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    Bret Weinstein thread.

    John Day

    Dr.D wrote: “Okay, it gets out, maybe they don’t know – although they should – and call in a panic Event 201 outlining what they already know they are about to do. When was Event 201 first planned? They control the signaling, not the disease, okay, fine, but they already know they can’t contain a pandemic over 1% (CDC finding from 100 years) and it’s already too late. Fine.

    Then what with the next decisions/behaviors?

    If it’s released from Wuhan, then why ALSO the Army games? And I can 100% believe Trump & co knowing its out, taking the VERY aggressive move on Solemeni in order to cause the national funeral. Israeli agents, release, yes. But at the same time, Northern Italy but nowhere else? Never reaches Rome?”

    One theory, which was formulated in the first half of 2020, in the west, but I later found out that it is popular in China, is that the bug leaked from Ft. Detrick, and was carried to Wuhan by military game participants, who all stayed in a couple of big hotels together, and caught and spread COVID in Wuhan and their countries. Some mysterious viral pneumonia had hospitalized some participants in Wuhan.
    There are so many holes (“Lacunae” 🙂 in any of the theories, but there are a lot of Prada factories in northern Italy, and the Chinese work there and own them, so lots of Chinese. Again, just another cultural connection hypothesis for the rate of spread. Lots of elderly in Northern Italy, too. Probably less vitamin-D. We can speculate until we die, right?
    The Ethical Skeptic article looks at COVID having been in circulation since 2018, which has some other, differently-good explanatory powers, but different lacunae, too.


    Bosco, thanks for that.

    I’m not saying that everything is connected or that The Universe has meaning and purpose and direction but there sure are some weird coincidences for me lately.

    Following the highlighting of Nether Wallop, ‘just up the road’ from where was born and grew up, I have to tell you that Guildford Cathedral was a very familiar sight for me for three years, since I did my chemistry studies at The University of Surrey, located about 500 metres from the cathedral. And got my ‘dunces cap’ (with Honours) awarded in that very cathedral.

    Unlike most cathedrals in England [which are made of stone] Guildford Cathedral is red brick!

    My goodness, how have 50 years have flown by so quickly?

    Veracious Poet

    Founding Fathers and mothers-of-Invention were all non-compliant.


    The Founding Fathers decided they wouldn’t tolerate King George & Parliament violating their Natural Rights, putting EVERYTHING on-the-line to declare their independence from the rule of tyrants…

    Today most of the “citizens” within the USofA no longer mind surrendering their Rights to Life, Liberty & the Pursuit Of Happiness, as long as there is a better tomorrow, ie Utopia in the future.

    The present Collective EGOic CULTure, promulgated by progressive, liberal thought indoctrination (the illusion spread like a virus by apparatchiks, “journalism” & entertainment media) has brought MANY to surrender their very right-to-


    in compliance with the present Utopia dream, thus allowing themselves to be injected/medicated with God knows what, among a myriad of other insane events…

    I see it in my community, spread like a cancer in my wife’s familia, where her vaxed/boosted Uncle *suddenly* died last week from heart failure (listened to the .MED monsters ’til the bitter end) 😐

    Never the less the pain/suffering/deprivations/indignities, true believers WILL NOT abandon their VOICE-IN-THE-HEAD ideological mores & seek out courageous, spiritually enabled *leaders* like The Sons of Liberty, they’d rather die first…

    Reminds me of this warning/foreshadowing speech in Utopia:

    Or this:

    In 1997 after being active “trying to make a difference”, informing “Americans” *directly* about TPTB/TBTF usurping their Natural Rights (which was no near as complete as now), I became aware of the mind virus bringing *most* “citizens” to the point where they were apathetic en total, hoping only for a velvet gloved tyranny that would provide a nice cage, food & entertainment 😐

    Fast forward 25 years & America (hence humanity at large) is one a razor’s edge, one or maybe two “Emergency Power” events away from, well you know what from…

    And no amount of prepping, training, whinging or blogging will make a difference now. That ship sailed on 9/11/01 😐

    How do you think things will deconstruct when Ukraine requires *TOTAL* U$/NATO .mil intervention? Taiwan?

