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    Topcat – what a coincidence!


    The semi-new, Forced Polarization: “you better agree 100% with me, or We’ll Know you believe precisely the opposite!”

    Bush II was an early adopter, and the recent “left” has followed suit, I think.


    ‘Common Dreams’ site and NC site and MSNBC site and ‘TruthOut’ site and CNN site all look and sound so much the same these days- could there be a common thread?




    Biden’s Afgan Evacuation Plan Renamed:

    Operation Rolling Humiliation


    Not a fan but Oliver North of all people is saying that the Taliban has captured the payroll data of everyone who worked with the US the last 20 years from captured American embassy records and the Kabul banks showing the names, addresses and phone numbers for locals now being hunted down.

    The Tailban are completely up to speed with 21st century tech.


    Many of us seem to have a similar outlook regarding vaccine mandates being unfortunate and probably inevitable (in some sense whether to fly, shop, work, breathe). My company is considering how to implement a mandate, but as a manufacturing company with a low vaxx rate in our plants, there is a very high impact if employees call BS. It seems many companies in the area are doing some small things, separating the in and out crowd (identifiable by mask), but on the whole nothing much. As a social animal, the feelings of being ostracized are not nothing, but there are more important things.

    Overall though, it has led me to believe that this is a great lesson in how to become “unfuckwithable.” The more nonsense I hear, the more I realize friends/family/bosses are parroting the official narrative out of fear. “Not my problem, sorry you are so worked up about this.” I’d be open to discussing my reasoning but it always seems those most on-board are blinded to any other point of view other than the what they are told by “the narrative”. We all get tunnel vision in the presence of fear.

    I might lose my job and hard to think about telling my wife and kids things are going to change because I am standing up for what I believe in. At the same time I am calling shenanigans on the whole threat. What happens when 50% of us lose our jobs and/or 50% cannot shop/spend? Magic money in the mail to people and businesses (as long as they are vaxxed)?

    So to those who are stressing, and I think that is why many of us choose to share our views here, I reach out in solidarity. Stay strong. Rally those you can. The more unfuckwithable we are, the less power they have.

    Mister Roboto

    There are a few others who have been dragged off to psych wards.

    those darned kids



    I suspect the Afghanistan mess has been deliberately staged to distract our attention from something else happening. Oh, look over there, a squirrel!

    One candidate is of course implementing the power grab for total control by eliminating personal freedoms using the vaccines as cover.

    Another is to distract attention away from the failing vaccines.

    Another could be election audits proving joe is illegitimate.

    Mister Roboto

    I find it puzzling that anybody can imagine that “Joe Biden” is actually in charge of…anything at all, really.



    Another view of why your manufacturing company may be considering mandating vaccines is strangely because of potential future legal liability issues over the virus.

    It is possible that lawyers are sensing that the way to escape any future legal liabilities from the virus, is to show that they implemented such a policy. Whether they successfully force all employees is another matter. It is looking more and more like it is now legal to fire employees who are not vaccinated. But of course one needs to implement a vaccine policy first.

    Clearly the courts seem to be saying you have no rights regarding your own body. This seems to be occurring in the US, Canada, and UK.

    Mr. House


    @WES – appreciate the insight. My point is – fire me (please don’t, but if you do it’ll hurt you a lot more than it hurts me). If my company fires me for not being vaccinated, our suppliers and customer’s are probably doing the same thing. If you lose your suppliers and customers – where are you? If the economy loses 50% of makers and buyers, where are we? Sure, legal precedent allows for this or pressures for that… if we go down that route, what is left?


    I have noticed that California’s democrats are already busy harvesting votes to blunt governor Newsom’s recall. I suspect Newsom isn’t too worried about losing his job, as the fix is already in. Dominion.

    I doubt California is in anymore danger of holding free elections than Washington DC is.

    those darned kids

    scrap all elections. random selection of government representatives. eliminate the sociopaths (most of time (4% chance)) from the system.

    remember, sociopaths make up 4% of the population – those with bad teeth become criminals, those with good teeth become politicians.

    Mr. House

    “But if the elderly were our most vulnerable and the priority was to save grandma and if she was sick, wasn’t the best place for her exactly in the hospital? Why was she moved to a hospice? Who were the hospitals being reserved for?

    This Orwellian Doublethink is a clue: If they survived the first wave of cramming, the elderly were given priority for a gene therapy never before approved for use on humans. “Our most vulnerable,” became a euphemism for those who got shot first.”



    I agree if we do go down that road we become mere slaves. Not a very rosy future. So good on you! If I can hurt any business I will! Woke Coke is already on my list. I won’t let my wife buy any diet Coke, only Pepsi!

    We still have the numbers to hurt businesses and the national economy. It is our big stick! Money talks!

    Look at how the Russians dealt with vaccine passport to restaurants, theaters, etc. They all stop going to these places. In just 3 weeks the order was quietly cancelled! Now the French are dealing with this vax discrimination. Some places looked at customer’s papers (that doesn’t mean they actually read them) and then gave the customer a token, to present in the future, which doesn’t expire! Our girl in Switzerland says many French businesses are simply refusing to enforce Macron’s decree.

    I wonder how New York is doing these days? A shortage of customers? How are airlines doing these days? Clearly they have more travellers than they can handle if they are only allowing vaccinated travellers to fly.

