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    Pablo Picasso The dream 1951   • Seymour Hersh’s Trinity of Truth (Scott Ritter) • Seymour Hersh Believes Betting On Ukraine’s Victory ‘Suicidal’
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    Biontech/Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine approval may have been based on incorrect documentation, WELT reports.

    There are increasing doubts about the data from the pivotal phase 3 study.
    Pfizer dodges the allegations and refuses a review.

    The many inconsistencies in the Pfizer registration study



    33 yo male, free of cardiovascular disease, develops acute (biopsy-proven) necrotizing eosinophilic myocarditis with cardiogenic shock 10 days after receiving Covid-19 mRNA vax booster

    Acute necrotizing eosinophilic myocarditis presenting with cardiogenic
    shock after mRNA booster dose for COVID-19: Case report and review
    of literature



    In 2020 they threw all established science out the window, and instead invented New Science™

    The well-established natural immunity turned into a “dangerous theory” of “anti-vaxxers”.

    What a pity that Covid ignored their New Science™ and followed the established science…



    Atrial Fibrillation After mRNA-1273 SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination: Case Report with Literature Review

    – “… her normal cardiac rhythm could not be restored and permanent AF was diagnosed.”

    – “Cases of patients developing arrhythmia after COVID-19 vaccination have been increasingly reported.”



    Spain has 106 million unused doses of vaccine.
    That’s more than 2 per person.

    They are buying another 52 million.


    The Government continues to buy covid vaccines although it has 106 million unused in ‘stock’


    Formerly T-Bear

    A neighbour asked recently if there were things that countered the effects of mRNA injections as they were mandated to obtain employment. IIRC some recent mention of something that denatured the (original?) spike protein. The report had the nature of an early, tentative observation and I did not bookmark it. Would there be other information of that or other nostrums that look to alleviate or treat those injected? Thanks


    Zerosum from yesterday’s TAE:
    ‘I have concluded that in this case, the very high threshold for invocation was met,’ the commissioner wrote. But, he added, ‘I have done so with reluctance’.
    Emergencies Act was ‘justified,’ but avoidable: Justice Paul Rouleau

    When you ask the fox why are the chickens going missing under his watch!

    You also presented an inflation calculator that a twelve year old could understand! I have two grandsons 12 and 14 that are top students in their respective classes. I’ve been teaching them 501 darts and can say without a doubt they would not have a clue what you posted. Watching them try to add up their darts and then subtract that total from their score is heart wrenching. I would not have moved out of grade two with their math skills, and don’t even start me on their grammar skills!!!

    Dr. D

    Lake Oroville now pleasantly full. I believe we have high snow for the summer’s water. I hope they fixed the dam, but this is California; probably not. Will they just let the water out to go to the sea like the last few years, then claim it’s Climate Change? Remains to be seen, but that’s what they did in Vegas. 2-3 more winter/spring months left to go to get 100%. We’re all gonna die.

    “Keith Olbermann Calls for “Economic Civil War” to Institute Gun Control”

    Who is calling for war and for what purpose? Again, if you want gun control, there’s a process. It’s called a Constitutional Amendment. You don’t just ignore some laws and make up others because you don’t like them. That would be called “Without Rule of Law.” Or put another way, “Tyranny.”


    Next question: who is showing restraint and tolerance and who isn’t?

    “Four US Troops Wounded In Raid On ISIS Commander’s Syrian Hideout”

    The U.S. invaded Syria and still occupies 1/3rd of it – the 1/3rd with oil. Now why am I suspicious that ISIS has anything to do with why we’re there? Apparently it’s only bad if white European countries are invaded. That’s when it becomes a threat to world peace, “unprovoked aggression” and a war crime to be hauled before the Hague with the leaders involved toppled and replaced.

    Speaking of, rocket surgeon Milley says that “the Ukraine war will end in negotiations”. You. Don’t. Say. This is what passes for “Expert Level” in modern American life. Water is wet.

