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    Signs of the times:

    local income tax

    “Two dozen cities and counties in Washington state have adopted ordinances that prohibit the imposition of a local income tax.Kittitas County, located south of Yakima, became the ninth county city to adopt such a ban when the county board of commissioners approved a resolution on Tuesday.”


    make you chose/select their Conspiracy Theory as being superior to yours.

    Are you saying that Sergio Aguero’s lifelong heart problem is a conspiracy theory?

    Are you saying that Sergio Aguero have covid last year is a conspiracy theory?

    Are you saying that Sergio Aguero collapsing in 2017 is a conspiracy theory?


    Police officers, from across Canada are legally occupying Ottawa and preventing the normal circulation of the citizens.


    no shame, no honour, no courage

    No shame is using a 6 year old disabled boy as a tool for your own anti-vax propaganda campaign.

    No honour is insinuating that I am glad this boy is suffering.

    No courage is regurgitating right wing anti-vax propaganda at every turn and claiming that other people have no shame, no honour, and no courage.

    those darned kids

    no clue.


    This is how bullshit stories get floated (I’ll give you a guess by whom) and how they often end up. It has to do with a story about John Durham’s investigation and some information that was released about it.

    Robert Rapier summed it up nicely:

    “Earlier this week, they (Fox News) were complaining that other networks weren’t covering a story they had mostly fabricated. And, later in the week special counsel John Durham — whose court filing spawned the Fox News hysterics — came out and distanced himself from the Fox News reporting. So, if you wonder why the rest of the mainstream media didn’t cover the reporting, it’s because it was just one of those issues where Fox misled its viewers to rile them up.”

    And boy did people get riled up.

    People are even saying it is worse than Watergate!!!

    All the usual players got involved. Glenn Greenwald, Trucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and all your typical, favorite “personalities”.

    Unfortunately, for the over-reactive morons at least, Durham had to make a public statement to declare that certain segments of the media had in fact misinterpreted his findings. DOH! How embarrassing.

    But, in typical fashion, the people who spread this bullshit just stopped spewing it. Their intended damage was already done. They offered no followup story to correct the record, and millions of dipshits are out there right now, continuing to concoct their crazy conspiracies based on the bullshit they swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

    In Glenn Greenwald’s case, his giddiness to promote this story offers further proof of his new found bias and love for alt-right propaganda. He is like some butt hurt catty teen who didn’t get invited to the ‘cool kids party’ and is now so laser focused on getting revenge, that he cannot even perceive his own failings or missteps. He “hasn’t changed”, he declares! Everyone else has changed!! He made no correction or reference to the little tirade he went on or how wrong it was. He just went on to the next thing to be aggrieved about- like the handful of trucker’s getting their little protest shut down in Canada. He just goes on to the next bright light. Like a moth to a flame. Just like you all. Like one big happy, deluded family. Pearl clutchers extraordinaire. Projecting feigned exasperation at every and any liberal policy or proclamation as if they are just now realizing that they live in a fascist country. Decades of fucking evidence have been in their faces to which their typical response has been to mock any protest of ‘the system’ or ‘Mericuh, followed by subsequent calls for ‘law and order’, or ‘support the troops’, or ‘back the blue’. They still, to this day, mock Portland protesters who remain there after the George Floyd fiasco. Not only do they mock those people through pathetic alt-right pseudo-libertarian attack dogs like Andy Ngo, but they call for the police, no, actually, they BEG the police to bring back “law and order”. They didn’t even bat an eye when protesters were rounded up in Portland and thrown in unmarked police vans to be taken to detention centers at unknown locations. THIS you cheered as a victory for “the blue”. For “law and order”. But the fucking truckers, who were allowed to “play hockey in the streets” and “share apple pies” for three weeks, who were granted the ability to park their fucking vehicles in the streets of a major city, honking their fucking horns all day and night to end some fucking mandates that would eventually go away on their own, THIS you support. Yeah, the Portland situation got out of hand on occasion, but mostly in reaction to brutal police tactics like the one I mentioned above, oh, and that little situation in Minnesota WHERE A FUCKING COP KNEED ON A BLACK MAN’S HEAD UNTIL HE DIED. But now you big mad that the same police tactics used to end protests everywhere, all the fucking time, are now bad simply because you are 1) paying attention and 2) the tactics come against your “brothers-in-arms” in Canaduh. The same morons who were “back the blue” just a few weeks ago, now pretend that a light just went off in their calcified pea brains. Now, there is this tiny little kernel of realization for them that cops actually do suck, that liberals are losers, that republicans are losers, that we live in a fascist state made possible by their very own ignorance and support for decades. I just can’t wait until their brains explode from all the cognitive dissonance of having spent years poo pooing anyone raising doubts about American domestic and foreign policy or protesting police brutality. Problem is, they are way too fucking dumb to put all that together. So there won’t be any cognitive dissonance happening. Just a whole bunch of low 90 IQ types pretending to be Noam Chomsky and Thomas Jefferson and Ron Paul all rolled into one, in solidarity with a couple hundred truckers who decided to play Braveheart at the bitter end of the pandemic. So. Fucking. Stupid.

