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    thomasj: ” In Jakarta, most of the buildings I saw had a large water tank on the roof.”

    In the past, many homes were supplied with water in this way. I’m reading a mystery series now that was written during the WWII/post WWII era, set in England. Seems roof tanks to capture rain water were used regularly enough not to be considered at all odd?

    WES, welcome back! 🙂


    I see videos of Afghans fleeing the Taliban all week. Pity they don’t face their fear, perhaps we should have given them all pistols & ammo, instead of trying to stand up an Afghan army. Let’s get Liz Chaney an AK-47, so she can lead our Marines back in…. on a voluntary basis, of course.

    those darned kids

    o canada, our home. native land.


    canada is australia lite, and australia is gaza lite. well, really lite. i guess the amount of oppression is inverse to the amount of submission.

    mr. trudeau wants to be first on the globe to have his sheep fully shorn by christmas.

    those darned kids

    funny, we never saw any videos of afghans fleeing the natoban for the last 20 years.


    People crowding Kandahar airport last night, will they be judged any differently than the Vichy French? The Taliban likely considers them ideal candidates to round up to replace the prisoners let free yesterday. As onerous, or misguided, as the Taliban is, they do have courage of conviction.

    those darned kids

    kimo: research pashtunwali. i can’t post links, so you’ll have to look. i obviously would not want to be seen as a collaborator, but you’d be surprised..

    just ask marcus luttrell.

    those darned kids

    ufhgg, i don’t endorse the taliban. but, they are afghans. it’s their country. well, western empires made a country on top of them, so they deal with it.

    in the end, they are just more humans. the same humans in rwanda or fallujah or sri lanka or congo or gaza or nagasaki or or or or or or or or or


    Emptying the jails ….. 5,000 inmates …. food delivery not arriving ….. guards go home with food etc.
    Would you lock the door and be accused of starving the prisoners to death?
    T sent a letter to everyone over 65.
    A $500.00 top up on your pension is coming. (before election day)
    Yep! I call it a cheap successful vote buying campaign.(better than corporate vote buying)


    Some Canadian I am! My daughter wanted some real food for an early supper. I suggested all the usual suspects on Daddy’s Diner menu but none appealed! Finally we settled on blueberry pancakes with fresh BC blueberries! My son just got some real Ontario maple syrup for his birthday. Perfect!

    I told my daughter that when she was young, we used to go to a friend’s maple syrup operation nearby. Being too young to remember, I said it was too bad because it was a bit of true Canadiana that no longer exists. The farm was sold and all of the maple sugar operation’s equipment was auctioned off. Like the stainless steel evaporator and the old grey caterpillar style tractor.

    She then looked up maple syrup production discovering that Quebec produces 90% of Canada’s maple syrup and 70% of world production. The US produces the remaining 30% in about 6 states. Then she looked up the different type of maple trees native to North America. There are five. One is of course the sugar maple. She brought up an image of the leaves of the 5 different maple trees.

    So into the backyard I went! Well, wouldn’t you know it, after 28 years of living here, I discover that our big shade maple tree in the back yard is a sugar maple!

    I shall be tapping it next February/March and starting my own, one tree, backyard maple sugar operation!


    This will seem off topic but I don’t think it is. Because … Afghanistan was one of the “messages” in this speech (discussed a couple paragraphs down) and here we are, once again, talking about that beleaguered country. What was mentioned in this particular speech is how the Russians spent about a decade in Afghanistan under the belief they could pound the Afghans into submission and they learned the hard way that isn’t possible.

    But later on exceptional America stepped up and figured we would have different results. And we haven’t. Big surprise.

    Ages ago (ok, 2012) I was a hardcore democrat. Vote blue no matter who, pretty much. I remember listening to Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention (pretty sure I heard it on a Democracy Now! show, that’s how hardcore I was).

    Anyhow, as I was listening to Clint’s speech all those years ago (even as a democrat) I was astounded by the stupidity of the audience. And I mean, every single Republican in attendance who was applauding (and also the staff of Democracy Now! who were horrified by the content of the speech). None of these people were listening. None of these people heard what Clint was saying.

    Sure, it all looked and sounded good on the surface – empty chair, question Obama, etc. – but Clint only once, I think, mentioned Romney by name, and it was only in passing. The rest of the time he subtly critiqued both sides of the aisle. And he told Americans that we the people have the power.

