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    Pablo Picasso Portrait of Dora Maar 1943   • Twitter Is Actually an Intelligence Gathering and Propaganda Tool (CTH) • Twitter Disbands Trust and
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    Dr D Rich

    Always a caveat with CTH

    “Yes. Exactly this. Yes. It’s not that DHS had a portal into Twitter, it’s that DHS took over the operation of Twitter and controlled every element of it. That’s also why profits and losses were never part of the viability equation. DHS controls Twitter operations, that’s the essential baseline for Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop. ”


    “Yes. Exactly this. Yes. It’s not that DoD/CIA had a portal into Amazon, it’s that DoD/CIA took over the operation of Amazon and controlled every element of it. THAT’S ALSO WHY PROFITS AND LOSSES WERE NEVER PART OF THE VIABILITY EQUATION . DoD/CIA controls Amazon operations, that’s the essential baseline for Amazon Web Services with AMZN Prime being their foot in the door. ”

    Ditto for Lockheed, QTC, Anthony Principi and VA Healthcare.

    Ditto for Treasury, Federal Reserve and Goldman Sachs bidirectional

    Ditto ongoing with MSFT, Gates, Fauci and the “co-optation” of NIH and U.S. Surgeon General

    Ditto Google, DARPA, DoD,

    Yeah I mean Tucker Carlson and Tulsi should always be given the lion’s share credit for creating these thoughts and Sundance for recognizing their genius.


    Denazification 2022

    “Unfortunately, Russia continues missile strikes on Ukraine’s critical civilian infrastructure, fighting against the civilian population and depriving them of light, water, heat and communications during the winter… Nearly half of our energy system is disabled.”

    Denazification 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945.

    “Unfortunately, Britain and America continue carpet bombing of Germanys critical civilian infrastructure, fighting against the civilian population and depriving them of light, water, heat and communications during the winter… Nearly half of our energy system is disabled.”


    ‘Covid vaccines were developed at a speed never seen before in history.’

    Not really because what were touted as vaccines by big pharma and viciously promoted by the fake governments of NATOstan weren’t vaccines at all.

    Cell biology modifiers were developed a speed never seen before in history.

    Even that may not be true because there is much evidence the cell biology modifiers were developed quite a long time before the fake pandemic was announced and the jabbing commenced…. like 20 years before.

    Dr. D

    “Yoel Roth Forced to flee…”

    Why? Isn’t he proud of his opinions? Who forced him? If someone was at his house, didn’t he call the police for assault and harassment?

    As none of that is true, Yoel Roth is lying. Because his mouth was open, and James Gordon’s, and the Daily Mail’s.


    Elon is a very slow learner. Here’s the guy who did four PCR tests back-to-back on camera, with all results coming back different. Proving PCR test was totally false, a scam, and therefore all numbers concerning Covid rates and spread, a scam. Yet knowing pharma companies lie about everything, took the vax. …Allegedly.

    “ Twitter Is Actually an Intelligence Gathering and Propaganda Tool (CTH)”

    Duh. Identify your enemy, erase them. I forget there was an American Army exercise some years ago with that motto: control the digital (human) space. Where they rappelled down and renditioned internet users. In Arizona? Something like that. Step 1 was for resisters to self-identify. Register online.

    “That’s also why profits and losses were never part of the viability equation. DHS controls Twitter operations, that’s the essential baseline”

    Yes. So…next question...why was Elon permitted (ordered, in fact) to buy it? Because the White Hats already had put down DHS, and this is all a puppet show to tell the rest of us.

    “Jack Dorsey admitting to a host of major mistakes during his time as chief executive while warning of “centralized control” of the internet by governments and corporations.”

    Puppet show.

    And obviously, must repeat every time, this is against every Federal Law and agreement. It is unconstitutional tantamount to treason.

    Twitter has disbanded its Trust and Safety Council, according to an email, after new owner Elon Musk criticized members over a lack of action to rid the platform of child sexual abuse material.”

    Sure. It was run by Yoel Roth who apparently approves of all that.

    “Zelensky Aide Accused Musk of Hiding ‘War’ from Twitter Trends (RT)”

    Other way around, Ze. Without Twitter’s false boosting, nobody cares about you or your war. Sorry. And Ze’s attacking the one guy who provided them their entire Army Satellite network for free. Nice. Good plan.

