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    Pablo Picasso Don Quixote 1955   • 100 Doctors Express Opposition To Vaccinating Children (JPost) • WHO Rejects Covid Passports; Vaccines Don’t S
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    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Don Quixote 1955

    That painting(?) epitomizes Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to a tee, IMO…
    …the donkey and the horse, so perfect… 😉


    It’s a lithograph. I like the horse’s crazy legs, and the simplicity of the heads of both humans and animals.

    V. Arnold

    It’s a lithograph. I like the horse’s crazy legs, and the simplicity of the heads of both humans and animals.

    Thanks, that’s why I put a question mark…I wasn’t sure…
    …and yes, the crazy legs and all of it…wonderful…

    Dr. D

    “Russian Jet Intercepts US, Norwegian Patrol Aircraft (ZH)”

    Happens all the time. Yes, the news is WHAT they report, not how or any details. So they’re trying to invent and fabricate tensions. Thanks! Now I know your plans.

    As yesterday, the Biden-Russia thing is a hot mess. Makes me think he’s on one plan and the military lets him go forward before calling him on the phone and saying, “You don’t have our support for that.” Then he has to reverse himself and try again. But looks like an idiot to the world, which is the military’s point in doing it to him. My estimation. You have to keep in mind that the military is itself divided on this, but again, my uneducated estimation from behavior is like 70-30 America First, however, NATO and other opponents are powerful, and you definitely don’t want to let anything rise to open conflict, either internal to generals, or out on the streets, thus the recent choices in election and elsewhere. They will definitely nuke a U.S. city with cesium.

    “the US Air Force conducted detailed simulated war games that had its forces square off against those of China. On both occasions, the US was decisively defeated,”

    The U.S. couldn’t even defeat IRAQ in war games in 2002, NOT run by a limp-wristed panty-waist called Riper, and the U.S. had to re-float all their ships and run a “Do-over” like all psychos, learning nothing.
    Like Time Magazine, the “Wrong guy won”, so they had to fix that.

    After that war game, they then attacked Iraq and lost. Goes to prove winning is never the point, it’s not even a consideration. Only the internal power, profits, and enactment of fascism and invasion of human rights.

    Against China? They can sink every ship in the U.S. Navy in 3 hours. They won’t: it makes more tactical sense to let the U.S. bankrupt themselves building them, but they could. As far as we know, nothing in the western arsenal can stop a cheap, portable Sunburn missile. They might as well shoot super-soakers at them.

    In the China Sea, which is called “China” for a reason, they can shoot Volkswagens from the mainland out hundreds of miles. The Pacific Fleet would find that super-entertaining, since China could keep it up hour after hour, forever and ever.

    But that’s the point isn’t it? We just established above the point, purpose is NOT to win: It’s to end human rights and empower the “right” people. We’re supposed to fight China and lose. It’s been set up for decades, since Papa Bush. Then they erase the Constitution and become the feudal lords of Amerika, maintaining nominal control of China with food and oil. Ah but “the best laid plans…”

    “..account managers and traders can bet billions on a daily basis with no skin in the game but massive potential upside if nothing goes wrong.”

    Better than that. We saw in GameStop if they lose they get a bailout and a do-over, like the Riper games, and like all idiot sons of idiot sons. Inbred 7 generations back. They can’t possibly complete on a normal playing field, and would lose 100% of the time without cheating and privilege, so they don’t. They cheat 100% of the time and everyone nods their heads and says how smart Elon Musk is while he reveals the SEC does nothing, and never will, ever, no matter how much cheating occurs or how many thousands lit on fire.

    Looks like Maxine – among many others – have given Chauvin endless cause for appeal and mistrial. Good work. I thought Kunstler’s best point was this:

    The script for all this prevails because liberalism cannot otherwise explain its own failure to uplift black America over many years of sedulous striving. They are left disappointed, ashamed, and guilty, and neurotically give themselves permission to support black hostility and hatred against white people as a form of self-punishment.”

