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    Henri Matisse Music 1910   • People With 2 COVID-19 Shots Fully Vaccinated Without Booster: Surgeon General (ET) • Top Doctor: Mass Vaccination P
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    Listened to M. Atwood interview way back when she first released these tales. She had spent a fair amount of time researching CRISPER and then wrote these tales. If you haven’t read or heard of them they are great stories and the imagination of Margaret comes shining through. The comparisons to our present is a bit disturbing however. Just coincidence or clairvoyant?
    The MaddAddam Trilogy


    Stop The Shot livestream from The Truth For Health Foundation

    Summary report and additional research by Maximilian Forte: “Stop the Shot”: Resistance through Science, Religion, and Law
    “Stop the Shot”: Resistance through Science, Religion, and Law


    What Does the Absurd Tell Us About the Pandemic? Part 1 & 2

    Laugh or cry?

    John Day

    @CitizenX : Mylittle sister was born at Mercy Hospital in Queens January 1965, a few months before I turned 7, and about a month before I caught measles, the most sustained misery I have ever known.

    Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go, while I am still paid to take care of poor people, which will almost certainly be over well before Halloween, as I am a Vaccine Conscientious Objector in a Federally Qualified Health Center.

    Lovin’ it , while I can.
    Awaiting further marching-orders, God!


    Prof. Santin, one of the pioneers in the use of hyperimmune plasma for Covid 19 patients, Director of the Yale University Research Center in the USA – is promoting the use of ivermectin –

    I am convinced that ivermectin can really be a game changer in the fight against Covid19. The world literature is demonstrating the efficacy and safety of this drug at all stages of infection – I have witnessed first-hand very rapid responses after ivermectin administration both in Long Covid patients who have not been breathing well for months, and in extremely severe patients during the acute phase who were on oxygen and close to intubation. This evidence convinced me to quickly change my mind. ”

    Alessandro Santin, director del Centro de Investigación de la Universidad de Yale en EEUU habla sobre la Ivermectina


    Santin gives a good description of the dynamics of both the virus and IVM.

    madamski cafone

    If I were a global overlord looking to depop the planet per a plague, I would not pick one so easily fixed by something like Ivermection or (long list of useful preventative and therapies).

    I would use it, perhaps, to puncture the economic bubble in a semi-predictable manner.

    John Day: what legal leverage, if any, does a doctor have vis a vis the Hippocratic Oath/malpractice concepts?

    Mister Roboto

    @madamski cafone: That particular conspiracy theory (which I have a hard time dismissing entirely despite the angels of my better intellect) holds that the “vaccines” will be the thing that brings about the population decline. Of course, the big hole in that plan is that if you can’t compel the entire population to take the vaccine, the parents of tomorrow will be assorted “deplorables” and non-conformist wierdos. And while you would have a less populous world that way, you would also have a society full evangelical fundy conservatives and various bohemians and free-thinkers. That would make for an interesting mix.

    Dr. D

    So, Biden…mass shooter in chief…well it picked up again, diverting the news cycle, only bomb this time.

    Let me get this straight, since “Not to help terrorists” no one will report it: A North Carolina man needs health care, so he’s a Trump supporter who wants Medicare-for-all. He drives from NC to DC one Thursday afternoon and parks nowhere dangerous, the Library of Congress, waay out on the street. He claims he has a nitrate bomb in his tool box, which is barely enough to blow the truck, much less an empty street with distant buildings on receding sidewalks. He Facebooked his drive up on his own account…but that was all removed. He drove there, but also removed the license plates from his truck then talks to police for a few hours in his own name, while throwing dollar bills no one is going to approach a bomb to collect. He says there are five other people, a movement and revolution, which apparently there aren’t. His demand is, “Mr. Biden, you can save a life, I want to see my wife” ….who he just drove away from an hour ago, with a bomb, viva la revolution! to never see again. He then surrenders and no reports why. To get prison health care? Since in #Oppositeland, the outside is in Lockdown (a prison term) and inside has nationalized health care and UBI?

