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    Long before face masks, Islamic healers tried to ward off disease with their version of PPE

    What, no hijabs? (Which I’ve been mis-calling habibs for years thanx to ageing memory cells.)

    Michael Reid

    Solve the intentionally confusing puzzle about what the WHO’s 2023 plans are regarding the ‘zero draft’ for a new and potentially legally binding pandemic treaty, International Health Regulation amendments, recent Intergovernmental Negotiating Body Meetings + more. Learn all about the

    D Benton Smith

    The question was asked, “What would I call the current flocks of people divided into left/right . . . [etc, etc., etc.] ?”

    Call them a dichotomy. The two poles of the dichotomy are connected, as it were, by a myriad of positions in a graduated scale, like a staircase, running from one end of the opposed pair to it’s ideological opposite at the other end of the scale.

    Ideally there is a lumpen formed somewhere in the vicinity of the middle, in which case the situation can limp contentiously along for quite some time without existential mishap. But it can happen (when, for example, a Cabal is keeping the pot stirred by playing both ends against the middle) that the middle depopulates as it’s occupants are compelled to choose one end of the scale or the other.

    When the middle becomes too sparse and untenable and one (or the other, or both) of the dichotometric extremes becomes too strong or incontestable (even if it’s delusional in that belief) then a kinetic conflict is virtually certain to occur. Which is what seems to be brewing up at the present.

    The only haven at such times is the truth ….. starting with an honest to God decision about which end of the dichotomy is the right one to align with.


    Convergent evolution in SARS-CoV-2 Spike creates a variant soup that causes new COVID-19 waves

    “The most likely reason for this convergence is the selective pressure exerted by previous infection or vaccine-elicited immunity.”

    There you have it – death vaxx drives variants. Where’s GVB?!



    Doc Robinson

    RE: vaxx status and car crashes study

    These are the first two lines of the study report, with bold type added:

    “Coronavirus disease (COVID) vaccine hesitancy is a reflection of psychology that might also contribute to traffic safety. We tested whether COVID vaccination was associated with the risks of a traffic crash.”

    From later in the report:
    “Our research agrees with past studies about psychology contributing to traffic risks.”

    If the focus is on psychology as being the contributing factor, instead of some medical disadvantage resulting from being unvaxxed, then the study has no real argument in favor of getting vaxxed. (Thought experiment: An unvaxxed person is somehow vaxxed without knowing it. Their vaxx status would change, but their psychology, as well as their driving habits, presumably wouldn’t change.)

    Looking more closely at the study, the results can be summarized like this:

    25% of the adults requiring emergency care for car crashes were unvaxxed, while 16% of the total adult population in the study were unvaxxed.

    Big whoop? It’s even less conclusive when you consider that the injured people weren’t necessarily responsible for the car crash, they could be passengers or pedestrians (i.e., if a vaxxed driver hit an unvaxxed pedestrian on the sidewalk, sending the pedestrian to the hospital, then the crash statistic would be accounted for as unvaxxed).

    “A total of 11,270,763 adults were identified. Overall, 9,425,473 (84%) had received a COVID vaccine and 1,845,290 (16%) had not received a COVID vaccine at study baseline (July 31, 2021)… A total of 6682 individuals required emergency care for a serious traffic crash during the subsequent month of follow-up..; Patients who had not received a COVID vaccine accounted for 1682 crashes (25% of total crashes), equal to an absolute risk of 912 per million. Patients who had received a COVID vaccine accounted for 5000 crashes (75% of total crashes), equal to an absolute risk of 530 per million.”

    “We identified serious traffic crashes during the subsequent month based on emergency care throughout the region (178 individual hospitals). This definition reflected incidents sending a patient to an emergency department as a driver, passenger, or pedestrian

    COVID Vaccine Hesitancy and Risk of a Traffic Crash

    D Benton Smith


    When General Custer’s scout at Little Big Horn reported to him accurately about the overwhelmingly superior Lakota and Cheyenne forces The scout ( “Goes Ahead”) was not a defeatist, nor a traitor, nor a bad scout. He was simply a good, brave and honorable scout who personally fought the Cheyenne attackers bravely and helped many of Major Reno’s contingent to survive the battle.