    This is the neurosis of Liberalism, of “helping”, instead of being a dead-fair meritocracy. But people will nuke the planet and burn every black neighborhood to the ground – clearly – before admitting they were wrong and their beliefs need minor adjustment.

    Which is weird, ‘cause how else do we learn things? What did they do as children before now? Why are they the only people incapable of learning? Is it really just ego? And how can they keep it up for 173 years? Don’t you get tired of killing 100 Million per century? No. The Pale Horse, the Green Agenda is desperate to kill another 100 million and is well underway and very proud and public about their intent. I’m sorry, but I must decline.

    “dips in blood glucose levels, aka “sugar dips,” were significantly linked with appetite levels and energy intake/calorie consumption.”

    There’s a lot to this, where yes they are hungry, and eat, but also then if you eat more ‘sugar’ the body then panics and has to save your life by stuffing this glucose into fat cells. Spike-crash-spike-crash. But the solution is easy: cut out sugar and eat slow food. This is probably why keto and paleo diets work: they focus on protein which is by nature slow. But if you ate peasant food, and observed fast days, it’d work just as well.

    This is more relevant today as the top illness is avoidable diabetes and the top weakness for Covid is being overweight. Otherwise, you’d have to be over 70, which none of us can control.

    what does that guy want? He’s a rapist, a narcissist, a hacker,”

    So Nils is an insider, against human rights, who believes everything he’s told. Got it. They certainly hired the right man with my tax money, and he can slide over to the OPCW in good conscience. Well, glad to hear we can all get a clue and change. I get frustrated that the slightest look would tell you it was all false and why would it matter anyway? I don’t want Jeffery Dahmer tortured in my name either. I don’t want to stop the speech or free action of the NeoNazis or the Communist Party (but I repeat myself). Human rights are human rights, even if the U.N. and ACLU has now long forgotten that, I haven’t. I don’t care what Julian Assange might have done, although his provable innocence makes our constant failure to defend ourselves through his case that much worse.

    Note: he is still innocent. He has been convicted of no crime. Just like the rest of us, who are likewise under infinite martial law and ‘solitary’ confinement. Forever. And apparently can’t get enough of our abuse and servitude.

    Dr. D

    “Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Died of Natural Causes after Riot, Medical Examiner Says”

    Huh. So every word you’ve ever written, at NBC and NYT is a total, complete prejudiced lie? Color me shocked. Will it ever matter? Can they keep up ego over reality forever?

    Mister Roboto

    Well, the Japan graph is the best argument against the effectiveness of masking I’ve seen so far. If any country in the world had near-universal compliance of correct mask-wearing, that would be Japan. We are told that mask-wearing is about protecting other people rather than oneself, and that near-universal compliance of correct mask-wearing is necessary for that to work. That would make Japan the closest thing it’s possible to have to a scientific study (albeit a mere observational study) of this proposition. And yet they experienced a tenfold increase in daily new cases in a pretty short period of time. (By “case”, I’m assuming that means sufficiently symptomatic to be excused from work or school.) I suppose some might say it would have been worse without the masking, but the fact remains, that kind of explosion in people getting sick is what masking is supposed to prevent.

    The RT article about breakfast and blood-sugar dips confirms what I’ve known for a while. What the article failed to state outright is that the thing that will get you a big post-breakfast blood-sugar-level dip is eating the very sugary or even merely starchy breakfast that many USAmericans eat every day. My daily breakfast has no added refined sugar and a relatively low starch-content, and I can go an entire eight hours before eating my second meal of the day before feeling terribly hungry. (I’m sure it also helps that it’s a very substantial breakfast in terms of fat and protein calories.)

    Doc Robinson

    Pandemic? The UK government statistics for England and Wales have been updated today, and “this is the fifth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average.”

