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    Speaking at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tucker Carlson, who traveled from Russia, says Moscow is much cleaner and safer than any major city in the US.

    Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, etc etc are definitely both cleaner and safer than any American city. They are also way cleaner and safer than many European cities, including London, Paris, Stockholm etc.

    I have worked in Moscow and it was always a top class city, way nicer than anything in the USA and on a par with big cities in Austria and Germany, although very different as the USSR days still shine strongly in the Moscow environment, the metro stations being a good example.

    The thing about Moscow is that the day life is sexy (a foot of ice on the pavement and the women are navigating it in high heels), the nightlife is horny (sorry, I could not think of another appropriate word that does it justice), as in there is a lot of intereaction between women and men, it is something that you will never experience anywhere else in the world. The parties, the clubs, the entire place is on fire.


    Aspnaz yesterday:

    “I don’t know how this rule impacted water consumption in the USA, but it seems to me that the USA uses a lot of water”

    even more hot air!


    In a nutshell: It’s about who you are, not whether you broke the law

    It is mafia law, you are either in the gang or not in the gang; if in, you are protected, if out then the full force of the gang lands on your head, so you better not be caught. One day the Americans will wake up and realise that they do not have a legal system any more, they are on their own. Potentially they could have been allied with their neighbours, but being members of the fuck-you society, they will not be gathering together to form some sort of militia, they will be staring out of their living room window and shitting themselves when someone walks past and looks at them strangely.


    I reckon Gavin Newsom e is gunna take on Trump and he will do quite well with Trump losing to illegal vote rigging and algo – lying machines ready to go.


    As Kamala is not a viable candidate, she in turn would have to be moved aside. Her resignation would follow her choice of Hillary Clinton as her vice president

    I am not prone to praying, but please God make this happen. We have lost all our scary movies to authoritarian woke socialism, all we have is political theatre to keep us afraid and Hillary in the White House … well she would be scary. And she couldn’t do better than the current senile baby, a lot of us would be very scared.

    Maybe this will be the USA’s Netanyahu moment, a truely scary coup.


    Republican Senator JD Vance has argued that a new bill proposing additional military aid for Kiev could spell another impeachment case against Donald Trump should he win reelection in November, calling the measure a “time bomb.”

    Who is writing these laws and who is paying them? The USA seems to have the least professional government of any country, ever. Any old wanker can write a bill, back it with a shit load of cash, and hey presto, it has been passed and nobody knows what was in it. I wonder how many of the current bills were written or financed by MOSSAD, The whole thing is a farce, it is amazing that the USA is still operating.


    Musk echoed Johnson’s sentiment, saying “As you said, there’s no way Putin is going to lose. If he backs off, he will be assassinated. And for those who want regime change in Russia, they should think about who is the person that could take out Putin?” He also defended his record – saying “My companies have probably done more to undermine Russia than anyone. Space X has taken away two-thirds of the Russian launch business. Starlink has overwhelmingly helped Ukraine.”

    Let’s not forget that Musk also turned off Starlink in Gaza, something he obviously forgot to mention. He is a Zionist and supports the israeli genocide of Palestinian women and children in Gaza. What can you say, the man is now talking about assassinating Putin? What the fuck is Musk up to, he is probably spending too much time with Netanyahu and Zelensky, the two Jew shining stars. As for his free speech absolutist, he’s a free specch absolute bullshitter.


    So Dennis Rancourt has very accurately mapped the death count from Vaccine administration globally at 17 million. No news to us here, but it is worth repeating that The Times and the other various American media outlets are just a small portion of a Global media who are not just on the wrong side of history with regards to killing but actually complicit and willing agents in the iatrogenocidal poisoning of the earth’s population in all countries not just Palestine.
    I’m not especially disappointed in The New York Times because they ALL lied about the countermeasures. They all took the money to kill and are essentially coward/mercenaries the lowest of low.
    It is a long war to get from 25 thousand dead (current Palestine body count) to 17 million, but hey we did it! We got there. Like Nike says ‘Just Do It’ . #killinsomefolks

    Dr. D

    Do women in the Middle Ages generally take their pants off?

    Bridges with no railings. I wonder if that was common. I see it in Edo bridges in Japan. We see a lot of this where they are like “Artist’s License” only to find out, no, it was literal and real at that time for some reason.

    “Trump does not appear to be necessarily moving ahead legally but he is still prevailing politically in a curious war of attrition…”

    Huh, good point. Why? Because that works against these dummies.

    Biden signs up for TikTok. Like I said, running out the clock on every terrible, ridiculous proof of MAGA criticism.

    “Satanic Temple Claims Abortion Is Part Of Their Religion In Effort To Block Abortion Bans

    Are these guys working for Biden? Cause I could not imagine better PR for pro life.

    “Six Months After the Maui Fires, an Uncertain Economy for the Island” –NPR
    “As Maui observes the six month mark since the deadly wildfires, business leaders are sounding the alarm about”
    …maybe about where all the kids are? Did they ever find them? Or was there too much Taylor Swift/Superbowl going on to bother?

