all pastors, and certainly anyone you’ve heard of are like this. It’s just more fun with him. Probably Billy Graham eg was not specifically a put up job or a weirdo like so many, but like all members of Congress, the Presidents, etc, he has practical strategy not to go dead-against major powers and be removed altogether. Okay, and yes maybe that helped as he was around as an influence. But that’s still cowardice that allows whoever “Bad Guy” to sit safe in his castle and plot. Let’s pretend for a moment that is “Israel”, and if so, then we see what NOT going the full monty then led us all to now.

    But all wars are like this. Should he be discredited for fighting differently that we would when most of us aren’t fighting at all? Give it a rest.

    The over-point here is that THIS IS ALL PAID. THIS IS ALL ARRANGED. And I’ll slander, discredit, defund, investigate, MURDER, anyone who gets in my way. …And then we pretend it’s all organic. It’s not. So both credit the harm is happening, and credit the people who get up there and start swinging for the Good Guys anyway.

    Btw, younger Graham, etc, went full vaccine for what that’s worth. I wouldn’t expect 3rd Palookaville Baptist Church to have inside information, but I would the Grahams.

    “• (Hunter) Biden-Linked Burisma Used For Terror Attacks In Russia – Moscow (RT)

    Think anything will happen? I think Biden himself could have commanded it, using Hunter as the bag man, with a suitcase of crack as the currency, delivered using underaged prostitutes all posted on PornHub and nothing would happen. Republicans would think about maybe someday requesting evidence.

    “• Burisma ‘Vehicle To Launder Taxpayer Money’ – Lawyer (RT)

    Yes, but it’s all being shut off. This is probably their largest remaining spigot. It was the CIA/Derp/Congressional self-funding when Cheeto asked about it, that’s why they went nuclear. But the war puts a crimp in it, even as they add more pressure the pipe with arms inflows. So no F-Stan, no Africa, no Ukraine. Where’s the money flow now? ($10,000 per immigrant, with many sold to slavery, then killed.) Bombshell. Walls are Closing in.

    That is the seen and the unseen. Speaking of, the “unseen” (and how I don’t know) is Yellen has turned like $20 Trillion in the last 6 months, have I read that right? No wonder she’s in China on her knees but no one wants any. Also because of that, the duration is all now Bills (short time) not Bonds (long) of any duration? Never before seen? These are the things that have to happen before you have a “bank” run, When a nation collapses. But also a military event, etc. something to point at. I think the Wall St insiders have net gone short bonds as well, but that’s difficult as all reporting is lying, and “how short?” is the question. Powell drops by one point, short? Or like “US default” short?

    Shorting bonds DOES mean buy gold, Bitcoin, etc, and whooops! There you go, another new all-time high! (With silver remaining near all time lows)

    Actually this is similar to Eth, which was $5k ATH? And is $3500? So we print $1,000 Billion every 100 days and there’s no inflation. In Silver, BTC, Eth, riiiiiight.

    Part of the joke is, if this dislocates, BTC/Gold, will probably CRASH as they are liquid and profits. People will repay their “Debts”, mostly margin calls. What does “Crash” mean? It means USD$ goes UP. Up, up, up. Just for a minute Gold is $1000, silver $10, BTC $20,000. It doesn’t stay that way, but that would mean “cost” of USD$ has DOUBLED for that window.

    Then prices start to “discover” again, on a long-term basis, which will be hard as several of them will close. This has happened before: 1 year pause on Wall St NYSE in WWI, etc. I’d be sure we’re in a cycle where that’s possible now. What is the price of BTC, Gold, Amazon, when there are no open markets? And you can’t SELL your Amazon because you can’t even trade the stock certificate with your rich poker buddies and the Mayor of the city: there are no “Certificates”. “Amazon” is a crypto now, without “The exchange” DTCC, that is, the privately owned XRP-like “blockchain” nothing can move. You’re already IN a crypto system, you just didn’t notice. That’s why cranks like me wanted the paper certificates, but that was made illegal.

    Burisma is a covering shadow created by NATO for Gladio low intensity warfare against the Russians including bioagents and terrorist attacks”

    Ohhhhhhhhh. NOW I understand why Trump can’t look into Burisma or else he’s a Russia Bot. Why they can find 12 high-level biolabs, with human experimentation, which RELEASED COVID, posted it to the UN Record, and it all vanishes from the news, never happened. When that happens, that’s the nexus point, that’s where the real big players are, and are trying to hide their military buildup for an invasionary force, as a semi-metaphor. You could say, this is the HEAD OF THE DERP STATE right now, worldwide. Maybe their CEO offices are somewhere else, but the 1M sq ft factory floor is here.

    “• Musk Warns Of Terrorist Threat To US (RT)

    Thanks NPR writers at RT: maybe you should report THE FBI DIRECTOR SAID THE SAME THING.

    “Previously, the billionaire THE FBI argued that the ability of illegal migrants to cross the US-Mexico border and claim asylum without showing any identification “has turned America into a refuge for the world’s worst criminals.”

    “at least 6.3 million more have entered the US in the years since.”

    We know exactly, because there is no wall and we haven’t stopped them. We also know exactly how many cans of tuna fish are on every shelf of every WalMart in the county without looking or asking. Why keep inventory? Ask Homeland Security. They know down to the man without looking. Hubris. Which leads to Nemesis. Maybe it’s 1 Million. Maybe it’s 50 million. Why would you think you know?

    “• No Russian Misinfo On X, But Western Influence Ops Present – Musk (RT)

    You would think they’d let this go when Musk asked for “One example” and the BBC couldn’t think of even one. He was like a deer in the headlights: being from Eton and the BBC, he’d never actually met a live human that wasn’t in Groupthink before. Elon asking a “Question” was like a facehugger jumping out of his chest at him.

    “• Musk: Starlink Free for Brazil Schools If Government Cancels Contract (ET)

    To repeat yesterday, Musk said BRAZIL’S OWN CONSTITUTION PROHIBITED THIS. Prohibited what the Judge said. Now here’s your problem with government censorship. Now – I – have to guess, which of EVERY text will be illegal/legal, when they’re ALL legal? Now – I – have to guess without asking you, WHICH TEXTS YOU LIKE? How am I supposed to know??? And I have to guess WHICH Judge and law?

    F-ing lunatics! You have Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic cluster where you think there is no separation between You, and me? Like I read minds? I have to do what you want, the WAY you want it, because that is the WAY you would have done it? At a minimum you need to TELL me. Nope. “The Law is in my Mind.” Guess. Or I’ll throw you in prison ’cause that feels funnier anyway.

    Okay, Elon “Guessed”: he said, IT’S LEGAL ACCORDING TO YOUR CONSTITUTION, now get a court case, a court order to prove me wrong. The Judge was doing that, but without a public statement, he couldn’t tell if it was being done correctly which is why all government/court things have to be public record. The inalterable “Blockchain” of governments.

