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    Figmund Sreud

    Most recent stuff on yield curves – all via RIA data and opinion, … hence recession prediction:

    Have a broader look at many yield curves, here is a pic:

    ~ 70% of yield curves are now inverted. Every time this many yield curves invert, a recession soon follows.

    The recession typically occurs just after the yield curve un-inverts. Stand by for the stock market to roll over, …

    … fwiw,


    John Day

    R.I.M. said: “Not in soil. But how about hydroponics?”
    4 pounds of water to produce 1 pound of tomatoes is not possible because of the tremendous amount of transpiration necessary through the leaves of any plant.
    One might manage to collect condensation water in a greenhouse and recycle it, similarly to what mom-nature does, but the greenhouse heating would drive that process, and the water would collect on the cooler glass surfaces.
    That would be a heat-driven distillery of water, which is an expensive way to get water.

    I call “FOUL” if that is how somebody gets that number.


    Big Tech Running Our Lives

    About 20 years ago cell phones were the big “in thing” with kids.

    My kids were still young and in elementary school but a select few of the kids had their own cell phones. This put a lot of us parents under pressure to provide our kids with their own cell phones too. The keeping up with the Jones syndrome.

    Being unemployed, I used to walk my kids to school every morning. We would always get there early so the kids could play with their friends before the school bell rang. (After school was over, I stayed until my kids had run out of other kids to play with.)

    One morning my kids and some of their friends were standing around talking, when another kid joined who had a cell phone.

    So I asked the kid what would happen if his cell phone rang but he didn’t answer his cell phone right away? He said he would be in big trouble with his parents. They wanted to know where he was at all times.

    What would happen if he forgot to bring his cell phone to school. He would be in big trouble with his parents.

    So you have to carry this cell phone with you wherever you go? Yes, he said.

    If he was to go to a friends place after school to play? Oh, he would have to phone his parents to ask for permission first.

    Then I said so carrying this cell phone around with you is actually a burden for you. Yes, he said.

    So this cell phone is like having a heavy metal ball chained to you ankle where ever you go? I never though of it that way before, he said.

    Disclaimer: I still don’t own a cell phone but the rest of my family each have their own cell phones.

    So if St. Peter wants to call me, he won’t be able to reach me by cell phone!

    John Day

    @boscohorowitz: You put the wrong link to “hit me”. Here, fixed it…


    The criminals and clowns that are at the top of NATOstan organisations still seem to believe that they can issue edicts to ban the distribution of truth and not look like criminals and clowns.


    I know one place where you can grow a tomato with very little water, Saskatchewan!
    As in one tomato per plant!


    This is what the early stage of a global collapse looks like:

    ‘Meanwhile, another factory PMI report shows China’s manufacturing sector contracting, confirming the official data.

    Trade activity is softening fast now. South Korean exports fell -14% in November from a year ago. That is a big move for a big exporter.

    Japan’s factory PMI slipped back into contraction in November.

    And the downturn intensified in the EU.

    In Australia we are seeing a deceleration rather than a contraction in their factory sector. But a separate local PMI already has them in contraction.

    And with all this retreat in trade, as you would expect, container shipping rates are still falling fast, down another -5% last week alone to be -75% lower than year-ago levels and -15% lower than ten year averages. Outbound rates from China are the weakest. Bulk cargo rates are little-changed however.

    International air cargo volumes are sagging again too, down -5.6% globally in October, down -8.0% in the Asia/Pacific region. Things would have been worse if it wasn’t for the +10% rise in air cargo volumes out of North America.’


    “Yes, between them, Huxley and Orwell got most of it right.

    The only major aspects they missed were resource depletion, extermination of wildlife and burgeoning pollution.”

    Them two gents knew a few things and I’ve learned from both of them, but missing the above 3 things is like missing most of it.

    Things That Used To Be


    “4 pounds of water to produce 1 pound of tomatoes is not possible because of the tremendous amount of transpiration necessary through the leaves of any plant.”

    If the plants are well rooted, watered efficiently, and not pressured by hot dry air to transpire moisture, that “tremendous amount” might not be all that tremendous. Holland has all three elements.

    Idaho potatos want 34 lbs (or a bit over 4 gallons) Idaho be hot and dry in the summer.


