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    Claude MonetThe Wooden Bridge 1872   • One-Second Coronavirus Test Achieves 95% Success Rate (JP) • Biden and Trump Matchup Tightens As Enthusias
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle August 17 2020]

    V. Arnold

    Claude Monet The Wooden Bridge 1872

    Fantastic painting!

    Mister Roboto

    One thing that the Washington Examiner piece glosses over is that people, including combat veterans, not getting the medications upon which they seriously rely in a timely fashion is becoming a dire systemic problem in this country. If the Trump Administration would willing to help these people get their medications on time, I might be more willing to listen to the other points the author makes in the WE article.


    The Roots of Wokeness article is really fantastic – coming from my perspective as a white middle aged male – so it must be an oppressive power based article 🙂
    Thought and reason always have a place over the shadows of shifting identity. I don’t know if I am making sense… but there is a lot of horse-shit and identity politics going around and I found it quite refreshing to read


    It takes 3 blue collar workers to do operate the meat grinder for the capitalist smoking a cigar in the background.

    USA capitalists are fighting a loosing war because they see that Huawei will replace their horse and buggy technology

    In 14 days, Belarus will be overcome by C19 or it won’t.
    3017 Studies found for: COVID-19

    Mr. House

    Things i learned from your last cartoon at the bottom:

    Only white men take part in capitalism. And those workers churning out the waste look suspiciously like blue collar workers. Is that cartoon recent or much older?

    John Day

    The US Postal Service was force fed a poison pill some years ago, of pre-funding 75 years of retirements, which makes it show big cash losses, and the pre-funding goes to capitalists. I presume they are putting it into investments that get them money now, and get the postal retirees “poof” in the future.

    John Day

    Here it is, Ivermectin And Avocados, as promised last night. Some pictures of a middle aging hippie trying to graft avocado shoots onto seedling rootstocks.
    I’m not the only doctor who is tired of the CDC bullshit attitude that everybody with COVID should go home and suffer alone until they need to be hospitalized, die or get better on their own.
    This open letter to Anthony Fauci, a “doctor” in name only, says that medical treatments, which are broadly documented, and used all over the rest of the world, need to be openly discussed as options, not disparaged from Washington, nearly criminalized in some jurisdictions, and censored on Facebook, Twitter, New York Times, Washington Post, etc.
    Again, for clarity, the trials upon which you base your opinion regarding the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine, assessed neither the full cocktail (to include Zinc and Azithromycin or doxycycline) nor administered treatment within the first five to seven days of symptoms, nor focused on the high-risk group, correct?
    Therefore, you have no basis to conclude that the Hydroxychloroquine cocktail when used early in the outpatient setting, within the first five to seven days of symptoms, in high risk patients, is not effective, correct?
    It is thus false and misleading to say that the effective and safe use of hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Azithromycin has been “debunked,” correct? How could it be “debunked” if there is not a single study that contradicts its use?
    Should it not be an absolute priority for the NIH and CDC to look at ways to treat Americans with symptomatic COVID-19 infections early to prevent disease progression?

    This is the influential study from Bangladesh, reported in July, which prompted the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to change from hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin to ivermectin/doxycycline.
    It explains the known antiviral mechanisms at work very well.
    A Case Series of 100 COVID-19 Positive Patients Treated with Combination of Ivermectin and Doxycycline

