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    John Day

    From Germ’s Israeli article about efficacy of having had COVID in preventing severe illness, Initial findings, which might drift over a year or more (My money is on natural immunity in the longer haul.)

    We analyze an updated individual-level database of the entire population of Israel to assess the protection efficacy of both prior infection and vaccination in preventing subsequent SARS-CoV-2 infection, hospitalization with COVID-19, severe disease, and death due to COVID-19. Vaccination was highly effective with overall estimated efficacy for documented infection of 92·8% (CI:[92·6, 93·0]); hospitalization 94·2% (CI:[93·6, 94·7]); severe illness 94·4% (CI:[93·6, 95·0]); and death 93·7% (CI:[92·5, 94·7]). Similarly, the overall estimated level of protection from prior SARS-CoV-2 infection for documented infection is 94·8% (CI:[94·4, 95·1]); hospitalization 94·1% (CI:[91·9, 95·7]); and severe illness 96·4% (CI:[92·5, 98·3]). Our results question the need to vaccinate previously-infected individuals.


    This is the SHIT that they’re watching in the US.

    Watch: Fauci Justifies Children Wearing Masks Outside — ‘They Are More at Risk of Getting Infected’


    @ John Day

    “What is your educational training, and work experience, Girl?
    You are pretty Broad-Band.”

    I’ve waited a lot of tables. Worked as a gardener for a blissful stretch. Did a lot of telemarketing back in the day when telephones and tv alone ruled/ruined the evening dinner. Raised 3 kids, most of it not alone. Dropped out of high school to, apparently, get in as much trouble as I could.

    I read a lot, rarely watch tv, likewise cinema, because I mostly like to think my own thoughts not those of others. I was deemed a genius as a child but I grew out of it by adulthood. 😉

    I found the abstract about ivermectin<>protease by googling those two terms and skimming the results.


    btw, what John Day said about Germ: thanx for all the research.


    @ Dr. D

    The wetigo story fits, perfectly.


    When 911 happened, some generals on an NPR show were quoted as saying, “That’s it. Game over. A new military paradigm and we lost big time.”

    I think we’re witnessing now the closing of that disastrous period when we tried to rule the world by brute force and minimal intelligence or integrity. Our brute force has become relatively pathetic, and we’re dumber and less honetly reliable than ever.


    That brute force has morphed from a military gun barrel pointing OUT, to a medical hyperdermic needle pointing IN !


    Can you imagine the Covid related medical bills being racked up in the US.

    Watch and weep:

    “Video Shows People Worldwide Appalled by High US Healthcare Costs”

    John Day

    @Madamski: “Autodidact”, then.
    Go Girl!


    Ilargi wrote: One might have expected that as the Covid drama unfolds, the world would return to its scientific senses. But the opposite appears to be happening, we’re moving away from our senses. Fear is a bad advisor.

    Fear is a bad advisor for sure, but there is more to it than that.

    Establishing and using or following “Science” (in its good and generally accepted parts), ‘common sense’, ‘established practices’ (assuming these to be more or less suited to the times, appreciated, and not directly harmful as far as is known..), as well as following **the law** all takes a long time to build up. Centuries, for some components thereof.

    It takes time to investigate, notice things, obtain a concensus, make practices wide-spread, set up, ‘vote in’ or decree, directives, laws, instill adherence to them, create control mechanismsthat work, etc.

    Conversely, to break away, to create, or impose, extraordinary or wild exceptions, to ignore large sections of established functioning, to negate what went before with propaganda, to spread confusion and grab power, can be, and *usually* is, accomplished rapidly. In some cases as a !Surprise! in others, a slow build up that finally tips one state (condition) to another via some threshold marker.

    Pharma Cos. have managed the latter, they have been trying for a long time to corrupt, aka buy and control ‘State’ and ‘Intl’ orgs that ‘hamper, corral’ them somewhat, and they have finally succeeded with Cov19. (Independently of where the virus arose, escaped, or was tossed out the window.)

    The Seneca effect, or ‘crash down effect’ then takes hold, so many regs. / rules, are junked, the downslope is astonishingly steep, on many measures… a plunge down to abysmal lows, aka zero on whatever one’s treasured measure.

    Then, the ripple effects -> interaction horrors set in. X rule no longer holds? Ppl need not…abc? The social contract is broken. Go for it, profit, subjugate…

    Ppl don’t expect it, and after a week, a month, or two?, wake up to a changed world. X med / research rules, criteria, no longer apply; the media can lie about anything in any manner they favor and no longer pretend; Ppl can be killed in the street with impunity; looters and burglars are not arrested; Policemen wield machine guns; a pass is needed to buy bread for a child. (very poor wiki, just to show what the ref. was.)

