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    Claude Monet Le Grand Canal et Santa Maria della Salute 1908   • Trump Indictment Shows Free, Fair 2024 Election No Longer Possible (Sp.) • Ukrai
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    Folks – this is my final post.

    My family and I leave today for Mexico.

    No more Covid postings from me.
    Only looking forward now, no rear view mirror.

    I shall, of course, continue to enjoy this wonderful site and all the commentators.

    Stay well all.

    Germ xxx

    V. Arnold

    The electric car is a scam..
    You couldn’t get me to give up my diesel/gas vehicals unless you put a gun to my head!
    …and even then I would resist………
    Good luck suckers………

    Formerly T-Bear


    go raibh míle maith agat *

    Safe journey. Be well.

    * Gaelic for ‘many thanks’

    those darned kids

    germ: ¡que te vaya muy bien! yo viví diez años en méxico, y mi esposa y hijo son mexicanos. no pasa ningún día que no extraño la gente, la música, la comida, la libertad..

    creo que vas a descubrir mucho del mundo y de tí mismo. te deseo buena fortuna y ¡que la fuerza te acompañe!


    Denial and deflection – lying – a defense mechanism that involves redirecting focus, blame, or criticism from oneself onto another person.
    The new spin was to admit that the senior Biden did speak with Hunter’s business associates but only to exchange “niceties”
    Depopulation – Germ saw/showed/illustrated the road created by Pharma.
    Power – Democracy/freedom/liberty/Ukraine/USA – My Way or the highway


    Meritocracy is a social system in which success and status in life depend primarily on individual talents, abilities, and effort.
    It is a social/political/economic system in which people advance on the basis of their merits.
    A meritocratic system contrasts with aristocracy/democracy/dictatorship, for which people advance on the basis of the status and titles of family and other relations.


    ‘Leader’ of the Free World




    Just in time for complete Eurotardistan financial collapse

    The Zero denominated digital Euro

    For all those important purchases




    John Day

    TAE Summary was not so light-hearted last night, and appropriately somber…
    Is Niger part of an assymetric response to Nordstream?


    Middle class/generational/disappearing tools

    Home Kitchen & Cooking Utensil


    Germ, bueno suerte

    V. Arnold, our resident mining engineer can probably help with some of the electric vehicle quandries. Commercial trucking is what catches my attention. The amount of copper that would be needed to bring fast charging for commercial vehicles along the US interstate highway system into being is not on hand. Copper is the “One” for high ampacity transmission and that is fast charging. The second problem is the added weight of the battery and the extra ton allowed for electric commercial vehicles. The road beds are designed to weight per travel mile. Reduce the payload of the vehicle means increase the traffic. Catch 22 for aging roadbeds. Manufacture of cement is one of the most energy comsumptive human activities and as we are told petroleum and thus asphaltic concrete are on the way out. No copper, no inexpensive limestone based concrete and no asphalt. Over simplification of the situation, my specialty. I just know that you need a piece of string to fly a kite.
    Transportation in the west needs to be rethought. I am not as pro automobile


    Oxymoron – single
    Kudos! I would love a listen when it is ready. 🙂 I finished a song last week myself…I’m not yet ready to share it here…I’m still growing accustomed to the chord progressions and don’t play them flawlessly yet, lol. It’s about how fear is used to control us….


    Regarding music
    It isn’t just that there are fewer jobs and opportunities for performing musicians.
    Music has become something consumed rather than something created.
    I played a few times as a substitute for the usual duo for happy hour at a room adjacent to the tiny bar at the local retirement community. They especially like songs that they can sing along with. Most of the songs are copyrighted, popular songs from the 1950s and forward. I realized as they hummed or sang along that these songs are what people know — they essentially are the “folk music” of the 20th century — but they are owned by corporations instead of being the birthright of the people. And all most folks can do with them is sing along, because the creation of music has been outsourced to a small-ish number of people.


    The Democrats have turned the legal system into a kangaroo court·
    Definition of Kangaroo Court. Noun. A bogus court, the intention of which is to provide the illusion of a fair justice system where none exists.


    The smart people on MSM are continuously telling/repeating the Kangaroo Court message.
    (of course, they know what they are doing.)

