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    Dr. Pierre Kory – consultation rates
    Those rates are similar to what I had to pay the skilled attorney who represented me in my family law case. Anyone know what the cash pay rates are for medical specialists? I believe that anesthesiologists get around $1,000 per hour… (very high malpractice insurance, too.)


    @Argon: “This sums the whole discussion. Public health agencies do not publish the information if its against their narrative. So, they have the data, which show that ‘the vaccines’ are ineffective, and they don’t publish the data, because if they did, people would think ineffective ‘vaccines’ vaccines are ineffective. Usage of the word misinterpret here is nice, is the dictionary meaning for the word misinterpret as follows: ‘to make conclusions which are against the official narrative, even if the conclusion is right’ ?”

    Classic!!! Thank you for the laugh. 🙂


    Here in Victoria aus the gov has lifted masks except for 7-10 year old children in school until more are jabbed.
    So suffocate until your parents submit!
    Madness of ego


    You wrote:

    “I can neither justify nor exonerate my life, nor is there adequate atonement I can make. But I CAN try and act in a manner congruent with my true ideals.

    Thank you for the reminder


    “CNN on the TV non-stop”

    Hey, I can play now. Cranked out 3k words. Gaining strength by about 500 words per day. Should max at 4-5K. More than that and it loses quality.

    ANYway… when my life exploded in fall/winter of 2016, I spent the 2nd half of winter at a friend’s house who was seriously ill, morbidly so. He had MSNBC/CNN on non-stop as it blasted TDSyndrome like a never-ending hot-air-raid drill.

    Between a man dying of complications from spondylolysis, rat shit everywhere, and CNN telling me in so many fallaciously empty words that it was over for the land in which I’ve lived all my life, it was kind of gruesome for awhile.


    Meanwhile, this is how silly we’ve become:

    “Heath Racela identifies as three-quarters white and one-quarter Filipino. When texting, he chooses a yellow emoji instead of a skin tone option, because he feels it doesn’t represent any specific ethnicity or color.

    “He doesn’t want people to view his texts in a particular way. He wants to go with what he sees as the neutral option and focus on the message.

    “I present as very pale, very light skinned. And if I use the white emoji, I feel like I’m betraying the part of myself that’s Filipino,” Racela, of Littleton, Mass., said. “But if I use a darker color emoji, which maybe more closely matches what I see when I look at my whole family, it’s not what the world sees, and people tend to judge that.”

    “In 2015, five skin tone options became available for hand gesture emojis, in addition to the default Simpsons-like yellow. Choosing one can be a simple texting shortcut for some, but for others it opens a complex conversation about race and identity.”

    Which skin color emoji should you use? The answer can be more complex than you think

    The silliness of taking one’s emoji, much less one’s skin tone seriously, yea, even moralistically reminds me of William Gibson’s answer to this question:

    “What do you think your grandkids will find most different about your generation?”

    (paraphrase alert): ‘I think they’ll be confused by our quaint distinction between the virtual and the genuinely real.”

    But wait, there’s more: how ‘quaint’ has that distinction become? And, relevant to that, how much stronger than reality has virtuality become (because to become indistinguishable from reality, it must subsume it, an act only the strong can do to the weaker). This strong: we are now taught and coerced to believe that we can, perhaps even should, choose gender downright capriciously regardless of one’s DNA and whatever gonads are down there, but must be loyal to genetically minuscule ethnic differences even in virtuality where no DNA applies and where we are constantly taught to ignore gender and ethnicity except to… I think they say ‘celebrate its diversity’?

    If it weren’t so physically painful, I might get a kick, come my time, to euthanize myself by walking around the darker-skinned streets of Baltimore saying, “Niggers? I LOVE niggers!” I always want to see what’s under the superficially smiling surface. Personal kink, I guess.

    My wife wonders how I survived long enough to meet her at age 30. All I know is that they say God loves a fool.

    And this: “in addition to the default Simpsons-like yellow”: The Asploderator!