    MacGregor is not a defeatist, not a traitor and not a bad scout. And the way he s speaking truth to power persuades me that he’s pretty brave, too.


    When I was a small child I believed in all sorts of strange notions, such as Father Christmas bringing presents, fairies living in woodlands, God being in Heaven and people who died going to Heaven.

    I believed that there were things called germs, which were really bad. And there were people called Germans who were really bad. but we beat the Germans, so that made us very good and very special.

    I believed there were places called hospitals where people who got too many germs went to get fixed. My mum had too many germs and had to spend a lot of time in hospitals to get fixed. But the hospitals couldn’t fix her properly and she had to keep going back. I had to go to live with an aunt. I hated that at first. The toilet was outside the house and there was no bath. But after a while I got used to it because there was a little boy who lived in the adjacent terraced house and we could play cowboys-and-indians. We knew that cowboys were good and that indians were bad. We didn’t know why indians were bad. We just knew we had to shoot them.

    I got really upset when I went to ‘the pictures’ and some bad people attacked a wooden house and burned it to the ground. A child’s toy was left in the ruins. I got upset when I saw a ship sinking and lot of people falling into the water and struggling to stay afloat.

    At an older age I was trained to think that there were people called kings and queens who were very special and had to be looked up to, and that there was a thing called government that organised everything that needed to be organised and that the government cared about the people and looked after them. Almost everyone stopped what they were doing and listed attentively when The Queen delivered her message to the nation. At school we could exchange sixpences, shillings and half-crowns for pieces of paper that had pictures of the Royal Family and glue on the back. We bought the pieces of paper them, licked the glue, and put them on a cardboard folder. When the cardboard folder was dull, we could get silver coins back again.

    There were things called banks. I got confused because a bank was steep high ground that I passed on the way as I walked to school. But I found out it had another meaning. And if I saved my pennies and sixpences and half-crowns I could put them in a bank and get a piece of cardboard that said how many pennies and sixpences I had in the bank. There was as strange thing called interest that made the number of pennies and sixpences in the bank increase. It sounded like a great idea to me at the time. I remember the interest being two-and-a-half per cent.

    Everyone walked to school. There was only one car in the entire road. Motorbikes, bicycles, buses and stream trains were normal transport. Horse-drawn carts were used for milk deliveries. And the rag ‘n’ bone man called out to the neighbourhood, as his horse plodded the streets.

    People came to the home to collect pennies and sixpences. And sometimes they came for shillings, florins and half-crowns.

    Occasionally men came to the bungalow carrying huge sacks of coal. The sacks were called a hundredweight. The coal bunker was big enough for ten or so of those. Because the bunker was at the back of the bungalow, the men had to carry them quite a long way from the lorry that parked in the road. Burning all that coal generated a lot of ash, which was put in the dustbin. Men came once a week to empty the dustbin.

    A trip into town always involved a nasty smells because the road passed the gasworks. Mum bought gas by putting shillings into the meter that was in the kitchen. It was important to always have a constant of supply shillings, otherwise the gas-stove wouldn’t work.

    The small coal burner in the kitchen was very important because without it there was no hot water for the kitchen sink and bath. Having to light the coal burner in the summer was a nuisance. But that was better than the arrangement at my aunt’s home, where the bath was filled by hand with water heated on the kitchen stove.

    The coal burner was rather small for the job it had to do, and was not well designed, so it tended to leak smoke and gases from the burning coal. Getting the fire started was always a chore, best achieved suing wood that had been splintered. So people were always on the look-out for bits of wood that could be chopped up to start a fire. With a large population and not a lot of trees left, Britain’s supplies of wood for anything was always constrained.