    John Day

    @Germ: Vaya con Dios, Amigo!
    You are getting closer to me.

    D Benton Smith

    Maybe you could post news and realizations to us about how things are going with your new beginning.


    went back and read through yesterday and TAE summary from last night.

    Hope everyone here will forgive my bringing forth an ill wind

    phoenix the reason i am a carpenter and not working playing popular music is i could not properly support my children in the night club scene and those were the gigs available. When i was fifteen and attempting to self teach myself piano my mother stood behind me for a moment as i struggled with one of the Inventions and commented “your taste is all in your mouth”. On the path it takes a long time from the moment you are introduced to Piston and music as math for the benefit to appear in your playing, that is my experience. I am a mechanic not a musician, as a mechanic value is in the music not in one’s ability. “I’ll See You in My Dreams” is one of those 20th century folk music pieces that remains. The Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler recordings are quite nice. Yes most popular music is produced and consumed. Rascal Flatts is one example of a studio/label producing music and then marketing a band as the creators. The Monkees were perhaps the earliest open example of such activity. One of my friends worked as a stable drummer for a man that owned a small label. My friend was with the same players under differing names over the course of each month based on regional sales of records. None of those players were on any of the promoted recordings.
    i didn’t quite graduate from the John Prine Academy of Travis Picking


    Germ- all the best for you and your family in your new lives!



    You seem to wear cynical well but don’t paint too broad a brush. I tend to prefer curiosity over suspicion.

    I think it is safe to assume there are pro Russian individuals in Ukraine. How would you go about ferreting out those that might be a threat? It seems Lira’s subscriber list or IP address heat map might be useful to the SBU. Maintaining his popularity would be paramount as would keeping a safe distance from spooks like Ritter.

    Therefore, I think a case could be made that he is a spook for the side that you so valiantly fight against, quite possibly from the comfort of your armchair. Irrespective of his spook status, do you seriously believe Lira is risking his life to get the truth out?

    Interestingly, a few months before Lira’s last arrest, a YouTuber, “The Facts Hunter” starting posting content calling out Lira as a bullshitter/con artist. It appears a lot of work and creativity went into these productions. Here is one,

    I find the timing curious as well.

    Anyway, at times you can come across as the Commentariat Cop, would you mind if I refer to you as Sheriff Buckaroo Bonzai? Did you catch the alien tie in? All kidding aside, I wish you and Lira no ill will.

    It’s all one big psy-op and I thought this place was like a psy-op buster central or something to that effect.

    D Benton Smith

    Deception is the oldest trick in the book, and the reason that it is the OLDEST trick , is that deception (lying, basically) is the best trick. It’s the trick that most often succeeds in deceiving the victim. It works so well in providing the liar with the objective they’re seeking that the liar does not usually notice that the objective they seek is itself just another lie.

    Eventually they achieve that lie, and they are dead from it, because the objective of a lie is the elimination of a truth, and the elimination of all truth is the elimination of all Life. In other words, the absence of truth is simply the absence of life. Total absence of truth would thus be the total absence of Life, which is the condition of non-existence called death.

    That is NOT a winning strategy. Would-be masters of deceit should take note of that fact, but of course they will not. They’re just going to have to experience it for themselves. Which is being arranged as we speak.

    Dr. D

    Yes something about Lira does not, and can not, add up. I was working up a fictional life story for how he get there, but that is just made up.

    He cannot possibly be standing there in full view WITHOUT local secret service being aware and monitoring him. But unlike a honey trap, he actually has good information and honest opinions. I don’t think he’s on the Ukie side, I think he was there, his family is there, and if you’re there everything is run by (a) mafia. He got his family “out” (though they can still kill them in Holland) If they sniff money they’ll kill everyone in his wife’s family if he isn’t very, very nice. The government is worse. So…he is there, has opinions, and the SBU finds out and monitors him. And he knows that they monitor him. OBVIOUSLY all normal Ukrainians know even better than him that they monitor him, but they hope the sympathizers will be careless sometime. And THEY know that HE knows, that THEY know they’re monitoring him.