    In article on Fetterman: “The guy on the Senate floor in the Carhartt hoodie is still very much a Democrat: pro-abortion, pro-recreational marijuana, pro-criminal justice reform, and a strong supporter of unions.”

    Uh, that’s like 4 out of 5 that are also Republican views. Also blocked the debt ceiling, although sadly with GOP on Israel – if that can even be said to be a party issue. Since they will attack you with OUR money if you bug them.

    “Houston Church Shooter Identified As Transgender With A Long Criminal History”

    Yeah but this seems to happen only 100% of the time. Were they IN the FBI office at the time, or only had the FBI business card. And dangers of Far Right Extremists…who are trans and shoot up their own churches… Anyway, this is a troubled individual, can we knock off the trigger words and help them now? If my experience is any indication, everyone has known they’re unhinged since they were 12 and nobody dun nothin’. Cause we have 10 levels of #Helping but since they’re all run by the government not one of them can do their job. (Note: Phoenix disagrees and actually got fair, attentive, appropriate service recently)

    Facebook Demotes: That’s their prerogative.
    At request of White House: That’s a Human Rights violation calling for prison time and damages.

    Also Sec230 protection is rescinded.

    Ritter Destroying NATO. Yes, they are the “Nazis” that Russia is “Disarming” and “De-Nazifying.” I.e ALL OF EUROPE. They’re just too polite to say so openly. It’s not helpful.

    ““..As Kamala is not a viable candidate, she in turn would have to be moved aside. Her resignation would follow her choice of Hillary Clinton as her vice president..”

    Kamala is stupid, but not THAT stupid. It’s a running joke she would be President for one day.

    “Kamala Seen Practicing Her Presidential Cackle “ –Bbee

    Hillary Clinton Seen At Bass Pro Shops Buying New Sniper Rifle

    Hillary Clinton Posts Condolences For Tucker Carlson’s Suicide This Coming Tuesday

    Hillary Clinton Awarded Honorary Canadian Medical License

    Hillary Clinton Spotted Desperately Trying To Refill Lake Mead Before More Bodies Surface” –Bbee

    And those 23,000 emails did not kill themselves!


    Anyway, Hillary candidate after 10 levels of jerry-rigging? That’s awesome, bring it on. Nothing can get through to these people how little a democracy we have, and we’ve tried everything else, so… Go. Go Ludicrous speed.

    “A US prosecutor’s report rationalizing why President Joe Biden won’t face justice for his mishandling of classified documents”

    No: he said “No reasonable prosecutor would indict a Biden”. That’s familiar and normal operating procedure, right Comey?

    Comey, on national TV breaks in, we hear it nationwide over every loudspeaker (amazingly), lays out the most astonishing case of guilt anyone has ever heard, then lets her go. We’re all like, “Yup, must be the FBI”. Tells us where we are in this story. Like, oh, the FBI didn’t see nuffin on at 11:21 a.m. on November 24, either? The suspect had a rifle that was dug up out of a field, no sights, never fired, and was convicted. Yup! And you’re telling me this is something new? We should be mad NOW, but not 60 years ago?

    ““..considered by 86% of Americans too old to serve another presidential term..”

    Yes, but that’s not ENOUGH people. If only we could get a democratic majority, we could vote him out. As they say, you need the trees and rivers to vote, the seven generations that come after us…as the seven generations of dead people are ALREADY voting in Chicago since 1901.

    “ruling that Trump is not immune from prosecution.”

    They keep word-smithing and bait-and-switch on this. A policeman is immune IN HIS DUTIES. On the Clock. Not on weekends buying crack on the boardwalk. The President is always on duty all four years. And has no “job description” so even if he killed his brother in law in the Oval Office we would have to check if it was work related. Once he is not-President, Jan 2021, he’s a citizen again and is “not immune from prosecution”.

    If you corrupt words you can’t think straight, which is why Socialists take this as their special or only method. No one would sign on otherwise since their goals and methods make no sense. Just tell the truth and it all goes away. STOP LYING. …To Yourself.

    “• Ukraine Aid Bill Is A Trump Impeachment ‘Time Bomb’ – US Senator (RT)

    Well, yeah but Congress can just “Un-pass” it. It only takes a second. And that also means they think Trump will win, which means they’re on year 6 of rear-guard retreat. And haven’t been able to nuke anyone yet, so things are going pretty well. Russia is collapsing the Queen Bee but it takes time.

    “Russian diplomats perceive their Western counterparts’ approach to international affairs to be “quite primitive,”

    See what I mean about Russia being polite? Here in the U.S. we’d say their approach is “Retarded.” F’ing retarded.

    Anyway, interviews showed Russia meets with leaders back to Clinton get along well, sign understandings, and then Oops! What London wants in the 300-year Crimean war against Russia happen anyway. I mean, “what the Derp State permanent bureaucracy hive-mind group-think happens” anyway.

    Actually, ever driven through D.C.? You can literally hear the Hive-mind buzzing in the air like alien insects right from the highway. Unsettling. Keep moving citizen, nothing to see here, just an alien occupation and colonization. With you as the slave-labor, importing more slaves daily. Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated.

