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    John Day

    @DBS: Nothing bad happened. 2-3 of the links I found had the name “Craig Roberts”, so it probably went out from a wire service. I saw the one you just sent mong them.
    The real Craig Roberts wrote a book about the JFK hit. Take a look at this bit:

    Dr. D

    No need to add more on Bloomenthal and Israel. All religions have that problem. It’s a function of defining a person, which is pretty contained but less solid than you’d think, vs an aggregate of individuals. All religions all disagree all over. All the people in all religions all disagree with their own religion’s belief on something, or most things.

    Yet the category, the definition exists. What else would you use? But Since this is the case, then what? Say everyone IS that religion, or everyone ISN’T ‘really’ that religion, or define randomly depending if you like them or not?

    Also the religious leaders themselves can’t define it, and all disagree with themselves. Perhaps Bloomenthal can be considered another expert and is in this second category.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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