    Time for me to go back to ignoring the forums again, stick to hard news (mostly headlines are enough), I’ve got some prayer/meditation & real life actions to take, while I can…

    All blessings & good luck 🙂

    John Day

    @AFKTT: Thank you, Brother, for that time-capsule glimpse of your young life. We cut those rungs from the ladder as we climbed it. It’s rickety up here.

    John Day

    Thanks VP Gary, I read that , but didn’t watch the videos.
    I get it. Choose the easy path and just stay on it. Probably it will all be fine. Nobody else is afraid,
    Have a beer and a Xanax. Don’t over exert in heat and cold, and stuff. See a therapist.

    Veracious Poet

    Watch the videos John, if you haven’t seen Utopia (not necessary BTW), they’re from 2013-2014 & are VERY indicative of the *NOW*…

    You just might be able to spot the Wilson Wilson’s in your midst, before they can do damage to you & yours 😐

    I wish I could be all upbeat & positive about humanity’s future, I really, REALLY do, but that isn’t what I see in the tea leaves…

    In fact, because of Trump’s *surprise* election (add BREXIT to that party), TPTB/TBTF have sped up the meat grinder, resulting in complete capture of U$ elections, among other things ~ The insidiously insane, clown-like behavior coming out of the EU/NATO & DC over the last 6 years (really since Bush/Obama) should have scared EVERYONE, who should now be screaming for solutions to get off the crazy train, but thus far there’s barely a whimper compared to the requisite effort(s) NECESSARY 😐

    Please tell me I’m wrong…

    Dr. D

    “It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation.”

    Evolution and “Sciency” again. So every other ‘race’ had exactly as much time on earth – 100,000 years – and did NOT destroy their own ecology. Explain? Because a few odd ‘races’ did and we refuse to pay any attention to the other ones? And they were the most advanced because they invented digital watches instead of playing in the sea all day? That’s exactly why the other cultures think THEY are most advanced and Rome is stupid and backward. He’s defining himself as a tautology: the most advanced are those which destroy/transform the ecology, while those who transform are most evolved. Instead of some other, different standard, such as their being morally and culturally “Civil”. Which the transforming cultures are very, very, very not.

    Again, he uses “evolution” as science nonsense. Sharks are more evolved than starfish. No: they are all exactly the same age. They are therefore all exactly equally ‘evolved’ and tuned to their environment. So your use of the word/idea “evolved” is something entirely different and removed from the scientific concept. It just steals the cloak of “Science” to sound plausible and falsely justify itself.

    If that weren’t enough, it’s DOUBLY true of culture. Not only are all cultures the same age, but if I kidnap one of these culture’s children and drop them in the other, there is zero genetic selection. They will almost entirely simply become the other culture. There is no “selection” or genetics whatsoever. So they are parallelisms, not “Advanced” or “Behind.”

    Third – and this is the most important, the religious part, and the motive for it – what “evolved” says is there is but ONE culture, human, goal that is or can be reached. This is 100% in opposition to actual “Evolution”, clearly and obviously, and no one notices. That UniGoal, is, of course, MY culture. Or in our case, the one that does the most transformation and destruction. The one that has digital watches and digital votes while leaving 100M people in poverty. Because we are the sum total of all awesomeness ever dreampt of in the universe, the pinnacle of creation, all other people, cultures, and times are by definition INFERIOR, and must be evangelized to and transformed to come “Up” to our level — or else murdered in their beds as “Nits make lice”. …So that they in Sri Lanka can have the majesty of putting 1/3 or even ½ of their people into deadly poverty instead of modest abundance.

    See how this magic works now?

    I propose we are the LEAST evolved culture on the planet, using the exact same reasoning. If a theory and it’s opposite are both equal, it’s not a theory. It’s a fallacy.

    In that line you find the same root as this:
    “The Chinese sects warred infamously among each other throughout China’s history…”
    “The African sects warred infamously among each other throughout Africa’s history…”
    “The Iroquois language sects (Huron, Mohawk, Cherokee) warred infamously among each other throughout North American history…”

    “The Xtian sects warred infamously among each other throughout Xtianity’s history”

    What Xtian sects from 100AD to 1500AD? Europe had non-stop war, but few religious sects, only tribal/regional/political ones.