    It’s time to update the passports for any US dweller who has more than 2 brain cells to rub together. Your country is heading nowhere and fast. Just like it always has. What is now hastening that descent is the fact that you fucking idiots are just realizing what millions of others have already figured out and have been protesting for years. The US is the shithole.

    Glad you had to wait two years into a fucking pandemic that has killed millions of people, that is killing more than the number of people who died on 9-11 EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY to grow some balls to stand up for your rights and privacy. Where the fuck you been for 25 years? Besides mocking anyone pointing out that very fact?!? You fuckers are so late to the party and are so fucking stupid that you choose a pandemic THAT COULD KILL YOU to make your stand!!!! And you have the nerve to act aggrieved over some piddly ass mask policy or vaccine policy that a desperate government implemented to possibly save their economy?? Because they have constituents like you complaining that their fucking businesses are suffereing from lockdowns???? You snowflakes want to have your cake and eat it too. Fucking Karens. Bunch of toughies whose knees buckle at the slightest inconvenience. Crying over piddly liberals. 90% of truckers got the vaccine!!!!!!! And like 95% of Canada think you’re idiots. Get the fuck out of here with your phony patriotism and your new found appreciation for civil liberties and bodily autonomy. I must have been mistaken to see you same ignoramuses telling women what they can and can’t do with their bodies for the last 50 years. Fucking hell…. So brave of you to stand up for freedumb so late in the hour! Simply because you are too dumb to have any sort of nuance to your thoughts and can only see the world through simple lenses and concepts- like FREEDUMB- and even then it has to be pounded into your skull by charlatan organizers with questionable interests and agendas and right wing misfits who have lured you in like pied pipers. Boy, oh boy you’re pathetic. And today I see another right wing dumbass- Benny Johnson- insinuating that Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro in some report where he claims to be “just asking questions”. Oh my fucking god! I wonder how long it takes blogs like this to link to it? And I wonder then how many dumb asses start going around at their local pearl clutching parties repeating what old Benny had to say.
    This is how you folks spread all sorts of information, from people like Steve Kirsch to Robert Malone to Pierre Kory. They have just enough credibility to lure you suckers in with their bullshit and you spread their grift like obedient lap dogs. From VAERS, to ivermectin, to antivax propaganda that is decades old. And you have the fucking nerve to claim that NOW the narrative is crumbling?!?!?! Not that most every goddamn person in the world has been infected by the new, highly infectious Omicron, or have been vaccinated in some fashion either by the disease or Operation Warp Speed (which was an operation lauded by the morons two years ago because their beloved cult leader pushed it). No, no, no. It was none of that. You dummies think that it has been some sort of a ruse the whole time, with the entire world in on some hoax. That the previous versions of the virus that were deadlier never really existed, because “look how the narrative is crumbling”, because you are too goddamn stupid to understand basic scientific concepts and that we currently have a slightly less deadly mutation getting people sick. That the lifting of mandates has nothing to do with falling infection rates and everything to do with their “narrative” crumbling. And you claim that people like me, who simply come here to point out the rather significant and glaringly obvious flaws in your arguments, are now back pedaling?!?!?! You people are impressive, I’ll give you that. You have no shame in your wrongness and have an incessant knack for just doubling, tripling down on your own bullshit. You lie only to yourselves about this shit and pretty much every other thing as far as I can tell. And you fret and stress about the lies you tell each other. What a way to live and think.

    Dumb all over. A little ugly on the side.