    Because that exists, all media reports the #Opposite happened, then when Musk tells them they print totally lies, they act like he’s crazy. However, very slowly the public has come around to that conclusion, including Gen Z.

    “• ‘Automated Murder’: Israel’s ‘AI’ in Gaza (Patrick Lawrence)

    Alistair was on an interview about this. It’s just what you think. They actually DON’T know anything about Hamas and can’t reach them. So like all useless middle-manager spreadsheet AIs, they then used the data they had – with essentially no “Hamas” in it, and prioritized these targets AS IF they were Hamas instead. We just made it up. We lied. We optimize what we measure. And that’s why every company fails in a heap, like morons, unable to make the simplest things, like “Door Rivets”. This is like bombing every Democratic voter, by priority, while leaving DC and all 50 capitals out of your measuring zone.

    Then they have a threshold that they can only kill 30 collaterals, unless “it’s important” then you can kill 300. Okay, um, what’s your historical legal basis for these numbers? A: there is none, we just made them up. Then punched them into AI. Who has no on-ground data and might be a million infants there, collateral killed. Don’t care.

    How does this work? We thought AI would go out on the battlefield like predator drones, killing who we directed. The #Opposite is true in Clown world #OppositeLand: we outsourced all MORALITY, and then the HUMANS go get shot at the AI’s directives.

    So you thought we should outsource to AI…because AI would be MORE MORAL than a human? Yes. That is where we are. Really, it was like this: a bunch of useless, pin-headed middle managers with no risk sat in a room, and they couldn’t come up with a solution (to Hamas, which the same pinheads ALSO created with their LAST brilliant idea). So someone came up with this: “I know! Lets’ add a computer!” and the next guys said, “Yeah! Right, Bob? When has adding a computer not worked perfectly and made the world a better place??” And the Computer salesman said, “Boy, have I got the model for you! It’s double plus extra but it has stars upon thars.” And they paid the computer salesman a ga-zillion dollars, programmed the computer, and all PRETENDED it would work just great! Bonuses all ’round!!!

    …Until they had to USE it.

    Now Israel is retreating having succeeded in ZERO objectives, AND all Israel is most likely, almost unavoidably going to cease to exist. Sound like any computer rollout with middle management in YOUR company? All trained at Eton and Harvard BA?

    You Outsourced the MORALITY. To a MACHINE. Have you not worked with, I dunno, a stamping machine, a backhoe, a PTO shaft? Are they well known for stopping if an innocent human gets in the way, wrapped around the machine gears? No? Huh. I can’t imagine why that didn’t work coming from a system that would nuke the whole planet rather than say N—–r. (True story)

    “In the Lavender case, the data it produced were accepted and treated as if they had been generated by a human being without any actual human oversight or independent verification.”

    Nope, again, I said, IF any computer exists, it’s the fault of the programmers. And I was looking for some Python coders in the basement. But no: it was just these middle manager dorks in Nutsy’s government. They signed right up to it and left their names. Okay, then: YOU are legally responsible. You created Mecha-Streisand that crushed NY, You are the villains. Not the AI: YOU.

    I can’t run a baler through a harvest festival, crush up 50 kids, then BLAME THE BALER can I? That’s the level of stupidity and childishness on display here. There is no COURT on earth, and no HUMAN on earth that will permit that, even the argument of it. I’m not even sure it’s “Israelis”: it’s more like 90% how all middle managers think. Or don’t think.

    How about this: “Okay, I’m sorry you did that. Now you’re going to jail.” If you look, YouTube has infinity videos of people like, drunk drove, killed everyone, and think they’re walking out to go to work tomorrow. Or far worse. It’s impossible to get through to them, and you can see what police have to put up with. That’s why we have prisons. Even after serving 12 years, they STILL are in denial and hasn’t come through.

    “Ukraine is failing on the battlefield because of a lack of American funding, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said on Monday”

    “It’s Not whether you win or lose, but where you place the blame.” Hey Chuck: your OWN people (CBS) already said NONE OF THE MONEY REACHES UKRAINE. It all goes to kickbacks for voter fraud and there’s an election coming up. Powell shut off FTX. Isn’t that really what you care about? If you’re not in office, you can’t pay your blackmail.

    Zelensky’s advisor, Alexey Arestovich, Barack Obama/Bill Burns and argued in 2019: – Attempting to join NATO will pressure Russia to invade”

    “• ‘High-Intensity War In Europe No Longer A Fantasy’ – Borrell (RT)

    I guess? But “Ukraine” is in “Europe” so maybe get a clue? We’re IN the war. The war is HAPPENING. More men are killed each day than the hot spots of WWII. …But they’re Slavs, so we don’t count them. They are not the “Important people”.

    Also YOU DON’T HAVE AN ARMY. Anywhere, of any kind, and can’t get one. At all, anywhere, of any kind. You can’t even get lances and horses, pocketknives and slingshots, or flint-knapped atlatli. NOTHING. And that’s not adding the actual important part that the MEN need to both be scenery-chewing for war, but need 12-24 months training, but only if they are healthy, and have been wrestling and getting in fistfights at recess since boys.

    Middle managers: “Well, I just wrote it on this spreadsheet and we ported it to AI” I hadn’t fully realized THIS was how AI would kill us. We tell it we want baked beans and it kills the human race to do it bc some third flunky programmed it wrong and every human downstream just said, “Computer says!!” Soylent Green! Who am I to argue?!

    “• China Sending Message That ‘It Has Russia’s Back’ If West Escalates (Sp.)

    Yes but we don’t WANT them to do it. And we really REALLY don’t want that, and stomped our little feet. So therefore, China won’t! Aspnaz will tell you: that’s how China works, right? They’re our factory floor, so whatever we tell them, they do it. China loves foreigners like that.

    ““ literally take over these social networks, [which] all these big tech people thought was going to be this lovely garden of earthly delights and turn it into a prison.”

    Hahahahahaha! No. They always knew it was a prison. A “Brave New Word” prison, where they pickup cheap sex with Lenina and Lolita, and they are the only people with allotments of “Jam.”

    “..from 1789 to 2023, no former or sitting president has faced criminal charges for their official acts, and for good reason..”

    Again, this would totally be different if they arrested him for something before or after being in office. But anything IN office is Impeachment by definition. Otherwise, why have it? What’s it for? A: Don’t Care: Just Made It Up. You see, I WANT it, and I want it A LOT, and I stomped my little Jack feet…

    “• Neom: Saudi Arabia ‘Scales Back’ Goals Of Megacity Project (MEE)

    Does anyone have any idea what’s up with this? I thought it was a folly like a concept car, but no. The 2nd Panama Canal is to steal a million hectares of rainforests and put in a Chinese military base, is this the same? There’s nothing in Saudi to steal.