    I’m having a dark day. Heh.

    John Day

    “Nothing Worth Stealing” here:

    Really, you’ve seen it already…


    “Reinfection is rare in the young and international population of Qatar. Natural infection appears to elicit strong protection against reinfection with an efficacy ~95% for at least seven months.”


    German news shows Covid-21 in an EU vax passport graphic.

    Think this is almost over?
    Think again!

    Doc Robinson

    It looks like “informed consent has been compromised” for the Covid vaccine trial participants.

    This quality improvement study of 4 informed consent documents from 4 major COVID-19 vaccine trials found all to be overly long and complex…

    Among the 4 informed consent documents examined, the mean (range) page count was 21.8 (17-25) pages, and the mean (range) word count was 8333 (7821-9340) words…

    This quality improvement study found that informed consent documents for the phase III randomized clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines did not adhere to the widespread view about how informed consent should occur and what constitutes a good informed consent document…

    The findings of this quality improvement study suggest that participant informed consent has been compromised by lengthy, complex documents.

    Original Investigation | Ethics
    April 28, 2021
    Assessment of Length and Readability of Informed Consent Documents for COVID-19 Vaccine Trials


    “Up to a quarter of British healthcare workers have expressed hesitancy towards Covid-19 vaccines, the first comprehensive study of NHS and care staff suggests.”


    “..Keeping people from being free is Big Business.”
    -Soldier / Guard in ‘Masked and Anonymous’, 2003. Prescient movie [ahem].

    Michael Reid: thanks for your fine, perceptive comment yesterday, and I hope your parents are OK, post “vaccine”.



    On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its guidance on mask-wearing, advising that Americans who are fully vaccinated may now exercise and attend small outdoor gatherings without a mask.

    It’s too little, too late, argues Stanford University Professor of Medicine Jay Bhattacharya. The public health agency’s hypervigilant coronavirus response over the past 12-14 months has paved the way for what he calls “the institutionalization of hypochondria” among the American public.

    “This sort of order should have come long ago,” said Bhattacharya during an interview on “Just the News AM.”

    “I think they’re being entirely too cautious by saying, ‘Okay, only if you’re vaccinated … People who have had the disease before are also immune. Why shouldn’t they be ‘allowed’ to not wear masks?”

    Doc Robinson

    Natural infection appears to elicit strong protection against reinfection with an efficacy ~95% for at least seven months.
    (The Lancet)

    The vaccinated residents at a nursing home in Kentucky had nowhere near that level of protection. About two months after vaccination, 25% of them were infected during a two-week period. The CDC calculated the vaccine effectiveness for them to be 66% (which takes into account the number of unvaccinated residents who did not become infected).

    COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with a SARS-CoV-2 R.1 Lineage Variant in a Skilled Nursing Facility After Vaccination Program — Kentucky, March 2021


    “Prevention of COVID-19 on a global scale will require the continued development of high-volume, low-cost platforms for the manufacturing of vaccines to supply on-going demand.

    This engineered strain is now used to produce an RBD-based vaccine antigen that is currently in clinical trials and could be used to produce other variants of RBD as needed for future vaccines.”


    A 10 cent tablet?
    Who needs a 10 cent tablet!

    “In this study, we highlight the potential of ivermectin packaged in an orally administrable nanoparticle that could serve as a vehicle to deliver a more potent therapeutic antiviral dose and demonstrate its efficacy to decrease expression of viral spike protein and its receptor angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), both of which are keys to lowering disease transmission rates.”


    It’s absolute gold. Seven doctors discussing the prion issue, the unnatural origin of the virus, etc etc …

    “We have a wonderful panel along with Dr. Fleming and Dr. Yan. We have Dr. Lee Vliet, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Kelly Victory, Dr. Lee Merritt, and Dr. Peter Breggin ”




    Dr. Jackie Stone interview, on the use of Ivermectin in Zimbabwe.

    31 mins. in eng with F subtitles. Apr 2021.

    Jackie Stone vid. series (eng.)


    I ask us to consider how much I like vast overarching yadiyada speech as you consaider my remark here: WWIII is right on schedule, and it’s first global front appears to be wagerd via virus-and-vaccine. The waging is only semi-self-aware. The various corp-cov combinations don’t think of it as open warfare but hardly as mere competition. They know lives hang in the balance of their squabbles and consider it just collateral damage, part of the system. war has become informational just like our economy. both kill via the vaporous absence of understanding what they’re doing, of admitting to themselves much less the public that they are the authors of this war because they honestly believe that war is inevitable, that every one is as shitass as them.

