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    Dr. D

    I see the same numbers, and since they brought it up yesterday, before too. But I don’t know that anything is missing.


    phoenix: “Regarding the Florida schools, mask bans, etc. If the feds are backing this, and if the feds win the issue …”

    I think the feds are a bit out over their skis on this. Our government is not a hierarchy with the feds at the top, then states, then local … it’s a checks and balances system. Or at least it was set up that way. There is a Constitution and at some point the judges in the court system will need to acknowledge the most egregious of the overreaches the feds have been taking of late.

    I admit to being shocked at how far and fast the Biden Admin has nosedived after just 7 months: 1) crisis on the Mexico border, and it IS a crisis, 2) crisis in Afghanistan, and it IS a crisis, 3) forced vaccination of military personnel, which IS a crisis. Just to name a few. Add to that the continued eviction moratorium, extra unemployment benefits despite there being plenty of jobs, etc., and the optics aren’t good.

    Oh, and what’s this with Psaki being unavailable and the disastrous photo op the WH posted of Biden being updated on Afghanistan? And wth is Harris??

    I think the Biden Admin needs a new pilot or aircraft or something. At any rate, the current pilot needs to pull up and reverse this nosedive quickly to retain any semblance of authority.


    TAE sum, ” * Vaccinations: The third time’s the charm”

    Seriously funny sh*t. 🙂

    D Benton Smith

    Now that no one will trust America ,AT ALL , for a very long time, who do you suppose they will they turn to for help ?


    d benton: what’s your definition of “help”?


    Yummy cash!….. The under ground economy has always liked cash or solid metals. Can’t see it getting any smaller anytime soon. Digital will only work with electricity everywhere. With diminishing returns on…. well everything human, a black market will thrive on something be it trading potatoes or silver/gold or anything of value outside of the controlled system in which live the elites. At some point the “luxuries” that seem to be the domain of the affluent will become very heavy liabilities. I’ve have started offering clients the option of paying in real silver not paper. No takers yet but some looks of almost bewilderment. A few comments about it soon will be favourable as well.

    those darned kids

    i couldn’t find kamala, but i found her horoscope! to wit:

    The Kamala Astrology Chart December 12, 2020

    The Second Opportunity – August 7th to 21st, 2021

    The second doorway appears from August 7th to 21st, 2021 and again, there is a sense of ‘right time, right place’ for Kamala Harris with the Democrats, and the fated path with President Biden and her husband.

    Here we have a portrait of a woman who shines brightest in a partnership. Yet, it always creates a conflict with her self-interest and her need to promote herself. It also brings in heavy karma with the Democrats. In fact, you’d have to say that life as a Vice-President is very tough for Kamala. It’s a strain. Having come this far, though, what happens on April 23rd-May 5th and then August 7th-21st 2021 makes it all worth it.”

    go to jessica adams’ website for more details! [i can’t even write d…o…t… c….o….m….]


    Surprise, surprise.
    Tribal chief gave permission for the young men, in their tribes, to go and get military training from the USA.
    Their loyalty is to their tribal chiefs not to the puppet gov. in Kabul.
    Time will tell which tribal chieftains will rise to the top.



    we must destroy our village to save theirs.

    The ultimate potlatch! As a sign of our power, we destroy what they would take from us. We give or share what they would have us sell for profit. I’ve heard it said the next ‘big move’ will be some kind of rug-pull. What if I don’t own a rug?



    I have a habit of reading ‘in-character’ if I know a little about an author. For instance, at MoA, I’d read DebsisDead and hoarsewhisperer in Aussie accents. For some reason, you’ve fallen into a Frances Sternhagen slot in my head. It’s quite pleasant, actually.

    Polder Dweller

    “ Now that no one will trust America ,AT ALL , for a very long time, who do you suppose they will they turn to for help ?”

    If things get any worse we’re going to have to ask you to stop helping us.

    those darned kids

    those images from kabul airport, of the afghans betrayed by the u.s. et al., will be remembered around the world for a long, long time.

    so very shameful.

    Polder Dweller
    madamski cafone

    “why can’t i post links? i have tried everything except carrier chick-a-dees.”

    i FEEL FOOLISH SAYING THIS, BUT HAVE YOU TRIED REM,OVING THE(CAPS oops) https: that is in the link tool when it first opens? I’m sure you have, but one never knows until one asks.

    “it didn’t even work when i hacked madamski’s account ;+/”

    It is an account to be hocked not hacked: madamski just pawn in game of life.

    madamski cafone


    That’s my cousin Genevieve. We’re very close. We try to share clothes, but I’m skinny and flat-chested.

    madamski cafone

    The digicurrency versus cash dilemma will probably be resolved by an absenmce of things to sell or buy.

    those darned kids

    thanks, m.c. i have used the link tool, paste link, break up link with spaces/characters/line breaks, write “dot” and the other word, nothing.

    each time it doesn’t work, you’ll notice one post number missing from the sequence. or two, or three.


    why can’t i post links? i have tried everything except carrier chick-a-dees.

