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    Unlike electric jugs, there are no supplies of second-hand smartphones.

    dunno if it will be useful in your country, but I found to be a decent source of used cellphones.

    As a general rule of thumb, it seems to always be easier to go for a used phone that was originally with the cellphone provider you plan to use, rather than bringing an unlock to a different carrier – that is an experience based on the US market, of course, which probably has some idiosyncrasies not prevalent elsewhere.

    IF using unlocked devices from other carriers, usually your carrier will have some resource online to search the IMEI/MEID to verify if it can be used on their network and billing system, so if the seller effed up and you can’t use the phone they sold you, you can return it in time to get a refund and try again. The main concern would be to go with a seller that’s got your back in case the used phone is defective, stolen, or written off as part of an insurance claim (and thus rendered unusable)


    Good Kiwi blokes doing what they do best: operating heaving diesel-powered machinery.

    One has to wonder how long any of the ‘fixes’ will last if (when) another storm system comes through from the superheated oceans.

    I was amused that the Chipmunk we have for PM couldn’t get through to another disaster zone via the normal route to make a ‘we’re all in this together’ speech, like his predecessor, the Scorpion, and had to take a tortuous route along the only road left in the district, which took an hour longer.

    I guess we have sent all the working helicopters Airstrip Five had to Ukraine for Russian target practice. Or can’t get the necessary the fuel.

    FUBAR, as usual.


    I just want to say about that Kent Nishimura guitarist from upthread – he has some incredibly lovely arrangements for guitar, really really excellent – a real treat. He seems to always know the right thing to do. I particularly enjoyed In Your Eyes and Does Anybody Know What Time It Is

    My god those nails are long. I’d be constantly breaking mine at that length. But I cannot argue with the results. He’s a total monster, has such great control of relative volume of different intertwined moving parts. Humbling. THANK YOU for posting that, uzerzeroid

    Susan C

    We’re going to miss the Saker.


    @jb-hd you are most welcome + glad that it fell on the ears and eyes of someone that appreciates what he does.

    Yes, he is quite something on the instrument. Unbelievable and (I agree!) humbling.


    Looks like Scott Adams’ brain is back working again after a short hiatus caused by the unvaxxed and his inability to compute their reasoning. Looks like he really has some balls. Good for him.


    Given that the distractions have to get bigger and bigger to keep the people from blaming their leaders, I wonder whether Scott Adams’ revelation of the truth is the next big distraction aimed at getting the Trump supporters hating on the blacks rather than the Democrats and Neocons. I doubt he initiated this, you have to wonder who paid for the Rassmussen poll and who organised all the publicity for it. Someone is trying to start a fight on American soil.

    Doc Robinson

    The body double talk reminds me of the 1993 film Dave about a secretly comatose president who was replaced by a lookalike for public appearances, while the “White House” continued to govern.


    Dr D said

    So either the data says CO2 does not cause warming, OR we have no data that CO2 is related to warming…yet. That data will be available in 40-100 years, noting however, for the first 30 years of their data, their every prediction has been a near-total failure. Which is it? Either is fine for me.

    But you are missing the point, the CO2 fairytale is actually about those on a fatwa against humanity, who believe that humanity is inherently bad and that they have the right to decide that nature made a mistake in creating humanity. That is the root of their fatwa, it has nothing to do with CO2, that is just their latest peg to hang their hatred for humanity.

    Yesterday I was speaking to a nihilist – something I generally try to avoid doing – who asked me whether I had heard the saying “The problem with faith is the faithful”. Of course I have heard that in vacious forms and the saying probably goes back centuries. But faith is inherent in humanity because faith is belief. We all believe stuff that we take on trust. Taking things on trust is a form of belief. For example, when you see a map of all the nations of the earth, you probably take it on trust that the map is approximately right, even though there is no way that you personally could check out all those borders. Sure, people will argue about the difference between faith and belief, but it is all semantics. Some people honestly believe in astrology, some in herbal medicines, that is as much a faith or belief as believing in God.

    I replied to the nihilist that this is a very unhelpful statement as all humans have faith in something and therefore that statement implies that humanity is the problem. Her reply was “Exactly”. Unfortunately our conversation was cut short and I was not able to understand why she thinks humanity is the problem. But I see this in a lot of people, see that they believe that nature made a mistake and it is their job to counter that mistake. Very weird.


    So during an usually warm European winter, Britain is suffering from food shortages while the rest of Europe isn’t. Perfectly normal. People have been leaving Britain due to food shortages for centuries.

    Ukrainian Nazi press gangs are mostly working in western Ukraine now. Seems like they have quotas to fill or if not, they get sent instead. One Nazi tried to press gang an 85 year old man. The old man said the Nazi was a fu*king moron. The Nazi replied, you’re not dead yet? Regardless, the Russians are confirming that all the captured and dead Ukrainians they are seeing now, all have paperwork identifying them as western Ukrainians.

