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    Alexander Carpenter


    Which view of existence is more fundamentally true, that there are existing things to be aware of, or that there is awareness of things existing?

    Getting it right is pretty important.

    Being able to distinguish sophistries is pretty important, too, along with specious dichotomies. It’s way too easy to get caught up in endless rightness-loops about questions whose answers become less-and-less significant and more-and-more arbitrary. And then it’s turtles all the way down…
    It’s what I call the imploding death-spiral of “semiotic entrainment,” otherwise known in the ‘hood as “mind-fuck.”
    Your question and its premises seem based in a reductionist-linearizing paradigm that has not surrendered to the complexities of what must pass, these days, for the “real world.” And since our monkey-mind cannot distinguish between surrender and submit, it doesn’t recognize that when its premises are wrong or just objectively irrelevant (i.e., ‘made up’), it will ask the wrong questions, get the wrong answers, and reach the wrong conclusions. It will fight to be “right,” while missing just about every boat in port.

    One seditious answer to your question might be, “Neither, for both are necessary to develop a sane experience of ‘existing things’ and our ‘awareness(es)’ of them. Both those processes are interoperative and iterative. ‘Sane thoughts’ isolated on their own is ultimately an oxymoron.”


    Alexander Carpenter

    You just described my internet alter-ego perfectly

    Sane thoughts’ isolated on their own is ultimately an oxymoron.”

    Which is why I prefer to be nestled in the bosom of the all, not that I have a choice. Free will has its limits

    Love the conversation between you and DBenton. Such thoughtful people here


    Susan C

    Maybe you are new here. I explained a few days ago but am happy to clarify;

    Airstrip One: Britain

    Airstrip Two: The US

    Airstrip Three: Canada

    Airstrip Four: Australia

    Airstrip Five: Aotearoa (NZ)

    Airstrip Six: Germany

    Airstrip Seven: Malta

    Airstrip Eight: Cyprus

    Airstrip Nine: Japan….

    The Empire of Lies having lost control of numerous other Airstrips since Airstrip One began to seriously decline in power after the Suez incidents (1956).

    Also, The Empire of Lies set up numerous temporary Airstrips in contested regions once aircraft capable of carrying bombs and machine guns had been constructed….1915ish. I believe the first successful attack using chemical weapons dropped from aircraft was achieved around 1926 in what used to be called Mesopotamia -in defence of The Empire of Lies oil-looting business.

    Something many will know but some may not:

    After the successful cavalry engagements in the early phase of WW1, a stalemate ensued. Troops of The Empire of Lies were astonished to see trees moving towards them and the sound of singing. Perplexed, the soldiers decided not to fire at the ‘singing trees’ and discovered that they were actually German soldiers carrying trees and singing carols as a symbol of common humanity.

    It is said that the soldiers of competing empires fraternised and even played football.

    Upon hearing of the incident, the ‘high command’ declared than anyone caught repeating such behaviour would be court martialed and shot.

    That was before the mass killing really got underway and anyone who objected to being treated ‘like sheep to be slaughtered’ was shot by their own officers or a group of command-followers.

    It is said that the establishment of a new Airstrip a few hundred kilometres east of Airstrip Six isn’t going well for The Empire of Lies, and that a similar tactic -of shooting the machine-gun-hesitant is being used to ‘persuade’ peasants to carry out suicide attacks on the military forces of Eurasia.

    Things are apparently off the boil on Airstrip Ten (Formosa/Taiwan) at the moment, though I did hear that Airstrip Three had recently sent a warship between Airstrip Ten and Eastasia to stir things up again.

    Back to work (mostly carpentry at the moment). Time is very short.


    @Germ My only memory of Devon is cream teas – corny I know – but that was as a child many, many years ago. The dairy will not be the same in Mexico but it has other attractions. My memories of Cancun – visiting family – are the cevichi, tequila, mariachi bands, party people and postcard beaches. Good luck, life in the sun cannot be beat.