    The system thinks you’re a spammer. Given what you’ve done just today, can you blame it?

    madamski cafone

    dtk only makes mutliple tries to try and make it work, Raul. The fact that the system is so stupid it thinks she’s a spammer is hardly dtk’s fault. GOd forbid someone wants to be, you know, involved.

    madamski cafone

    “Afghanistan’s collapse: Did US intelligence get it wrong?” (ABC headline of worthless article)

    That’s a rhetorical question, I presume.

    madamski cafone

    So we have the Taliban predictably kicking our clueless butts live on TV. A month from now, the same remainder-in-chief expects the military to line up and make itself sick with a vakzine good for doing just that and little else. We have what looks to be a perfect vacuum opening up in the White House/Beltway.

    This strikes me as fertile ground for a populist leader to become the next chaotic attractor of US political activity.

    madamski cafone

    This strikes me as pivotal:

    Teen who had heart attack after vaccine dose to receive $225,000

    (ax-to-grind alert): The idea that TPTB have things under control strikes me as laughable. UNder their dominion, for sure. But control?

    The Few, the Proud, the Clinically Insane

    madamski cafone

    This headline — “‘The reality is’ if the numbers don’t come down ‘we’re never getting out of lockdown’” — also seems pivotal. I am under the impression — corect me if I’m wrong — that “never” is a long time and a worthless thing for a politician to say about something with a major interface with daily physical reality.
    Trump isn’t the only politicorporate CEO who will be taken down by das kovidski.

    madamski cafone

    Millions Without Water in West Baghdad After ISIS Attack ISIS hit key electricity pylon near pumping station

    I need to find out if Portland’s West Slope is wise enough to use its elevation to rely on pump-filled reservoirs than electric pumps alone.


    Man caught urinating in Mount Tabor reservoir prompts Portland to shift water supply

    The dumb fucks actually shut it down cuz some guy peed in a million gallons of water:

    “Shaff said the Water Bureau regularly finds dead animals in the same drinking supply but doesn’t dump the water. “This is different,” he said.

    “Do you want to drink pee?” he asked bluntly.

    “When questioned about scientific data and the small amount of urine in such a large reservoir, he interjected: “Answer the question. It has nothing to do with scientifically.(sic)

    “Most people,” he added, “are gonna be pretty damn squeamish about that.”

    “Count Portland city Commissioner Randy Leonard, who oversees the Water Bureau, among those. After hearing about the incident, he quipped, “I think I’m going to have a Coke with my lunch today.”

    Same diff with the people running whatever our covid situation is. Dr. Evil would have to fire them for incompetence, which would be incompetent of Dr. Evil, since incompetence creates more evil than evil possibly could.


    • Biden Offers Cash To Florida Schools That Defy Gov. Ron DeSantis (NYP)

    TPTB have a printing press that allows them to print almost unlimited amounts of bribe money. The FEDS can buy and/or bribe almost anyone and it doesn’t cost them a dime.

    The FED and the Feds can funnel money into school districts in Florida who defy DeSantis.

    If DeSantis cuts off funding Biden will just print the amount and give it to the school district.

    DeSantis cannot print money, he can only withhold it.


    One gets the impression that hospitals are filling up with kids and younger adults. In the good ol’ covid days deaths (90%) were mostly confined to the obese, over 60 crowd with 2 or more comorbidities.

    Does anybody know if the covid death profile has changed in the wake of the new delta variant?
    Are most of the dying unvaccinated? Are they mostly refuseniks or do they have conditions that make them unvaxable?


    Desperate Afghans plunge to deaths from departing US planes as Kabul airport overrun

    “..As the lumbering US military transport began to taxi down the runway, the young men holding on to its sides refused to let go.

    Surrounded by crowds who had mobbed the tarmac at Kabul airport, the few who had gained a firm hold on the C-17 plane seemed determined to hang on.

    But then, as the plane gained altitude, came a horrifying sight: two of the would-be stowaways fell hundreds of feet to their death….”

    Worse optics than the roof top in Saigon.