    Our great-grand-children will find it hard to believe that we could watch images liike this for free in our homes:

    Clouds from above“>Clouds

    Michael Reid

    Piers Corbyn discusses the myth and fraud of the “Climate Change” narrative and how it’s the solar and lunar cycle that drives the weather. The Green Agenda emanated from the Club of Rome, was adopted by the EU, and is part of a much larger agenda. Piers can’t believe how quickly they began accelerating the plan from 2020 onward. There are six legs to WEF’s “New World Tyranny” (virus, climate, war, vaccines, 5G, Digital ID). The left has completely sold out and where Russia and China fit in all of this is a crucial question. Moscow and Beijing adopt aspects of the Great Reset which help them domestically to control their populations. He believes the EU was a trailblazer for the WEF where they were just testing things out. He discusses ways to resist and fight back.

    Piers Corbyn: WEF’s Six Point Plan for New World Order Tyranny


    You won’t see this on twitter.

    This not the history that you/we have been taught as a child.

    Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism

    Operation Gladio: NATO’s Secret War for International Fascism
    3249 Views December 01, 2022
    By Cynthia Chung for The Saker blog


    BRICS are all corrupt to the core, a half a million is nothing to theses crooks who steal billions while the people go backwards, they are no different than ours.

    Dr. D

    Actually, weird, I wasn’t adding for either Climate Change or Water Use. It was that Holland TRIED something. They saw a potential problem and ACTED. Acting – barely – but with some good lead time, they moved from par to being the second largest food exporter.

    Are they using a lot of oil to do it? Yes. But it’s hard to tell how much. The greenhouses are plastic but would live 30 years before a refresh. Presently they use a lot of gas heating them. This can be much reduced or eliminated to ambient sun, but it affects yields and varieties. It can also be used nearby and not shipped. Can they use 1gal to grow? Maybe. I doubt it. But in a closed-loop it would be a LOT less, is the point. Besides, they totally fabricate the numbers for “water use” outside, so why not just make dat s—t up inside too? They say “California lettuce consumes” 100,000 gallons per head or something. Yes, if it rains from the sky. Or if they pump water, irrigate in places you shouldn’t, calculate each using the maximum known level, then ALSO assume the water doesn’t go into the ground to be reused tomorrow. Like use of water for cows. Where do you think that water goes? Like oil it’s burned up, destroyed? Duh, no. So to me NEITHER number is even slightly accurate. That’s not the point. The point is it’s more efficient if you TRY, and if you IMPROVE.

    And yields rise. Radically.

    The man video is weird in so many ways. First, if he won’t protect you: dump him. Immediately. Don’t wait to get home. He doesn’t love or care about you. That leads to the next problem, if she doesn’t ALSO want to go downstairs, then she doesn’t care about him. …And no one cares and they all find that normal. Such self-centerness is universal to find. Really, he should want to go down and she should want to go down too, or stop him to protect him.

    And all their scenarios make no sense. What do these citiots do, call the police every time a cat tips over a can? The police must LOVE that. Somebody has to go down, so I hope you have pre-planning for it. He can go first as she can’t stop him (in the ideal scenario) while she’s a well-practiced shot and is right behind with backup. And a phone. And body armor. And upscaled door locks that are way cheaper and easier than guns so this doesn’t happen in the first place. Or is slipping out the back with the kids for flanking them and for help.

    All the evolution stuff he fills it with is garbage. Toss it out. I could make equal arguments for the opposite — we don’t know.

    Men are bigger, stronger, faster, more aggressive, more forward – a type of courageous – and far more immune to injury. Of course if the woman went down first with HIS backup, there’s a much better chance we could talk this down. Might be better, but stats are out. In low-occurrence high-danger outliers, that would certainly be a terrible idea. I forget the sport but there was a man 175th place with men, moved to 1st place with women? That’s an unbelievable difference. They’ve had 8th grade men beat women’s Olympic records? Man that stings. A Colt is indeed the great equalizer, but not enough, I don’t think. I suspect the majority of women would hesitate before murdering someone in their living room in front of the kids. He who hesitates is lost because the right intruder will take it from you then have you AND the weapon. …Never, NEVER let that happen. You should better run instead.