    After watching Biden, I wonder if Blinker will answer any questions.. At least it can be seen without commercials on C-SPAN….😃


    “Thank you for the reminder, cloudhidden”

    There will be test at ten tomorrow, young man. I recommend you prepare, said:


    Here’s an example of an image that won’t load no matter what:



    “…they have the data, which show that ‘the vaccines’ are ineffective, and they don’t publish the data, because if they did, people would think ineffective ‘vaccines’ vaccines are ineffective. “

    My fave logic worm of the week. I want this to be said on a talking heads ‘discussion’ show so I can respond with:

    “Yes, and let me point out that, despite what so many people believe, these are the most effectively ineffective vacciones in the history of vaccines!”


    I nominate tomorrow Everyone Talk Like Strongbad Day.


    For those of us who deal with addiction (I do, constant struggle):

    “Addictions … started out like magical pets, pocket monsters. They did extraordinary tricks, showed you things you hadn’t seen, were fun. But came, through some gradual dire alchemy, to make decisions for you. Eventually, they were making your most crucial life-decisions. And they were … less intelligent than goldfish.” — William Gibson

    Also: “Addictions are the only prisons where the locks are on the outside.” anonymous. While not true (the locks are within oneself), one gets the point: oneself holds the key.


    “If you’re fifteen or so, today, I suspect that you inhabit a sort of endless digital Now, a state of atemporality enabled by our increasingly efficient communal prosthetic memory. I also suspect that you don’t know it, because, as anthropologists tell us, one cannot know one’s own culture.”



    And the hat trick:

    “If ignorance were enough to make things not exist, the world would be more like a lot of people think it is. But it’s not. And it’s not.”

    WILLIAM GIBSON, Twitter post, Jun. 30, 2012


    Defartunista – it is funny how dumb you are. And presumptive. Your article …I want to talk about trying to make sense when things are breaking down.

    So the article says things were breaking down 1989 when I fell for the concept of non-dualistic thinking. I don’t understand your posts at all because yes Iam dumb and yes you write meaningless drivel.

    Good for the occasional dry cough


    Recursive Realism v2.0.1

    1. Time is the powerset of ordered events.
    2. The past is the first event.
    3. The past is the empty set full of tachyons.
    4. The future is the imaginary event.
    5. The future is the empty asset
    half full anti-tachyons and gravitons.
    6. The cause of time is relativistic mass.
    7. The cause of imaginary time is negative mass.
    8. Everything real does exist in a gravitational field
    [including itself].
    9. Nothing unreal can exist in said field.
    10. Everything unreal must exist in an electrodynamic field
    [or else].
    11. Nothing in Gravity is contingent.
    12. Belief in Gravity is always justifiable.
    13. Knowledge of anything real exists only
    in a gravitational field.
    14. Life is countable only as entropic gradient
    of said field.
    15. The fair value of life expressed as timelike geodesic
    is nontrivially nonzero.
    16. To be is to bend light.
    17. The mind is a body of gravitons
    containing [the idea of] the body’s mass.
    18. Gravity is a thinking thing.
    19. The will is gravitational potential [leveraged by,
    through] and for the understanding of said potential.
    20. Every geometry of hierarchy is a function of Gravity.
    21. History integrates intent recursively.
    22. Tone precedes time; resonance recedes reality.
    23. The world is the totality of gravitons, not of tachyons.
    24. Gravity is our algorithm.

    “Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.”


    FinalGravity you just stopped a little time in my time with your thoughts of time. And Gravity.

    When at the age of 23 I had finished 4 months of meditating for the first 5 mins of each waking hour of each day- I had a night meditation when I experienced what can only be described as the pure consciousness of MASS. It is so hard to describe but it felt like the power of reality squeezed into but not confined by a perfect solid lead box and it was me. It felt like invincibletimeless reality and your 24 points reminded me of that experience (subjective).

    It was like Gods’ Balls or something – no bliss, no light just a fully realised aspect of something too huge to go near till more ready


    Aw. Dis so so cwoooot:

    “Stories must be set anytime between today and the year 2200, and show a path to a clean, green, and just future. We especially want to read — and share — narratives that center solutions from the communities most impacted by climate change and stories that envision what a truly equitable, decolonized society could look like. In 3,000 to 5,000 words, show us the world you dream of building.”

