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    Edward Hopper Office in a Small City 1953   • PM’s Move To ICU Shows He’s Likely To Have Severe COVID19 (G.) • To Use Ventilators You Need Sedati
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle April 7 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Edward Hopper Office in a Small City 1953
    The Hopper is…I don’t know how/what to express; just interesting and …

    The Thai government has just warned private hospitals not to bill patients for CV-19 virus treatment.
    Stating that the government will pay all CV-19 bills.
    Three cheers for the Thai government and its prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha…
    Thai healthcare once again shows the way forward for the world’s governments…


    Hopper is the painter of social distancing.

    V. Arnold

    Hopper is the painter of social distancing.

    Ha! LOL. nailed it; but there is more…
    I just don’t know what…
    …could it be the desert, of the office life?
    The word lonely comes to mind…

    Captain Nemo

    Lung physicians in Germany did recommend to avoid intubation whenever possible, due to the stress it induces to the lungs. Instead oxygen masks should be used.
    Then I came across this youtube video of an american physician who indicates that patients with Covid-19 show symptoms resembling those of high altitude sickness and not those of pneumonia. Interesting but I do not know if it is authentical.

    V. Arnold

    Re Hopper: Cold and impersonal comes to mind as well…
    Stark even…


    COVID-19 threatens food supply chain as farms worry about workers falling ill

    “As Americans scattered to the privacy of their homes this week to avoid spreading the coronavirus, the opposite scene was playing out in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

    “A thousand or more young men arrived in the city, as they do most weeks of the year, filling up the cheap hotels, standing in long lines at the U.S. Consulate to pick up special H-2A visas for temporary agricultural workers, then gathering in a big park to board buses bound for farms in the United States.

    “I spoke with people going to North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi,” says Justin Flores, vice president of the AFL-CIO’s Farm Labor Organizing Committee, who was in Monterrey for meetings. “[They were] headed to destinations all over the country to provide really important labor that supports the backbone of our economy, which is the agricultural industry.”

    “About 250,000 workers came to the U.S. on H-2A visas last year, the majority of them from Mexico. They’ve become an increasingly important piece of America’s food industry.

    “Late in the day on Monday, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City announced that it is suspending nonemergency visa appointments because of concerns for the health of its employees and visitors.

    “At the same time, though, the embassy notified farm employers that many — perhaps most — of these farm workers still can get their visas, because they participated in the program last year and don’t require an in-person appointment at the consulate.

    “Ryan Ogburn, visa director at wafla, which helps farms manage the flow of H-2A workers in the Pacific Northwest, says that 85-90% of their workers will qualify for this exemption. Meanwhile, influential farm organizations in the U.S. are pushing the Trump administration to ease the entry of more guest workers.

    “The continuing availability of agricultural workers illustrates the paradox of America’s food supply in the age of COVID-19.

    “One end of the food supply chain has been completely upended as restaurants go dark and consumers prowl half-empty aisles of supermarkets. Food producers, though, are operating almost as normal — at least for now. […]”


    From the previous thread:
    “For example, neoh: “I never thought I would see TAE and the MSM linking arms like this.”

    Really? Wow. As my grandmother always said, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. wtf”

    My apology upstate. Don’t mean to offend. But I do find it odd that this thread, which I have read daily since 2009 seems to be following the party line about this event. Not something I’m used to seeing here. Your complaint is noted. I’ll be nicer. FWIW, Raul is tough enough to defend himself.

    “neoh, what is the source of your claim that 59-80% of the population has already had the virus and recovered? Where did you read that? Who made that claim?”
    Boog, I was not coherent. meant to say 50-80% of young people show little to no symptoms. Will show links if you wish for future comments.


    I think we need to shut down agriculture – seems to be the last loophole left for covid

    Seriously it seems incredible for Kunstler to be accusing people of conspiracy theories. What our elites do in so many cases (and as Kunstler himself points out many times) is murderous. Think invasion of Iraq for non-existent WMD. Think of the work of the Fed central bank. Think of chemical attack in Syria. People start to get scared and there is enough evidence of such sociopathy in our leaders to feed all sorts of crazy stories. But the key is that the reality is so crazy and evil that it is hard to take anything off the table -I empathize with people in this state.


    “In March, doctors from China published two studies that gave the first glimpse at how prevalent cardiac problems were among patients with COVID-19 illness. The larger of the two studies looked at 416 hospitalized patients. The researchers found that 19% showed signs of heart damage. And those who did were significantly more likely to die: 51% of those with heart damage died versus 4.5% who did not have it.

