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    Edgar Degas In front of the mirror 1889   • My Chances Are Close To 100% – Trump (RT) • Joe Rogan Says Tucker Carlson Could Win 2028 Presidential
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    There was a report a few months ago where Lukashenko expressed worry about the build-up of Polish troops across the border from Belarus.

    Since then Russia has sited nuclear missiles in Belarus, moved Wagner troops there, and I think they declared that an attack on Belarus was an attack on Russia.

    Poland made the first move and Russia has responded.

    [posting this failed yesterday so trying again]

    Dr. D

    “I now see that he has repeatedly shown he lacks the strength and leadership to rise to these moments. This is why the Justice Department is now less trusted by the public than it was under his predecessor, Bill Barr.”

    This is why it keeps going on, people like him in protected enclaves, playing patticake. Like Williamson did yesterday. He wasn’t a wonderful man, a husband and scholar (as they say of ISIS) but who was not quite amazing enough to pull off that triple play. Are. You. Kidding Me? Does he pay you for these tongue baths? It’s corruption. It has the appearance of corruption then the first guess is corruption until proven otherwise. That’s not an appropriate approach to a court, but it is to all us citizens and commenters. He quacks. Like a duck. Career-long-through. Quack Quack Quack.

    He refers to the motto” which is like the prosecutor, above. “Well, a prosecutor looked, for five years, and didn’t press charges.” Huh. So there was nothing but he kept the investigation open for 5 years? That’s odd. Waiting for Hunter to finally check into that nursing home? Well we all know there’s never been a corrupt prosecutor in D.C. so we can eliminate that possibility.

    Same here: Our Motto! …Because no one ever went back on their motto? “Don’t Be Evil”. All corporations, at all times, with all people, always follow their motto or are struck by God’s thunderbolt and burst into flames on the spot? …Like the definition of religion where all adherents all know, and each and all follow, all edicts and mores of that religion at all times, which are all perfectly known and evenly communicated.

    No. This is all the “Appeal to Authority” fallacy. Always worked before! 100 years in a row! Why not?

    This of course is what the White Hats are really trying to break. Over and over again, as long as it takes. That’s the real war, and why they’re not arresting people instead.

    “• The Ukraine War Might Really Break Up The Russian Federation (Hill)

    That is breathtaking. However, they always say what they are. As narcissists, they can only see, know, have focus, and talk about themselves. I’m sorry: does anything else exist but me? I am god.

    Since everything in there, every fact, every impression, every probability is a lie, you have to wonder How??? Even THEY can’t tell THAT many lies. They’d make them plausible and cover them. The POINT of a lie is to sell them to YOU, not fool themselves. Jimmy Dore’s channel had this yesterday, there are so many middle managers, grifters, each lacking any morality at all, that each level asks the level of liars and grifters below them what’s happening, what’s the situation on the ground, and each layer tells them only what they most want to hear. That’s the point of POWER, right? The point of censorship? Summary firings for tweets? They got the message. They message YOU sent.

    So each level then ACTS on that information from the liars below them as if it’s real and tells the people above them, and then all wonder why all their plans blow up 100% of the time. LIKE said Ukraine war.

    And it’s not like poor Lenin is shut up there in the tower, desperately trying to get good info for good decisions. This guy has clearly moved on: Russia ALREADY broke up, Ukraine ALREADY won the war in unconditional surrender, we have ALREADY asset-stripped them and what are we going to do NOW? 15 years fast-forward, now that what we’ve succeeded at beyond our wildest dreams has caused unrest and danger?

    The power of positive thinking.

    “The main thing we did was to allow ourselves to dehumanize the Russians. This is our main mistake. At first we held on and then we delved into all that with pleasure. The collective Ukrainians, I mean.”

    That’s Progressive. The Hate just FEELS SO GOOD!!! …And you wonder why the (progressive New Age) Nazis (with their progressive New-Age symbol on their flag) became who they were. How it could happen here. I never wondered, seemed obvious to me.

