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    Pablo Picasso Guitar 1925   • Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble (Lee Smith) • Biden Admin Tells Zelenskyy to Stop Negotiating Meeting With Russia (CTH) • F
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle February 26 2022]

    Veracious Poet


    When not doing life and getting smothered by work, kids, news feeds (lookin’ at you RIM) – I used to write music. My arm won’t currently allow for piano, guitar, drums so I have fallen on my beloved MPC 4000 sampler.

    I’ve channelled my spirit animal D Benton Smith for this one while have actual coffees bought by Rottotillerman.
    It’s angy but it’s art. If you hate rap turn the sound off as words are there – I recommend loud.
    Pandemic art.
    Just coz the world is talking non stop Russia doesn’t mean I will forget this fraud.

    Share if you wish.


    One more try

    Dr. D

    Speaking of Trump (yesterdays’ comment just now) people have dredged up that Alex Jones declared we’d have the Ukraine war in February back in October 2021.

    Again, so these people are more right than CNN, everything they say turns out to be true, but they’re the jerks and idiots, no one asks questions after.

    IF this war was all created by Putin, THEN how could Jones – or any such leaks in the Pentagon – know it all months ahead of time, almost to the day?

    Cause it’s planned, they DID/Do know it, and this is all a puppet show for us muppets. That means the official story is all lies, Biden’s refusal to talk is all a scam, acting, a put-up job, and the real reasons are all hidden from the electorate that needs to vote based on truth and knowledge. So if they do this, not only is the market insiders front running it to guaranteed profits that come from YOU, but there is no underlying Democracy as the electorate is kept in the dark and led around like a moron.

    To me this is treason, and why I’d arrest and jail anyone hiding budgets from Congress (like the new CIA HQ), or refusing/slow rolling FOIA requests. Or harassing talk show hosts and reporters, especially foreign ones. The Republic cannot survive without discussion and transparency, and hasn’t.

    From the Black Sea to the East Med, Do Not Poke the Russian Bear (Escobar)”

    They (Biden and the Anglos) will fight to the last Ukrainian. That is, the Ukr leaders too: “die for me, dogface!” “I don’t care what a s–thole Ukraine is! Can’t see it from my gold-plated toilet seat, and when life is worthless, the chicks are free.” So won’t accept obvious, irreversible reality, that Crimea is going to stay Russian? Will just chuck a couple thousand lives a year at it, year after year, forever? Sure! Life has no meaning, as long as it’s not MY life. I’d chuck every man, woman, and infant into a blast furnace to keep that impossible dream alive in my ego if I could. And so they have.

    If you can’t see how insane and evil that is, I don’t know what to tell you. So killing a few thousand to CAUSE this is good, but losing a few thousand only once to STOP it is evil. As said by people who live safe in palatial, anti-environmental houses, eat 5-star, and keep their sons in a mountain of crack and hookers all day. Got it.

    Kunstler says “people will answer for it.” Who’s going to make them? You?

    “I can tell you one thing this morning it is that this war will last,” Macron’s told France”

    So he’s going to share sacrifices, right? No? Then shut your air-hole, the stupid is leaking out.

    “The French leader was a key figure in efforts to avert conflict, repeatedly speaking to Putin and seeking in vain to broker a summit between the Russian leader and US President Joe Biden.”

    How do they know this? And if Biden and Putin were the ones who were in control and really needed to talk, what does Macron have to do with it? Nothing. I told them the same thing and had just as much effect, but there are no articles about how awesome and tragic I am. This also contradicts that Jones/Pentagon knew/planned/decided this 6 months ago.

    Sean Penn is there just like Hunter, because he speaks fluent Ukrainian and is a recognized expert in energy and geopolitics. I expect he will also make $400k/month for it.

    Did he visit Donbass and the 8-year shelling of civilians by their own government? Dore highlighted this, I think this one: : First they are “Ukrainians” over which they have full legal and electoral power, despite being an open coup government, illegitimate by any existing law. Then they are “Russian Separatists” and we shell them openly on TV. And NOT say, a government massacring their own people every day in open ethnic genocide. Then when Russia involves themselves, they are all “Ukrainians” again and Russia going there is an “Invasion”. So basically Donbass and their people aren’t real, they’re just whatever is most convenient for me to win this 5-minute argument and make money. Russian, Ukrainian; legal, illegal; dead, alive, who cares? Reality is in my mind. The Law is in my mouth.

    “So why did they last week repeatedly broadcast an entire news item, featuring a group of undoubted, shameless neo-Nazis, actually wearing SS insignia on their clothes?”