    And alas, most of us are as shitass as that because we too believe war is inevitable and necessary, which is where the con gets started. The global response has been a global trade war centered on vaccines and suppression of affordable alternatives that neither enrtich their bank accoutns or enhance their prestige.

    But it isn’t viewed as war. It’s viewed as Everyone Pull Together albeit along politically defined varying lines. Which is exactly how everyone involved in WWII felt: it was a grand heroic struggle in which we all pulled together… but with THAT nationality as viral scum and us as the knightly vaccoine of pure intent and martial omnipotence.


    ..And it begins, for this commenter-prole:

    “..We ask that all visitors be vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus. No exceptions. This is no different than asking you to wear pants. (Don’t bother flaming us in the comments because we will delete them.)”

    Email for an open house, from a small company I deal with. No, make that “dealt with”.
    The two-tier society is here, and in a way, that’s a Good Thing (Dr. D would get that.)

    I’m expecting a PMC visitor tomorrow who might have some new [ ] regarding my pointedly unvaccinated status; If it’s what I think it will be, I’ll post about it.



    This is now spreading across US social media.
    Once seen, it cannot be unseen!

    Doc Robinson

    Bill7: “I’m expecting a PMC visitor tomorrow who might have some new [ ] regarding my pointedly unvaccinated status.”

    I wonder if employers are pushing employees to get vaccinated without actually requiring it, because OSHA rules (in the US) stipulate that if the employer requires vaccination, then any adverse reaction is considered “work-related” (with implications about who pays for medical care and time off as a result).

    If you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment (i.e., for work-related reasons), then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine is work-related. The adverse reaction is recordable…

    There’s also the issue of whether employers can legally require vaccines having just an EUA. So the HR people might be dancing around the issue of whether vaccination is actually a condition of employment. Just saying that you’re waiting for FDA approval (not just the EUA) might buy some time.

    “But vaccine mandates may still be risky for employers. It is possible that employees who are terminated for refusing to receive a vaccine authorized by the FDA under an EUA could try to pursue claims for wrongful termination in violation of public policy,” Coburn said. “The viability of such claims will depend on applicable state law regarding a potential public policy exception to at-will employment and how courts—state and federal—construe the EUA wording.”


    Meanwhile, the Oxitec mosquitoes will be released. Getting rid of bees, Einstein noted, would be the end of humans.
    It is difficult to over-emphasize how important mosquitoes are to all life. Luckily, there’s this.
    “Thus, Jacobina Ae. aegypti are now a mix of three populations. It is unclear how this may affect disease transmission or affect other efforts to control these dangerous vectors.” They estimate that between 10% and 60% of the Bahia natural Ae. Aegypti mosquitoes now had some gene-edited OX513A genome. They conclude that “The three populations forming the tri-hybrid population now in Jacobina (Cuba/Mexico/Brazil) are genetically quite distinct, very likely resulting in a more robust population than the pre-release population due to hybrid vigor.”


    Sorry- the quote concerns the release of these beasties in Brazil a while back. (ZEEEEEEKAKAKAKAKA!!!!)
    I was at a party recently and a friend sighed and said what a good man Bill Gates was. My mate had to touch my knee to indicate her other-worldly aura meant she wasn’t worth the effort.
    Where would we be without Baal and MALinda Gates?

    I forget- how much Zika and Dengue Fever has there been in Florida?


    I had been noticing callers on cspan who proudly admit to being pricked are a little foggy- searching for words, stuttering, long-pausing…
    Somewhere in all the sites I have visited today, a British truck driver said he had been seeing a lot of one car accidents and potential accidents in the making.
    So I went to the crash report site here in Hennepin County and looked at the week of April 22-28 in 2019 vs the same in 2021.
    In 2019 there were 20 crashes with 8 being single vehicle.
    In 20121 there have been 24 crashes with 16 being single vehicle.


    “Biden: US in Competition With China to ‘Win the 21st Century’
    In an address to Congress, Biden said he told Chinese President Xi that the US will militarize the Indo-Pacific ‘just as we do with NATO in Europe’
    by Dave DeCamp Posted onApril 28, 2021CategoriesNewsTagsBiden, China

    “In his first address to Congress on Wednesday night, President Biden took the Cold War rhetoric against Beijing to a new level and declared that the US was in competition with China to “win the 21st century.”

    “We’re in a competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century,” he said. Biden made the comments in his pitch for the American Jobs Plan, a massive infrastructure plan that would cost $2.3 trillion.”