    And “The Collective Ukrainians”…not him of course. No no, he never fell for that or made any mistakes. He was probably on Twitter and down in Maidan Square, protesting this Russian hate campaign…and never got arrested once. Spare me. You’re just lying and how do you not know we know? Narcissists, think they’re the sooper smartest people in the room and no one catches on. They’re like wolves and we’re like sheep. Really, we’re just too well-behaved to set on them and murder them at the front door like they would to us.

    ““I’m fine with Asians, but Russians are Asians.”

    Um..correct me if I’m wrong, but the Ukrainians and Russians are the same ethnicity as recently as 200 years ago. Probably the same like 20 years ago. But like “Aryans” SOME white people are totally different from OTHER white people. …Whoever we like and just made up a minute ago! Germans are, Celts aren’t. “Latins” aren’t, as Adolf said, but we’ll be allies until we turn on them too.

    “Berlin Calls For More Diplomatic Efforts To End Ukraine Conflict (RT)

    That’s funny, I thought wanting peace made you a Putin bot. Russian talking points. See when the social engineers set this up – and for some godly reason I never understand, they swallow it – they’re so far out it takes years to walk it back, during which everyone is killed. And they know this. They want them all killed. But here Sholz is trying to get only back to the Far-RIGHT on war. He’s over the horizon and needs a jet just to dial it back to “Bloodthirsty”, you know, like Tony Blair levels. Let’s-depleted-uranium-100-generations-of-kids levels.

    “It makes sense for us to continue these talks because they increase the pressure on Russia to realize that it has taken the wrong path and that it must withdraw its troops and make peace possible,”

    You know: this could all be over if you’d just unconditionally surrender.

    Poland: troops on the border, they don’t think they can call on NATO.

    No, they ARE NATO. England could be conquered by a boy Girl scout troop. Poland is the only nation with any soldiers at all. At all. Russia makes more tanks each year than ALL EUROPE OWNS. …Not that tanks are much good anymore as we see. “Poland” is not going to call on anyone. They are completely alone. More like France would call on Poland. Germany has no army, they will call on Poland.

    I mean, duh: it’s the Anglo’s slavic genocide. Revived from WWII by the same people. It was all PR bulls—t that the Reich cared about Jews. THEY are not the people Germany wanted, they were an obstacle, an afterthought: the GOAL was always the Slavs. That’s why Britain, and Chamberlain let them, and Ford built the trucks while Bush sold the goods. So here we are again, they are going to kill every Ukrainian (already done), and that leaves the Poles, who die next.

    How else could it be? England can’t send an army they don’t have, Spain never sent nothin’ in 500 years. The Poles have the only army, so the Poles have to die. In defense of King Putz and the Pan-Anglo Empire. But the ydo it, so I guess that just proves the Anglos ARE the master race and deserve to run everything. Clearly you want that by your actions.

    “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – The Israel Lobby’s Useful Idiot (Chris Hedges)

    Let me tell you what I think is going on. With RFK as a Democrat, he can’t go after Israel like the Republicans (who don’t, but bear with me here) or lose even the nomination. Unlike Trump (and his Jewish family), he HAS to get the Israel vote or die, and not just get paid off like Cheeto did. So what do you do?

    How about this: say EVERY Israel lobby point word-for-word. EVERY. How can they be mad? Didn’t he just follow the whole party line to the letter? What could you possibly be mad at him for? Okay, leaving “Cartoon Reality” land like he says here, because he’s a lawyer and has done this for a LIFETIME. What. Happens. Next?

    …The whole planet comes out of the woodwork, like Bloomenthal, a Jew, like Hedges to REFUTE RFK’s case. “Of which-he-never-knewd” What??? Really? Well gosh and golly boys, this is honest injin first time I every heard about this “West Bank” thing. Are you sure? Tell me more.

    Same thing on the internet: ask for help, everyone ignores you. Just post “The ONLY way to paint your walls is X!!!” and everyone on the whole SITE jumps in to correct you. Then you have your answer without asking or working for it.

    Gosh now RFK has all America FIGHTING the Israel lobby and its talking points ON HIS BEHALF. Gee, I bet that’s all one big coincidence. Again. What’s the Israeli Lobby going to do to stop him? He’s saying everything they want. A: call him a Nazi-loving, jew-hating, ‘round ‘em up antisemite anyway. They already have! They know.

