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    MIM-104 Patriot
    Wikipedia says that a Patriot battery costs about $1 billion. The radar is the thing that makes these so expensive. Each of its missile costs about $3 million. The suicide drones are maybe $10,000 each. Now do the math …

    The most modern missiles Patriot system use have a maximum reach of some 60 kilometer (37 miles). One battery can thus cover a bubble with a 120 kilometer diameter. It may be good for Kiev or Odessa but is nothing that will solve the general military problem Ukraine has.


    Ukraine air defense failure. Patriot missile failure. Lockheed-Martin increased profits etc.


    Into the breach again…

    Ice Ages

    1.) Does it look like it is going to get warmer or colder in the time frame of tomorrow-2000 years from now?

    2.) Do you see where it was 10 degrees warmer than it is now?

    3.) Isn’t getting warmer than it is now a runaway unstoppable feedback loop?

    4.) How did it get way, way colder and glaciate again?

    5.) Do you see how the same cycle keeps happening?

    6.) Did you know we are on cycle 40? FORTY? With the same type of pattern?

    7.) What specifically is going to stop this SCIENTIFICALLY discovered cycle?

    8.) How specifically have you determined that human activity is more powerful than the entire planetary, possibly solar, possibly galactic climate?

    9.) Why is re-glaciation preferable to a somewhat warmer environment, when SCIENCE shows that such an environment, STABLE, warmer, with more CO2, supports more plants and all of the life (herbivores, carnivores, omnivores) that are part of its ecosystem? If more cold, less CO2, less plants, and less animals is preferable, please explain.

    10.) Do you have arguments AGAINST SCIENCE other than:
    A.) Accusations of maximum evil/profane-ness
    B.) Superlative adjectives? Horrific? Disasterous? Shall we have a competition of adjectives?
    C.) Cherry picked time frames, citing an average from the arbitrary start time rather than acknowledging sea ice (not to mention the polar bear population) has increased recently?

    11.) Where did the Vostok Ice Cores touch you?

    (And yes, I’m throwing a haymaker in the interests of openness and honesty. Rather than a vague aside, a brief moral put-down, instead of “starting a conversation” as a bad faith actor, here’s an honest to god argument. I’ve lurked on and off on Automatic Earth since, idunno, 2009? [got there from LATOC] and I’ve seen a lot of posters here that I like, respect, and agree with on many things do this weird aside, just little moral pinprick, or admonishing the website owner for not making a Confession Of Faith. It’s weird. So let’s not “start a conversation,” let’s have an argument. Hopefully not a fight, but an honest argument)


    Bosco. I’m pretty happy.
    I feel the anger and all the stuff but the more of a nobody I become the less of a someone there is to care about. I’m just some guy with concerns and opinions. I like you alot and I like that you give a shit and that you are weird and wonderful so you go girl.
    Dr D. The FTX insights were AWESOME thank you sir. Could be Black Swaning sometime soon.


    Also Bosco the Cottagecore was interesting. Really ties in with the quiet quitting going on.


    The patriots going to Ukraine reminds me of the old but good Mad TV skit- stop putting things in the iRack!!!


    These models have proven themselves wrong more often than right. The banter here, back and forth on the climate issue is based on these models, both ways.

    You mean… I put down MY The Science™, he puts down HIS The Science™, and we wrestle each other, like civilized people?


    Biden is annoyed by jumping people again.

    He suddenly stopped in the middle of the speech and told the random listeners behind him: “Don’t jump!”


    What a Maroon


    And now for something completely different

    Geoffrey M. Young

    I‘m a progressive, Peace Democrat running for Governor of Kentucky against incumbent Andy Beshear (D) in 2023

    From Geoffrey about Washington:

    “….Because my own government in Washington is the most murderous, evil government since Nazi Germany and the British Empire, I’m working toward a multipolar world where China & Russia surpass the US and if necessary destroy my imperialist government w/o a nuclear war….”

    You go Geoffrey!!!



    “Yeah I mean Tucker Carlson and Tulsi should always be given the lion’s share credit for creating these thoughts and Sundance for recognizing their genius.”

    Sundance has been onto this theory for years , still kudos to the two big kahunas for following up on it.


    Everybody is doing it, doing it ……
    Using up their stockpile 40 yrs old ammunition.

    Alexander Carpenter

    For what it’s worth, I have in Thunderbird v. 102.6 on my iMac a complete archive of all Jay Hanson’s listserve e-mails between 1997 and 2016. It is 910 MB on my disk; 954 MB as a .sbd file when exported from T’bird (that becomes a 291 MB .zip file). It is complete, and thus huge.
    I would be happy to share this with anyone who can manage the transfer and use the files to import into their mail client (or to post online on, say, DieOff Revived — Hello, Steve!)
    I believe that T’bird can export in other formats, but profess insufficient expertise.
    The archive ended in 2016 because Jay kicked me off the list (and not for the first time) for being what the more retarded of us would now call a “climate denier.” Even the most astute of us have our blind spots, so some compassion is called-for.
    Send or post contact information, and I’ll respond. There has to be some practical way to transfer this historical treasure-trove… suggestions welcome.




