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    MC Escher Balcony 1945   • Bitcoin Futures Top $18,000, Soar 20% From Open – Halted for Second Time (ZH) • Investors Told to Brace for Steepest R
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    V. Arnold

    Normally I like Monbiot; but I’m not sure he knows what he’s talking about on this; mass starvation.
    I’m by no means denying the possibility (all too real); just that minds’ I would trust are not asked to engage the task.
    I would suggest a first solution would be to identify stupid human tricks; one we already know; Monsanto; evil beyond measure; a galoot of the highest order!
    Being that they’re myriad; it would seem logical to round up all the autodidact’s (one can find) and invite them to engage the phenomena of stupid human tricks; thereby identifying the perveyors of such.
    Autodidacts not being products of conventional, university indoctrination (otherwise commonly known as education).
    That might just be a good start…

    V. Arnold

    Oh dear; my bad…not clear subject; to whit…
    “Being that they’re myriad”; they’re being the perveyor’s of stupid human tricks; not the autodidacts.
    There, hopefully fixed.

    Charles Alban

    clapped out…good ole british expression. clapped-out car, etc.

    Dr. D

    The EU reining in Poland’s lawlessness? That’s rich. And Poland promoting traditional, working, Christian values? No wonder they’re a “rogue state,” they hate success with a white-hot hate. Good thing they don’t have an army.

    OMG Monbiot, can you get anything right? Where will the water come from? Do you even science, bro? Aside from phenomenal advances in drip irrigation, it’s called the hydrological cycle: water isn’t burned up and disappears like oil, it moves down the environment to be used again and again. Additional heat will also causes additional evaporation and arguably more precipitation. We would know that, but no one has yet modeled the effects of water, which means they’re not modeling at all. Not to mention he missed CA (and TX) being flooded, not droughted because facts are so inconvenient. Did you notice that the topics can grow more food than anywhere? Rice fields will move north, ya lout. The corn belt will be reduced? I live with corn, and if you suggest summer temperatures will move from 100f to 140f, then yes, but corn looooves heat and the whole northern half of the corn belt doesn’t get enough of it. What about their yields? And not considering the whole Northern Hemisphere would be able to produce more food than now, as the U.S. is smaller than Canada and France is smaller than Russia. Moving on, you claim no one pollinates the tropics? Because I’m thinkin’ they do. Maybe we should discuss that throwaway line about how if Monsanto poisons all insects, you lack pollinators? But that’s an entirely different, voluntary problem: one they don’t want to tax and hate and write songs, make news, pass laws and trash candidates about.

    Speaking of oversights, he then peppers the essay with 20 ways to increase yields on existing lands: smaller farms, more handwork, which would lead to more varieties, more involvement, more employment, more stability, more solutions, then discounts that we have a battery of unused solutions in the voluntary crisis and again promotes killing people by throwing up our hands and not implementing any of them because hey, it’s AGW: we’re helpless. It’s simply impossible to change. Poverty and mass murder: always the answer, always in style.

    Again, he knows nothing about small farming, which virtually REQUIRES meat production as part of creating organic fertilizer. So we’re going to get BOTH staples AND meat if you have small farms, the same way they did since Christ was a Corporal. That suggests its own solution. He then waxes into wildlife, when he said he was concerned about feeding humans. Yes, feeding every non-human would cut into feeding the humans a bit, wouldn’t it? But if you want to protect that too, you’ll more than double the size of your argument. So it’s a throwaway meaning: “It’s really bad, m-kay. All is bad, humans bad.”

    He then moves into the simpleton’s piece de resistance: the smartest idea to feeding more people with less erosion of wild lands is to grow biofuels instead. Wait, did I read that right? Yes Virginia, the Guardian never disappoints: they comb the earth tirelessly, seeking the dumbest, most irrational people to justify chaos and mass murder, and give them the front page daily. Yellowcake, WMD and ties to Al-Queda, anyone?

    But Monbiot: surely just a second ago you said small farming was 3x more productive, suggesting a human limit of 18B, but we need to stop using plastics, poisons, and go back to the land? “Never you mind, peasant farmer from the stupid red-hat wearing food-growing portion of the greatest food producing nation on earth, for I, I am “an expert.” That’s how I know, from the rarity of my office chair that what the world really needs is more automobiles whose fuel is re-purposed food-producing lands, with more vegetarians like me driving them.”