    What I’ve learned which he doesn’t cover with the “evolution” blather is how immensely physical and demanding being a mother is. In fact, it’s embarrassingly too physical. Being laid out by your body sometimes even as a young woman. Being pregnant. Being tired, exhausted. Being worn out. Stretched out. Leaking out. Nursing, which if anything can be MORE exhausting. Being up days. Being up nights. Being the single body whose only purpose now is these children and STILL be a waking body for your husband and some useful tasks too. And this goes on and on for years, or repeats again in a year or two. You’re just this exhausted, droopy, giving THING. And it is good, and fulfilling, and it lightens up too, but speaking of who’s more physical, can you really say?

    They should really say you were pregnant for 5 years. 9 months before and all the time for the two kids after, until they’re in preschool.

    This is why the screening for men should be so very much higher instead of “he’s cute, let’s take him home.” Because while you’re in the sling HE needs to be holding up everything else, which is like…everything. Too tired to move that far, he brings food for the pot. He checks the perimeter. He makes sure there’s heat and clothes. Why? Biology? Not really. Practicality. She’s just too busy and too focused to do it, and it needs to be done, so that’s that.

    I wrote before I think about what an ASTOUNDING specialty motherhood is, and because you’re tied down for this 5 year period, minimum, the associated specialties you can get done while tied down, like cooking, sewing, chatting, herbalism, whatever. It’s not because men were misogynists. It’s just the only practical thing possible while if you’re tied down SOMEBODY has to go out without an hour buttoning up the kids in snowsuits like the Michelin man for a 2-minute drive to Cosco. That s—t takes all day. Since that’s the biggest waste and time-suck, the man has to cover the other end, thus HIS skill set and work day. Which then necessarily excludes a lot of that.

    Why would I train her to be a surgeon if I thought we’d blow 5-7 years of her 30 year career? That’s more practical today, but only barely. We just don’t respect it, or what mothers bring, or have to do, learn, and be.

    I think because of this, we, or men, therefore don’t respect what women have to do either. And therefore what we MEN have to do, what is required of us. Everyone is careless as grasshoppers, insouciant as 5 year olds.

    So strangely, Feminists hating women so much they degraded womanhood has had an even worse effect on the state of manhood. Men can’t be men unless women are women, and why should they?

    The thing that gets me in this discussions, like his, was that Why SHOULDN’T the woman go down? We’re all equal, aren’t we? Yes, until something happens. Anything. Then it’s YOU die for it, sir. So the problem is they want it both ways. Both to get all the benefits of equality, but all the benefits of division and in-equality too. You get no credit for being willing to care, to fight, and no respect. Yet if you DON’T you get a stream of s–t you’ll never hear the end of. See the stats on who pays the check on the first date (as a make or break event). Illuminating about how people really feel. So just be honest! We know. Of COURSE it is that way. What men oppose are liars. Or for feminists, pathological, entrenched liars who even when it’s pointed out, still persist. When it hurts them, persist. When it collapses and terrorizes children, still persist. STOP! Where’s your motherhood for God’s sake? The men who want to stand up if allowed are all over. They’re ordered not to.

    If not? You end up with guys like this one: “I DON’T CARE.” I don’t care about men. I don’t care about women. I don’t care about our children. I don’t care about THIS woman, who I’ve committed to in word. I only care about ME. That was the world they advertised, promoted, argued for. This was the guy they created that fits their equal, feminist, sciency-logical world. Here you go, he represents everything you believe in. Take a big bite.

    I’ll stick with the old ways, and stats show women do too. The only recent problem is they SAY they don’t. Online, in dating, they say they don’t. In their profiles, their social media they say they don’t. But stats say they do, they won’t have to do with useless baby-men like these. Unf thanks to all the unfathomable lying, far too many women find out far too late. Not just that being a mother is no joke, that they really should have had years of hard training for it, but that they will need a man to cover it who is not a joke. You’ll need a man who’s very strong and serious and patient indeed to do it. Luckily they can grow into it.


    It ain’t just bankers!
    “It is absolutely fascinating to me that I have people who come to me who are starting to think about being made a managing director in an investment bank who started in this business in 2010 or 2011, and so they’ve never really seen an environment where money hasn’t essentially been free or very, very cheap,” Harding-Jones said at the Financial Times Global Banking Summit on Tuesday.

    John Day

    @DrD: No offense intended on watering tomatoes, just bullshit-detected.
    I’m probably relatively fearless because I grew up with cats and likely have “latent toxoplasmosis”, but I defended a woman I’d barely met that day in the ocean from a watery death, for exhausting hours, and explained later to my wife why I didn’t pick her up from work.
    I’d rush the gun, or whatever.