    I’m trying to get the best Mexican avocado varieties for Yoakum , Texas, climate zone 9a, and see what trees grow better, produce more, produce early season, produce late season, taste yummiest, and survive anthracnose (those little black mold spots that grow under the skin). The types I have are Opal, Pryor, Wilma/Brazos Belle, Pancho, Joey/May, Stewart and Brogdon. Some Wilma seedlings are doing well, so their roots like Yoakum OK. It may be 8 years or more before I can get a first taste of their fruits. Some avocado seedlings take even longer to fruit, if ever.
    You might die before some seedling trees make fruit.
    I do want some production to try from some established varieties grafted onto rootstocks, and sold as known varieties.
    That will sort of sustain the experiment of growing Mexican avocado seedlings. Winter culls some. Summer culls some. general lack of vigor may cull others, but I need to grow a lot of trees in a lot of big pots for a lot of summers and winters before I can tell if any of them make fruit that is wonderful, resists anthracnose, and maybe extends the growing season by producing fruit a little earlier or later than the July-September window that predominates in Texas.
    Jenny photographed me yesterday, preparing a scion to be taken from a Stewart tree. Note the tender green fresh growth, needed for scion to have a chance at taking. Most of the leaves need to be trimmed off, and the scion taped or bagged to prevent loss of moisture, until the graft can establish (Most die, even for experts, they say.)


    John Day- grafting is incredibly challenging -I hope you have better luck than I have had with this. I find I have my hands full (in my organic polyculture orchard) just keeping ahead of disease, insect pests, critters who want to eat the ripening fruits and exciting curve balls that climate change throws at me every now and then. All of this keeps me humble and in awe of nature. I just spent 2 days netting and electric fencing a nice crop of table grapes. Keeping my fingers crossed that the neighbor’s cows don’t pay me a visit before harvest.

    Maxwell Quest

    “The Roots Of Wokeness (Sullivan)”

    Just finished reading this article. An eye-opener that sheds much light on the origin of such absurdities as ‘safe space’ and ‘microaggressions’ seen on many college campuses today. A great find Raúl!


    Q for john, carol et al: what do you guys know about permaculture, is it part of what you do?


    James Lindsay has many articles up over a “NewDiscourses” (dotcom). I’ve spent numerous hours there, and the comments are high quality, as well. The webpage covers everything “critical social justice”.


    Being in the COMMMERCIAL advertising/direct mailing business for 28+ years I feel the need to comment. My clients primarily send letter sized mail (up to 6 x 9 inch size) which is prepared in a commercial facility and delivered to the USPS with addresses verified and presorted for carrier efficiency – 100% ready to go. We do 100’s of millions of pieces per year – with great success. Believe me, we know when there are delivery issues as the responder checks $$$ stop coming.

    All of my commercial mailing came to a halt in March as it became obvious that fundraising during Covid was not appropriate. My clients have recently restarted their campaigns; they have not reported issues with response rates and timing (which are directly impacted by delivery). The commercial mailing business seems to be working due to the advanced preparation that direct mailers are incentivized to do in exchange for lower postage rates.

    However, I believe that something is happening on the CONSUMER side which includes the handling of hand addressed, First Class stamped mail. I think it is taking a “back seat” to commercial mail with emphasis on packages. Note that Covid has impacted commercial mail volumes dramatically.

    How is it that in the middle of a pandemic, the USPS is looking at efficiencies? The marketplace is under massive pressure and in my estimation will not be going back to “normal”. Do you see Amazon package volumes going down in the near future? Why not be asking – what is the marketplace now and what is it going to be – and how should the USPS respond to meet the needs of consumers/customers?

    Why make any structural changes at the USPS when the marketplace challenges/changes are still playing out? Why pull postal sorting equipment now (see link)? Why remove mail boxes now? Why reduce overtime pay for postal workers now? Why continue the effort to close USPS offices on Saturday?

    Are we to believe it is a coincidence that the USPS is warning states about mailing/delivery challenges – with a stealth pandemic uncontrolled and an election coming up? Look at President Trump’s uninformed dialogue on the issues of mailing, mailing competency, mailing effectiveness. His hiring of a new crony Postmaster General. The USPS Governors Board all selected by this administration.
    Screamers will claim fake news! The issue of postal sabotage vs. postal efficiency should be understood and investigated. The USPS has a role in this economy. How can the USPS best serve the county in this time of Covid?


    Regarding the USPS.