    …But didn’t the U.S. re-purposing even a fraction of corn to ethanol cause worldwide food price spike, the Arab Spring uprisings, mass death and chaos in the millions and the reintroduction of slavery on earth?

    “Tut tut, my dear. Did you not just hear me say that for I am an ‘expert‘? Listen to your eminence and The Guardian, for they know best for you.” And will give it to you good and hard if you let them. They need to teach growing things in school to inoculate the population against this irrational, ignorant madness.

    Dr. D

    To “get someone’s goat”

    To annoy or anger someone. The origin of this expression is disputed. H.L. Mencken held it came from using a goat as a calming influence in a racehorse’s stall and removing it just before the race, thereby making the horse nervous. However, there is no firm evidence [c. 1900 ]

    Dr. D

    I guess what gets me is if Monbiot believed a word of his own argument then with sad resignation he would get up from his desk, go down to the Oxford allotment and get his hands dirty making food to save the life of one other human. Once down there the other dirty undesirables would show him a universe of things he doesn’t know. How even in England they can grow fabulously more veg than anyone thought possible. Multiplied by every unused verge, every rooftop, every seashore, every reclaimed heath in North York, and suddenly you wonder: is the whole world like this? Can you really make the desert Outback bloom with new water, create forests in Africa and India just by planting a few seeds on the daily constitutional?

    But he doesn’t do anything so he doesn’t learn anything, and so reinforces the slothful fears of other uninformed people, who then do less to fix things, not more. Drive the “right” car to Canary Wharf with 500lbs of lithium, buy the “right” clothes imported with oil from China, and carefully sort the rubbish which he dutifully pays to have dumped in the oceans on his behalf.

    Listen: there’s enough land on the margins of American highways to feed Belgium. There’s enough suburban front yards to feed France. There are limits, but we’re nowhere near them. If he believed a word he’s saying, he would motivate and know that, but he doesn’t. It’s the useless air of hyperventilating. Come to my town: we don’t even grow the fields because food price is so low. The food that’s made is sloppy, careless, under potential because it’s so unprioritized farming is a ticket to bankruptcy, outpaid by virtually every activity on earth. Incentivize it over a useless waste of time and talent like Bitcoin and get back to me about what humans and the planet can do. Read a book, man. It’s your job after all: learn something.

    David George

    The Poles (and Eastern Europeans generally) know something that the rest of Europe is now hopefully waking up to; fundamentalist Islam is totally incompatible with Western liberal values. Their experience with the hideous Ottoman Empire is burned deeply into their collective historic memories and, no doubt, strengthens their resolve to never have anything further to do with whole outfit. They will take Christian refugees but Poles will not be bullied and it is looking increasingly obvious that neither will the Czechs, Slovacs , Hungarians et al. Even the Austrians are saying no thanks. Germany, France and Sweden appear committed to the suicide of their indigenous people and it’s culture. Fools!

    V. Arnold

    Dr. D
    Incentivize it over a useless waste of time and talent like Bitcoin and get back to me about what humans and the planet can do. Read a book, man. It’s your job after all: learn something.

    LOL and spot on…


    Monbiot is good writer who is misusing his talent. He writes outright lies – for the right price.

    Here is a prime example:

    A lesson from Syria: it’s crucial not to fuel far-right conspiracy theories (Guardian 15 Nov 2017)

    The idea that the Syrian government is deliberately killing its own people is total nonsense. Here is what The Saker has to say:

    Chemical Weapons Use in Syria and Decline of International Institutions

    And here is what the Russians have to say about this sham “judgement”:

    ‘It’d be illogical for Syrian government to use chemical weapons on Khan Shaykhun’

    The reality is that all the terrorists – including the fake White Helmets – are proxies for the USA, Israel, France, UK, Turkey etc.

    ‘Reporters Without Scruples’ fails to derail revelatory conference on White Helmets

    And here is the real story of Omran

    The ‘other’ Omran: Aleppo civilians expose MSM lies & child exploitation

    In sum, Monbiot is a disgusting scumbag!

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