    ‘Captain, we’ve entered a space-time anomaly in which we’ll have to fight the Klingons for 79 years’ continuum along our respective timeline. What do you recommend?’

    ‘Send it to subcommittee. That should last at least 150 years. Maybe this thing will blow over by then.’

    Spock’s eyebrow… twitches.

    Mister Roboto

    @Germ: Thanks, I was able to access that, even on clunky, obsolete old Windoze XP. It seems as though India “farted around and found out” WRT using vs. not using Ivermectin. As for the institutionalization of hypochondria in the USA….We really are a nation of fads over here, so I’m hoping this will turn out to be just another one of those annoying fads {/knock on simulated wood}. I think people are starting to get it that a lot of it is just theater, even though it isn’t fashionable to come out and say so just yet.

    @Everybody: Well, a cashier at the grocery store just told me that the husband of somebody she knows got the vaccine and died a few days later. It’s kind of easy to shrug at reports of people dying of the vaccine you see on the Internet because, well, people say all kinds of things on the Internet. But when something people are saying on the Internet is also something you heard about from your own personal grapevine (especially somebody like me who doesn’t talk to other people very much), well, that’s when the “something ominous and intense is happening” music from the old “Star Trek” series starts playing in your head!


    ‘What will we Lose?’, by Alex Bartlett (wrenching stuff about his kids):

    “..I have not had a haircut since November 2020. “Unsafe” they say while putting all hairdressers on welfare for the better part of a year and also while making “working from home” just that much more undignified. Dogs have actually been permitted more frequent access to professional grooming than adults have here in Ontario in the last year.

    Perhaps this is why booze, marijuana and fast food have always been available during this pandemic. I guess they know that as long as we remain in a well-fed stupor with Netflix porting us from reality, there will be no real angst or frustration on the streets.

    For a brief moment last week, when announcing our latest stay at home order due to our hypersensitive, 47 cycle PCR test cases (approximately 1 case for every 4,500 residents here in Ontario mind you), our bumbling high school educated Premier tried to impose a quasi-martial law edict. The police would have been able to stop you and question your intent if you ventured outside of you home. I found it laughable that you could legally comply by saying you were “off to buy booze, weed or fast food” and these would all be valid, essential destinations for such an excursion. Meeting a friend for a walk in the park though, this is not safe, nor recommended or even permitted!..”

    What Will We Lose?

    Who coulda knowed that the “pandemic” would be used to take away our [natural law] Civil Liberties?
    Not to worry, though: Those very few who Rule us will “give” them back just as soon as they can..



    @ my parents said know

    “Where would we be without Baal and MALinda Gates?”

    What, am I chopped liver? growled Cthulhu.

    As for covid passports, I’m thinking fraudulence will be rampant and rapid. Not to mention all shrouded under the growing ground fog of grapevine info about all the problems and false positives and it doesn’t work and did you hear that it’s not really a vaccine but some kind of GMO thing?

    The Baalian ubernerds, who want to pretend that they run the civilization they merely parasitize, can’t seem to comprehend that their Standard MO — lie, deflect, rape, pillage cannot solve the problems they’ve created by their Standard MO.

    Consider Elon Musk: he has to believe in electric vehicles even though he knows better. Her has to believe because he’s the hype-star who exhorts others, especially stockholders and congress poodles, to believe in them. Consider the split personality this creates over the decades.

    Then, if you will, give eyes to this short piece clarifying major mispercpetions about psychos and such, to see how deeply FRIGHTENED guys like Musk are. You can see it in his face, and his behaviors. “We will coup who we want”. The SNL jive. The bantering with Bezos. The old Musk would know to avoid that kind of publicity and pissing match.

    Psychos, socios, and narcs

    They’re doubling down on their mad destructive behavior not so mucvh because of their grand plan but because fear compels them to cling tight to the steering wheel and continue making vroom vroom noises even though their lawyers, accountants and advisors all told them they’re screwed… before they were fired and rep[laced with more respectful minion mandarins.

    Wanna see a Grand Scheme unfold according to plan in plain sight? Watch Putin. review the history of his actions since way back. See how he always holds the deciding edge in the various deals and compromises he enters. Not the dominant edge (except militarily and natural resources) but the decisive edge. Spoiler vote. King-maker.

    Now THAT’s how an evil genius rules the world: by not being evil, just being a genius. Evil is incapable of ruling, only able to ruin by slowly infesting pre-existing centers/modes of power.


    @ Mister Roboto

    That stitch of ST music was killer or to die for. Not sure how that works. Awesome!