    Speaking of some animals being more equal than others: “FEMA Denies East Palestine’s Request For Federal Assistance”

    The EPA also says “There is no contamination, go home.” People can see the contamination WITH THEIR EYEBALLS and don’t need expensive tests. Also both the administration and the NY Times say “there is no contamination, that is a right-wing conspiracy theory that claimed, without evidence”, at the same time there IS contamination downriver, in WV. So the ORIGIN of the spill has no spill, but DOWNSTREAM there is a spill. Right. I presume because WV has some political swing and wasn’t Red last election.

    So CA, which refused all and any EPA wildfire cleanup and mitigation, sets 10 fires, seen by witnesses, and gets multi BILLION$$$ in aid before the election so the state doesn’t fall in bankruptcy. Ohio has an actual spill that can kill 10 million people, and “We’re Broke!” I’m sorry Senator, we forgot. How to print. Money. Yup! New stripes! Total, 100%, fiscal conservatives. Reaganite anti-spending, anti-government, anti-EPA people, that’s what we are here in the Biden Administration! Trickle Down. Until the border of WV when we care again.

    I can’t make this up as I could never conceive of it. Or that people would LOVE it, and not be mad at all.


    If only 1 MILLION lives are saved, it’ll be worth it. Nope!

    Opinion of News Media: But I always hear they’re just telling the people what they want to hear! So how can they be displeasing the audience? Also they tell them what they want to hear, and/or the truth, yet Conservative media is expanding rapidly while traditional media is utterly collapsing, even to bankruptcy like HuffPo and CNN. How can that be, either?

    It makes no sense. That must be why they think on Nov 2016, 200 Million Americans were abducted by body snatchers and replaced with White Supremacists, because otherwise those people were “Obama Voters”. Talk about your crayzee conspiracy theories! Hypothesis one: I’m lying and suck at my job. I’m a butt-kissing shill not worth the name of “reporter” on the tiger beat. I am the reason my company and whole industry is failing. Hypothesis two: Alien body snatchers.

    We know which one they thought was logical. N.P.D.

    “Truth Two: The blow-back that will occur inside Germany … Will break up NATO”

    Apparently not: the Germans LOVE it. The whole EU has unending support.

    “There were just so many bad mistakes made. It’s impossible to believe”

    Yes it is pretty impossible to believe. You’re a reporter and a cynic, so why do you believe it? Maybe something else is going on?

    ““And neither the UN nor the OSCE would have noticed it.”

    As we can see, the UN and OSCE approved of it wholeheartedly and still do. All 6 Million people. And you know what Nazis call 6 million people: a good start. And as we see here, the UN wholly agrees. A thousand shells? They forget to mention they were sent into the public market and the public square. These cities are Ukraine, filled with Ukrainians. Who were they shelling?

    I’d ask: “if D.C. and NY nuked Ohio, who did they think they were attacking,” but…’

    ““If the fighting goes on like this, Ukraine will soon be a depopulated, destroyed country..”

    People refusing to admit reality. I love this phrasing. Golly, if we don’t look out, we might not be under the rule of law! We might be wiretapped without 4A! We might not have open or speedy trials! We might invade other countries! We might cover up non-stop war crimes! We might jail publishers! We might transfer a Trillion dollars to oligarchs! We might elect a President then ignore his every order. We might have states environmentally nuked while the nation doesn’t care! We might force a drug that kills 10 million people! We might castrate all our children that weren’t abducted already. We might wipe out the middle class. We might have Chinese police stations in America.

    You know, if we don’t look out, something BAD might happen!

    …But in the future, of course. Everything’s going great right now.

    Ukraine ALREADY ceased to exist as a people. And Europe ALREADY collapsed. 10X electric bills and no gas for winter ‘23. Like the ’08 housing, it takes time, way longer than you’d think.

    So everything they say now about Russia, their accusations, threats, and blackmail… can flip-flop in a moment.”

    Not. Agreement. Capable. That means you have no choice but to ignore them, cut them out.

    “I also believe he seriously underestimates the US Republican Party’s sheer lack of principles…hatred”

    Huh. Explain?