    Because we know MI6 pays and orders them to. This was openly reported and everyone loved it and still credits them as fair, honest accurate reporting. And Reuters, and CBC, and… Because MI6 fully supports fascism and neo-Nazis, wherever they are found. Professional courtesy.

    The media is like “What Nazis??? Duhhhhhhh, the President is Jewish.” Ha ha ha ha. …Say the very same media and exact same person who said Trump is a Nazi, still say it now, when his daughter and half his family is (Orthodox) Jewish. AND attack Jews wherever they are found, In Brooklyn, in NYC, in Temple, in Women’s Conferences where they invite Jew-hating guests like Farrakhan. JHC. The stupid, the stupid it burns. The bad-faith actors, acting every day. Tirelessly acting for the service of the bad faith.

    I may have to take a break and get my head again. The level of lies and lack of outside facts is insurmountable. And new things are about to drop on us before this WWIII attack even gets cold.

    V. Arnold

    There is so much shit “out there”; I just can’t bear…
    I’m inclined to rhyme…
    but can’t waste the time…
    the news, views, and untrues…
    flood the news which isn’t news at all…
    and endeavor to find a nitch…
    which isn’t a bitch…
    our lives are stolen just under our face…
    and we do not realize we are in a race…
    the smart ones know and find a place…
    far from the madness of that race…

    Dr. D


    “U.S.—A new social media initiative will require Americans to identify Ukraine on a map before being able to post an opinion about Ukraine on the internet.” –BBee

    Dr. D

    “John Kerry Orders Emergency Airdrop Of Solar Panels To Ukraine To Offset Carbon Emissions” –BBee

    We only have 10 years to stop the spread. Or something.


    What is Ukraine’s future.

    While Ukraine was a useful stick to beat Russia with the US was willing to send money to the kleptocrats in Ukraine. This will stop if Ukraine is no longer useful.

    The breakaway regions want to expand. It is possible that over a third of the Ukraine would be willing to join them if possible. Ukraine could easily lose all of its industrial base.

    One clear victory for the West concerns farmland in Ukraine. Ukraine has some of the most fertile soil on the planet. Before the US took over it was illegal to sell farmland to a foreign entity. It is now legal.

    Ukraine could be left with no money, no industry, most farming taken over by foreign companies, and no friends.


    Jeez, Putin sounds like a conspiracy theorist (sarcasm). Its this theme that just won’t stop. How do we separate the corporations (mafia) from the state?

    Anyway, I was thinking back to the high inflation days of my youth (I was around 10 years old at the time). As a treat, mom would allow us to have some Coca Cola once a week (she said it was expensive). I got to pour it since I was the oldest. Of course, I put more ice in my younger brothers and sisters glasses. Today, the world is awash in Coca Cola. In this context, I do not see inflation as such a bad thing. (Not the fact I cheated my sibs out some soda, besides I was the oldest and taller)

    Noirette, thanks for those comments on China, truly appreciated. I have more thoughts on it that I am still noodling. Do you ever listen Inconvenient Truths by Jennifer Zheng (on Oddessy). A bit tedious, but interesting nonetheless. Cautious with my takeaways though.

    Two tigers cannot occupy the same mountain.

    Seems we may need to come to grips with the illusion of our exceptionalism.




    Twelve thousand Chechens ready to deploy to Ukraine

    These guys are the real deal.


    To clarify, I miss Coca Cola being a treat.

    Mister Roboto

    @chooch: It sounds as though those were the days when Coca-Cola was sweetened with actual sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Back then, I’m sure it was a treat.


    Yep, Frosted Flakes for breakfast and a bowl of Cheerios before bed. I would still add a tablespoon of sugar to them. I was a fairly hyper kid fortunately I still have a pancreas.


    I think I’ll go back to saying “the Ukraine” (which I have had a hard time stopping, anyways), which makes it a region, instead of “Ukraine”, which makes it a nation.
    I loved the BBee’s map.


    @ Dr D # 102986
    BBee could not have made my point that I was making yesterday more clear. Point, that is, of “right to an opinion on just about anything” regardless how one is familiar with the subject.
    WES yesterday, with his comment proved that it is perfectly all right not to “know it all” and feel good about oneself. True shame is when one is bad in the field that he or she is making living of.
    Despite all those “proofs”, if you will, I am aware of sour faces and utter contempt from the audience so probably I will not bother commenting any longer.


    I adore Calvin and Hobbs, have all their comics in collectible books and such.

    So when Tom Luongo used Calvinball in his analysis of the geopolitical playing field, I was in there like a dirty shirt.

    Putin Ushers in the New Geopolitical Game Board

    And in truth, I think Mr. Luongo makes a whole lot of sense. The game is changing.