    “Zelensky: Russia Must Withdraw All Forces by Christmas (ZH)”

    Can’t blame him for asking. I think he’s crazy and looks stupid though.

    “This is the time for normal people to think about peace, not aggression.”

    He says as he continues to shell Donbas civilians for the 9th year without ceasing.

    US Patriot Missiles to Ukraine: Peace Continues to be Banned in DC (Celente)”

    Well, they’re not as bad as the F-35, but barely. They stop what? 10% of the incoming, back in the Iraq era?

    “and those who complain are “branded and defamed” as traitors.” –Austria

    FROM who, and TOWARDS who? Sounds important to know who both sides are. “Some things were done by some people” – Ilan Omar on 911 Could you be more specific, because I want to say: YOU.

    “Biden Operatives Plan “Swat Force” on Hunter Biden Scandal (Turley)”

    As usual, everybody knows they DO these kinds of things, but you’re not supposed to ADMIT it. So is this witness intimidation, a(nother) Federal Crime by definition? Even before any actions are taken?

    US-exploited Kiev regime territory, 40% of the whole, will be taken back without compensation.”

    They got the West – or rather a very specific mafia element – to overextend. Then when they can’t take the prize, they go bankrupt and can’t pay all the promises + materials they expended. I’ve remarked over and over through the years, first they needed a Haiti to hypothecate or collapse, then a Cuba. Then a Libya, then a Syria. Then a Taiwan, and now a Ukraine. Without a Ukraine to erase all Russia-sphere claims and hypothecate a country of 40M people 400:1, the West’s debt-compounding Mafia will collapse.

    So when Russia takes it back without compensation, the West collapses. As Jens Stoltenberg said.

    NATO says trust with Russia is irrevocably damaged. Why is that? How do we get Russia back? Stoltenberg explains:

    “They [Russia] can do as many other European countries have done since the end of the Second World War, they can choose peace, choose cooperation, choose to trust their neighbors instead of always being so aggressive and threatening neighbors as Russia has done again and again against Georgia, against Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

    Ummmm…Trust? All those European countries are either African colonies, run by Germany, or controlled by London. That’s neither peace nor cooperation, it’s tribute in a fiefdom. Like Merkel, he says one thing, but is dedicated to confirming to Russia that they are entirely correct, they can never have peace or repair European relations. Pro level: They are not stupid so surely they know this. So why? Is it really just Germany obeying MacKinder, or do they want a nuclear war too?

    In “there’s no such thing as pedophiles” category, Chris Cuomo’s producer pleads guilty to paying a mother and her 9 year old daughter to engage in sex acts with him. Not the first time. Indictment cannot be unseen.

    “The FBI not only has possession of a laptop computer owned by slain Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich, … data the bureau previously denied it even possessed.”

    I believe the FBI denied all of this during a FOIA request. Which was clearly false. I guess they can arrest themselves now?

    This was all relevant many times over the years, including involving elections. I presume they are going to also hang themselves for treason against the United States by installing a unjust administration?

    Intel agencies always take over the government. Always. This is the only truism in all history. So when the FBI owns this and sells said government to Biden, who really owns and controls the government? Wray? Or Wray’s boss?

    Actually the vaccine chart is backward. They had the vaccine patented before Covid was discovered in the wild. Go ahead and disprove me on this. I presume they used John Connor’s time machine to stop T2 before it could be released. It’s the obvious explanation.

    Lithium chart: Lithium is highly toxic and so are the mines. It also doesn’t show if that volume of lithium is recoverable on earth.

    “DOJ Faces Questions after Preventing SBF from Testifying in Congress (Turley)”

    Yes, because SBF can’t shut up and will implicate Gensler and the DoJ. Because they’re both guilty. FTX 50-company matrix has practically every Derp State name anyone’s ever heard of. Oh and Binance is suffering withdrawals today: big surprise. Maybe try blockchain technology next time?

    In SBF saga, already saying he’s about to get Epstein’d since he can’t shut up in public. No Congressional testimony, DoJ covers, no scandal as his disappearance happens in Bermuda not Federal. In the front door, out the back, off to Ken Lay island. Much to watch for.

    “Canadian Doctor Loses License for Not Wearing Mask while Euthanizing Patient” –BBee

    Canada’s medical system is the top cause of death. Actually, merely the SUICIDE part is the top cause of death.