    Soros/DeSantis. I can’t follow any of this. They need to use words that have meanings, not ones that shift everywhere like jello. “From the Right”? “Ruthless” in his protection of Floridians from a painfully obvious medical coverup? “Ken Griffin is evil-evil with evil sauce?” Who? Because he’s a stock trader like you or because he’s involved in politics like you? And it’s evil-evil with Dr. Evil who said “No, YOU’RE evil, you evil-evil!!!” W. T. F. ?

    My brain is bleeding from reading this stuff. Don’t. Listen. To liars. Newsflash: everything they say is a lie.

    EU Parliament Blocks Scrutiny of Von der Leyen Over Pfizer Contract ( “

    25 years of “the EU is not a Democracy” At all. It’s a Soviet Bureaucracy. And who does it speak for? Itself? Or is there someone further, directing from behind? Who is Ursula be Lyin’ that she can do this? There’s a hidden world emperor and dark overlord somewhere and she’s his bastard daughter? Otherwise, explain?

    Otherwise, she’s a housewife with an economics degree from Stanford:

    You mean the Stanford that had no problem raising a quarter BILLION dollars for SBF’s bail? Yeah, what’s up with that? Strange how law, custom, and politics are all suspended where they’re concerned. It’s almost like I’m not being told the whole picture.

    “I’m not saying that orchid has aliens, but…it has aliens.”

    The cartel is out of money. The only way they can inject money into their failing operations and maintain control is via “buying” “Vaccines” that don’t work and no one uses. …I hope they at least don’t deliver them, I’d hate to think of the environmental waste. WHO does this injecting of billions and billions and billions and billions into the most corrupt companies in the history of the universe? Who put out heart medications that causes heart failure? Who found blood contaminated with AIDS and sold it anyway? Who put asbestos in baby powder and sold it to poor people to kill their babies? Why, the GOVERNMENT, of course. They’re the ones who PAID them. And they’re the ones who covered up all the previous crimes, indemnified them, kept them in business against all previous law and reason. #Helping. Just doin’ what we do, helpin’ out Pfizer while you have no food in the cupboard and no water to drink.

    Thankfully, the only way man can die is via Covid, and not with poverty, drug use, suicide, hunger, cancers, etc… so it’ll all be worth it I’m sure. When you’re under that bridge with no food, no job, medieval disease, and the bridge then FALLS on you: thank Pfizer. They’re only here to help.

    Is there ANY level of fraud that can get through the thick skulls of Americans people? Make them say “Hey! I suspect bad things are happening NOW, not in the future! I’m beginning not to trust you.” ? …It doesn’t seem it.


    Doc Robinson

    T Bear: “…things that countered the effects of mRNA injections …”

    A combination of of bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapples) and Acetylcysteine (also known as N-acetylcysteine or NAC) was found to disrupt the spike protein, via “breakage of glycosidic linkages and disulfide bonds.”

    Bromelain and Acetylcysteine (BromAc) has synergistic action against glycoproteins by breakage of glycosidic linkages and disulfide bonds. We sought to determine the effect of BromAc on the spike and envelope proteins and its potential to reduce infectivity in host cells. Recombinant spike and envelope SARS-CoV-2 proteins were disrupted by BromAc. Spike and envelope protein disulfide bonds were reduced by Acetylcysteine. In in vitro whole virus culture of both wild-type and spike mutants, SARS-CoV-2 demonstrated a concentration-dependent inactivation from BromAc treatment but not from single agents.

    The Combination of Bromelain and Acetylcysteine (BromAc) Synergistically Inactivates SARS-CoV-2


    Thanks for that list Germ, I’ve moved it along.


    From the NYT:

    “The rate of accidents on Norfolk Southern’s railway increased in each of the last four years, according to a recent company presentation. The record has worsened as executives at Norfolk Southern and other railroads have been telling investors on Wall Street that they can bolster their profit margins by keeping a lid on costs. At the same time, railway companies have lobbied against new rules aimed at making trains safer.”

    The private sector is the answer!
    The government is the answer!