    The bugle sounds.
    Light the signal fires


    Old news:

    “According to findings by the United Nations, the number of newborns in Europe and the USA fell significantly during the corona pandemic. “Changes in the human birth rate are never obvious in the short term at nine months of pregnancy, but as the pandemic continues, the decline in birth rates is becoming increasingly clear,” says a study by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the results of which are available to the dpa news agency. UNFPA plans to publish the study on World Population Day on July 11.”



    Some protective tinfoil might be required to read this:

    “Former Lebanese Interior Minister and current MP, Nohad Machnouk, has become the first senior Lebanese politician to blame Israel for the blast at Beirut Port last week.

    During a press conference, Machnouk said Israel was “clearly” responsible for the huge explosion which has killed over 200 people and wounded thousands.

    ‘This operation in Beirut was carried out by Israel in a clear and explicit manner,” Machnouk said. “It is clear we are looking at a crime against humanity, and therefore no one dares to claim responsibility for it.’

    The high-ranking politician served as Lebanon’s interior minister in 2014 and again in 2016. He is a member of ex-Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s Future Movement, the country’s Sunni bloc and opposes the Hezbollah movement. In the aftermath of the explosion, he said: ‘This is the first time since the Phoenician era that we don’t have a port in Beirut.’”
    Privately, a former Defense Minister contacted Veterans Today an hour after the explosion and credited it to an Israeli attack, first by a sea based small missile, which started a fire and then an air attack from an F 16 which launched, according to the source, a missile with a tactical nuclear warhead, much as described by President Donald Trump, quoting his Pentagon sources.

    Similarly, in response to claims this was a fertilizer explosion, a spokesman for Hezbollah, speaking directly to VT Bureau Chief Nahed al Husaini in Damascus made the following observation.
    “Fertilizer can’t explode, it burns.”

    “Thus, we outline our controversy, and the only real fact we can all agree on and that one is hard science, ammonium nitrate fertilizer can’t explode without extreme effort and certainly not under the circumstances as seen in Beirut.”


    Tactical nukes are the New Thing but I don’t see why a nuke would be necessary to shock-wave the fertilizer into a high-yield explosion. We have some might powerful conventional bombs these days.

    those darned kids

    calm down. go for a walk. sniff the birdies. watch the flowers.

    John Day

    Doc Robinson posted this snippet;
    The agency has been reluctant to make those figures public, the official said, because they might be misinterpreted as the vaccines being ineffective.“

    That is a “limited hang out”.
    What the public might logically do is interpret the “vaccines” as being harmful and sometimes fatal.

    “Paging Stromectol, White courtesy telephone, please!”


    Old news:

    “Belgium breaks own record for longest period without government
    Monday, 3 August 2020“


    Building Joe Biden, blop by blop:

    The Making of Joe Biden, President Extraordinaire


    With clowns thee is always a circus, yes?

    Uranian Circus



    Oh Canada


    “Los Angeles County Sheriff: Vaccine mandate is ‘definitely a backdoor way for defunding’ police
    The L.A. County Board of Supervisors voted last week to take COVID mandate enforcement responsibilities away from Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who has said since October he would not enforce the county’s vaccine mandate.”

    Covidiotic defunding of LA cops?

    John Day

    Finally, a new picture showing progress despite supply shortage

    WEF Young Global Leader of yesteryear, (emperor) Justinian Trudeau had a 16% approval rating last week before he brought in special police units to teach Canadian Freedom Convoy protesters how to get beaten up, arrested, bashed in the head and have their trucks confiscated after breaking the windows.

    I’m just watching from afar as I try to do what is necessary in my own life to adapt to changes and prepare for worse.
    I think a lot of people could describe themselves that way. It seems to me that Trudeau has lost control of the “Noble Lie”, the societal narrative that allows for a society to work together in unison. It looks like he has no “plan-b”.
    Maybe the owners are working feverishly on a plan-b that throws Justin under the truck/bus, … maybe.
    Maybe the owners can’t agree on a control-narrative. Maybe they are divided into globalist and nationalist camps. A war is how this is usually worked out, but a big-enough “conventional war” would ignite a global nuclear war (mos’ prob’ly…), and the “deciders” might get fried, so even they have “skin in that game”.