    Anyone who thinks Clint Eastwood came down in favor of Republicans during this speech are fooling themselves. He is an intelligent person who figured out how to speak out in favor of being conservative without necessarily endorsing a political “side”. (the speech is available on ytube – listen with an open mind).

    Afghanistan. Political divides. Divisiveness over issues that have nothing to do with class, within which most of us are pretty much on the same plane. We need to do better than this.

    madamski cafone

    Oh, yes: welcome back, Wesley!


    Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (Official Audio)



    In case the image doesn’t post.

    Life imitate Memes.

    D Benton Smith

    Ya know what we have not seen in a long while ? A right proper Computer Model projecting how many folks are going to live or die if present trends continue. That would be fun. Can’t imagine any of those geeky computer quants in gov’t, medicine or academia have done that, though.

    I’m also curious about how the math works out for a less than 100% effective vaccine administered (even serially administered every few months) to 90% of a population. Let’s be unrealistically generous and say that a 90% effective vax is given to 90 % of the people . . . but has to be REDONE over and over again. You could of course just keep doing this forever, but why bother because after doing that 90% of 90% thing for seven or eight go-arounds and you’re down to less than one person out of every 100.

    those darned kids

    “Austin, Wallace Praise Miller as Command Transitions in Afghanistan
    JULY 12, 2021 | BY JIM GARAMONE, DO”

    “heckuva job, scotty..”




    D Benton: “Let’s be unrealistically generous and say that a 90% effective vax is given to 90 % of the people . . . but has to be REDONE over and over again. You could of course just keep doing this forever, but why bother because after doing that 90% of 90% thing for seven or eight go-arounds and you’re down to less than one person out of every 100.”

    Maybe 1 person out of 100,000? Or 1 person out of 1,000,000? Quit being logical. You’ll destroy the narrative. 😉


    My thanks to the kids, the surprise!


    ctbarnum: a lot of the twits in response to that video you posted are quite interesting (hospitals overrun!! you’re all going to die cause you’re so stupid!!).

    So I checked Oklahoma’s stats.

    7 day moving average cases is a little over 2,000; 7 day moving average deaths is 5. I’ll be generous and note the 7 day moving average deaths was 8 on Aug 9th because there could be a lag in weekend reporting. The state’s population is just under 4,000,000.

    Wake me up when this wave is over.


    Everybody is afraid to tell the truth.

    Training, and outfitting a 300,000 Mercenary army of Afghans to fight for the USA objectives
    Panic, chaos, blaming as they evacuate
    Sympathiser fear that they will be abandoned to local justice

    madamski cafone

    “Ya know what we have not seen in a long while ? A right proper Computer Model projecting how many folks are going to live or die if present trends continue. “

    All I know is that I’m thinking that prediction is on to something. Here’s some nuanced examination of that:

    Deaths by Deagel

    John Day

    Many of you might feel like you are in the crosshairs, maybe of a transmissible virus, or of a government that will not let you ride the bus, or train, or enter any public venue unless you submit to a novel medical procedure.
    Maybe you have lost your job because you would not accept mandatory vaccination.
    Maybe you are looking forward to that happening soon.
    Rumors and appearances are that I may face that edict soon.

    I have composed a letter, very early Friday morning, before dawn, after lying awake and considering it for a couple of hours.
    I have explained that I see this as a moral and spiritual test. If there is to be an overclass, and an underclass, I must stand naked with the underclass, as the Jews stood naked under the Third Reich. I made that clear before anyedict was announced. One of the doctors, with whom I have worked since 1995, commended me on my dedication to public health, but said that he trusted different factual sources, and that it was inappropriate and hurtful of me to bring the Jews and Nazis into it and tired and overused, too.
    With that reply to the small group, I explained that when we took our four teenage kids bike touring and backpacking around the world in 2005 – 2006, we stopped at three memorials to the process now underway, the Anne frank House in Amsterdam, Dachau concentration camp in Germany (3 extra days on bikes for that visit) and Tuol Sleng Torture Museum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At each of these stops, the lesson was the same. This was not the work of monsters against ordinary people, but the work of ordinary people against other ordinary people. The situation turned so slowly to transform them out of a series of necessities, to become torturers and executioners of the innocent. Many in Cambodia eventually died the same way, falling under suspicion at some point.