    Patients who had heart disease before their coronavirus infections were much more likely to show heart damage afterward. But some patients with no previous heart disease also showed signs of cardiac damage. In fact, patients with no preexisting heart conditions who incurred heart damage during their infection were more likely to die than patients with previous heart disease but no COVID-19-induced cardiac damage.”

    I can’t tell you the website because anything like it- spelling it out, for example, rejects the post. Khn is the site. Dot org.


    Prins article is the gem today. What will it take to get Americans to rethink how to engineer a smart bailout? Bailout the people, bailout small business, stop the incessant centralization of power. Those who are sitting at home anxious about losing everything, anxious about the cure doing more harm than the disease, start questioning your assumptions!


    So now it appears The Virus attacks the blood- impairing its ability to carry oxygen. I can’t recall where I saw it, but some researcher suggested it wasn’t so much pneumonia as a lack of oxygen in general that was causing the biggest problem in fatal cases. The pneumonia comes AFTER the blood is deoxygenated.
    They even mentioned heme- so I looked at porphyria and covid 19- no special flags were up- yet.
    Anemia patients are warned, however, to be wary.

    I can’t resist- on the 11th of March on Putrid’s site, I cracked the (tasteless) joke that Trump’s “covfefe” comment was a prescient remark to take extra iron…. He said it in May of 2017.


    Pictures of hospital tents during the 2017-2018 flu season. You can find more if you want to google it:
    They didn’t even consider shutting down the world:

    Another article that claimed 80,000 people in the US died during the 2017-2018 flu season from the flu. Thank you to TAE posters that have informed me that it might not have been the flu but a combination of other illness. Might be the same now? Who knows for sure? not me, not anybody:

    I don’t deny that there is a serious illness going around. Illness doesn’t surprise or scare me. More worrisome is the action and fear being spoon fed to the public!


    mortality rate for closed cases is at 21% !
    Where???? Who????

    In hospitals
    on a ventilator
    In care home
    poor health
    care givers (doctor, nurse, support staff)
    travelers, ( cruise ships, aircraft, )

    Everyone else can go back to work.

    Dr. D

    “The UK government’s new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from China are fit for widespread use.”

    Ah, China, the WHOs golden boys. And what is this, the 4th, 5th time testing kits have “accidentally” not worked? Including those that were actively contaminated with COVID? Do we have this problem every other day of the year, causing accidental profits from accidental chemotherapy? Why not? No one can tell, no one can sue. Step Three: Profit!

    “Spain To Extend Coronavirus Testing To People Without Symptoms (RT)”

    So they’re going to test with some of the many test kits that don’t work? Very helpful.

    “We don’t know the magnitude of the risk,”

    You don’t know what the risks are after 40 years of use? You’re fired. And Fauci who won’t allow it.
    Here’s also why you’re fired: HCQ is widely used for Lupus (etc) and so there are a million test cases nationally. Hey, have those guys, with a body of millions worldwide showing unusual resistance to contracting Wu? And yes, you know. You just don’t want to say, and I can pretty well guess why. Your whole plandemic will be over by Easter, and where have I heard that before, Jim Acosta?

    Doctors Embrace Drug Touted By Trump Without Hard Evidence It Works (R.)”

    Huh. Stack of evidence worldwide, now many thousands, including being recommended by China, the earliest and hardest hit. #AntiLogos. #AntiScience. Trust the experts. Except, don’t when it makes $$$ and political points.

    Trump, 3M Deal Allows N95 Face Masks To Be Exported To Canada (G.)”

    Well ain’t that nice. After only 3 years of browbeating them, saying “you better, you better, you bet”, they suddenly see the light! Lo! Suddenly, jobs for Americans! Oh noes! Anything, anything but that!

    CDC Director Says Death Toll Will Be ‘Much Lower’ Than Projected (ABC)”

    But…we all gonna die. ? But, need 100,000 ventilators, although 80% die anyway. ? But we shut down the worldwide economy, destroyed a billion people’s livings and a billion lives. For a thing that wasn’t dangerous? Like Herr Doctor said in January? Lower? Like 2,500% lower?