    Since they didn’t war for millennia, how did they get famous among modern historians and intelligentsia for a thing they weren’t doing? Why did “they” do it later? Or did they? Why did Science — a competing religion — suddenly decide around 1901 that they did?

    This is the same as VPs comment: once you make people believe they are the sum total of awesomeness and Progress, there is no other possible conclusion except all other people must be converted or killed. That would be me, as I disagree that we are awesome, OR evolved. That is the fate of all “less evolved” creatures, right? They go extinct like starfishes instead of being being top evolved predators like sharks that haven’t changed in 500,000 years. Oh, wait! Every single part of that theory is false! Sharks don’t evolve, starfish aren’t extinct. Nevermind: Deplorables are the “wrong side of history” and “go extinct” with this gun I have, while “Advanced” people with not just digital, but iWatches, must help that along. It’s only Science! It’s “Natural”. See I’m helpless! Just helping it along!

    Lots of thinking here.

    Dr. D

    How Peter died? Watch “The Great” on Netflix. Lavish production. Catherine, a German, kicked him out and took over Russia because he was a psychotic maniac child and he died in a ditch. Coincidentally, this was invented, shot, and aired exactly in time to set the Western tone for the Ukrainian Invasion of Donbas. Funny ol’ world.

    So why did they invent, shoot, and air “The Crown”? Just in time for QEII? And today, “Harry and Meghan” – poor dears who only wanted privacy by selling their studio rights worldwide – just in time for the 2024 election?

    Utopia” not only arranged for Covid, but “Children of Men”, and earlier movie. (And also V for Vendetta) Besides whatever nonsense they spout, they wouldn’t do this without creating solid and certain exemptions FOR THEMSELVES. Yes, this speech is precisely, exactly what they believe. It’s in the Eco-news every day. This is “Logical”. …From their own false thinking and seeking out false data. Holland produces 5x more food just by trying some stuff. They refuse to try. It is who they are: why try creating when you can murder people, a thing you enjoy far more? The Thanos plan: with infinite power, instead of doubling the universe, he kills half the people.

    …And what may be worse, they are so idiotic and incompetent they couldn’t manage to make a deadly virus OR a deadly vaccine. It barely works despite their jack-booting that revealed them all. They probably couldn’t make a ham sandwich with 10 hours and two slices of bread. Humanity, biology, Nature, God, is too strong and smart for them. All they have is words, cons, like this show, in their religion that morally they must warn us, then the fault is on us.

    Because they’re so infantile and blindingly incompetent, history always goes sideways into chaos and creates the “New”, never, ever their “Master Plan.” And so it is now, as many of us position for food, even if we sail halfway around the world and past two islands to arrange it.

    Many will die, yes, but that’s because they actively refuse to look, and actively refuse to change. That will reduce the population although that’s not necessary. The large change will make history jump tracks and pick an unexpected, organic direction, never their direction, although that doesn’t mean stay home on the couch.


    I’ve said it before.
    “There are too many points of view, here, at TAE, (freedom & liberty), to be able to run/operate any successful, long term, complex, social/economic system on earth.”


    WES, yes, right, about the Banksters.

    Afewk, that was an interesting memoir, thanks.

    I have relatives in the S. of France and my family went there for summer vacs. every year, as we were not moneyed.

    As a small child I remember getting up at 5.30 – 6 or so am. Everybody worked in the fields gathering a flower crop, doing what they could, till around 9 – 10 am.

    Then the truck manned by the buyers would be on the spot, they weighed the produce and paid cash.

    We children, a whole band of us, were then free to swim in the reservoir, roam the country, borrow a donkey from the neighbor (he was elderly and the last to have a work-animal, of course the donkey had to be treated very well), do races with ‘bricolé’ carts down the hill, hike to Mamie Bakery to buy pain au chocolat (it was a steep long walk up, 25 mins, and smooth down) and in the afternoon have, for ex. dance lessons (by an older cousin) using the record player. We also played cards, board games, and helped in the kitchen, chopping veggies, cleaning floors, etc.

    The crop was used in the perfume industry and became obsolete when the chem industry concocted a synthetic substitute and the EU paid farmers to NOT cultivate flowers / many spices / other crops.

    Today, my relatives still grow grapes and make their own wine, nut and other (vin de noix, vin d’orange), fruit, preserves, etc.

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