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    George N. Barnard Federal picket post near Atlanta, Georgia 1864   • Impeachment Foot-Dragging Is Proof Dems Have Nothing On Trump (McCaughey) •
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    V. Arnold

    George N. Barnard Federal picket post near Atlanta, Georgia 1864

    That is one hell of a photograph; taken 155 years ago…
    Great choice Ilargi…


    I was imagining them celebrating Christmas together.

    Dr. D

    “Impeachment Foot-Dragging Is Proof Dems Have Nothing on Trump (McCaughey)”

    I have no idea what they’re doing. It’s national-security critical they impeach and not wait for election, until it’s suddenly national-security critical they NOT impeach, and hold off forever, or something, they’re not explaining it well. While they House tries to run not only the Executive, not only the Judiciary (by not waiting and presenting then removing cases), but the Senate too? And now they want to call witnesses they didn’t call because they were in a rush? But not THEM, but to make the Senate do the work for them? Well shirking all work and duty and ordering other people to do their job for them is like Socialists everywhere, so that makes sense, but I got nothin’. Like the Senate should care if she passes the papers or not? Why? The GOP WANTS the trial, but if not, they’ll just keep doing their day job of appointing Federal Judges and watching Barr and Durham arrest and declassify FBI crimes.

    Baffling. But I’m not a vicious two-faced butt-weasel, so I have a hard time imagining what they have planned.

    Anyway, I can’t see that helping with the American people whom they’ve already lost. It’s only saying to the dumbest guy that they’ve got no crimes, no urgency, and it was political, just like the GOP is trying to argue.

    Hunter Biden Allegedly Linked To Multiple Criminal Probes (NYP)

    Sadly. But you can’t leave a hundred-million dollar paper trail through several countries worldwide without attracting attention. The fraud and crime is just too large to hide. Wish he hadn’t done that, sounds like he had enough life-problems already. He’s still due in court with his taxes for paternity.

    US Govt Blew $3 Trillion on Afghanistan, Congress Adds Another Trillion (OP)”

    The Secret State of Military-Industrial, and Eisenhower said “Congressional” complex. So in that case who’s against them? Certainly seems like somebody is. And from my suspicion it is the foot-soldiers there, you know, the REAL Army, not Halliburton, real Army intelligence, not CIA, yesterday’s report that Admiral Rogers of the NSA is being just as helpful to Barr vs. the CIA/FBI as he was when he set up a SCIF and informed Trump he was being spied on in Trump Towers using non-stop FBI informants and wiretapping. You know, just like Watergate, only 100x larger. But here’s that old Admiral Rogers again. So if we’re picking sides, who’s where?

    And since Trump is Hitler, WHY have Pelosi and the Democrats resisted him by giving near-infinite money to him and the military again, in the face of a 20-year Pentagon-Papers scandal, without a whiff of shame or irony? So what side does that put THEM on? Rogers and the dogface’s side, or Deep State MIC-C’s side? When it’s reported, then not reported, which side does that put CNN, WaPo, and the BBC on?

    Pottersville is way more appealing than 99 percent of America’s small towns today, dead as they are.

    I just watched that movie and that was my exact impression. Pottersville is a god-d—-d DREAM compared to the reality of every (former) Bedford Falls in America. At least there IS economic activity, regardless of how bad. “Nobody in 1952 would have believed this could happen.”? No, Ayn Rand did, and precisely, much as it pains me to say so. She wrote the EXACT future of Detroit’s majesty in 1957, if the U.S. kept adding Socialism drop by drop: Detroit would fall to ruins, back to a brushy wild acres between collapsed auto plants, where illiterate people caught rabbits, thinking of nothing higher about the post-apocalyptic ruins around them. Chapter 9, page 270.

    But “nobody could have seen it coming”, you know, unless they read any history book on Socialism ever. This is EXACTLY what does, must, and always will happen, as we’ve run the experiment some 100 times for some 150 years and got the same result each time. What’s that definition of Insanity, of #AntiLogos, again? Killing 300 million people? I’d say more than Religion, but Socialist Scientific Materialism IS a religion, with wild-eyed Zealots of the Inquisition arresting and excommunicating people daily for scientific heresy such as the existence of gender, as we see in the news.

    Ah Pottersville. At least you can go to work and after get a drink at an open bar. Neither is possible in Flyoverland.

    Medical Opinion, Torture and Julian Assange (AIM)”

    Stop talking about torturing Assange: you’re just giving these guys Christmas joy to know they have death and mass-murder in their stocking. Ah and the good people are sad about it? See, Christmas wishes really do come true.