    Screenshot: “Polluted cities that ignore nature”

    You frogmarched all population OFF the farms and INTO the cities, and every Millennial and Z are trying to get back there, then YOU complain about the cities being too large and too unnatural? While YOU control by law every single human activity within them? How about this: You’re fired. From now on, you can leave everybody alone or we’ll shoot you.

    There are 40Million falling down houses in the Rural aka “non-city” flyover America. Up until 2020, could be got for the price of taxes. The economies caused that because of YOUR policies. If you want them back to Nature, fix that. It’s illegal to live in a sod house, but I’ll PAY you – infinity money!!! — to turn cornfields into concrete to put solar on that will be ruined in the first hailstorm 1 year from now. ‘Cause that’s GREEEEEEN! Cows and Chickens are illegal but lighting a lithium car on fire is legally required. Green.

    “report from The New York Times of an engineer at the airplane manufacturer turned whistle-blower”

    But I thought they already whacked that guy. For an engineer, he’s slow on the uptake. “Boeing Engineer did not kill himself” news at 11.

    “where profit is prioritized over everything else,” Blumenthal said in a statement.”

    Socialist talking points. But: Reporter, so it goes without saying it will be in every sentence. It’s NOT about profits, is it? They just LOST all their profits, didn’t they? Why wasn’t this rectified earlier?: No Competition.

    “Some Heroes”

    Boy I see how all that screaming helped. Someone needs to learn their kids better.

    “linking the action “to save the planet from global warming”

    Yes, by blaming the flooding on Global Warming like AFKTT does. When we stop controlled burns, that’s Global Warming. Channeling and putting up parking lots the whole length of the Mississippi is Global warming. When we put the thermometer in the mall parking lot, that’s global Warming. When it snows in Mexico, that’s also global warming. And of course transgender sex workers in Thailand, definitely Global warming.

    Dr. D

    Following Easter:

    “The Vatican Codex, the oldest copy of the Greek Bible, speaks of the solar eclipse in the Book of Luke. This is supported by a Greek historian named Phlegon, who recorded a solar eclipse in the same period. Phlegon wrote a history entitled The Olympiads, in which he recorded a three-hour eclipse of the sun during the reign of Tiberius (14-37AD). There was also a major earthquake during the reign of Tiberius that wiped out Asia.”

    How in the holy heck can you have a three hour eclipse? It you can, wouldn’t our computer models have back-seen it?

    Anyway, that certainly WOULD indicate earthquakes, as also happened this time. If this is true, also why haven’t I heard of it? It’s like the most common, public information in the world: surely someone would have forwarded it as a support to Christianity.

    This is like two things about the Fall of Rome I learned only after a lifetime: One, Rome “Fell” after Julius. Like 400 YEARS after. That is, if you can’t pin the “Fall of Rome” to even a century, I think that defies the meaning of “Fall”. They were “Falling” longer than we’ve been colonized, and building mo’ better stuff right to the end. Second: the “Fall” of Rome proper, if you want to call it that, at the end, wasn’t morality or some dumb s—t but a volcanic eruption that killed all the crops. Maybe you could LEAD with that? Like: possibly relevant? It’s not like we needed Ice Cores to find out: The ROMAN EMPEROR WROTE IT. Like maybe historians should read, at a minimum, Roman Emperors to understand Rome?

    Same here. So there was a 3 hour eclipse and an earthquake: both remarkably normal, and back-predictible events, and no one could mention it. Not like some didn’t guess, but that’s different from someone in Greece writing it down.

    the eclipse of 33AD was also timed with the Great Financial Panic in Rome. The Financial Panic of 33AD provides one of the few detailed accounts of events recorded by the ancient historian Tacitus (56–117AD).”

    Etc. Obviously San Fran and the ensuing financial run comes to mind.

    John Day

    Schumer made much the same argument while visiting Ukraine in late February, claiming that if Kiev gets the money, “they will win the war and beat Russia.”

    Chuckey is lying to position himself to be free of blame when Russia wins.
    He’s good at that.

    John Day

    @Biblical-Dr.-D: New Testament from original Greek, by Hart
    The New Testament : a translation
    “David Bentley Hart undertook this new translation of the New Testament etsi doctrina non daretur, “as if doctrine is not given.” Reproducing the texts’ often fragmentary formulations without augmentation or correction, he has produced an often pitilessly literal translation of the early Christians’ sometimes raw, astonished, and halting prose, one that captures the texts’ frequent impenetrability and unfinished quality while awakening readers to an uncanniness that often lies hidden beneath doctrinal layers. This rendering also challenges the idea that the New Testament affirms the kind of people we are. Hart reminds us that the first Christians were a company of extremists, radical in their rejection of the values and priorities of society not only at its most degenerate, but often at its most reasonable and decent. “To live as the New Testament language requires,” he writes, “Christians would have to become strangers and sojourners on the earth, to have here no enduring city, to belong to a Kingdom truly not of this world. And we surely cannot do that, can we?””–Jacket flap

    John Day

    Quoth Dr. D about exclusive e-commerce:
    “And you can’t SELL your Amazon because you can’t even trade the stock certificate with your rich poker buddies and the Mayor of the city: there are no “Certificates”. “Amazon” is a crypto now, without “The exchange” DTCC, that is, the privately owned XRP-like “blockchain” nothing can move. You’re already IN a crypto system, you just didn’t notice. That’s why cranks like me wanted the paper certificates, but that was made illegal.”

    John Day

    When the FBI “warns” about a “possible terrorist attack”, it means they have a couple set up and ready to go.


    Control the narrative
    Bankers, Lawyers, and Politicians know secrets and must tell lies

    Do you Care
    Pay attention
    no one should have any illusions
    The Truth is the Enemy


    FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS: Ukraine, Biden & the Fractured American Political Consensus

    FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTS: Ukraine, Biden & the Fractured American Political Consensus
    Arnaud Develay

    Arnaud Develay dives into the murky waters of Washington’s “external management” of Ukraine dating back to the infamous Maidan coup d’état and extending forward to include the political weaponization of law and elections foibles, past and forthcoming, reflecting the fracturing of the American political class.

    It’s one hell of an expose, full of the nitty-gritty on how America seems ready and willing to tear itself apart.
    Lawyer and journalist Dimitri Lascarus told Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Wednesday
    China Sending Message That ‘It Has Russia’s Back’ If West Escalates

    The Critical Hour
    Serbian-American journalist and columnist Nebojsa Malic told Sputnik’s Fault Lines on Tuesday.
    ‘Russiagate’ About Seizing Power as Much as Stopping Trump

    Sputnik’s Fault Lines

    John Day

    @Dr. D: Eclipses last 3 minutes, not 3 hours.
    Maybe aliens made a giant black mylar balloon overhead and just kept it there for 3 hours.
    Earthquakes can be prompted, like rain, but need the right conditions to exist.

    (Hmmm… Thinking … How long does an eclipse last on a sundial?)