    And the other scare in Times Square was nothing at all, essentially a prank call put on national news, same time? Am I getting this right? Okey-dokey.

    Really, it’s the license plate thing that’s baffling.

    Right on cue, Lo! Realize Joe may be removed! What? You mean the media’s sudden drift into criticizing talking points is a setup leading somewhere? Hit me with a feather.

    Speaking of dumb talking points, Governor Abbot has the Covid! Ha ha! What a dumb-dumb anti-science denier! Oh wait, he HAD the vaccine? And got it anyway because the vaccine doesn’t work? Or the test doesn’t work? Or both? Nevermind, I already got my rocks off, next subject.

    “We are dependent on the beneficence of a theocratic militia that has demonstrated no capacity for mercy. And the U.S. government has no intention of remedying this condition.”
    I dunno, did anyone read their new rules? They seem pretty straightforward. Clearly they’re more intelligent and trustworthy than the Americans. Besides, isn’t Kabul freer than Paris right now? I won’t say: same people, same sharia rules just yet, but…

    “There will be time to learn why neither he nor “anyone else” anticipated the collapse of the Afghan “army”

    Except they did. And the WaPo’s “Fact Checker” (reported by Dore) was highlighting this unexpected “Intelligence failure”, except that WaPo did a month-long expose on the “Afghan Papers” highlighting all the fraud and endless deception that showed for 20 years they all knew it would fall in an hour and have been lying about it for cash and deaths. There was no “300,000 man army” it was probably 30,000, the other men were paid from sheer fraud and fabrication. There is no possible way they couldn’t know that, even in an air-tight iron vault. And! Inquiring minds say! Say…we know the Afghan army was SELLING everything we gave them back to their Taliban “Enemy” for pennies (really fellow Afghans all vs stupido Americanos), being the best-equipped army, probably better than the Poles, but still, where did the money come from for el Talibani to run a war for 20 years straight, even at a discount?

    Pakistan. That is, U.S. direct foreign aid. So…we paid for one army to pay to shoot up our other army. You know, like in Syria, and most every other place on earth we go? WaPo couldn’t figure that out, somehow a month after THEY reported it. …But that was when Trump was President. Now history happened all different and didn’t happen at all. That’s “Fact Checking” for you. Worse even lying, plagiarizing Snopes could not provide.

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” –Orwell

    Oh and Milley and the other generals ran it all. They all came up through the universal graft and murder of American boys in F-Stan for 20 years. They knew every word, every death just like I know it. They just LIKED it. And just as Ron Paul and all of us said, from Day 1.

    And now? They had 2 year prep-plan to remove methodically, run by the State dept, and SUDDENLY! Whoops! No department all gone fall down go boom. No where I put dat withdrawal plan? Was that where we shut down all the airports BEFORE everyone leaves, or was it AFTER? Can’t figure it out. And that nation goes to CHINA, or as it RUSSIA, who are safe in their embassies, ready to receive the nation from us, complete with all the BlackHawk helicopter tech and another $2B in hardware and bases?

    So confused. I guess it was “close the airports FIRST, Then fly out. Not sure.”

    Well, we can ask the Taliban, since they’re on Twitter and YouTube and our Presidents and Congressmen aren’t.

    You knew all this too, or did you forget and are all surprised now?

    “historians will spend the next several decades wondering how a gang of rough Pashtun tribesmen galvanized by a fundamentalist version of Islam managed to defeat the most advanced military in the world.”

    Um, with $10B of U.S. money out of Pakistan? So mysterious. It take money to prosecute wars? Who can calculate the strange and mysterious ways of history?

    “Our elites sought to graft the effects of a civilization built by and for its own people—democracy, a military and police force, girls’ schools, etc.—onto a primitive society”

    Except theirs is more advanced, since it was successful and ours isn’t, AND our elites can’t see it, so they are dumber and more backward. Funny: so…”Advanced success” loses, and “primitive failure” wins. Strange definitions here. But it’s #OppositeLand, so the more you fail, the more you win! The more advanced you are, the more you lose! That’s how we know you’re moving forward! It’s when you fall backward! People eat it up! Logical to us! Cheers all ’round!

    absolute galore

    Global overlords, Elites, TPTB–these terms grate on me. What we have is a certain bunch of humans with family, school connections, or genes for megalomania, etc., combined with fate, that find themselves pulling the strings for what Dimitri Orlov calls the technosphere, a kind of sentient system with “a mind of its own.”