    But because he’s a beacon, they let him go on if he doesn’t make too much trouble. And HE knows that THEY know and have limits. But….he still crossed the limits, perhaps from criticizing Biden and Nuland, not Ukraine, who knows? So they’re like: the dozen loose canons we got aren’t worth the bother of letting him slap us all day. So haul him in.

    Haul him in, what do they want? The moral right? No! European values? God no! To get back at some individual dummy when they’re murdering people by the ten thousands? No! …So they shake him down for a “small” amount of money and suggest he hit the road. And in a bad, illegal way both so deniability, to give him entertaining problems, and to make sure he can’t come back with a standing warrant. That’s both nice (Telling/arranging to hit the road) and not-nice (torture/shakedown). Pretty typical in all-muddy, all-illegal, all-corrupt areas.

    Now I’m sure the REAL story is far, FAR more complicated than this. But that’s intel for you. Still, there’s no way he’s a complete invention, nor does he not believe what he says. He’s just immoral generally and dgaf. So if he knows he’s a candlemoth getting people picked up and killed, well, that’s the way it goes, right? They should have been more careful. Unlike some of us, perhaps, but we wouldn’t have survived, maybe, but then we wouldn’t have gone to Ukraine under any circumstances in the first place because of it.



    Hope your journey to Mexico goes smoothly.

    John Day

    Neocolonialism And LK-99

    Pepe Escobar presents: Syria: a tale of plunder and resurrection
    ​ While the wholesale theft of Syria’s natural resources continues under the watch of illegal US troops, the Russian project of resurrecting ISIS-destroyed Palmyra stands as a stark reminder that ruins can rise again.

    ​ The war on Syria has vanished from the collective West ethos. Yet it’s far from finished. Multitudes across the Global Majority may feel the deepest empathy towards Syrians while acknowledging not much can be done while the Western Minority refuses to leave the stage.​..
    ..Under the lame excuse of “degrading the position for ISIS,” the US State Department de facto admits that the Empire’s illegal occupation of a third of Syria – the part rich in oil and minerals currently being stolen/smuggled – will persist, indefinitely…
    ​..As if the non-stop looting of oil was not enough, the Pentagon keeps dispatching truckloads of ammo and logistical equipment to Hasakah…
    ..According to Damascus, Syria’s energy sector as a whole was robbed by an astonishing $107 billion between 2011 and 2022 by a toxic mix of US occupation, “coalition” bombing, and theft or looting by terrorist and separatist gangs.
    ​ There are no less than a dozen US military bases in Syria – some bigger than the proverbial lily pads (less than 10 acres, valued at less than $10 million), all of them de facto illegal and certainly not recognized by Damascus. The fact that 90 percent of Syria’s oil and gas is concentrated east of the Euphrates in areas controlled by the US and its Kurdish proxies makes Empire’s job much easier.
    ​ The de facto occupation hits not only energy-rich areas but also some of Syria’s most fertile agricultural lands. The net result has been to turn Syria into a net importer of energy and food. Iranian tankers routinely face Israeli sabotage as they ship much-needed oil to Syria’s eastern Mediterranean coast…

    ..The prospects for Syrian reconstruction are slim without expelling the western marauders. That will have to happen via detailed, concerted cooperation between Russian forces, the Syrian Arab Army, and the IRGC’s Quds Force units…
    ..Countering so much doom and gloom, something nearly magical happened on July 23. Six years after the liberation of Palmyra – the legendary Silk Road oasis – and overcoming all sorts of bureaucratic hassles, the restoration of this pearl in the desert has finally started…

    ..Russian specialists unearthed and reset the ancient source of Efka, which used to irrigate the gardens of Palmyra since the Bronze Age.
    ​ They also managed to find the Roman aqueduct that once fed Palmyra with potable water, 12 km away from the city. The Romans had dug a tunnel of nearly human size, then covered it in stone, and the ensemble was buried. It was found nearly intact…
    .​.Plans for Palmyra include the restoration of the legendary theater before the end of 2023. The restoration of the arch, blown up with dynamite by ISIS, will take two years. The 1st century AD temple of Bel and other historical infrastructure will be restored…

    ​..Of course, the restoration of Syria as a whole is an enormous challenge.