    John Day

    “Diversified Censorship” is up, with a picture of not-me for a change

    Why has Robert Malone MD attacked Peter Breggin MD and his wife Ginger Breggin, with a lawsuit for $25 million?
    They seem to share common-cause in outing the dangers of the mRNA COVID-vaccines, with fairly minor differences.
    Dr. Malone does not sue those who call him a nut-case-tinfoil-hat-conspiracy-theorist for defamation, but sues Peter Breggin and his wife Ginger Breggin for “defamation” for their message that Malon’s take on mass-formation-psychosis tends to let the elite owners, who pump it, off-the-hook.
    Certainly, that can be settled better in a public debate… Such debate has been offered repeatedly. Thanks Jay.
    I have to see this as both a form of censorship, which the Bregins cannot fight alone, as they lack the funds, and a divide-and-conquer technique.
    How has Dr. Malone been brought to this?
    Obviously, there are forms of coercion in our world, and those who are experts in their use.

    The Path of Seeking and Speaking the Truth​ ​
    On acquiring immunity to propaganda and ideology
    John Leake meets with Aseem Malhotra MD, and the Epoch Times reporter, Jan Jekielek​ after Dr.Malhotra gave a talk with Peter McCullough MD.
    They make a pilgrimage to Dealy Plaza in Dallas, and stand in the spot where John Kennedy was assassinated 11/22/63.
    President Kennedy had failed to be coerced, you see… LBJ was much more reasonable, as have been subsequent “presidents” of the imperial oligarchy.​

    ​ Pierre Kory MD reflects upon the life and works of faithful imperial functionary, Anthony Fauci MD, who is now “retiring”​,but recently gave a deposition, where he could not remember much.
    ​ ​In December 2020, Fauci marveled at the purported 90% efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine, heralding the development as “just extraordinary.” As the pandemic wore on and “breakthrough cases” became the new norm, Fauci shifted to, “even if a vaccine fails to protect against infection, it often protects against serious disease.” In May 2021, he referred to vaccinated people as “dead end to the virus.” Today, as Fauci continues his push for more and more boosters unabated, even the New York Times is publishing stories carrying headlines such as, “Will Covid Boosters Prevent Another Wave? Scientists Aren’t So Sure.” Vaccinated Americans accounted for a majority of COVID-19 deaths for the first time in August.
    ​ ​Making matters worse was Fauci’s relentless disinformation campaign against the use of safe, effective re-purposed generic drugs in favor of high-priced, patented pharmaceutical products. Fauci dismissed critics as opponents of science, even at one point claiming to represent science itself. Yet when data have countered his preferred narrative, science has faced no greater foe than Dr. Anthony Fauci.
    ​ ​For example, Fauci denigrated ivermectin, a readily available over the counter drug that has proven effective as a covid-19 treatment, despite his and the media’s constant citing of less than five of the 93 controlled trials in order to claim that ivermectin is ineffective. Ditto with Hydroxychloroquine, labeled as “dangerous” with “toxic” side effects, according to Fauci, who has provided no evidence to support his claims despite an even larger evidence base in support.

    John Day

    Peter McCullough MD , People quickly get better on ivermectin in ​multiple ways. Ivermectin fights COVID through at least 4 mechanisms. Breathe easier.
    Miraculous Recovery of Hypoxemic COVID-19 Patients with Ivermectin

    ​Spartacus looks at: ​What’s Really in the Shots?
    ​ ​This is complicated by there being no legal way to look at a bunch of the shots from different batches​, or to get answers to their contents. Some contain graphene, nifty self-assembling micro-circuits, which stop self-assembling when shielded from radio-frequency energy by a Faraday shield.​ Some contained something that magnets stuck to. Some have no mRNA at all in them, just empty little polyethylene glycol nano-bubbles with no Trojans inside. We know that a few batches caused the great majority of adverse events, but nobody is allowed to look at them and compare.
    The good news appears to be that some people got shot with blanks, but who?