    Whether you want to view this as an actual artificial intelligence of some kind or just as a handy metaphor for emergent behavior predicted in systems theory doesn’t really matter much. The main point is, it takes out this Marvel Comics idea of all these folks gathering in the conference rooms of their yachts and rocket ships and celebrity mansions and planning worldwide takeovers, depopulation, whatever. Yes, things look to be headed in a bad direction, but it is not the work of a coordinated pack of evil genuises. It is a confluence of events creating a synergy orchestrated by a somewhat random collection of useful idiots.

    The creation of this system can be partly explained by, or seen through the lens of, Ivan Illich’s theory in Energy and Equity (available as a free pdf online) that the excess energy in our society has the effect both of funneling more and more power into fewer and fewer hands, and then requiring those hands to implement ever stricter social controls, exactly what we are seeing throughout the world today.

    Resistance is not futile. Especially if we are intent on preserving a degree of personal integrity.
    At this point there are two circumstances under which I would get the vaccine:

    If they sent a squad to physically restrain me and inject the vaccine.
    If they threatened to take away access to my son.

    What makes it especially difficult to refuse to submit is not necessarily the handful of useful idiots at the helm, but the mass psychosis phenomenon discussed in a post earlier this week that has made a majority of the population unable to see the sheer craziness of what’s happening and to go along with the anti-human agenda of the technosphere and its puppets. Smart phones and the Internet make that particular virus much more transmissible and virulent, but history shows this is not a unique plague, and fear, lack of true leadership, constantly shifting “information”, and continual propaganda make it a potent pox.

    Dr. D

    Freedom Train

    This song is a train song, it’s a song about a train
    Not the Atchison, Topeka, not the Chattanooga Choo-Choo
    Nor the one that leaves at midnight for the state of Alabam’
    This song is a train song where the engineer is Uncle Sam

    Here comes the Freedom Train
    You better hurry down
    Just like a Paul Revere
    It’s comin’ into your home town

    Inside the freedom train
    You’ll find a precious freight
    Those words of liberty
    The documents that made us great

    You can shout your anger from a steeple
    You can shoot the system full of holes
    You can always question
    “We the People”
    You can get your answer at the polls

    That’s how it’s always been
    And how it will remain
    So long as all of us
    Keep riding on the Freedom Train

    You can write the President a letter
    You can even tell him to his face
    If you think that you can do it better
    Get the votes and you can take his place

    You can hate the laws that you’re obeying
    You can shout your anger to the crowd
    We may disagree with what you’re saying
    But we’ll fight to let you say it loud
    ” –Irving Berlin
    Bing Crosby, Andrews Sisters.

    absolute galore

    Alessandro Santin support for Ivermectin goes back to at least March of 2021, kind of old news. Ttouted by FLCC at the time. Like every single other positive about Ivm, did not move the needle one iota.

    Mr. House

    ” if you can’t compel the entire population to take the vaccine”

    Well they’re certainly trying aren’t they? For something that leaves 99.8 % alive. Strange isn’t it.

    And if they’re were using it to pierce the bubble, they wouldn’t have CARES ACT. Ya know, saving all those zombie corps who’d been doing share buybacks for years. Borrowing at zero and buying back stocks for their rich buddies. Killing mom and pop street but bailing out the losers again. Letting people shop at mega corps, but not little shops cause ya know, the science. Nothing to see here folks.

    Mr. House

    Still printing 120 billion a month for over a year now, nobody talks about QE anymore though. And my savings account earns me a hot .005% for a decade now. Forcing people into stocks and now forcing people into jabs. GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE, STAND BESIDE HER AND GUIDE HER THRU THE NIGHT WITH THE LIGHT FROM ABOVE. FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE PRAIRIES TO THE OCEANS WHITE WITH FOAM, GOD BLESS AMERICA, MY HOME SWEET HOME.