    DBS said

    Getting back to the “radio” thing, it’s as good of a criterion as many other things (one could as easily use other technological achievements of collective humankind as well. For examples, “manned space flight”, or “controlled nuclear fission” or even “mastery of DNA.”

    The sad thing is that we are not capable of understanding even our fellow humans, let alone any aliens. We do not have “mastery of DNA”, nobody knows how DNA actually works, why you don’t get finger growing out your head instead of your arm. Sure, we can do basic statistics to discover what are the sequences that are probably responsible for certain rare human aspects, but that is not understanding of the mechanism. Your doctor can’t even tell you whether a prescription drug will result in bad side effects for you, the reason being is that all they have is stats (one in ten suffer this side effect), they don’t know whether you will benefit or suffer from the drug, they just have their stats.

    Apart from basic mechanical tools, such as space travel, we do not really understand the nature around us, instead we pretend that we are above it, we use arrogance to hide our ignorance.

    Veracious Poet

    Susan, there is no “in-crowd is talking to each other only”, only the out-crowd mumbling to themselves incoherently, then typing up the self-important voices-in-the-head as definitive “commentary”, which most of us don’t even read (I scroll right on by many of the “out-crowd” that are trapped really far, FAR out there 😕

    Of course, there are always the old-men-yelling-at-clouds wannabe bloggers, that feel it their life’s mission to narrate the nightmare most of us already have come to grips with :roll

    With all the deluge of agitprop dumped 24/7/365 on humanity by the Master Class, the last thing most of us need is to be assaulted by verbose opinions of the EG0 driven, that would like nothing more than to hijack the “commentary” to appease the-voice-in-their-head…

    Heck, I’ve stripped it down to headline skimming, seems these days everyone thinks THEY’RE an “expert” word monkey!

    Then there are the bots 😕

    Best to chill re: “commentary”, realizing that some of it is…

    Veracious Poet

    Things are apparently off the boil on Airstrip Ten (Formosa/Taiwan) at the moment, though I did hear that Airstrip Three had recently sent a warship between Airstrip Ten and Eastasia to stir things up again.

    P.S. You’re the noob, man, not Susan…


    Merry Christmas to everybody at TAE!
    We enjoyed a cold white Christmas here in big bad Toronto.

    We were supposed to go to the vaxxed outlaws for Christmas dinner but my Wife was feeling under the weather (not covid probably flu?) so we all stayed home instead. I cooked up a small turkey with mashed potatoes, carrots, corn, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, and we and 2 kide had a very good feed. I also baked some blueberry muffins under the turkey. Nice not to have to drive 3 hours on Christmas Day.

    Hope everybody on TAE is having a good Christmas Day too.

    Tomorrow, Canadians celebrate Boxing Day and the stores will be a mad house! I can’t remember if Britain, Australia, or New Zealand also celebrate Boxing Day or not.

    The US doesn’t have Boxing Day. Boxing Day is kind-of-like the US’s Black Friday after Thanksgiving Thursday. Canada has also kind-of-adopted Black Friday store sales in recent years too.

    I plan on staying in my cave on Boxing Day, Thank-You very much!

    Susan C

    To: A few Know the Truth

    Thanks so much for the explanation about the airstrips. It makes a lot of sense and I’m sorry I missed your earlier explanation. This time I’ve copied it to a text edit file that I’ll save for future reference.

    To: Veracious Poet

    Sorry about that. As a rule I read and rarely leave a comment.

    D Benton Smith


    Well thank you, at least, for replying with enough detail to confirm that your original cryptic comment was indeed meant to be the insult that I thought it was intended to be. Did I do or say something to you to set you off ? You don’t know me at all, so opening the conversation with a gratuitous insult seems a bit hasty.

    So, either you understood and disagreed with my original posts or you’re just disagreeably mean when you don’t understand something. Could be both.

    In either case you’re simply wrong, and it’s no skin off my nose either way. Thanks again.


    The real winter solstice celebrations before they were usurped and supplanted by the Roman Catholic Church and called Christmas:

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