    Because if we can dream it we can build it or something like that. It starts with science fiction and ends with science fact, right?

    I have a recurring dream (30 years strong) about a camping haven where a hike with my daughter, when she was tomboy age, discovers a secret underground bunker with a tank at the bottom with an atomic submarine inside glowing in green water.

    I’m-a build a ‘tomic submarine, y’all, cuz if I can dream it I can build it, right?

    They’re offering $10,700 First Prize. I oughta write a bullshit ecotopian cyber-enhanced cornuycopian story and submit it. Who knows? Not only might I win but make myself smile.

    Meanwhile, it’s c-r-r-azy-making reading stuff like what I quoted.


    Cooking the data.

    “We always have to make sure of two things. The first is that the data that we release is scientifically valid … the second is that the data is also connected to a public health purpose, which is why we are ensuring that the key message is around the fact that if you have had prior infection,” you should still get vaccinated.


    Final Gravity broke something. Hear hear!

    “When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.” William Gibson

    FG’s approach is extremely minimalist, some assembly required. That’s a nifty set of Tinker-Toys and I’ll ponder them before my afternoon nap.

    My approach is the opposite, or so it was when I wrtoe the following sophomorism in 1997. Too many words; some disassembly required. But, for certain minds, great fun.

    Both require significant effort in different ways. FG’s yields results based more on genuine physics than mine while, based on strictly so-so grade laymen understanding of physics, mine paints lotsa pretty pitchers.

    It will have to be split up a bit, I suppose.

    (extract from A Manifold History of Magic)
    copyright 1997 by Robin Morrison

    “There was a time when I could visualize first the obverse and then the reverse. Now I see them both simultaneously. It’s not as if the Zahir were made of glass, for one face is not superimposed upon the other; it’s rather as if one’s vision was spherical and as if the Zahir floated in the middle.”
    J.L. Borges, “The Zahir”

    Let us consider the concept of holographic thought. To begin with, holography is a richly pregnant concept. Philosophers, potheads, scientists, theologians, and mystics alike play with the implications of holography like summer camp kids with hot-wired flashlights.

    Crudely put, a hologram is one of those funny pictures that appear as three-dimensional. Precisely described, as in the McGraw Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technologies, it is a nearly incomprehensible series of paragraphs in which only two phrases : “optical image formation” and “total recording” bear any relation to the concept of picture or image or those laser gawkoramas first popularized at Disneyworld.

    An etymological dictionary serves us best. Holo means ‘whole’; gram means ‘something written or drawn’. A hologram is the whole story, the whole picture. A Gestaltic goldfish bowl. I like the latter image; let it be our defining hologram for this exploration.

    Beginning with the essential: Holography requires the separation and reunion of a pure medium. The pure medium most often used to create a hologram is Coherent Light.

    Coherent Light is a consortium of photons which, when sufficiently excited while under certain constraints, unanimously agree to behave identically and move as one. Such light, especially when expressed as a beam, is what is commonly referred to as a laser. A mere beam of ordinary light, as in a shaft of sunshine, is a simple ray, something radiating outward from a center point. A beam of Coherent Light is more than just a ray; it is an array, a flow of symmetry.

    The photons flying from a flashlight or a superheated star are not in agreement. They are near to each other due only to an accident of birth and will soon go their separate ways. A beam of Coherent Light, as in a laser beam or a twinkle in the Eye of God, is a unified organism of luminous energy whose constituent photons will stay together for a very, very long time. Although it is a stream of motion, its structure is more akin to a crystal’s rigid symmetry than to the confused turbulence of, say, a garden hose’s turbulent flow or (to make a more taut analogy) the stream of salty water my three year old boy delights in focusing toiletward through his very favorite personal collimator.

    Consider a shaft of sunlight slanting floorward from a small window (as so many Flemish painters have) or, if none is handy, imagine one. If one inhabits a house or mind as dusty as mine, the sunbeam will be animated, even defined, by swirling specks of dust.

    Imagination is not optional but mandatory for the following image, regardless of whether the sunbeam you envision is ‘real’ or ‘imaginary’, that is, outside or inside of your mind. Imagine, please, those dust particles not tumbling randomly but dancing symmetrically in concert, like a glowing fabric that weaves itself as it flows from a loom of light.