    “Kamala Harris Visits Brittney Griner to Lock Her Up on Marijuana Charges” –BBee

    “Biden Calls for $50 Billion to Help Ukraine Track Down Notorious Russian Arms Dealer” –BBee

    Yes!!! We can release them to pay to catch them again. Like Newsome does!

    Keeping track of items entering or leaving the “Do not discuss” roster:

    Ancient Apocalypse & Graham Hancock’s “Dangerous Ideas” as all the “Good people” go ape s—t on boring old archaeology. Which has zero new facts but DID get a Netflix release this week.

    As of Monday, December 12th Apparently totally obvious and easily provable idea that man lived in civilizations previous to 12,000 years ago became a racist homophobic misogynistic idea. Who knew? Well, that settles it then: if archaeology is racist, that means it didn’t happen! Just like the 3/5ths compromise.

    Okay, “/s” : WHY is the idea of humans being way before 12,000BC suddenly verboten? What POSSIBLE Derp State danger could lurk there? …Unless it’s all true. No, really, even then: “wtf difference would it make at this point?” as Hillary would say. That’s not a rhetorical question for a people who literally believe they are literally the children of the fallen angels. Which is literally the Nazi ethos to literally back-breed the “Master Race”. Let your mind run wild: what could there possibly be true that far back that would cause them to be discredited, lose power, and have to fire the pool boy in 2023 and downgrade to Popov Vodka if humans lived in small cities with books in 13th c B.C.? You know, the way the Indian Sagas report that we did.

    Very odd indeed.

    Also very odd indeed: I admit I have no idea what is going on with China and zero covid. I mean, yes, shut off our supply chain, yes, control their own unrest, but it would have better matched signals for that, those effects seem collateral damage. And the Sinovax worldwide? With big treaties? Why? Officially the Sinovax is merely the common attenuated vax form instead of the mRNA vax form, hardly worth fighting over.

    If I was guessing, I’d propose that the CIA has unusually hard core color revolutions going there (shocking if there weren’t) and an actual deadly virus they keep releasing, perhaps ethnically-tuned like original SARS was. (Or China thinks they will, perhaps they keep punking them to make them act tyrannical and promote #1.) They must collapse China as they sank our ship in the West predicated on pirating China’s ship as their next move. Xi shut that off, and Soros went mental over it: the common criminals will be stateless and exposed. They are parasites and die without a host. That’s not much of a theory but it’s all I’ve got.


    Since the ClotShots® have sterilized countless young couples, Science has come to the rescue!

    Introducing: EctoLife®: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility

    German Molecular Biologist Unveils Concept of World’s First Artificial Womb Facility Which Can Incubate up to 30,000 Lab-Grown Babies a Year!

    Awesomely awesome!



    Seig Heil!



    Under God!



    Jack Dorsey should be roasted on a spit in the town square

    Slathered in special under-aged Twitter BBQ sauce



    Dr D Rich
    Thanks for that comment – agreed. It always comes back to limited government achieved by limited connections to government which means limited consumption. The more you are out ‘doing and making’ the less they know and the less control they have. It’s the main reason why cities are the epicentre of the control-grid Austin Fitts bangs on about.

    Getting my first pig farm operations up and running shortly.

    I forget who said it – an indigenous chief I think from memory – when asked what is the best thing to resolve problems with he said – “You gotta get the meat – then everything is easier”
    Maybe not so true for vegetarians but my oh my it sure is good to turn all that grass and plant material into eggs and meat.

    D Benton Smith

    If there is one thing that everybody agrees on it’s that anybody who disagree with them is wrong.

    D Benton Smith

    My favorite metaphorical fable is the one about the seven blind wise men examining the elephant. You’ve all heard it.

    I’m the EIGHTH wise guy, who pisses ALL of them off by asking why is there a goddam elephant in the room.


    Stoltenberg is another closeted blood drinking back-bencher Satanist, a Putin term for the West by the way.

    Eurotardistan is metastasizing into a kind of tumor.

    Slow at first, then all at once.

    An Empire of Lies induced tumor I might say.

    Russia will want a New Improved Iron Curtain

    To keep the Eurotard contagion contained.