    Greetings All-
    Madam, thank you for the support and offerings- I’ll buy the coffee if I pass through P-town.

    V and J.Day- Queens birth, standing beneath the twin towers and looking up, the elevator to King Kongs Empire State- now just memories, vanished buildings, vanquished people and disgraceful policies- 9/11 to Afghan to show me your papers.

    Perhaps a time to pause and reflect…be truly present for a moment to savour what was, what is, and where we are…

    I am under no illusions that the US Govt has, and is historically, one of the most murderous disgusting Regimes to have taken power in the last two centuries. The highest body count on the planet post WW2- out murdering all the other Nations on the planet- MIC $$$ death destruction and carnage.

    A Regime Red or Blue- corrupt to the core of Human nature- that murders for pleasure and for profit.

    Bomb, sanction, invade, destroy, overthrow, lie, cheat, steal, rape, torture, propagandize, brainwash, experiment, imprison, drug dealers, surveillance, spy, drop nukes, use chemical weapons, use bio weapons, psychological ops, false flags, murder JFK/RFK, Smedley Butler truth teller…, Federal Reserve, corporate tyranny, censure, crimes against humanity, war crimes extensive…

    It is time to take full historical truthful inventory on the US Regime. What happened to the USSR post Afghanistan? One year?

    Take a stand and offer a bow for basic Human Decency- that which the US Regime does not.

    Evil corrupts and consumes itself…Goodness and positivity grows and flourishes…

    There is only one fight for me, only one choice- it is here and has been brewing for some time.

    Have courage, be strong. Truth is prevailing. Fight with Love, For Love.

    Mr. House

    Thats what all of it was/is. False sense of security, just like printing money to keeps assets inflated. They’ll lie about wars, asset prices, and anything else for power. All false sense of security until one day the rug gets pulled. And the people will scream to the heavens, who coulda knowed!?!?!?!?!

    those darned kids

    gnu world order watch: 24% of the world’s humans have received two doses. most countries, the ones those in high vaccine countries could never find on a map, have numbers well below 5%.

    Niger 0.35%
    Oman 16%

    Togo 1.9%
    Honduras 9.8%
    Angola 2.2%
    Nicaragua 2.0%
    Kenya 1.4%
    Syria 0.05%

    i guess the meek shall truly inherit the earth..


    @ John Day:

    Lovin’ it , while I can.
    Awaiting further marching-orders, God!

    You are an inspiration! YOU are a man of integrity. Thank you for showing us the Way forward.

    Michael Reid

    “ Your choice is to get vaxxed or be treated like a leper.”


    Look at the positive side of what is happening. Those with money, influence, power and security are going to celebrate at the successful execution of their plans.
    By the way, do you believe that there are any survivors decendents elites from past civilizations?

    Maybe, in the churches, mosque shrine · synagogue, etc

    madamski cafone

    “Madam, thank you for the support and offerings- I’ll buy the coffee if I pass through P-town.”

    What? No breakfast? Cheapskate.;)


    I went to a large shopping mall yesterday which has been entirely re-vamped. The renovation is splendid “lux”-urious, even the people strolling around manage to look more glamorous. Bathed in light, floors marble like, intricate dee-sign, the greenery all fresh, etc.

    In the middle of the Central Hall, a makeshift sign: VAX 2ND DOSE, with a line of ppl corraled by those posts with extensible bands that create queuing corridors, like the ones in airports. Completely spoiling the look and super glitzty vibe of the place! 🙂 (Switz.)

    Big Pharma’s aims, to make ppl eager to be vaxxed in shopping centers the way they would queue up to get free lottery tickets for mega-prizes, or to meet a celebrity like Ronaldo and get an autograph + an ice cream, has been accomplished. Madness.

    Anyways…: Germ put up a vid. of Prof. Perrone, France (link, in sep. post)

    Perrone was fired from all of his hospital, University, etc. positions and the Order of Med. Doctors lodged a complaint against him, though afaik his medical licence has not been withdrawn. Interview of him in F, Dec. 2020. (link.) I don’t know exactly what he is experiencing now, no news, which is bizarre, btw. (I will try to find out.)