    This is a tough spot for all of us, and since the western financial economy is breaking down, due to long years of parasitic extractions and promising future wealth which can never exist, there is every reason to expect a decade of difficulty as we all work to cobble-together some kind of economy to meet our needs and employ our talents in serving each other.
    I think the globalists are barking up the wrong tree, myself, that smaller systems have the efficiency advantage, without as many layers of hierarchy and extraction, and decision-making that favors extraction over efficient production and distribution of the necessities of life.

    Narratives imposed by elites fail when people can’t get the necessities of life. French and American and Bolshevik revolutions, China’s Cultural Revolution, the collapse of the USSR, Nazi Germany and Pol Pot’s Cambodia all come to mind.
    The British Empire faded away less dramatically, but it did have more support from a working western international economic system which was growing quite well at the time.

    The Post WW-2 “social contract” in the western world has already been violated and the promised retirement security has already been embezzled and reinvested in other accounts. Those accounts will also fail to produce returns when the economy fails, which it (yet again) appears poised to do. I’m working to secure some basic needs for food, shelter and non-violent surroundings for myself, Jenny, and our adult “children” if they need to bolt. There were no electrical sockets for Yoakum, Victoria or Halletsville Friday, so the electricians did not install them in the upstairs. I managed to find some at higher cost Sunday, so they can go in today.
    I feel fortunate every time I find something we need to proceed with the project, because I don’t expect to “go back to usual”.


    The glasses… they do nothing!

    Clown Ninjas

    John Day

    The Toronto Sun has the (now infamous) picture of police horses trampling an elderly lady and her walker. (The report that she died was sensational, but not factual)
    Have you ever been stepped upon, even lightly, by a horse. Man, it hurts for a long time. It does damage. I was 15 when a Shetland pony(Tammy) trod on my foot.
    I couldn’t run for weeks.

    Tom Luongo has this image and more insights.
    Trampling the Truckers – The Great Reset Becomes the Great Awakening
    ​ ​I​​t was all fun and games making Trudeau/Hitler memes until yesterday when Trudeau’s enforcers on horseback trampled an old woman.
    A man with any sense of decency does not send men on horseback into a crowd. The only thing worse than that are the people commenting on this saying some variation of ‘well, she deserved it.’
    ​ ​Yes, she could have gone home.
    ​ ​Yes, she could have gotten the clot-shot.
    ​ ​Yes, she could have just complied with whatever Justin Trudeau told her what her morality was.
    But Trudeau could have chosen differently as well. As opposed to acting like a scared little boy worried about facing public ridicule, he could have sacked up and met​ with the protesters.

    Trampling the Truckers – The Great Reset Becomes the Great Awakening

    Ontario Government Employee Fired Over $100 Contribution To Freedom Convoy
    The communications director for the Ontario ministry responsible for enforcing the law was fired this week after her $100 donation to the Freedom Convoy was revealed in the hack of donors to a GiveSendGo campaign.​ (Presentable as evidence in a court of law?)

    ​The Canadian Parliament was supposed to meet Friday to ratify or reject PM Trudeau’s “emergency measures”, but did not meet, because of the emergency of police actions ordered under those measures. ​”CATCH-22″ for Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

    Parliament axes Friday plans to meet over Emergencies Act amid ‘police operation’

    Canada Moves to Make Asset Freezing Under Emergencies Act Permanent​ ​​ (Just until Parliament meets, though, right?)

    Canada Moves to Make Asset Freezing Under Emergencies Act Permanent

    John Day

    I personally believe that one is only “responsible to God” for one’s own actions and intentions, though those actions may well harm others.
    I also think “God” has instituted spiritual rules of cause-and-effect, as automatic as gravity, and does not need to get angry, but that’s my mental model.
    ​ ​Canadian clergy rebuke Trudeau for invoking Emergencies Act, other ‘tyrannical actions’
    The clergy warned Trudeau is dividing Canada and ‘exposing this government and people to the judgment of God’

    ​This will fix it and it’s bound to be legal in an emergency…
    Ottawa mayor wants to sell confiscated Freedom Convoy trucks

    John Day

    Even a little-bit of buy-in from more than half of Americns would help “our government” a lot right now… Can Putin please “play ball” a little bit?
    ​ ​Everything about the Russia invasion of Ukraine has to be increasingly imminent, horrible and loomingly catastrophic for the planet, so that when it doesn’t happen the glorious victory for Dear Leader Biden can be proclaimed and amplified from the mountaintops…​ ​
    ​ ​Yes, let the church bells ring from the mountains as Ronald Reagan’s 1986 Helsinki summit with Michael Gorbachev has now been eclipsed in strategic geopolitical importance.
    ​ ​France and the United States jointly announce that the brilliant and incredibly strategic Joe Biden, and the dastardly villain of all things villainous, Vladimir Putin, will meet and come to an incredibly intense agreement over the Ukraine invasion that Putin never planned.
    ​ ​Together both leaders will save the world from a war that Putin never intended to participate in.

