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    Renewable power sources generated 40% of Britain’s electricity in 2022, up from 35% in 2021, while the share of fossil fuel in the energy mix also rose, a report by academics from Imperial College London for Drax Electric Insights showed on Thursday.

    The same imperial college that provided justification for lockdowns, providing politically convenient, but totally false, fear porn based on pseudo science, corrupt modeling pretending to be science, used to justify taking away our rights. That hall of fascism needs to be blown apart and forgotten, instead it is being used to pump the latest climate change messages. I don’t believe a word they say, they are completely bought and paid for and will happily lie to the people in their country. Did WEF write this report? It will certainly have been written by some invested party trying to destroy our world.


    rewriting the propaganda with the true history

    Evidence of US-Backed Coup in Kiev

    Friday, December 30, 2022

    Evidence of US-Backed Coup in Kiev
    by Joe Lauria

    The violence by far-right groups was evidently condoned by Sen. John McCain who expressed his support for the uprising by addressing the Maidan crowd later that month. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and then U.S. ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt visited the square after the violence had broken out.


    Happy New Years, New Zealand and Australia!


    The new year moves around the globe- the string of time is plucked-
    Let’s raise a toast and share the hope the future isn’t fucked!


    As the last millennium counted down to 2001, I threw a lighted boomerang into the night. Before it returned to me (and I caught it), the new millennium had arrived. So I threw it in one millennium and caught it in the next. It will be a thousand years before I can repeat this stunt.

    Wishing everyone here a better millennium.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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