    Mister Roboto

    The police would have been able to stop you and question your intent if you ventured outside of you home. I found it laughable that you could legally comply by saying you were “off to buy booze, weed or fast food” and these would all be valid, essential destinations for such an excursion.

    Oh, I would be fine then, because if weed were legal in Wisconsin, I would always be off to buy some weed! (As someone who was a teenager in the Reagan eighties, the idea of the police following me all the way to weed-store to make sure I was being a good little citizen is ironic and hilarious. Maybe they would even give me a ride so that I wouldn’t have to wait for the bus!)

    Getting the shot is very much The Correct And Fashionable Thing To Do among all my blue-state big-city friends on Facebook. This is one of the very few times in my life that I am glad I am as marginal a person in society as I am.

    : There’s a “share” function underneath all YouTube videos that makes it so that you can even determine what time the video you embed will start playing.

    Dr. D

    Will probably be posted here tomorrow:

    “Mass media punditry is divided on where to assign the blame for the plummet in public opinion of their work, with some blaming it on Russia and others blaming it on Donald Trump…

    The one thing they all seem to agree on is that it’s definitely not because the billionaire-controlled media are propaganda outlets which manipulate us constantly in conjunction with sociopathic government agencies to protect the oligarchic, imperialist status quo upon which the members of the billionaire class have built their respective kingdoms. It cannot possibly be because people sense that they are being lied to and are fed up with it.”

    “And actually it doesn’t ultimately matter what mainstream pundits and reporters believe is the cause of the public’s growing disgust with them, because there’s nothing they can do to fix it anyway. The mass media will never regain the public’s trust.

    They’ll never regain the public’s trust for a couple of reasons, the first of which is because they’ll never be able to become trustworthy. At no point will the mass media ever begin wowing the public with its journalistic integrity and causing people to re-evaluate their opinion of mainstream news reporters. At no point will people’s disdain for these outlets ever cease to be reinforced and confirmed by the manipulative and deceitful behaviors which caused that disdain in the first place.”

    Ah but she’s so much better at expressing it than I am.

    They cannot stop being liars because there’s no money in news, so lying for billionaire favors is their sole purpose for existence. Going back to Jefferson calling Adams a hermaphrodite. Or Cicero. Or Socrates. Or Og and Gog.

    Dr. D

    “George Bush Complains About “Misinformation!” — Not Kidding.” — Jimmy Dore

    “Intercept Reporter Melts Down Attacking Podcasters” -Dore

    Top WaPo reporter (I think, nobody cares) spends all day counter-tweeting basement Youtubers and career pot-heads and losing. This is how they’re going to regain the trust and credibility of America. Right after his co-editor at NYT says the press really, really needs to be much more like China’s. Oh, and imprisoning all real journalists for life without trial. Gosh, you wish I was making this up, don’t you?

    All we need to add is to serve warrants on Presidential Lawyer-client privilege in search of dirt on whistleblowing reporters that did any part of their job in Ukraine. Oh wait: Check. On track to arrest and wiretap more reporters than even Obama, who only recently set the world record.

    Mister Roboto

    The dems are now demanding the DofJ intervene to stop the Phoenix, Arizona vote audit.
    The audit results could flip a dem senator back to republican breaking 50:50 senate tie.
    We can’t have that!

    It seems like the DC crowd are learning to run the US government without help from the president. So instead of a 3 legged stool it is now a stable 2 legged stool! If the CziA is actually running things then it is just a very stable1 legged stool!

    I had been wondering why we were not hearing anything from Israel about how wonderful things were after vaccination well over half the population. It has been all “look at the bad squirrel” India! So Israel basically disconnected any feedback on adverse reactions and deaths. That is what you do to hide how badly your experiment went!

    So Norway confirms how Israel is doing more harm than good! All the vaccines are doing more harm than good amoung the low risk population!

    John Day

    Great stuff Ladies and Germs, even that little video Germ posted from “Randy Rainbow”.
    I could only watch it once, and I’m glad it was just 2 minutes, but it was so campy the way some things used to be in the old days, and it could entertain people with widely disparate views.
    Fine stuff, b ut just to watch once.
    I still have Star Trek sideburns, as in this picture from a year ago, which you might well have seen here.

    : Gotta agree about corruption being unable to make a working system, just ride it into the ground.

    @ Dr. D: No Walter Cronkite for us.
    What if we could all band together psychically to know the truth and be guided to do what is best for all life in our world?
    If only there could be something like that, and free, and trustworthy…
    I used to have “a conscience” when I was little.
    A cartoon cricket sang about letting that be my guide.
    What happened?

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