    “one of the biggest issues in the US and the West in general is the tendency to reduce everything to the 1938 Munich conference,”

    Hahahahaha! That’s even funnier since the consensus narrative of “Chamberlain/Munich” is a lie. Without it, Hitler would not have attacked Russia like London had long-arranged. And paid huge, epic sums for.

    “Carlson pointed out that he’s 54 and grew up in an America that had nice, safe and beautiful cities,”

    Really? Where? I mean they’re better than now, but Cities haven’t been beautiful since the Hive-mind took over in ‘63. But ‘68 they were driving around to identify the most beautiful historic buildings and “Urban cleanse” them. Gotta get me some concrete Nazi bunker Bauhaus and Soviet cheerful concrete, see if I don’t. Kunstler keeps a photo section on this.

    “”If you can’t use your subway…. isn’t that the ultimate measure of leadership?”

    Ah we used to dream of having a subway: Would have been a palace to us. All our mass transit is shut down. Oh wait: no , worse. We PAY for it, but it will run at times no human could ever make use of. Like, Busses run to 6pm down to the downtown bar-crawl district we all tax-promote. So you can get TO the bars, but not home. Brilliant! I’m sure everyone will rush down there, not drive their cars when they also complain there’s no parking, etc. Same with busses and grocery stores, now 10 miles out of the “city” not to be robbed. So an hour’s bus for a pack of gum, costs more than a taxi, and it ALSO doesn’t run but every other hour? How long am I in this parking lot? Oh and ALSO stops at dunno, 8pm so I’m stranded until 6am tomorrow or else? And the police will arrest me if so? Sign me up!!

    Nothing we like better than bundling 3 young kids on a dangerous highway, 8pm at night for a three hour bus adventure to buy a 12-pack of ramen on food stamps. Call it “Good training” for their lives later, out all night in the rain and cold with nothing but a hoodie.

    Yeah, growing up with that are your “Millennials” are “Sissies”. And in the back hollows too, but different challenges. Outside of the Brooklyn elite, the Girls from Brown, 90% of America is tough as old badgers and have to be. We’re our own invading Vandal hoard who can take over from within, and we’re constantly testing for weakness.

    Can’t ride your own subway. Pffffffttt!!! Getting on the “R” train would have been a palace to us. The only reason they care is 30 years of the collapse of the rest of us has finally reached NYC. “The revolution will not be evenly distributed.”

    Fani Willis: The law is working and being pursued anywhere, by anyone? That IS front page news. Baby steps. First you get a LITTLE law that is fair and isn’t corrupt, then you get more. Why? Because “Make Me.” I say that, but they say that too. “Make Me” not be corrupt and do whatever I want. And The PEOPLE have to go down there, watch and yell and defund and scare the h—l out of them and MAKE THEM. Which they’re finally doing. Being ‘involved” online is the FIRST step, not the last one.

    Fani-court? Yes, that’s perjury. Sorry. They probably won’t do much to you, but that is a crime you can’t hold your job after.

    “What is unclear is why Putin, Xi, and Iran think they can reach an agreement with immoral governments. How many times will Putin purchase a Minsk Agreement?”

    They don’t. They’re smarter than you are. Putin isn’t purchasing a Minsk and in fact he didn’t purchase the last one. He knew it would lead to a war with all NATO and needed time to stock arms and mobilize. And he did. Stalin signed the same thing with Hitler, knowing he would come, but even THEN Stalin didn’t have enough time to get the tanks he needed, etc. But since they barely beat the Wehrmacht, Stalin was visibly correct and won on that decision. A bastard but a smart, focused bastard who saved Russia from London…again. Putin did know all that, and did have time, and that time was completely successful. NATO may collapse entirely from it. Boy PCR, that Putin sure is stupid to beat all Europe combined witout nukes! What a dummy!

    What Russia ALSO knows, and you don’t, is that Russia is not the world’s policeman. They don’t just wander the globe like you do, thinking you’re Kane, or Superman, finding new wrongs to right. If Pol Pot does a genocide in Cambodia, is Russia supposed to fly in there? Or from non-stop shootings in gun-free Chicago? Spetsnaz parachutes in? Aaaaaand, so the same in a country 5,000 mils from them, four countries over, where their ally Iran is already deeply involved in bringing Israel to heel. No. Sorry. And don’t provide $60B in arms to them either.

    “It’s as if significant portions of American (and European) culture have been possessed by frenetic Evil incarnate…in academia and education,”

    Yes. Always this happens as the Spirit of Anti-Christ, and always those guys, the mentalists, who think and thinking is so easily misled without the heart, but especially without the soul. That’s why it’s Anti. Christ. Anti. God. Like the French Revolution before it, taken as the model they tuned and honed to perfection now. ..Having lost the American Revolution as its citizens still believed in God. But our Revolution was a Beta, Proof-of-Concept test they used since then. Not really a loss, an experiment.