    Jeez nothing screams nature like a dead straight line of glass and steel in the desert.
    People are complete idiots.


    I watched this yesterday- an “ex” CIA contractor telling us all about “how it’s done”. I link it because of description of how to rope someone in and get them to reveal themselves. It’s pretty clear the questioner in the above CIA contractor video knows precisely how it’s done. At 1:22:00 to about 1:25.xx, the interviewee gives instructions.
    I found this video fascinating, and though very long (2 hours), I listened to the whole thing. It gets most interesting about an hour in. The first hour is mostly biography.


    An election victory in November, possibly holding a Nobel as his trophy, isn’t a far-fetched thought.

    Gaza War ends. Will Biden get a Nobel?

    Gaza War ends. Will Biden get a Nobel?

    (yes, if the USA med. fleet doesn’t respond to Iran’s retaliation.)


    Pieter Bruegel the Elder

    The Fall of the Rebel Angels 1562

    Second only to Bosch in terms of heavily into ergotism aka….. St. Anthony’s Fire.

    An unavoidable feature of life with medieval Europe’s moldy rye bread.

    And oh yah, the Rebel Angels WON.

    They are the ones in control NOW

    Feel the Burn.

    Marie Kilbourne Matossian, a historian at the University of Maryland, believes that contaminated food could have influenced the incidence and intensity of political unrest.

    Da’ya think?



    I saw a long time back that one purpose of the FBI and CIA was to collect cluster Bs. Somewhere in the biographical section of the video I linked to above, the guy mentions that the CIA said he was “broken”, that is, he had a bad childhood and that made him privy to the true ways of human beings. He was less trusting and his skepticism would be useful to the agency.

    In the Covid experiment, it was clear from reading people’s comments on a big selection of websites that having a more traumatic childhood predisposed people to not trust what they were told about the “pandemic” or “the vaccine”.
    A necessary step, of course, was that the Covid skeptics understood that they had had a less than perfect childhood.
    It’s sad that economics stole the word “trust” so that “antitrust” is captured, and “trustbusting” is a good thing.
    Anti Trust (the real version of trust) is the only glue that holds this whole crazy period in world history together and it’s very bad.
    Destroy trust in each other, and society collapses.

    Dr D Rich

    Impressive….CIA shit-for-brains crowing about his and their’s criminal methods.

    Maybe he, CIA-guy, doesn’t know that the FBI, police and prosecutors already “do what he do” as a matter of fact, practice and policy.

    As noted before:

      FBI, acting locally via Federal Magistrate Judges, wrongfully procures court-orders on innocent targets, which are then used like a weapon to defame, smear, dismiss, discredit, and socially-isolate the target locally, in ways which then ensure that all whom the FBI notifies will necessarily participate in community-wide actions to treat the target like a criminal


    Burisma Holdings story unwinding


    Alex Jones and Blennis: this page
    Good luck, Alex.

    John Day

    2 Birds
    AI-operated fighter jet will fly Air Force secretary on test run

    John Day

    In Germ’s absence: RIP (TVASF)
    Gabriel Holt: Tributes to Wales rugby league player who has died suddenly aged 21

    Cancer Rates Rising In Young People Due To ‘Accelerated Aging,’ According To ‘Highly Troubling’ New Study


    Look at the argument used by the opposition

    No Evidence Excess Deaths Linked to Vaccines, Contrary to Claims Online

    SciCheck’s COVID-19/Vaccination Project

    No Evidence Excess Deaths Linked to Vaccines, Contrary to Claims Online
    By Kate Yandell

    Posted on April 17, 2023


    In the Covid experiment, it was clear from reading people’s comments on a big selection of websites that having a more traumatic childhood predisposed people to not trust what they were told about the “pandemic” or “the vaccine”.

    The black sheep gets designated as the black sheep due to some combination of intelligence, sensitivity, intuition, and independence.

    Does the experience of trauma teach the black sheep to disbelieve?

    Or did the black sheep get selected for trauma precisely for those necessary innate qualities in the first place?

    You don’t select obtuse compliant idiots for black sheep. black sheep designation being a preemptive defensive move by someone who cannot stand being sized up by another human mind. woah, this 4 year old fills me with measureless nameless dread. time to convince them and everyone else that they are me.

    Narcs. Running preemptive spin campaigns against toddlers since 42,921bc. #braveandstunninng


    Trudeau’s point of view (Ukraine not brought up)
    What were the Political involvement/interference by Ukraine, diaspora in Canada
    The Ukrainian diaspora in Canada has a significant presence and has been actively involved in supporting Ukraine, especially during times of conflict
    1. Here are some key points:

    Canada is home to 1.4 million people of Ukrainian descent, making it the world’s second-largest Ukrainian diaspora after Russia
    1.The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is the umbrella organization for national, provincial, and local Ukrainian Canadian organizations2. It has stated that the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada has been a target of foreign interference activities, including both disinformation operations and acts of violence
    2.The community has mobilized resources and sought solace in one another as their homeland reels from conflict1.
    Prominent community leaders and politicians of Ukrainian ancestry, including Canada’s deputy prime minister, Chrystia Freeland, have maintained strong cultural and political ties1.
    The Canadian government has taken measures to combat foreign interference in Canadian democratic processes
    3. This includes developing a plan to address recommendations from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) and other reports3.
    Please note that this is a complex and evolving issue. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, consider following news reports and scholarly articles on the subject.

    Figmund Sreud

    Interesting, wide ranging discussion! Long. A snip on just but one subject, GDP, ( … at about 22:23 mark.)

    … GDP is the metric which means everything. There are many different ways you can slice and dice that. We’ve already mentioned Bhutan and gross domestic happiness and other measures. They’re a little bit abstract, but the more concrete way I like to look at it is what’s GDP for? Okay, let me pivot for a second to something that’s more of a thesis of mine, because I think that’s where we’re going to go in a moment. So if you’ve got two countries trading together using comparative advantage and free trade, which ticks every box in terms of the current framework, and you say, “Okay, my GDP is doing well, your GDP is doing well because of this, because of how we’re specializing and trading together.” That’s wonderful until you ask yourself what’s your neighbor doing with their GDP?

    Now, are they building public housing and hospitals and schools and developing a thriving arts and culture scene and pushing the boundaries of literature, or are they creating technological wonders to share with the world, or are they building tanks and planes and aircraft carriers and guns and bombs and starting to put them near your border. I’m putting it in the most stark possible terms, but those are very much the terms that we’re starting to see around us today in different geographies. And what’s the point of GDP if that is what GDP is producing? And what’s the point of free trade if that’s what free trade is helping to generate through the eciencies?