    Let’s go the other way: So! The man, the candidate who says Every. Single. Thing. The AIPAC says, in public, with a straight face and total commitment, is in fact the world’s biggest anti-Semite? How does THAT work? Hating Israel is antisemitic, but LOVING Israel is ALSO antisemitic? Huh. Might want to check your premises.

    …But YES, that is in fact and in deed EXACTLY what they are reporting. Without a trace of irony, and the people swallow it without the slightest note or discomfort. A = A and A ≠ A. True and False are all the same, it only depends on who has POWER (when you’re a sniveling coward).

    What Bob means is “not that time of riches, but life forever” in Jah and Jesus Christ, to which we agree. Not if he said that, we’d all tune him out, hate him, probably throw him in the sea. …But that’s what he means. Same with MLK. He can be anything to anyone so long as he’s not a minister, or believes in Christ. THAT. Cannot be spoken.

    Dr. D

    “Latins” aren’t, as Adolf said, but we’ll be allies until we turn on them too.”

    …And then later pretend and talk about it being “White Power”. Which it isn’t at all. Not the slightest. How can it be “White” power if it excludes 95% of all “white” people? Celts, Hispanics, Latins (Italians), Greeks (obviously), Slavs, 100% of Americans who are mixed mongrels, and ANYBODY ELSE WE CAN THINK OF. So except for the 95% of “White” people it’s KKK-Hood “White” power. Gotcha.

    …And people fall for this s–t.


    King of the hill.
    Ukraine is the first.
    A depopulating wasteland.
    The king of the hill, But at what cost?

    The land is barren, The people are gone.
    What once was a nation, Is now just a pawn.
    The world watches on, As the king takes his throne.
    But what will be left, When he’s all alone?

    SEE …

    Figmund Sreud

    You go, Eris!

    NEW YORK, Aug 14 (Reuters) – A new COVID vaccine is due out next month, but health experts and analysts say it is likely to be coolly received even as hospitalizations from “Eris”, a variant of the Omicron form of the coronavirus, rise around the country.

    Some public health experts hope that Americans will welcome the new shot as they would a flu jab. But demand for the vaccine has dropped sharply since 2021 when it first became available and more than 240 million people in the U.S., or 73% of the population, received at least one shot. […]


    The Markster

    The Hill article about Russia breaking up is ridiculous. Every single word an inversion, a projection. Who is disintegrating again now?

    Hedges makes a point, but a point that he has failed to make in his many recent years of cheering on TDS, Russiagate, the BLM-ANTIFA riots, the murder of Aaron Danielson on the streets of downtown Portland. His blind spots align with his desire to be on the front page of the NYT, at the center of the corporate discussion. That he attacks Kennedy but not Obama, Biden or Clinton at this time tells me all I need to know.

    Setting Hedges and his egoic yearnings aside, Kennedy also refused to debate Max Blumenthal, which to me was another red flag. Good reminder never to hold up a politician inside the 2020s Imperium as one of the good guys. May God have mercy on us all. ☮️

    D Benton Smith

    I’m directing this reply to @citizenx because he just took a completely unprovoked personal shot at me last evening, but I probably shouldn’t single him out because it’s advice that many of us emotional types could also chew on thoughtfully.

    Anger is an emotion that is on its way to somewhere else.

    Basically anger is just a big blustering threat designed to make the weaker of the combatants to come to his senses and re-think the situation before attacking a stronger foe. The primal forces that rage stirs up can be useful when well managed, but hot blood is usually NOT well managed because anger has that built-in flaw. It is so ferociously volatile and generalized that it tends to strike out at anything that moves. Try de-fusing a domestic dispute if you don’t believe me. Good way to get your ass kicked by BOTH of the warring parties. In other words, anger is easily misdirected onto WRONG targets, which is a fact well known and frequently used by our enemy.

    So you (and me, and others from time to time) got angry. That’s fine. There’s plenty to be angry about. But to do any good with that anger it needs to be AIMED at the correct target, which I’m fairly sure is NOT me at the moment.

    Celtic biker was mis-directing his anger when he threatened a fellow commentator with a punch in the face, and you are wrong-targeting me in calling me a fucking coward who needs to grow a pair. Right anger, wrong target.