    Dr. Thomas Binder (Swiss) is another ex. Here he is interviewed by the Richie Allen show (eng.), 45 mins, worth a listen. (link below, also in the sep. post) He details that he was ‘arrested’ and put into a psych. hospital for 6 days, for ‘observation’ and then let go. True story, he is not making it up.

    There are a few others who have been dragged off to psych wards.


    The “Ides of August” piece is beautifully written. It reveals what we are coming to understand across every front – that failure is immanent everywhere. The disconnect between the ones “calling the shots” and everyone else is so extreme. The result of their inability/failure to listen, to ask, to understand – provides the ultimate insulation from the truth. No efforts “on the ground” can ever get through to them. Their system is built to disregard and disrespect what they do not want to know.

    Real people, who who work in the real world with great care and LOVE KNOW better.

    “I and too many other people to count spent years of our lives trying to convince U.S. decision-makers that Afghans could not be expected to take risks on behalf of a government that was as hostile to their interests as the Taliban were. Note: it took me a while, and plenty of my own mistakes, to come to that realization. But I did.

    For two decades, American leadership on the ground and in Washington proved unable to take in this simple message. I finally stopped trying to get it across when, in 2011, an inter-agency process reached the decision that the U.S. would not address corruption in Afghanistan.”

    madamski cafone

    “despite the angels of my better intellect”

    The writer in me snorted that phrase like it was crystal joy. You have “angels” (spiritual) opposite “intellect” (uh, intellectual?;) ) bound by “my” (personal ownership/responsibility) and “better” contrasting with “despite”. I’m giddy when I read such immaculately poetic yet logical prose.

    “Of course, the big hole in that plan is that if you can’t compel the entire population to take the vaccine, the parents of tomorrow will be assorted “deplorables” and non-conformist wierdos.”

    The hole in the above’s logic is “Ivermection or (long list of useful preventative and therapies).”

    “…this Marvel Comics idea…”

    Watch out, ag. Some people get belligerent if you mock their religion, be it the Marvel/DC/Star-Wars/Trek cosmic wonder mythology or the fervent faith some have that TPTB will reliably and predictably fulfill their evil plans to subjugate us all.


    madamski cafone

    Incidentally, this


    is the lunatic who posts as madamski. His legal name is Robert “Robin” Morrison but was born Robert West. He has an active account on FB as Robert West where he avoids politics like, uh, the plague. He has an inactive FB account under Robin Morrison where he was like a plague of political discussion.

    He lives at 8585 SW Canyon Lane #71, Portland, OR 97225. When the internet goes wonky (I feel it’s pointless to add ‘if or’ to that), he may still be there. He lives without a phone. And, one last time, his email is

    Y’all be excellent to one another, pls?

    He has a theme song: Kiss my Ass Goodbye


    @ m. Cafone
    “ If I were a global overlord looking to depop the planet per a plague, I would not pick one so easily fixed by something like Ivermection or (long list of useful preventative and therapies).”

    That is the same reason why I don’t think the originators of this pandemic themselves fully understood the physical effects of the vaccine either. They depended instead on their well-placed pawns and lackeys, not on a full knowledge of the virus nor the vaccines.

    The pawns and lackeys will end up being fall guys, while the true originators will continue to be lauded for their philanthropy.


    @ mr roboto
    “ Of course, the big hole in that plan is that if you can’t compel the entire population to take the vaccine, the parents of tomorrow will be assorted “deplorables” and non-conformist wierdos. And while you would have a less populous world that way, you would also have a society full evangelical fundy conservatives and various bohemians and free-thinkers. That would make for an interesting mix.”

    Bingo! My thoughts exactly. If the vaccine turns truly nasty I will lose many friends and family members. Not only will it be an interesting mix, but a livid mix.


