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    If you want to hear what Trudeau said …. Go find it. I can’t stoop to sending you a link to his lies.
    FULL TEXT: Commission ‘reluctantly’ rules Trudeau justified to use Emergencies Act to end Freedom Convoy
    ‘I have concluded that in this case, the very high threshold for invocation was met,’ the commissioner wrote. But, he added, ‘I have done so with reluctance’.
    Emergencies Act was ‘justified,’ but avoidable: Justice Paul Rouleau

    Mr. House

    John Fetterman is too depressed to do his job. Anybody else hear the strange theory that his wife was actually going to be the actual senator during the election season?


    “On the whole, you could say that if you are defending your
    opinions, you are not serious
    . Likewise, if you are trying to avoid
    something unpleasant inside of yourself, that is also not being
    serious. A great deal of our whole life is not serious. And society
    teaches you that. It teaches you not to be very serious – that there
    are all sorts of incoherent things, and there is nothing that can be
    done about it, and that you will only stir yourself up uselessly by
    being serious.

    “But in a dialogue you have to be serious. It is not a dialogue if
    you are not – not in the way I’m using the word. There is a story
    about Freud when he had cancer of the mouth. Somebody came
    up to him and wanted to talk to him about a point in psychology.

    “The person said, “Perhaps I’d better not talk to you,
    because you’ve got this cancer which is very serious. You may
    not want to talk about this.” Freud’s answer was, “This cancer
    may be fatal, but it’s not serious.” And actually, of course, it was
    just a lot of cells growing. I think a great deal of what goes on in
    society could be described that way – that it may well be fatal,
    but it’s not serious.”

    David Bohm on Dialogue


    This guy has a very good article on dioxins, and comments by “cosmos agent Roger 23” are also good- reminds me of Rappoport’s guy, Ellis Medavoy, who said corporate messes were made and “viruses” were invented to cover them up AND sell vaccines.


    Farming with solar panels:

    Yes, you could buy a whole bunch of short life Chinese solar panels to farm.

    But if I had any choice in how to farm, I would rather farm using solar powered farmers, cows, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, etc. All of these are powered by sun’s stored solar energy. All of these use stored solar energy to continue to work on cloudy days, cold wintery days, rainy days, during night time, when there is little or no solar energy available.

    Not only that, these solar powered things can reproduce themselves, giving them nearly unlimited self life that never wears out, unlike solar panels which don’t produce enough energy to replace themselves when they wear out. Besides it would piss off big brother, to no end, as we would become more independent, not more dependent!

    If this solar powered farming sounds like what our ancestors used, it just proves we are not as smart as we think we are. Our ancestors were using much more efficient living solar panels, than the artifical solar panels we are using today. In our woke world, this is considered to be progress!


    New of of thinking
    living solar panels
    We are, also, “living solar panels”



    I very much agree with jsnyder. I don’t care how many times you repeat your airstrip cipher. I don’t want to memorize it or keep a note card nearby that tells me which airstrip is the US, which is NZ and which is Mos Eisley. You may have interesting things to say but my solution is just to skip all your comments.

    Michael Reid

    @ WES,

    Good points. Farming with animals sounds sustainable. So much knowledge of living life in nature has been lost. It is not fancy and maybe very impoverishing wrongfully so but farming especially the milk and honey seems what grades kindergarten to eight should be all about at least we would obtain useful knowledge providing a worthwhile service/life skill. Too bad that it seems we lost our way.

    I am coming to the conclusion that IQ as been decreasing likely because of many of us have not been living directly connected to nature where wrong decisions and actions are fatal. My grandparents and parents know much more about survival than my generation and later.

    My grandparents are smarter than my parents that are smarter than me yet I have the papers that state otherwise. Something wrong with values I believe.

    You might be interested in this guy riding the moose like a horse more than 100 years ago. They were smarter back then.