    Thanks for the Picasso instrumentation in watery black color (ink?) as it goes nicely with the Higher Ground jam. The fluidity of the medium and “loose” style project FLOW (ya can’t keep it in or hold it back). The painting is coming apart and coming together all at the same time. Picasso’s Guitar series is a great exploration; plus he unleashes collage and texture on us via multiple mediums. Dig deeper and you will see a study in science. Constructing and deconstruction. Holding on and letting go.

    And that Higher Ground jam….went back to visit the lyrics and pulled out a few key lines. Reminders….

    I’m so darn glad He let me try it again
    ‘Cause my last time on earth, I lived a whole world of sin
    I’m so glad that I know more than I knew then
    Gonna keep on tryin’
    ‘Til I reach my highest ground, whoo
    ‘Til I reach my higher ground, oh no
    No one’s gonna bring me down
    They’re sure gonna try
    I’m gonna go higher (higher)

    Just keep on and keep on until you reach higher ground
    And a high, and a how

    LOVE to All.

    absolute galore

    You can get Coke with cane sugar, comes in the little bottles and premium price.

    When I was a kid 60s/70s my parents did not allow us to have overly sweetened cereal (though even the regular cold cereals have a ton.) I would get a box of Cap’n Crunch for my birthday. No Coke in the house either, but orange juice made from concentrate, Welch’s grape jelly and Skippy on white bread, & many more food items laden with excess sugar.

    Even worse today, as so much of it is labeled “healthy.” Granola bars, Gatorade, tomato sauce, instant oatmeal, applesauce, etc. Nature Valley granola bars have around 11 grams. Older kids should not have more than 25 grams of added sugar a day, one of these bars will use up a significant portion of the recommended limit.” A 20 oz. Gatorade contains 34 grams of sugar. So, if your teenager’s snack during a game is a Gatorade and Clif bar, they more than doubled their daily allowance of sugar in that one snack.” Manufacturers have dozens of forms of sugar so you really need to know when reading labels.

    But really, the important thing is to get your kids vaccinated and boosted. That will make them good healthy citizens of the world.

    Formerly T-Bear

    V. Arnold at # 102863 (yesterday) and # 102643 on 23/02/2022

    Pablo Picasso Le pigeon aux petits pois (Pigeon with Peas) – stolen May 20 2010 1911

    I can’t help but to wonder if Picassos’ art is meant to intimidate the viewer….
    …thereby mitigating serious critiques of his works…
    Sorry (not really) but I’m just not impressed…


    Lame…an incredibly shallow dive, IMO…

    Almost everything you see can be described in a plane which is the ides about ‘Cubism’, the artist using these planes to compose an image on another plane surface of the drawing or painting. How the artist fills the space and uses line, colour, texture, light/dark, positive and negative space within the frame is what art is – a visual message to those who are open to seeing it. Liking or not liking have their parallels in understanding or not understanding that message.

    Art appreciation is unlike engineering where there are right or wrong answers, rather better answers or not so good answers and all the shades of grey that happen between black and white; the exercise of using such qualities to suggest an image within the frame like in today’s offering – an analytical abstraction suggesting an object, movement and if carefully perceived, even sound. These things are always somewhere in successful art, it is up to the viewer to appreciate or not, there are no correct or incorrect answers to be had. Keep on looking, a universe of art awaits your valuable opinion of it.




    Re: “Keep on looking, a universe of art awaits your valuable opinion of it.”
    RE: “right to an opinion on just about anything”

    Contemplating these. Is it opinions being offered or reactions/experiences? Are they the same or something different? Does one of these hold more merit than the other?

    If I don’t present myself as a expert with credentials on a subject, but comment anyway – does it make my comments less worthy? Less reliable or practical?

    What about the Way in which I present my opinion? Mind/Ego – conditional, with expectation and demands. Is there such a thing as innocent, unconditional offering with Mind + Heart in play?

    Living and translating/sharing LIFE’s experiences is what we humans do. Some of us do it better than others.

    I appreciate T-bears comment:

    “the exercise of using such qualities to suggest an image within the frame like in today’s offering – an analytical abstraction suggesting an object, movement and if carefully perceived, even sound. ”

    I too sense the VIBRATION – and for me, it comes from the tension the stark lines create as they pierce the white spaces. Did he paint this one form the outside in or from the inside out?

    RE: Rembrandt and the other masters who paint fabrics with phenomenal detail – I can feel the textures and the weight of the clothes on the bodies. And if I go deeper, I can smell the room. Art takes IMAGINATION to higher ground.

