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    The war seems to me to be not China or Russia v USA and so forth, but the trans-national ruling class v their subjects- oops, I mean, their citizens.


    Danny O’Keefe (‘Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues’) on Ahmet Ertegun- a beautiful

    Letter to Ahmet

    Figmund Sreud

    WES, … these days, here in Calgary, we get hail just about ever year few times through summer. Always severe, so it seems. Just google calgary hail damage 2021, for last example. You get a pictures galore. I, for one, always carry a thick, soft set of blankets, assorted ropes and black garbage bags for packing away wet blankets after. So far, lucky. Just couple of goose eggs on my head several years ago. But that was trying to protect roof of my house. It hailed golf balls. Anyway, cars: Calgary car dealer lots are pretty well all, by now, sport big hail tents:

    Protective tents and nets help save Calgary car dealerships from hail damage: ‘A huge lifesaver’

    Result of series of massive, massive losses year after, … after year!



    Figmund Sreud

    Re today’s art: … a beautiful depiction of gaff rigged sloop! Those were gracious type of sail boats, … very rare sight these days. Nowadays, everybody is obsessed with IMOCA 60’s. Here is an example of the latest:

    IMOCA GLOBE SERIES, as simple as that

    Note: … that’s how Greta gets across Atlantic:


    V. Arnold

    Re today’s art: … a beautiful depiction of gaff rigged sloop! Those were gracious type of sail boats, … very rare sight these days.

    Yes, a very beautiful painting…but I totally missed that the sailboat was gaff rigged; good catch…

    V. Arnold

    IIRC, todays modern sloops sail with what is termed a Marconi rig…


    These are interesting times.

    Money and propaganda birthed a hegemon, the Western Empire, starting in the 1970s, that ruled the world with trade pacts — solely to make more corporate profit each quarter and increase management bonuses. A corollary to this “greed is good” ideology is that only individuals matter not society. So, the USA assassinates Al-Zawahiri was on his Kabul balcony; or, Russia executes by rocket Oleksiy Vadatursky and his wife, Raisa. He headed a Ukraine grain production and export business. The exact hit was not just in their house, but in a specific wing, the bedroom.

    Democratic government and feedback from the populace have been trashed. Oligarchs could care less about the workers except to exploit therm. Western rulers are completely and totally divorced from reality. They piled up enormous US dollar debts to increase billionaires’ digital wealth. Nancy Pelosi is a clear example of the dementia of the gerontocracy. None of them hear or are told the truth. They made their own reality.

    Unless good governance is restored that serves and protects the people, in this strictly transactional world, humans will steal from each other and deplete resources until riots and wildfires burn civilization down. Or, the losing side of the endless western wars of profit and, now, China’s and Russia’s war of independence from Wall Street and the City of London, will push the red button to avoid defeat.

    Only peace can mitigate the looming climate change catastrophe or avoid a global nuclear war. Either event will likely eradicate human beings on earth.

    Dr. D

    Yves, I had the same impression, wandering who she was on audio. She wasn’t bringing anything to the discussion and her approach wasn’t helping either. Figured she was having a slump day or out of her expertise. Also don’t prefer Americans with that approach, which is the entire Liberal class. As the interview I listens said: the Liberal Ruling class is painfully provincial. Sure we know America’s problems, but did they know Europe has problems too, and since put off, perhaps more explosive and worse? The problems America has are a lot of doing what they recommend after we tell them not to.

    But there is also good everywhere and you have to find it and enlarge it. Running away is basically going to find someone else’s “good” then sapping on it like a parasite. Make your own! Celente took the opposite view, visiting Europe in the dreadful Bush years when we could all see this all coming: the passports, the totalitarianism, the wars, the oppression and economy. He said, Why am I going to cede my country to some worthless pipsqueak like Mussolini? (He was in Italy at the time) No. HE is going to have to flee the country for ME. Like in Sri Lanka. So he started 5 businesses in the 4 most historic buildings in America, in Kingston NY, all of which predate the Revolution, probably predate the 1750s. If you don’t stand, no one can stop and stand with you. Running is not a good look. Or perhaps good karma, although I understand it.

    Wolf Street and Naked Capitalism too? Because they’re able to avoid any fallout by staying in their non-reality mind-bubble. Must be nice. It’s “You can avoid reality, but you can’t avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.” –Ayn Rand (again). But so long as the financial system allows them to shovel their junk in my backyard, my backyard, my backyard, they’ll get away with it. But my backyard’s full.

    Which Biden has the most drugs? Pharmakeia. “Babylon Deceives All Nations by her sorcery / “pharmakeia.”. The biggest drug pushers, drug runners, and drug users in 2,000 year history! And then falls in a day. Oh, the lamenting of her merchants! In her merchant seaport!

    Hail Canada: have been seeing that, and the problem is, how do you compensate? There’s no umbrella for baseball sized stones. (Also in Revelations. Aka, “The Revealing”, you know at the end when knowledge increases and the secrets can’t be kept secret anymore?) So, what? Always own a barn with a soft (not steel) roof? That’s a BIG ask. Maybe they should live underground in Earth ships, but for other reasons.

    Have you seen sailing barges, like the re-creations for the Thames? Seems very useful, a huge gap in sailing right now. But all old useful things are lost, with no one to preserve and teach them. I was thinking yesterday about how complicated running an Ice House is, with cutting, stacking, draining, using. Bet no one’s left that does it and we’d have to re-invent the process. This is from Lira’s roundtable where they point out you can’t just buy a screw machine and bring industry back to the ‘States. There’s a deep, decades-long knowledge that’s lost and has to be re-invented, or imported and re-trained. Sailing barges may come in handy real soon.

    But at the moment, what are you supposed to do? Train for 10,000 occupations nobody uses right now?

    Yes, “Capitalism” (using the Marxist word) depends on government. That is, “rule of law,” whatever that might mean in your area and tradition. We now have no rule of law, which means shortly, no production and no goods. All stealing, all the time.

    THIS IS THE POINT. Note that all the hard, non-negotiable initiatives being run right now all erase national governments: Borders. Language. Raycism that accuses one’s culture out of being. And why? Who is left once governments are discredited and erased? Unaccountable corporations. Larger than governments, and better armed.

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