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    Doc Robinson

    @ chettt

    Obesity seems to be more of a factor regarding severity and outcomes of Covid cases. I haven’t found anything that links obesity to the likelihood of getting a Covid infection (and the Japan graph is just showing numbers of cases or infections).

    Looking at diabetes, however, the prevalence of diabetics among Covid cases was estimated to be 9.65% which is approximately the same as the prevalence of diabetics in the general population of the US.

    Diabetes was more prevalent among fatal cases [24.89%] compared to total cases [9.65%].

    COVID-19 and comorbidities: a systematic review and meta-analysis

    madamski cafone

    @ Germ

    From Lockdown: the Big Lie that will never end:

    “Many of the architects of the current situation don’t fully understand what they are doing. Some try to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing, others suffer no illusions, or no conception of a difference between right and wrong. Some believe they need to save the world. Others want only to save their jobs or reputations. What defines them generally is private interest, camouflaged by self-deception, which adds up to a collective enterprise which is moving in a certain way.”

    And that way is rapidly toward its own demise, including, I’m sure, the demise of a lockdown panic response (on many levels for many reasons) that will enforce its own negation ere soon. Probably about the time they’ve bred a real 5-star pandemic that goes unolested for awhile becausae no one is willing to hear another.damn.word.about.pandemics.

    On a tangential note, I wonder when they realize that BLM etc., which began with a life of their own before being so blatantly co-opted, will likely continue with a life of its own even when it becomes a major aeven lethal liability to everyone including the elites.

    I say the times have only begun to be interesting, and the shades of grey will hardly be Orwellian but rather, elemental. Deprivation, chaos, that sort of thing.


    If you reuse your mask multiple times all day, you won’t get covid if your mask did not pick up a covid during the day or that week of use.
    Its sterilized by hanging on the mirror in the car.
    I believe that its like washing your hand after going to the bathroom. Any bad germs that were on your hand are going to be washed away from your hands but what about from your belt, shirt, pants or everything that you touched before washing your hands.
    ( Let’s not get paranoid and think that there are bad germs floating around in the air of your bathroom)

    madamski cafone

    @ dermotmoconnor

    “Thought that Japan graph might be grinding an axe to some degree. Daily new cases, why not overlay with DEATHS? So I did. That impressive second hump becomes a lot less scary. Third hump is still there, but again, proportionally it’s a lot less than the cases. ”

    Take a closer look. The death rates are always smaller than the infection rate except in, like ground zero of an atomic blast (if we’ll consaider vaporization infection;0 ). They’re broader and lower. The thrid wave is still massively larger than its predecessors both in death and infection counts. The amount of rise and fall in both lines is very proportional.

    Not everything is a deceptive manipulation and of those that are, many are not deliberate. No one knows much of anything anymore except out here on the fringes or deep in the various professions that actually deal with this stuff on an intimate level.

    For every top-down concerted deliberate deception, there are more head-nodding clueless go-alongs than anything, and they don’t necessarily try top fudge their data. They try to do a very honest job with the data. They’re mathematicians and doctors, not spin doctors. You can trust most graphs from official sources, but as Doc Robinson (iirc) has often pointed out, the fine print and context of some graphs belie their overt implications.

    Whether mask works or not (they mostly don’t, we know), it doesn’t negate the fact that masks appeared to be ineffective against covid infection aamong people indoors together especially in winter in colder countries and summer in warmer countries, nor does it negate that increased use of masks often correlates with increased spread of covid. Improved testing did not produce the down trends in those graph lines.


    Why people want to keep our schools running is beyond me… except that the schools are the places where they were most taught not to question authority. Used to be church’s jobs but they lost the war awhile ago. Now churches are becoming hotbeds of resistance to authority.

    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    “Which is weird, ‘cause how else do we learn things? What did they do as children before now? Why are they the only people incapable of learning? ”

    Now, that was certainly a fair and balanced, scientifically accurate statement. (ahem) Everyone is incapable of learning things that require much sacrifice from them unless the cost of not doing so is manifested in the now somehow in a way that is eqwually or more motivating. Nice people making 1950s/60s mortgages on nice SoCal ranchers regularly experienced “missile scares”, a fear of being laid off from their good-paying defense industry job because the USSR and USA were making too much nicey-nice. (America’s favorite job pork these days is still military jobs.)