    No, accountability is the answer…


    Additionally from NYT:

    “Norfolk Southern, which earned more than $3 billion last year, invested close to $2 billion in its railways and operations, up a third from 2021. But over the past five years, it paid shareholders nearly $18 billion through stock buybacks and dividends — twice as much as the amount it invested in its railways and operations. Other large railways have paid out billions to their shareholders, too, and their shares have done better than the wider stock market over the last decade”


    Simple, understandable
    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!
    Scott Ritter calls Hersh’s Nord Stream article “his most important work ever”

    1. The President of the United States,

      Joe Biden,

    by conspiring with members of his national security team to

      deliberately bypass constitutionally-mandated

    reporting requirements to Congress regarding acts of war undertaken by the United States,

      has committed an impeachable offense

    unmatched by any other president in the history of the United States.

    2. The blow-back that will occur inside Germany to the revelations put forward by Seymour Hersh that

      the United States carried out an economic Pearl Harbor

    3. The decision to attack the Nord Stream pipeline puts a lie to the US contention that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was an unprovoked act of aggression, instead underscoring

      the harsh truth that the United States had a strategic plan which hinged on provoking a conflict with Russia in Ukraine

    In short, Sy Hersh, through his reporting, has exposed truths which have the potential of bringing down a presidency, destroying NATO, and proving Russia right in the eyes of the world.

    Name one other piece of journalism in the past half-century that packs such a punch.

    You can’t.
    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!

    • Seymour Hersh Believes Betting On Ukraine’s Victory ‘Suicidal’ (TASS)
    . We should have been pushing for peace
    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!
    • ‘Ukraine Would Have Wiped Out Donbass Last Year If Not For Russia’ (TASS)

    Ukraine would have levelled the Donbass republics a year ago if Russia had not intervened in time by recognizing the Lugansk and the Donetsk People’s Republics and launching its special military operation,
    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!

    Ukraine will soon be a depopulated, destroyed country..”

    • Ukraine ‘Peace Petition’ Backed By Nearly Half A Million Germans (RT)
    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!
    The west keeps thinking/saying they will be rebuilding Ukraine after spending so much energy destroying Ukraine.

    • Moscow Warns EU Over Seized Assets (RT)
    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!

    Whole, Free, and at Peace: Visions for Ukraine
    Panel Discussion
    Human Security, Global Order, Defense


    @ Red

    “You also presented an inflation calculator that a twelve year old could understand! I have two grandsons 12 and 14 that are top students in their respective classes. I’ve been teaching them 501 darts and can say without a doubt they would not have a clue what you posted. Watching them try to add up their darts and then subtract that total from their score is heart wrenching. I would not have moved out of grade two with their math skills, and don’t even start me on their grammar skills!!!”

    I am saddened by you story.
    I will continue my inflation lesson with my 12 year old. Hopefully, repetition, and variation will work for the info to get into and stay between his ears.

    Repeat: Inflation drops by 1%%/month for 10 months. What is the cost increase after 10 months?

    $100.00 –> 10% = 110
    110.00 –> 9% = 119.9
    119.9 –>8% = 129.5
    129.5 –> 7% = 138.6
    138.6 –> 6% = 146.9
    146.9 –> 5% = 154.3
    154.3 –> 4% = 160.5
    160.5 — > 3% = 165.3
    165.3 –> 2% = 168.6
    168.6 –> 1% = 170.3
    170.3 –> 0 inflation = 170.3


    Formerly T-Bear:
    “A neighbour asked recently if there were things that countered the effects of mRNA injections as they were mandated to obtain employment.”

    TVASF !!! !!!!! 🙂


    Kunstler’s way of words – pure artistry.
    His recent podcast with Dimitry Orlov is interesting for the fact that VERY VOCAL crowd on his main blog is, for the most part, absent in the comment section.


    ## During a platoon attack on the Svatovo-Kremennaya axis Russian forces took a VSU position and killed its occupants. One of the VSU was a female marksman in her early to mid 30s. ##


    Those lions saw someone threw corn out for the deer.

    When your place is the pit of the barrel-
    And no president sucks more than you-
    The solution is really no mystery:
    Going forward and back- erase history!


    accountability is the answer…

    Hear! Hear!
    I wholeheartedly agree!

