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    Figmund Sreud

    Nate Hagens unfortunately is still using the term “climate change” – Oroboros

    Yes, … but I’m more fascinated by Michael Every‘s arguments. Nate’s? Not so much, …



    Figmund Sreud

    Hundreds of Bodies Found in Mass Graves at Al-Shifa Hospital ‘Bulldozed by Israel and Buried Like Trash’​ – Dr. Day

    ” … when wilt Thou come forth from Thy hiding, and change tears to smiles, and groans to joys?” WHEN?

    F.S., … not sure of a source of above line, … but I’m sure it is high time!


    Jews are Satan’s chosen ones.

    TAE Summary

    * Religion
    – The rebel angels won
    – Satan will have his own rapture
    – The New Testament is raw, astonished and halting
    – Billy Graham slept around and never got fired; Who would have thunk
    – Where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough to mask thy monstrous visage?

    * Technology
    – James Tiberius Kirk could out logic 23rd century computers; I am the companion; The man must continue
    – For you, on the other hand, arguing with an AI is like having an affair with your vacuum cleaner: It’s a machine and you’re wasting your time and even though you imagine you’re bonding it will never love you back and it’s creepy when you tell us about it
    – There is known evidence excess deaths are linked to the vaccines
    – Amazon does block chain and healthcare

    * Politics
    – RFK should step aside because he might take enough votes from Biden to make stealing the election difficult
    – The Climate Change brand is dead
    – Parents fear their bright children and it leads to a bad childhood that is useful to the CIA
    – Black Sheeps Matter
    – The CIA knows how to get things done
    – Don’t worry about NATO, Russia, China’s got your backbone
    – Schumer says Ukraine will beat Russia and he knows what he is talking about
    – The Saudis believe a 500 foot tall glass and steel wall in the desert can keep the free folk out; You know nothing Won Snow

    * Why Biden Deserves All the Nobel Prizes
    – Physics: He co-delivered the Web space telescope
    – Chemistry: He fixed toxic drinking water by putting in chemicals
    – Medicine: His Covid response saved millions of lives and delivered us from a future of severe illness and death
    – Literature: His memoir will be a bestseller if he writes it soon
    – Peace: He is co-finalizing the solution to the Palestinian problem
    – Economics: He has created the best economy the US has ever had since he took office

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)
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