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    W.H. Bartlett and J. Appleton The port of Beirut 1838   • Western Leaders Privately Say Ukraine Can’t Win the War (Lauria) • Fewer Americans Thin
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    V. Arnold

    I hope this signifiesyou are feeling better Ilargi…
    If so…happy days and cheers to you…



    ? = 18

    Glad you’re back RIM!


    Here it comes, right on time!
    Roll up your sleeves, suckers!

    Lateral flow tests being prepared for UK outbreaks of avian flu

    Just imagine how all those wrecked immune systems are going to (not)react!





    Western leaders privately told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Ukraine can not win the war against Russia and that it should begin peace talks with Moscow this year in exchange for closer ties with NATO.

    So the News is that western leaders are having to face reality? Kind of sad. Does Pfizer have a jab for western leaders, to fix them?




    Increased adverse events following third dose of BNT162b2/Pfizer vaccine in those with previous COVID-19, but not with concurrent influenza vaccine

    “Prior studies suggest that adverse events (AEs) following doses one and two of BNT162b2/Pfizer vaccine are worse in those with a prior history of COVID-19.

    “For all doses of BNT162b2/Pfizer vaccine there was a cluster of systemic AEs that were consistently worse in HCWs with a prior history of COVID-19.

    Recovered from Covid and remaining unvaxxed affords the best level of future protection.
    Recovered from Covid and then getting vaxxed is a fools errand.





    “The Chinese have, from the beginning, politically, and I think militarily, had Russia’s back,” Bolton explained. “And the concomitant other side of that is that if China, for example, were to try to attack Taiwan, or throw a blockade around it, they would expect Russia to have their back.”

    Looks like Bolton is in CYA mode, trying to explain why his, or his colleagues, guaranteed victory in Ukraine has turned into a shit fest. He is not talking to us, he is talking to his owners who obviously no longer want to talk to him, hence the involvement of the press. How the mental have fallen, let’s face it, Bolton was always a paid retard, paid to be the retard in government.


    See if you can you spot the death certificate that matches the vaccination certificate in this substack article. It’s not difficult. I think that statistically this 12 year old would be classified as “unvaccinated” based on the squewed metrics that Pfi$€£ have implemented with world governments through VAERS.

    How horrific. Poor innocent kid. When does it stop?

    Ditto Ukraine. I’ve already seen enough footage of yoing soldiers meeting their death to last a lifetime.

    I propose we hold our western pro-Ukraine leaders to be forced to see the documented evidence of the casualties of war until they squirm. Then ask them again if they really want war with Russia. If so, they go to the front line. Take as many weapons with you as you want. And don’t come back until the war is over and there is a clear winner.

    Dr. D

    BBC: maybe we should try to draw a conclusion. If that map is correct, what we have is most probably a CURRENCY problem? Like we saw in Miss Trust’s F.M.? That would make sense for several reasons, and there’s no reason to believe it would be reported on. Look at the U.S. and August 2019. Morgan was starting the meltdown for 30-60 days “and then a miracle happened.”

    Ukraine, before and after: It reminds me of the year-end wrap up of Slavia Ukraine (the latest thing) from Esquire. It was “there are thousands and thousands of foreign fighters in Ukraine.” Okay thanks. Here’s what I learned from that long article and why I didn’t forward it: there is no information in it. Here you have a war, an active war zone, fascinating people, vets, war reporters pop up from all over the world, like Hemingway in Paris. Yet they can’t find a single good or interesting story? Esquire? It’s just “Here’s a guy with a name, he did and said stuff.” Greeeeaaaaaat. That’s because of what I said last week: the truth is very granular and specific, it has endless facts and elements that makes quotes, events, and interest. Lies are very hazy and non-granular, all evocative and emotive. That’s why btw English is such a fabulous language to lie in: it has both, a two-track language, (Saxon + Latin) or even three (borrowed words). The world’s top liars.

    If the news story suddenly lacks facts, specifics, you can be pretty sure it’s a lie because it’s actually harder to fabricate sentences with no words in them, no nouns and verbs.