    Covid-19 was the underlying cause of death in only 280 of the 9,098 total registered deaths (in the most recent data, week ending 9 April).

    In Week 14, the number of deaths registered in England and Wales was 11.7% below the five-year average (1,207 fewer deaths); this is the fifth consecutive week that deaths have been below the five-year average…

    Of the 379 deaths involving COVID-19 in Week 14 in England and Wales, 280 had this recorded as the underlying cause of death

    Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 9 April 2021


    YES! YES! That is us!
    Pablo Picasso Don Quixote 1955

    Nothing worked.
    Vaccines Don’t Stop Virus Transmission

    Unvaccinated people are advised to delay or cancel any international travel. Americans who have completed immunization with FDA-approved vaccines are still considered “at increased risk for getting and possibly spreading new [Covid-19] variants,” the CDC says

    Lets try yelling and jumping up and down like a troop of mentally challenged idiots baboons. ( modern dancing)
    Partial quotes are fun.
    ” …. Biden himself said he isn’t really thinking …..”
    In your dream – Biden’s lalaland
    Its time for Biden to lie down for a nap, and tell up about his new dream – A ware game –
    A hot war, using drones, bombs, missiles, to conquer new land, useable assets and demonstrate that the USA superior.
    Its not my money
    Its not in my dream
    I still don’t understand

    • The $2.3 Quadrillion Global Timebomb (von Greyerz)
    The leverage is just too high and the bets totally out of proportion to the equity.
    Thus the derivatives position is 600X the equity. Or to put it in a different way, the equity is 0.17% of the outstanding derivatives.
    But it is typical for today’s casino banking world when depositors, shareholders and governments take all the downside risk and the management all the upside.


    Mr. House


    Reality was truth
    Savings were loans
    Loans were savings
    Pain hurt


    Virtuality is real
    Savings are virtual
    Loans are virtual
    Pain is intellectual

    madamski cafone


    There it is.

    Dr. D

    So short anyone can read it:

    “It was published by, of course, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Health Security, which operates as a functional arm of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    It is a detailed narrative of the past fifteen months… written in 2017.

    EVERYTHING is there, including a killer “vaccine” called “Coronavax” that kills so many people that the President of the United States has to go on television and essentially canonize the mountains of dead as de facto martyrs who “sacrificed themselves for the greater good of their communities.”

    Dr. D

    Actually, it’s all about Social media and messaging, getting people to “Do what they’re told.” Almost nothing about diseases or medicine itself. So the focus is very revealing about what they think of science and health.

    Mr. House

    A good way to sterilize stimulus money: Give out free money (unemployment bonus, stimulus checks, don’t pay rent, don’t pay student loans, don’t pay mortgages), encourage those receiving to bet on the stock market. As a 1% type person, sell all the time into the masses buying, then crash the market later! You got out of your positions, and the rubes got fleeced again! That money doesn’t go into the real economy thus you don’t get as much price inflation as if it did.

    Mr. House

    Buy at the bottom and then repeat for everlasting riches, if something does not go according to plan, bail yourself out.

    Doc Robinson

    From that pandemic scenario document (linked above by Dr. D), it’s clear that they’ve been thinking about these issues for some time. It seems like “enabling people to make their own informed decisions” (about the vaccine) has been dropped since then.


    1) How might federal health authorities avoid people possibly seeing an expedited SPARS vaccine development and testing process as somehow “rushed” and inherently flawed, even though that process still meets the same safety and efficacy standards as any other vaccine?

    2) How might federal health authorities respond to critics who propose that liability protection for SPARS vaccine manufacturers jeopardizes individual freedom and wellbeing?

    3) Once the vaccine becomes broadly available (see the chapter, “Head of the Line Privileges”), how might public health communicators implement the “best practices” principle of enabling people to make their own informed decisions about whether to accept the novel SPARS vaccine?

    4) What are the potential consequences of health officials overreassuring the public about the potential risks of a novel SPARS vaccine when long-term effects are not yet known?