    John Day

    M. K. Bhadrakumar from Indian Punchline, Thanks for these, Eleni.
    Vladimir Putin sat down for 3 hours last Friday with mothers of living and dead Russian soldiers and took their unscripted questions.
    Putin admitted he had been wrong to not act sooner to stop the genocide in Donbass.
    ​ ​Wading through the 18,000-word transcript of an hours-long meeting that President Vladimir Putin took with the “soldiers’ mothers” last Friday in Moscow, one gets the impression that the fighting in Ukraine may continue well into 2023 — and even beyond.
    ​ ​In a most revealing remark, Putin acknowledged that Moscow blundered in 2014 by leaving Donbass an unfinished business — unlike Crimea — by allowing itself to be lured into the ceasefire brokered by Germany and France and the Minsk agreements.

    What to expect in Russia’s winter offensive in Ukraine

    ​ ​The meet-up location of NATO foreign ministers on November 29-30— Bucharest — was where ten years ago, former US President George W. Bush persuaded America’s transatlantic partners that Ukraine and Georgia should one day join their military alliance. The foreign ministers duly “reaffirmed” that decision yesterday and left it at that.
    ​ ​However, their statement on the conflict in Ukraine emphatically stated that the NATO “will never recognise” Russia’s incorporation of four Ukrainian regions and underscored the alliance’s resolve to “continue and further step up political and practical support” to Kiev.
    ​ ​The NATO General-Secretary Jens Stoltenberg who is the mouthpiece of Washington, warned that despite Ukraine’s bravery and progress on the ground, Russia retains strong military capabilities and a large number of troops, and the alliance will continue to support Kiev for “as long as it takes … we will not back down.”
    ​ ​Such pronouncements betray the absence of any new thinking although developments on the ground are showing that Washington’s best-laid plans are floundering. And there are also growing signs of disunity on Ukraine issue among the US’ European allies and between the latter and the Biden Administration.
    ​ ​The neocons in the Biden team who are the driving force in the Beltway are still full of passionate intensity.​ (A mile wide and an inch deep?)

    Conflict in Ukraine is doomed to escalate

    Biden says he’s prepared to speak with Putin about ending military activities in Ukraine
    US President has no immediate plans to contact with Russian leader

    ​Also from FS, Our Currency, The World’s Problem, parts 1 (background) and 2 (update)
    One important point about inflation, when one controls the global reserve currency, is illustrated by the Fed’s massive creation of money in 2020, creating massive inflation in the world, which the raising of interest rates is largely EXPORTING to other countries. Inflation management by cutting domestic wages has nowhere to go. People can’t live on what is paid, already. However, raising interest rates by the Fed “strengthens” the $US, so imports become cheaper. Notably, oil, which is still mostly priced in $US is much more expensive outside the US, in countries whose currencies have depreciated against the $US.
    This will be different when the $US is no longer the global reserve currency, won’t it?


    My area here in Tas. is a top spud growing spot. We get an average of one meter of rain a year , about three feet for the imperialists. Even with that amount of rain farmers will still turn on the irrigation , especially those growing late spuds which are harvested in mid or late summer.
    Rainfall this year has been above average and the ground has been too wet to get the harvesters in until about a week ago.
    “Potato plants rely on a steady water supply. This is one of the key points to large yields from my years of growing spuds. Water them deeply at least twice a week unless we have had plenty of rain (ramp your watering up when leaves are up, plants are growing and rain is scarce). They are sensitive to drought conditions, especially when they flower, as that is the peak time for forming the potato tubers. So, when it is dry and warm water them often and stick your finger into the soil to ensure the water is getting down.”

    How I grow potatoes in Tasmania


    Michael Reid said

    There are six legs to WEF’s “New World Tyranny” (virus, climate, war, vaccines, 5G, Digital ID).

    Musk provides Starlink to keep everybody connected to the internet and in six months he will be providing Neuralink digital implants to keep us all tagged and controlled like so many … I was going to say pets, but the control will potentially be greater than for pets … If Musk is your saviour then he is saving you for a world of globalist hurt.


    I don’t know, myself, and wonder what flora thinks (Katniss, too).



    Pincer movement- from “both” sides- seems like a decent model, for now.

    Breggin “v” Malone is a hoot ! Notice all the heartwarming “real-person™” images..


    @Dr D, some great points you make there, focusing on the massive task of motherhood and how it works with manhood to form a whole. Interesting. We need to re-evaluate who we are and what is important.


    The destruction of trust in anything seems like one of the rulers’ main goals, and I think that was really clear with their selection of Harris and Biden2020. Talk about a mindf*ck.. is there a way to assure and build trust among the many using this peculiar, one-way window, ruling-class-designed-and-built medium?