    Russia Ready To Share All Info Required By MH17 Crash Investigators (RT)

    The levels we get to are truly astonishing, aren’t they? So 6 years after this super-duper-big-deal crash, they’re only THINKING about, you know, maybe, getting evidence from the guy who had full radar and satellite coverage of the area in question. Huh. It’s almost like you’re not serious about this. And also don’t give a s—t about 283 of your citizens, or want to ask why they were diverted to fly directly over a war zone where two Ukrainian MIGs were waiting for them.

    World ‘Faces 80% Calorie Increase by End Of Century’ (BBC)

    Malthius said the same thing. Luckily we waste more food than that in ethanol and restaurant plates, and also still have so much land we’re mostly paving instead of planting it. So despite Greta’s and the BBC’s best efforts to kill everyone on earth, I think we’ll be okay.

    For Her Head Cold, Insurer Coughed Up $25,865 (NPR)

    With no price-signals since 1990, we have random cost subtracted by a random discount, hilariously unrelated to profit, effort, or logic. Apparently it’s not bad enough yet that anyone wants to enforce the law. You know, Sherman Anti-trust that medical industry lost in the Supreme Court several times? Nope. Enforce the law when we have infinite costs x infinite corruption = zero results? No way. I can still see a horizon, and it’s still far away. (Smack). America: the land of Over-do.

    This was an interesting quote. About the Bundy standoff: “they still stood there in an act of open rebellion against the government – a position the Left would call treason, since the Left views people as serving government, hence rebellion against government is treason. The Right views the government as serving people, and open warfare against the will of the people is treason.”

    Very insightful. Also why everything the government says is true™, but also why everything said by anyone related to Bill Barr or John Durham is false. While everything said by Schiff is true, everything said by Nunes is false. So I finally have my decoder ring: we know whether it’s true or not, whether people are lying or not, depending on whether they want larger or smaller government. The people who believe this most desire to be the servants of government, some strongman and warlord who will tell them what to do, while the people who dissent want the government to serve the people and the government doesn’t get to tell them what to do: they tell the government.

    I emailed a copy of the Constitution to a friend. I was hoping the NSA would finally read it.

    He continues: “As we have seen from previous Leftist Singularities (Robespierre, Stalin, Mao, Mangos and A Future That Must Not Be), once a Leftist movement is started, the killing only ends when a leader, (Stalin or Mao, for instance) kill everyone to the LEFT of them. The Right has seen this, the Right understands this.”

    Seems counterintuitive, yet that’s exactly what’s happening with SJW today. But they’re to the LEFT of Mao: at least Mao thought there should BE a country, and that country is known by its people and its borders. As #AntiLogos, they categorically refuse all borders, all limits, and all definitions at all. Even those of the laws of biology, sociology, and physics.


    hallucination, mirage mean something that is believed to be true or real but that is actually false or unreal. delusion implies an inability to distinguish between what is real and what only seems to be real, often as the result of a disordered state of mind.


    a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

    a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by private owners for profit rather than by the by the community as a whole.
    Where is Santa Claus right now? We’re tracking his sleigh across the globe.
    He’s the man with all the toys, and NORAD has eyes on him.


    instead try
    ENABLER – (banker, lawyer, accountant financier, politician, elite)

    a person or thing that makes something possible.


    Running Hot

    DECEMBER 21, 2019
    The highly probable and downright inevitable unwind of today’s trifecta of financial asset bubbles: stocks, corporate credit, and Treasury bonds may soon morph into brutal bear market. The end game is unstoppable in our view and approaching fast.

    Doc Robinson

    “After Doctors For Assange, it’s high time for Lawyers For Assange.”

    And how about Journalists for Assange? The corporate media coverage is abysmal, but it’s encouraging to see so many individual journalists “speak up for Assange.”

    1022 signatories from 91 countries so far


    Money goes a long way in making everything legal.

    Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Alleges Ambassador Yovanovich Prevented Yanukovych Stolen Billions From Returning To Ukraine

    Former Ukrainian Prosecutor Alleges Ambassador Yovanovich Prevented Yanukovych Stolen Billions From Returning To Ukraine
    by CD Media Staff December 23, 2019

    Former Ukrainian General Prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko alleged in Ukrainian media this week that former American Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, prevented billions of dollars of Ukrainian public funds stolen by former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, from returning to Ukraine in order to keep the money accessible to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. The interview was aired on “Freedom of Speech” with Savik Shuster.
    According to Lutsenko, the people of the former president withdrew more than $ 7 billion to the American hedge fund Franklin Templeton Investments.