    This not learning from mistakes is a fairly universal cognitive deficit among humanity, but go ahead and blame it on the crypto-Nephilim shape-shifters who lust for human death because that’s what creepy alien shape-shifters do. Things are weird enough that it’s certainly a contending hypothesis at this round of eliminations. But per that view, my position also still holds, for the Nephilim had babies with we mere undermensch and their blood is in our blood and we too act as loony as a bunch of shaper-shifting aliens pretending to be human…. someobody cue L. Ron Hubbard’s ghost. He knows how to roll this kind of thing.

    @ zerosum

    I have noticed your unusual interest in raw reality. It’s refreshing. “Pain is now intellectual”. I liked that.


    A friend sent me a link from Thailand discussing their use of Favipiravir for treatment of C19. It was developed in Japan in 2014 and has been used sucessfully in Japan, China and other Asian nations. I’ve never heard of it before but maybe it partially explains the difference in severity in Asia vs the west.

    With few vaccines, Thailand relies on Favipiravir in battle against COVID


    @ D R
    You may be correct but I wonder, has anybody even correlated reported infections with obesity? Would it even be meaningful given the unreliability of the testing procedures?
    Do the Japanese even test the way that the we do? What’s their cycle rate?


    “has anybody even correlated reported infections with obesity? ”
    Yes. It was on TAE back when …. The number was over 60%



    The main reason why hepa filters idea won’t work is because there is no easy way for congressional critters to make any money doing this.

    The proper solution requires a better money laundrying mechanism built into it, that directs money into congressional critters pockets!


    If anyone thinks the US military can protect Taiwan, they sadly mistaken.
    The US military is too busy culling it’s ranks of conservative and patriotic enlisted men.
    That means their best and most capable men.
    The generals and officer ranks have already been purged 2008 to 2016.
    We saw how the generals and officers all behaved 2016 to 2020.

    If you want to see a historical reference to what this means for the US military, see French military 1918 to 1940. France lost WW2 in just 3 days!


    I see the jury delivered the politically correct verdict.

    Strange how in the US you can be convicted of 2 counts of 2nd degree murder and also 1 count of 3rd degree murder for murdering just one person. I guess this allows a murderer to kill the same person 3 separate times or 3 separate ways.

    In Canada, if you murder one person, you can only be convicted of one type of murder.

    Mister Roboto

    WRT Japan and America’s Covid case numbers: The point is not so much the numbers themselves in terms of sheer amount, as the explosive growth of cases that happened in a short time, which is what universal masking is supposed to prevent because you are supposedly protecting others by doing so. And yes, it is a pretty well-known fact that the average Japanese person takes much better care of themselves over their lifetimes than the average USAmerican. (Full disclosure: I’m a 54-year-old type 2 diabetic who works in a grocery store in a customer-service capacity, so that is why I worry about Covid more than probably a lot of people here. I am still at the point where I can control my blood-sugar with oral medications, sometimes supplementing with small amounts of basal (once-daily) insulin injections [how much medicine I need at any given time fluctuates].)


    Near the end of this link from Dr. Mercola, it explains some covid therapies that are different from the ones we have seen usually. He explains that these can be used even to deal with side effects from the covid vaccines.

    Dave Note

    Fauciism is Medical Fascism


    Ah, SPARS! I do not like this spotlight on the twin cities, which is a puny “big” metro because our bad weather is really bad. Leave us alone, evil ones!
    Dr. D, did you ever check into “Ellis Medavoy” ? It’s a Rappoport piece. I had just finished it when the news trickled out of Wuhan. [I was also reading “The Plague”!!!] He’s a guy who got out of PR because of what he saw as the future: outrageous medical tyranny.

    Yup. The verdict’s in. Now comes part two.

    Dave Note

    Robert Kennedy Jr paints a graph picture of Fauci Faust and Mr Bill fellating

    A match made in Heaven

    absolute galore

    We did not have much art in the house when I was growing up. There was a framed print of Dali’s Crucifixion, a truly large and fantastic real engraving ofGustave Dore’s The Neophyte, and a cheap framed print of Picasso’s Don Quixote lithograph.

    My uncle picked up the Dore long long ago in a shop in NYC and gave it to my father, who had left divinity school to marry my mother. It hung above my father’s home desk for many years, until he got a private office at work and my mother made him move it there. I eventually came into possession of it, and sold it in my antique/junk store, for likely way less than it was worth. It is one of the few objects I regret selling. Not for any money I may have left on the table, but just because it speaks to me more as I get older.