    Why is our financial system on life support?
    Because we bail out those who are “too big to fail.”
    Why do toxic-laden trains derail in Ohio?
    Because, ultimately, the owners/operators of the trains and rickety rails are fairly certain that they’ll be able to side-step accountability.
    Why did Pfizer and Moderna push forward so quickly?
    They were certain that they would be absolved of accountability for any damage from their products.
    Why does my daughter’s 15-year-old friend steal the keys to one of the golf carts at their high school and take golf carts left sitting on brief joy rides?
    Because he believes that he won’t be caught, and won’t be held accountable. And the rush he gets from doing it is incredible.

    For the first 3 citations, the adults are probably doing it for the more measured “rush” from generating high profits, but the pattern is identical.

    Peter 47

    Got something new from Google. From the days we were still on Blogspot.

    “Your post titled “June 13 2009: The Future Loot” has been put behind a warning for readers” (“was flagged to us for review.”)

    Ditto: “September 20 2009: Boy, is it ever broke”:

    These are Debt Rattles before that name came up, news aggregators.

    The warning: “Sensitive Content Warning. This post may contain sensitive content. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Community Guildelines.”

    Wonder how many of these warnings I can look forward to. 14 year old posts, for Christ sake. That someone there now feels they have a right to be editors for. Not that they tell you which of the 50,000 – 60,000 words they don’t like. Just like when they start blocking ads. And you believed Thought Police was a fictional concept.


    I’m still curious whether the no-posting trigger are the links or specific turns of phrases, or both/either/it-depends.


    “Lake Oroville now pleasantly full.” —Dr. D.
    However, this site (Cali Data Exchange Center, Ca Dept of Water Resources) says it’s about 2.4M/3.5M acre-feet, which is about 68% full. (But, as Afewknowthetruth saystotally literally“, since “more than 90%” of the data in the Empire of Lies are false, fabricated, fraudulent and “10%” of the data are insignificant, [disregarding the overlap, of course] then you cannot trust the numbers put out by the state of California. Only the CO2 measurements are genuine, given they are data completely outside of the Empire of Lies control, even if they are funded and supported by agencies and departments within the Empire of Lies)


    Doc Robinson, consider the following cautionary papers regarding Acetylcysteine:

    “Antioxidant supplements promote tumor formation and growth and confer drug resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma by reducing intracellular ROS and induction of TMBIM1”

    “N-acetylcysteine, a cancer chemopreventive agent, causes oxidative damage to cellular and isolated DNA”

    “N-Acetylcysteine Promotes Metastatic Spread of Melanoma in Mice”

    “N-Acetyl Cysteine: A Warning Shot”

    Here’s the good part: the animals who got NAC supplementation really did show significantly fewer of those signs of oxidative damage in their lung tissue. It also reduced signs of cell senescence and overt histological damage of aging as well, such as emphysema lesions (all of these were markedly worse in the JunD knockouts, but NAC improved them as well). So far, so good, and this is exactly the case you’d make if you were pitching NAC as something people should take for healthy lungs as they age. But hold on.

    None of the aged normal mice showed signs of adenocarcinoma developing in their lung tissue. But 10% of the aged normals getting NAC supplementation showed it. None of the aged JudD knockouts showed any, either, but 50% of the aged JunD knockouts getting the NAC supplementation had it. The best guess is that cell senescence pathway that seemed to be inhibited with the NAC: some of these are in fact cells that should have died and didn’t, and went on to become cancerous:

    Our results therefore support a direct role for NAC in tumor initiation. This role seems independent from antioxidant gene expression, since opposite variations in antioxidant enzyme expression were seen in healthy mice and JunD–/– mice during aging. The protective effect of NAC against lung emphysema is an expected consequence of the decrease in lung senescent-cell accumulation. Altering the cell senescence process, however, may produce undesirable consequences, since senescent cells are well known to constitute a barrier to cell transformation and tumorigenesis.

    Also, go back and recheck the funding sources for the BromAc® (yes, it is in fact a registered trademark) article, specifically track the lead author Javed Akhter and several of the others. I have already linked here to what I am alluding to, but you should also see in what ways they have also used BromAc® (ALT+0174) as a treatment for a variety of other ailments, conditions, diseases, and so on. Given the usual suspicion people have towards pharmaceutical companies specifically tailoring research and drafting papers and finding persuadable publishers to support their own products, I suggest applying the usual here.