    Doc Robinson

    Mr. Roboto: “Well, the Japan graph is the best argument against the effectiveness of masking I’ve seen so far. If any country in the world had near-universal compliance of correct mask-wearing, that would be Japan.”

    That graph for mask-compliant Japan has a dramatic peak in daily new cases, but the similar peak for the USA was about 20 times higher, when looking at the number of cases per million population. Hmm…


    “The Unrelenting Squeeze”


    “So long as the underlying economy keeps growing, fiat money can expand at a roughly commensurate rate, and that’s its virtue.
    Once the economy turns down, however, a divergence begins, because fiat systems are incapable of a corresponding contraction, and that’s the system’s inherent vice.”

    #195. The unrelenting squeeze



    So. Officer Sicknick died of strokes and blood clots. I wonder…had he received a Covid vaccination?

    madamski cafone

    The SPARS scenario tells me that this stuff was easily predictable if one sufficiently pursued how communication vectors work (physical transit of a form of communication, ci?). When a culture is as baroquely entrenched as ours, pstterns become clarion against the background of incessant yet orderly chaos.

    A logic evaluation: if they have the ability to orchestrate so much, why does nothing they do hold together (including, ultimately, their ivory fortresses and sense of elite security)?

    A paper written in 2017, informed by the Trump phenomenon and the disarray of everything American, could easily forecast that we’d fuck up all the way down. Which is what’s happening. It was easy to predict that loss of faith in institutions would be a huge factor because any honest trend-watcher of sufficient acument saw this in 2017. It was already well and far underway. It didn’t/doesn’t have top be manufactured by some grand evil scheme, the political incarnation of the Devil or something. There is vastly more evil in the world than conscious evil intentions. The majority of the people who serve Mammon are just trying to get by, and when they get into something good — a nice career or inheritance, their concept of what’s good revolves around their success in the midst of a sea of evil that they surely didn’t vcause (they tell themselves, we tell ourselves); we’re just struggling to survive amid the evil wrought by evil men… when we are the ones who actually do the evil. (or increasingly, make robots to do it for us).

    Placing the onus of our problems on the huge hunchbacked shoulders of allegedly evil rich genii like The Legend of Bill Gates is childish. Bill is no more evil than you or I; he’s just very fortunate (call it success if you prefer). He really believes he’s working to save the planet, poor little idjit. The view from the palace is different from the view on the ground. On the ground, the people in my apartment complex can’t be bothered to place their trash INSIDE the dumpster half the time, and this is hardly a ghetto; it’s midly upscale. THey’re not evil shoitheads trying to wreck the planet or at least my peace of mind; they’re fools caught in a less fortunate trap that demotivates them to the point they’re hardly potty-trained.

    The system is disintegrating all around. If one wants an explanatory model, the Titanic serves well: arrogance, complacency, incompetence, corruption, greed, entitled privilege, and things that go bump in the night. A saboteur could’ve hardly outdone the Titanic fiasco with a torpedo mine and a platoon of covert terrorists planted throughout the ship. The privileged arrogant elites sank it well and true, and looked out only for themselves… as do we.

    It seems much easier and more immediately gratifying to stick poisoned needles into voodoo dolls of the brand name elites, than it is to look around and take responsibility for ourselves, and therefore power, which must always be asserted to be employed. We are so domesticated into passivity we’ll scarcely risk a (relatively) polite argument with virtually no risk of fisticuffs even though we believe our very lives depend on it.

    Last I knew, Facebook and the internet had no control over personal physical verbal discussion. We’re not in 1965 USSR with every fifth neighbor a thought police turncoat. I’ve had way more Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons knock on my door than any secret police, and most of my surveilled activity (internet) is voluntary and unnecessary to my primary life functions. We’re just chickenshit and love to blow up the bogeymen large enough in our minds to justify sitting in the corner hoping the mess will blow away.

    madamski cafone

    @ Raul

    “But how? He doesn’t say. • World Can Bring Covid-19 Pandemic Under Control In Months – WHO Chief (RT)”

    It’s a declaration of victory by retreat. They will now work on diminishing the perception, that they so diligently cultivated among the public, that covid is The Purple Death. It’s a kind of revisionist history in the making.