    “The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports, as American media do not,”

    Huh. I thought that’s against what we argue here. Haaretz is a Jewish and Israeli newspaper, and the White atheists from NYU are more zionist than they are. It’s almost like it’s not being Jewish or something. That somehow, there is a different, higher division running it, and not a “single drop of [black] blood.” Almost like Max Blumenthal is Jewish or something. Meanwhile Baptists in Alabama are supporting Israel. SMH Use. Your eyes.

    Dr. D

    Tucker Black or White. Ah, if only it were so easy! As said here, the “White Hats” are of course the “Slightly less Black Hats” but by how much? All grades, all shades, that’s how much. All the “Less Black Hats” means they are NOT merely mindless minions but have OPINIONS and goals as individuals. YOU are a slightly less black hat, and so am I. Because I’m doing my best, but truth is crowded by a bodyguard of lies and I don’t know what’s going on. And then make decisions and goals anyway.

    So we know this much: back when everyone was doing it, Tucker was also just another hack doing his job. He may pretend to journalism, but wasn’t making any special waves. That’s true of all media, ever, so you don’t get canned. But somewhere along there, and it appears slowly, he actually came to BELIEVE that crap about Human Rights, God, and Constitution we all blather on about like boring blowhards. And slowly kept taking risks to ACT on it, which is the real difference. Risk. This risk was met with response from the audience craving somebody ELSE to do something – but also bc as Tboc says, we can feel pretty alone out here. That led to a spiral of more risks, more response, more support, more belief in himself…and too much success for Fox to chuck out.

    Fox is a controlled opposition network. But what good is “Controlled” opposition if you immediately toss everyone out and become NBC? That’s just “mainstream”. So they make their own problem, compounded by also need to self-finance THEIR Derp State Op to “control opposition” and collapse the U.S. …Also, if everything is going well, “Opposition” is supposed to be the 5%, the weird outsiders you’ve collected, NOT the 55% like Fox was getting. That means that your REGULAR Socialist Revolution is failing. Just…Failing. They wrangled and writhed and lashed around like a snake but couldn’t find a position where they were getting viewers back into the mainstream CBS, NBC and still haven’t. Worse, bc of the character of Conservatives, and Americans, they are NOT Patriots, “My country right or wrong” bigots like they hope and encourage with every word. The “Far right” as it’s defined today is merely anyone willing to listen to other views. That’s it. Every Bernie Bro is “Far Right”. Every Nobel Physicist is “Far right”. Apparently Amnesty International is “Far right”. They are SUPPOSED to create the normal “Fascist vs Communist” war that works on all their test runs in Europe, but there was LITERALLY no pickup on that here. Sure, they paid Antifa, but they are made of internal contradictions and then what? Fight their transgender army? Man, you are at the DREGS. NO ONE is scared of your Tranny Army, heebus. And they MUST have us be violent, redneck, flag-waving morons, shooting anyone who impunes da honor of my flag. ‘Merica!!! …Except we don’t. We are for HUMAN RIGHTS. As stated in the CONSTITUTION. As America is an IDEA, not a People, and ethnicity. And so they LOST. When “Americans” didn’t take the bait, they don’t have a plan. It requires us to misbehave.

    So back to Tucker, sure there are Less Black Hats who want to keep America only as bad as we were in the 90s. And in comparison, we call them “White Hats” although they all signed on the US Vs World War in Iraq GwoT. Some “Whit Hat” “good guy”. Like Wall St is doing now, according to Luongo too. But so long as there are nothing but a broad wash of ideas and opinions, all hashed out in public with free speech, that’s all we ever were. At all. That’s all “The Good” is, down here where we have no certain truth. Tucker and Snowden for that matter could be anywhere from 1/3 on that level all they out to White Gandalf enlightened master dying for his cause and they’d just be “White Hats” to me, and rightly so. And if they are slightly blacker hats running Tucker’s interference for him, and now popping him up to run Peace Treaties or what not on way to be VP, don’t care. The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good, and the most dangerous one. We don’t have time for zealots who can’t doubt when we ourselves don’t know nothing.

    Aspnaz, of course you’re right about showers and we all fought it here. Democracy in action that whatever we don’t want, they do immediately. Why I’m all like “Capitalism???? When the government regulates manufacture of shower heads down to the tenth digit?????” It’s so many mixed bags you can’t imagine. Yes, that’s a good idea in AZ, maybe twice that, but then they enforce it in Maine? Wtf? Then it doesn’t work. Like the Toilets failing to work for I dunno, 20 years? …And then they do, they finally fixed that engineering problem. The showers they have now are as good as the high-flow, as it was an easier engineering problem. Point being, it’s just the WRONG LEVEL. If you’re a seawater island of 50 off the coast of Maine, maybe you should make a local order for it. Let them. But to tell people on the coast of Michigan, where “Raising Lake Superior’s level by a single inch requires 551 billion gallons of water,” or Minnesota, and so on they aren’t allowed to use water they have, while ALSO in AZ perhaps they should adopt a plan twice as restrictive or some totally different, unrelated, recycling genius instead. It hurts BOTH parties. It stops BOTH environments, as “Do What You’re Told!” (without any applied intelligence) always does.