    Ron Klain Organizes a Stunning, Massive and Magnificent Biden-Putin Peace Summit Certain to Bring Nobel Peace Nomination

    Dmitry Orlov has maintained for a year that Russian interests in Ukraine are best served by not invading, but by evacuating ethnic Russians into Russia when there are offensives into Donetsk and Luhansk by the Ukrainian army. Russia does not have to “own” the poisoned and destroyed pill, which the US/NATO and EU have been preparing, and do not want to swallow, either. Russia already has a lot of the young, productive workers, and none of the geriatric Chernobyl-style nuclear reactors to clean up. Russia triple wins by staying out.
    (Russia can bombard the Ukrainian army, jam military communications, and shoot down the Ukrainian air force from Russia, if necessary.)
    Putin’s Ukrainian Judo Revisited

    ​Abusers always accuse their victims of what they, themselves are doing…
    Ukraine – Who Is Firing At Whom And Who Is Lying About It?
    The concentration of impacts on the left of the above picture is a bit south-east of Svitlodarsk. Artillery rounds landed on both sides of the line of control but the vast majority of them exploded on the Donbas side. The same can be said for the impacts north-east of Luhansk. On Thursday both of these areas were also the aim of artillery concentrations. These are likely crossing points through which the Ukraine military plans to direct its upcoming attack.

    ​ ​Update(9:48amET): Separatist leader Denis Pushilin has issued a formal request to President Vladimir Putin calling on Russia to recognize the Donetsk People’s Republic. The Luhansk republic has simultaneously published the same request, at a moment Putin is holding an urgent session of the Russian Security Council. This followed quickly on the heels of what Russia’s southern command said was a serious attempt of Ukrainian armored vehicles to breach its​ ​​ (Russia’s)​ ​border, that resulted in five Ukrainians killed.
    ​ ​However, the Ukrainian government and army rejected the entirety of the allegations as “fake news” – rejecting that its forces are even in the area where it’s said to have occurred (though without addressing the possibility that they could have been irregular forces). But Russia’s FSB Director Bortnikov Russian responding by saying the Russian military “destroyed Ukrainian forces that tried to infiltrate the border and took one Ukrainian POW” – thus doubling down on the claims.

    ​Russia Today says European gas supplies for heat and electricity are low, but that Russia is meeting all contractual obligations. (Europe bought cheap on the spot market, which as become expensive, and made fewer long term contracts, which is now an expensive way to buy gas.)​ European people and industry will get hurt, and people can be expected to die, if a scenario is played where the EU/NATO stop buying Russian gas. This is obvious, right?


    ‘Captain, the warp loop has entered an absurdity continuum.’

    ‘What does that… have to do with our ratings… or my scene-steals… and what… is an ‘absurdity continuum’?’

    ‘It means we’re passing through the wake of the ratings probability engine drive of that new TV show, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.’

    ‘What… can we… do?’

    ‘Stop speaking like you’re on Thorazine laced with meth?’

    ‘How do you DO that with your eyebrow? My scene is… now… yours!’

    ‘Captain, please. We have a serious problem. Look at the holoscreen. The scrolling marquee that googlemaps runs through even our most powerful ad blockers.’

    (holoscreen subtitles with robot voice overlay) ‘Biden appoints gender-fluid drag queen ‘pup’ fetishist for high-level role at Energy Department He bragged about wearing stilettos to Congress, and his reported alter ego is “Sister Ray Dee O’Active.’

    ‘So… this-is-it.’

    ‘I’m afraid so, captain.’

    Sulu: ‘Captain, if I may, sir. I had a cousin who was a flaming cross-dresser, did a cabaret act. I know all the tricks.’

    ‘You mean… fight fire… with… fire?!?’

    (scene change after a commercial for Muskville Manor Apts)

    Spock and Kirk dressed as green-skinned alien sex goddesses with lizard tongues.