    The thought question for the “home school students” was how they might see something like this developing before there was no way out , but death.
    Knowing that this kind of situation recurs in human history, where one group marks another group as a scapegoat, during times of war and famine, takes their wealth and disposes of them somehow, how would one see it developing and make a leap into the unknown to escape the trap?
    In 1932 Germany was under severe economic and social stress, the Weimar Republic was on the ropes, and the opposition to it was fractured, largely between communists and Nazis, but no path was yet set or decided, and nobody wanted war again. I likened our current situation to 1932 Germany, just before the steps were taken that led to the chaos and horror which followed. Looking back at history it is hard to see what might have alerted a German Jew between 1932 and 1936 that it was time to risk everything and leave.
    And go where? The whole world was going through depression. How can people in a depression just leave their only support?
    This is a really hard question. What I came up with was that a person had to leave at the first sign of depersonalization and scapegoating of a group being codified into law. How would a college educated Chinese person flee China as years of stagnation and frustration led towards the Cultural Revolution?
    Could any Jew or non-Roman Catholic have seen the Spanish Inquisition coming?
    One would have to be ever vigilant for signs of scapegoating, mainly from the government, as the economy spiraled down, but before it collapsed completely.
    One would need to have certainty in the face of these signs and act decisively before the society coalesced to carry out the scapegoating. One might be able to influence against it by making a public stand. If one would be unsuccessful, one would be forced to leave at the point that the decision was set. One might leave before the purges and culls were carried out. This is a hypothetical which only involves struggle and uncertainty.

    Now, in the US, the government is blaming unvaccinated people for causing mutations of the coronavirus, which are infecting nice, law abiding, compliant, innocent vaccinated citizens.
    The fact is that the vaccines themselves select for viral mutation to resist them.
    This was always certain, because they are “non-sterilizing”.
    A vaccinated person can carry the virus in their nose, a somewhat hostile environment, and if the virus mutates to avoid the antibodies, that mutation will proliferate and spread. It is inevitable, and on the fairly short timeline that we are already seeing.
    In July, the Pfizer vaccine was 42% effective in reducing relative risk of catching COVID in the US, down from 95% touted in January.

    It is the US government blaming the unvaccinated, mandating vaccination for government employees, including the armed forces, which were reluctant in the spring, especially the army. Other governments already have vaccine passports, without which one is essentially confined to home, not allowed in public buildings or public transport, and can’t dine outdoors in Paris. The important point in my mind is that government policy is picking a large scapegoat class. Many are calling out for blood, or at least firing the scapegoats, and I see nice people, who I have known for years, saying and writing this. Jenny tells me of people writing this on Facebook, who I know to be loving and caring people. One of the doctors who is most enraged that anybody is still working at People’s Community Clinic is somebody I have always been friends with, and who smiled and waved Friday morning as we entered work. We always chat when there is not plate glass between us. Maybe she has heard about me over the weekend. Maybe I will know the next time our eyes meet.

    My calling, my spiritual work in this life is to help my patients live their lives with less suffering, and I have to do that in any way that I can. Thousands of people count upon me to see what is causing them pain and troubles, and to find ways through medical investigation, treatment, and sometimes prayer to help them live through and past it. At this point in my life, and in history, People’s Community Clinic, where I am already working with so many people, is the best place I can see to do my spiritual work. In fact, I see no other. Nothing else has been shown to me by our loving universe.

    My spiritual “dual mandate” is to keep serving the people who count on my insightful medical care, and to refuse mandatory vaccination upon the principle of avoiding the dehumanizing steps which lead into totalitarianism.
    I’m again including the succinct video which summarizes the work of Hannah Arendt and Carl Jung, who intimately lived through this process.
    “Mass Psychosis”

    Tree Frog

    “Out of focus nudes.”

    Scrumptious simile.

    D Benton Smith

    One of the remarkable things about REAL calamity (as opposed to feared, imagined, hallucinated or predicted calamity) is that the participants tend to get real too . The bullshit goes away fast. Silly hooha like “Critical Race Theory”, or “Socialism vs Capitalism”, that fills the conversational vacuum of people with too much time on their hands disipates rather quickly when Mother Nature and Father Reality teach class.