    In recent decades, many of Poland’s young have permanently left and gone to western Europe. This has left Poland short of workers (mostly for poor paying jobs like fruit picking, etc.). Now with the influx of Ukrainians into Poland, this depopulation trend has reversed. Apparently learning Polish isn’t that difficult for Ukrainians. The Pole’s are busy integrating the young Ukrainians into Polish public schools in a big way, hoping they will stay.

    In watching the war in the Ukraine, you may have noticed that Russia has not made any big arrow moves, just small local bite size gains here and there. Another observation is that the Russians are not using their air force very much except behind their air defenses. There is a very good reason for this. Whenever Russia launches an air plane or cruise missile, it’s course is tracked by US satellites so the Ukrainians know ahead of time, so the Ukrainians do not need to turn on their missile radar systems, except very briefly if they decide they want to intercept.

    This has made it very difficult for the Russians to find and destroy the remaining missile defense systems still operating in the Ukraine. Zerosum mentioned yesterday only 405 such systems have been destroyed in over a year of war. Many of these are the deadly S-300 so now you know why the Russians are not flying all over Ukrainian airspace. They can’t. So the Russians are letting their artillery do the talking!


    Another interesting comment I saw on the Ukrainian War, had to do with the different killed/wounded ratios ,occurring, depending upon the type of fighting that is taking place (WW1/WW2). This also greatly changes the types of injuries that occurs too. Less bullet injuries, for example.

    We are usually told the ratio is about 2 or 3 wounded for each soldier killed.

    Since the Ukrainian War has settled into a WW1 style trench warfare, most of the killing and wounding is caused by high explosive artillery shells. Besides fragmentation injuries, shock pressure internal organ injuries also occur. Another fact of life in trench warfare, it is often not possible to immediately attend to and evacuate the injured due to ongoing shelling.

    This commentor noted that it was highly liiely that half of the Ukrainian wounded are dying from their wounds due to the types of internal injuries suffered from shelling combined with the terrible state of Ukrainian medical logistics/systems (not to mention Ukrainian organ harvesting).

    So recent estimates that 257,000 Ukrainians have died so far, could easily be multiplied by 2 x 257,000 for 514,000 dead or if 3 wounded, 2.5 x 257,000 for 642,500 dead. Sad if true.



    Just remember these types want you to die, to solve their imaginary problem!
    They see you as the problem, not themselves!



    Sorry to hear your kettle and phone just crapped out on you. Engineered that way.

    I have never had good luck fixing kettles as either the heating element fails or the on/off switch gets totally fried. As for cell phones, I just buy cheap new ones knowing they will get dropped, go for a swim, get sat on, etc.inside of 2 years.


    No Internet at home, so late responding.

    Thanks for the good wishes jb-hb and WES.

    Kettle problem solved for $10 (US$6) via a visit one of my favourite secondhand stores.

    Smartphone assessed: definitely dead. A replacement costs $219 (about US$130), which I can cope with okay. Lost photos a minor tragedy I can live with. Far worse has happened.

    Had a very interesting conversation with a complete stranger who is awake and knows what is going on. Shared much information. More on that later on.

    In the meantime, this is very interesting because Liz Gunn was working near the core of The Empire of Lies, Airstrip Five Sector, at TVNZ, one of the official lie promulgators for the sector, and then recognised it was all bollocks and left to become a truth-teller. So now she is a prime target for The Empire of Lies.

    ‘Liz Gunn reportedly arrested after melee at Auckland Airport’

    Another rather interesting snippet is that yet another major storm (actual weather system as opposed to all the other storms) seems to be forming and headed for the northern sector of Airstrip Five.


    ‘This summer may be a sign of things to come. The costs of the clean-up will be paid for by generations as insurance costs rise, while land that escaped this time may have been destabilised to terror-filled tipping points for storms to come.

    The task now is to re-imagine Auckland in ways that take seriously the links between the city, nature, and growth.’

    Far too late for that, of course. Indeed, it was too late 20 years ago, which is why I fled Orcland when all I heard was the ‘need for growth’ -Ponzi schemes and all that and zero official interest in actual solutions to the predicament -sabotage, in fact..

    The is actually a website for Planet Ponzi but it’s too late to attempt to do anything about it.

    I will mention that the chap I spoke with earlier today intends to shift all his [fake] money into gold to build a ‘war chest’.

    ‘Interesting times’.

    By the way, Peter Lloyd, the prominent Hawkes Bay anesthetist who set up the ‘Interesting Times’ organisation around 2007 died suddenly shortly after.

    Just sayin’.



    Major escalation.


    Q. Where are the bridges?

    A. Somewhere off the coast.

    Unconfirmed report is that human casualties far exceed the fake government numbers. Just like the covid scam, the censors and spindoctors are hard at it trying to keep the lid on the full scale of the catastrophe.


    German people express their distain for their government’s warmongering using flowers.

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