    SNL doesn’t boost me up. Reminds me of the now-universal article form “Why WE feel/Do/Say these things.”How WE grew up with ‘memberberries.” etc. Who is this “WE” stuff? Who ARE you people, as bizarre and twisted wrecks of former humanity as Effie Trinket

    P.S. “WE” are also “obsessed” with everything.” ‘Cause that’s both totally true and also healthy ‘n stuff. When I eat grilled cheese because I don’t throw up at it, I’m “obsessed” with it. When I watch more than 10 minutes of something on TV, it’s an “obsession.” Naturally Deadly Sins like this are all big, positive things. MOAR. 10 out of 10: would sin again!

    They are literal crazy people. And part of the crazy is they think they’re “We”.

    And no one believes they will be able to retrieve Crimea.’ French President Emmanuel Macron”

    Interview yesterday following re-floating the “Blinken Plan”. When when you hear the words of course means: hahahahahahahaha! Blinken! Whew. But the real joke is his plan says: 1) Ukraine will stage a successful mega-counter attack in order to get good negotiations. 2) They will then freeze the DMZ, not conceding any territory at all. 3) Continue to shell and claim Crimea and 4) Re-arm Ukraine to the teeth with every one of NATOs latest weapons.

    5) of course, Russia just signs up and allows them to do all these things and says “thank you sir”.

    There is so much wrong I can’t even count: first, if the attack is successful why wouldn’t they keep going? If it isn’t, why wouldn’t Russia keep going? But the basic one: WHY would Russia ever do this? Ever ever? To the contrary, Blinken REQUIRES Russia to keep going and occupy Ukraine as the only stated alternative is to RE-ARM UKRAINE AGAIN, and more, so much, much more than 2014-2022. How about NO?

    Blinken. Hhahahahahhehehehehahaha! He’s funnier than Milley!

    And people think Kamala is an idiot. Have they SEEN Blinken? Harris sniffs only half the glue he does.

    Okay, enough mockery, what does this mean? Blinken has required Russia to fight without ceasing and take more Ukraine, perhaps all of it. Thanks Blinken.

    Meanwhile, his dumb-ss comments have made CHINA de-facto declare war, or at least present the long-held legal justification for one when it inevitably breaks out because he’s such a retard. And a war-mongering sycophant. This is like, and probably on the same timeline as, the U.S. presenting its case for Iraq to the U.N. Security Council – back when we used to bother with that sort of thing. So start clocking the months.

    Since we don’t have a single bullet for a one-front war, I’m quite sure we’ll win a TWO front war, against the world’s largest country and factory, dwarfing us probably by a factor of three, but adding a 5,000mi supply chain for good measure.

    ““It has become a feature of Western commentary on China to say that its rise is a concern and a threat.”
    • Anti-China Rhetoric Is Off the Charts in Western Media (Nair) “

    Like Covid, Ukraine, GwoT, and everything else their mouths have ever spoken for 35 years. Where were you in 1994 with “That Sucking Sound”? Where were you in 2000 when Bill signed all tariff and power away to China with Most Favored Nation status, right after handing them Scandia Labs? Where were you with “The China Virus” and “Russia isn’t our greatest enemy, China is”?

    That’s right: totally, totally wrong. Completely derelict of duty and of reason. While the DUMBEST person mopping KFC in Fargo North Dakota got it right.

    But “I support the latest thing.” Which is now – spins wheel – China! Yeah! Don’t you DARE pick on them for Covid, following our 100-year habit of naming viruses by location. But! They’re the people we need to kill today! They hates us for our FREEDOM! …The irony being that the PEOPLE don’t believe this. Only the LEADERS do, but they haven’t cared what we say for 30 years since we’re not a Democracy. It died in darkness, replaced with Bezos and WaPo. The PEOPLE know this – outside of 5 remaining pockets like D.C. and Williamsburg. It’s only the elites and their minions who are sniffing their own farts and think they need to convince us, they’re getting one over on us. They’re not. They’re just “high on their own supply.” Like really, really high.

    Good job, Brownie.

    As Dore would say: “Yeah I remember when China shut off our health care during a pandemic. I remember when China made us take out $1 Trillion dollars in student loans. I remember when China made us spend $3 Trillion invading Iraq.” etc ChinaChinaChina.

    Yes, China is a threat, but they’re nowhere near the threat Biden is. If we did half the things a normal nation would do in not destroying ourselves, China wouldn’t be a threat at all.