    Interesting. So, using link shorteners worked (didn’t like cellandbioscience, academic oup, or mdpi links), or deleting one of the links to MucPharm in the last paragraph. It may be the length of the link, yet I’ve seen really long links with a lot of those unnecessary backtracking url inserts on here, but that may be y’all adding in linebreaks to make it work. I’m leaning towards “long url” being the issue for now.

    Now for something completely different:
    Gateway Pundit blogs and links to a few articles about the relative ease in purchasing mental and physical health care data collected by telemedicine apps and online services. For a few thousands, or hundreds, of dollars you can collect names, addresses, specific illnesses, medications, and assorted other data from different databases.

    Given the ease with which this information can be acquired, it is not difficult for me, imaginative social deviant, to suppose a collection of antipeople who admire chaos, evil, sociopathic influence, and generalized mayhem purchase this information, find these people, and then subject them to various layers of weaponized annoyances. Not quite the kind of intensity carried out by nation-state and transnational criminal gangstalking, but the effects could be very similar. Drive by their homes playing loud contemporary trap or house music, leave bags of flaming poo on their doorsteps, or false cancellation bills in their mailboxes, or point makeshift microwave emitters at their homes from across the street. It becomes easier to pinpoint and more effectively distribute mass social psychosis in regions if you already know which people are already vulnerable and needing help and assistance.

    Conversely, a charitable organization could do the complete opposite and purchase these lists, find these people, and then organize coordinated group prayers, positive thought and meditative sendings for them. They can leave small notes of encouragement on their cars, potted plants or attractive displays of epiphytes near their homes, or a sign in the yard saying “We love you and believe in you.” Not quite the kind of intensity carried out by the kingdom of Heaven or transdimensional boddhisattvas gangfriending, but the effects could be very similar.

    Guerilla goodness is a real and live possibility that needn’t be orchestrated by centralized charities inevitably doomed to bureaucratic implosion. Insurgent kindnesses come from the heart and arise deep within the unifying core of our shared collective esp core. As the man said, the line between good and evil passes through each of us in our hearts. I struggle every day with this line, with my own tendencies towards apathy, indifference, contempt and rage and compassion, benevolence, grace and forgiveness. So, every day I must choose whether I become another tool in the network of gangstalkers spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt among people or a node in the web of gangfrienders inciting courage, commitment and faith among people. Otherwise, when the sun goes down, and the dreamtime visitors come to me and strike up their conversations as they often do, I find I have nothing of worth to say except “Yet again my day was boring, for I did nothing but nothing worth doing.”

    So, maybe we can turn Carlin’s joke around. Sure, it is a Very Big Club we’re choosing to join, and we are in it! Imagine that! Act upon it! Join a club! Be unknown! Whether a flaming bag of poo or a charming pot of flowering echinacea, won’t it be wonderful to have made such a small but compounding contribution to another’s profound reappraisal of their existentially fraught lives?


    A litre of milk going from 4 cents (1974 price), to 40 cents to $4 (current price) isn’t inflation. It’s deliberate devaluation of fiat currency that has no foundation, other than government-sanctioned fraud and usuary.


    Why!!! Lie!!! When Everyone Knows The Truth!!!


    ‘However, at a closed-door meeting Thursday of the Conference of Presidents (CoP) — which includes the heads of all the political groups and the Parliament’s president — leaders refused the request to hold a public grilling.

    That pretty much sums up everything.

    If you are a criminal -as all so-called leaders in NATOstan nations are- wouldn’t you hold meetings behind closed doors and ensure the public doesn’t get to hear what was discussed and who benefited from the secret deals made?

    Without energy, nothing happens.

    The long-term consequence of over-use of fossil fuels as energy sources is a completely fucked-up planet, inhospitable to most extant life forms -including humans, of course. Indeed, humans will be one of eh first species to go extinct as a consequence of overuse of fossil fuels.