    “Big numbers can make us numb,” Ghebreyesus said, as he urged people not to forget that each death from the virus is a “tragedy” for families and communities. He also highlighted the “alarming” increase in infections and hospitalizations among those aged 25 to 59, “possibly” due to highly transmissible newer variants and the increased social mixing of younger generations.

    This is another one of those random statements that give me pause about not getting a vaccine at 61–even as I know that is probably its intent, in a way. Though I am more in madamski’s camp in that there is not a puppetmaster behind every door. I believe humans act in certain ways as civilizations decline, and we are more or less following the script, and what role you get is mostly fate and personality.

    In addition to the engraving, Dore did a full painting of The Novice, a not uncommon practice to help make ends meet. Here is the painting:
    The Novice by Gustave Dore

    Mister Roboto

    So I guess Nancy Pelosi just thanked George Floyd for “sacrificing his life for justice”. Why do I increasingly feel like I’m living in some kind of comic-book? And if I have to live in a comic-book, why can’t it be one where cute Scandinavian guys want to be my friend?

    absolute galore

    The engraving was actually quite large, probably close to four feet across, and in a beautiful frame. It was also not as rectangular, it may have even gone as far as the monks’ feet. I like the engraving more than the painting–masterful, and the medium enhanced the subject matter.

    Doc Robinson



    Humans view the world through an inherited template imprinted by education and experience. Views and thoughts that don’t match are ignored. If the brain cannot avoid it anymore, cognitive dissonance, anxiety and insomnia results. Myself, the Republicans were crazy for invading Iraq in 2003. Democrats insane for inciting the Ukraine Coup and starting a forever war in Europe, then there is “Russiagate”. After a fourteen-month quarantine, I know I live in a failed state run for corporate interests not the peoples.

    The pandemic is real. Mutated variants assures that it is not going away anytime soon. Vaccines make money but will not control an endemic coronavirus. Jab hesitancy is increasing. Yearly shots at a minimum will be required. For the elderly and those with comorbidities, the roulette wheel risk of infection; long COVID, or death is there as long as the virus remains in the population. “India’s health system has collapsed”. The Russian flu that is speculated to be caused by a coronavirus lasted from 1889 through 1895.

    The virus can be controlled. Taiwan and Vietnam, for example, prove it.

    The basic problem for Americans is that these successes show that a functional government with strong borders must do everything; test, trace, quarantine (7 days), mask, social distance, and personal hygiene to reduce the virus’s basic reproduction number below 1 and eradicate the virus. The globalist Western Empire cannot, will not, control the virus. It is too corrupt and incompetent. “Profits over lives.” The Hospital Ship Comfort came and went during NY city’s first wave without being properly utilized because it does not fit into the for-profit healthcare system.

    In a decade, the coronavirus waves of infection will fade away. Survivors (if WWIII is avoided) will ignore the maimed and will forget the past. The Western Empire will be gone. North American states will no longer be united.

    John Day

    I wish you well, sister.
    Most people believe whatever people around them believe.
    It’s that simple. It works for the group.
    Paradigm shifts happen kind of fast, like Americans turned against the Vietnam War after Tet and Cronkite’s statements that we’d been misled.

    Mr. House

    Mr. House


    I agree with your point about Gates, FB etc being more idiotic than willfully evil, and the associated one that the doing of evil is widespread and unconscious.

    But people need access to real information to make valid moral choices of any kind. Take away that raw data input and it becomes impossible to exercise moral choice.

    The greatest evil that Gates, FB, Google and the MSM do is in sabotaging the moral compasses of the world at large with the shear volume of selective and misleading information they pump out. The evil they produce is directly proportional to the resources they throw at the process. As individuals they may be no more of less moral than you or I, but they’re undoubtedly responsible for more evil via their leverage.

    Dr. D

    I regret yesterday pasting the linker’s blurb for the 2017 test instead of writing my own. Small thing, but still. The point was their obsessive focus on media control and mind-space which is creepy, and near-total lack of focus on any medicine at all. Also the people were universally stupid, ignorant boobs, while medicine was infallible and perfect, so if they would only do as they’re told, they wouldn’t have to put up with the stinky vile public telling them things. So confirmation bias. Instead, if people are up about something, there’s smoke or a monster, there’s a monster there. Like now. It may not be a fire, and it may not be Grendel, but it could be a local wolf that needs to be addressed.