    Yes, it is a pretty picture… now relinquish these arabesques and figure-eights, and tighten the image into a stream of perfectly parallel dust photons all streaming from window to floor in equidistant harmony. Too stark? I agree. It is more aesthetically pleasing and scientifically correct if we impart an oscillatory twist to these tiny sunspots as they flow in their chorus line of perfect coherence.

    And there you have it. Coherent Light: photonic cohorts who cohere. Having arrived at a working definition, let us proceed thence into the comparative realm of Coherent Thought.

    Describing Coherent Thought is not so easy as describing coherent light. Thought is not so reducible, as is light, to such nicely discrete quanta as photons, wavelengths, etc. There are currently no known ‘particles of thought’. (Light and thought can also be modeled as waves, which invites fascinating comparisons, especially via the known and measured evanescence of “brain waves”, but we will leave those excursions for another time or someone else. Years ago, a cousin of mine underwent certain electrocephalic tests. My aunt paraphrased the doctor’s interpretation of those tests – gibberish to her – thusly, “The doctor said he had wavy brains”. And there, with a passing salute to Mr. Wavy Gravy and the legendary brown acid at Woodstock, is as far as we will venture into the nascent study of brainwaves.)


    Currently, thought is as mysterious to us as were, millennia ago, our blood or the nature of stars or the exact locations of the Antipodes, to the physicians, astrologers and geographers of the past. There was a time when Time itself was perceived as an incomprehensible, amorphous flow barely delineated by the up-and-downstream notions of Future and Past, noted only by the rise and set of the sun, wax and wane of the moon and similar broad patterns. Science now has quantified it to an exactitude measured in trillionths, and qualified it sufficiently to allow it to be metrically interchanged coevally with its mythological siblings: Space, Matter and Energy. (Or do you prefer, respectively, Air, Earth and Fire. Time? Water, of course. Things never really change. They just move along. Quintessence or the fifth dimension still troubles us as it did both Aristotle and Einstein, but then, a proper cosmos needs a secluded place to keep its mysteries intact…)
    While neither the physical dissection of thought nor its cross-sectional view upon a slide are yet available, such intimate perspective is not out of the question entirely. Towards that end, this treatise will abandon all but the most superficial delvings into the physical analysis of thought.

    Which brings us happily into Metaphysics, which is surely where this piece belongs. Where but in a room full of mirrors can one reasonably hope to reflect upon the thinking of thoughts? From where else could one hope to attain a sufficiently wide perspective of one’s breadth of thought but from the meta ridge of mentality? If we cannot approach a thing from the physical realm, we must try a different approach.
    (Finish your coffee, mates. You tip the waitress – her name’s Alice – I’ll pick up the check. Let’s hoist our packs and attempt the summit. First mirror on your left!)

    In reflecting upon things beyond our ken, it may help to know that the term reflect is rooted in Latin meaning ‘to bend back’, while the term beyond is derived from a twisted labyrinth of semantic cross references which ultimately converge upon the Anglo-Saxon words for ‘it’ (or ‘that’)…but then again, it may not…may it again then…again it…it…i…t…t…i…(itty bitty bits). Imagine the process of creative reflection as a sort of mirrored particle accelerator bouncing a focused concept back against itself until it breaks into ever smaller bits of analysis wherein only the fundamental bits remain…which in the case of this sentence seem to be suspension dots… This reductio ad reflexum has been very popular in science for centuries when dealing with external realities; it remains to be seen how well thought sits still to have its picture taken by the reductionists. Anyway, keep this image in your packs, it might prove useful where we’re going.
    (As we mentally ascend inwards, let’s distract ourselves by pondering the values our culture places on the concepts of up and down.)

    The cubicle in which I’m now sitting, having abandoned a sunlit living room for a lamplit study, has upon its wall a light switch from an era closer to the middle or even beginning of this century. Made of sturdy, brown, molded styrene plastic, and elegantly trimmed with an harlequinesque border of raised lozenges, it includes lettering that clearly displays whether the switch is on or off. Almost invariably, one finds that these toggled and vertically aligned switches combine the functions on and off with, respectively, the concepts up and down. Horizontal toggles favor right=on and left=off but that is another conundrum altogether, however similar in feel.