    And we all know that’s AntiFreedom and overreach of the Central state, which is why we fought it. But they have power arcs, and you can’t topple the kingdom til the king is old usually. So it was this time too. But for example, every state told the Feds to GFY on Pot, and now Canada is telling Ottawa to GFY on oil and taxes too. FL is telling them GFY on Vaccines, Trans, and CRT.

    Electric on-demand water as we call them here? Yeah, it’s unbelievable the power they need, even gas can’t keep up hardly. No different here on 220v two-phase the meter will be spinning AND you’ll barely have the flow. That’s physics so far as we know. However maybe they will invent acoustic heaters or something using wave interference functions.

    “Only to find out there no longer was enough water flow to keep the sewer pipes from clogging up!”

    I can see they didn’t ask the engineer who built the original system, or any engineer at all. They would have told them.

    Phoenix has a 4 box matrix: Protests, Peace/No peace ; Object Pro-Insider/anti-Insider. Only one of three is useful, perhaps.

    Still, I say think outside the box! That’s what PCR is not doing, and we are, and we’re winning.


    • I Am Ready To Lead America – Kamala Harris

    Duh’merica’s First Indian VP Pretending to Be Black!


    Black Hats


    “Slightly less Black Hats” Hard Core Chechans in Donbass

    Definitely Hard Core Chechan White Hats


    John Day

    So how soon can we have the GFC part-II? Can we have it before the conventions/nominations this June?
    Will the Dems field (cacking) Kamala, “Joe Biden”, (linebacker) Michelle Obama, (ghoul) Hillary Clinton, or (vampire) Gavin Newsome?
    How many ballots will Bobby Jr. be on, and will he ever commit to a moral stance on Zionist genocide?
    Will somebody kill Trump, or put him in jail, or lawfare him somehow, or will he run again? The nationalist oligarchs seem to be pitching that he’s in-like-Flynn, or something to that effect, and that the stock market will reach new highs, because he’s so much like Reagan…

    And, the question is being pressed whether another Kennedy will be assassinated, though it wouldn’t be by the Zionists this time, as far as I can tell. I’m not sure Zionists actually protect anybody very well, though. The MIC won’t want Bobby to win, or have a chance at it.


    Tucker’s observations in Moscow

    Subway, no not the sandwich franchise



    Qualified is a relative term.

    • Too Old For The Court, But Not For The White House

    Biden’s son fails drug test, is discharged from Navy

    The younger son of VPJoe Biden failed a drug test for cocaine, a month after his commissioning last year into the Navy Reserve and was discharged.



    Biden and Trump, are too old
    Require control, aid, supervision
    not mentally competent
    “diminished faculties and faulty memory.”
    national security are jeopardized, ( expose to danger or risk).
    serious misconduct
    Work around. Nothing for southern border.
    The Senate has passed a $95.3 billion aid package for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan after almost a week of debate and growing political divisions in the Republican Party over the role of the United States abroad.

    ByMARY CLARE JALONICK Associated Press and STEPHEN GROVES Associated Press
    February 13, 2024, 3:42 AM

    “With this bill, the Senate declares that American leadership will not waiver, will not falter, will not fail,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who worked closely with Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on the legislation.

    The bill’s passage through the Senate was a welcome sign for Ukraine amid critical shortages on the battlefield.

    Speaker Mike Johnson cast new doubt on the package in a statement Monday evening, making clear that it could be weeks or months before Congress sends the legislation to President Joe Biden’s desk — if at all.

    Dollars provided by the legislation would purchase U.S.-made defense equipment, including munitions and air defense systems that authorities say are desperately needed as Russia batters the country. It also includes $8 billion for the government in Kyiv and other assistance.

    In addition, the legislation would provide $14 billion for Israel’s war with Hamas, $8 billion for Taiwan and partners in the Indo-Pacific to counter China, and $9.2 billion in humanitarian assistance for Gaza.

    As usual, Aid package for Ukraine, contains more than you can see.



    Ritual Humiliation

    Saving Face is a foreign concept

    It’s a Family Affair


    Institutionalizing civilians as ‘strategic leverage’ to force decision changes.

    One of the Crown Jewels of German Culture

    Dresden Was Known as the ‘German Florence’ on the Elbe

    Firebombing of Dresden Feb 13, 1945

    Years ago I had met and talked with someone who was there that day.

    They were German but had been arrested early in the war and sent to a labor camp. Several months before the bombing they were transferred from the camp to Dresden as prison labor for a construction project in the city.

    They said the bombing felt like the end of the world.





    ‘Israel’s’ six-front war is just one theatre in the American multiplex of horror. America is fighting multiple wars, and constantly trying to start new ones. I know they’re only called ‘World Wars’ when white people are fighting each other, but I don’t know what else to call this. America is at war across the whole world and losing on all fronts.

    To the north, America has already lost to Russia. To their south, they’re facing their own uncompleted genocide — pesky brown people still walking the earth, not respecting colonial borders. Then, to the East, we have ‘Israel’s’ incomplete genocide of Palestine, which has turned into a regional rebellion against America. Finally, to the west there’s China — which America actually wants to fight — but they can’t even get to that side of the bar without ten other guys punching them.