    Speaking of, apparently we can finally say Wuhan’s biolab is the source, because WaPo says it’s possible now. Wait: in a few weeks they’ll say it’s definite. And it was a conspiracy theory, purged off Twitter, YouTube, purged Tom Cotton who (barely) suggested it, purged Martensen, a Duke epidemiologist, purged anyone not on the Panic: we gonna dieee!!! Train. And I knew this in January in my momma’s basement with cheeto dust on my underwear. Funny ol’ world. You’re fired.

    pitching far-reaching proposals, including the federal government directly financing businesses”

    I’m sorry, didn’t we just pass this? And now the big banks are immediately double-crossing all businesses and Americans by refusing to pass on the loans? Cray-cray proposals, oops like the ones we just did. And impossible socialist dreams like “Medicare for All”. Except Trump is promoting that for Wu Flu. Hillary said, “the answer is obvious: open up the Obamacare exchanges” so people can bid on health care. Brilliant, Thanks! One thing: none of us have JOBS anymore, so paying for exchanges…like sitting across from a professional poker player who can see your cards…

    But anyway, Trump has always been a business Democrat, and still is, so no surprise he would be on board. The only reason people think it’s strange is the 4 years of fake Orange Hitler from the media, starting a day after he was running, right after getting award from Black leaders and groups, hiring the first woman executive to build a skyscraper, and having a Jewish family while being married to an immigrant. But Facts! Who needs ‘em? A Democrat has Democratic policies? Like Kennedy? Whoda thunk?

    Wall Street Wins – Again (Nomi Prins)”

    Maybe. Or they’re getting enough rope to hang themselves. This isn’t going to work. There’s going to be another every 30 days, exponentially larger until they reset.

    State Dep’t Refuses To Back Hillary Clinton Attempt To Avoid Deposition (JTN)”

    I’m sure she’s happy to do it. She just said “No one is above the law.” You know, just before she dodged the subpoena.

    the organisation comprehensively rejected”

    Well, if the organization says there’s no whistleblowers, that settles it for me! #Authority #Experts. When have they ever lied before? Except Every. Time.

    Dr. D

    Nemo: have heard further research shows it attacks the blood, not the lungs. So in that it lowers hemoglobin oxygen it IS very similar to altitude sickness.

    “headed to destinations all over the country to provide really important labor that supports the backbone of our economy,”

    Not really. Just means they don’t have to raise wages for farm workers. That’s been the game for decades. “Americans won’t do it!” For $50/hr they’ll bloody do it. But then you’d have slightly higher food prices and slightly higher farm profits. Oh Noes! That wouldn’t be astronomical higher wages and profits for Wall St and Inside Traders! No new DNC voters! People in cities slightly fewer iPhones, and people in the country not dying by 30,000’s. Shut it down, Mr. Trump, Shut it down!

    Cov [Fe] [Fe] Covid + Iron Iron. 2017. A message to someone, perhaps.

    I prefer Co-Vid-19. That is, “Double Vision, 2019” We certainly have a lot of it. Co-existing realities, co-existing conflicting facts.


    con virus
    If you believe that the virus started from eating unspeakable foods by the poor then why are
    Slums, poor, dirty, sickly, intimate, uneducated, ethnic, refugee, still surviving and hiding in every corner of the world.

    The Emergency Response was
    a coordinated, cooperative, similar, world wide action plan.

    After evaluation,
    Bugs will be eliminated
    Modifications to the political, social, economic systems
    Will make the next response more effective.


    hydroxychloroquine ——– Expired patent. Ten cents per pill.

    CDC, Big Pharma, Mainstream Corporate Media, Global Medical Cartels, and other assorted Centralized Powers; “Don’t mess with that stuff. It hasn’t been tested. All the evidence is anecdotal. It won’t cure anything. Wait for our fabulous new vaccines that we are rushing in to production, while we work furiously to get our pals with all the political power to make stabbing you with our needles mandatory. But, by all means, keep arguing about it, stay focused on the Scamdemic, and don’t pay any attention at all to any of that silly 5G nonsense.”


    I do find it odd that this thread, which I have read daily since 2009 seems to be following the party line about this event.

    I’ve been so far ahead of any parties -except perhaps the CCP initially, but I don’t think you have them in mind-, that it would be physically impossible for me to follow any of them or toe their lines.

    So I have no idea what this means. What party, what line?


    ..have heard further research shows it attacks the blood, not the lungs.

    Yes, see yesterday’s Debt Rattle.


    Maybe Boris should ask the nurses to turn off the WiFi routers in his room for a little while.

    COVID and a 5G connection?


    You are leader of the TEA (sic) party Ilargi! Sorry I couldn’t resist.


    Raul said”I’ve been so far ahead of any parties -except perhaps the CCP initially, but I don’t think you have them in mind-, that it would be physically impossible for me to follow any of them or toe their lines.