    The Miramichi ‘Moose Man’ and how he domesticated a moose named Tommy

    Michael Reid


    Please write the location instead of “Airstrip whatever” as it communicates location without the burden of remembering your matrix.


    “One of the lessons of this war is the very high consumption rates of conventional munitions, and we are re-examining our own stockages and our own plans to make sure that we got it right,” Milley told FT.

    Milley really is an incredible liar, these “lessons” were learned during WW1 and WW2: their failure to be applied now is incompetence and corruption. The USA let its industrial heart be transferred to China in return for cash, the military and president did nothing to stop that greed-driven destruction of their own country. That made the USA weak and now we see that the USA and their pet NATO are inept and, worse of all, just plain weak, resorting to overtly bullying their allies – blowing up pipelines – to keep them together in NATO. What does that say to Russia other than NATO is falling apart?

    First Milley claims that Putin cannot win, even though Putin has already won the areas of Ukraine that he wants, maybe a few more areas to go but there is no sign that Putin wants to take over the whole of Ukraine, give any remaining Nazis a Russian passport, no way. When the war ends, Putin will have won more than 100% as he will have everything he wants in Ukraine plus NATO will have collapsed in on itself.


    Ukronazi tank, and soon Leopard tanks

    AFU Tank Wrecked By Russian Kornet ATGM


    TVASF (and now it’s a joke)


    Why is there so much talking about Belarus …. with no news

    Veracious Poet


    It is a “spiritual struggle” in which the non initiates are stuck in Capitalism/The Matrix and initiates are the holy chosen ones. Whatever claim they had to a definition of “materialism” even remotely connected to physical reality is gone. They’re gone, man.

    And they (NPD EG0Maniacs/Psychopaths) project THEMSELVES onto Capitalism. Dude could only IMAGINE capitalism as what he does. Think of an abstract thingy. Identify someone to manipulate. Isolate them, lie to them, indoctrinate them. Be the one to dictate their needs TO them. Uh, dude, that’s 180 degrees INVERTED Marketing 101.


    The Everlasting Dissatisfaction – aka God in Western Civ (NPD EG0Maniacs/Psychopaths) – created us to have some comic relief from the ordeal of eternity.
    We shall not disappoint.



    A moment in Edvardslavia:

    A song for the great halls of power including Putin. While his 5-D chess skills internationally are downright majestic, the infection from (oh god, this is gonna sound so ‘Rothschilds rule deh planitt!’) banking entities ultimately rooted in Israel just as much as in USA or Germany or “the far-flung Isles of Langerhans”, all entities who never met a catastrophically imposed biosocial experiment project or product they didn’t like… look velly bad, velly velly.

    The Blind Leading the Blind

    I am enjoying watching Putin and colleagues magnificently play the game(imo, of course, and I have no time to argue it with trolls who think they’re chatbots on some sadomasochistic chatroulette), especially because he and Lavros are trying to stabilize, not destabilize, global affairs. (Yes, yes, I know: it’s all part of The Grand Scheme. Thank you very much.)

    But I am not enjoying watching teh kovvid (can we start making dumb internet jokes about it now, pls?) creep through a Russian populace just recently getting used to better times and better yet ahead. The central bank infection doesn’t scare me that much. Sovereigns/kings used to kick out no longer needed moneylenders regularly, which is why there are ten times more Jews in New York than London, second only to Tel Aviv. Vlad knows how the game is played. He is still the king, and the Mossad hasn’t got anything on Russia’s espionage/terrorist game. Poor Izzy, in fact, is in dire straits but, like its favorite best friend enemy, USA/eu, too stupid to realize it. Wadda schmuck, no?

    The damage done by vakzinazion, though… velly bad.

    As for state-driven digital passport/IDs: one wonders when people will figure out that they don’t need cellphones. When the network crashes and rots, I suppose.

    Meanwhile, das globalists are discovering, as did their predecessor in NWO-building, Adolph von Mustache that it’s easier to start a war, or industrial eugenics by slaughter including death by vakz, than it is to win, stop, or just plain get out financially or even physically intact.