    Without hot water my mother could not do the washing in the copper tub. It was a big day for her when she got out of hospital and got a washing machine.

    Wet clothes had to be put through a hand-operated wringer and then rinsed. But actual hand scrubbing was no longer necessary.

    Drying wet items was easily achieved in the summer by pegging them on the line. But summer in England is fairly short. So for much of the year, drying sheets and clothes involved putting them on a wooden frame in front of the coal fire in the sitting room. The fireplace was shallow, and the chimney was narrow, so smoke often billowed into the room. That was especially so during the early stages of fire-lighting, when the chimney was cold.

    There was no insulation in the walls or above the ceiling, so maintaining a reasonable temperature, i.e. a few degrees above freezing was always easy. but it was important to ensure water pipes didn’t freeze and burst. Ice on the inside of the windows was quite normal in mid-winter.

    The garden -relatively small, but productive after decades of effort by my parents-produced very little in winter. But come the spring, it erupted into life. One can see why the ancient inhabitants of the region were so keen to celebrate the passing of the shortest day and the coming to life of the land -the festivals that the fake church usurped to control the masses.

    When I was a teenager, I believed that men got into a tiny capsule and went to the Moon. How could I not believe that. Everyone believed that. In the fifties I had collected cards out of cereal boxes that clearly depicted people going to the Moon and building all kinds of structures there.

    Looking back, older and wiser, I realise that, though some of it was real, most of it was a sham, a cleverly constructed Potemkin village backed up by endless propaganda, geared to keeping me and those around me trapped in The Matrix, believing in bullshit.

    So here we are, 60-plus years later, and most of the people around me still believe the bullshit.

    However, my guess is that people in Europe and (is Britian part of Europe? I suppose so, since it is geologically) are on the cusp of a great leap towards 1950s-style living but without any of the supporting infrastructure. And that great leap will then transition to 1920s-style living (without the euphoria or the infrastructure) and then transition to 1420s-style living for those who have not perished.


    so maintaining a reasonable temperature, i.e. a few degrees above freezing was NOT always easy.


    When the cardboard folder was full, we could get silver coins back again.

    Dr. D

    Yes, in my experience Covid was active ahead of the official, here in the U.S., so fairly widespread. However, not dangerous? So why would it need to be covered up? People said it was grave, but most survived, and did seem to be the 0.03% death rate.

    If it were even 1% I can see covering it and blaming China – which clearly was done. Fauci said they shipped stuff there. So…they just contaminate the outside of the American vials then blame China for being sloppy? Again, why? Blame Iran, right?

    Okay, it gets out, maybe they don’t know – although they should – and call in a panic Event 201 outlining what they already know they are about to do. When was Event 201 first planned? They control the signaling, not the disease, okay, fine, but they already know they can’t contain a pandemic over 1% (CDC finding from 100 years) and it’s already too late. Fine.

    Then what with the next decisions/behaviors?

    If it’s released from Wuhan, then why ALSO the Army games? And I can 100% believe Trump & co knowing its out, taking the VERY aggressive move on Solemeni in order to cause the national funeral. Israeli agents, release, yes. But at the same time, Northern Italy but nowhere else? Never reaches Rome?

    These are some of the things that made me turn from skeptical to “No way.” Narrative reversal, as at first me, and other Right people, were deeply alarmed, even wearing masks against Fauci and Trump. As data came in as the above, we adjusted while the general pop reversed and suddenly became paranoid germophobe right-wingers. That is, Statists. Who will support giving the government that failed them on Covid essentially unlimited power. …To put grandma in a deadly Covid room and walk away with a major book deal.

    …And the coal smoke putting oily black on the clothes hanging up that were clean only an hour ago.

    They very need to earth ship into hobbit holes. Or the round houses that first lived there before the weird square houses came. Starting with Joseph of Arimathea and the weird square building called an “Abbey”. And from there old Albion traces its start.