    I aim to please around this joint. You aim too, please.


    John Campbell.


    Is it too far out there to think we are in the midst of WWIII; not a war of country against country but a war of the Western global wealthy elites against the all the non-elites in their countries? Class war as real war on a global level?


    test post



    The song itself is ok, and it would be good to see more not-overly autotuned stripped-down non hiphop country out there. But the song itself isn’t the most important thing about the song. Same as the Bud Lite fiasco.

    It’s that moment AFTER some idea hits the mainstream consciousness and we watch TPTB’s coordinated reaction to it. Oh f. It wasn’t a joke. It wasn’t just an idle notion or wish-preference. It wasn’t your opinion, understood by you as an opinion you hold. You crazy fs are DEAD SERIOUS. Holy s.

    Just reading through Zerohedge comments, there’s a ton of commenters I do not recognize giving the song every conceivable reframe under the sun. Every conceivable “but looking at it through the lens of…” either stated or implied. Everything from claiming the singer AS a leftist to saying conservatives don’t like the song to that he is a racist fatphobe etc. Just infinite garbage raining from the sky.

    Like they cannot just let this one little dude have his song. Absolutely intolerable. Launch all the flying monkeys, every last one.

    I suppose a major aspect of evil is the power to be petty.

    With automation and AI, we can penetrate pettiness to every layer of reality. Social Media software could multiply 1 internet operator into 10 back in what, 2009? And so, hilariously, Zerohedge of all places has the appearance of having a ton of petty nasty members pissing all over this poor dude in west virginia, throwing every piece of garbage from every angle, inconsistent with each other in every way EXCEPT for a singleminded focus on their target.

    Zerohedge being fight club, plenty of pushback. Observably, the only response, unvaryingly, is to reframe and go at it again. Just reframe…


    “The trick is going to be that of reframing this in terms of industrial policy…”

    Yes we know. You never take anyone else into account. You never think about pragmatic concerns like how can this be implemented properly or what are the consequences. Or what if we are wrong. What if we try so hard to kill billions of people in our stupid malevolence that they are forced to eliminate us from sheer self preservation – better keep going and double down

    “Experts suggest reframing the green agenda as an industrial policy to address the growing dissent and ensure continued support for climate initiatives.”

    Address the growing dissent like, stop doing the things people don’t like? Stop moving towards democide? That kind of address? Oh no, the REFRAME is the “address” of concerns. The only thing in question was which way to fool the victims.

    “When Sweden’s new government took office, they abandoned the country’s previous goal of “100% renewable” electricity in favor of a “100% fossil-free” target.”

    We changed our goals from “We want you all to die” to “Die, all of you”

    “recent claims that July was the hottest on record in Europe this year and the UN’s Antonio Guterres’ grave statement that ‘The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.'”

    By measuring ground temperatures, you concluded boiling. Dirt and rocks can’t boil. Did you happen to check water temperature anywhere? That’s the thing that boils, you know. Inside the microwaved food packets at Olive Garden, sure, but anywhere else?

    “The comments below tweets citing Guterres’ statement provide yet more evidence of that greenlash wave. Commentators are not buying the “global boiling” warning, it seems. Rather, they are mocking it and referencing the private jets climate change and transition leaders tend to use to get around.”

    The private jets, cutting down 18 million trees “for the climate,” 15 minute not-a-climate-lockdown-you-deplorable-conspiracy-theorist cities, faked models, faked research, fake data, painting normal temperature maps all red, gluing yourself to the road and throwing tomato soup at art, not even knowing how much CO2 there is in the atmosphere but guessing it is 20% when it is 0.04%

    D Benton Smith

    Maybe the reason the government (and DOJ in particular at present) keeps doing the same flamboyantly obvious self-incriminating things in full public view, with television coverage, over and over and over again ceaselessly, is the off chance that some catatonic comatose deaf-mute SOMEWHERE has not yet received the message that the government and all of its servants are CORRUPT beyond all possibility of redemption, and are committing random acts of wanton murder on the smallest and largest scale, as we speak.