    ​ Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ​(AMLO) said Monday that his country would attend talks on Ukraine that are set to be held in Saudi Arabia this weekend only if Russia is invited.
    ​ “If there’s acceptance from both Ukraine and Russia to look for solutions to achieve peace, we’ll participate,” Lopez Obrador said, according to Reuters. “We don’t want the Russia-Ukraine war to continue, it’s very irrational … The only thing that benefits from it is the war industry.”

    Mexico Calls for Russia’s Participation in Saudi-Hosted Ukraine Talks

    ​ The Hegemon Begins to Unravel , Simplicius (briefly summarized)
    There has been a military coup in Niger, which provides 25% of EU uranium, and up to 40% of French uranium. The coup leders have halted uranium and gold exports, presumably to negotiate a better deal with French companies. Burkina Faso and Mali have said that any military intervention would be treated as an act of war upon their neighbor.
    There are rumors of Russia being “behind” this, but it is only necessary for Russia to be a regional friend of Africa, as just demonstrated at the Russia-Africa summit, where free grain was pledged and vast debts forgiven. The timing is notable…
    China has restriced germanium and gallium exports, critical silicon-doping agents for semiconductor production, which will potentially choke new Amercan chip plant production. China and Russia are working together to restrict critical components of the global production chain. It is hypothesized that restricting uranium from Niger is an assymetric response to the Nordstream pipeline destruction by US/NATO last year.
    What is clearly different is that fear of western financial sanctions is fading away, and fear of western military intervention is very much diminished. Landlocked Niger has clearly considered this, and has neighborhood support.
    Consider the debacle in Afghanistan, which was to be answered by bleeding Russia white in Ukraine, and choking the Russian economy into submission and revolt. It is doing the opposite.
    A successful denial of uranium to France/EU-NATO by Niger would be an example to other countries, which have had their resources cheaply extracted by neo-colonialism to force negotiations for better deals, reducing globalist profits. It is globalism, after-all, which is the pervasive enemy of small nations, and now the citizens of larger nations, as well.
    An update of the Ukraine-War follows, with details of the meat-grinding and equipment-grinding war of attrition, which is still much more destructive for Ukraine than for Russian/Novorussian forces. Summer progresses towards September mud. There has been great loss of life, but the lines remain where they were.
    The end of the year, and armistice negotiations will follow that. Who can/will negotiate for the non-Russian side?

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow has depth and subtlety regarding Niger: Russia and the military putsch in Niger
    ​ This evening’s edition of Sixty Minutes offered an interesting perspective on the military putsch in Niger: that it followed directly from the principles of anti-colonialism which were the overriding theme of the just concluded Russia-Africa Summit in St Petersburg. What they did not say, but I will consider here, is whether there is more than just an idea nurtured in Russia to explain what is going on in Niger and its neighbors today. Is there a helping hand?​ …

    ​..Meanwhile the leaders of the coup accuse the former colonial power France of plotting their overthrow. Export of uranium, the main strategic commodity that binds France to this country has been suspended.
    ​ Niger happens to represent 5% of the world’s supply of uranium and accounts for a much higher percentage, perhaps 50% of French needs for its nuclear power plants. This assumes a pan-European importance given the key position France occupies in Europe’s overall power generation from nuclear fuels…
    ..Western analysts have said that France and Europe have enough reserves of uranium to cover power generation needs in the short term. However, in the medium and long term that becomes more problematic…
    ..A couple of days ago, the Economic Community of West African States, headed by Nigeria, demanded that the constitutional authorities be reinstated in Niger within a week, threatening to take action by force if necessary. This prompted Niger’s neighbors Mali and Burkino Faso to warn ECOWAS and any others considering intervening in Niger that they would come to the defense of the leaders of the putsch. The military forces of these two countries are not inconsiderable…
    …Both countries, the FT reminds us, also have leaders who came to power by coup d’état. However, it is just a question of days before the FT sees what I do in front of our noses: both Mali and Burkino Faso have close relationships with Russia and are well attuned to the anti-colonial message coming from the Kremlin.
    ​ Mali has over the past year booted out French security forces and replaced them with Wagner Group mercenaries. Burkino Faso was named last week as one of the five neediest African countries which will receive between 25,000 and 50,000 tons of Russian wheat free of charge.
    ​ And so, while Russia may have puny economic investments and trade in Africa compared to Europe, it is hitting well above its weight in the geopolitical power game even now, before it implements its ambitious plans for Soft Power projection outlined at the Summit.
    ​ In closing, it is worth mentioning that Russian news today also speaks about the start of negotiations with several North African states which participated in the Summit to arrive at free trade agreements.