    I have nothing better to do than be happy regardless. 🙂

    Good Song/Image to Accompany the Big Moment in NukeApoc Flick


    Lack of Big Arrow Movements in Ukraine:

    McGregor and Ritter always seem to be pushing that the Russians are about to launch big arrow movements in the Ukraine, any day now. What they are forgetting is the new reality of both sides having 24/7 visual survalence of the entire battlefield. That means it is nearly impossible to hide any movements. That is why there will be no big arrow movements until the time is ripe, which isn’t likely to ever happen.

    The top Russian general knows this and is fighting accordingly. However he has been constantly condemned for his lack of battlefield success and for giving up gained territories too easily. His critics are still fighting the previous war, just like all the WW1 generals did with the introduction of the machine gun. They only learned after they had run out of fresh “over the wall” cannon fodder.

    So how do you fight when you can not hide what your are doing from the enemy? You look at areas where you have an advantage. Where does Russia have an advantage? Ground base air defense systems, such as S-300, S-400, and S-500 missiles. These have proven to be able to shoot down all airplanes, big drones, and better than 50% of all enemy missile warheads, like the US Himars.

    So Russia dominates the air above the battlefield, able to deny the enemy the use of the air space directly over the battlefield area and the contact lines. (I am using “contact line” rather than “frontlines” for a reason.) Often there is no dual frontlines like in WW1. The Ukrainians often have a frontline but the Russians rarely do.

    The Russians, with an air defensive dome over the battlefield, keep their mobile troops well back from Ukrainian frontlines and out of the enemy’s artillery range. The Russians use their air domination to use tethered drones, attack drones, helicopters, and airplanes to watch the battlefield 24/7.

    The Russians have fast real time data on any battlefield movements, not subjected to electronic jamming or the enemy eavesdropping. A single moving Ukrainian soldier can be cancelled in just seconds to minutes. The Ukrainians have to rely mostly on US satellites, which adds complexity and time delays, before they can react. Whenever, the Ukrainians launch a big drone, it usually only makes one brief flight.

    In terms of war economics, Russia can use mostly artillery shells, but the Ukrainians have to use expensive missiles, hoping the missile isn’t shot down, to try and stop Russian mobile armor on the battlefield. Ukrainians have artillery but are limited in what they can shoot at without being able to see their target directly.

    Another big difference in artillery is the Ukrainians have little mobile artillery while all Russian artillery is mobile. Russian artillery moves quickly after firing making it very hard for the Ukrainians to hit them. Ever wonder why Russia is using more old T-62 tanks? They are just using them as mobile artillery!

    I think my tablet is about to crash so I will post before I lose what I have written so far.


    And… it’s over.

    One can see a major color/shape of the fast-approaching breaking point. We are gonna see some wild wonky stuff online. Oh my. Jesus in drag-priest robes. Bots fighting bots fighting people who don’t know the difference and people who do know the difference but just They’ve been on the internet for 20 years and no damn bot is going to stop them from winning an argument. And people not quite sure what they are. I lost the password to my pronouns! Leave Britney alone!!!

    Shoot Out the Lights and Win!

    Yes, our world has become this weird:


    Nord Stream Sabotage Backfires With Historic Demolition of U.S. Image and Lies Over Ukraine War

    Nord Stream Sabotage Backfires With Historic Demolition of U.S. Image and Lies Over Ukraine War

    The Hersh article – despite the Western media shamefully ignoring it thereby exposing their own criminal complicity in U.S. terrorism – has made the world more aware than ever of the rogue state that is the United States and its capitalist, imperialist dynamics.

    Inciting war in Europe, antagonizing a nuclear Russia with unprecedented aggression, inflicting mass poverty and hardship on European civilians, and lying about it all the time through its propaganda media. Washington is a war-criminal state par excellence along with its European Quislings.


    I know, I know. The goggles, they do nothing!