    Unlike the Empire of Lies which does not believe in border control, Russia is into Boundaries

    Imagine the flood of millions of Nazilensky Ukros pouring into the cold, dark, hunger angry rump continent just -in-time for Winter.

    Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal!

    D Benton Smith

    I am repeatedly flabbergasted by the fact that it’s same people who bewail the evils of globally centralized power and control who are the most apoplectic in their denial that those collaborating globalist/centralists are literally and actually doing any globally collaborative centrallized planning.

    Howzat work, exactly? The WEF just suddenly POPPED! into hyper-hierarchical existence, only to find that their goals . . . . by pure coincidence . . . . just happened to be an exact match with UN Agenda 2030 (which in turn looks a helluva lot like what a dozen secret societies have been cooking up and promoting (INDEPENDENTLY from each other, mind you) for the past few centuries.

    I think the denialists need to watch more Monty Python and pay more attention to what makes it funny.

    D Benton Smith

    Speaking about funny, I think it’s both funny and oddly instructive that the words innocent, ignorant and unconscious come awfully dammed close to being synonyms.

    And that the difference between comedy and tragedy is not so much the presence or absence of those three things, but the relative degree of their presence or absence.


    Posted on April 20, 2016 by Cathal Haughian

    Our problem is how to retain the “expected return rate” for us, the Dominant Class. Ultimately, there are only two large-scale solutions, which are intertwined. One is expansion of state debt to keep “the markets” moving and transfer wealth from future generations of labour to the present Dominant Class. The other is war, the consumer of last resort. Wars can burn up excess capacity, shift global markets, generate monopoly rents, and return future labour to a state of helplessness and reduced expectations. The Spanish flu killed 50-100 million people in 1918. As if this was not enough, it also took two World Wars across the 20th century and some 96 million dead to reduce unemployment and stabilize the “labour problem.” Is this a rational and humane solution? Well, that depends on which class you’re in.

    Capitalism Requires World War


    In the world of people, cars, planes, and factories, increases in consumption, speed, or carrying capacity cause hardware to expand, not shrink. The energy needed to move a ton of people, heat a ton of steel or silicon, or grow a ton of food is determined by properties of nature whose boundaries are set by laws of gravity, inertia, friction, mass, and thermodynamics—not clever software.

    This paper highlights the physics of energy to illustrate why there is no possibility that the world is undergoing—or can undergo—a near-term transition to a “new energy economy.”


    Models! Everything is now done with models. All climate projections as all financial futures, weather forecasts, war games and actual battle plans, medical projections such as bird flu, swine flu, covid and on and on. These models have proven themselves wrong more often than right. The banter here, back and forth on the climate issue is based on these models, both ways. I venture to say, they’re both wrong, based on the fact that most model outputs are wrong. Using models built on the past to predict the coming days, weeks, years as if what will happen next will at least mirror the past is a bit short sighted me thinks. A good analogy I have seen describes it like driving your vehicle using the rear view mirror and making decisions on the upcoming road based on what you’re looking at in the rear view. Models are no way to run a civilization. Unless running it backwards is the plan.

    D Benton Smith

    Elon is now catching aWokened hell for tweeting out the word “Follow” and the emoji of a rabbit.

    The lefties immediately leaped into multi-media frontal assault on Musk by re-circulating his Tweet to their somnolent hoard of aWokened followers, thereby spreading Elon’s message to tens of millions of ignorant people who might otherwise have just gone right on sleeping.

    And to top even that astounding mistake, the hyperventilatting critics (as in ALL of the usual suspects) are dragging back into public view a raft of old scandals (Pizzagate, Clintons, Podesta, etc.) that had been successfully suppressed, buried and forgotten for years.

    The whole debacle belongs in the text books as an example of how NOT to do propaganda.

    I thought the Cabal were supposed to be PsyOp geniuses. They should have stayed awake in class.
    Spreading one’s opponent’s message to your own people ( the TARGET market he was aiming for) is pretty close to being as dumb as it gets in the propaganda biz.

    Michael Reid

    preparing to weather the storm of the Great Reset, financial collapse, war, famine, digital tyranny, and anything else that might come our way! Mainstream sources are already discussing hyperinflation which is a telltale signal of where we are. He says location is the most fundamental aspect of preparedness. You won’t thrive in an urban environment, you’ll be hanging on by a thread in cities. We’ll see bail-ins, pension funds freeze, social unrest, etc. He discusses what to do with some of your assets. At some point, portions of our life will be forced onto the Algorithm Ghetto, you will have to decide where your red lines are. Mental toughness is key. Make some preparations, but you’ve also got to live and be hopeful.