    This gives additional insight. From a highly recommended source:

    Pull Back the Curtain on Efforts to Kill the U.S. Postal Service and Out Pops Koch Money


    Talking of the US Post Office, some years ago its overseas postage rates went up quite suddenly by a factor of about 10.

    Recently I purchased two CDs, one from the UK and one from the US. British postal charges were £5.50, the US was $22.43, or about double the British cost for a shorter distance.

    I’ve largely stopped ordering anything by mail from the US as a result.


    Australia Post recently announced that owing to the enormous volume of parcels they’re now handling, deliveries of conventional mail (i.e. in envelopes) will be cut back to every other day, while parcels will continue to be delivered daily.

    Thought you might like to know this.


    susmarie and others,

    I love the Martens, I’ve quoted a ton of their articles through the years. But I think they, like me, should steer away from partisanship. The USPS situation is far from simple or clear, if only because it’s been playing out for decades. To blame it all on Trump is cheap politics.

    The call for privatization is obvious, given that we’re talking US. In Europe, most postal services already have been, far as I know. I know they have in Holland, and because that’s due to EU regulations, no doubt that plays out everywhere.

    And obviously, the Koch bros want part of the US action. The USPS is potentially big business but runs multi-billion losses, after all, and I doubt that’s all due to pension obligations. But to allow the Dems to make USPS an election issue goes way too far.

    Two quotes from the Martens piece stand out:

    Democrats see the President’s efforts as an attempt to disenfranchise voters because the President is trailing presidential candidate Joe Biden significantly in the polls.

    We know from the CNN poll I cited today that this is at least questionable. The Martens should know that too (re: 2016). The Dems can pretend to be ahead based on false polls, and then lead you into concluding that anything that would cut their lead must be a bad bad bad conspiracy, but Trump et al don’t only see the misleading double digit gap polls, even if other people do.

    But yeah, they do see an attempt to disenfranchise Trump once more. And the whole Vote-by-Mail thing is not waterproof at all, even if the DNC and MSM would have you believe that. The USPS can handle the extra mail, but other steps in the process cannot be easily scaled, far as I can see. More Martens:

    “The agenda of the Koch brothers is to repeal every major piece of legislation that has been signed into law over the past 80 years that has protected the middle class, the elderly, the children, the sick, and the most vulnerable in this country.”

    That is simply a very dumb thing to say. I think the Koch empire is a terrible scourge on America, but taking it all the way back to 1940 or so, when Bernie himself happens to have been born is just utterly lazy, and makes it impossible for anyone to reply in an intelligent fashion. ALL legislation over the past 80 years? It’s not even worth a reply. Love Bernie, but not that sort of brainfart, or the celebrations of Joe Biden lately.

    Go out in style, Bern, not in utter embarrassment. Either have no enemies, or praise the ones you have on occasion. It’s what a mensch would do.


    Is ‘wokeness’ a form of white supremacy?

    For a while it has seemed to me that a lot of ‘political correctness’ or ‘wokeness’ is white ‘liberals’ speaking ‘on behalf of’ minorities. Or at least what they feel the minority should be thinking. They will attack anyone from the minority who does not agree that they represent their viewpoint.

    It is a form of white supremacy. Who, other than whites, feel the have the right to speak for others?

    So we have a white BLM supporter telling a black woman that he is ‘blacker than her on the inside’, or a white woman berating a black cop for being a cop.

    ‘Wokeness’ would be irrelevant if white middle class people did not feel they had to act on it by firing those accused. For example, firing a college lecturer for saying ‘all lives matter’! Or firing a latino van driver who was photographed with his thumb and forefinger looped in what is said to be a sign of white supremacy. [I suspect this sign was never used by white supremacists but the accusation is the only proof needed!]

    This is a form of hysteria which will continue until people start saying ‘this is ridiculous’.



    Good of them to be upfront on current conditions and communicate the revised delivery strategy for letter mail. If folks know what to expect they can adapt.

