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    John Day

    Also @Madamski: Yeah, Vlad is good, not bad.
    His sin was to stop the extraction racket the globalists had going AND not pay massive bribes like China did.


    Just a little add on for the end of the page:
    Try going tangent before backing up.

    Good night, y’all.


    > Second day on the hunt couple weeks ago. This was the 3rd wave I had ridden at Sunset in 20 years. Setting up a bottom turn. Strange shot. Sunset is so vast and deceiving, And what you don’t see in the photo is that this is actually out off the point and its moving out into a west bowl. Basically Backdooring the rest of the wave. Trick is getting the walls with less bump so you can just lay out hard big turns. Here shows me searching for a spot though the big buckles in wave face


    phoenix voice to add to your list,

    — proper sex-ed about how babies are made in /whatever/ schooling. It is actually amazing how many teens (world, but incl. the ‘developed’ countries) don’t know the straight ‘facts’ or have given up understanding it because of conflicting information and muddying issues (e.g. moral) or believe ‘weird stuff’.

    — allow, self-decided, assisted, euthanasia. Imho some ppl in old homes (a bad scene to begin with) in v. poor health would prefer to quit this earth. Their families take pride in keeping Gran-Gran alive and don’t want her to go (sincerely, mostly.) Plus, old ppl care homes provide jobs, are a money maker for some branches of Med. and Big Pharma, etc. It is a for-profit ‘industry’ very much supported by the State, aka the tax-payer (.. in EU countries.) I’m not in any way suggesting getting rid of old ppl; merely making helped along and agreed-to (by docs, family, etc.) helped suicide acceptable socially and legal. For anyone.

    Terry Pratchett made a doc about assisted suicide (in Switz.) Link > you tube, 2013, 47 mins. I remember it as OK, watched it at the time.

    Most societies today are built on ‘growth’, the growth ethos. That often includes or assumes population growth – in the shape of more workers (cheap and controlled if poss..) and more consumers while the organisors, the overlords, manage the relationship between the two to skim off about between 10 and 50% (off the cuff obviously).

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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