    Parallel Mike: Weathering the Storm (e.g. Great Reset, Financial Collapse, Digital Tyranny)

    Dr. D

    FTX saga: SBF in jail, unable to testify. Oops! I guess no one will hear from him again. I guess we know why his two lawyer parents uncharacteristically had him say EVERYTHING on camera, dangerously, without any precedent, up to now.

    Why? Hmmm. Well you think Congress wouldn’t ask at least ONE question that memes? Follow and map all the Derp State companies – ones that can move $200B from Ukraine to DNC bank accounts for instance – but also all the others, like Terra, people like Gary Gensler, and figures like Ze – head of the money laundering center of the world – and Maxine Waters, heads of the Banking Committee, McConnell, and so on.

    Even with an earpiece he can’t be allowed to speak. “…And then a miracle happened…” SDNY did their job! Just as Gensler was on CNN saying “I didn’t know anything about this!” and “I only read about this in the news!” Gary? THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR JOB. Gary: “Yeah, this is all interrelated, including a coin I ALSO didn’t prevent from collapsing last month, Solana.”

    …So you knew THAT, you knew you ALREADY didn’t do your job, you know they were related to problems in FTX, and…??? No, let me guess: you went on national TV to proudly tell the American people you knew it was most probably all a fraud and did nothing. This is your official defense. On national TV.

    Got it.

    Okay, writing the last few hours to say this: So…FTX is bankrupt? Yup. IN bankruptcy? Yup. So the Judge is the trustee, who will therefore 1) Audit the books 2) find the assets 3) claw them back with as much as 90 days 4) hand them out to the depositors and 5) be public about it?

    Anyone see a problem here? The Assets are IN THE DNC BANK ACCOUNT. They are in the shell corporations of the CIA. They are in accounts of Arms Dealers in Ukraine, Sudan, and Russia. They are in the Swiss Bank account of Mr. Gensler and Mr. McConnell. They are in the accounts of small-fry who vote-harvested.

    There is only ONE way for the Derp State to stop this, and you’ll be amazed:


    Amazingly, they appear to be trying this right now. I mean, they have the printing press, probably the official printing plates for US Treasury Bonds, money’s not a problem: The TRUTH is the only problem. However, just as they will blow a hole in their credit and sink by losing claim to Ukraine, they will blow ANOTHER hole in their Derp State financial web by having to liquidate everything and force-shuffle that cash into the giant hole that’s been blown in their broadside with FTX.

    This may not happen, but there are motions that show they may attempt it.


    So in a Derp State scam…teheehee…the only people…hahahaha…who get paid out…will be the SUCKERS? The little guys are the only ones who get the money and are made whole, and Lockheed and Pfizer and Paul Pelosi, Mark Zuckerberg are the ones PAYING them?


    This I will have to watch. …Or to NOT pay, and let it all come out as we map every company and every Senator. I don’t care.

    Pronouns: I’ll / Watch


    Dr.D they’ve got the money but their credit is no good!


    For any with interest:

    Welcome To Jay Hanson’s DieOff Revived
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    I interacted with Jay for around 15 years, during which time I learned a lot from him and his sources and followers. He was a forerunner who realized that the shrinkage of human activity and impact was coming, most likely unintentionally. We disagreed about predictions, with Jay often expressing certainty while I opted for probability. After a couple of on-list debates, we seemed to come to an agreement.

    I’ve supplied the funds to acquire the files, and maintain the domain name, hosting, and payments to my friend Greg Landry, who maintains and updates this website. If you see any issues or want something added to this site, please Email Steve.

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    Monopolies and Cartels Are “Communism for the Rich”

    D Benton Smith

    Sam Bankman Fraud was not actually arrested. He was taken into protective custody . . . and I ain’t talking about HIS protection.

    And the reason they’re keeping the jailbird in the cage without bail is not that they were worried about the risk of flight, it was the risk of song.