    Heaven lies above and Hell below; the sun warms us from Above and cools us when Below; the dead go Under while the quick reach Upward toward the stars…ah well, we live after all in a stellar rockgarden known as the Solar System, so a little phototropism is only natural.

    “In”, incidentally, is usually given better status than “Out”. The In crowd vs. the Out cast; In his own right vs. Out of his mind; and most telling: “Come In” vs. “Get Out”.)


    Whew. I think we’ve digressed long enough. Look below; we’ve come a long way. Funny how time flies when one is inconsequentially blathering . Don’t stop to rest just yet; we’re almost there. See? There, just in sight and up a head, is the summit of Mount Metaphysica. Watch your step; we’re crawling over the very boulders of conceptual reality. Watch out for those big pores along the nose. They’re deeper than they look. Here, this way, through the ear cavity – there’s an interior passage to the summit.
    See? Right here at the third eye. Nice view, eh?
    Now rest. Make a fire for tea, would you; it can get cold up here. Hear that lonesome whistle blow? We’re far, far from home here yet too immanently close for comfort, but here we have a fine place from which to view our trains of thought chugging along far below. Blankets and comrades make all the difference. I’ll set up instruments and calibrate a few definitions. Ah. There we are.
    As far as the I can see is the landscape of Grounded Reality, distantly framed by the horizon of Existential Experience. No, not there…there. Use the capital letters as mind marks. See? Yes, it really is SOMETHING, isn’t it? Reality is that way, you know; something, that is.
    The wind blows steady from the East as it always has up here on the Rim of Consciousness. Vegetation is sparse, almost surreal. Likewise, the ground itself seems in the minority, delicately poised underfoot, inclined to disappear from beneath one at the least mental inattention. Matter attenuates to the barest essentials when this close to the Edge and, likewise, Meta dissolves into the least inessential at this jumpoff point between the Known Facts and the Wondered Upon, where Actuality is sparse enough to let us perceive the most distant echoes of our conscious reflections.
    Wondering along the Meta’s edge, we find a few gnomic trees affirming life at the precipice. Picking our way carefully along the firmaments of our imaginations, we settle into a comfy niche along the cliff edge, just below the sheltering shimmer of a probability outcrop. Peering over the edge, we are astounded to see just how far below us Real Ground is.
    Vertigo assails me. Blink and swallow. Suddenly I feel tiny, alone, unprotected, a homesickness akin to the nautical dry heaves of seasickness, a loneliness as visceral as an astronaut’s null-grav nausea. Leaning over the edge of a pitching vessel to release a disturbing part of one’s inner self is probably how many sea victims drown, but who wants to puke on deck? Leaning over the edge of the Self in such conditions is equally risky, but who wants to puke on their mind ?
    I am saved from a dizzy fall – and further lapse into descriptive surreality – by Freuchen’s stout reach. We return to the fire. A cup of spearmint tea settles my stomach and nerves. Freuchen lights his pipe, and we relax in our blankets. A dense upwelling of Mystickal Fogg (which is, in fact, the adiabatic condensation of our mental exhalations from our earlier, panting ascent up the ridge) engulfs our view of Grounded Reality. A corresponding mist of thought enwraps my psyche, a tingling sensation which begins in my tootsies and spreads upwards, finally reaching my cerebral coretext…
    …imagine a particle of Thought, if you will. (Or imagine a particle of Will, if you think, but that is another conundrum altogether. Look for the capital letters if you need help.) This particle is a MENTRON. Regarding this particle of thought, or Mentron, please remember that it is not just a pawn of phenomena, nor a senseless byte buffeted by the winds of chaos and desire, nor is it a strictly secondary agent in harness to beings such as ourselves; it is a self-contained spark of consciousness, an intelligence in its own right (in or out of our minds), a complex of interactive tidbits as such is life, finely careening in the vortice of self that thought invariably creates…or at least that’s what I think.
    Increasing magnification, we observe how each particulated tidbit (or ERGO) can, in a process of attraction we can loosely describe as the definition of whim, conform or not to any other particle or pattern of thought, even reaching across galaxies and beyond when a sufficiently compelling geometry of desire or ignorance of natural law impels it thusly. Despite their cosmopolitan agility, most ergoes spend most of their unpredictable and indefinite lifespans within the same particle of thought in which they were formed or that first attracted them, and that particle of thought usually stays within a chosen thought pattern.
    To recapitulate: Tidbits of thought are ergoes which join together to form distinct entities of thought known as mentrons which then coalesce into various patterns of thought.
    Before leaving this level of magnification for a broader perspective, please note that any single Ergo can, if sufficiently conduced, disrupt or even dismantle its resident mentron, which can in turn similarly affect: glimmers of awareness, flashes of insight, ideas, beliefs, questions, purposes, desires, you name it, the very Mind of God, the mighty PANLOGOS Itself ! Not to worry; should a thought become so coherent as to overwhelm the Logos of Pan, the Panlogos would simply resonate harmonically with the Hypersymmetry of the upstart Omnithought, absorbing it into its Original Whim. The Panlogos has many times devoured its offspring. God knows this and abides in Its place, dancing accordingly.
    Switching now to a lens of lower power, we can see Mentrons mentating to and fro, milling about in purposeful Whimsy or nailing down in Sooth a chosen province of Reality. The two key types of mentrons are Soothic and Whimsic. A Soothic Mentron will adamantly maintain a symmetry aligned to whatever Is (whatever that might be). A Whimsic Mentron cavorts remorselessly in a questive plunder of whatever Is, for its nature is to change things into what Might Be (whatever that is).
    A Soothic or S-Mentron(SM), craves continuation of its inner design. A Whimsic or W-Mentron(WM) craves flow for flow’s sake. A dynamic process of evolution results between them. WMs, in their attempts to infiltrate and crack the crystalline SMs, become ever more symmetrical in their inner flow, since greater symmetry allows them greater penetration. In response, SMs become ever more flexible, attaining a resilience of rigidity which allows a WM to pass through an SM with very little disruption to the SM, thus satisfying the WM’s need for flux while maintaining the SM’s desire for integrity.
    A WM is to an SM as an idea is to a fact. Simply stated, the Soothic provides endurant continuity while the Whimsic allows new things to happen. It is thus that the universe becomes a cosmos and the divergent harmonies of chaos become the convergent harmonies of logos. It is through the interactive evolution of Mentrons that BOLHOKKI and its constituent Paradoxotrons form a consistent and dynamic Reality in which we as sentient beings may consensually swarm.
    Switching to yet lower magnification, we see thought forms merging into the various forms of Existential Experience…