    Figmund Sreud

    @ D Benton Smith – MacGregor is not a defeatist, not a traitor and not a bad scout. And the way he s speaking truth to power persuades me that he’s pretty brave, too.

    Affirmative. It just was a comment (thought) on my part vis-a-vis of how dirty politics works, … how politicos and MSM twist and turn everything and anything that serves their narrative, … and vulgar masses buy such stuff every phlunkin’ time!



    Thanks Raul for featuring Saul Leiter, artist photographer. I checked out his bio. Started color photography in the 50s, then worked mostly incognito for 30 years then somebody published a book of his photos and now he’s regarded as one of the best photographers of the 20th century.
    How did he pull that off, avoiding succes for thirty years and producing great work under cover of anonymity?


    @John Day

    I suggest that non-compliant people have more car-accidents in general. COVID-vaccination propaganda was aimed at the highest-compliance group in the US, college educated, white women.

    Weren’t these US, college educated, white women the same group that was squishing their children between the bumper of their brand new BMWs and the garage wall? They couldn’t tell the brake pedal from the gas pedal?


    So now we have light, medium, and long covid!
    All brought to you by Goldilocks and the 3 bears.

    And now we have the vaxxed telling us unvaxxed how unhealthy and accident prone we are!

    Dr. D

    Forgot extra I was going to add because I could never put it in place before:

    Before Covid, release must have been Sept? Whole year before, what was there? Juul vaping scandal, with what? “Glass lung”. Sudden respiratory death. Sound familiar? Now I know this was similar, but not similar too, but what if: the way to experiment on spike proteins was to insert a non-contagious form into vaping, then watch the news feed? We’re pretty sure they ran same experiments on Ukrainians for years.

    If we’re trying to assemble, put this on a 3×5 card somewhere. I was too distracted by Iron Age Britain and their roundhouses.


    I constructed a 12-sided greenhouse with vine supports very similar to the roundhouse construction in the video.

    The walls were simple: getting the uprights exactly spaced to the dimensions of sheets of polycarbonate proved something of a nightmare; persistence paid off in the end.

    The roof proved challenging, since all the polycarbonate had to be cut to fit the triangular shapes created where the support beams met the centre post..

    The greenhouse I recently constructed at my ‘new’ location is just a rectangular box with a sloping roof. No elegance and less roomy but much cheaper in materials and time.

    The smart people of Bronze Age and Iron Age Britian knew to construct dwellings to maximise solar gain.

    That lesson got lost when the urgent ‘need’ to get people working in factories and coal mines led to the rapid construction of low-cost housing facing whichever way was deemed esthetic by the architect or convenient for the builder.

    That maxim holds true for most houses constructed these days.

    Without energy, nothing happens holds true in all ages and in all locations.


    Thanx for the living memory about How We Used to Live, afktt. Reminds me that even my Appalachian forebears had it better than the average Englander of the same milieu.

    btw, I believe that the USA put men on the moon. Not that big of an accomplishment, which is probably why they chose to focus on it, I reckon. A giant space penis enlargement effort. Waste of resources but no big accomplishment.

    USA gubmint not so good at acknowledging the finite nature of our resource base and taking meaningful remedial action. Or creating transport networks that maximize volume/reach, or a balanced and abundant agriculture able to pass the Seven Generations test, while minimizing resource usage. But in our culture, ‘resource usage’ is a subset of this delusionary/illusionary construct humans have called “cost” aka “how much $$$?”, ours being a culture based on magical thinking i.e., money. The love of which is *Jesus’s definition of the source of evil. So we have everyone driving everywhere in giant miniature cabins on wheels, going everywhere at once and in effect getting nowhere although the trip can be a fine movie. So long as you keep your eyes on the road and your left hand on the wheel… and everyone eating anything they could possibly imagine wanting and becoming bloated sickly neurotic housepets of their own keeping. Life in Atlantis sure has been weird. Wonderful, miracle-laden, insane,bedazzled, bewitched bothered and bewildered.
    *Xtianity’s superhero in the Abrahamic theme franchise

    We keep a few hundred or thousand satellites in orbit and use them to guide missiles to within a few yards of their target… the moonshot was easy. Hoaxing such a thing would be much harder. Everybody but the USA Empire had reason to poke holes and prove the moon claim wrong. No one did. No one even tried. The closest was this: a Soviet denial that there was a race to the moon between USA and USSR

    Come On, fellows, we’ll smoke!