    “Gosar, Twitter CEO Elon Musk, and former president Donald Trump, have all named Victoria Nuland as the most dangerous among this group”

    Okay: Who gives her her power? Because otherwise she’s just a housewife and a nobody like U. be Lyin’. Doesn’t it strike everybody that the third undersecretary of paper clips doesn’t usually run the president in a Third World War? Who has the kind of power that can clear the way, remove (murder) every obstacle and make that happen?

    On the flip side, they ALL need to be exposed, with their plans, so if I were the good guys, I’d give her everything and say “never stop talking.” Like Schwab, she is comedy gold, straight out of Austen Powers.

    NATO: what is THEIR country doing near OUR military bases?

    And you missed a spot: Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, and Finland are NATO and no longer neutral.

    “new European Order”

    As the Tao te Ching, we can only see that ALL centralization is bad, and all distribution of power is good. “the fewer the laws, the more moral the people”. Does that not tend to be true? And these are merely more examples of it?

    ““Only a year later, Moscow finally realized that this was not a Special Military Operation, but a full-fledged war.”

    Duh. Doubt it. If Moscow thought for a second it was only Ukraine why are 9/10ths of their troops still back home? It’s exactly BECAUSE they are fighting all NATO and knew it – not from 2022, but before 2014 – that they took this approach. Nor is it controversial: EVERYONE said so EVERYWHERE, out loud. Nuland especially. “We are fighting Russia to weaken her and break her apart” over and over all the way back to Brzezinski in 1979. Jesus man, nobody learns that slow. I can take a hint.

    Then Nuland and Blinken take a break from sniffing glue and are STUNNED — Shocked I tell you! – that somehow Russia was previously aware of their plans and didn’t accommodate them. Trump must have told them! It’s the only explanation! Because otherwise we are BRILLIANT! I. Can’t. Even.

    Putin knew all this, so he had to start slowly, let it happen, and let the Russian people come to terms what he already knew. Europe hates Russia and will kill Every. Single. Russian. Forever, if allowed. They are mind-bendingly insane, blood-gore-and-guts-veins-in-their-teeth insane, and not to be emulated. Or even parleyed with. Putin knew this for 10, 20 years? But his people didn’t. Now they do and PUTIN is the straggler as RUSSIA demands he attack and end the war with Europe and NATO.

    You see, the “Great Awakening” is the whole shebang. If you KNOW there’s a conman, how are you conned? Just like here and Ohio.

    “ • Yes, Hate Speech Is Constitutionally Protected (Turley)”

    Uhhh, yes? Because, first problem: what is “hate speech”? Speech I don’t like? Who would define it? “Hate” is an emotion. Are we outlawing emotions here, or just opinions? YOUR opinions. My opinion to hate YOU is pure love really.

    “Rushdie has risked his very life after being put under a death threat for allegedly insulting Islam.”

    See what I mean? Who decides? Trump? Hillary? Yoel Roth? Ayatollah Khomeini?

    Oh and P.S. since EVERY government official was using their official power to shut down EVERY Right or Anti-war speaker, when can we expect mass civil rights prosecutions?

    “Congressman forwarded lists of hundreds for Twitter to ban”.

    “Shanghai Cooperation”

    Thanks to Britain, Asia is finally uniting. Thanks, Britain!

    “NY City pic”

    That’s the real virus and spike protein.

    Yes, but if CO2 LAGS, then you have two choices. Option one: CO2 is not a driver of Global Warming. Because you’re erasing the body of data that gave/supported that idea that the two were ever connected to begin with. That means Two: if so then this is the FIRST time in all geologic history we have to learn from. However, the experiment is only roughly halfway and therefore we have exactly zero data as to how this event ends. That is, the event that WILL give us the data, in the far FUTURE. We have no data.

    So either the data says CO2 does not cause warming, OR we have no data that CO2 is related to warming…yet. That data will be available in 40-100 years, noting however, for the first 30 years of their data, their every prediction has been a near-total failure. Which is it? Either is fine for me.

    Again, I’m on this because like jb-hb, I was raped by their bad, fake, lying science. For years. They damaged years of my life and therefore my prosperity, my relationships with other people. Now it’s the same thing. When we point out 4-6 specific data points, the mind just moves around them like they’re not there. It would end the emotion, that is, the panic, the ‘mission’, the religious intensity. Who wants that? We NEED the emotion, the purpose, the intensity. I can’t let mere truth steal that away from me.

