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    Francisco Goya Fire at night 1793-94   • Fed Expected To Move Forward With Rate Hike, Despite Trump (CNBC) • Has “BTFD” Become “STFR”? (Roberts)
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    V. Arnold

    Francisco Goya Fire at night 1793-94

    A wonderful allegory; A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. Oxford Dictionary

    Living organisms that are 1000s of years old and span 100s a of acres.

    Ain’t it grand; yet another aspect of life on earth; one rarely considered, and much less known about…


    Scrooge to Santa in one fell swoop, or is it simply the story of Scrooge followed to its end? I’d almost say “who’s going to smear Trump now?”, but alas I already know who will. Here’s rooting for you, Donald.

    Trump Plans Full Withdrawal Of US Troops From Syria

    The United States will withdraw its troops from Syria, a US official told AFP on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump said America has “defeated ISIS” in the war-ravaged country. The stunning move will have extraordinary geopolitical ramifications and throws into question the fate of US-backed Kurdish fighters who have been tackling Islamic State jihadists. “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency,” the Republican president tweeted. The US official told AFP that Trump’s decision was finalized Tuesday. “Full withdrawal, all means all,” the official said when asked if the troops would be pulled from all of Syria.

    Currently, about 2,000 US forces are in Syria, most of them on a train-and-advise mission to support local forces fighting IS. The official would not provide a timeline for a withdrawal, saying only: “We will ensure force protection is adequately maintained, but as quickly as possible.” Echoing Trump, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said IS has been defeated territorially, noting the US-led coalition that includes dozens of nations would continue fighting IS. “These victories over ISIS in Syria do not signal the end of the Global Coalition or its campaign,” Sanders said in a statement. “We have started returning United States troops home as we transition to the next phase of this campaign.”

    [..] Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally, said the president’s decision was shortsighted. “President @realDonaldTrump is right to want to contain Iranian expansion,” Graham said on Twitter. “However, withdrawal of our forces in Syria mightily undercuts that effort and put our allies, the Kurds at risk.” Charles Lister, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, called the decision “extraordinarily short-sighted and naive.” “This move will look like a ‘withdrawal,’ not a ‘victory,’ and yet more evidence of the dangerous unpredictability of the US president,” Lister said. “This is not just a dream scenario for ISIS, but also for Russia, Iran and the Assad regime, all of whom stand to benefit substantially from a US withdrawal.”


    Graham is not a friend of Trump.

    He is foaming at the mouth, spittle running down his chin.
    He is a friend of the military.

    Those troops will have a long road to travel before they will get home.


    No deal Brexit! In my opinion another Y2K in the making. England already exports and imports from other parts of the world so the EU will just be added to the list. Yes there will be work to do but, in my view, nothing like the calamity they are talking about.

    V. Arnold

    I would love to believe US troops will ALL be leaving Syria; just too good to be true.
    We’ll see…

    V. Arnold

    Max Keiser had a brilliant interview with Michael Hudson in the second half;
    Hudson has a new book out called

    …and forgive them their debt

    Hudson explains debt clearly and succinctly; a must see IMO (episode #1320).
    Also in episode #1321, is the 2nd half of Hudson’s interview with Max.
    The 2 best interviews Max has ever given, IMHO.
    When it comes to economics; Hudson is the man!

    Dr. D

    “the UK under its fanatical leader Margaret Thatcher”

    Wow. So the people of the U.K. democratically elects ‘fanatics’? And no one noticed until now?
    fa·nat·ic /fəˈnadik/ noun
    1. a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, especially for an extreme religious or political cause.
    synonyms: zealot, extremist, militant,

    Or maybe she was not a ‘fanatic’ but slightly further from the center than every other day? Note that France is not a “fanatic” despite that they started an illegal war to overturn a legitimate government and baldly steal its resources by killing people, and instigating a world-wide nuclear exchange with Russia, which they once again declined. Neither was England, although it was 1956, a generation before Thatcher. But Thatcher is a ‘fanatic’ and Anthony Eden is not. Thus how history is formed: with nothing but lies. Thatcher may indeed have been a fanatic, but it would seem if she were, she would be a footnote to greater fanatics like Eden and Blair that we give a pass to, forever.

    Similar to the “Green New Deal” that, not to beat a dead horse, they are fully able to invoke the wonder and majesty of a government program that failed spectacularly, even when backed by the full force of Government. Everyone goes “Ah! The New Deal! I love that thing!” despite that it didn’t move the dial on unemployment and the economy at all. So, not bothering to put 2 and 2 together – that the Depression didn’t end until 1941, or maybe 1951 — they think we should have another one.

    And P.S. thanks for all the government-sponsored and approved textbooks that also repeat this transparent claptrap simply because it’s Socialist and pro-government: you’ve done your job well. Would a Green New Deal work? Well it’s better than pissing money down a hole in military, or sending it by fire hose to the wealthy as presently. But the results of this and virtually every other government program ever tried do not bode well for it. Didn’t we JUST do this, with Solyndra and Tesla? And didn’t Solyndra steal $2B, go bankrupt, and the administration-tied insiders walked away with the money, including TO Elon Musk’s cousin, who he then fraudulently bought out with stockholder money to keep funding his collapsing cars and exploding batteries? I have to think, since we JUST DID THIS, in fact, we haven’t yet STOPPED doing this, and it is, EVEN NOW, an enormous boondoggle to insider billionaires who are, EVEN NOW, firing their employees, you might think: “Hmmm. Maybe we should be really careful with this New-Deal-Giving-Away-Hard-Earned-Taxpayer-Money-To-Those-Who-Almost-Always-Steal-It-And-Fail.” Ha! Nah. That’s crazy. When has the government ever failed at anything?

    Speaking of everything written being a lie, here we have award-winning CNN journalist Claas Relotius possibly made up every story he ever wrote, but at least 16 proven, writing a narrative promoting the illegal NATO invasion of Syria:

    Speaking of narratives: “The falsification came to light after a colleague who worked with him on a story along the US-Mexican border…” Oh, narratives for hire. That is, he lies about any story the NeoLiberal/NeoConservative oligarchs want printed, and just invents people, situations, etc., he knows will jerk your heartstrings away from logic and into pure lies, which seems to be working quite well, thank you, and is defended by nearly everyone left and right even when caught.

    So obviously I expect CNN, DerSpeigel, and the New York Times to be blacklisted and deplatformed by Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snopes, and the army of fact-checkers now. Because, remember this one?

    Oh wait, that was one of the dozen OTHER times the NYT lied/plagerized and was caught. I meant this one:

    For extra credit, this one, which doesn’t even follow Mueller and his NeoCon gang of liars into the Iraq war(s):

    Those are our “Top Journalists” who become the “Newspaper of Record” they write history from. Merry Christmas!

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