    Ah, now I’ve done it.
    I received an email from my church’s music director to the choir list. Subject: “ [Choir] in person singing? I don’t know yet”
    And…for not the first time in my life, just by being myself I ended up shoving myself into the limelight. I will likely feel very nervous about it over the next day or so, but what is done is done. My thoughts roll around in my mind and at some point the break out and I write or speak…publicly.

    I share the text of my email back to the choir group with you here. (Hat tip to Dr D for the song reference. Phew…I’m already beginning to feel the beginning of “senders regret.” It is HARD to face the possibility of ostracization from a group with whom in the past I shared close community.). Here goes:

    A few questions….

    Why is only staff weighing in on the decision?
    Why is this not a democratic decision?
    Why doesn’t the choir weigh in?
    Are not we not all capable of making these decisions for ourselves?

    I am so sick and tired of receiving communication from the few/one to the many.

    The covid vaccines do not prevent infection nor transmission of the virus, therefore whether or not one participates in group singing is a risk that is up to the individual, not the group To limit something to “the vaccinated” would be significant publicly only if any of the Covid vaccines were “sterilizing” vaccines — but they are not. (A “sterilizing” vaccine is one that creates immunity in the recipient that quickly blocks infection and prevents the pathogen from multiplying in the body — keeping the vaccine recipient safe from getting sick and preventing the vaccine recipient from passing the sickness onto others.) The covid vaccines were never advertised to be sterilizing vaccines and they have proved themselves to be “non-sterilizing” and “leaky” vaccines. (The smallpox vaccine is a sterilizing vaccine. The shingles vaccine is non-sterilizing. The inactivated polio virus vaccine is non-sterilizing; the oral polio vaccine is sterilizing.)

    Back in March 2020 we didn’t know the case fatality for covid. We didn’t know who was more susceptible to the virus and who was less susceptible. But this is August 2021. The case fatality rate for covid is not any more than 0.5%. (By comparison, smallpox case fatality is about 30%.). We know that people with “comorbidities” are more likely to have a bad outcome with covid. For everyone else including those in their 70s, there is a greater than 99% chance of survival of Covid. This comports with my own life experience. I know one person who died of covid. I know of countless others who have survived covid. I know no one with “long covid.”

    It would be very nice to act in a way to “keep everyone safe” but the only way to do that is to keep our distance…indefinitely. Keeping our distance denies our humanity and denies why we met one another in the first place. Those who want to take their chances meeting together should meet.

    I, for one, have no fear of covid and no fear of meeting together.

    We can discuss these things as a group or break into smaller groups to do this. Or we can stay mute. We don’t need moderation. We all have wonderful minds that are capable of rational thought and capable of understanding complex information.

    From: Freedom Train
    You can hate the laws that you’re obeying
    You can shout your anger to the crowd
    We may disagree with what you’re saying
    But we’ll fight to let you say it loud

    Michael Reid

    “ the work of a coordinated pack of evil genuises”

    Coordinated or not, or evil or dumb or genius it doesn’t matter. What matters is where this takes us in our future. And it does not look good. It looks like a nasty sci-fi movie.

    And no one is stopping it


    Biden’s about to dig a deeper hole any moment now. LIVE no less:

    ‘Laser-Focused’ Biden Delivers Speech On Afghanistan Evacuation

    Love the pic:


    UPDATE: Jalalabad Joe may have fallen asleep. Let’s see if we can locate him.


    Truth for Health Foundation – Stop the Shot Continuation – Press Conference outlining Fertility Problems resulting from the COVID-19 Vaccines.

    Doc Robinson

    Un-covaxxed Americans are asking, why do they hate us? They hate our freedoms — our freedom of speech, our freedom to assemble and disagree with each other.

    Americans are asking, why do they hate us? …They hate our freedoms — our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.
    (President George W. Bush, 9/20/2001)

    Doc Robinson

    From the same speech by GW Bush:

    Freedom and fear are at war. The advance of human freedom — the great achievement of our time, and the great hope of every time — now depends on us.”


    Another must watch:

    Mark Crispin Miller interviewed:



    “In Los Angeles, Breakthrough Infections Are Now 30% Of All New Covid Cases Amid Delta Surge”

    Breakthrough = Failure

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