    You ever see the “Gorilla Experiment”? How many times players pass the ball:

    Except in this AGW case, it’s like 10 gorillas and one player. You have to work very, very hard not to address the 6 specific objections and contradictions to AGW CO2. Like above: we either have NOT data, or NO data. Take your pick. Take a breath and set aside emotion for just 90 seconds. There no spoon. 1) Everything they’ve said is a lie, as you yourself confer. 2) They have said another sentence. Are they lying?

    Michael Reid

    Pandemic Post Mortem: The Truth Vs. The Narrative with Dr. Robert Malone


    “You Are My Sunshine” – Johnny Cash
    “I Remember It Well” – Maurice Chevalier
    Lock in the votes.
    Tell lies

    Don’t spare the expenses
    Airlift 8 X 60t of tanks.

    Don’t forget the 1.5 million Ukrainian Canadians and the all-powerful Ukrainian Canadian Congress. They control the politicians in Ottawa and Canada’s mainstream news media.
    https://www.azerbaycan24 .com/en/fewer-americans-perceive-that-ukraine-is-winning-poll/

    “unwavering” support for Ukraine’s defense, pledging to continue backing the former Soviet republic “as long as it takes.” The US and its NATO allies also have declared that Ukraine will win, and must win, to preserve the “rules-based international order.” However, critics of US foreign policy have argued that Ukraine’s battlefield successes have been greatly exaggerated, and US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said last week that the conflict will need to end in a negotiated settlement because neither side can likely achieve victory on the battlefield.
    https://thediplomat .com/2023/02/anti-china-rhetoric-is-off-the-charts-in-western-media/

    Anti-China Rhetoric Is Off the Charts in Western Media
    The mass hysteria reflects the biases inherent in the world’s most powerful media outlets.

    By Chandran Nair
    February 21, 2023
    • What the America got Wrong (Observer R)

    The US has continued to procure weapons that many critics perceive as not suited for the modern age, or that are simply obsolete.


    The World Has Enough Trouble

    The World Has Enough Trouble
    If you think about it at all, can you come up with any good reasons why our country has involved itself in the Ukraine war? To defend democracy, many say? An emptier platitude does not exist in the vast slippery lexicon of spin. To thwart Russia’s imperial overreach? You apparently have no clue about Ukraine’s history, ancient or modern.

    It’s also worth pondering whether we are neck-deep in the Ukraine morass because Volodymyr Zelensky is blackmailing “Joe Biden” over the mysterious Biden Family business operations that took place there directly following the US-orchestrated Maidan revolution that overthrew Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich in 2014. R It’s also worth pondering whether we are neck-deep in the Ukraine morass because Volodymyr Zelensky is blackmailing “Joe Biden” over the mysterious Biden Family business operations that took place there directly following the US-orchestrated Maidan revolution that overthrew Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich in 2014.

    None of the NATO countries with a stake in the North Streams have made a peep so far about the shocking disclosure. Which may lead a casual observer to ask whether Western Civ has gone plumb insane. Maybe so, in which, case perhaps, it deserves to suffer. After a while — not such a long while, either — modern life will be but a memory in northern Europe.

    https://english.almayadeen .net/articles/analysis/from-special-operation-to-full-scale-war
    From special operation to full-scale war
    Alexander Dugin
    Source: Al Mayadeen English
    24 Feb 22:53

    The west coast is under a blanket of snow.


    Cookies Nuland spotted in public bringing her broom to the repair shop





    The Empire of Lies is spreading it’s poison to the young

    Not only has it poisoned their bodies with Spike Protein

    It has poisons their minds with Lies so deep in a Labyrinth they will never see the Light of Day.

    They have to wear the Lies like a covid face mask, like another useless dishonest absurd gesture for Non-Reality.

    “Folly is a child of power”

    ― Barbara W. Tuchman


    D Benton Smith

    It’s not a math test. It’s a psychology test.

    Step #1 of the psychological test is to find out if the observer of the presented chart of symbols assumes the presentation to be an invitation (or instruction) to do something with it other than just SEE it. This self-imposed and somewhat voluntary presumption (or the absence of such a presumption) reveals a lot about the observer.