    … anyway, a link to a whole:


    John Day

    Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) is calling on Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s running mate to step aside, telling her that he’s worried the independent candidate could lead to former President Donald Trump beating President Joe Biden in November’s presidential election race.
    “While I completely respect third parties and the right for anyone to run for public office, I am deeply concerned that Robert F. Kennedy’s name on the ballot in swing states could tilt the election in Donald Trump’s favor,” Mr. Khanna wrote in a letter to Nichole Shanahan, Mr. Kennedy’s running mate


    So Congress tried to impeach Trump because he dared to inquire about deep state/Congress’s Ukrainian Money Laundromat!
    It was all about protecting their taxpayer money spigot!

    I knew a guy named “Billy Graham” but he wasn’t that Billy Graham!
    He was smart, tall, good looking, outgoing, and charming.
    The perfect “male” for women!
    This Billy Graham loved drinking and chasing women!
    Nobody scheduled meetings in the morning because they all knew he didn’t show up for work until late morning or noon!
    He had his nightly catch of women to deal with!
    He had a reputation to uphold!
    He never got fired!


    Nate Hagens unfortunately is still using the term “climate change” which is now and forever fatally tainted with Woketardism, transgender hyypocrisy, DEI racism, Clot Shot Booster Madness, etc…

    It’s all rolled together so that using any of the “don’t run with scissors” Karenisms evokes the rest of the diseased Leftoid pseudo neo-marxism mental illness.

    I know his work going back the the Oil Drum days.

    His heart is in a good place but he seems tone deaf to the damage and sheer madness of the Woke-ism brand and how it’s way past it’s due date.

    Death the the Woke will be the new mantra coming up as the Western economies collapse under their own twisted hubris.

    Energy matters don’t matter unless you put CHINA front and center.

    All other discussions of energy and resource depletion don’t mean Jack-shit without focusing on CHINA’S colossal global resource overshoot.

    All other countries energy policies mean bupkis with CHINA and it’s grotesque negative resource consumption and massive male dominated population bubble.





    When I hear “climate change”‘ it immediately evokes rainbow haired she / It / he / haw freaks gluing their hands and asses to the pavement at intersections trying to block traffic so that ordinary working people who are barely getting by are late for work and get fired.

    The ‘climate change” brand is dead

    Better find a new “catch phrase” ASAP

    Climate Activists Glue Themselves To Airport Runways In Germany.

    Great message branding here….



    Today, Microsoft’s AI insisted there is NO evidence that Males and Females have different brains. I discussed stroke recovery and brain structure for awhile, but basically it said “just because men and women’s brains are different doesn’t mean they are different” and browbeat me with runny, ever-longer woke lectures.

    I tried pointing out that they were engaging in Dualism (the mind is NOT the brain and the neurochemical events occurring in it, but rather a ghost floating around not occurring as discrete physical events. Now try to totally disprove Santa.) …which is essentially superstitious and non materialist, but it deluged me in word salad so bad I abandoned all that.

    I decided, as kind of a response to this type of insistent wackiness being embedded into what are ostensibly utilities, that I will include the following in all communication with any company I am a customer of.

    “As a staunch pro free speech Liberal who believes in equal protection under the law for all, I do not patronize Leftist Wokeist companies anymore, because Leftist Wokeists are anti free speech, pro war, anti working class, anti women, anti equality, and anti science.

    Customers do not matter to Wokeists, so IF, in the future, I discover <company> has gotten Woke, know that this would mark THE PERMANENT END of our long relationship. Just giving fair warning. Thanks profusely, <company>, for not being insane thus far. <thing company does> is paramount.”


    In Star Trek, Captain Kirk easily defeats computers and robots by talking with them.

    He typically uses the socratic method, then leads them into a self-contradiction, and they quite helpfully explode themselves.

    I’ve seen people over the years saying that either computers or even people would have some sort of self-destruct if they run into their own contradictions. But no. That isn’t how it works.

    Microsoft’s AI is totally impervious to logic, even the socratic method, even when using all its own reasoning and information it acknowledges to be true. It simply grinds on, oblivious, In that sense, I guess it passed the Turing Test.

    “The _____ can stay irrational longer than you can stay _____.” Some sort of universal constant.


    jb-hb – I have noted over the years that parents with very bright, curious children seem to be afraid of them and handicap them with indulgence, dependency, and harsher punishments than less bright siblings. It drives me crazy to see a kid puzzling something out and a parent steps in and “fixes” the complex situation for him.

    John Day

    Enemy Within

    ​ ‘Foreign Interference’: China Hits Back At Yellen While Welcoming Russia’s Lavrov To Beijing
    ​ US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen at the end of her four day trip to China chose to deliver a stark warning on an ultra-sensitive topic in US-China relations. She warned against any actions of Beijing to bolster Russia’s military capacity by supplying ammunition or weaponry amid Moscow’s ongoing war in Ukraine… “Any banks that facilitate significant transactions that channel military or dual-use goods to Russia’s defense industrial base expose themselves to the risk of US sanctions,” she warned.​..
    ​..Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning responded to Yellen on Monday, telling a press conference, “China-Russia relations should not be attacked or smeared, and the legitimate rights and interests of China and Chinese companies should not be harmed.”​

    Yuan displacing dollar on Russia’s foreign exchange market – Central Bank​ , The Chinese currency now accounts for the largest share of forex trading, the regulator reports​

    ​ China to respond to US pressure with multi-tier defense involving Russia
    ​ In response to the US policy of multilateral and multilevel deterrence Beijing is beginning to build a multi-tier defense in the military and economic sphere, while Russia will gain new opportunities as China’s military-political and economic partner, Alexey Maslov, the director of the Institute of Asian and African Countries at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, told TASS​…
    ​..”The US has not given up on seriously containing China and, indeed, it is building up pressure on Beijing. Recent developments and, above all, the notable expansion of the AUKUS bloc (a trilateral military partnership of Australia, the UK and the US, with which Japan is expanding cooperation – TASS), aimed against China and against policies in Asia, indicates that the US has resorted to multilevel, multilateral attacks against Beijing. In this sense, China is obviously taking strategic measures. Russia may no longer be only an economic partner. It is also a military-political partner. I think that it is the noticeable increase in pressure on China that expands the possibilities of interaction with Russia now,” Maslov said.
    ​ He recalled that for a long time China preferred to stick to a policy that implied the settlement of many issues exclusively through talks. “Now China is building both military defense and economic counteraction,” he remarked.
    ​ In addition, the expert stressed that Lavrov’s visit to Beijing also emphasized the paramount importance of the Eurasian security problem in the dialogue between the two countries.
    ​ “Now both Russia and China are facing a new wave of terrorist threats. This concerns not only the Crocus terrorist attack. Just recently there was a terrorist attack in Pakistan, where several Chinese workers were killed. It is obvious that both sides are going to develop anti-terrorist cooperation, first of all, in the SCO, where they are actively cooperating along these lines. Secondly, security in Central Asia, including cyber security. Security and sovereignty are the main issues being negotiated now,” Maslov concluded.​

    ​ Expert group proposes strategies for US to counter China’s dominance​, Washington should act with increased speed to develop supply chains for critical minerals from Africa​ “US economic and national security depend on securing a reliable supply of critical minerals, including from Africa,” the report said.
    ​ However, the “near 100%” reliance on “foreign entities of concern” – mainly China – for minerals including cobalt, graphite, and manganese is “concerning,” the expert group stated.​ Western governments and mining companies are falling behind Chinese competitors in gaining access to Africa’s abundant mineral resources, which are crucial for industries such as electric vehicle manufacturing and defense.​ [Carrot – Stick – Choice.]