    Russia and the military putsch in Niger

    John Day

    Robert Kennedy Jr. presents his policies to restore the American middle class.
    There is something not directly addressed here, wich is that the “price” of the $US is sustained partly through its necessity (declining) to purchase oil internationally, partly through its role as a reserve-currency, held in quantity to protect a national currency from speculative attacks, such as caused the Asian Economic Crisis, and partly through its greater than zero return on investment for global financial elites. This return on investment is more than can be sustained through industrial and infrastructure returns. It must be aid through wealth extraction of existing companies, and through bubble-valuations of stocks and other investments. This return on $US investments bleeds productive economy, and blows speculative bubbles which will eventually do what happened in 2008, but irreversibly, since the causes have been exacerbated, not remediated.
    ​ RFK Jr.: Here are some of the things I’ll do as President to improve the lives of the middle segment of society.
    ​ Renegotiate free trade agreements and impose compensatory tariffs on imports from low-wage countries.
    ​ Rein in military spending. A family of four’s share of current defense spending is at least $10,000 a year. Imagine if that money was devoted to free childcare or child tax credits.
    ​ Cut healthcare costs with Medicare-for-all, restrict pharmaceutical companies’ profiteering, and redirect a portion of medical research toward inexpensive natural, holistic, and alternative therapies.
    ​ Implement some form of student debt relief. Allow student debt to be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Cut interest rates on student loans to zero.
    ​ Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour – about the level it was in 1968 – which will raise the floor on all wages and return a share of productivity growth back to workers.
    ​ Close loopholes and tighten enforcement against illegal corporate union-busting activity.

    ​ Yields Surge After Treasury Boosts Auction Sizes More Than Expected, Sees Debt Issuance Tsunami On Deck​
    The US predicted a near-record $1 trillion in debt sales in the current quarter (up from $$733BN forecast previously) and $852 billion in Oct-Dec quarter, numbers so staggering they are usually associated with economic crises.

    ​ Worst US Treasury debt-risk since 2009. At some point the US will have to nationalize the banking system, including the “Federal Reserve”.
    ​ Fitch’s downgrade of US sovereign debt tells us little we don’t already know about the US’s deteriorating fiscal outlook, explaining the muted reaction from Treasuries and the dollar.
    ​ Fitch cited the rising total debt load, ongoing issues with debt-ceiling standoffs, and the possibility of a recession as reasons behind its downgrade.

    ​ Jacob Siegal, linked by Meryl Nass MD: Digital oligarchs have weaponised the banks . Corporate behemoths are adopting the Chinese approach
    ​ The debanking of Nigel Farage demonstrates the power of a law that is already being enforced without having been formalised. Found guilty of crimes by state censors, secret committees of bureaucrats, or inscrutable algorithms, individuals can be disconnected and de-personed by institutions that they didn’t realise possessed such powers. Today it is banks terminating customers for their beliefs; tomorrow it may be primary schools and hospitals. The powerful consensus that once upheld the neutrality of key institutions as essential to maintaining peace in liberal societies is collapsing.
    ​ Belief in the value of neutrality was a hard-won product of bourgeoisie political revolutions and religious wars. Having lasted for centuries, it is teetering today under attack from two directions. On one side, a brand of political activism condemns the very idea of remaining neutral as being a cover for subjugation and exploitation. In this view, the passive act of not denying someone banking services is recast as an affirmative endorsement of their entire political outlook. Simultaneously, digital networks are thrusting formerly apolitical institutions into the general arena of public surveillance, where failure to affirm new ideological mantras is seen as an act of treason against the whole system.​.. [​globalist, n​eoliberal neo-bolshevism]
    ​..Ultimately, the driver of this new social reality is not radical activism but the power of the tech monopolies. Moralistic fervour is burning away centuries of tradition, leaving the digital oligarchs to claim the new territory. The world we are living in is the one they have authored. In the same way that railroads once changed the world by collapsing physical distances, social media has collapsed the spaces that once differentiated private from public, as well as separating institutional spheres of power. Thus financial disconnection can be used as a tactic of warfare against Russia as well as a domestic tool in every country where digital networks predominate.
    ​ In the US, the unprecedented coordination between the various sectors of the ​”counter-disinformation complex​”, which includes the media, intelligence agencies, non-profits, and universities, testifies to the same principle at work. Connected by a lattice of digital networks, they reinforce the same belief system while wielding their power to attack people accused of wrongthink and spreading disinformation. Political censorship and financial disconnection are two sides of the same coin.
    ​ Today, organisations such as the World Economic Forum and World Bank are promoting global digital IDs as a progressive cause to help lift “unbanked” people out of poverty. Their solution would herd billions of people into globalised surveillance databases where their every transaction, movement, and sentiment can be monitored and analysed. If the spread of debanking shows that the danger today comes from an interconnected digital web reaching into the foundations of privacy and neutrality, the response of the global elite is to insist we build a bigger bank.