    Step #2 of the psychological test would apply only to the sub-set of observers who assumed (without any explicit request that they do so) that the they were meant to deduce an implied (but not explicitly stated) instruction to “solve” the implied (but not explicitly stated) math problem. How the observer proceeds from that point forward in first delusionally imagining what the problem might be, and then solving that imagined delusional problem, also tells you a lot about the observer’s psychological profile.

    Step #3 (and the least important, so far) of the psychological test consists of evaluating how well the observer solved their math problem that they just imagined for themselves. In other words, how good are they with math. A lot of people think that “good with math” also means “smart”, but in all of these many years still can’t pin down what “smart” really means.

    Step#4 (and this one is REALLY tricky) is to if the observer catches (or misses) the subtle fact that the last equation (“3 = ?”) is sequentially numerically discontinuous from the pattern established in the first four equations ( that is, the initial sequence of 9,7,8,6, inexplicably jumps to 3, thereby destroying the implied formula suggested in those first four line items). One could of course supply the possibly missing equation lines for 5 and 4, but that merely brings us back to delusional assumption that we are “meant” to do anything at all. Nevertheless, I find it remarkable that the designer of the math test meme inserted a little “test lie” into the middle of it. Interesting.

    Anyhow, and like I said before, it ain’t a math test. Its a psych-profiling test, and I’m pretty sure I flunked.

    Maxwell Quest

    ? = 12

    Maxwell Quest

    I’m a mediocre mathematician, but pretty good at pattern recognition. When I looked at the table I noticed that the result was a multiple of the number and its increment: x(x+1).

    D Benton Smith

    The implications of the use of body doubles (as in REALLY doing it, at the TOP of the power elite food chain) has ramifications that will rock the world. Check out

    This official video footage from the Zelensky/Biden meeting in Poland establishes for the first time (that I am aware of) irrefutable PROOF of the practice, which moves it OUT of tin-foil-hat territory, and very very firmly INTO the category of hard material fact.

    Stop and consider for a moment what it means to the stability of a society when the following scenario becomes not just possible, but commonplace factuality. Now that the official use of body doubles by high ranking persons is established as common fact, it is now reasonably, legally and publicly possible to CHALLENGE whether an important person is indeed actually legally present or if they are actually illegally absent, guilty or not guilty of being in a particular place at a particular time, publicly alive or secretly dead.

    These are wild times, and about to get wilder.


    @D Benton Smith

    You already don’t know if someone is the ‘real them’ in public.

    How many ‘celebrities’ do you know personally that you could spot a fake.

    Through the years, I’ve met people who were astonishing dead ringers for friends or relatives. I mean really similar.

    Facial recognition allows you to also find people who are body double material for you or anyone else.

    Deep Fake audio is almost perfect and Deep Fake Video will get there in the not to distant future.

    Perfect for the Empire of Lies to deceive with.

    A gift from Satan himself.

    That’s what we collectively need more of right now, total deception X 1000. (no that’s not a math problem)

    As someone said recently, you could have a Deep Fake video of sweet Emma Watson from Harry Potter fame publicly reading Mein Kampf and finishing the a snappy Seig Heil salute and the majority of Duh-mericans and all of the Woketards would swallow it hook, line and sinker.


    I am curious what the opinion is of those who comment here regarding a situation my daughter has found herself in. It regards freedom of speech, and when/where it is appropriate to curb it.

    My daughter is a freshman in high school. She has a platonic male friend in her grade; they have been friends for 3 years. She recently ran across his “handle” on Snapchat about a week ago, and added it as a “friend” so she can see what he posts and what others post to him publicly. Apparently, via another app, it is possible to post anonymously to someone’s Snapchat profile. She discovered that male peers are inundating her male friend’s Snapchat profile daily with lurid, sexual comments and signing them with my daughter’s first name. This is a clear form of “sexual harassment,” intended towards her male friend, but also intended towards herself, even though prior to a week ago she wasn’t fully aware of it. (It had already spilled over into the real world, she had known for months that he was being teased about being in a secret relationship with her, but she had no idea of the extent of it — the boys doing this say mild things out loud, but post graphically sexual comments online.)

    When is it appropriate to stop verbal (spoken or written) harassment? When is it not appropriate? When is it appropriate to be anonymous online? When is anonymity online not appropriate? (Obviously, online anonymity is emboldening these boys to express things that they are not comfortable with being publicly attributable to themselves.) Do we have a different rule for minors than we do for adults?