    Surprised? Me? How about this is a move that keeps House members from being compelled to testify before the Senate?

    House Democrats Mull Second Impeachment

    .. while DOJ lawyers acknowledged in a Monday brief that the legal fight over McGahn isn’t moot, the fact that the House Judiciary Committee moved forward with impeachment on a completely different matter removes the urgency to resolve their case.

    “The reasons for refraining are even more compelling now that what the Committee asserted — whether rightly or wrongly — as the primary justification for its decision to sue no longer exists,” wrote lawyers for the DOJ. The agency also argues that the Mueller impeachment investigation is over, when House lawyers and lawmakers have described it as ongoing and active, according to the report.

    Dr D Rich

    Come on Dr. D! You would have us believe Saint Admiral Mikey Rogers sprinted to Trump Tower out of his heart’s goodness rather than to protect his deep in the MIC ass from federal prison. I’d say He of The Four Titles Rogers panicked rather than engage in some noble deed. Think about it 1. Director NSA 2. Director US Cyber Command 3. Director Central Security Service 4. 4-star Admiral all held simultaneously. The nation owes a debt of gratitude to this great man of many simultaneous titles who spied on every single freakin’ communication of the American people. Yeah, that kind of Boy Scout.
    Again, a personal anecdote. Mike and I were officer contemporaries, but he fell a little behind the curve on the promotion ladder. What accounts for his meteoric rise after Captain? One of his replacements, Jan Tighe, was also a classmate whose equally meteoric rise to the admiralty is underscored by a PhD awarded by NPS. I just can’t recall her demonstrating the aptitude or academic achievement as an undergraduate which generally herald auch future achievements.
    But sour grapes and all that.

    John Day
    This is something we don’t really see in our world, but I look at most years, or rather I read the transcript of Vladimir Putin’s year-end press conference and watch a little bit, to see how he looks. He looks good, at ease, in command of the facts, conversant with all that he is asked. The conference is 4 hours and 20 minutes. It’s a really long transcript, yet it was worth the read to me. Where is another political leader like this? He comports himself as a public servant. His knowledge and humility are hard for me to describe. I come up short. He is an important human for this historical epoch, I believe.

    Proof That America’s “Deep State” Exists and Controls the Government, Eric Zuesse (lots here, poor organization)
    ​ ​As everyone knows who has been closely following the most-reliable evidence regarding the question of how DNC emails had been copied and supplied to Wikileaks, there has been much credible, soundly-sourced, speculation that the DNC employee Seth Rich had physically copied the data from a computer there onto a thumb drive (or “USB stick”), which then was picked up in the U.S. by a Wikileaks agent, who physically delivered it to Julian Assange at London’s Ecuadorean Embassy. The great independent investigative journalist (virtually barred since 2007 from being published in the U.S. anymore), Seymour Hersh, personally investigated the records of the murder of Seth Rich, both at the Washington DC police and at the FBI, and this is from the transcript I had made of his statement in a Web-posted phone-call​.

    Gladio, The Story of a Conspiracy Thanks Dan.
    ​ ​When in the early 1970s an Italian right-wing journalist told me about a secret army training in Italy’s mountains, I scoffed at first thinking he was repeating a rumor picked up from some scoop-obsessed reporter. But my tune began changing when he gave it a name—“Stay Behind Army”—and explained it was a secret army to fight the Soviet armies which someday soon would invade West Europe. He gave me the name of a member of that secret army who would talk with me…
    ​ ​Years later, in the late 1980s or early 90s, it happened by chance that I met in a Rome hotel bar an American who knew details about that secret army. I was sitting on a stool at the bar of the luxurious Grand Hotel waiting for an appointment with a well-known writer when the man sat down on the stool next to me. I recognized William Colby from pictures of him in the press announcing the presence in Rome for a conference of the former Director of the CIA. I nodded, said hello, and we chatted bar talk until the chat turned into a short interview, which I subsequently published in the European press. I told him I knew who he was, and as we spoke I asked him point-blank about the mysterious Stay-Behind Army.
    ​ ​To my surprise Colby almost boasted that the covert action branch of the CIA to which he was attached in the 1950s built throughout Western Europe what in intelligence trade parlance were known as ‘Stay-Behind Nets’, in Italy known as Gladio, the headquarters of which was in Rome. In that post-war period Colby was a young intelligence officer assigned to the CIA station in the US Rome Embassy. Officially the network was clandestine, he related, ready to be called into action as sabotage forces when the time came, confirming the few words of those two young Romans of years earlier. Colby said that in 1951 the chief of the CIA in West Europe sent him to the field to help build the Stay-Behind network. ‘Our aim was the creation of an Italian nationalism capable of halting the slide to the left,’ he said, as if speaking of ancient Greek history.