    The time to correct that situation is upon us. Compliant participation in evil (of any and every kind, both large AND small), or steadfast refusal to comply with evil rules and directives, are the sole valid declaration of allegiance.

    We passed the point of no return quite a while back. Serve the truth or be accomplice to Evil. There is no middle ground.


    Beams and motes and beams in eyes

    Chris Hedges is spot on about Israel. He lived in and reported on the Arab world for a long time. However, he appears to have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the Covid & vaccine narrative, even though he is typically skeptical of political authority. He is familiar with the world of the elites because he was a gifted student, and was given scholarships to attend prestigious schools and mingle with the scions of the wealthy and powerful.

    RFK Jr is spot on about corruption in government and industry generally. He has decades of intimate knowledge and experience about corporate polluters, Big Pharma, and the cozy relationship they have with government regulators. He is extensively familiar with the problems with vaccinations. Because of his family background, he has political connections, and an understanding of government and elite levers of power that most folks do not have. Because of his family background, he believes the “moral story” around Israel — this particular area of corruption is not closely related to his life’s work.

    There are no flawless heroes — just flawed humans. However, there is a big difference between Chris Hedges, RFK Jr, and — although I never thought that I would say this — Donald Trump, who, although flawed, are trying to chart a course in line with valid moral principles, and with Bidens’R’Us, the deep state blob, and WEFfers cabal who are basing their charted course on characteristics lifted from the “Cluster B Personality Disorders” section of the DSM.


    In other realms of existence…
    Over the past 4 days my 15 year old daughter has told me in detail, and given me a couple of her diary entries, about her father’s expressions of suicidal ideation, incipient sexual abuse, obvious verbal abuse of her brother, and revealed that she has been flirting with suicide for years as a means to escape her father’s household. In an hour I will be consulting with my attorney and I expect to be filing legal papers to reopen the custody case a few hours after that.

    I always suspected/expected that this was going on, but I didn’t have any proof, only a mother’s hunch…and I knew that my intuition wouldn’t hold water in court. Now it is time to act.

    Wish me luck.

    D Benton Smith

    Lest we forget the humanity of those fighting on the other side:

    D Benton Smith

    Vaya con Dios, @phoenixvoice . You are the champion making truth prevail, so win.


    @DB Smith re: anger

    Anger is the important emotion and impetus to action. Aggression is the (oft bad) action taken in response to anger. Mincing, get the point, but it helps to be accurate.


    phoenixvoice, wishing you a lot more than luck.

    And if there’s anything we can do to help, you know where we are. Unfortunately, far away from Phoenix, but if the advent of the interwebs has told us anything, it’s that we just don’t know how we can connect; it’s all new.

    Please don’t be a stranger.

    D Benton Smith


    Yeah, it does, and that discernment can often be a tough one to call. Details and accuracy help.


    Opened today’s post not long ago and it tells me: “”This topic has 18 replies (+18 hidden)””.

    Turns out, it’s just about all jb-hb, posting the same things over and over again. That won’t work of course. If something doesn’t show up in 10 seconds, wait a bit.

    The system is stressed, and you’re stressing it more.


    We are under a heat advisory.
    Talk about personal challenges. (I hope to give you a chuckle and make you feel good.)
    I’m babysitting a small, manipulative, old, dog.

    1. Meals have got to be on time and warmed up and med. properly mixed in.
    2. I’m not allowed to sneak away, while he is napping, and leave him behind.
    3. I get dragged to all his watering poles.
    4. Bowel movements are at specific times, and I get a dirty look if I’m slow in picking it up.
    5. There is a special whining to tell me that his water bowl needs more water.
    6. He stands guard, at all possible exit points to make sure that I don’t leave him alone in the house to do my outdoor chores.
    7. Leaving him alone he sets up such a racket that I’ve had to explain to the neighbors why he is bawling.
    8. I’ve got 2 more day in prison.
    :-), 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    a completely unprovoked personal shot at me last evening

    My comment was definitely not unprovoked- here is a comment YOU made to me just a short time ago-

    Angry, are we? Just try not to kill anyone that you might want to get to know later.