    At least the betrayal in Saigon didn’t have a billion tweets bouncing around the planet showcasing in vivid color the sheer level of cut n’ run cowardice at the Heart of Darkness that is the US Military Industrial Complex.

    those darned kids

    raúl: i do apologize once again for any nonsense. i have read this site for years. these comments are the only sane (sincerely) place i have found (in a long time) to communicate with humans beyond the sane few i know personally.

    today’s “spam” (have you ever eaten that stuff? and to think i used to like it.. ew) was just me trying to become the squeaky wheel. i tried the call centre, but it was always busy. so, little by little..

    i would never abuse the space on your site, and links i have wished to post have either been news worthy (the dengue – ade study i couldn’t link to), history worthy (like the bbc, taliban, texas, 1997 story i couldn’t link to), statistically worthy (like the stats on u.s. oil imports i couldn’t link to. did you know russia is now #2 after canada?) or just the same kinda stuff everybody else links to occasionally (music [poulenc], poetry [wallace stevens], etc.)

    why, i’ve never even posted a giant picture linking to a video of a seriously propagandized young lady speaking foolishly of qanon and that trump won. that’s just mean and a dishonour to that young lady.

    agradezco muchísimo la oportunidad de ser parte de esta comunidad,


    madamski cafone

    “DeSantis cannot print money, he can only withhold it.”

    Times like these are when new forms of funding appear. After all, the existing currency is the biggest monetary bubble the world has seen, only needing a few more punctures to deflate faster than they can pump money into it.

    Worship is partly an act of fear. “Fear God”, for example. We are warned not to worship false idols. If today’s USA currency isn’t a false idol, then Biden is mentally competent and Clenis goes for older broads. (TPTB have to be ridiculsouly desperate for Biden to be the only one willing to take the job and follow orders. Trump at least stormed the GOP nomination. Biden as deliberately shoe-horned in, it apparently being the best they could do… and that’s laughably bad.)

    Ritual Fire Dance

    Notice how most of them have to use special digital visual aids to watch what’s happening.

    There used to be state-chartered banks. Still are. So you can’t pay taxes with other forms of currency. Oh well. Sucks to be a collapsing federal government that has to pay itself to go out of business.

    My point: face difficult facts but don’t feed them. Money is like ammo: it only works when you’re not firing blanks.


    @Oroboros re:

    DeSantis cannot print money, he can only withhold it.

    He can order plumbing work done on the water mains. And “Geez, these pipes are rotten! We’re just gonna hafta re-plumb this whole school, I guess.”

    Remember attacker-defender paradigm. “The Biden” is doing this to defend lower-level tools, thus at the disadvantage in that arena. The ever-increasing complexity ensures a geometric growth of available vulnerabilities. Pick something ridiculously mundane, and do it. Call for a Critical Mass bike ride on the day an important meeting is to take place locally. Remember HS Thompson: “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”


    ..yet that other one posts dozens of times a day with no issues.


    absolute galore

    The NYT today (no link):
    Delta Surge Drives Home Painful Truth: Covid Isn’t Going Away
    The new flood of cases has forced Americans to recalibrate. Governors and mayors who imposed shutdowns last summer are pushing vaccines now.

    Right. Now that vaccines are not working, we need to…push vaccines. Oh, and let’s do the mask thing again, too. We’ll wait till the “boosters” start failing before we r\institue lockdowns. Or not.

    Babies and toddlers spread the virus in homes more easily than teens, a study found.

    Well, if we can’t scare them with teens getting sick, how about newborn babies as superspreaders? Are we cleared for vaccinating newborns yet? Tony, get the FDA on the phone, stat.

    Yes, the EOUSA Empire of Once United States of America, is leaving Afghanistan in disgrace. We are leaving because that is what dying empires with fake treasuries do, they begin to die off at the extremities. Now the Afghans will have to settle for being killed up close and personal by the Taliban instead of being caught out in drone strikes or bombing runs.

    When I was a kid it seemed so simple. We prayed for the starving kids in Biafra and dug in to our overcooked meat and canned veggies.

    deflationista inquires:That is quite a headline. “Death Toll Exceeds 2,0…. Is there really a way for UAE to exceed 2000 total deaths for a second time?

    Yes, if the second time involved a different disease or cause of death, explained in a subhead or the body copy eg, For the second time in 3 years, a pandemic exceeded 2,000 deaths. Or if there were sufficient time between outbreaks so that it would be considered another wave that was counted separately.

    But I know what you mean. Bad editing and poor wording is a pet peeve of mine, too. Headlines or sentences of the “the worst the world has seen” variety, that don’t take into account the obvious fact that the world population is the largest it has ever been, for example. I also cringe slightly at “daily basis,” which means the same thing as daily, or every day.

    But for god’s sake, do not use everyday when you mean every day–though I expect that is practically a lost cause at this point, when even printed store signs read Open Everyday. The way I learned to remember it (not that it’s complicated) was, The girl wore her everyday dress every day. You may substitute whatever gender makes you comfortable in your space, no microaggression intended.