    @ zerosum

    “Lets try yelling and jumping up and down like a troop of mentally challenged idiots baboons. ( modern dancing)”

    Great Idea!

    madamski cafone

    “$2.3 quadrillion”

    A few quadrillion here, a few quadrillion there, pretty soon you’re talking serious money, the kind that gets the Empire’s attention, said Darth Nader.


    • America Can Successfully Defend Taiwan Against China – In Its Dreams (Ritter)”

    The Taiwan Turnover should be interesting. Internal conditions are suddenly become conducive to internal turmoil: Taiwan is supposed to be one of the rainiest places in the world – its climate is subtropical in the northern and central regions, and tropical in the south. Typhoons are common in summer and autumn, and it also gets monsoons. It rains so often here that umbrellas are placed at subway stations and businesses for anyone to borrow. But something unusual happened last year – no typhoon hit the island. And there has been little rain in the past year. That has plunged Taiwan into its worst drought in 56 years. Many of its reservoirs are at less than 20% capacity, with water levels at some falling below 10%.

    Must be weather manipulation by HAARP. After all, Putin *really* controls America, right? He’d do it as a favor to Xi. While Joe bangs a gong with a monkey stick.


    Meanwhile, I read yesterday quotes where Trump brags about fast-tracking the (disastrous) USA vaccine program. Once again, covid kicks Donald’s ass with his own foot in his mouth (a compound cranianal impaction). But in the short run, he’ll get resurgent media play, and I suspect we can get what we’ve all been secretly hoping for: a Trump/Biden Punch and Judy extravaganza.


    madamski cafone

    Honorable mention runner-up emeritus:


    “Intelligence reports are telling us that Russia is planning to meddle in the 2020 election. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are likely to benefit the most from the meddling, which is designed to sow discord and make us question our institutions. “ Too funny. I grew up on cold war paranoia. Well, I thought I did. But that was nothing compared to this.

    Finally, a nostalgic retrospective on Trump Derangement Syndrome:


    madamski cafone

    @ Dr. D

    ” ‘Russian Jet Intercepts US, Norwegian Patrol Aircraft (ZH)’ Happens all the time. Yes, the news is WHAT they report, not how or any details. So they’re trying to invent and fabricate tensions. Thanks! Now I know your plans.”

    Actually, this report is actually factually accurate. (Does that rhyme or what?) This is a report of a NATO

      aircraft making incursion into Russian

    airspace and being promptly ejected, which is quite different from the usual, which is, well pages and pages of google talking about how Russia has been flying all over NATO airspace since 2014 and, well, we don’t seem able to do anything about it, can we?

    “The Baltic countries are registering a dramatic increase in Russian military provocations, rattling nerves in a region which fears it could be the next frontier after Ukraine in Moscow’s quest at asserting its regional power. Nato fighters policing Baltic airspace were scrambled 68 times along Lithuania’s borders this year, by far the highest count in more than 10 years. Latvia registered 150 “close incidents”, cases where Russian aircraft were found approaching and observed for risky behaviour. Estonia said its sovereign airspace had been violated by Russian aircraft five times this year, nearing the total count of seven over the previous eight years….According to one western official, so far this year there have been well over a hundred quick reaction alerts – the scrambling of fighter jets – because of Russian activity in the vicinity of alliance airspace, a threefold increase over the number for the whole of 2013.” (dated, uh, 2013)


    But there was a time when they just hogged those skies:

