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    Salvador Dali Remorse – Sphinx Embedded in the Sand 1931   • Michael Cohen Testimony: Trump A ‘Racist’, ‘Cheat’ And ‘Conman’ (G.) • 3 Days That W
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    Meanwhile Alberta is having its coldest February in decades

    As the other guy said…

    The golden rule of pro (anti) climate policy activists:
    Weather is not climate when it’s cold (hot).
    Weather is climate when it’s hot (cold).

    Dr. D

    “In terms of the American republic, the modern equivalent would be: “All citizens are equal, but the wealthy are so much more equal”

    Amazing switch from a book specifically written to warn of the SOCIALISTS being as unequal as Stalinist party officials, because that would be even WORSE than the practices of the original farmer. This is exclusively BECAUSE we have inserted the practices of socialism since FDR, THE EXACT THING OF WHICH ORWELL WARNED. We do not have Capitalism very much at all, and certainly never for party members who cannot be arrested regardless of their crimes, while Pa’s Diner gets shot at a traffic stop or arrested for not having adequate hand towels. Since the socialism Orwell warned of is taking over and reinforcing this inequality exactly as he predicted, someone may have missed the whole point of the novel, and perhaps Orwell himself. …But, sure, moving on, let’s indeed criticize them. But intelligently, without altering history.

    The issues of the Gilded Age she covers are again the issues of non-capitalism, where regardless of the scam, no one can be arrested and everything is covered up. “Competition is a sin” Rockefeller once said, meaning collusion, oligarchy, and monopoly were the orders of the day, all only possible with a lack of Capitalism, and a lack of citizens holding to values of justice and law. Capitalism has its own faults, but it’s not going to make people better and more moral than they are inside and neither will socialism, which is exactly what they ask and believe of it.

    The top grifters of capitalism are Elon Musk, taking billions for a pyramid scheme, Jeff Bezos, taking billions in CIA contracts for completely unsecure servers, then running a newspaper that is a CIA mouthpiece while paying no taxes, the military contractors like Halliburton and Lockheed, whose CEO started the Iraq War and the 20-year war on terror, CEO of Goldman Sachs, who printed $23 Trillion (and possibly $20T more lost in Pentagon black books) to bail out his industry and illegally killed both Lehman and AIG to save his company. Does any of this look like we have capitalism? Sure, Pa’s Diner is capitalist, but not really since he is required to pay Obamacare and buy his towels from an oligopoly at Sysco, but CERTAINLY no one anywhere else is, from Humana to Raytheon to Spectrum to Verizon to farm prices to GM to GE to Google to Home Depot to BNSF to Exxon to Citigroup. Actual capitalists are smaller than the black market, provably so, since the illegal drug market alone is over $100 Billion, and human trafficking is almost as large.

    We’re as far from a capitalist system as it’s possible to be without admitting it; which is exactly what we’re doing, when, on schedule, we say “since we added 80% socialism and central control to it, totally coincidentally Capitalism failed us, and we need a Chavez-like central control of everything to get real prosperity again.” Sez AOC. Like clockwork. Every time. But the one thing you learn from history is nobody learns anything from history.

    In short, if we had any competition at all around here, piranhas (us) would eat the whales (them) in no time flat. Then the wealth disparity of either capital OR income would fall because these terrible, overpriced companies would fail in seconds and shrink, leaving millions of small companies hustling an honest living at cost. –Not bailout cost, not taxpayer-mandate cost, but real cost. The only thing that prevents this from happening and insures the wealthy are not allowed to lose is the absolute power of government. ….Yet they want to give government MORE power to bring the government’s real owners, Spectrum, Halliburton, Sachs, to heel. Suuuuuuuuure they will, just trust us. When in the last 100 years have they made things worse, except for every thing at every time?

    Trump and Rabobank say something else: banks can never normalize, bonds can never be sold, and interest rates can never rise, ever again. Which we all knew and said in 1999 when Greenspan started, if anybody listened. So inflation must always be higher than overnight rate, the U.S. bond, and higher than savings accounts. Is anybody listening??? They’re telling you money has to leave all these things forever and take inflationary flight somewhere forever, until the system comes apart. In inflation-ravaged countries, that’s often stocks, commodities, etc, and stocks already pay more in DIVIDENDS than T-bonds. Also in-distress assets like junk bonds, bodyguards, home security services, violence, extortion, and racketeering, but we’re way ahead of the curve on this. That is, unless somebody has found a cure to the laws of physics, which is what they say every time there’s a Mississippi South Seas Internet Bubble.

    “UK Hunger Survey To Measure Food Insecurity (G.)”

    If only we had trucks of humanitarian aid in Manchester! If only we could do a foreign aid program to Scotland! But no, we sent $5B in goods to Ukraine/Venezuelan military coup and $100B over the years to Israel and Egypt. No money for the National Health here!

    “Glyphosate Found In 95% Of Wine And Beer (Ind.)”

    Yes, they spray crops with RoundUp one minute before it goes to table, that is, a day before harvest when it’s already dry and lifeless, going into the grain silos. They intentionally add raw, cancerous poison in order to dry it a little more rather than pay the grain dryers to do it. So yes, it’s no wonder it’s in beer: it’s in barley. Might as well spray it in the elevator, in the vat, or put a wedge of RoundUp and Lime on the glass.

    “Am I The Only One Who’s Terrified About The Warm Weather? (G.)”

    Warm weather? When it’s colder in Minnesota than on Mars, colder in Chicago than Antarctica, and snowing in L.A., Athens, and Punjab? Don’t let your location bias bite you, It was just colder in UK a bit ago, they were paying record social services because of it.