    John Day

    ​The rumor is that Hunter was a CIA bagman/front: Moscow Accuses Hunter Biden-Linked Company Burisma Of Financing Terror Attacks

    On April 9, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched a criminal probe against senior officials of the United States and NATO countries. It was established that Western leaders took part in financing the terrorist attacks in Russia.
    It was established that in recent years, funds received through commercial organizations, in particular the oil and gas company Burisma Holdings, operating on the territory of Ukraine, have been used to carry out terrorist attacks in the Russian Federation, as well as abroad, in order to eliminate prominent political and public figures and cause economic damage.
    The criminal case was launched under Part 4 of Article 205.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (financing of terrorism) against senior officials of the United States and NATO countries, the press service of the Russian Investigative Committee reported…
    ​..The largest oil and gas company in Ukraine, Burisma Holdings, is associated with the son of the US President, Hunter Biden. He served on the Board of Directors from 2014 to 2019. Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin initiated a corruption investigation against Burisma Holdings in 2016, but he was soon dismissed. Republicans who support Donald Trump believe that this happened because of Biden’s pressure on then-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. According to the lawyer of former US President Rudolph Giuliani, Shokin had evidence of money laundering by Burisma Holdings. Giuliani also claimed that Biden threatened to delay sending $1 billion in aid to Ukraine.​ In early May 2023, a group of Republican congressmen sent an open letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray, in which they stated that the Biden family had received at least $20 million from foreign businessmen during his vice presidency under Barack Obama.​

    US Sent Seized Iranian Weapons, Ammo To Ukraine As Resupply Efforts Hit Desperation​

    Decline of the EU Center, Pro-Russia Candidate Elected President of Slovakia​ Peter Pellegrini, a pro-Russia candidate is elected President of Slovakia. Prime Minister Robert Fico is also pro-Russia. The EU further splinters.​

    John Day

    Hundreds of Bodies Found in Mass Graves at Al-Shifa Hospital ‘Bulldozed by Israel and Buried Like Trash’​

    ​ Hamas Can’t Locate 40 Israeli Hostages Needed For 1st Round Of Ceasefire​
    ​ Hamas is open to releasing hostages as part of deal that would see IDF troops gradually retreat from the Gaza Strip, instead of its prior demand of full troop withdrawal as a precondition to letting the hostages go free.​ But any potential forward progress has been stymied by a significant complication revealed by Hamas to negotiators on Wednesday. The group is unable to identify and locate some 40 Israeli hostages which would be needed to complete the first phase of the ceasefire deal.​ This possibly confirms prior reporting by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which in March said that Israeli officials believe only 60 to 70 Israeli hostages in Gaza are still alive.​ A working draft deal mediated by Qatar is said to stipulate as a first phase the release of 40 living hostages made up of women, the elderly, and the sick. ​..This would happen during an initial six-week pause in the fighting. But at this point, per CNN sources, since Hamas is “unable to reach 40 in the proposed categories, Israel has pushed for Hamas fill out the initial release with younger male hostages, including soldiers.”
    ​ There’s a possibility that some of the hostages could have been killed by Israeli’s relentless bombing campaign which has decimated entire neighborhoods. A horrifically tragic incident last December saw three Israeli hostages shot dead by Israeli forces

    ​ Patrick Lawrence: ‘Automated Murder’: Israel’s ‘AI’ in Gaza
    ​ Hans Köchler, who has studied the impact of digital technologies for many years, did not seem to have read the +972 Magazine report before he spoke here last week. This made his remarks all the more disturbing. He was not describing—not specifically—the murderers operating Lavender and other such technologies in Gaza. We will all live and die by these Faustian technologies: This, our common fate, was Köchler’s topic…
    ​..Along with the +972 report on the use of AI came others in a week notable for its stomach-churning news of Israeli depravity. In its April 3 editions The Guardian revealed that the IDF intentionally deploys snipers and quadcopters—remotely controlled sniper drones—to target children. The evidence of this comes from U.S. and Canadian doctors who, while serving in Gaza, treat many children with wounds consistent with and easily identified as caused by snipers’ bullets. These are larger than the ammunition generally used in combat because they are intended to kill rather than wound.
    ​ The Biden regime never addresses these barbaric developments, and our corporate media, with rare exceptions such as The Guardian piece just cited, tell us almost nothing of them.​

    Netanyahu’s dream: US Could Launch Joint Retaliatory Strikes With Israel If It Is Attacked By Iran: Official
    ​ The US and its allies believe major missile or drone strikes by Iran or its proxies against military and government targets in Israel are imminent, in what would mark a significant widening of the six-month-old conflict, according to people familiar with the intelligence.
    ​ The potential assault, possibly using high-precision missiles, may happen in the coming days, the people said, requesting anonymity to discuss confidential matters. It is seen as more a matter of when, not if, one of the people said, based on assessments from US and Israeli intelligence.
    ​ Iran has threatened to hit Israel in retaliation for an attack on a diplomatic compound in the Syrian capital of Damascus last week that killed senior Iranian military officials​

    ​ Israel ‘is targeting food aid for Gaza,’ OCHA says
    ​ Israel is deliberately delaying and blocking more food supplies from entering Gaza in comparison with other forms of humanitarian aid, the UN said on Tuesday.
    With famine looming, the claim will fuel allegations that Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war, a crime under international law.
    The UN’s humanitarian agency said statistics from March showed that it was much more difficult to obtain clearance for delivering food than other aid.

    John Day

    ​ Thanks Frank. Somebody needs to be UN Peacekeepers in Palestine. Türkiye can lead efforts to halt Gaza war: Hamas official
    ​ “There is an official Turkish willingness to increase the quantities of aid and there is coordination with the Turkish brothers in this regard,” he added.
    The Hamas leader praised the Turkish position, which backs the Palestinian legitimate right to resistance.​ “This position contributes to blocking any U.S. and Western attempts to link Hamas with terrorism,” he said. “This position is important and has greatly served the group and the Palestinian people.”​
    Last October, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Hamas is not a terrorist organization but rather a “liberation movement” fighting to defend Palestinian land.
    ​ Regarding Hamas’ call for Türkiye to be among the guarantor states to any cease-fire agreement with Israel, Abu Zuhri stressed that “the (Israeli) occupation doesn’t abide by agreements.”​ “For that reason, it is necessary to have parties that can guarantee the implementation of the agreement,” he added.