    Figmund Sreud

    Helmer continues his string of comments. Here is his most recent, but big snip first:

    In advance of what we didn’t yet know, we already knew three things: the Stavka, not Putin alone, decides. There was a change of decision between Monday evening’s speech by Putin and Thursday morning’s speech; this was not, however, a change of plans; they have been ready for some time, as everyone can see now. The black box defence would still be a surprise.

    With the retrospect of hours, demilitarization of the Ukraine and denazification of the Galicians cannot be a surprise if you are Russian or Ukrainian. To them it is welcome. By contrast, Chrystia Freeland, the deputy prime minister of Canada, has repeated the lie which enriched her grandfather, her mother, and the Galicians she represents: “We cannot allow Russia,” she said, “to destroy the rules based order Canadians died to defend in the Second World War…” When the Galicians go on trial for their war crimes in the coming months – this is part of what denazification will mean — Canadian judicial observers will be invited to attend and investigate the evidence; the Dutch too.

    In the interview we also discuss what it’s like to think like the Russians and Ukrainians do when the choice is – do now for yourselves, or wait to die later when they will kill you.




    From top-post article by Lauria, Why Putin went to war?

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson even hinted at British military involvement. “Our mission is clear,” he said. “Diplomatically, politically, economically and eventually militarily this hideous and barbaric venture of Vladimir Putin must end in failure.” 

    What does the “eventually militarily” mean?

    The recent tri-partite security alliance, between the UK, Poland and Ukraine, signed on 17 Feb. 2022, has not been reported on MSM TV, press.

    Presumably because citizens might object, rightly so, why should GB ally with Ukraine?

    (Sidebar: The fiction of ‘democratic’ or ‘representative’ Gvmt. is dead.)

    Prop and pix follow on, see this graphic from the UK PM on twitter:

    GB is hitching its wagon to the US for some time now, post-Brexit, scrabbling around to exploit the last remnants of ‘ties’ to prop up its ‘international role’, influence, clout.

    Imho eventually only means sending arms, money, trainers (who scuttle away when danger looms), there is no way Brit forces will be sent to be slaughtered in a cauldron in Ukr.

    Maxwell Quest

    “Now we see Moscow suggesting that diplomacy take place at the barrel of a gun, or as Moscow’s rockets, mortars, artillery target the Ukrainian people,” he said. “This is not real diplomacy. Those are not the conditions for real diplomacy.” – State Department spokesperson Ned Price

    I’m sure Mr. Price is paid good money to say such stupid things in news briefings, knowing that the media lackeys will never hold him to account for calling the kettle black. In fact, that idiom isn’t even appropriate in this circumstance, as Russia had previously exhausted every diplomatic channel before resorting to military action; whereas NATO feigns diplomacy, while behind the scenes it strongarms members into supporting military intervention in any state that resists its hegemony and exploitation.

    Global domination is the goal. All else is theater for the ignorant masses.

    U.S. Foreign Policy

    those darned kids

    J&J, Distributors Finalize $26B Landmark Opioid Settlement

    While none of the settlement money will go directly to victims of opioid addiction or their survivors, the vast majority of it is required to be used to deal with the epidemic. The need for the funding runs deep.


    Its just a sense I get (not an expert) but a diplomatic solution seems out of the question and to prevent from getting bogged down (time would seem to favor of the west) Putin is going to have to rain holy hell on Kyiv. This won’t play well, but the whole thing is horrific there is no way to paint it otherwise. The US neocons need to lose and lose badly.


    Amy Boone has another good post over at The Slog called “Bear Status Update: Poked”.



    And here I am the only person I ever knew that got a box of Captain Crunch for Christmas. And I was allowed to eat the entire box in a single sitting!


    Cap’n Crunch, Quisp and Quake, & Crunchberries were all hazardous materials for brushing and flossing ones teeth…..alas I knew them well🤔🤐


    Corona investigative committee session 93: “Concentric Circles”

    Reiner interviews the founder of GETTR the alternative NOT censored social media platform.

    Stop using Twatter, it’s the platform of tyranny and psychopaths

    Stop feeding the Beast with your energy and attention.

    Sign up for a GETTR account to support the parallel universe of Tyranny free social media.

    Ya gotta start somewhere.


    The last I saw anti-russian propaganda this bad was back in 2014/15 amongst the Syria offensive. Banko Spirito Santo went down. Obama put money into Africa. I remember those days.

    Is it me or does it seem like Western nations do not command the same level of international respect as they once did? /s

    Picasso today is interesting, also for its date. Abstract notions of time, space and form can be traced back earlier than we believe they existed in the sphere of public knowledge. Just like “science” or even concepts of contemporary civilisation, we are not “advanced” or pioneering as much as we think we are. Check yo ‘self, before you wreck yo’ self.