    A friend of mine in a suburb of Reno (Cold Springs) NV reports that her mailperson make 3 trips per day to their “gang” mailboxes. The first two trips are all parcels/packages. The third trip is the First Class stamped and letter sized (non parcel) mail – which is rarely delivered before 6 PM.

    The USPS knows what the letter and the parcel mail volume is. What if they published these stats weekly or monthly? Do parcels take more or less time for a carrier to sort and deliver to the consumer? If parcel volume is up and letter volume is down how does that impact the mailcarrier? Clearly their mail trucks were not built to deliver large volumes of parcels to densely populated areas.


    Hello Raul,

    I am not fond of the accuse/blame game – and don’t believe that is ever an effective strategy. People who routinely accuse/blame others and use it as a tool for diversion/division are the same folks who refuse to take responsibility for anything.

    The President is not responsible everything that is wrong with the USPS. However he is responsible for his role in communicating to the American people on issues that impact their daily lives. By accusing the American people of mail/voter fraud and blaming the USPS for not doing their job in delivering the mail he sets the scene for future chaos. Through his own words, he has helped bring fresh new attention to the USPS. This is not the Dems trying to take the President down (yes, there will be some with that in mind). I know that may be hard to believe after the Russia/Russia/Russia push. I understand why the American people are weary; it’s hard to find anyone who wants to be responsible for making things better and for getting to the truth of anything.

    Glad to know we both read and appreciate the Martens. Thank you for the daily dose of art; I come here every day just to drink from the fountain. Grateful for your work (and am a Patreon).


    latest news ” I call bull shit”
    President Donald Trump expressed interest in a new unproven coronavirus treatment — the botanical extract oleandrin — recommended by HUD Secretary Ben Carson and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Axios reported Sunday.


    John Day…regarding the poison pill (from
    The agency (USPS) would be in a much stronger financial position had Congress not passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) in 2006, which “requires the Postal Service, which receives no taxpayer subsidies, to prefund its retirees’ health benefits up to the year 2056,” on a 50-year basis. According to the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) in 2019: “If the costs of this retiree health care mandate were removed from the USPS financial statements, the Post Office would have reported operating profits in each of the last six years.”“[N]o other entity, private or public, has to make” such provision for future health benefits of current and future retirees so far in advance. Private companies also can change their health benefits without an act of Congress, unlike the Postal Service. “Current reserves of $47.5 billion could be used to pay expected pay-as-you-go retiree health care costs 10-15 years into the future,” IPS noted.

    John Day

    Thanks Sumarie108 I did not link to that, but it’s what I was speaking of.
    Ilargi: I guess I’m a permacultarist, though I did not do an accredited course. I’ve been on this track for a long time. I have read lots of books, and I try to put them into practice by growing vegetable gardens. I did work out a succession-rotation gardening protocol for our climate zone 8a, which can be modified a bit for any climate that you can grow some cabbages, peas and carrots in the winter.
    I’m definitely not a “Master Gardener”, since I never matriculated from that class, either.
    @Sumac.Carol: I’ll let everybody know how many seedlings I have to kill to get a graft to take successfully. I’ve let it out that I’m doing it, so there will be questions about how it turned out. I have grafted 3 out of 4 of the robust Lula seedlings so far. 2 were pictured. I hope something survives to treehood. All the Mexican avocado seedlings can go forward without surgery. That’s easier, but uncertain, and takes so long to tell how the fruit tastes. All the avocado trees a person might buy are grafted onto rootstock, usually a seedling. It’s do-able, so I can eventually do it.
    If coming at it as somebody who did a lot of routine surgery, mostly c-sections, but assisted on lots of other cases, too, for about 20 years.

    V. Arnold

    All the avocado trees a person might buy are grafted onto rootstock, usually a seedling. It’s do-able, so I can eventually do it.

    Here in LoS air rooting is a common method for mango trees, given seeds do not ensure good fruit.
    Durian, jackfruit, and even ornamentals are air-rooted, as well, from known good stock.
    Have you tried that method?