    These are issues as a society that we need to grapple with.


    I failed mathematics at school. When I left and started work I found I had to stay employed dealing with money as this is invariably where you begin. Working in a shop, a bar, a restaurant or a company handling money and dealing with customers. This is pre-dumbphone in the early 90’s and pre computer tills. So I had to do arithmetic in my head and make sure all the registers were correct. The float was always correct and I kept my employment going through the next decade bouncing from job-to-job.

    Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Are there any points for creativity in mathematics? I would imagine at the doctorate or PHD level there would be scope for it. I just used to find the dry, correct-or-incorrect aspect of mathematics completely tedious and would rather spend my time flirting with girls in my math class.

    Perhaps (as DBS states) this is a psychological test designed to find out what we know/think/extrapolate about patterns and numbers. If we are compliant to a test paper and answer the question or not.

    69 = 4,830!


    And don’t forget ‘Epstein’ suiciding ‘himself’


    According to ChatGPT the answer is ? = -1

    Q: f(9) = 90, f(8) = 72, f(7) = 56, f(6) = 42. What is f(3)?

    A: If we assume that f is a polynomial function of degree 3 (i.e., a cubic function), we can use the given values to find the coefficients of the function and then use that function to determine f(3).

    We can start by assuming that the cubic function has the form:

    f(x) = ax^3 + bx^2 + cx + d

    where a, b, c, and d are constants that we need to determine.

    Using the given values, we can set up a system of four equations with four unknowns:

    f(9) = 90 -> 729a + 81b + 9c + d = 90
    f(8) = 72 -> 512a + 64b + 8c + d = 72
    f(7) = 56 -> 343a + 49b + 7c + d = 56
    f(6) = 42 -> 216a + 36b + 6c + d = 42

    We can solve this system of equations using a variety of methods, such as elimination or substitution. One possible way is to use matrix algebra:

    |729 81 9 1| |a| |90|
    |512 64 8 1| |b| = |72|
    |343 49 7 1| |c| |56|
    |216 36 6 1| |d| |42|

    We can solve this system by inverting the matrix on the left and multiplying it by the column vector on the right:

    |a| |729 81 9 1|-1 |90|
    |b| = |512 64 8 1| |72|
    |c| |343 49 7 1| |56|
    |d| |216 36 6 1| |42|

    Using a calculator or computer program, we can find that the solution is:

    a = -1/9, b = 7/3, c = -11, d = 190

    Therefore, the cubic function that passes through the given points is:

    f(x) = (-1/9)x^3 + (7/3)x^2 – 11x + 190

    Finally, we can evaluate this function at x = 3 to find f(3):

    f(3) = (-1/9)(3)^3 + (7/3)(3)^2 – 11(3) + 190 = -1

    Therefore, if f is a cubic function with the given values, then f(3) = -1.

    Pattern matching, shmatter patching.

    D Benton Smith

    The last time I looked the world was still doing what it does, so I guess one would consequently have to say that in grand balance the “World Government” (Cabal, “Bad Guys”, whatever) is and always has been a fait accompli.

    The only remaining questions therefore are the same two questions as they have always been, too.

    The two questions are, “Just what, EXACTLY, are the details about that “fact” that was accomplished, and what, PRECISELY and accurately, was “accomplished” by that fact.

    Answer those two simple questions adequately and I think we’re good to go.



    What’s that got to do with the price of eggs?!

    Seriously though, that’s some deep s#&t right there. Schooled by algebraic, autistic AI. The New Quants On The Block are in trouble no doubt and wall street never had it easier to hire talent for their al gore rhythms

    D Benton Smith

    Oh, it’s a psychology test, alright. And a damned good one, judging from the results so far. It’s sure got me hooked.

    The Markster

    3 × 4 = 12. Cool NYC aerial. Ads are discrete and hope they help. TVASF.

    Batiushka has become a personal favorite, will be going back for missed articles in his now apparently wrapped up run at The Saker, having just learned of so many over the last year that I missed! Thank you for the introduction!

    Hope you are feeling better, Mr. Meijer. Please do take time off for yourself. ☮️



    In my day we had the non-digital equivalent with the bathroom stall walls, both boys and girls bathrooms

    It could get very vivid and descriptive.