    ‘And we just… beam down to the studio and blend in?’

    ‘Seven words without a dramatic pause. Impressive, Captain.’

    ‘Don’t you dare raise that eyebrow, Spock. I’m still the captain of this ship.’

    ‘We walk in and act all huggy-huggy with the talking man-lady/ladyman heads like we belong there. Then I do the neck nerve block thing on them while we strip our clothes and show our manly upper torsos before the security goons rush in and…’

    ‘No one takes their shirt off around me except Ohura, and that’ an order, Spock.’

    ‘Certainly, Captain.’

    ‘What are my lines?’

    Spock raises an eyebrow like the safety on phaser’s muzzle.

    ‘You’re the captain, Captain.’

    Biden’s New Nuke Waste guru is Ray Dee O’Active

    The ab
    nove link is apparently not satire. The source cited, Deep Isolation, Deep Isolation, is a real nuclear company. All this said, the guy and his company do sane work. Their solution to nuclear waste storage is the only geologically sane solution I know of, one told me by my old dead friend, a geology student named Ben Hull whose leg I helped shoot off (at his request) in ’90 or ’91, I forget. New Years Eve or NYEve Day.

    Victory at Last!

    John Day

    The Winter of Our Discontent: Hubris is Ascendant , Charles Hugh Smith
    ​ ​We’re constantly assured everything’s on the mend but this trying-too-hard marketing has the opposite effect: it confirms everything’s unraveling. We’re told inflation is transitory (you mean like terminal cancer is “transitory”?), the economy is opening up and growing smartly.
    ​ ​None of this is remotely persuasive. OK, we get it: the pandemic shutdown crushed supply chains and demand, and then trillions of dollars, yen, yuan and euros of monetary and fiscal stimulus boosted pent-up demand which then snarled creaky supply chains. Inflation is transitory because the effects of this massive stimulus is temporary and the global supply snarls will all be unkinked shortly.
    ​ ​But this happy story only accounts for a thin wafer of global supply issues. Yes, a few items may be restored to low-cost production and shipping, but all this rah-rah ignores the primary dynamics: all the cheap, easy-to-get resources have been extracted and consumed, and labor costs, crushed for the past 45 years, have reversed: after being stripmined by capital for the past 45 years, labor is now demanding some modest restoration of decades of diminished purchasing power, not just in the U.S. but in China and other production nodes in global supply chains.
    ​ ​Capital’s screams of agony are laughable, as the top tier of capital has added trillions in wealth at the expense of the bottom 99.5%. The wealth of the few has metastasized into hyper-wealth–$100 million yachts and villas barely scratch the surface of the billions gained by gaming financialization and the Federal Reserve’s financial fentanyl.
    ​ ​Although nobody benefiting from the Fed’s financial fentanyl seems to have noticed, hyper-wealth has extinguished democracy and destabilized the economy and society. With trillions gushing into the wealthiest families and corporate insiders, “democracy” has been reduced to an invitation-only auction of political favors.

    Paul Alexander Ph.D. (This does not directly address adverse events like death, stroke, neurological impairments and myocarditis.)
    Scotland has announced that they will no longer release this data to the public because “it is being misrepresented by anti-vaxxers”.
    ​ ​Most updated Public Health Scotland COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report As at 14 February 2022 Publication date: 16 February 2022
    page 37, Table 13: PCR-confirmed COVID-19 age-standardised case rate per 100,000 individuals by vaccine status, seven-day rolling average from 15 January 2022 to 11 February 2022
    ​ ​What do we see below as to cases? We see clearly that the cases among the vaccinated are far higher than the unvaccinated and the double vaccinated are highest…
    ​ ​What do we see as to hospitalizations?
    Double vaccinated are at greatest risk…
    ​ ​What do we see as to deaths? We see:​ ​unvaccinated: we see across Jan up to Feb 4th, that double and triple vaccinated incurred most deaths, for a total of 61 in unvaccinated to 415 in the vaccinated; 476 deaths in all across this 4 week period with 87% occurring in the vaccinated; thats right, I wrote that, near 90% of deaths are in the vaccinated in Scotland with a massive spike in the triple vaccinated (boosted).

