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    Russell Lee Highway tavern. Crystal City, Texas 1939   • A Google Breakup Would Fit the EU’s Logic (BBG) • Customs Union U-Turn By May Could Insp
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    • Canadians Just Set A New Record For Borrowing Against Their Homes (BD)
    If they cannot pay for their mortgage they will not be able to pay for rent.
    Therefore, who will be found living in a cardboard box?
    Will the lenders be among the new residents of the cardboard boxes?


    MSM promotes WWIII

    Last weekend world war three almost started. Trump was under pressure to mount a massive attack in Syria on such a scale that Russia would have been forced to respond. Thankfully he was persuaded to mount a symbolic attack instead.

    Ahead of the attack Russian warships in Syria moved into position and were joined by Chinese warships in the area. Four Russian TU160 bombers were moved to Iran. Along with the S300 and S400 systems in Syria plus other forces Russia would have been in a position to not only defend but to attack.

    Russia can easily sink any US warship, including aircraft carriers. What if it had sunk US and allied ships? Would it have escalated and to what level? I think it would have escalated all the way unless the US military command decided to stop the US committing suicide.

    Despite this extremely close call Western mainstream media is still pushing propaganda to promote further escalation in Syria. They do not seem to realise that if they succeed then they will die! Their families will die! Their readers will die! They show impressive loyalties to their masters.

    I remember reading about a well-respected German journalist who, when he retired, said that if he had not followed CIA ‘guidance’ he would have lost his job. Certainly the media is being coordinated by someone.

    Western media is now so full of propaganda that it is not worth reading. They need to realise that the stakes are far higher than they seem to think.


    “Western media is now so full of propaganda that it is not worth reading. They need to realise that the stakes are far higher than they seem to think.”

    I gave up on Western media many years ago. For 10 weeks in from January to March, I was staying with a friend in England. He loved sport and watched lots of TV – the weather was dreadful. I could not help sometimes watching what the BBC was spewing out about Russia, Syria and Salisbury. Absolute crap designed for people who are mentally-deficient. Sadly, my good friend – a retired GP – fell into that category. It is amazing how well propaganda works – when it is incessant and all the organs of it are coordinated. I mean, the contents of the articles of a great many newspapers are almost exactly the same – only the headlines change. In Australia, the newspapers don’t bother doing even the headlines, they transcribe nonsense from the NYT, Washington Post etc.

    Here is a sample of the drivel being promoted today on Melbourne’s leading newspaper:

    Just look at where Australia is and where the political centre of Russia is. The newspapers never mention that in the event of a WW3, Russian ICBM’s will fly over the Southern Hemisphere and get to the USA via its southern border.

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