    “If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst.”
    — Thomas Hardy”

    “The destruction of the natural world is not the result of global capitalism, industrialisation, “Western civilisation” or any flaw in human institutions. It is a consequence of the evolutionary success of an exceptionally rapacious primate. Throughout all of history and prehistory, human advance has coincided with ecological devastation. — John Gray, STRAW DOGS”

    “…it may be time to recognize the maximum power principle as the fourth thermodynamic law as suggested by Lotka. — H.T.Odum, 1994”

    “The problem is, of course, that not only is economics bankrupt but it has always been nothing more than politics in disguise.
    —Hazel Henderson”

    Mast head quotes from Dieoff Revived featuring that avis rara, Jay Hanson

    “Coppula eam, se non posit jocularum. Alfred E. Newman” (masthead quote of my blog, which is not really worth looking at)

    “What do you do when you know that you know that you know that you’re wrong? Sun Ra


    The Xtian sects warred infamously among each other throughout Xtianity’s history, although they’ve calmed down now that Darwin and heliocentrism have induced Xtian orbital decay. Over the tiniest things, they killed and maimed and tortured each other. We here should be proud In comparison. We neither kill nor maim each other as we fight over the tiniest things while generally agreeing on the essential problems facing us. When disagreeing, we mostly joust our egos, usually to little or no point (it’s a ‘lance’ joke), or we virtue-signal. We’re humans after all, and that is what humans disagreeing in social gatherings do.

    (One on one, over a game of chess, with enough sympatico or shared history, we can be mostly civil and even, sometimes, actually listen to what the other is saying more than what we believe is wrong about it. In groups, it’s either corporate meeting-style nicey-nice with varying degrees of passive-aggressive or aggressive-passive cuz only The Leader is allowed to bite… or it’s cutthroat like Cheers meets A Bronx Tale.)

    In person, we’d listen more and say less, and tend to cluster in geno-clique seed groups and lapse into a fair bit of gossip. If it were a year or two from now, we’d move warily, form groups, and plan group aggression tactics.

    But, since we can’t actually hurt each other here, how about we embrace this relative freedom from our worse aspects to promote each others’ happiness a bit (beginning most of all with that of our each individual own)? It can’t hurt anyone… but I repeat myself.

    Maybe this is awful enough to be seriously good:


    Nice to see you’re still with the living, V.P.

    Hope, my drug of choice: Always wit de ‘new place’, yeezh…

    P.S. Don’t you just hate being preached at?


    Am much enjoying the youtube on roundhouses.


    “The Senate bill comes the same day a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation to prohibit the app in the United States entirely..”

    Fiddling while Rome burns.


    “starting with an honest to God decision about which end of the dichotomy is the right one to align with.”

    This is what’s called a false dichotomy. I see no reason to align with either or any side except I find the truth leads me there.

    Raised a Mormon, I follow Joseph Smith, who concluded that none of the churches appealing for his membership were the church true for him… so he went and started his own. But I don’t start churches. Ruckuses, weird looks, occasional outrage, kind moments, flocks of wtf?s, much bemused or annoyed bewilderment, but no churches.

    It’s an interesting idea, though. Future survivors will want an army to survive the survival of other future survivors, and churches seem to have a knack for armies. Great marching songs, for example.

    1. O God of earth and altar,
    bow down and hear our cry,
    our earthly rulers falter,
    our people drift and die;
    the walls of gold entomb us,
    the swords of scorn divide,
    take not thy thunder from us,
    but take away our pride.