    “1. (C) Summary. Lithuania’s opposition to hosting a Baltic regional air safety conference under NATO-Russia Council (NRC) auspices (ref A) is rooted in its assessment that Russian policy aims to disrupt NATO relations with its newest members and raise pressure on the air policing mission. Though Russian violations of Lithuanian airspace, once annually numbering in the thousands, have dropped to a handful in recent years, Lithuania remains concerned that its neighbors are violating its airspace to test Lithuania’s and NATO’s technological ability and diplomatic resolve. In discussions regarding a permanent Baltic air-policing mission, Lithuania will stress the need for NATO assets given its own meager air defense capabilities, highlighting the fact that recent incursions have occurred over the Ignalina nuclear power plant and that NATO aircraft have intercepted suspected Russian intelligence aircraft traversing the Baltic Sea Coast. End Summary.” dated Oct. 2004

    wikileaks cable

    Looks like Russia began a new round of incursions in 2014 to test its new air tech in NATO airspace.
    Meanwhile, we’ve been playing footsie a bit ourselves recently:

    NATO planes shadow Russian bombers from Arctic to Black Sea (March 30, 2021)

    “Intercepting multiple groups of Russian aircraft demonstrates NATO forces’ readiness and capability to guard Allied skies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,” Brig. Gen. Andrew Hansen, of NATO’s Allied Air Command at Ramstein Air Base, said in the statement.”

    I suspect we won’t be doing much more “demonstrat(ing) NATO forces readiness and capability” over Russian airspace, if any. 😉 Searching for news report of NATO incursions into Russian airspace yields a desert of no results while fielding a flood of Russia incursions into NATO.

    This should be fun:


    A friend recently suggested that I should get vaccinated to “help herd immunity” and for “increased protection” against Covid.
    I patiently replied that as a Covid survivor I already AM contributing to herd immunity, and there is no data nor studies performed to suggest that vaccination can improve upon my current immunity. He also explained that if I just get vaccinated, then I will avoid the social displeasure that I am currently experiencing. *sigh*. He is my friend, and I value his insight in other areas, but he…just…doesn’t…get…it.

    I am invited to teach a music class at the retirement community in the fall…but if I am unvaccinated it must be online, not in person. Found this out from a different friend. She assured me of her affection, even if I don’t get vaccinated. This will make the class inaccessible to easily half or more of the residents who are not familiar enough with technology to join a Zoom meeting.

    The groupthink among folks that I otherwise generally enjoy and respect is mind boggling. (They are intelligent in many other areas.). I went to a rehearsal at the retirement community yesterday. There were two passersby who sat in the audience area and watched. It was outside. I wore the damn face-diaper (as the only unvaccinated person present). At a brief pause in the singing (I was the lead singer) my friend suggested I remove my mask. “I don’t want any more nasty emails,” I explained. (It is more nuanced than that…I derive a sizable chunk of (non-musical performance) income from this place and a few residents there…I cannot afford jeopardizing that.). He responded that they are allowed to have up to 5 people in their apartments that are unmasked, I was his guest and this was rehearsal. Nice to have the clarification. Off goes the mask.

    On the electronic marquee outside of the retirement community it states : “We stand with all who want equality and justice.” I know that they truly believe that they do this….but…no…they…do…not.

    I generally like standing up against injustice…but I cannot jeopardize my income and I choose not to jeopardize the only performance venue currently available. Oh, how it galls me.

    madamski cafone

    P.S. I see Bernie says Putin is killing Nalvany. ANother evil genius worn-out hack who thinks he’s acting to save the planet.


    To ‘my parent said know’, previous thread, that vid of Dr. D. Frank on the stolen US Prez. election was v. interesting.

    I was amazed to hear that someone actually went and checked on voters.. and found ‘phantom’ ones.

    I was suspicious of the election of Boris J. as PM of GB. Sure, many Labour voters might have turned their coats and voted Bojo -> just not *that* many! (imho.)