    Meanwhile, within America, they are deeply divided internally (ie, they hate themselves) and the climate is collapsing atop everything (the gods hate them too). America’s World War is not just fighting everyone in the world, but also fighting weather. All losing propositions.





    Thar She Blows!



    More Coincidence Theory

    Nothing to see, keep moving……


    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz (and a few others)

    From late in the day and on into the night yesterday

    Well, you guys obviously still don’t grasp the rather simple (but vitally basic) point that I was making about Logic (Logic in the rigorous sense of the word), and I’m beginning to think that your avoidance of such a simple point is not entirely accidental.

    In other words, when someone such as yourselves make the same “mistake” over and over again, despite well intended truthful information to the contrary there is the distinct possibility that they are doing it on purpose, not as a “mistake” but because they proactively want to, because they BELIEVE (unquestioningly) that it is true and therefore don’t see it as a mistake at all. They actually think that it’s right and that it explains all of their troubles away and absolves them of all personal responsibility or blame for how fucked up everything around them is.

    It’s the Jews! It’s the Jews! It’s the Jews! THEY’RE the ones to blame! They practically INVENTED lying, cheating, stealing and murdering! Just look at who runs all the big evil corporations! The Jews are EVERYWHERE! And they CONSPIRE with each other, too.

    What a pity. For some reason that you choose not to disclose, you are holding fast to the absolutely FALSE presumption that just because a disproportionate number of bad guys are Jews that it should be accepted as a logical statement of fact that all Jews are disproportionately bad.

    Sorry, Charley, but your presumptuous statement is not logical, and therefore it is to that degree simply not true. It is FALSE, as in “Close, but no cigar.” Close doesn’t count. Close only counts in Horseshoes and hand grenades, so no prize for you.

    When others, such as me, attempt to respectfully point out to you that your presumption is not logical because it violates the rules of logic, which I respectfully lay out for you, then you try to “cancel” me (pretty nasty and unhinged stuff, too. Really maliciously intended) like the good and faithful cultist that you are. You are in a cult, you know that, right? You have latched on to a false and illogical belief (in this case the belief is that all Jews are bad and all bad originates from Jews.) and you proclaim and protect that fixed (but nonsensical) stable datum like it was a floating wreckage of your ship that just sank in a storm.

    You have been bamboozled into accepting as factual a false belief that you then cling to as an explanation and solution for the chaos, disconnection, loneliness anxiety and fear that made you run looking for shelter in the first place.

    Instead of waving your anti-semitic battle flag and shouting down anyone who tries to bring you to your senses, consider asking your self the following question instead:

    “Given the irrefutably documented fact that a strikingly disproportionate number of the Bad Guys are hereditary Jews, then WHY is that the case? What sets those individuals apart from the others”

    Do you grok the distinction here? I’m not saying that an extraordinarily high number of Jews aren’t key bad guys. What I’m saying is that it’s not ALL Jews, its just a LOT of Jews, so what makes THAT bunch of Jews so different? Why are they a certain way and others are NOT?

    I’m compelled to restate the question, “Given the irrefutably documented fact that a strikingly disproportionate number of bad guys are hereditary Jews, then WHY is that the case?”

    There is an answer to that question, of course, and you are not going to regain much of your personal sanity until you find it.

    I suggest that you START searching for the answer by first reflecting deeply upon, precisely and accurately, what you consider a Jew to be in the first place. In other words, what does the term Jew mean to you when you think and speak of it?

    For any who are interested, I’m not Jewish in the least nor by any stretch. I’m a dyed in the wool (and cast in the chromosome) Bad Catholic Irishman. (by bad Catholic I mean that the Pope and his Vatican might as well be the Seat of Satan, and that nearly half of the liturgy and much of the clergy are just gonzo, but other than that they’ve got most of the important stuff mostly right, so count me in. In other words, I’m a bad Catholic.

    Michael Reid



    It all makes sense.

    D Benton Smith


    the American multiplex of horror”

    That’s a hum-dinger if I ever heard one, so I’ll probably steal it from time to time.

    D Benton Smith


    Firebombing of Dresden Feb 13, 1945

    And they did that when they were winning, with victorious conquest clearly in sight mere months away. How curious is that?

    There is an historical pattern revealed here. Can you spot what it is?

    D Benton Smith

    The pattern is: Power Corrupts. As the soon-to-be-victorious become more powerful and thereby more able to IMPOSE their will over others the tendency is to exercise that power by going ahead and imposing it. After all, if the soon-to-be-victorious have grown to have so much power over others that they can get whatever they want with total impunity because nobody else is powerful enough to stop them, then who could possibly stop them? They just do what they want, and by the time they reach THAT level of power over others they are as arrogant, petty and cruel as personal whim is capable of being, because THAT is what power is.

    Danger! Danger!

    Callous, self-serving, wanton killing is very nearly the final sign. The true final sign is self-destruction.