    2. From all that terror teaches,
    from lies of tongue and pen,
    from all the easy speeches
    that comfort cruel men,
    from sale and profanation
    of honour and the sword,
    from sleep and from damnation,
    deliver us, good Lord!

    3. Tie in a living tether
    the prince and priest and thrall,
    bind all our lives together,
    smite us and save us all;
    in ire and exultation
    aflame with faith, and free,
    lift up a living nation,
    a single sword to thee.


    Re: Vaxxed/car crashes

    “After reading the study, I realized that it does NOT account for “driven miles”! What if the UNvaccinated people drive more due to NOT having a “remote job”?

    Take a look at this picture:”

    “Which of these two persons was more likely to…
    Be called an “essential worker” in 2021?
    Be unvaccinated?
    Drive MORE miles per day?
    End up in a serious crash?
    It turns out that this wasindeed the case in Canada.:”

    D Benton Smith

    “I see no reason to align with either or any side except I find the truth leads me there.”

    Right. Sounds like you’re saying that you choose the truth end of the stick instead of the falsity end of the stick, and insist upon deciding for yourself which end is which.

    I see no “false dichotomy” in that.


    Round Houses versus Square/Rectangular Houses

    I understand why the old folks built round houses. There is economy of material for maximum area.
    But what everyone seems to forget is that round houses were for communial living!
    Like people and their animals all living together for safety and warmth!

    Now try dividing a round house into separate rooms!
    Yeah, an engineering nightmare! Maximum material for minimum area!

    Now you know why you currently live in a square/rectangular house!

    Veracious Poet

    At this point ALL the murderously insane globalists (western-centric) have to do now is keep the emotionally invested loosely on the progressive leach…

    Feminism, *forced* race/CULTure enfolding/inclusiveness, regardless of ability, morality and/or ethics, LGBTQ…xyz, anti-Capitalist, anti-Fascist (funny, since everyone loves Emergency Powers when it aligns with their needs/wants), hatred of all things resembling “spirituality”, environmental OCD, et al. ~ Once one or more of these EGOic definitions becomes hard-wired into the brain, the voice-in-the-head will blast out *all* evidence contrary (sexual/criminal improprieties, even blatant psychopath genocidal speeches/actions), as long as ideological *absolutes* are on the progressive banner of the NPD leadership, expecting “their” version of *UTOPIA* to be the final result.

    In effect, for anyone that is indoctrinated as a fellow traveler banner, the means justifies the end (Leni Rifenstahl is a prime example, so is most of Hollyweird celeb), death is too good for unbelievers…

    This is the how & why of recent Mass Formation Psychosis (aka Collective EGOic Madness) ~ In an attempt to rectify perceived wrongs & the inescapable suffering of the human condition, to establish what is “true” & to continue the “permanent” revolution, the “progressive” CULTure has given *license* to the inmates to run the asylum 😐

    If the opposite dichotomy under the conservative banner was not vanquished, a different Mass Formation Psychosis would be the result, but in the end theconservative was no match for multiple generations of “humans” driven by toxic child EGO…

    In reality, all dichotomies are EGOic constructs, where the *TRUTH* of the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite is the enemy, where #AntiLogos is the thread that binds the dichotomies firmly into one piece 😐

    Figmund Sreud

    The world to this date had cosmonauts and astronauts, … now, add taikonauts!

    On Nov. 29, 2022, the Shenzhou 15 mission launched from China’s Gobi Desert carrying three taikonauts – the Chinese word for astronauts. Six hours later, they reached their destination, China’s recently completed space station, called Tiangong, which means “heavenly palace” in Mandarin. The three taikonauts replaced the existing crew that helped wrap up construction. With this successful mission, China has become just the third nation to operate a permanent space station.

    China’s new space station opens for business in an increasingly competitive era of space activity



    About hit ler.
    During WW2 it wasn’t the Panzer Divisions that laid Europe to waste.
    Following right behind the foot steps of the Panzers were German Bankers!
    It was the German Bankers that left Europe in total ruin.
    The Panzer Divisions were all destroyed in WW2, o but all the German Bankers survived!