    ​ Choke-hold​. Recognize Palestinian Statehood. Thanks Frank.​ ‘No other way’ for goods to come into Palestine but via Israel: Traders
    ​Goods coming to Palestine have to pass through Israeli customs and ports, according to traders in the occupied West Bank, who say Türkiye cutting trade with Israel would affect the Palestinians.​..
    ​..Underlining that they have to trade with the entire world through Israel, Al-Wahar said: “There is no other way. For example, doing trade through Jordan is very costly. Transportation costs, flight costs, everything is very high.”
    ​ He said before the start of Israeli strikes last October, his factories worked in three shifts 24 hours a day. But have since been closed.
    ​ Pointing out that working with Türkiye means growth and development for the Palestinian people, al-Wahar said: “We do not only work with Türkiye in the steel sector, we work with Türkiye in the food and clothing sectors as well. All these products are needed.”

    ​ Erez Border Crossing Into Northern Gaza Still Not Open for Aid Despite Israeli Commitment
    Israel has been allowing more aid trucks to enter the south but the UN disputes the figures
    ​ After the Biden-Netanyahu call, the Israeli cabinet approved the opening of Erez and the use of the Israeli port of Ashdod as a hub for humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza. But, according to the El Pais report, Israel has yet to fulfill either commitment.
    ​ The Israeli government said 468 aid trucks were allowed into Gaza on Tuesday, the highest number since October 7, and 419 entered the Strip on Monday. But UN officials are disputing the numbers and say most of the trucks being counted are only half full when they are inspected by Israel.

    Erez Border Crossing Into Northern Gaza Still Not Open for Aid Despite Israeli Commitment

    ​ All UK Airports will close by 2029 & Beef and Lamb will be banned for Human Consumption to meet Climate Scam Targets according to UK Gov. Report
    ​ A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.
    ​ The report states that all airports must close between 2020 and 2029 excluding Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast airports, which can only stay open on the condition that transfers to and from the airport are done via rail.​ All remaining airports must then close between 2030 and 2049 because to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050 every citizen of the United Kingdom must “stop using aeroplanes”….
    ..In addition, the report states that to obey the law of the Climate Change Act the public will be required to stop doing anything that causes emissions regardless of its energy source. According to the report, this will require the public to never eat beef or lamb ever again.​ To do this national consumption of beef and lamb will drop by 50% between 2020 and 2029. Then between 2030 and 2049 beef and lamb will be “phased out”.

    All UK Airports will close by 2029 & Beef and Lamb will be banned for Human Consumption to meet Climate Scam Targets according to UK Gov. Report

    ​ OpenAI board member says quiet part out loud: ‘Almost all forms of human labor’ will be replaced by artificial intelligence​ [Larry is selling this undeliverable product​.]​ Larry Summers is not just any businessman.​ He has membership in the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, has previously served in the Clinton and Obama administrations, and recently became a member of OpenAI’s board of directors.
    ​ In short, Summers is a high-level technocrat with years of experience serving his globalist masters.​ So when he makes a major prediction about our economic future, we should listen.
    ​ Summers recently came out and predicted that nearly all labor will eventually be replaced by artificial intelligence. Not some or even most labor. He said “almost all forms of human labor.” Poof. Gone.​ Summers says these epic changes will be brought on by what he and other technocrats call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and will take place quickly once they get fully ramped up, which could take another three to five years or so but nobody knows for sure about the timeframe.

    John Day

    ​ Scandal Rocks Biden’s Labor Dept For Lying About Sharing Non-Public Inflation Data With Secret Group Of Wall Street “Super Users”​ (Larry’s friends.)
    ​ A little over a month ago, a scandal erupted among the (relatively small​) group of economists who keep a close eye on the monthly inflation data reported by the Biden Department of Labor, when they learned that there is an even smaller, and much more exclusive group of economists called “super users” who get preferential treatment from the BLS, including wink-wink-nudge-nudge explanations of where the data may diverge from expectations. That was the case for the January CPI when as Bloomberg first reported, the BLS sent an email to a group of data “super users”, which “explained suggested a surge in a measure of rental inflation — which left analysts puzzled — was caused by an adjustment to how subcomponents of the index are weighted”:
    ​ Once it became public knowledge that there was a super secret group of preferential “accounts” receiving economic data, immediately following the Bloomberg report, a recipient of the email said that BLS Statistics “tried to retract it and that they were told to disregard its contents.”

    ​ Charles Hugh Smith, Could US Treasuries Become the Trade of the Decade? (“Second cleanest dirty shirt?”, I wonder.)
    Now that the hangover phase of the party looms, those in power won’t be able to save everything and everyone: a bunch of stuff is going to be tossed overboard. This triage–who keeps a seat in the lifeboat and who’s tossed overboard–is tricky. The bottom 60% have already been tossed overboard, and those between the top 10% and bottom 60% have been stripped of their life vests.
    ​ In other words, the bottom 90% are already either treading water or on the way to Davy Jones’ Debt-Serf Locker. Inflicting more pain on them raises the risk of social-political revolt, and so those in power will have a lamentably limited set of assets and constituencies to stripmine. Making it even trickier, this set of constituencies holds virtually all the nation’s wealth and political influence.
    ​ The first step in crisis is to save what must be saved to keep the ship afloat: the federal government’s ability to borrow more money and float that rising debt by selling Treasury bonds. This isn’t just a necessity for the domestic status quo, it’s also a necessity for the Imperial Project, which must have the capacity to “export” dollars in size globally to preserve the benefits of issuing a reserve currency.
    ​ The obvious way to save what must be saved is to reward owners of Treasuries and punish everyone else: make owning Treasuries safer and more lucrative than owning any other asset.​

    Costco Selling Up To $200 Million In Gold Bars Per Month, Wells Fargo Estimates​

    ​ Ellen Brown, By the Dawn’s Early Light: On the Fall of the Francis Scott Key Bridge
    The Baltimore bridge that collapsed on March 26th was named for Francis Scott Key, who wrote the lyrics to the American national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1814. His inspiration was the British bombardment of Fort McHenry in the critical port of Baltimore during the War of 1812. The British had just burned the U.S. Capitol and the White House and had set their sights on the Baltimore port, with the guns from hundreds of British ships trained on shelling the American flag. If the flag were taken down, they would know the Americans had surrendered, and the British agreed the shelling would stop. But in the dawn’s early light, the flag still waved, held up by patriots who replaced soldiers who had fallen before them. Francis Scott Key observed all this from a British ship on which he had been allowed on board to negotiate a prisoner release…
    ..A Modern U.S. National Infrastructure Bank on the “American System” Model
    ​ HR 4052, a proposal for a $5 trillion National Infrastructure Bank, is currently before Congress and has widespread support, with 31 co-sponsors. The proposed bank is designed to be a true depository bank, which can leverage its funds as all banks are allowed to do: with a 10% capital requirement, it can leverage $1 in capital into $10 in loans. For capitalization, the bill proposes to follow the lead of Hamilton’s First U.S. Bank: existing U.S. bonds will be swapped for non-voting bank shares paying a dividend. For liquidity to back the loans, the bank will use incoming deposits or will issue bonds. Included in the many projects the bill covers is electrical grid security, a major need not just for ships and bridges but for infrastructure across the country. For more on this proposal, see the website of the NIB Coalition.
    ​ Our forebears fought the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War and two World Wars to preserve our freedom and independence, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. They kept the flag waving in our darkest hours. A Hamiltonian-style national infrastructure bank is one promising tool for preserving that vision today.