    The stupid thing about only allowing the fully vaccinated to travel, be indoors, etc., is that these people actually represent the highest risk group! They are twice as likely to catch covid due to their spike protein weakened immune system!


    In the Phoenix vote audit, the vote auditors weren’t looking for the type of paper the ballot was printed on nor the watermarks. They were looking for special printer micro dots that can identify the printer used and the time the ballot was printed!

    Should make for some rather interesting reading whenever a report is released!

    We will know when the ballots were printed and by which printer too! Not to mention who owns the printer!

    those darned kids

    IGg backwardation predicts severity of Covid-19 OmegaPrion symbogenesis

    Science 04 Jun 2024:
    Vol. 572, Issue 6646, pp. 1102-1105


    Quartenary reinfections with Covid-19 OmegaPrion (COP19) can produce life-threatening symptoms, including thromboalopecia, erectile malfunction [1] and Pareto’s disease [2], when preexisting COP19-reactive immunogoblin G1 (IGg1) antibodies promote the infection of the stuff in your body. Although severe COP19 symptoms are associated with increased levels of backwarded IGg1 grecoforms, it is unclear whether this is simply a result of the inflection or if it is a preexisting phenomenon that can only be helped by playing some James Brown (pbuh) so loudly the very foundation of our democracy is shaken. Bourla et al. lied to us and filled us up with crap [3]. They manufactured COP19 infection through greed-fueled hubristic incompetence and now our IGg1, IGg2, IGg3 levels are fucked and so are we. By demonstrating that it’s not nice to fool mother nature, the authors conclude we really didn’t deserve such a nice planet, anyway.


    Upstate- I don’t think they are all-powerful, but it is imperative to understand the powers they have. It seems just ignoring them will not do. They have the mainstream narrative. At this time it is more powerful than the truth. They have the data. Even if they don’t, the people think they have the data and will believe what they say. They have the upper echelons of all institutions. They have the souls of almost half the populace, and those souls have been driven crazy with fear and lies. For now, those souls are obedient, and they are about to constitute a mob.
    There is a war. They are the enemy. They have been around a long time, playing with everything humans have learned about everything forever. They have endless resources. It appears they want complete control over the earth. They are the same old same old, with a LOT more tech and psychology to back them. It’s like going for it in Risk, and they shake sixes.
    It will come to blows.

    For those who say- “the business will fold”. HELLO! They want them to go under. “There will be no health care if the unvaxed quit”. HELLO! Oops. What a shame.
    One world order. Every human, every acre, every tree, every animal, every calorie, every drop of water, tracked and capitalized via a new tech-oriented energy currency.
    It’s doable.
    And it must not happen.


    I was buying beer today- it had been out of stock for a while (cause who cares about beer in the summer?) My clerk said something about Covid and I said- “It’s not about Covid! None of this about Covid anymore.”
    He looked relieved and said “Of course not. The warehouse has it and it’s just a few miles away and there are all these excuses…”
    I said, “I have a truck- I can haul it.”
    “Hah!” he said. “If only!”


    I woke up this morning with this song in my head. It has a tune (a very lovely tune) and I can sing it, but I don’t know how to write music. Maybe I’ll try to preform it and post it. I love my brain. It never ceases to delight me.

    Your day has been hard-
    I can see in your eyes.
    There’ll be no reward
    Putting up with the lies.
    Put yourself in a comfortable place.
    See the smile on a comfortable face.
    When it feels like you’re losing the light
    I’ll be there through the night.

    My parents said know-
    Know that someone still loves you.
    You feel so alone-
    See the people around you.
    Let your tears be the sign of your heart-
    Soothing tears is a natural art;
    When it feels like you’re facing the end
    Know that I’ll be your friend.

    When life seems too hard,
    Close your eyes and breathe deeply.
    Imagine yourself
    In a place that so sweetly
    Marches on in a confidant way-
    People laugh, children joyfully play.
    There’s a place where we all get along-
    Singing our own private song.


    @ christanarchist

    Thank you for sharing the text of your vaccine exemption. It is good to stand together.


    “ But in a statement, the FDA told The BMJ that it did not believe a meeting was necessary ahead of the expected granting of full approval.“

    ‘Did not believe a meeting was necessary’
    Newspeak for ‘realized a meeting could delay the proscribed timeline’


    @ Tdub
    (And anyone else who finds it relevant)

    My heart is heavy for all who are facing job insecurity due to vaccine mandates.

    Several years back I read Early Retirement Extreme. I related well to the ideas, but, alas have not been able to follow its proscriptions…instead I was fighting a family court battle, raising 3 kids, healing from PTSD…yeah, you know — life.

    However, there was one concept that resonated well, and I apply it often.
    The author talked about being “loosely-coupled” to life’s necessaries.
    For example, if one has multiple income sources and one dries up, the others still exist, and tragedy does not ensue. Another way to address income would be to have savings or investments that could be tapped — or with a couple where one loses a job, the other retains employment.
    With toilet paper — keeping 20 rolls around and getting 20 more when it drops to 10.
    With food — having a large pantry with enough food on hands for months, or perhaps with a garden, or nearby friends who are farmers, etc,
    The idea is to exist in a way so that one has cushions against future “bad stuff” that may occur. Also, having Multiple sources of needed items, or ways to switch to a different resource if the usual resource is unavailable (like an RV refrigerator that runs on electricity or propane.)

    I have been impoverished for 9 years, but using this method has smoothed out many rough edges.

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