    Of course we agree, Madam, 99% of all evil is either innate to all of us, people not realizing, getting along, or people misguidedly thinking they ARE the good and doing the right thing from their perspective. Obviously. Darth Vader was just keeping order in a disorderly universe, Thanos was just making life better ecologically throughout the universe. No different from Stalin. Or Churchill for that matter.

    However, it’s really REALLY easy to see their footprints in setting the tone, the “framing” as they call it, so that a virus 99.97% safe is PERCEIVED as a mortal threat to life on earth, that “changes everything”. And why? Why set this false, fraudulent tone on purpose, you know will prejudice all doctors, poison all politicians, make them all run willy-nilly at your –false– direction? They’re getting along. They believe this initially false item because it’s been framed into the meta-conscious. They aren’t tasked with identifying whether a flu as dangerous as Obama’s H1N1 should cause the end of human rights forever, only to fix what is fixable at their own desk. To get along with others and be credible.

    That’s how all good men do nothing.

    I’m sick of it. Who are the initial framers with their copy of Bernays on the shelf, and why do they act? Do they profit from it? If they profit, who loses from it? How do you expect to succeed if you don’t oppose the initial lie and the initial liars? Doesn’t 50 years of watching the same show make you a little sick of such a bad magic act? Why would I need to add lizard creatures or something in this scenario?

    Stop lying. Everyone is lying, the original liars are lying. The follow on liars are lying. The ordinary folk who get along are lying, mostly to themselves, but as a consequence also to others. Should I have patience and allow them all to lie to themselves, to me? If they’re lying and saying there’s no cliff here, should I nod and agree with them and let them go over it? Who’s in the moral wrong if I did?

    Taken larger, your argument is that there is no evil. No one on earth has bad intent. Gates or Rumsfeld or whoever do not actually believe that people are killed as a consequence of their meddling and recklessness, and are completely unaware of human rights, and morality in general. Now THAT’S a crazy conspiracy theory, and one I can’t agree with. While they may believe they are doing right in the “big picture” and justify it to themselves as we all do, as point of fact they use methods that are actively and knowingly harmful and do indeed issue direct orders to embargo a million Iraqi children to death and to cover the nation and U.S. soldiers with depleted uranium rounds, even as they issue direct orders to require the use of roundup and GMOs. In short, the ends do not justify the means. Evil men always have good ENDS in mind — that goes without saying. They want “peace” and call it a desert. But you can know the good and evil by the MEANS they choose to enact their ends.

    Lying, framing, blackmailing, cornering, forcing. Those are the MEANS of evil people. They are using them all while we here and Assange do our best to speak truth in good faith and encourage discussion and free choice, and incidentally not burn down black neighborhoods. That’s how you know WE are NOT on the side of evil. And also because it’s a lot harder.

    Why bother with good faith as one asks? I’m aware they don’t have a lick of good faith. I’m aware it doesn’t matter. We move forward in good faith because WE are good people, not because they are. That is simply how good people act. And sadly, it only wins in the end, not in the beginning or middle.


    @ Huskynut
    ” people need access to real information….
    The evil they produce is directly proportional to the resources they throw at the process.”

    Now look at the root of evil ….
    Money from their advertisers. …
    He who pays the piper calls the tunes.
    Its the same motivator as in politics, capitalism, profits, survival and the abuse of power


    Nils Melzer deserves to be quoted again and again, that is, his confession that he accepted Assange was a bad person (even if revealing US crimes was perhaps not an awful thing to do), that he had been accused of rape, possiby had raped, was something like what we call today a ‘predator’ – but that when he looked into it he saw it was mixture of lies, nonsense, media hype, and // possibly fudging / dishonesty from Swedish authorities, that last is just me, not putting words into Melzer’s mouth.

    One problem is that Melzer was mandated to do so, was in a professional position to accomplish that, had the time. He did an OK job – looking I’m sure at transcripts from Police interviews, e-mails from the accuser, etc. – all of which were readily available at the time on the internet. Ppl little concerned with all this don’t even remember that Assange was a Star of the New Journalism, being lionised in MSM newspapers like the Guardian, etc. Until higher authorities cracked down.

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