    So I have no idea what this means. What party, what line?”

    Hi Raul. The party line in this case would be the message of fear. For example, at the beginning of your columns, you have been posting two sets of statistics that are (I feel) very misleading since we don’t have the slightest clue of what the correct denominator is. I am used to you being brutally honest about these type of things, for example, normally you would be telling your readers repeatedly that healthy asymmetric infections are not included. Fearful people are easy to control which brings me to the second point.
    When I reference TAE, I do not mean specifically you. I was surprised by how many contributors support government imposed quarantines and the prohibition against assembly. I did not expect such fear here.I certainty didn’t expect them to trust governments that have demonstrated repeatedly, actually always, that our interest is the least of their concern.
    I do apologize for my comment. I’m old enough to know not to push the post button when angry. This is your show and I’ll continue to support and respect that. As I’ve said, I seldom commented during the last decade. The current event troubles me.


    “For the first time in history, the New York Stock Exchange on Monday will do something it’s never done: Operate on a fully electronic basis, after two individuals tested positive for coronavirus.

    “The 228-year old Big Board temporarily shut its iconic trading floor on Friday, in a move which sent shockwaves through Wall Street, and made some brokers afraid for the future.

    “ ‘This will kill the business of some floor brokers,’ ” says Tim Anderson, Equity Market Strategist at TJM Investments.

    ” ‘Many portfolio managers use price and volume information they get directly from the trading floor to help ‘right size’ buy and sell orders,’ ” he added.”
    “Over the years, electronic trading and algorithms have replaced traders and brokers on the floor. Currently, the stock exchange floor operates with a fraction of the members it had during the 2008 financial crisis, the end of the Dot-com bubble, or the crash of 1987 amid the rise of automated trading.”
    “John Tuttle, the NYSE’s Vice-Chairman and Chief Commercial Officer, told Yahoo Finance in an interview on Friday that the temporary shift toward automation was “absolutely not” the end of the trading floor. However, brokers submitting orders for clients may be affected the most by the temporary closure.

    “ ‘Commission rates are squeezed to the bone,” Anderson told Yahoo Finance. “Brokers don’t make anywhere near the money they used to make years ago,’ ” he added.

    “By going fully electronic, brokers will lose access to commissionable tools like D-orders, which can be placed or cancelled almost up to the close of a trading session.”

    ‘This will kill the business:’ Brokers sound off as coronavirus forces NYSE to go all electronic



    Use the stairwell.
    Any one riding elevators will be exchange their droplets with all previous and future riders.
    That is a more dangerous situation than that porta-potty in a mountain campground.


    I prefer SARS-CoV-2. It summons up better stuff on the googol [com]plex.

    Boris looks anemic. Trump could be jaundiced, or he could be taking extra iron. /s

    Wild speculation: China- ancient soul that it is- may have a better handle on mass psychology than the West. They may have declared an epidemic, knowing the West would go nuts when it reached them. That’s spy vs spy vs spy…
    I loved Mad Magazine in the sixties.

    When the elephants rumble, the ants tremble.

    The elephants may be partying, but the ants worry just the same.

    This is a double post from yesterday. I know.


    Yes, it seems to be war on a cheap, effective drug.

    If you want solid evidence of the success of treatments involving chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, do a search for “Doctor Zev Zelenko.” Or to make it easier for you, here’s his letter to medical professionals aroiund the world. He claims to have treated almost 400 patients with no intubation, no hospitalisation, no deaths. Except for one patient who did die, but that was because her refused to follow the regimen.

    My [Zelenko’s] outpatient treatment regimen is as follows:
    1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
    2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
    3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days.

    Zelenko says treatment must start not too early, not too late. I need to do more research.

    Other MDs are coming on board.

    But Big Pharma will ignore this. No profit in it. (Cynical, who’s cynical?)


    First of all, that one smacks of the hoary conspiracy theory that Bilderberger bankers (Jews especially) are scheming to take over the world – yet these supposedly hyper-clever “puppet-masters” are proving that they can’t even run the banks and their own financial ops,

    the puppet-masters just got bailed out to the tune of 4 trillion bucks or so. i’m not arguing that they’re hyper-clever, but the pandemic has certainly been good to them so far.

    disappointing that jim felt the need to resort to accusations of anti-semitism. do you believe that globalists are using covid19 to increase control and reduce freedoms? then you must hate jews.