    If the GB PM election was rigged, as far as I can figure out, which ain’t far, it was done thru the postal vote (recall the endless hype about a surge in postal votes pre-election) and would not be known, recognised, or even suspected as having been ‘faked’, altered, in some way, outside of the v. restricted group doing it. BoJo himself, the Labourites, etc. would all believe the result, having had no part in the manipulations, rigging, being sure the count was correct…

    Those who had access to all the d-bases and the templates of the voting forms could have “cast votes” for those who didn’t vote, sending in the votes from the proper district at the last minute. (They could also create voters..) My thought was that in a small district with the oficial, known, result-nos. to hand, it would have been possible to do a quick, cheap survey on the ground and show that the official result could not be correct.


    Turn-out might also give some interesting clues, but I never got far with those nos.

    original link posted by mpsk:


    Lockdown – the Big Lie that will never end

    ” …there can no longer be any doubt that the position in Britain and elsewhere has nothing to do with any medical emergency, and probably never did.”

    “if the emergency ends, the wreckage of the orgy of corruption over which Johnson and his allies have presided presents a set of questions to which they have no answers.”

    “lockdown will never end, but instead be concretised as a lockdown without walls. The device for achieving this objective is the vaccine passport.”

    Lockdown – the Big Lie that will never end


    Moderna currently has a trial ongoing with children between the ages of 12 and 17 with about 3000 participants, and apparently one of those participants, a 12-year-old girl named “Maddie,” is now paralyzed from the waist down, and reportedly is now suffering from an inability to urinate on her own, a bowel obstruction, excruciating pain, fainting episodes and other neurological problems.


    Mr. House

    Here is a question for everyone. Maxine waters the other day, telling people to stay in the streets and be confrontational, not the first time she’s done this. Contrasted with Trump and the be nothing burger of 1/6. Which we just found out was full of more lies, now some of us were saying back then it kinda stunk of a reichstag fire event. Most of that with what we’ve learned since seems to be true, not to mention as usual they do not investigate what they don’t want to investigate. This same hypocrisy stinks in many of the other current “causes” wokism, democrats vs republicans, blah blah blah, seems like the general playbook in our politics these days. Also covid because anyone who died 28 days of testing positive was a covid death, but anyone who dies after being vaccinated we can’t conclude it was a covid death. My point yesterday about us being past the point of arguing because these people are not debating/arguing in good faith, to which i was told i was irrational. I would like an honest rebuttal, why should we continue to argue like adults with people who will not?


    The philosopher, comedian, author of Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2 and presenter of TV’s ‘Hollywood Decoded’ talks to James about God, technocracy, Carroll Quigley’s ‘Tragedy & Hope’, movie subtexts and the future of the human race.

    Jay Dyer: The System They Want is Fundamentally Anti Human | The Delingpod

    Mr. House

    “Anti” is missing from the above.

    Anti Human !!

    Mr. House

    @ madamski
    ” Bill is no more evil than you or I.”
    Paraphrasing: Everything with a grain of salt,


    @D R
    “That graph for mask-compliant Japan has a dramatic peak in daily new cases, but the similar peak for the USA was about 20 times higher, when looking at the number of cases per million population. Hmm…”

    Obesity (BMI>30) in the US is running at over 36% while in Japan the number is 4.3%. This might explain why we big ass americans have fared so poorly.


    Thought that Japan graph might be grinding an axe to some degree. Daily new cases, why not overlay with DEATHS? So I did. That impressive second hump becomes a lot less scary. Third hump is still there, but again, proportionally it’s a lot less than the cases. Oh, and that third hump, I wonder if it coincides with something? WINTER perhaps? People INDOORS perhaps?

    Being manipulated by bad faith peddlers is really starting to sicken my shite.

    View post on


    So Kudos to creator of the original graph, you just discovered the existance of improved testing and the seasons of the Earth. Your Nobel is in the mail.


    As an alternative, here’s something that might actually be useful:

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