    I had a dream or two or three or four ….
    1. change your reference point

    • Twitter Is Actually an Intelligence Gathering and Propaganda Tool (CTH)
    • Jack Dorsey Responds To Twitter Files (RT)
    “(All ), social media platforms should remain “resilient to corporate and government control” while suggesting Twitter had failed to do so under his watch.”
    2. no “amnesty” for COVID-19 lockdown and mandate proponents, officials who were wrong will not be trusted in Florida

    Gov. Ron DeSantis on plan to investigate potential mRNA COVID-19 vaccine wrongdoing: “It is against the law to mislead and to misrepresent, particularly when you’re talking about the efficacy of a drug.”
    3. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a paragon of public service and that Elon Musk’s suggestions that the octogenarian bureaucrat should be prosecuted are dangerous “personal attacks” divorced from reality.
    • White House Defends Fauci From Musk (RT)
    4. Peace on earth
    • Zelensky: Russia Must Withdraw All Forces By Christmas (ZH)
    “..the continent’s “peace and freedom” would be threatened if Putin wins in Ukraine.”
    • US Patriot Missiles to Ukraine: Peace Continues to be Banned in DC (Celente)
    “it requires about a dozen troops to operate and months of training. Ukraine does not have anyone trained to use the system.”


    D Benton Smith

    I’s sorry. I just can’t pass up the chance to push the SBF ornithological metaphor.

    Sam is the perfect stool pigeon: Guilty, stupid, scared and about to be cooked.


    “Master Race”. Evidence is presented at TAE


    Figmund, ppl checking out of the work force, not even looking for jobs…

    (USA in the link you posted, but elsewhere as well), is a result of energy inputs sagging, diminishing, dying off, as you know..

    Biz, big and small, facing too high energy bills, stop paying their workers, abd close down.. Too cumbersome to keep up – too expensive to pay for – now regulated by xyz, rationed – and lastly, simply, as not available.

    The bonanza of cheap / affordable, easily piped in, trucked in, and ‘produced’ (e.g electricity) energy was previously spread around, creating ‘good’ paying jobs.

    David Graeber wrote that capitalism created BS jobs, but really it was, is, a kind of ‘surplus’ energy thing.

    A real trickle-down, not from the Rich who of course will never condone such, the servants gotta serve, and stay quiet, submit, and more, etc. but just through the growing demands of tech advances, which require a lot of employees, trained, rushing around in vehicles, working in factories, for ex. producing and installing wind turbines, servicing, controlling them, etc. Or, controlling traffic, with cameras, tech spies, police on the ball in super vehicles, admin, staff with computers sending out fines, etc.

    Without the energy that fuels all this ppl are —> sent home.

    From the employees side, if a job is too taxing and doesn’t pay enough for feeding – housing – clothing 1 person / 2 ppl, depending on job, for some, a family, there is no point to it, better to scrabble around, more benefits can be accrued by whatever other means.


    Well, don’t everybody rush to misinterpret me at once. Take turns.And please, don’t let me stop you* from having a bad time.

    I hear much talk of Orwell these days. Huxley too, but not so much, even as the concept of mass formation hypnosis, a very Huxleyian concept, is popularly cited to explain why the majority of people obediently submit to their own doom. I remember reading Brave New World at some early impressionable teen age. This passage stayed with me and probably explains the bigger part of why I dropped out of high school and ran away from society with a backpack and an imaginary friend (who? turned out to be me all along! who’da thuunk?):

    “Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they’re so frightfully clever. I’m really awfully glad I’m a Beta, because I don’t work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don’t want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse.”

    There’s a faint bitter pleasure in proving to oneself the accuracy of one’s worse impressions of others, but not nearly so much as being proven wrong. But I shall no longer try to convince y’all to be happy. Not everyone is up for dancing on graves although the entire planet’s surface is just that, especially the ones with fertile topsoil.

    I will continue, however, to seduce you into being happy online despite your inclinations otherwise. TPTB release articles all the time citing studies showing that being online makes people depressed. The evidence is fairly unambiguous. Being online, whether one is mindlessly scrolling Instragram/TikTok or diligently writing meister-screeds at fora like this, makes us unhappy.