    And, finally:

    …wherein Freuchen has built a nice fire, and the burnbush crackles verily. I told you it gets cold up here ! But look at what we’ve found: a model for Holographic Thought !

    Some Groundwork is necessary. Down below, there are these things called holograms. Holograms are formed when a coherent beam of light, usually supplied by a laser, is split smoothly and equally into two distinct beams and then reunited. One beam, called the reference beam, is allowed to continue unimpeded to a target plate, usually a photographic film. The other beam, called the interference beam, is aimed first at another object (let’s envision a rose), and from there is reflected to the target plate. The two beams are aimed to converge at a right angle upon the target plate. Here an intricate simplicity, perhaps even a relative singularity, occurs as the reference beam of pure coherent light interacts with the interference beam of adulterated (from being reflected by the rose) but still coherent light.

    Purity, in the form of symmetrical coherence, is the key to what happens next. The interference beam has reflectively acquired the surface visual information of the object – the rose – it encountered along its path to the target plate. This information merges with and through the purely coherent reference beam. In passing through the other, the rigidly symmetrical (Soothic) Reference beam translates the information of the adulterated (Whimsic) Interference beam into a phototopology of the Original Thing (the Rose).
    The two beams, striving to be what they are and to continue as such, together form an informational entity which neither beam could have created individually.