    Gladio: the Story of a Conspiracy

    ​The Real Revolution In Military Affairs, Pepe Escobar gives the high points of the American military’s complete vulnerability to Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons, both at sea, and every American military base in the world. Mutual Assured Destruction has never been more robust.​ The most expensive military in the world can only kill, not protect.

    PEPE ESCOBAR: You Say You Want a (Russian) Revolution?

    Mohamed El-Erian is worried about the “new normal” without economic growth, and thinks Europe is first in line at the chopping block. The whole interview is realistic, but targets very rich audience. Upshot is “dump risk now!”
    What’s going on in the advanced world is structural. It’s about productivity and growth potential. If you run complex liberal democracies at low growth for a long time, things start to break. So as good as the «New Normal» was for the last ten years, I don’t think it will expand the next ten years. We’re going to see a tip, and in Europe we’re getting much closer to it: If Europe hits stall speed in 2020, which is a growth rate of below 1%, the chances of a recession are increasing. Yet, with better policies, Europe can also bounce back quite quickly. So Europe is really heading for this tipping point or T-junction. The same is true for China and the US. But Europe is most advanced in that process.

    ​Don’t try to interpret this study at home!
    It won’t actually have a real, verified meaning until we have a medicine to sell you for a few thousand dollars per month, for the rest of your life.​ (I eat chilies 4 times a day, myself.)
    ​ ​For many years, chili has been hailed for its therapeutic properties, and now researchers have found that eating chili peppers regularly can cut the risk of death from heart disease and stroke.
    ​ ​Carried out in Italy, where chili is a common ingredient, the study compared the risk of death among 23,000 people, some of whom ate chili and some of whom didn’t.
    ​ ​Participants’ health status and eating habits were monitored over eight years, and researchers found that the risk of dying from a heart attack was 40% lower among those eating chili peppers at least four times per week.
    Death from stroke was more than halved, according to results published Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.


    Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for visiting.

    Doc Robinson

    The organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF, based in Paris) published this today:

    Two months before Assange’s extradition hearing, RSF calls for his release on humanitarian grounds and for US Espionage Act charges to be dropped

    The Boards of RSF include, among others, the head of the Associated Press in Paris, the global news director at AFP, the CBS correspondent in Paris, and some Nobel prize winners.

    V. Arnold

    Merry Christmas to you Ilargi…

    V. Arnold

    …and thank you for all that you do…
    Best wishes to you for the coming new year; it will be interesting, to say the least…


    A few word
    I wish everyone happiness, peace and a painless life.


    Dr. D Rich & Dr. D:

    I read both of your comments concerning Admiral Rogers.

    Dr. D your comment, I have had to re-read multiple times to try and fathom your meaning(s). You ask many good thought provoking questions.

    Dr. D Rich your comment seems clear. Rogers was a classmate. The good Admiral Rogers isn’t so good!

    However, I am not convinced Dr. D is saying that the good Admiral Rogers is necessarily so hot either! He seems to have ended his comments asking some good questions that remain unanswered! I suspect if truthful answers could be obtained, they might not shine favorable on the good Admiral Rogers.

    However both of you have furthered my understanding of the complex role played by Admiral Rogers in the deep state’s coup attempt against President Trump. Sadly for JFK, his own party voted to permanently fire him.

    I must confess, I did not stay at a Holiday Inn last night. So that is not a good sign!

    I must also confess to working in a Siberian coal mine for 6 months back in 1983. Sadly, I never got to experience the affections of any Russian honey pots. My one regret.

    Obviously my mission to save communism was a total failure! Maybe that was the real goal of my mission? So yes, there are likely some rather thick files on me!

    Oh yes! Merry Christmas to you both!

    Dr. D

    Since perhaps we’re on Debt-report holiday:

    If you’re overlooking Hanukah, here’s an interesting take on the Macabees and today by Rabbi Cahn:

    At 9:50 “A new civilization rises up, a Greek civilization, they want to make everybody the same… [Antiochus rises ]where they will all follow the god of the Greeks… every nation must give up their traditions, give up their Gods” and follow the one tolerant, cosmopolitan religion.

    10:58 But there is one people who are actually religious and don’t fit in. So Antiochus says “I’m going to wipe out their faith…and make everyone apostatize so he puts up laws…” and desecrates all that is holy to these backwards, religious holdouts.

    13:07 They have pagan celebrations in it, it’s darkened because they have sexual immorality in the Temple [Church] … We’re going to persecute the people of God. Anyone caught with a Bible, or a scroll, is going to be killed and they start burning [books].”