    What is going to happen? How will I respond if and when it does? How can I prepare for unpreparedness? Who’s lying and who ain’t? Well you can GUESS until the cows come home, but you won’t actually KNOW until something happens and you respond (or the other way ’round). Some fairly serious shit has ALREADY happened. How did you respond? That’s at least a hint.

    One thing that I’m fairly sure of is that a lot more, seriouser, shit is coming down and we won’t have to wait long to find out what it is or how accurate our scientific wild ass guesses have been. High stakes and lousy odds. Ain’t it exciting?

    Time to look around and do your damnedest to figure out what REALLY is, and what the hell is going on around us. I’m pretty sure that recess time is over, Reality School is in session, and today’s vocabulary word is AWARENESS.

    V. Arnold

    @ John Day

    Thanks for your post and that excellent video…
    As an old house painter told me over 45 years ago; “Don’t let the bastards get you…”



    Standing with YOU John Day. Your spiritual mandate is focused and clear. Your integrity and LOVE will keep you on point. WE have your HEART.

    @upstateNY: everything Buffalo Springfield will empower and uplift. Their “sound” moves me. LOVE One Another, sister!

    Now surrounded by 4 fires. Air quality HAZARDOUS going on two ++ weeks; can’t see the trees at my property lines. Wishing it was fog and not smoke! Monument Fire about 7 miles out. Lots of complex, mountainous terrain in between. Since 89% of Trinity County is USFS managed lands, we are at the mercy of the “managers” who lack resources. Did another 3 hours fire remediation this afternoon, high 90’s. Trying to get every last bit of fuel out from under the remaining trees; loading up the truck and taking it to the brush section of the dump. Feeling like I am in a never-ending climate-hell bubble. Notice how I am not sdharing any stories about trees falling over or fawns disappearing.

    : am feeling your JOY in everyday life. Guess we could all use a “clearing” once in awhile. Happy for you and the family. Am joining you in SPIRIT for those blueberry pancakes, butter and syrup please.

    LOVE to All.


    WE have your HEART and your back.


    @john day

    Masks and mRNA injections tools of tyranny. Remember the WEF smart masks?

    Effectiveness and stopping the spread is not the focus but constant fear signaling with a tracking feature.

    The sense of the word “devil” which in the Greek is “dia-boles”. Note the prefix “dia” in words like dialogue, diaphragm, diameter. That which distinguishes one thing from another or sets division between two things. We see how divide and conquer is being used against us.

    Tax slaves/debt slaves who is our master? Did we ever have freedom or was it simply privileges bestowed upon us?

    Who is their master? Here is Trump pledging fealty to his.

    A message from the French. The story of The Marquis De Lafayette and his wife is one of my favorites.

    Lafayette: The Lost Hero is worth a watch if you are unfamiliar with their fight to bring democracy to both America and France.

    madamski cafone

    I feed the local crows and rodents. Give ’em reason to breed. Never know who may be eating crow soon. Very very few of us, if any, are adequately prepared. A little humble pie and “household deer” will help keep the synapses firing and metabolism charged while you figure out what you might be able to do next.


    John Day:

    Maybe start your own clinic? Old school. Whatever people can pay so long as it covers cost of meds. It won’t pay your mortgage at first, but that will just put you ahead of the foreclosure curve. Such a practice is a natural community builder and you may find your mortgage gets paid after awhile.

    Almost every one here at TAE KNOWS the system is crashing, but few of us can grasp the totality of it cuz most of us have never missed a meal, or seriously froze or fried for days on end with only what we can carry on our back, bike, or buggy.

    Comparisons with Nazi Germany are handy but mismatched. Germany was on the ascendancy at that time, even after defeat: the world as swimming in oil, easily mined minerals, and burgeoning new technology including Atomic Power Too Cheap to Meter. (Now they’re fighting for the right to buy natural gas as they choose– looks like they won.)

    We’re on our way down to an economy more neolithic than not. Covid is both a distraction from this and possibly a major reduction of consumption load via population reduction. Either way means jarring disruption with people experiencing things like huinger, real hunger, for the first time in their lives. Heat that doesn’t go away with a pushed button. Cold that doesn’t warm up likewise. Streets safe and bright enough to walk at night.