    As to what Raul may have been implying, I believe the vaccines were sold as more or less guaranteed to keep you hanging on this mortal coil if you caught the covid. And that is the published number from the government of Covid deaths. Presumably deaths from the vaccines are duly noted in a different headline…somewhere. However, there is no way to know how many, if any, died of covid despite being vaccinated. And the chart has no way of indicating any variables that might or might not have caused the various peaks and valleys, rendering them meaningless. So I would say personally, there is much too little information here to imply much of anything at all, other than the aforementioned poor editing skills. What to make of this bit of text accompanying the chart:
    Shown is the rolling 7-day average. The number of confirmed cases is lower than the number of actual cases, the main reason for that is limited




    ““DeSantis cannot print money, he can only withhold it.””

    Agree with your analysis for this. I would only add that since the beginning of the COVID hysteria, governors of many states agreed to coordinate their response, which at the time I thought would lead to some form of regional secession (especially given the social unrest from both wings) with the federales just being ignored.

    A thought experiment, since governors can only withhold, not print, what is to stop a coordinated set of governors from wanting to secede given the Biden elimination of state laws (no checks and balances, union of individual states, etc, supposedly)? Of course, a downside of that (aside from what happened the last time) is the end of the dollar as reserve currency. If things keep going as they are, this scenario can’t easily be discounted.


    Was anyone thoroughly disgusted with Biden’s Afghanistan speech like myself? I would have liked to have heard some mention of Biden’s culpability in this deal. Instead it was all blame game and outrageous victim shaming. Shit, you made my day Joe, take the booster.

    madamski cafone

    You’re so cute sometimes, Bill7. Everything has to be part of a conspiracy that fits in with your worldview. If it pleases you to think I’m some kind of operative or paid troll, knock yourself out. In turn, it pleases me to think that you’re an hysteric. I tell you what, tomorrow you be Batman and I’ll be Joker. We’ll take turns!

    P.S. Siri tells me all your secrets. My, isn’t this fun. We could cut each other down all day rather than form mutual understanding and working alliances. Why, from that perspective, I should think of you as a paid operative or such: you do an awfully good job of dividing people via us vs. them and all that.

    We are hilarious.

    madamski cafone


    The Constitution’s Seven Money Clauses

    States can print money if they so choose*, although it would be Constitutionally challenged, I’m sure. State-level currency is by itself a form of secession. Naturally, the other states, and federal gubmint, don’t have to accept it. Last I heard, states have militias. Whether the National Guard chooses to protect their respective states from the federal government remains to be seen, but I suspect many will choose their home soil over something run into the ground by the likes of Biden or Trump. Maybe they would like a state currency that reflects their local economy, not de facto junk bonds floated by the Federal Reserve/milindustrial complex.

    It’s not as if federal digi-paper will last much longer. It’s already removing coinage bit by bit.
    Seeing as how our currency is entirely fiat, which also challenges the Constitution, the whole thing is shredded once the fed guv becomes as useless and weak as it is now.

    As for reserve currency, that’s doomed, and I suspect will collapse sooner than we anticipate. I’d rather it didn’t but so it goes… and that said, the collapse of the US dollar will facilitate state secession, which seems the only remotely sane path available to us. These crazy federal emperors have to go, and in fact already flushing themselves out of power.

    I’ver said it before: the only thing the government has left is the money power (we lost the last shred of our military power to men with impressive facial hair and a perverted form of Islam), and they blew that money power to shit this past year. Hyperinflation will make state-level currency an attractve alternative. Most soldiers aren’t paid enough as it is, and the prospect of nifty retirements with health care etc. is failing fast. Enlistment rates have fallen for some time even with entry standards seriously diminished.

    I mentioned the Constitution, didn’t I? As if it matters any more. But it’s a handy reference tool.

    madamski cafone

    Historically tonedeaf award goes to this headline:

    “Kamala Harris to promote ‘America is back’ message in Singapore and Vietnam”

    We’re back! Ah’ll be back. Apocalypse Again!

    I haven’t seen the government do anything that WORKS in a long time except use the existing SSI/IRS system to give us money to stay hme and breathe masked air.


    @ct: ” … since the beginning of the COVID hysteria, governors of many states agreed to coordinate their response, which at the time I thought would lead to some form of regional secession … with the federales just being ignored.”

    If the feds keep up their current BS, that will likely be the result. It would probably take years to finalize? Although who knows at this point – I could see regions seceding within weeks and just thumbing their nose at the feds.

    There are too many independent-minded Americans. No way will the entire country roll over.


    @darned kids
    comment rejections:
    could be various gotchas, but I finally got through when I fired up a different browser and signed in. Probably there is a persistent signal of some sort kept in your browser. You can experiment by emptying cache, etc. But then you can cause other problems. Try downloading chromium browser or brave browser or vivaldi browser and copy in your comment (having first saved it from your normal browser to an external document). If you write an extended comment you should probably save it externally as a matter of habit.
    Don’t give up.

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