    Meryl Nass MD , How the government wants to take over your child’s health (and mind)
    The aim is to provide doctors in schools, bill Medicaid and hide it from the parents. It’s not the nanny state any more; it is the kidnapper state.

    John Day

    Elon Musk’s “X” has filed a lawsuit against the pro-censorship group, Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), which it has accused of “actively working to assert false and misleading claims encouraging advertisers to pause investment on the platform.”
    ​ “X is a free public service funded largely by advertisers,” reads a Monday night Twitter blog entry. “Through the CCDH’s scare campaign and its ongoing pressure on brands to prevent the public’s access to free expression, the CCDH is actively working to prevent public dialogue.”
    ​ X also claims that “the CCDH has recently scraped X’s platform, which is a violation of our terms of service.”
    That’s why X has filed a legal claim against the CCDH and its backers. X not only rejects all claims made by the CCDH, but, through our own investigation, we have identified several ways in which the CCDH is actively working to prevent free expression. That includes:
    ​ Targeting people on all platforms who speak about issues the CCDH doesn’t agree with.
    ​ Attempting to coerce the deplatforming of users whose views do not conform to the CCDH’s ideological agenda.
    ​ Targeting free-speech organizations by focusing on their revenue stream to remove free services for people.
    ​ Attempting to illegally gain unauthorized access to social media platform data and to misuse that data.​ (aka “scraping”)

    ​ Trump had to be impeached for being right. Biden is “better” than Harris, though. Patrick Lawrence , The Bidens’ Burisma Bribery​
    Seven years ago, the DNC email leak set Russiagate in motion. Now comes FD–1023, an F.B.I. document exposing Biden making fully corrupt use of Washington’s leverage in post-coup Ukraine.​

    Patrick Lawrence: The Bidens’ Burisma Bribery

    Watch: Tucker’s Explosive Devon Archer Interview, Admits Joe ‘Knew That Business Associates’ Were On Call

    ​ Biden Blames USA Downgrade On Trump
    Except that’s the exact opposite of what happened. According to the 100% non-partisan “market”, the creditworthiness of US Treasury debt improved almost constantly under President Trump and worsened dramatically almost immediately upon President Biden’s inauguration.

    ​ Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior has charged that he may have been denied a Secret Service protection by Alejandro Mayorkas, the Head of the Department of Homeland Security, following public criticism of wide open borders.
    ​ Kennedy made the assertion in an interview with Jimmy Dore, noting “It may explain why Mayorkas doesn’t want to give me Secret Service, because I was very critical.”

    RFK Jr. Says He May Have Been Denied Secret Service Protection After Criticising Open Border

    John Day

    Trouble trying to upload and got kcked out. Will deactivate RT link..