    ​Scroll down to the bullet-points to see the details. The results of this survey were technically “available to the public”.
    The Israeli Ministry of Health Actually Did a Survey of Adverse Events after The Booster Dose

    John Day

    Pluto returns to America tomorrow, Tuesday, after last visiting in 1776.
    (I don’t believe in astrology, but who could pass this up? I have a dentist’s appointment…)
    ​ ​Nothing says a cosmic rebirth like enigmatic Pluto, the power-hungry dwarf planet that symbolizes transformation and renewal. According to the stars, the United States is finally getting a spiritual makeover with its first-ever Pluto Return on Feb. 22, 2022. Astrologically, a Pluto return is when the heavenly body returns to the same position in a birth chart where it was when the chart began. It happens around every 248 years, meaning this is the Pluto return in the United States since the country was founded in 1776.
    ​ ​“Pluto rules death and rebirth, influencing the end and beginning of new karmic cycles. It also rules things like interpersonal skills, power struggles, and shows the source of your personal power. This planet is the portal through which your spiritual and shadow energy is transformed and released into the exterior world,” astrologer Lauren Ash tells Bustle.


    Fun to watch defbot get his Inner Ranter going strong like that. I know it’s just a frog and phony show, but when he tries, he’s mildly entertaining.


    Ooh. The WaPo said Durham was misinterpreted. The actual genuine immaculately accurate then now and forever WaPo. Well, that settles that. I’m convinced. Next on our broadcast: why gravity isn’t real.

    John Day

    Completely unexpected!
    Biden Extends US National Emergency Over COVID-19


    Before tinfoil was the turban:


    Knows all sees all, tells all. He sees you when you’re sleeping, too — and he knows when you’re awake! ai-EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!


    @ a kullervo: can’t resist…will throw down on this one…

    “Everything changes ⇔ Everything is transient

    Happiness: is it the pursuit of attachment or is it the pursuit of detachment?”

    It is both – the pursuit of desires/attachments AND the response of aversion/detachment.

    If you agree that everything changes and is transient, then the question to be asking in the background of everyday living is:

    WHO AM I – in the everyday process of change known as living/dying?

    Better yet: WHO AM I in this moment?

    Seeing your-SELF. Owning your response. Going beyond the duality: by bouncing back and forth from side to side within it, letting go and holding on – until you do or until you don’t. UNDERSTAND.

    Like my fencing coach DC used to say: “Practice makes permanent”. Pursuit of enlightenment/freedom takes AWARENESS. The mind and senses are always “on”; the discernment to sort through the input is a constant “battle” (back to the Gita). Practice makes permanent.

    WHO AM I is the unending mantra. It’s why we are here.


    Grasp but don’t cling, I’ve heard said.



    Still selling the same old scam:

    “The European Union unveiled what it is touting as an “alternative” to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Called the “Global Gateway,” the EU claims it will deliver better alternatives consisting of “high standards, good governance, and transparency,” in a rollout almost indistinguishable from the vague and poorly received US “Build Back Better World” (B3W) proposal.

    US government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) would claim in its article, “Global Gateway: Can The EU’s Giant Infrastructure Plan Rival China’s Belt And Road?,” that:

    …the initiative will focus on building projects like fiber-optic cables, transport corridors, and “clean-power transmission lines” that will offer “attractive investment and business-friendly trading conditions, regulatory convergence, [standardization], supply-chain integration, and financial services.”

    EU’s Proposed Alternative to China’s Belt and Road Program

    John Day
    John Day

    @”deflationista”: “Takin’ care of business and working overtime…”


    The vax causes microclots that can be measured in 60% of those vaccinated.
    We know that in people with healthy hearts that the vax causes myocarditis and periocarditis in a small percentage.
    So…is it that difficult to realize that people who already have somewhat compromised hearts are more likely to experience exacerbation of their heart conditions from the Covid vax (I.e. toxic spike protein invasion)?
    My cousin was born with an enlarged heart. He had heart surgery as a child. However, he *had* apparently overcome this initial challenge, living a full, active life, although he did have regular cardiology visits to monitor his heart. Many in my large extended Mormon family have had the anti Covid injections. A few who received them were already Covid-recovered. The only person who received the injection who had a heart-related reaction was my cousin with the enlarged heart. His heart is now, well, trashed. He can barely function.

    So it is not surprising — seeing so many athletes with heart conditions after the jab — that Sergio Aguero would have his pre-existent heart condition exacerbated.

