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    Arthur Rothstein Scene along Bathgate Avenue in the Bronx 1936 • Europe’s Dead Cats Bounce, Deutsche Up 10% (BBG) • Surging Credit Risk for Banks a Ma
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    Dr. Diablo

    Not trying to be a broken record, but you do know that Puerto Rico is almost as close to Senegal as Berlin, right? 41 countries are closer, not including 12 more in South America. What are they fleeing in Senegal, or Eritrea for that matter? Political Amnesty is reserved to certain individuals risking death in their own nations due to political persecution, not economic hardship. If it were solely economic, the 100 million unemployed in the United States should immediately apply for residency in Scandinavia, as should most of India, SE Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. I don’t think that was the intent of refugee status.

    If you think I’m joking, the murder rate in St. Louis is 50 per 100,000, higher than Eritrea or Senegal with 8 per 100,000. The only nation on earth more dangerous is Honduras with 84 per 100k. Yet if 318,000 of St. Louis applied for refugee status, you’d think it was the craziest thing you’d ever heard. Why is that?

    Homicide rates for Mexico and Brazil are 22 and 27 per 100k, 3x more dangerous than Senegal. Clearly those 322 million should apply as well. What’s wrong with our perception here?


    Ilargi seems to think MENA refugees should aspire to our own hideous levels of greed.
    I don’t.
    However my country is jointly responsible for making refugee homelands unlivable.
    I think they call it Karma.



    I think they call it Karma.

    The chickens leaving home to roost.


    It seems that the Yemenis are beating the crap out of foreign mercenaries.

    “US Blackwater to Withdraw Mercenaries from Yemen”

    Rather ironic IMHO.

    It just goes to prove that Niccolò Machiavelli knew all about mercenaries and not much has changed since the 15th century.

    “Machiavelli Was Right: Mercenaries are Unreliable
    “…Since these new rulers were priests and private citizens, they knew nothing about armies and turned to foreign mercenaries…The result: Italy was overrun by Charles, pillaged by Louis, ravished by Ferrando, and disgraced by the Swiss.””

    I look forward to the disintegration of “The Kingdom” (to use Aramco-speak)

    E. Swanson

    The MSM appears to be getting the message about oil debt:

    Stung by Low Oil Prices, Companies Face a Reckoning on Debts by CLIFFORD KRAUSS and MICHAEL CORKERY

    A good article from the NYT, but it looks like it’s a little late go fix things…


    “U.S. authorities have reduced official estimates of commercial reserves of shale oil in the Monterey formations in California by 96%. As a result, total commercial oil reserves in the U.S. decreased by 39%.”


    The Monerey story is 3 years old at least. That’s when if you were paying attention the naysayers were saying that fracking simply would not work in that formation. Yet here we are years later and it only becomes ‘news’ when a government agency finally comes around to announcing the facts.

    This in a nutshell describes just about everything you can think of. Unless the very important people say it and it appears in the NY Times almost nobody hears or even listens. What passes as ‘news’ in relation to large events is always a story that is several years old.


    Yeah, seems like that story has just been “translated” for Fort Russ, whatever “translated” means.

    Dr. Diablo

    The important point here is legal: once the “officials”, whoever that may be decrees a thing, it has legal ramifications. The companies and therefore banks can no longer legally declare it a viable asset and must write it off–one of the many incentives for perpetual lying. But when that asset is written off on threat of felony with the SEC (which if never prosecuted, no one wants to be exposed to either), then the collateral for the loans collapse, the loan itself collapses, the bank balance sheet collapses, the bank system collapses, and since the banks are the only buyers of federal debt, the nation collapses. –Not for this one formation, naturally, but in aggregate, which gives you some idea what’s at stake here.

    Point being: it doesn’t matter what we say because our actions, unlike theirs, do not carry the force of law. Even with the NYT, no CEO can pretend he didn’t know or fail to respond. It won’t carry in court.


    Diablo, using The Matrix as an analogy, consider that there really is a Debt-Money Monopoly Matrix – a system of perception management and propaganda.
    I believe your frustration occurs because you don’t see that others are working inside the Debt-Money Monopolist (DMM) Matrix.
    For example, in the DMM Matrix, it is humane to let the world’s down and out over run your already bankrupt country to accelerate the destruction of your own country, BUT it IS NOT humane to question (and especially answer!) why so many people in the world are down and out!
    Nobody in the DMM Matrix ever discusses why, for example, Mexico is such an inhumane hell-hole that people risk their lives to flee it.

    The Answer: The Debt-Money Monopolists have pillaged Mexico through criminal fraud and corruption answerable only their flow of money into the country. Corruption is always about money. The purveyors of money CONTROL the corruption. As seychelles commented a few posts ago – duh!