    Your words above reflect some serious under minded, underhanded, slippery slimy bs. You don’t f’n know me and insinuating the above was deeply insulting, tone deaf- and leaping across a chasm of logic… Right out of the Liberal Scum playbook.

    Disagreeing with someone to painting them as a “murderous extremist” that must be censored is EXACTLY what Liberals, and you are doing.

    I much prefer a world where people can speak openly, honestly and forthright- regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them. You seem to prefer the “thought police” crowd control approach which I vehemently oppose.

    Westerners are being propagandized and brainwashed regarding what to think and believe- clearly teaching others HOW to think is a threat to their power and control.

    Break Free. Run Wild. Be Genuine.

    D Benton Smith


    Alright, then. Following my own advice I shall try to not further derange someone who I will probably (though it is at the moment hard to imagine why) want to talk to in the future. Ta ta for now, Bub.

    D Benton Smith


    The small, manipulative, old, dog who you’re “sitting” appears to be fully trained and apprenticed and now requires just one more qualifying standard to be met before promotion to higher office . Is the pathologically dependent selfish little darling EVIL? If so then it looks like doggie dearest is ready for appointment to the highest levels of national government.

    But if just a another spoiled old sweetie pie then there are still plenty of openings in the Gen Pop, Seniors Division.


    Best of luck Phoenixvoice.
    For the confrontationally minded:


    D Benton Smith

    I’ll let you decide ….
    He only, half-heartedly, snap at the hand that tries to take his favorite toy
    His sexual urges are satisfied by humping a stuffed panda. (gratification is not always achieved)
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Alexander Carpenter

    Where is my post?


    All it takes is for a well funded team to fill out a form, describe what they want, and you can have 30,000 screaming people outside of your enemies house. That’s just one company, there are many, many others. Activism for hire has become a thing in the past 10 years. People don’t really care about issues anymore (we can say that, a good number of protests in the past 10 years have been mostly protest-for-hire scams to make it look like people really care about Roe v Wade do they even know what it is?)

    The defamation articles have a compounding affect because this brings the real crazies out of the woodwork, the genuine trolls that have therapy by squirting their guano all over your face like a spooked skunk cornered. The point is it’s not only the paid activists, it’s the crazies, and the targeted list which has multiple levels of ‘harass’ in the worst case, it affects your job, credit, and life. In the best case, it means death threats, pranks, and foolish goons bothering you.

    In order to achieve these operational objectives, the groups behind Psy Ops have standing ‘agents’ such as online troll accounts, journalists, and local politicians waiting to bounce when the owner says the target and keyword. The duck flies at midnight. The chicken is in the pot.

    So to achieve this, many of these bots, whether human or AI, promote occult ideas like Satanism, and normalize insanities like Flat Earth. They mix in some legit ideas as well, to further confuse the users. For example, they claim that the Church lies, so do most big organizations. But that doesn’t mean the Earth is flat, for example by proving someone is a liar, that doesn’t make every word they said false by default – but that’s the psychological implication with PsyOps and the Fake Content. It’s creating divisions in your mind, between the ego and superego, the conscious and the subconscious. They are consciousness harvesting, on a control grid level scale. It’s not about advertising, it’s about pre-determined behavioral outcomes, it’s about creating a slave race or hive mind mentality, to put humanity in a trance, a consensus trance, where like frogs jumping into the boiling pot, we don’t know how hot is too hot before we are cooked and served as dinner to the luxury guest.

    In fact, it seems like these troll bots are promoting a new religion. Look at this content:


    Well colour me surprised.

    Backing their new currency with gold would be an obvious move for the BRICS. China and Russia are, respectively, the world’s #1 and #2 gold-mining nations (South Africa and Brazil are #13 and #14, respectively). Both China and Russia already have sizeable official gold reserves (6th and 7th largest in the world).

    That, in essence, is what the Durban Accords are all about:

    An alternative to U.S. global financial dominance
    A method of avoiding the weaponized U.S. dollar
    A way of avoiding inflation caused by excessive dollar-printing
    A means of simplifying and streamlining the bilateral trade agreements already in place
    The Durban Accords may mean the first viable, useful alternative to the U.S. dollar.

    And that’s why this is a very big deal.