    Everyone at some point had to use the bathrooms so nothing went unnoticed.

    Sexually graphic comments with illustrations were the norm.

    With some detective work noting writing style, lack of punctuation, grammar and known gossip channels, the culprits could be tracked down.

    I remember one girl who got slagged via the bathroom walls and her brother and her real boy friend tracked down the culprit and beat the ever-lovin’ shite out of him. A real facestomp. Bathroom graffiti slowed down dramatically for the rest of the school year.

    The problem was dealt with ‘informally’.

    As to the digital equivalent of the bathroom stall wall, you still have to identify the perps and that gets you into the Empire of Lies and ‘laws’ land. Be careful not to mis-identify someone.

    The anonymous parties in your daughter’s case are probably from a small set of characters, unless the High School has five thousand kids in it.

    They could be publicly shamed if they were identified and they eventually will brag about their exploits.

    The Woketards are experts at public shaming, maybe hire them as consultants ;>)


    Woody Harrelson: “The biggest drug cartels in the world get together and buy up all the media…”




    I think Chatty Gaffy is using the new woke math.

    “UK sets up secret task force.”
    “This page intentionally left blank.”
    “This sentence is a lie.”



    Nazilensky Body Double

    Leave it to the Poles to screw the pooch on this matter.

    Also note the guy immediately to the right of the body double behind Pedo Joe. He has the identical beard and hair cut as both the double and Nazilensky.

    A regular hall of mirrors

    Welcome to the Matrix



    Thanks for the James Ingram. You might like this


    now that it’s been a year, first thing I think of is that poll that determined those most in favor of “risking nuclear war” with the Ukraine situation were also most injected and pro-injection.

    And that rassmusen poll around the same time that 30% of democrats wanted to place uninjected in camps that …help you concentrate.

    Did they take some weird psychological road that led to the opposite of their Democrat beliefs of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s? Pro corporation, pro war, anti working class, anti free speech, anti color-blind society now. Were they just waiting for the moment to self-indulge while posturing as everything opposite, or did they psychologically turn 180 degrees?

    John Day

    If you arean 11 year old girl in Ukraine the brownshirts may merely celo-wrap you to a lightpost (shown) If you are a captured Russian soldier, they douse you in gasoline and burn you alive after the celo-wrap.

    The Dark Trend Of Martial Law, Vigilantism and Public Humiliation In Ukraine
    Ukrainian girl


    Another sunrise (here). Another step ‘down the staircase’ of energy depletion, environmental degradation, collapse of fiat currencies and institutional decay, with maniacs who claim to be in charge promoting and celebrating the descent into ‘hell’ via endless lies, accompanied by a general populace that runs as fast as possible in the other direction (with hands over their ears) when confronted with truth they don’t want to hear.

    This great unravelling is both exciting and scary -especially when scary items I use on a daily basis stop working, like the electric jug (kettle) that stopped working yesterday morning and the fully charged smartphone that suddenly went blank yesterday evening.

    Obviously, I won’t need such items in the not-too-distant future (5 years? 3 years?) but at this point it is nigh-on-impossible to live in this complex society without a smartphone. The controllers have made it that way.

    I got 3 years out of the secondhand electric jug. Fortunately (planning) I had a spare. But no spare smartphone, which worked for 4 years before crapping out.

    So now I have to find a ‘cheap’ replacement. Unlike electric jugs, there are no supplies of second-hand smartphones.

    Bugger. I was hoping to get out of negative bank balance soon.

    I guess the NATOstan financial-economic system will hold together for a few more months, maybe even a year or so, even though it’s all fake and fraudulent and starting to unravel quite quickly.

    As long as industrial humans can keep sucking oil out of the ground and refining it and using it to deliver petroleum energy to places that don’t have any….

    Here’s a great plan. Why don’t we squander a tonne or two of refined petroleum to carry a tank (with an embedded coal debts of several hundred tonnes) to a battlefield, where it can be used by Russia for target practice? And then do it again. And again. After all, the system is predicated on wasting as much energy and resource as possible in the shortest time possible and generating as much waste as possible. Good for GDP, Global Destruction Paradigm.


    Aw, c’mon, man- “Chatty Gaffy” is pretty good euphemism!
    My guy thought the chatbot’s response of attempting to fit it to a cubic equation was cool.

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