    According to some preliminary reports from the spot, the attack resulted in about 500 Ukrainian servicemen killed and about 700 others wounded. According, to other reports, there are dozens killed. It is clear that the number of casualties is likely to rise, as many soldiers have been seriously injured and their lives are at risk.

    Selidovo is a strategically important logistics hub of the Ukrainian military. Ukrainian units come there from Pavlograd and Pokrovsk before being sent to the frontlines. The military facilities in the village were used for accumulation of Ukrainian military reserves before they were sent to plug the holes in defense in the Donetsk direction. According to preliminary reports, a large part of the victims of today’s attack were servicemen of the notorious 3rd Assault Brigade “Azov”. The Ukrainian military command had previously declared that this unit would be send to reinforce Ukrainian garrison in Avdiivka.

    Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mariana Bezuglaya reportedly confirmed the attack and claimed that after the incident in Selidovo, mass inspections began in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from the General Staff to those responsible “on the ground.”

    Reports from Selidovo also confirm heavy losses to the Ukrainian Army. All the roads in the area were blockaded by security forces. There are many ambulances and trucks to take the corpses. The Security Service of Ukraine is reportedly raiding the village looking for spotters on the ground, those who leaked information about the accumulation of large Ukrainian forces on the training ground.

    This is far from the first Russian precision strikes on the accumulation of Ukrainian forces near the front. In November, 2023, the 128th Brigade of the AFU lost dozens killed and wounded after Iskander thwarted the awarding ceremony in the village of Dimitrovo in the Zaporozhie region. LINK

    However, this is the first such bloody attack on Ukrainian units in the rear after the new Ukrainian commander-in-chief Syrsky took office. Such an incident will definitely worsen his already weak reputation among the Ukrainian population, especially among the military.

    In an attempt to distract the population from another defeat, Kiev is expected to launch another bloody attack in the Russian rear, including on civilian targets.



    seems there is a symbol representing the unity of all things and regeneration of life

    Thats weird

    D Benton Smith

    I feel that I should express the definition of Power in a different, even MORE explicit way. The capability of imposing one’s will over the will of others is the very definition of Power. Using it causes one to become corrupt, true, but more fundamentally true and to the core of the point is that power in itself IS corruption. Simply stated, Power is corruption. That’s what the word MEANS. Power is the destruction of life by blocking or removing the free will of others, who of course cannot live well (or at all, ultimately) without it.

    Power starts with the attempt to overwhelm and remove (by numerous methods) the free will of another or many other beings. Consequently it ends when those others are so completely subjugated that they can do nothing without the express permission or order to so, at which point the “powerful” instigator is now, themselves, TRAPPED by the necessity of providing (or denying) the permissions, authority and orders which keep the entire social contraption from ceasing to operate. They can’t stop. And without the voluntary exercise of tremendous quantities of the free will contributions and work of others they can’t continue, either. Nobody’s doing any real creative work. So that’s the end of them, and a bunch of mostly innocent bystanders along with them.


    Forked tongue
    Financing war and war machines does not result in stopping genocide, killing, pain, and destruction.
    Peace leads to freedom, and prosperity.

    John Day

    Why firebomb Dresden?
    They had bought all these firebombs already, more than enough for Tokyo, and all the bombers were getting through without attrition of munitions.

    Why does a dog lick his balls?

    Good analysis of the urge to power, and where it leads, DBS.


    Re: Firebombing of Dresden
    The Red Army had advanced almost up to that point by February, 1945. German lines were collapsing. The firebombing of Dresden demonstrated to the Soviets (right in front of them) what an Allied 1,000+ plane bombing raid could do and it conveyed a message: “Proceed no further east than Berlin”.


    “Proceed no further WEST than Berlin”.

    John Day

    Thanks for that historical insight, Bam_Man.

    D Benton Smith

    Today Tucker Carlson interviews the current Surgeon General of the State of Florida, the link is: .

    I daresay you have never heard anything like it in your life, at least not in public, by two persons at or near the tip top of the world-wide free public communications structure.

    They get down to brass tacks in the first 10 minutes (yes the VAX is causing heritable DNA ravages to the human genome) and just goes on from there.

    If the Putin interview doesn’t break the internet (and a lot of other things, too) then this interview should do the trick.

    I’ve got a feeling that he’s just getting started and that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

    At this rate, it can’t be long before he address the Zionist genocide of Gazans, head on, and then we’ll just have to see what there is to see about where Mr. Carlson’s ultimate loyalties lay, and the immediate future of this good old home planet we’re sort of stuck on.

    Dr. D

    Styx666 today: “Republicans: punching themselves in the face today like the dumbest orangutan in the zoo.”

    Ah but he’s far too generous to them. Getting soft in his old age.

    They won’t stop until you stop them. We were all ready to stop 30 years ago, but you said no. You can stop after Cromwell has outlawed all pubs, all theatre, all gatherings, and all Christmas, and killed half the nation, or you can stop them now. Oh wait: too late. They already did. Now all that time, all those lives, and you still have to stop them anyway, same as then.

    You’ll have to stop them sometime. 30 years ago is as good a time as any.