    John Day

    I did try air rooting once, but the little branch I tried it on rotted snd died. The rootstock characteristics and growth characteristics, fruiting characteristics and size and quality of fruit are all fairly independent variables, so selection for rootstock and separate selection for fruitwood, and grafting the two, took over in the 20th century with mass-markets.

    Dr. D

    How would being able to work and own property destroy the earth? Not explaining how is just stupid.
    And here I thought the worst environmental records went to Russia, China, East Germany, and Ukraine: all under Socialism. China is arguably worst on earth right now. Russia’s environment record improved immediately upon being “capitalist”. All the Capitalist countries have the best records such as Norway. Silly old me.

    This seemed an excellent article on the USPS provables:

    Note in the U.S. the Post Office is a quasi-private business and has been for decades. That is, there is no clear chain of command to the executive. The USPS union, that will be carrying the votes, has publicly declared for Biden (is/isn’t a conflict of interest for govt/nongovt workers?) and the mail appears to have “R” and “D” clearly written so that you can dispose of the annoying unwanted votes. At the same time, nobody seems able to tell if mail in helps or hurts Trump. If mail in is less secure, which seems likely if not certain (20k + 20k votes discarded in both NY and NJ) then certainly Democrats would NOT want mail-in voting that is, according to the recent panic, being personally rigged by Trump. Instead, like giving a extra hundred-billions to the executive spy/state agencies, they appear to desperately WANT a mail-in vote, run by Cheeto, at all costs. This with St. Fauci saying there’s no problem at all: if you can go to the store, you can go to the vote. And if voting is important, if freedom in action, the lifeblood of our nation, why not? Why not even if it were more risky than voting in Iraq? Our nation is at stake they say. I’m confused. So you WANT a vote you KNOW is rigged? But you DON’T want a vote that’s protected from this terrible USPS that, after 30 years of moldering, is suddenly collapsing despite all actions being normal, all workers still hired, all machines still in place, a $10M credit line they haven’t tapped, and after a lifetime of neglect, suddenly: August everyone cares so, so much?

    What can I say? I have no idea what they’re doing, wanting the thing they shrilly say doesn’t work and isn’t honest, unless the only explanation is to MUDDY the vote and KEEP it from being clear, on behalf of Jan 22nd’s Legal and Constitutional President Pelosi.

    Mail is getting screwed up on the FedEx and UPS side as well. Pandemics don’t work well for staffing OR usual mail volumes. It would take an audit to find out. And we’re not even supposed to have a mail-in, no one said so yet, there is no law, Fauci says there is no need, like Russiagate Congress has leap-frogged the whole thing and has referred the USPS/Postmaster General to the FBI for criminal investigation? Okay, if you can call for an arrest, certainly you can name the suspected crime. Nope. No idea what crime was supposed to have occurred: keep digging ‘til you find one.

    “I would put the son of a gun in jail … Arrest the promoter [and] find a rationale” -Joe Biden 2001

    Find the thing you don’t like, then fabricate the crime and/or the evidence. If he’s our pal, like Epstein and Madoff, or certain missing email servers, no possible search or investigation can find a crime. The American way. Thanks. Now we know. And we can withdraw consent, with our taxes, and re-localize.

    In other news, U.S. collateral, gold reserves, has doubled in value since 2016. A gold bug is slated to be Fed Chair. And we are cancelling income and other taxes and going on the Hamilton plan. Printing money without taxation to pay for expenditures. Does that sound strange? Because that’s what Soros says the EU “eternal” bonds are in an interview just yesterday.


    This maybe why the covid numbers are getting better.

    Trump administration orders hospitals to bypass CDC in reporting COVID data

    If you have ever ordered anything thru ali express you know that china is quite smart by subsidizing the mail service you can buy things for a couple of dollars and get free shipping. If the us or canada did that small online businesses would flourish.

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