    I find many of the comments on TAE to be quite a downer? As if nothing will ever change because “the powerful people have control of the master switch” … so … oh well, doomed to fail, aren’t we? Just roll over and take it, you idjits.

    AND: don’t even bother trying to win this battle! It won’t work. Go shoot yourself in the head or something instead.

    I don’t know about other countries, but I’ll hazard the guess that those citizens pretty much feel the way about their country the way I feel about my own.

    I believe we should not underestimate the *average* American (Note that American is not a PC label, or so I learned a few weeks ago on TAE. So … change my country’s *name label* to whatever makes you feel comfortable. Would not want someone to feel threatened and have to head to a safe space over my use of the word American.)

    Americans are arrogant, lazy sh*ts. Yup, we certainly are. I won’t argue that. It’s quite embarrassing at times … and that laziness continues right up until we’re pushed past the breaking point. And, no, the breaking point has nothing to do with DC and its politicians and the blather they’re spouting at any given minute … because aside from the “blue check” twit crowd, most Americans don’t give a rat’s *ss about what any politician has to say.

    Btw, a lot of the comments in the past few days have been quite thought provoking. I’ve enjoyed them. Thank you to the commenters 🙂


    ‘Eurotardistan is metastasizing into a kind of tumor.’

    Gosh, and I thought it was a metastazing tumor (tumour) long before the term Erotadistan was even coined.

    My bad. 🙂


    Nice try, jb-hb. But completely ineffective, since the graph you have referred to does not indicate the thing the temperature is supposedly displaying.

    The temperature of the air above the Sahara?.

    The temperature of water in the Carribean?

    The temperature of a cave in Afghanistan?

    And since there were no reliable temperature measurements before about 1680, we must ask what PROXY was used to estimate the temperatures displayed in the graph.

    Oxygen18 to oxygen16 ratios?

    The abundance of microplankton?

    Types of pollen”

    We know it couldn’t be tree rings.

    Come back when you have some real science to discuss, jb-hb 🙂


    @ upstateNYer
    Migrants are on the move to find a better life.
    I imagine that its worst where they came from.


    The Coventry Carol, in keeping with the season.


    The Dutch farmers will not manage to change the government policies until the government owners start to lose control. At the moment they protest, but that will not work, the government does not care what the majority think as long as they remain under control. The farmers need to develop a new strategy, one that will directly impact the owners of the government and their hold on the country. One wonders what this could be given that the owners appear to be hell bent on stealing all assets while destroying all industry through energy starvation. Obviously the owners are trying to create a crisis, which they will use to steal whatever is left in the country that is not already in their hands, including personal freedom. How can the farmers interfere with this plan in a way to help them keep their property?

    The Netherlands, as with all western governments, are trying to eradicate free speech in order to control the narrative, control the people, control their contrived crisis and its solution. They are concerned that they may lose control of the plan once their citizens get cold and hungry and discover that protesting makes no difference, regardless of how big the protest. You can be sure that the demise of free speech is just the beginning. As part of the contrived crisis, we will see the introduction of policies, such as CDBC or social scoring, that will force compliance or illegal resistance.

    Of course, most farmers cannot strike as most are self employed businesses, so their only other options are to collectively control the sales price of their produce. This is illegal in most countries although the US pharma industry seems to get a pass on this one. As the farmers are effectively alone, the government is able to use its muscle to violently take away their farms, one at a time. You have to wonder what power these individual farmers can muster. How can they impact the owners’ plans?

    These are not normal times and the people of Europe will have a huge supply of weapons from Ukraine, weapons that may be used to destroy the plans of the contrived crisis currently being forced upon us. It will probably escalate into civil war. But this is not an immediate solution for the farmers, so what can they do?

    The farmers need to work out a way to fight against the contrived crisis. I do not know what that could be.



    The original reason the Dutch became big food producers is a direct result of the food shortages in WW2. Dutch farmers need to remind the Dutch what starvation is like. Plenty still alive who remember no food.

    D Benton Smith

    Aspnaz vocalized the problem pretty well when he said, “The farmers need to work out a way to fight against the contrived crisis. I do not know what that could be.”

    The solution is one that we all know, and usually reject , on the excuse that it’s too simple. Simple to the point of being simplistic, or naïve, and to be brushed aside in favor of more complicated “adult thinking” type solutions.

    In fact it is none of those things. It is merely courageous (which goes a long way toward explaining why it’s so uncommon).

    The solution is to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God.

    Don’t soften it with polite language, “redacted ” names, or carefully phrased euphemism. Just say it out loud . . . and to hell with what “polite” “normal” people think about you for saying such “unspeakable” things.

    Of course you’ll be “cancelled” for doing it, but at this point I would ask what have you got to lose?

    D Benton Smith

    We live in a funny old world. A world where the most outrageously murderous lies (including the lie committed by silence) can be told with complete impunity, but where telling the unvarnished truth is to take your life in your hands.

    John Day

    The son of Paul Pelosi attacker, David DePape, says his father ‘is not evil,’ and is ‘hardly a right-wing conservative.’ He also implied that the 82-year-old Pelosi may have invited DePape over for sexual activities.

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