    Hit ler’s problem was he didn’t understand the power of banking!
    But the German Bankers didn’t forget what WW2 taught them!

    Thus today’s EU! (With a little help from US/London bankers.)


    It seems that those who rule us have a semi-tough task at hand: How to both destroy trust between persons
    and the social cohesion that comes from that trust; while *also* keeping the subjects of those actions glued
    to their screens, rather than recoiling from them in disgust. Will “look over there.. I just saw Epstein! / “Hunter”! / and Stuff Like That! continue to work ? Maybe the blowed-up™ pipelines will be back in the News soon?

    I’ll continue to watch from a distance, and not spend much time on Evil McScreenie. This medium is opaque, to the benefit only of its designers and operators..


    More useless information you didn’t need to know!

    During the long cold Russian winters, Peter The Great didn’t live in any of his big fancy palaces.
    They were all much too cold with theor high ceilings for Peter’s liking.
    Instead Peter spent his winter days and nights with his army drinking buddies in a small cosy warm cottage with a low ceiling and a big fireplace tended by just a few servants!
    One of Peter’s favorite drinking buddies was an English army officier.
    I can’t remember how Peter the Great died, but his liver was likely a prime suspect!


    Speaking of Russia, Napoleon’s downfall when invading Russia is that by the time he reached Moscow, he had run out of the one critical high tech system of warfare needed to defeat the Russians.
    The Russians on the other hand did not run out of these critical high tech systems of warfare.
    The horse!

    Russia running out of ammunition, 152mm artillery shells, and 4,500 high precision missles later.


    Oroboros at 123470- that was exhilarating!

    You sent your mail through prying eyes
    They steamed it open; deemed it bad.
    Your message never made it through-
    Now your recipient is mad…but only if they knew.

    those darned kids

    “During the long cold Russian winters, Peter The Great didn’t live in any of his big fancy palaces.
    They were all much too cold with theor high ceilings for Peter’s liking.
    Instead Peter spent his winter days and nights with his army drinking buddies in a small cosy warm cottage with a low ceiling and a big fireplace tended by just a few servants!
    One of Peter’s favorite drinking buddies was an English army officier.”

    More useless information please! I don’t need to know, I just wanna!


    “In reality, all dichotomies are EGOic constructs, where the *TRUTH* of the Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite is the enemy, where #AntiLogos is the thread that binds the dichotomies firmly into one piece”

    Well said.

    No Place like Space Place

    There’s a freedom to embracing the go. Without narcissism, how can God appreciate His beauty through one’s eyes in the rorrim?

    There’s freedom to releasing the ego. Without echo, without surrender to, oh, The All, What It Is, The Whatevs, how can one see God in one’s eyes?

    Oh. My. That was very profound. Somebody ought to write that down.


    Peter Pan…didn’t run off to Neverland to avoid responsibility and drudgery; he did it to avoid becoming an insincere shadow, a bone fide phony, a living lie to himself.

    Peter Pan is some heavy shit.

    John Day

    @Zerosum: The COVID test kits tend to miss a lot of COVID these days. COViD false-negative tests seem really common since Omicron. The swab type rapid-antigen tests are not prone to false positives at all (PCR has lots of false positives if run for too many cycles, which they always did).
    it’s not rare to get 3 COVID rapid swabs while not feeling sick, but exposed, then a little sick, then really crappy, and have just the third one be (+).

    @DBS: Founding Fathers and mothers-of-Invention were all non-compliant.

    John Day

    @WES: Thanks for the round vs square house insights.

    : Yeah, compliance-specialists worked from home.
    Good catch on the car accidents not being per-mile-driven.


    @John Day
    ” COViD false-negative tests seem really common since Omicron.”

    I’m, therefore, going to assume that I’ve gotten natural immunity.( Until I get sick.)

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