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    Veracious Poet

    Hmmm, just checked & it’s loading on Firefox too 😉

    False alarm?


    Jhon Day blog is back from it time travel trip

    D Benton Smith

    End of another long day. This seems like a good spot and a good time to interject a poem . That way it won’t clutter up tomorrow’s comment section (there’s already over 160 comments today so we gotta be getting close to a wrap.)

    Anyhow, here’s the pome (song, actually, but you do NOT want to hear these ancient vocal chords try to sing it.) It just seemed to me, in the moment, that message is appropriate to the communications pickle we are all in. It’s entitled,

    In A Word</strong

    Each and ever word you ever heard
    Is the story of a feeling going back to when such feelings first occurred
    Why? God only knows
    That’s just the way it goes

    And the truth of every song that’s come along
    Is the feeling deep within ourselves that tells us that we are not all alone.
    The proof , be reassured ,
    Is right there in the words

    Each word’s a poem so profound
    It captures life within a sound
    We sing and say them to each-other
    Hoping that some way or other
    A way out of this lonely place is found.

    D Benton Smith

    Re John Day’s blog.

    The written message John got from BlogSpot was not an hallucination, and so I would not consider the blog take-down to be a false alarm.

    More of a warning shot across the bow.


    Re Tamara Lich
    Wait a minute…
    “ Lich faces a charge of mischief, meaning she faces up to 10 years in prison.”
    Is that serious?
    I watched Silverado a couple weeks back. A main character had served his term for murder – 5 years.
    Um…ya think that the sentencing on the North American continent just might be a little off?


    @ John Day
    Glad your blog is back up.
    Bit of advice.
    Don’t rely solely on the internet for “backups.”
    Email is easy – you can use Mozilla Thunderbird to download all mail you have sent, then copy the emails en masse to archive.


    @DBS said:

    No disrespect but I am an engineer, the number of bullshit documents I have to put up with, such as the WEF documents, is the bain of my life. There is nothing frightening in that document, it is hopeless rhetoric, the sort of shit that CEOs eat up then spew out. The sort of document aimed at investors who pile into stocks that say they are into AI. It is pathetic. The WEF documents are standard cheap shite, only an amateur investor would take any notice.

    Web services, blockchain, AI …. the number of technologies adopted by CEOs to promote their businesses because the market has jumped onto that bandwagon is endless. How many businesses have an AI project but know nothing about AI, or a blockchain project but actually know nothing about blockchain. It is pathetic.

    CEOs are like chimpanzees peeling bananas: they know nothing, they operate on instinct. Marketing is everything and WEF is 99% marketing – just look at their people like Trudeau, Ardern etc, you are not looking at intellect, the future of intelligence. The WEF documents you linked are pathetic, sorry, just plain “Annual General Meeting” speak, so mean nothing.

Viewing 7 posts - 161 through 167 (of 167 total)
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