    See the Debt-Money Matrix, Diablo, and it all makes sense. We live in a giant DMM financed echo chamber. And yes, they finance controlled alternate echo-chambers as well.
    Independent people outside the echo chamber are still often influenced by the DMM financed echo chambers and often repeat when they’ve heard – and no more.
    That’s why it is humane to open up the borders to the DMM refugees (and their terrorist proxy army, but that’s not part of the DMM Matrix (DM3)), but it wasn’t “humane” to call out the international war crime of funding al Qaeda to take out probably the most successful socialist country on planet Earth. And using those same terrorist resources to then attack Syria, international war crime style.
    Count the number of people killed by Hitler when he invaded Poland.

    Now count the number of people killed by the DMM vassal government funded and armed terrorist groups in the Middle East.
    Which body count is higher? Whose more evil based on body count (both being evil – it is almost always the case that evil fights evil in large scale conflicts)? But that kind of empirical analysis isn’t “humane” and isn’t welcome in the DM3.

    Oh, and here is the Council on Foreign Relations promoting al Qaeda as a “goodie!”
    Al-Qaeda’s Specter in Syria
    Author: Ed Husain, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies
    August 6, 2012

    Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side

    BTW, The DMM are masters at disguising evil as good. JP Morgan said that every man had two reasons to do something: the good reason and the real reason.
    Regarding open ended immigration into bankrupt countries, the good reason is to be nice (as though sticking one’s head up into dark places and ignoring the root cause was actually “nice” instead of wickedly evil and profoundly stupid beyond measure), the real reason is must derived through data and logic since the DMM criminal cabal isn’t telling us the details of their demonic plans for ordinary people. But we do know that accelerating the financial and economic demise of the Western countries is part of the agenda. That’s a key reason for endless war – Sun Tzu knew back in the day that endless war automatically ended in national bankruptcy. Promoting division to facilitate the conquering of all ordinary people is also an agenda – and has been of the ruling classes since Ancient Rome. I’ve been waiting for the DMM to scapegoat a group and to create what I call a “correlating crisis” that will act to conceal the mathematical asset stripping machinations of their genocidal debt-money systems. It all fits… but they probably have more wickedness in the pipeline.

    PS – I wholeheartedly support immigrants with my life, if need be, BY ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE. I’m not racist. A true racist would do nothing to help end the oppression in Mexico where brown skinned people are oppressed by debt-money povery! That and people in the DM3 perception management system. I want to free Mexico, and all people, of Debt-Money Tyranny. But the DMM and their army of well-meaning but misdirected masses make that impossible as of now.

    Take the story of Jesus and the Money Changers. What did He do? He kicked the Money Changers’ rear ends and freed ordinary people from tyranny, at least on that small scale.

    What did Jesus NOT do? He didn’t IGNORE AND ENABLE THE MONEY CHANGERS, go to everyone else and call them racists for not helping the people who were having their faces ripped off by criminals out of their own meager resources.

    What does the DM3 programming say to do?



    Trivium – “JP Morgan said that every man had two reasons to do something: the good reason and the real reason.” Such a good quote! I’ve been saying this for awhile here: they are not allowing the migrants into Europe to be nice, although that’s what they want us to believe. When the citizens question what is going on, they are shamed for even asking the question. Rapier linked an interview with a professor who talked about this very thing – shaming you in order to shut you up.

    “ADDRESSING THE ROOT CAUSE”. Yes, that appears to be what no one wants to talk about, the root. The elite go around planning, scheming, causing chaos, and we just keep running around behind them, putting band-aids on the gaping wounds they cause.

    “But the DMM and their army of well-meaning but misdirected masses make that impossible as of now.” When are the “useful idiots” going to open their eyes and realize they’re being played? I suspect when it’s 2 seconds to midnight and a million seconds too late.


    shaming you in order to shut you up.
    Exactly. Just like making you feel guilty because they suckered you into going into debt.

    open their eyes and realize they’re being played?
    Nope. They (mostly) are just preselected second tier psychopaths who can ignore the widespread suffering they are causing as well as super tier welfare queens who are happy to relish the power they’ve been given and only need to deliver the goods when the cameras and tapes are rolling. Playing dumb can’t be used as an excuse at the executive level. The plebes have lower expectations for what constitutes the “good life” and are too busy running on their gerbil wheels and fitting in, generating that rentier interest, to have the energy to focus on the big picture, so while complicit, are at a relatively low level of accountability.


    seychelles – the “useful idiots” I was referring to are the progressive liberals who aid and abet the psychopathic elites, but don’t even know they’re doing it (almost too utopian or idealistic in their thinking to realize they do more harm than good). You are correct in saying that the plebes are not even looking.


    One of our biggest problems is the absence of a functional progressive liberal voice now in the USA. Tony Judt goes into this in great detail in “Ill Fares the Land”. The Democratic Party is mostly composed of closeted dovish neoconservatives who indeed are useful idiots to the Zioglobalists….but progressive liberals they are not. And let’s not forget the Zionist Christians who are also very supportive of the Zgs, and could certainly be construed as useful idiots.

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