    RInse with this:

    Trust Me. Safe. Not a vax. Natural immunity booster.


    Yup, my tablet crashed! So part 2.

    In this war, Russians can see Ukrainians hiding in trenches and foxholes to shoot at. However the Ukrainians do not have any Russians hiding in foxholes to shoot back at! The Russians are in fact safely hidden well out of sight. When Russian soldier does arrive at the Ukrainian’s frontline, usually unseen, they ride in armored vehicles well protected from Ukrainian artillery, if there is any left. The sad reality is most Ukrainians soldiers die without ever seeing a single Russia soldier.

    As you can see this war, as is currently being fought, is very one sided.

    Now imagine if Russia was to move away from the current small tightly controlled local battles and begin big arrow movements with large numbers of armor and troops. The Ukrainians would now be able to inflict very heavy losses using missiles due to openings/gaps in Russian air defenses. So this is not likely to happen. The Russians do care about the number of soldiers they lose, while the US doesn’t care how many Ukrainians die, only how many Russians die.

    Going back to territories Russia has given back. In every case the advancing Ukrainians paid a very heavy price, while rarely ever seeing a Russian soldier. In each case the Russians retreated in good order to a more defendable position, often a river, while their artillery did the fighting. The Russians could see the Ukrainians but the Ukrainians couldn’t see the Russians. One hell of a way to fight a war!

    Did the Russian ever do big arrow movements in the Ukrainian war? Yes, in the very first 2 to 3 weeks of the war! Do you remember what happened? Yes, the Russians suffered heavy casualties of between 1 and 2 thousand a week! Did they gain a lot of territory? Yes about 20% of the Ukraine, recovering mostly Russian speaking areas. After this the Russians quickly reverted into the current more defensive/offensive posture, while continuing to grind down both NATO and the Ukrainian army.

    Obviously for Russia the early big arrow moves were a calculated risk, deemed necessary to take, in order to set up and dictate the current grinding operations.

    In today’s battlefield, it is very dangerous to do big arrow operations as you leave yourself wide open to disaster from even a remote enemy.

    Remember, the key to military success is: Do not march on Moscow! Repeat this three times!


    I can give latitude and longitude instead of using Airstrip numbers. What people need to understand is that the name ‘New Zealand; is entirely fake; there is nothing new about it, nor is there anything to do with Zealand. It is the designation given to the landmasses formerly known as Aotearoa. NZ is a completely fake appellation given these land masses by a private corporation that has no legitimacy and which is in breach of more laws that I can cite here.

    We cannot call these land masses Aotearoa because practically everything that was Aotearoa -the tress, the fauna, the marine life -very notably dolphins and shellfish- the coal, the oil, the gold- was either destroyed or carted away long ago by The Empire of Lies.

    We could call it Kiwi-land but for the fact that kiwi populations have been decimated and many species are close to extinction at hands of The Empire of Lies. The Empire of Lies has also been killing-off Kiwis, i.e. human population.

    We could call it Sheep-land but for the fact that sheep are an introduced species and numbers have been in decline for decades.

    How about Human-sheep-land? since the bulk of the population behave like sheep -herded, fleeced and then slaughtered.

    Skip my comments if that suits. I skip the comments of many commenters. Time is far too short now. And most know a lot less than I do.

    That said, there are a few commenters who provide new information of new interpretations of information that are well worth considering.

    ‘Those who could not hear the music looked upon the dancers and thought them to be mad.’


    “The Russians do care about the number of soldiers they lose, while the US doesn’t care how many Ukrainians die, only how many Russians die.”
    So well put, WES.


    I knew more than 20 years ago that this point -of an overheated planet inflicting damage faster than humans with machines could repair the damage- would be reached. And wrote about it more than 20 years ago. I just didn’t know when it would be reached.

    It’s now:

    We could say that, as well as losing its war with Eurasia, Oceania is losing its war with Nature.

    James Lovelock called it Gaia’s Revenge.

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