    The logical conclusion from this is that being online is more of an addiction than a meaningful pursuit. I figger that since our chronic presence here demonstrates that we all suffer this terrible jones, let’s not entirely abandon ourselves to the downward negative internet addiction spiral of searching for an ever lower low (it’s a weird drug, the internet, jah?), we might as well try a bit of happiness between our bursts of outrage against TPTB, das sheeple, the fucked-who-are-so-vaxxed, and of course, the ever popular Anyone Who Disagrees With Us.

    Hah Pee

    * Everybody Is A Monarch of Pain…… but we can share a bit of happiness between us commoners, maybe? (Just a thought. A mad man’s suggestion.) Don’t let it bring you up.


    After Hunter was placed under investigation for, among other possible charges, tax evasion, Morris reportedly paid off as much as $2.8 million in back taxes for Hunter.

    Paid off? Wouldn’t that be a taxable event for Hunter?? You mean “loaned” don’t you? Because the adult child of a sitting President should be given money because they are the adult child of a sitting President? Nothing to see here, folks. You think an attorney in San Francisco has $2.8 million dollars lying (heh,heh) around? 2.8 mill after tax? Or is it part of a retainer from some Ukrainian National? Which probably is not a legal thing to do? I will have to ask Mr. Avernatti about that the next time I see him.


    Oh, great.
    The women of the elites are soon no longer going to bother going through pregnancy. Why bother? It makes you tired, causes stretch marks, limits alcohol consumption…(although it can increase the bust.)
    Coming soon to a nation near you…clone wars.

    Dr D Rich


    Compliments are always nice to hear.
    Btw, in my small hometown of 390 western Pennsylvania, the richest guy age 62 played guard on our HS football team and he’s The pig farmer…sells primarily to Chinese in CONUS.


    The Library of Alexandria must burn every 1,000 years, said some literary smarty pants. Ancient literary smartypants recorded in text their fears that text would erode human memory. That they wrote these thoughts down perhaps displays their fears of an eroding oral tradition.

    Before text, we told and remembered stories, ideas, histories. Considering how regularly the Libraries of Alexandria are burned, one wonders just how much (very, methinks) orally recorded information has been lost?

    Today’s Yogi tea tag: What is yours will come to you. (One of my faves.)

    Relevant song:Wishing On an Unknown Star


    Xmas wants to know ‘are we there yet?!?… are we…?’ (repeat ad indefinitum)

    Don’t Try and Change My Mind


    Some might find interesting tangents of social exploration in this wiki article:

    Cottagecore Industries, Inc.

    Today’s benighted youth don’t even get to dream the one house/two-car driveway version of the American Dream. Now they just get to paint the walls of their tinhorn studio apartments like the inside of a Thomas Kincade cottage:

    Why Settle for Ersatz When You Can Have Ersatz Ersatz?



    I honor the pain everyone feels here, including myself. I cry every day, often several times, for the countless victims out there. Well, I do. Especially the animals, who don’t even get the illusion of ‘voting rights’ or an American Dream facade painted over the bars of their slavery-for-slaughter cages.

    But I’ll be damned (*literally, both here and now, and probably in some future consequence of being damned here and now, and maybe even in some afterlife scenario), if I’ll bend my knee to the church of Our Lady of Perpetual Outraged Misery. When Don Quixote tilted his lance at those ogreous windmills, I’m sure he was as fierce and angry as many of you here present yourselves. Even if he couldn’t win because a) windmills are huge and hard, and b) only Rube Goldberg could find a way to slay dragons by running into a windmill horseback carrying a big stick, I’m sure that his fierceness wore a great big shit-eating grin.

    Take Me Now, Coppers!

    Until playtime is over, bosco of horowitz wishes you joy and peace despite the darkening rain and the pain in your hearts:

    People Say Love Is a Beautiful Sin…

    “Yes damned if you dont – damned if you do
    I said the playtime is over here come the blues..”

    The act balances itself, SeaBirds. All we can do is accept and act within it. Grace under pressure is the grace that matters most.


    As for live roasts, some basic cooking guidance:


    After (a tad overdone… you just want “it” cooked until no red juices come out when you poke deep with a sharp stick)


    “For any with interest:

    Welcome To Jay Hanson’s DieOff Revived”

    God bless you, sir! I had officially given up hope just yesterday or the day before on ever revisiting that alma mater.