    P.S. On July 7, the Russian state-run media outlet RT confirmed the goal of the Durban Accords was to launch a “new trading currency backed by gold.”

    What Are the BRICS Planning With the August 22nd Durban Accords?


    Breaking NEWS ….. WE were right!
    A new report ,
    ( ,) , ((we estimated trends in SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence owing to infection and vaccination for the Canadian population )shedding light on how the pandemic impacted Canada has found high immunity levels among the population — but amid speculation that a new COVID-19 variant descended from the Omicron strain could cause a spike in infections, should Canadians be concerned? (Its not related to COVID-19 It evolved from Omicron) The new COVID-19 variant EG.5
    (Got to use a scary word COVID-19)

    The study found that high vaccine coverage and population immunity were “insufficient” to slow the “unprecedented increase” in infections from the Omicron variants and subvariants.

    A new report shedding light on how the pandemic impacted Canada has found high immunity levels among the population — but amid speculation that a new COVID-19 variant descended from the Omicron strain could cause a spike in infections, should Canadians be concerned?

    The study found that high vaccine coverage and population immunity were “insufficient” to slow the “unprecedented increase” in infections from the Omicron variants and subvariants.

    “Most people… got sick during the Omicron wave, “Dr. Christopher Labos, epidemiologist and cardiologist, told CTV News Channel on Monday. “That’s where we’re at now, with about 76 per cent of the population that has had some COVID infection.”

    ( say it again 76% immunity) new variants that may escape immunity, therefore, why get vaccinated

    Measurement of SARS-CoV-2 immunity, serological assays and seroprevalence estimates

    Humoral immunity to SARS-CoV-2 was measured in blood samples obtained through venous blood draws or finger-prick samples placed on filter paper (dried blood spots). Assays detected immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid (anti-N), spike (anti-S) proteins, or receptor binding domain (anti-RBD) proteins. Because RBD is a component of the S-protein complex, anti-S and anti-RBD were grouped together to measure anti-S seroprevalence. Before vaccination was widely available in January 2021, detection of either anti-N or anti-S was taken as evidence of infection-acquired seropositivity. After December 2020, only anti-N was taken as evidence of infection-acquired seropositivity, and anti-S was taken as evidence of vaccine-induced or infection-acquired seropositivity.
    COVID-19 epidemiology update: Summary
    This page was last updated on August 9, 2023,


    @alexander-carpenter I learned quite some time ago to copy/paste somewhere else before hitting submit.
    Saves some aggravation for other things, of which there seems to be plenty.


    You have shown yourself to be a formidable force on behalf of your children. I hope all goes well.

    Figmund Sreud

    ‘Grain War’, … so thinks Alastair Crooke:

    On 19 July, Moscow warned that all vessels approaching Ukraine from the following day would be considered as potential carriers of military cargo, and treated accordingly. Insurance cover costs naturally soared.

    A few days later, on 24 July, the grain infrastructure at the Ukrainian port of Reni was destroyed. It was a ‘message’ to the West of Russian resolve to quit the grain deal.

    Russia claimed that on 31 July, Ukraine had unsuccessfully attacked a Russian civilian ship and two naval vessels (using three unmanned maritime drones) in the Black Sea. Ukraine denied the attack, and said that it would never attack a civilian vessel. However, a month later, Ukraine admitted attacking a civilian tanker in Novorossiysk port on 4 August.

    NATO’ then upped the stakes: Three civilian cargo vessels on 1 August entered the Ukrainian port of Izmail. This port – like Reni – lies on the Danube, a near-literal stone’s throw from (NATO) Romania. It was a NATO ‘taunt’ – the Black Sea is no ‘Russian lake’, it implied. And the vessels were docked within 500 metres of NATO ‘territory’. One vessel was owned by an Israeli company; another to a Greek, and the third to a Turkish-Georgian company – but they were all registered to states such as Liberia.

    On 2 August, Russia flattened the grain silos of Izmail, using precision drones.

    Open Questions on the War: The Black Sea, Out-of-View ‘War’



    There is a heavy political price to pay for defying Israel, whose overt interference in our political process makes the most tepid protests about Israeli policy a political death wish.