    Thanks for sharing your musical self-expression Oxy. Like so many visiting here, I also benefit from a deeper and more critical look at some of the geopolitics being played out at TAE. We entered the twighlight zone during the last two years so I am also grateful for you all.

    Interesting to see the spirit of ownership over what we can do speak above that of the PMC micro-management of all of those doing it. Perhaps the success of us as a species (let alone ‘nations’) rests in getting our hands and feet dirty, being in touch with nature and the planet. It is messy but feels worth it and I can see more meaning in my actions providing I am acting as a ‘custodian of the soil’. I seem to be channeling the ‘TAE of old’ in this section of my post. I am also feeling somewhat nostalgic this evening…

    Best to all (including Bosco)

    Formerly T-Bear

    Susmarie108 at # 103001
    I imagine it depends on what adjective one attaches to the noun opinion on how one would treat an opinion.There are considered opinions involving reason, professional opinions having base on education, judicial opinions, political opinions, off the cuff opinions, reaction based opinions, ignorant opinions, a fool’s opinion and even ‘just’ an opinion; each will have some valuation attached so giving my answer would only be an opinion and that would be it. Maybe this will assist your search.

    Agree, good art can titillate the imagination, take one to unexperienced worlds, unexpected places and other times; much like a good book. (smiley© thing)


    Roman Abramovich has owned Chelsea since 2003. Today, he passed ownership to some committee. A Russian symphony orchestra director was forced to cancel a show at Carnegie Hall today. Countries refuse to play Russia in international soccer.

    It’s Covid all over again. Which in turn was Trump and Russiagate all over again.


    Talking about derailed train of understanding, so one more time:
    @ susmarie
    Re: unrestrained “opinions”
    We are all pressured with all this Covid hysteria, so all the talk is more than encouraged. But, can any of us discuss mRNA
    vaccine in equal footing with Dr Malone? How many of us really understand genome sequencing? I know that I don’t. I know wood veneer grain sequencing and that’s about it.
    “Military insignia of Filipino’s 11th infantry brigade from Oct 12 1937 to March 30 1938 (I just made that up).
    Half of US continent in unison: Filipino’s military insignia…I fucking know military insignia of Filipino’s 11th infantry brigade and goes like this…(not of the mark what I am trying to convey)”.
    As with art it is different, you say. It is ALL about HART and LOVE and PERSONAL FEEL.
    Is it?
    Arnold had mention that he had a chance to visit Guggenheim museum in NY. So he climbed up the ramp, and one after another, a true treasure of great postwar paintings that he deemed as a junk as I can get from his comments, are starring at him. Yet, entire building is dedicated to “that junk”. Should one pose at the top of the ramp, scratch his head and ask himself some hard questions? I am being civil in here.
    On the other hand, TDK had posted yesterday that landscape painting, that sings to many HARTS and FEELINGS Alas,
    no serious museum, even the one that specialize in landscapes, would touch it with the ten foot pole. Sorry.
    Kinkade, the one that I made joke as a candidate for the April the 1st post, was the most successful artist in sales. While adoring candy boxes, greeting cards and such, his work is nowhere to be seen in said museums too.
    What is going on in here?

    The end and no more.

    Figmund Sreud

    The Pentagon Bio-weapons

    The US Army regularly produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins in direct violation of the UN Convention on the prohibition of Biological Weapons. Hundreds of thousands of unwitting people are systematically exposed to dangerous pathogens and other incurable diseases. Bio warfare scientists using diplomatic cover test man-made viruses at Pentagon bio laboratories in 25 countries across the world. These US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program– Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

    The Pentagon Bio-weapons



    Due to supply line problems,
    Peacekeeping force identified with a “white Z and a white arm ban.

    Veracious Poet

    All but confirmed, Bosco never left (as predicted), he just put on another sock puppet…

    Waiting for confirmation that the IP is the same, or close, Raul?

    Veracious Poet

    A local source (KTLA), I follow to see Clownifornia macro trends, is publishing RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! war propaganda 24/7, just like non-stop lies non-stop throughout the 2016-2020 coup, probably just like most local sourced pablum toxicly spews ad infinitum …

    Truly mind numbing to behold, this syncopated “news” content drilled down to local level in U$ Empire Inc. ~ Stalin (Pravda editor-in-chief) would blush if he could see his creature in full bloom.

    Clown World sucks,



    V. P.

    Actually I think the sock puppet is more likely Sparkle Socks! He is using the Russian visit to the Ukraine to put Covid, the trucker’s protest, and the War Measures Act in the rear view mirror.

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