    In which bosco experiences his own personal messiah complex moment (good buzz, that one, long-lasting after effects that only require one amply hydrate with humility after making a self-glorified arse of oneself, hallelujah!):

    Fire, Another Seriously Good Drug… one we got collectively high on as an uber-species until the 21st century curtailed our supply…


    The oil geologists who in the early 2000s predicted a rapid demise for industrial civilisation following the peaking of extraction of conventional oil missed two important aspects.

    1. The manipulation of interest rates towards zero (or in some circumstances below zero) by central banks. This enabled oil extraction enterprises to borrow money at close-to-zero cost and issue ‘junk bonds’ that could be rolled over repeatedly.

    2. Whilst the Energy Return On Energy Invested for fracking, extraction from tar sands etc. is poor and the environmental cost is huge, the financial return was quite good for a while. Spending $1 million to acquire $10 million worth of oil or natural gas was a sound financial investment, especially when clean-up costs were minimal or non-existent because the environmental ‘regulator’ had been incorporated into the loot-and-pollute system long ago. Spending $5 million to acquire $10 million worth of oil or natural gas made financial sense. Even spending $9 million to acquire $10 million worth of oil and natural gas theoretically made sense.

    Thus, we see why there is an endless supply of fiat currency funneled into the assaults on Russia by NATO.

    The war against the Russian Federation cannot bankrupt NATOstan because NATOstan is already bankrupt. As long as NATOstan energy and resource corporations accept increasingly worthless ‘promises to pay’, energy and resources can be siphoned into the wars-without-end.

    Clearly what can end the NATO assaults on the Russian Federation is the advanced weapons and technology that the Russian Federation has, and the unlimited-in-the-short-term supply of liquid fuels that Russia can access very easily to construct and power its military hardware.

    Airstrip One and Airstrip Two, Airstrip Three, Airstrip Four and Airstrip Five utilised much of their once-only endowments of easily-extracted liquid hydrocarbons to fuel multi-decade-long orgies of ostentatious consumption.

    The ostentatious consumption of liquid hydrocarbons in Oceania will come to an end fairly soon, even if the war with Eurasia and the upcoming war does not. Indeed, under the current Party philosophy, Oceania must not be at war with Eurasia or Eastasia but must be at war with both Eurasia and Eastasia.

    As others have noted, Oceania needs a war economy to keep both the party members and the proles in their positions of servitude. And Oceania needs a war economy to keep its Ponzi financial system from imploding very rapidly.

    Eurasia expresses this reality in the statement: Oceania is not agreement capable. That is to say, in Oceania, 2+2=3, or 4, or 5, or whatever The Party says 2+2 equals. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

    The Party is putting much effort into empahasising the importance of Ignorance is Strength at the moment via censorship and cancel-culture.

    For many of inhabitants of Oceania, the reality of life is best expressed by Winston’s plea: “Please stop the pain!”

    But O’Brien says: “That is not possible, Winston. Not until you have come to love Big Brother.”

    That’s where I have a serious problem, since I cannot Love Big Brother. I just cannot embrace totalitarian fascism and anti-egalitarianism, particularly when it is delivered by creatures such as The Scorpion, the Black-faced Clown of Canada, the multibillionaire Ravi Sankar impersonator without a sitar and the Demented Walking Corpse.


    And what have you learned today?, Teacher asks bosco. (And what’s with the eecummings name-spell?)

    I’ve learned what I already strongly suspected but now adamantly believe: 99.9% (give or take a few) of people will double down on anger, blame, shame, depression, and commiseration thereof when challenged to do the opposite. Said double-down doubles down if the challenge attacks their sense of ego in even the slightest way.

    Reliable as an atomic clock running on hot sauce.

    eecummings? It’s an internet thing, Teacher. You wouldn’t understand, bosco replied, hoping to trigger a lightning flashto kill off the army of snow goons encircling the tree fort in his mind…

    D Benton Smith

    He who must not be named or directly addressed must be having an exceptionally bad day.

    Anybody can have a bad day, but statements like , “. . . 99.9% (give or take a few) of people will double down on anger, blame, shame, depression, and commiseration thereof when challenged to do the opposite. . .” is over the top even for the bummerest of bad days.

    He don’t even believe it his ownself (or won’t tomorrow, after a good nights sleep) so shouldn’t lay it on everybody else. Makes him sound like a septuagenarian Eeyore instead of the eloquently snarky old asshole that we’ve all come to know and love.

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