    Imagine God taking a holographic snapshot (picture God taking a picture) of Mount Rainier using a companion lake at its base as a target plate. God, say, Apollo, fires a beam of coherent sunlight through the mirrored lens of an approaching comet which diverges the solar laserbeam into two, one heading straight for the lake and the other for the mountain, aimed in such a way as to reflect off the mountain and join its sibling reference beam in a transformative embrace on the lake’s surface. To tourists viewing Lake Holograph from the shore opposite the mountain, the mountain’s reflected image would not appear shimmering upside-down as it would in the conventional postcard vista, but would instead maintain its stern pose as seen from God’s view at high noon, with its volcanic crater squinting into the photoflashic sun. Since God’s point of view is presumably so removed from ours that our vantages of perspective would reveal no discernable change in our view of the holograph, it would present the same frozen facade from all points of view including that of the montanist at the summit who could enjoy the thrill of looking down over his own shoulder at himself looking down over his own shoulder at himself looking down over his own shoulder…(provided he’d closed his eyes during the solar shutterflash)…and while infinite regressions are not a necessary attribute of holography (picture God taking a picture of you picturing God taking a picture of you picturing God), they do provide a nice interferic beam of comparison that helps elucidate holography’s infinite perspective of the same view. Jeepers creepers. I think we’re now prepared to wrestle with the notion of holographic thought itself.

    Freuchen, looking down with wind-glazed eyes at the Bob’s Big Boy mannequin sign atop a restaurant far, far below (corporate intrusion via product placement has become an inescapable feature of human consciousness; I won’t edit this sentence for fear of having my consciousness cancelled or at least moved to a latenight slot), swears it looks just the same from up here as when you’re standing at the corner of Yakima Avenue and 1st Street, just outside the restaurant where we planned our trip early this morning.

    “Is that how you remember last seeing the Big Boy?”, I ask.

    “Yes…”, mumbles Freuchen, “that’s where…where are we?”

    Fearing an attack of introspective vertigo on his part, I grab Freuchen by the belt and pull him away from the Edge, then head us back to camp. The fire is warm, the coffee just brewed, and the first flask is making the rounds. Burton is telling one of his immaculately dubious stories…


    “When at the age of 23 I had finished 4 months of meditating for the first 5 mins of each waking hour of each day”

    Wow. Wow. When I grow up, I want to be like you. Wow. Much admiration and what’s left of the ghost of envy in me.


    “will stay together for a very, very long time”

    That should say ‘related’ not “together”. Big diff.


    that you are misguided and wrong to the point of being proactively evil . That isn’t really very much information to process, either. Just is what it is. Like doggy poo on a sidewalk.

    I will make one assumption, however. I assume that you will eventually get over it.

    What an arrogant prick.

    You can’t handle having someone address your biases. It makes you crazy. It says more about you than me.

    At this point, I do and will rub your nose in your own dog shit because of your exaggerated over reaction to what I post. Any basic refutation of your cherished beliefs is met with incredibly stupid ad hominem. A fucking essay written by someone who’s name I didn’t know until you mentioned it, prompts you to say asshole things.

    When your only response to the most rudimentary fact checks on data floated here as “iron clad//no challenge allowed” “fact”, is to call me an NSA agent, a CIA plant, a robot, whatever, don’t be surprised when the person swats back at you and calls you a dummy for believing so many easily debunked lies.


    Well, Papa Zero, it must be a thing:

    Chrome Zero-Day



    “When your only response to the most rudimentary fact checks on data floated here as “iron clad//no challenge allowed” “fact”, is to call me an NSA agent, a CIA plant, a robot, whatever, don’t be surprised when the person swats back at you and calls you a dummy for believing so many easily debunked lies.”

    Oh you started it long ago, defbot. You came in swinging from the start. LIke some kind of wannabe bully boss. It was kinda pathetic but nonetheless insulting when not boring or frustrating.

    starring Def and The Bot in WE BAD!


    Somebody had a good fishing day.


    I no longer spend hours trying to find the faults/overlooked influences in the many explanations/theories of “How the universe is made”.
    I have found my own explanation/thoughts and it works/explains everything and cannot change the past/the present/or the future.
    I’m glad that other people have also found explanation that satisfies them and that the universe is not influenced by your thoughts any more than my thoughts.
    Telling you how my universe is made will not change how/what you think how your universe is made.