    Meanwhile, hold firm on covid vakzne resistance and they’ll soon be begging people to come back to jobs they were fired from. Maybe it’s time we took control of our Means of Production. But it starts with some one.

    That some one in turn forms the nucleus of a tribe. A tribe can survive where an individual, or an amorphous statistical population counted in thousands and millions, cannot. It’s how we established ourselves as a species.

    I watch our (ahem) “tribe-building” potential here at AE, a watering hole for the relatively enlightened, and see that what I call the Rule of 100 very much applies: one out of 100 will stop and give you a lift. One out of 100 will satep in and protect you from belligerent harm while the other 99 take cellcam movies and upload them to a magical place called Justice while someone gets their face hemorrhaged into somethintg they can’t breathe through.

    One out of 100 will be earnest and real enough to form the nucleus of a viable tribe. The rest will be VERY lucky to be allowed to join. I enjoy TAE and learn a fair bit here. Have even met a few uncommonly fine people per my estimation. But every day TAE demonstrates to me why democracy will be served with a baseball bat.


    @John Day…….recognising the danger and getting away, but there seems to be no away now.
    NZ, AUS Canada are all going in the same direction. Russia? but they don’t want us (rightfully so) and who knows what will happen there after the current gov’t goes.
    It’s on everybody’s lips.
    Stand in the place where you live

    Mister Roboto

    Wake me up when ADE actually happens.

    Well, we’ll try, but if you had the Covid vaccine, we might not be able to. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I’m a very bad robot-boy.)

    madamski cafone

    Russia wants us very much. Shrinking population issues. It just requires that you learn their language and be able to contribute. But nonetheless, like you said: stand in the place where you live.

    Doc Robinson

    John Day: “One of the doctors… said that he trusted different factual sources.”

    A tale of two sources, on the topic of ADE and Covid-19 vaccines:

    Source 1
    One of the top-ranked children’s hospitals in the country, with an extensive online Vaccine Education Center.
    “The Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provides complete, up-to-date and reliable information about vaccines to parents and healthcare professionals. We are a member of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Vaccine Safety Net because our website meets the criteria for credibility and content as defined by the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety.”

    Does the COVID-19 vaccine cause antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)?

    Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) has not been identified as a concern related to SARS-CoV-2 infection or following COVID-19 vaccination. In fact, a body of evidence has suggested that ADE will not be a concern:

    First, most people have been infected with other coronaviruses in their lifetime, and ADE has not been identified as a result of these infections.

    Second, in human studies, people previously infected with coronavirus were infected with different types of coronavirus, and they did not experience enhanced disease.

    Third, experimental animals vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 did not develop enhanced disease when challenged, or infected, with the virus.

    Finally, when people with COVID-19 received plasma containing SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, they did not experience enhanced disease.

    For these reasons, ADE is not expected to be a concern for SARS-CoV-2 infections or vaccination.

    Watch a short video in which Dr. Paul Offit explains why COVID-19 vaccines are unlikely to cause ADE…

    Source 2
    An MIT study funded by the US Department of Defense (instead of a drug company) and published in “a leading journal in its field [immunology], publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research”.

    Current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines appear to be providing protection with high antibody titers; the possibility of ADE risks associated with waning titers of antibodies over time remains unknown

    Given past data on multiple SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV vaccine efforts have failed due to ADE in animal models (75, 81), it is reasonable to hypothesize a similar ADE risk for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and vaccines.

    Two Different Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) Risks for SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies
    D. Ricke, MIT
    Frontiers in Immunology
    Published online 2021 Feb 24

    Figmund Sreud

    Happy Stabbing! – trust the science, another words!



    HA! JP Sears…great stuff. My wife has been watching him since last year. I’m not much for this kind of video, so I await her digests.


    @John Day
    Thanks for being such a great example to us. We wish you and Jenny all the best as you continue to fight the good fight.


    I’ve been “off grid” since ’05 and am in my second home as such. The first one’s inverter is still running fine and my new one is only 6 years old without issues to this point. I use lead acid batteries for storage. 8 two amp hour deep solar Rolls 600’s.


    Shite “8 two hundred amp hour”


    I wondered, where was WES? Ok, good.

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