    Nazi, Nazi, Nazi …. VP screamed from the stalls. VP, your head is in the 1950s, criticising jews does not make you a Nazi any more, it never realy did, but you swallowed the bullshit and here you are, sounding like an old BBC radio from the long past (and a current one as well).

    DBS is simply a coward, he says he knows there is a cabal, he says the Jews are certainly in there and near the front, but he knows it’s not the Jews …. he does not tell us how he knows it is not the Jews, he just knows because in polite society everybody knows that the Jews are the victims. Cowards live in polite society and DBS is slap bang in the middle of polite society, I am amazed he didn’t take the Covid shot.

    celticbiker, keep it up, force these hypocrites to face their own hypocrisy. We can certainly see that the Jews are deep in this shit show and look to be running it, so obviously that anyone interested in the survival of their own country should be calling them out. Of course, it takes balls because so many are cowards and will cower to the bullying by the Jewish forces in America, balls are something sorely lacking as citizenx pointed out yesterday.

    Israel has duplicated its sick morality in the US government, they are now applying that morality to anyone who challenges their power in America; the morality of power. I also believe they are a huge force behind WEF and the whole idea of WEF, the division of humanity into the elites and the plebs; the Jews and the Palestinians, the CCP and the rest.


    I aim to please around this joint. You aim too, please.

    I some ways yes, but it is superficial and utilitarian. You obviously have a Billy Graham streak, trying to convert the world to the one right way of thinking, of spirituality blah blah. You have no tolerance for other peoples’ ways, you assume that your way fits all, those it does not fit are insulted by your “aim to please” self. Your authoritarianism about how people conceive of their lives and place on earth comes across loud and clear, tolerance is not what you are preaching.

    D Benton Smith


    DBS is simply a coward, he says he knows there is a cabal, he says the Jews are certainly in there and near the front, but he knows it’s not the Jews …. he does not tell us how he knows it is not the Jews, he just knows because in polite society everybody knows that the Jews are the victims. Cowards live in polite society and DBS is slap bang in the middle of polite society, I am amazed he didn’t take the Covid shot.”

    Up ’til now I held a fairly high opinion of your opinion, but not any more. Your line of reasoning isn’t just not a line, it’s not even reasoning. How stupid of you to employ such overtly flawed thinking to insult an ally with faulty “reasoning” for no discernable reason except masturbating your own ego.

    Ah, well, that sort of thing does happen when trying to converse with modern children such as yourself who have been educated since their over indulgent youth to believe that history began on the day they were born.

    Just for the record (and do try to remember this in your foreshortened version of human events), the basis for my knowing that the source of the Cabal is not the “Jooze!” is that historical lineage of the problem predates that unfortunate tribe of sheep diddlers by at LEAST 8 thousand years.

    In any case, you and I are not going to argue about this truly minor point. In fact, we’re not going to argue about anything at all until you grow up and apologize. Kindly take your premature opinion, wrap it up in the gauntlet you’re trying to goad me with, and deposit in the expected body cavity to keep your brain and @citizenx company.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: My prayers and best wishes are with you, yours daughter and your son.
    I also wish your ex-husband well in finding his path to truth and humanity.


    DBS said

    How stupid of you to employ such overtly flawed thinking to insult an ally with faulty “reasoning” for no discernable reason except masturbating your own ego.

    An ally? How is that, you insult me because I do not believe your spirituality, now you claim we are allies? Allies in what? You claim that the Jews today are not some other Jews of the past; I don’t care about the past, I am talking about today’s Jews, the ones affiliated with Israel the apartheid state, and you claim these are not the ones that gave you JC and led you by the nose, not the ones who created the USSR and ran the cold war. You are afraid to deal with today’s Jews. Now you are accusing me of only expressing my opinion because of my ego; probably true, don’t care, but isn’t that what we all do on TAE? Whatever, you are throwing your toys.

    John Day

    Update (1820ET): Fulton County’s Office of the Court Clerk has issued a statement claiming that the RICO docket against former President Trump which was posted to their portal and subsequently deleted – and which was tweeted and reported on first by Reuters (along with a link to the Court’s portal), was “fictitious.”

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