    John Day

    My blog no longer exists. Will I still have an avatar pictur.
    Google disappeared it and also disappeared the newsletter version of it, and delted that too, today. What you see archived here (minus the photograph) is as good a record of any. I was able to copy my post off a reply that somehow still exists.

    Information warfare just ramped up.

    John Day

    I still show up as the Daibutsu of Kamakura, at least to myself.

    those darned kids
    Veracious Poet

    Testing, previous post failed…

    D Benton Smith

    @deflationista remarked in late onset epiphany, “What an arrogant prick.”

    Gee, the meds must be working, you’re smarter already !

    you went on to say we here in grounded reality think that you are [ please check just one ] ” . . . an NSA agent, a CIA plant, a robot, whatever . . . ”

    Oh, you’re definitely just a “whatever”. Way too erratic to be a bot and way too dim to get hired by an agency ( and , man. that is one VERY low bar !) . I suppose you might slither in under the new diversity mandates at FBI , but Jeez ! The sheer volume of Woke competition over there makes that possibility pretty unlikely too. Naw, I’m gonna stick with the first guess. I reckon you’re just a slightly below average retired knucklehead with an overinflated sense of self importance, and an underinflated . . . well . . .you know.

    Veracious Poet
    Veracious Poet

    Well, able to post links, without the quotes, is 2/22/22 another phase?

    The mutiny will NOT be televised…

    The spam clowns seem unaffected though…


    Not that anybody has asked me but I thought I would throw it out there anyway.

    Who am I? Who are You?

    We are simply the sum of our life’s experiences.

    those darned kids


    I will make one assumption, however.
    •• that’s all you ever do.

    I assume that you will eventually get over it.
    •• what about the kids? will they get over the last two years?

    What an arrogant prick.
    •• you need to refocus the projector.

    You can’t handle having someone address your biases.
    •• you can’t handle that your cherished “vaccines” are maiming children. at least you have that.

    It makes you crazy. It says more about you than me.
    •• focus! focus!

    At this point, I do and will rub your nose in your own dog shit
    •• so violent, so rude.

    because of your exaggerated over reaction to what I post.
    •• overreaction is one word.

    Any basic refutation of your cherished beliefs is met with incredibly stupid ad hominem.
    •• like “prick”?

    A fucking essay written by someone who’s name I didn’t know until you mentioned it,
    •• time to reprogram those algorithms.

    prompts you to say asshole things.
    •• caca, poopoo.

    When your only response to the most rudimentary fact checks on data floated here as “iron clad//no challenge allowed” “fact”,
    •• fact checkers of the world, unite!

    is to call me an NSA agent, a CIA plant, a robot, whatever,
    •• my guess is 77th brigade.

    don’t be surprised when the person swats back at you and calls you a dummy for believing so many easily debunked lies.
    •• no shame, no honour.


    The 4th branch of the US government in their great wisdom put Biden and Harris in the White House.
    Since then we have experienced the 4th branches incredible stupidity at work.
    In power only one year, they have turned the domestic economy into a shambles beyond repair.
    To distract away domestic attention, they are now showing us their incredible stupidity in foreign affairs.
    All can see Putin is schooling the 4th branch.
    When are Americans going to revolt against the 4th branches coup?
    Not if deflationist can help it!



    I have it on very good authority that deflat works for WEF!

    This info was double confirmed by both the CIA and the Washington Post. I have to believe them! They have never been proven wrong!


    Sympathies, John Day. Good grief.


    Yup. Doc Day’s site is down. My guess is they’re taking out low-hanging fruit now, since taking down the platforms of people who’ve developed a sizable audience is by now, imo, proving counter-productive.

    Doc Day’s site committed the multiple sin of a) providing very valuable useful info, and b) not having a following large enough to likely create a backdraft/backlash.

    Blog has been removed
    Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

    Did you expect to see your blog here? See: ‘I can’t find my blog on the Web, where is it?’

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    The Void


    “I still show up as the Daibutsu of Kamakura, at least to myself.”

    We see you too, Daibutsu. Well, I can.


    Incidentally, the link itself reveals a site that might be a way to get your pic online here:

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