    By the Dawn’s Early Light: On the Fall of the Francis Scott Key Bridge

    ​ Yuan displacing dollar on Russia’s foreign exchange market – Central Bank
    The Chinese currency now accounts for the largest share of forex trading, the regulator reports
    ​ Meanwhile, the share of Western currencies, including the US dollar and the euro, dropped to 46.4% on the exchange in March from 52.8% the previous month, data showed.​

    John Day

    Musk Says Starlink Will Be Free For Brazil Schools If Government Cancels Contract​

    ​ ‘Russiagate’ About Seizing Power as Much as Stopping Trump
    ​ “Russiagate was the pretext that started this entire ball rolling, and it wasn’t even based on anything real. And now they want to do it all over again,” Malic explained.
    “I was listening to [Senate Majority Leader, Senator] Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speak yesterday about how Ukraine is losing the war because [House Speaker, Rep.] Mike Johnson (R-LA) doesn’t want to give them money. No, Ukraine is losing the war because it has always been [losing] because it is fighting an industrial war it cannot win,” Malic continued.​.. The reality on the ground in Ukraine has turned many against US support for NATO’s proxy war in Russia, with more Americans (37%) saying the US spends too much on Ukraine than too little (27%) and only 13% responded that they were either “extremely confident” or “very confident” Ukraine will defeat Russia, compared to 49% who say they are “Not too confident” or “Not confident at all.”
    ​ People are asking “How is this helping freedom and democracy, exactly?” Malic contended. “And [the establishment’s] response is ‘shut up, Russian Agent.’”
    “This is a breakdown. Because, again, the blob’s agenda is to use Russia’s phantom menace for a power grab at home on one hand, and to push for this geopolitical fantasy that Russia needs Ukraine to be a global empire,” Malic said, explaining that Russia doesn’t want a global empire.​

    ​ Alex Jones To Sue CIA After Undercover Report Claims Agency “Went After Him Hardcore”
    ​ Infowars founder and host Alex Jones says he plans to sue the CIA following the release of an undercover sting in which an alleged CIA officer claims that the US intelligence community “took his [Jones’s] money away” to “chop his legs off.”​ The employee, a CIA contracts officer in San Diego named Gavin O’Blennis, tells the undercover journalist: “You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do,” adding “You set ’em up. You create the situation to where they have no choice but to act on their impulse. And once they act on that impulse, some would call that entrapment.”
    ​ “Nothing like putting out a fake social media thing to like really get people mad,” O’Blennis continued.
    When asked who the CIA has messed with, O’Blannis mentioned Alex Jones, implying that the agency was involved in Jones’ lawsuit, and encouraged Sandy Hook families to sue.​ “We just say ‘there’s no federal statute being broken but you have the option for a civil case and it’s a pretty good case in our opinion.’”​

    ​So if it doesn’t say “non-GMO”, it’s GMO? Sneaky QR code labeling HIDES GMOs in food

    William Makis MD, Children & mRNA – 7 year old Brazilian boy died after 1st Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine – his little heart destroyed with inflammation & clots (published Feb.13, 2024). I write to Alberta Premier.

    John Day

    That Research Paper with autopsy findings: Fatal Myocarditis following COVID-19 mRNA Immunization: A Case Report and Differential Diagnosis Review

    Cancer Rates Rising In Young People Due To ‘Accelerated Aging,’ According To ‘Highly Troubling’ New Study​

    ​ Rutgers University Unexpectedly Drops Student Vaxx Requirement, Litigation Proceeds
    ​ One of the last major, and most strident, institutes of higher learning holdouts clinging to pseudoscientific and immoral COVID-19 vaccine mandates, Rutgers University, recently unexpectedly halted its requirements for students.
    ​ Pending litigation against Rutgers by Children’s Health Defense continues unabated:
    “We are planning to appeal further to the U.S. Supreme Court, continuing to press our position that Rutgers never had the power to do what it did,” per lead attorney in the suit, Julio C. Gomez.​

    ​ Meryl Nass MD has a resistance package for information-combatants: National Suicide: 20 Days to Stop It
    Stop the WHO Threat to US Sovereignty!
    20-Day Count Down to May 1, 2024!
    THIS WEEK: Act for America signs the “Not Now, Not Ever” Sovereignty Coalition declaration addressed to President Biden, Senators, and House Members.

    ​ Things people have asked me for: Resources identifying document citations, more on states rights; Sovereignty Coalition Webinars; Good recent interviews
    ​ As recently as February 1, 2024, the Congressional Research Service (CRS) chimed in again on the International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments. In a lawyerly statement that gives away as little as possible, the CRS still acknowledged that the federal government had made a RESERVATION to the 2005 version of the IHR, because it was limited by the concept of states rights — so could not promise full allegiance to the WHO’s International Health Regulations:
    ​ “The United States agreed to be bound by the​ obligations of IHR (2005) with the reservation that aspects​ of IHR implementation might be left to U.S. state​ governments rather than the federal government.”

    John Day

    ​ Here is that new website to help activists turn this coup around:​ A collection of background documents and information for local organizers, focused on issues in the United States.​

    ​ More ACTIONS to stop the WHO’s power and sovereignty grab and retain our civil and human rights​ , And the Ron Johnson bill gets revived
    At the Federal Level:
    ​ Ask #1: We want a bill passed requiring the Senate to perform its Constitutional duty to advise/consent (or actually not consent) on the two treaties, and we want Members or Senators to champion this bill. Here’s how: get SB444 out of limbo.​..
    ​..What Can the States Do?
    ​ We seek legislatures or top elected officials in the states to assert that the WHO (and perhaps the WEF, which inclusion I love) will have no jurisdiction to issue any rules, orders, etc. in the state, based on the Tenth Amendment. State authorities have responsibility for health, not the federal government and certainly not an international organization. The Louisiana bill makes clear that no statements or rules from international organizations can be used as a cause of action in the state, even if the order comes down from the federal government and not the WHO.​

    John Day

    @MPSK: My almost 3 month old grandson already “puzzling something out”

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