    All ‘official plans and policies’ focus on promotion of short-term Ponzi schemes which are dependent on systematic fraud and conversion of fossil fuels into waste, until it becomes impossible to do so, whilst at the same time lying continuously about everything.

    Since all so-called leaders of NATOstan nations are psychotic sociopaths or trained actors, they do not believe there is a point of ‘until it becomes impossible to do so’ -infinite growth on a finite planet and other severe delusions of the mentally ill being the norm in the corridors of power of NATOstan nations.

    ‘We’ hit the wall in 2019: the splattered mess of 2020-to-2023 is the result.

    I have much work to do in the tiny window of opportunity that is left before it all turns to custard -very likely later this year.

    Venus and Jupiter were stunning in the evening sky yesterday. Today looks suitable for a short river adventure.

    All work and no play makes for a dull life.

    Dr. D

    Random notes:

    Superspreader Substack has a bible study where no one went home. 10 days and counting. Well that was prophesied (minor people) and in the right location, but didn’t really expect it. It comes in right on schedule with 70 year cycles. Kind of like musicals have a comeback. And hemlines.

    Like Ardern, Sturgeon, media darling and the head of Scotland steps down for no reason, also having ‘run out of gas’? Explain? Nothing happens, she gives no successor, no reason, just: bye bye. I suppose she’s going to fly to Ukraine and make political deals like everyone else who isn’t Prime Minister? She did say, quote: “I’m not leaving politics.” Weird way to not leave politics, don’t you think?

    “I wish it need not have happened in my time,”
    “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world, Frodo, besides that of evil [and] “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future”

    Actually, that second part isn’t Tolkien, it’s the screenwriters. However this quote is JRR: “The road must be trod, but it will be very hard. And neither strength nor wisdom will carry us far upon it. This quest may be attempted by the weak with as much hope as the strong. Yet such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must, while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.’

    It’s actually the opposite feeling of “the strong do what they will, the weak suffer what they must.” –Thucydides

    That is, being strong or weak, wise or foolish is of no special help in the challenges before us. If you’re small you’re as likely to succeed as the large, the rich as the poor. We’ll see this a lot more shortly as the financial system chokes and money doesn’t buy you chips for instance, or eggs and gas. Do Pelosi and Hunter look like they’re having a good time? Musk and Trump are rich but that means people are attacking their money all day to steal some. Maybe sometimes doing the job and going home to a quiet life is a good thing. As I said, the continent is made of grains of sand, the forest is made of leaves. A life is made of small actions, as are good works my good and faithful servant.

    The TPTB set up the Club of Rome and the Green New Deal, then it’s not also possible that they don’t realize deeply the end of infinite growth on a finite planet. They DO know it, that’s why they’re responding this way by oppressing and (perhaps) killing all of us.

    That’s okay, just need to say “Which ones?” WHO, specifically do you mean? Just ‘cause it’s a Big Club doesn’t mean the members are clones or agree on things.


    John Day

    @AFktT: I get your point that The City of london is the seat of a 5-eyes/5-airstrips empire, and that you use that terminology to make that point each time. It’s an easy point to forget. It is better for the owners if we don’t consider it.

    those darned kids

    DeSantis is a good example of the principles of political leadership. We discussed this some time ago in the comments, but the principle is basically this. The wannabe leader must earn support by offering the people what they want. Leaders cannot generally change the theinking of their targetted audience, instead they promote themselves by doing what their audience want them to do. They are led by their audience, not the other way around. Obviously at some stage they then use that power to also do things that benefit their friends, but they have to earn the leadership first.

    You can see this in the very ambitious DeSantis. He is doing what the Trump supporters want, implementing changes in Florida to attract the Trump voters. He is backed and owned by the same old RINO financiers, the Koch brothers, but he is being funded in order to draw votes away from Trump. It is quite an obvious play and appears to be working. I am sure that the likes of Soros will also fund him as he is controlled opposition, rather than the real Trump opposition.

    I am sure that many Democrat financers will get behind DeSantis as it becomes more apparent that the Democrat party may not win the next election. TDS is their game and DeSantis is their Jesus.


    This is Russia running out of cruise missiles yesterday

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