    Dr D Rich

    Nothing wrong with a rehash.
    On this blog before:
    1. Plaquenil
    2. Zpak
    3. Zicam
    4. +/- Proventil inhaler
    5. Medrol Dosepak +/-

    And a WAG, (wild ass guess), they already got monoclonal antibody therapy for it and even WAGGIER, it’s based on ARF6, ADP ribosylation factor coupling. And you/we ain’t candidates for it or the $6 5 trillion dollar bailout ‘coz VIP authoritarianism

    Here’s the basis for CQ or plaquenil (HCQ) vis a vis 2002 SARS


    neoh, regarding the 59-80%, understood.

    Regarding the party line of fear, I could not disagree with you more. I see a huge difference between a pandemic disease and the boogeyman of terrorism. Disease is a real threat. Terrorism is not and never was. I loathe the Patriot Act and the deep state behind it, and I see that as an example of an illegitimate power grab. But in a pandemic, you need a strong, competent, temporary hammer to stay ahead of the disease.

    Regarding the economic consequences, yes it is true that there are no easy choices in a pandemic. But historical data from the 1918 pandemic shows that the economic recovery was stronger in places where measures were harsher and the people stayed healthier. I think we need to turn our attention to what the system will look like when we come out on the other side of this. Charles Hughes Smith had a good column today with the lead in:

    What’s remarkable about the lockdown isn’t the hue and cry about the economic damage–it’s the absence of any critical curiosity as to how our economy became so fragile that only the wealthiest contingent can survive a few weeks on savings or rainy-day funds.”

    I agree with that. Similarly, Alastaire Crooke had a good piece at Strategic Culture that closed with this:

    The mask is off: Is this the point of inflection for the global order, when the western hyper-financialised system is unable to reform itself, refuses to reform itself – and yet is unable to sustain itself, as it once was? Will the system – so busily engaged in looking after itself – even notice that the world doesn’t believe in it anymore, not even one jot?

    Eyes Wide Open: Will the ‘Masters of the Universe’ Notice No One Takes Them Seriously Anymore?

    In my view the present system is not worth saving in its current form. Americans need a new and better system. They should not be clamoring to be let out of lockdown so that they can put their lives at risk for a minimum wage job with no benefits while the elites are paid 100 cents on the dollar to cover their losses.


    To me it is self-evident that there was until the first months of 2020 a Western Empire, run to the benefit of the rich to explicitly exploit humans and the environment. This is a nutjob conspiracy theory to the 10% Corporate Democrats beneficiaries. The 33% Trumpeter Deplorables blame liberals and mainstream media.

    The truth is that incompetents including 5 Supreme Court Judges forced the Wisconsin primary to proceed today in the middle of a pandemic which will infect a number of poll workers and voters. Some of whom could die. The prudent lost their right to vote.

    Robert Redfield traveled through the medical, military and government revolving door to become director of CDC although his work on a HIV vaccine as an Army Colonel failed. His response to the Wuhan epidemic is a debacle. The failure to develop a quick and valid test to track the pandemic and identify asymptomatic and ill virus spreaders is the direct cause of 10,871 American deaths.

    Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly resigned today after earlier telling the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt that their former commander, Capt. Brett Crozier, was either “too naive or too stupid” to be in command by intentionally leaking a memo in which he warned about coronavirus spreading aboard the aircraft carrier and urged action to save his sailors. Placing readiness above the safety of the troops is another sign of the stupid incompetence of the corporate state. When a coronavirus outbreak is let loose on a population with no immunity, 15% to 20% will need hospitalization. That is near the causality rate of a major battle.

    The prime directive of the corporate state is profits before human lives. COVID-19 Pandemic terminated this global empire. 2020 is a fork in the road. A humane sustainable society and effective democratic constitutional government must be restored. If not, the West will collapse into a new feudal dark age.



    You gave all the reason why I was saying, “Bring the troops home.”
    The troops were defeated by spitting.

    Dr D Rich


    All true, accurate etc.
    Modly’s cool, public, unemotional evisceration of fellow Boat School alumnus Crozier is textbook psychopathy.
    However, if we’re at war, then Crozier’s lamentations about his crew take backseat to mission. And you sir, just made the case that U.S. corporate behavior is war-like and solidifies the inter-penetration of private sector with democratic government. The latter has led to the demise of the public health


    Small organic farmers in Canada are being absolutely devastated by covid-19 – many farmer’s markets have been closed or have very stringent conditions for remaining
    open. Of course this is in addition to ongoing challenges related to roller coaster weather over the past few years, high input costs and squeezed margins. At the end of this it is questionable how many will still be around.

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