    ​I saw one unofficial report that Israel had sent a ship to this port, passing through Russia’s blockade. That ship might have carried combat drones to Ukraine
    ​ Russian Strike On ‘Defenseless’ Danube Port Takes Out 40,000 Tonnes Of Ukraine Grain
    ​ Drones hit several sites before sunrise and through the early morning hours on Wednesday, including a major attack on Ukraine’s Danube port, sending global grain prices higher. A large fire engulfed some 40,000 tonnes of grain at the Danube location, according to Ukraine government sources.​..
    ​..”Ukrainian officials have said Moscow has hit 26 port facilities, five civilian vessels and 180,000 tonnes of grain in nine days of strikes since quitting the grain deal,” Reuters noted based on Ukrainian official sources.

    ​ No further word on Gonzalo Lira for over 48 hours. Sunday night here he was about to attempt crossing the border from Ukraine to Hungary. He calculated that “no-news-is-bad-news”, and would mean that he had been arrested on the Ukrainian side.
    ​ US-Chilean journalist describes torture in Ukrainian prison
    Gonzalo Lira has reappeared three months after his arrest by the SBU
    https://www.rt. com/news/580645-gonzalo-lira-ukraine-torture/

    ​ LK-99 is a purported room temperature superconductor, devised by a team in Korea, continuing the work of their deceased mentor. It is primarily composed of lead, phosphorous and copper, nothing rare. It has been recreated by a team in China. ILK-99 may or may not quite be a superconductor, but behaves that way as a small flake, partly levitated by a magnet. Alternatively, it may be a completely novel form of semiconductor. This may revolutonize power circuitry, electric (and maglev) trains, computing, and may eventually enable nuclear fusion magnetic containment devices to be made commercially.

    John Day

    Something is giving Ben Davidson an acute sense of urgency regarding the approaching solar-micronova event, which should coincide with the accelerating magnetic polar excursion and magnetic field decay which earth is experiencing. He states that it is coming within a year, but does not prove that.
    By the electromagnetic-universe model which Ben uses and refines, the vast galactic current sheet sweeps across our solar system about every 12,000 years, inducing magnetic field changes upon the earth, sun and other planets, and brining dust, which may deposit upon the sun.
    Magnetic field and current changes, and deposition of material upon a star, can induce micronova eruptions, which eject high energy debris and particles.
    There is evidence that this has periodically happened to earth, and some of the evidence is isotopic. There is no other way for isotopes associated with nova events to have arrived at earth and to have been distributed widely in geologic strata, since they would decay in the time required to arrive from any distant event.

    Also covered in the second video is preparations to take for this, especially food and water, but also fuel, and things that would be needed to survive for a year without economic support.

    The third video looks at the effects of cosmic rays on earth’s mesosphere when the magnetic fields are much reduced and the rays enter the atmosphere, causing cascades of charged particles to be formed, creating super-lightning, and destroying ozone, so that ultraviolet rays also penetrate to the surface. This appears to have caused species extinctions and massive human losses in prior such events.

    Veracious Poet

    Just released, for your entertainment…

    Are You Not Entertained?

    Are You Not Entertained?

    Is This Not Why You Are Here?!?

    Since 9/11 the fabric of western civ has been unraveling at a growing pace, with concentration of wealth, power & control the unassailable real reality that humanity has either noticed, or chosen denial mechanisms to reconcile their CULTure’s descent into what, can only be termed as, utter madness

    When the Change You Can Believe In! generation got their “man” in 2008, did they *not* notice that Obama/Biden/Hilary more-or-less carried out the same *exact* policies of Bush I/Clinton/Bush II/Cheney?!? ~ Especially the second half of wantonly looting the public trough @ historically unprecedented amounts in order to bail out TPTB/TBTF?!?

    Why of course they did!

    But, We The Sheeple “Hoped” that *they* too would somehow, someday benefit from The Bezzle ~ After all, that’s the “American Way” 🙄

    Behold! The stupidity of Mice & Men, who are so stupid that they have no idea how stupid they are

    FWIW: I’ve been a guitarist/songwriter for over 50 years, have worked with/know numerous “famous” people that made their millions before the SillyCon Totalitarians & Napster Kids sucked the air out of the room…

    Once Upon A Time there was a vibrant community of professional song writers that lived comfortable middle class+ lives, but that entire demographic was murdered by the advent of “free” music, along with the the hierarchy that rewarded hard-working “creatives” that survived from ASCAP/BMI residuals, slowly at first, now down to a trickle via streaming services ala Spotify et al. ~ Now the only real venue for cash flow is “live” performance (ticket prices reflect this factoid), where in the past 80 years or so the primary concert performances was to advertise recorded songs to boost sales.