    (There are other medical anomalies that have occurred in my large extended family after Covid vaccination — anomalies that the unvaxxed suspect are due to the vax, and the vaxxed scoff at the idea of correlation — my institutionalized aunt who stopped walking, and another cousin in his 30s who was diagnosed with cancer.)


    Dr D: People don’t loathe Candace Owens because she is black. They loathe her because she’s an asshole. She is an equal opportunity grifter. Anti-vaxx pandering really is a blackhole for modern day culture war grifters.

    This whole thread just about sums it up:

    And let’s not forget how Candace Owens got her “start”. She now calls the NAACP “one of the worst groups for black people” despite the fact that they “launched” her career:


    Its my story and I’m sticking by it

    Trudeau – The emergency is not over. Trucks might come back
    Freeland – If you want your account unfrozen, take it up with your institution
    Biden – RussiaRussiaRussia war is coming
    Fauci – Do what I say or you might get sick and die

    Zerosum – enyminnimo I pick option #5

    Figmund Sreud

    Jordan Peterson met Elon Musk, … and now talks about it:

    ( … it’s all about Peterson, me thinks, …)


    D Benton Smith

    There is a lot of angst going around. It’s almost a pandemic in itself, of numerous uncomfortable and discomforting psychological conditions.

    Perhaps this is due to humankind being irredeemably psychologically unsuited for survival . This the materialistic school of thought premised on the notion that humankind itself is intrinsically fatally deficient/flawed and therefore MUST be changed/fixed at the structural level, or we will go extinct very very soon.

    On the other hand, maybe the increased psychological pain reportedly being experienced so broadly is at least partly the effect of Psychological Warfare actions being deliberately deployed against the public for specific purposes. Really ?? That is certainly what the evidence supports. The hardest part about believing that evidence is the sheer size of the body of convincing evidence (material , documentary , and testimonial . . . all three types). It might take you a while to review it ! Here is the latest 5 hours worth from the Corona Committee Grand Jury :

    The encouraging thing is that MOST psychological warfare loses all or most of its effectiveness when the details of how and why it works are fully understood. ( not all, but MOST).


    Someone is in desperate need of a Xanax


    I promised to write a “chain-mail”, so to speak, intro for sharing rototiller’s Two Narratives. Here it is. Something like this:

    You’re receiving this because I received and decided it was important. Old-fashioned chain mail! The claims it makes sound extreme and are very frightening, but I’ve looked into them, and the data is real, accurate, and fits what is claimed.

    I don’t want to frighten anyone or make some urgent call for action. I like to mind my own business for the most part. But what this addresses has been declared everybody’s business since covid first became known, and we’ve seen everybody’s business come under mounting government control while the solutions it insists we must use (vaccines, masks, etc.) not only don’t work but cause serious health issues of their own.

    So, fwiw, here is some data provided by someone I personally know and has always behaved honorably in my experience: (rototiller’s pdf of Two Narratives; I may add another thing or two when I turn my full attention to it.)

    Take care of yourselves and each other as best as possible,

    John Hancock


    “Someone is in desperate need of a Xanax”

    I want one!


    “( … it’s all about Peterson, me thinks, …)”

    Figmund, I say yes and no. JP, what I know of him, is famous because he is seen as an expert on psychology, self-actualization etc. From what I’ve seen, I tend to agree. He seems to practice what he preaches and is very much himself, seems to me.

    Like I say to people who say, ‘My6 Robin, you’re rather full of yourself, aren’t you?’

    ‘Whom else should I be full of? And what’s so good about being less than full, sloshing around half-empty?’

    Every thing I’ve seen of JP strikes me as someone passionately committed to being honest… first of all to himself, the foundation on which all other honesty rests. I hear him just describing, as honestly and subjectively as he can while remaining neutral, detached about the whole Musk is God/Musk is Devil bipolarity around Musk’s media aura.

    Musk, from all I’ve heard, is a stone-cold fire-eater. Man has balls, for sure. Not much of a conscience, imo, but cajones up the yin-yang. His neighbor, Quincy Jones, said simply, “The man is fearless.”

    That it’s easy to infer that he thinks Tesla’s technology is advanced just reminds me that he’s a psychologist not a physicist. Everyone has a blind spot, and it seems that the bigger the person’s celebrity, the bigger the blind spot.

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