    Stop what? Stop POWER. Why? Definition of Power is, “Enforcing your will”. That is, Power = violence. It is violence to enforce your will on others without their permission, whether it’s physical or not. Why? The Opposite of Power is Tao. Or rather Tao is the true power. Tao is how things would naturally unfold if you weren’t screwing with them all the time using POWER. If you’re aligned with the power, the Way, the Tao, the #Logos, you wouldn’t need to do anything, or at a minimum very little, as your will is aligned with the existing Way, and God. It’s only when you are AntiGod, against Nature, that you would have any need for Power. So as you say, it is by definition. As they say the very fact someone seeks office demonstrates they are unfit to serve. And so on.

    This is why Wokeism is such egregious Violence, why they are Power mad, and see all things, all people, all adjectives through the lens of POWER. This is Marxism or at least as described in the West. The Politics of POWER. The study of POWER. Between classes, and re-tooled for us, between Races. By why would you do that if your motives were pure? Why would you express your power in telling everyone else what to do or how to be – even if well meaning – when the expression of Power itself is by definition, Violence? Even the bad guys think their making people act, obey, is all the service of the Good, for good ends, a good cause, as the ends justify the means. That’s the very definition of being “evil”. Oh. Wait. That’s identical to what Woke people do. FORCE people to Act and OBEY using Violence. There is zero difference. Oh. Wait. The LAST evilly evil guys who were here not only SAID the same things, they WERE the same thing, doing it all for your own good. For Kinder, Küche, Kirche, FOR the Proletariat and working man, FOR our God Jesus Yahweh, FOR Odin’s beard and our way of life. Oh yeah, and “These guys need them some FREEDOM!” Same, same, same, same. THEY are evil. But evil doesn’t know it’s evil, because the definition of evil is, it can’t look. It changes WITHOUT, outside, not WITHIN, the self. That is how you know it.

    Ask them. They’ll say “I can’t and shouldn’t have to.” Change starts from within. One step of a thousand miles. Know thyself.

    Veracious Poet


    When others, such as me, attempt to respectfully point out to you that your presumption is not logical because it violates the rules of logic, which I respectfully lay out for you, then you try to “cancel” me (pretty nasty and unhinged stuff, too.
    Really maliciously intended) like the good and faithful cultist that you are.
    You are in a cult *CULTure*, you know that, right?
    You have latched on to a false and illogical belief (in this case the belief is that all Jews are bad and all bad originates from Jews.) and you proclaim and protect that fixed (but nonsensical) stable datum like it was a floating wreckage of your ship that just sank in a storm.

    You have been bamboozled into accepting as factual a false belief that you then cling to as an explanation and solution for the chaos, disconnection, loneliness anxiety and fear that made you run looking for shelter in the first place.

    We don’t know who a$$-naztee is, other than someone claiming to live within the CCP’s realm, nor do we even know what legal construct(s) are it’s *chosen* political pronouns, but sock puppets are gonna troll, don’t cha’ know?

    One thing that’s apparent, is that a$$-naztee is pathologically obsessed/indoctrinated/employed? to spread a toxic & invidious *agenda* (It’s da Joos!) that violates the foundational legal framework that the *former* United States of America was established under:

    The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions…

    Whenever legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience…

    Every man hath a right to punish the offender (Not their family, race, creed or religion.), and be executioner of the law of nature.

    But of course the very concept of a Democratic Republic under Natural Law is now long forgotten archaic concept, although I mention it to illustrate how far “America” has de-evolved as a sovereign entity, now like monster on the UniParty’s psychotropic leash, roaming about like a rabid beast anxious to devour (to H3LL with the Natural Rights of others), a tribe of bigoted stooges of all stripes that judge a whole *races of people* by the actions of *individuals*.

    Then there are the international tribal CULTures at play also, with their own versions of Mass Formation Psychosis 🙄

    Moreover, there are various *internal* psychotic factions (5th columns) who have been seeking for decades to undermine/hobble/implode The West (aka the UniParty GlobalCap Empire), which with the 2020 Electoral Fraud, DNAvaxes & COVID have taken the entire planet hostage, transmogrifying into multiple *horrid* situations, of which Ukraine/Israel now top the list.

    …nor had I understood til then how the shameless vanity of utter fools can so strongly determine the fate of others ~ Philip Roth, The Plot Against America

    But, given the callously shallow realities of most of The People’s historical worldviews, they remain trapped within their *default* biases, not realizing that The West’s *PsyOps* have those scenarios in mind, targeting their mental/emotional/spiritual weaknesses, all part & parcel of the UniParty GlobalCap Imperial “War To End All Wars”…

    Here’s a great alt. read on not only America, but The West:

    In 1988, Wang Huning was a visiting scholar in the United States for six months, spending the first three months at the University of Iowa, three weeks at the University of California, Berkeley, and visiting many other universities.

    During his time in the United States, Wang visited over 30 cities and close to 20 universities,[8] and later wrote about his experiences in his book America Against America.

    • Might Makes Right The Dominant Fiction •

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