    That’s not to say there isn’t money still to be made from recorded media, as the SillyCon pirates have/are making billion$, but the entire industry has *mostly* shifted from “creatives” supported by recording labels to “talent” manufactured by entertainment conglomerates, which is more visual than creative.

    Long gone are the days where a whole swath of civilization is making a “living” from residuals, comme ci comme ça!

    While Western Civ was Hoping For The Best, the narcissists, sociopaths & psychopaths have seized the Checks & Balances apparatus, selling access to the highest bidders, which shouldn’t be a surprise to *anyone*, as the *data* has been publicly available the entire time…

    Stultus est sicut stultus facit.

    Veracious Poet

    Verba cum monstris et stultis loquentes deficient.


    Once Upon A Time there was a vibrant community of professional song writers that lived comfortable middle class+ lives, but that entire demographic was murdered by the advent of “free” music, along with the the hierarchy that rewarded hard-working “creatives” that survived from ASCAP/BMI residuals, slowly at first, now down to a trickle via streaming services ala Spotify et al. ~ Now the only real venue for cash flow is “live” performance (ticket prices reflect this factoid), where in the past 80 years or so the primary concert performances was to advertise recorded songs to boost sales.

    There’s another way, which is to very, VERY actively engage with your audience – such as being a youtuber

    Ethan Van Sciver was driven out of the comic book industry by wokeism, so he started youtubing, heavily engaged with his audience, and then became the highest paid comic artist by launching his own book series through indiegogo. They burnt his life down, so he just pulled his own wagon across the country his own damn self. By the time his book was ready, his audience existed and knew him. He’s now doing better than literally ANYONE else in the comic book industry.

    Or Eric July/Young Rippa is another example. A sort of rapper-metal musician-artist-disciple of Thomas Sowell. Built up his own audience via constant youtubing, made over 1 million with his first comic book.

    KLR Productions , which is awesome does this with music. A weird hybrid of animal voiceovers, live vlogging, and music.

    It would just be a very intense, constant thing creating new content, being a personality, engaging with people while growing your channel and praying the platform doesn’t ban or suspend you.

    With the advent of Bandcamp, Distrokid, Tunecore and of course CDBaby and so on, I thought what a wonderful world for music it is going to be – but as Bill Bruford says, the trouble is that anyone can make an album now.

    So then I thought, the future belongs to curators – mavens who wade through masses of crap to find all those bedroom recording geniuses that in any other age would never have made an album – a golden age, we will be led there by the curators. But it is really hard to find a good curator. So now we need curators of curators.

    Anyway, it sounds like TAE could easily put together a rock opera or something.


    ” Now the only real venue for cash flow is “live” performance (ticket prices reflect this factoid)”

    Where do the young people get the hundreds of $ to buy the tickets when they are still students or on minimum wages.?


    Who prints the money? Who own the media? Everyone knows, but no one says, as if appeasing your master will spare you, it won’t. Your replacements are coming over the border, arriving on boats. They will be easily placated with money, while you die off from vaccinations.. Take a real good look around you at the ugliness, depravity and despair. Welcome to jeworld, the new world order, like it so far?


    This is just a sample of how incompetent Ukronazi armored columns are getting routinely dismantled on a daily basis

    But the LIESLIESLIES of the Empire of Lies Gangster Nation spoon feeds it’s Duh’sheeple the hallucination that Russia is losing.

    The Russians are just dissecting the Ukronazis as the NeoConJobs just make shit up and puke it on the Masses





    It nice to see someone finally receive some consequences for their actions

    The lawlessness sweeping Duh’merica needs to stop.

    Nice to see hard working LEGAL Indian immigrants protecting their hard earned labors.

    Hope they broke that dip-shit’s ankles, legs and feet so he can crawl around the hood the rest of the summer on all fours.

    America: Robbing Indian Gas Station Goes Wrong

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