    Dr D said

    What I’ve learned which he doesn’t cover with the “evolution” blather is how immensely physical and demanding being a mother is. In fact, it’s embarrassingly too physical.

    Hong Kong mothers hire maids to look after their children so that they can go to work and earn the money they think they need to support their families …. usually much more than they need. Obviously they have to go through the birthing process, although the way society is going it may soon become common for the fertilized egg to be implanted in the maid and spare the mother any of the work. In the light of the achievements of feminism, you have to wonder whether these working corporate women are now more free, now that they cannot afford to not work, than they were as mothers, when their role was undervalued as you stated. Would women have had to join the corporate workforce anyway, regardless of feminism, as the west’s demand for labour increased and capitalism demanded more workers? After all, women worked during WW2. Is the current imprissonment of mothers in corporate offices, separated from their children, something that was always going to happen? The whole feminism thing, its relationship to male roles and the resulting demolition of the white male, all reminds me of the many times humans have tried to fix nature and simply made everything worse. The real issue is, as you said, our failure to value the natural roles of men and women, although I believe that lack of value is mostly among those who have not experienced those roles but are the most vocal, as well as the usual crowd with other motives.


    DocJD: keep your lousy losing hands of my lousy losing hands or I’ll hit you. 😉

    Just joshing, Doc


    Feminism arose because fossil fuels running machines removed the primacy of male labor in driving an economy. When fossil fuels fully deplete, we’ll see a powerful recursion to older gender roles and functions. I adamantly believe.

    Tree Frog

    Well, Smith, at least some of us no when we’re wrong.

    I was wrong yesterday. I’ve since recovered.

    John Day

    @boscohorowitz: I couldn’t tell what the words to that song were.
    Losing hands are losing hands and never the twain shall meet.

    Transpiration through a plant is like blood flowing through our veins and arteries, it brings the nutrients up from the soil and good things like that.

    John Day

    Suing Peter Breggin MD is not in Robert Malone MD’s personal interests, nor is it in the interests of the people who both are trying to alert to the dangers and negative-efficacy of COVID vaccine-products.
    That makes me suspect that he has been coerced into this action. It weakens his own standing, weakens the elderly Breggins, robs them of time and money, so it serves the interests of Pfizer/deep-state.
    Since it serves those interests, I suspect those interests of coercing Dr. Malone, who has a lot to lose, which can be easily pointed out to him in an compelling manner.

    John Day

    You misread “gallons” as “pounds”, so off by a factor of 8, mi Amigo Boscohorowitz..
    “Most of Idaho is high desert, which means that it is in a state of perpetual drought. An average of 34 gallons of water is required to grow just one pound of potatoes.”
    Potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant are all in the same family, by the way.

    D Benton Smith


    I view being proven wrong as an opportunity to correct an itsy bitsy tiny little temporary mistake and thereby restore the desired state of flawless perfection.

    The key is to ‘fess up real quick and get the embarrassment behind me fast enough so that no one is motivated to look any further back to earlier itsy bitsy tiny little temporary mistakes.


    We’ll know it’s over when the little blue-and-yellow icons disappear from NATOstan mainstream ‘news’.

    Since the international business based in the City of London that is commonly referred to as New Zealand operates under ‘Admiralty Law’ (as opposed to genuine Common Law, as per Magna Carta) perhaps it would be natural to start referring to vehicles as boats, and the agency that collects revenue from the operation of these ‘land boats’ as Boat United agency.

    Hence this headline:

    ‘Waka Kotahi immediately suspends WoFs from Auckland auto shop, 2674 to be revoked’.

    If you happen to be a speaker of English, you may be confused.

    You’re supposed to be.

    Is it a scorpion or is it a piranha?

    Nobody is really sure. It gets referred to as both.

    It has features of both. Prominent teeth ready to rip anything it gets them into. But it also has a very nasty sting in the tail.

    It certainly not a woman in the normal sense of the word.

    It is definitely a complete fake on all counts, and a professional liar, as are all its colleagues and sponsors.

    As the week comes to an end, we find ourselves [as an international business], another notch down the ladder of failure, in the race to the bottom.

    No business can compete with Ukraine -corruption hub and money-laundering centre par excellence- in this race to the bottom, though.

    Much personal progress, however.



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