    13:00 “Anyone who keeps the Sabbath, anyone who teaches their children in the ways of God will be killed…in fact across the occupied country, we’re going to force the people to sacrifice to OUR Gods.

    13:41 “People across ]the country] start going along with it. This is the way the times are going, better just go along with it. …We’ll start walking around naked in the gymnasiums…even the religious start going along…”

    14:06 BUT, “from the middle of nowhere, out of the hill country…a guy called Matthew starts a resistance. …They don’t know how to fight, they don’t know how to do anything, but we’re going to resist this. …The Greeks send an army against them and they miraculously win and take their weapons.”

    15:38 Antiochus sends half his army in…to wipe them out completely…[yet] they win.”

    16:43 So they turn the tide, light the temple, and rededicate themselves back to their original principles.

    Sound familiar? Any two groups in a major nation that come to mind? My but “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.”

    So from yesterday, is the Left now a religion?

    Along with the whole panoply of other faith-religion, anti-science elements, headliners like Alyssa Milano, when faced with a political setback, now decide to pray instead of, say, going door to door and raising money, or finding an updated political message and candidates that people actually want. That is, they’ve installed the last block sliding into place for a straight up fundamentalist orthodox religion. Which sad to say, is the religion of losers; those who have ceded their power to work for themselves over to some distant “fate”, and supplicate to this power and orthodoxy instead of say, hoeing fields and hammering iron. Which is just why although a sizeable block the Religious Right, has gone nowhere all these years, and is mostly still going nowhere now.

    So there’s your Hanukah message, no doubt given to you by those speakers such as Cahn, but also Shapiro, Breitbart, Mnuchin, Cohn, and Stephen Miller (yes, that one).

    Times, history, complicated, ironic, deceptive, and if anything seems two-dimensional, you might be doing it wrong. Ask yourself regularly: what if I’m not the hero.? Am I the baddie here? What if the tolerant people aren’t so tolerant? What if the religious people aren’t so godly? The only way to stay open, to not become a zealot, is to have continuous doubts, and therefore to ask continuous, uncomfortable questions. Hanukkah sameach!

    Dr. D

    Good Dr., et al.

    Oh yes. The Marine Generals, Military Intel, and the NSA are not your friends. They think they are, but they’re not. They’re re-setting the U.S. away from empire and back to domestic use but for principle? Probably not, they were just peachy with the empire try-to-take-over-the-world attack by Bush on the middle east, then the double-down of 5,000 innocents droned in Obama’s 5 (or 15) new wars. It’s only because that failed they need to withdraw to their borders and defend, which the Neo-lib/Neo-cons psychotically refuse, constantly doubling down until all is lost.

    This part’s a bit complicated though, since they DO think they’re Americans and Constitutionalists. They are saving the Republic by returning us to our home and our values. “The enemy of my enemy” and all that, I’m thrilled to let these two Deep State factions fight it out in public instead of killing all of us instead, as planned, so I can just eat popcorn and mouth off online.

    But again, they are not, and this anti-Empire faction ever puts down the CIA and MICC-Empire faction, they will be more dangerous because they are fair-seeming with good talk. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Rogers was saving his rear admiral by falling immediately on the mercy of the new President…however, the coup was so widespread I don’t see that as likely in the primary sense: he had an entire army of additional force he could have hit Cheeto with. I think he believes himself and wants to take out these other forces — his rivals — in bureaucracy, and he thinks he’s for Hamilton’s Washington’s Republic. But he’s not and can’t be. Is he going to stop spying tomorrow and erase his whole organization domestically and worldwide? Is he going to call for the erasure of 9/10th of the Federal Government and the standing Army to be erased and go back to a militia, on Swiss status? That’s what every founding father would require (okay, maybe not Hamilton). Not on your life.

    But first things first. SOMEBODY is fighting the greater enemy of the Deep State, CIA, profiteers, anti-law, and worldwide mass murderers. Let that army go down first, THEN we the people can discuss and apply our remaining pressure on the wild, dizzying overreach of the remaining government. …And against a backdrop of de-centralization as we see rising worldwide, which will certainly happen if the money gets reset. So that’s the problem: THEY (Trump, Rogers) think they’re for the people. And while much appreciated, I think they’re not. They’re for themselves, like everybody else.

    V. Arnold

    …and a merry Christmas to all the Automatic Earther’s and my best wishes for the coming new year.
    We do indeed live in interesting times; I cannot remember a time past, fraught with such dangerous uncertainties…
    Such is the content of memory…

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