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    Speaking on consequences

    Andrei Martyanov points out Politicos headline:

    Ukraine’s plan if Russia assassinates Zelenskyy.

    A Russian assassination would deprive Ukraine’s war effort of one of its most valuable assets.


    “Ze, run, run like hell, because THEY, not Russians, will kill you and throw your body away as a used condom……

    if your body will be found at all……

    Run, run, run Ze… to Russia–the only place where there is no death penalty, so far, and where you have all chances to stay alive and even have three square hot meals (wait, does evening tea count as a meal?)…..

    and Russian prisons are great places for beating drug addictions–doesn’t matter if you are a murderer, a serial rapist or, like in your case–war criminal.

    Run Ze, run!

    You are a used condom and Globalists need a martyr.

    No, not Greta Thunberg, but you fit all criteria perfectly.

    Do you want to die for Ukronazi “Democracy”?


    Dead man swabbing the deck



    Ritter, Lira=SBU assets.

    Possibly arrested again.



    Like I’ve said before, Russian Military Industrial Complex designs weapon system to kill.

    While Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Mafioso Industrial Complex design weapon system for maximum profit

    Get a whiff of this Russian Anti Tank Mine, now being tested in live time in the field and honed to perfection.

    Hypertech wave of the future warfare

    How Russian PTKM-1R Anti Tank Mine Is Deployed

    NATO-tardistan has nothing like this


    Without benefits – The Trudeaus


    NATO-TARDISTAN Humvee Gets Turned Into Charcoal From Huge Explosion

    Crew goes to Bandera


    John Day

    Report that Gonzalo Lira was detained on the Ukrinian side of the border with Hungary.
    https://www.rt. com/russia/580721-gonzalo-lira-missing-ukraine/

    I had to deactivate RT link to upload. One space addded.

    Veracious Poet

    They would not listen, they’re not listening still…

    Perhaps they never will

    Oroboros, your gleeful rebroadcast of blood lust warmongering is truly revolting 🙄

    Is there no spiritual sanity, no love for the miracle of life, no decency still remaining within “humanity”?

    Some fates are worse than death…



    When I was just a child I would spend time with my grandparents. My grandfather fought in world war 2 and he would often tell stories – but only those that were acceptable for the family to hear.

    There were often black-and-white film of shelling on the screen on the TV before my mother would request that it were changed to something more appropriate for children. This was the newsreel which was ubiquitous at the time. As I child I found it boring but my mother used to complain that it was horrific. What was more horrific was the normality that the presenters and viewing public approached it with, as if the spectacle of WWII was a commonplace aspect of human nature.

    It is the normalcy that our human bias’ creates that scares me the most.


    VP: This excellent album (Coisitas Buenas) by Paco De Lucia came out during the time of Napster. I remember those days well. There were many excellent recordings at that time, just as the rug was being pulled from under the recording industry’s feet

    Best wishes to Germ in moving to Mexico!


    @chooch Hate to say this, but you have no credibility, rather, less credibility than the dog turd I avoided on the paevement, yesterday; today’s dog turds are above you. You need to build yourself up again. AFKTT uses other subjects – other than AGW – to give himself some credibility – he screams against the people in control, so we pretend to believe he believes it. I seriously think you should consider the same strategy. People see you as less than stupid. If you followed my strategy, people would see you as either stupid or mentally ill, so forgiveable. Then you get to choose which would you rather be.

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