    Personal theory: the solar scientists have the best model, as the sunspots fade and the sun’s radiation drops, the earth’s magnetic field also drops. Both of these are measurable. However, the lack of electric magnetism has an effect on earthquakes and volcanoes (also measurable over millennia) but further, the cloud and jet streams are no longer held in their own bands by static force. Because that’s what clouds are and why they have lightning: because they’re highly light, gaseous, and electric. So when weather can wander, it’s easy to be hotter AND colder. And with random weather, agriculture fails: you can’t even move to hotter crops (mangos) or colder crops (rye) because it will be 50f hotter one month, and 50f colder the next. With torrential rains, then a drought. Just like last time.

    What? Last time? Hey, remember this? Czech
    The Czech Hunger Stones? Yes, last time the weather was unseasonably hot for 5-10 years, then BAM! Instantly rained at 50f in Europe for 3 years straight. Crops failed, flooded out, all the seed corn was lost in the 3 years of attempts to grow things. Civilization contracted instantly, wars began with disease, and the whole of Europe abandoned their villages until the woods left not a trace, and we had the German landscape of the Brothers Grimm. It wasn’t like that before. That’s why the old witch’s house is in the woods: BECAUSE IT WASN’T A WOODS 100 years ago: it was a rich Roman town with vineyards.

    What starts this thing that happens every 400 years like clockwork? A classic chart spike-top that’s unsustainable when then collapses and overshoots downward. If not, after 1,000 of these 400-year warming periods, wouldn’t the temperature be 5,000f? No, it HAS to CYCLE, to overshoot, to restore, like every other time.

    Bonus round: so if this never happened, why did the world’s premier plant developers in the New World, the creators of corn, tomatoes, potatoes, and others, never grow crops? Were they just some idiots-in-loincloths, lazy, mucking around? No. North America has “continental” weather. That is to say like Minnesota, it’s 100f in summer and -50f in winter. You can’t grow crops with unhinged weather, reversing 100f in 2 days as happened the other week here. You have to wildly and radically broad-base your permaculture, which is exactly what they did and what they wrote down to anybody who was interested, along with the legends of epic storm and cold. They weren’t “primitive” and didn’t live in a “wilderness”. They lived in a broad-based food forest protecting some small agriculture that was possible under North America’s constant extreme conditions. But by 1600, when the weather stabilized and the Euros visited again, they couldn’t understand why they weren’t taking advantage of farming when the Mayans and the Mound builders were both larger farmers, had larger cities, and both went down for bad weather just a generation ago. Yup, those dumb primitive Indians. Children of the forest who need to be ‘larned better.

    Okay, smarty-pants, you’re on the spot again: how do YOU plan to grow crops when the weather from Boston to Seattle is going to change 70f a week and from rain to drought in the month, with 3’ snows in 24h becoming normal? Food forest look different to you now?

    PS, don’t count on major food exports under those conditions. China, you’re on your own.

    John Day

    Pillage Venezuela

    Is Marco a Sadist? He even tweeted the picture of Gaddafi being murdered.
    It appears Rubio, disappointed that weekend events didn’t escalate further beyond isolated border crossing clashes, must be venting his frustrations by reminiscing about the “good ole days” of Libya and Syria regime change wars.
    As As’ad AbuKhalil, a professor of Middle East history at California State University-Stanislaus points out, “The esteemed senator from Florida is calling for the anal rape and murder of Maduro.”
    Perhaps a minor question that remains is: will Twitter make Rubio delete a tweet threatening the extra judicial killing of a head of state?

    The Washington Post has stealth-edited all mention of Richard Branson’s Venezuela aid concert in Cucuta, Colombia, after the paper originally claimed that the event “drew a crowd of more than 200,000 people Friday.” …
    According to the Google map scale the field’s northern edge is some 125 meters wide. The crowd was standing at the northern end of the field at a depth of about 50 meters. The density of the static crowd was low to medium with on average 2 to 3 people per square meter.
    125m * 50m = 6,250 m2 * 2.5 people/m2 = 15,625 people
    One may generously add a count of one or two thousand for the people mingling around in the back of the public area. In total there may have been up to 18,000, but certainly no more than 20,000 people at the concert. -Moon of Alabama
    In short, Fake News.

    Moon of Alabama and RT have video of the pro-Guaido thugs lighting some “aid” trucks on fire. None of it got into Venezuela.


    The Cohen thingy has started (CNN) . Anyone see anything other than what I said above?I do not get it.

    Stormy Daniels? Story started off with campaign funds, it was not. Trump Tower Meeting? Long discredited.

    Why is Cohen given a stage to talk about nothing at all? Please fill me in.


    Really, I don’t get why he’s there. And now we get Debbie Wasserman? Wow. Someone has no shame alright. Don’t we know enough about her yet? And she, wouldn’t you know, starts tearing into Assange, who can’t tear back into her. And still can’t even get Cohen to say there was collusion.


    Its “A Cohen MOMENT” in history.
    Q&A happening at this moment.
    When this diversion is over we will be going back to the regular scheduled diversions, (Trump Tweets)

    Thank to all the commentators who continually shine the light into those hidden corners that carry the truth.
    (off topic)

    Water appearing to run uphill at Magnetic Hill
    The Magnetic Hill is an example of a gravity hill, a type of optical illusion created by rising and descending terrain. It is located at the northwestern edge (in the Magnetic Hill Area) of the city of Moncton in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.


    And then Wasserman again makes the link that Trump worked with Russia because Stone supposedly knew Assange was going to publish DNC mails, which if course she says were hacked or stolen by ‘the Russians’. We’re regurgitating long discredited things only.


    For me, the issue covered here today with the most long term importance for us all is Dr D’s take on climate change. Thanks to him for stating his case. A major crop failure will quickly lead to war, famine, disease and the beat goes on. As usual,the poor will suffer first and worst. This should be of major concern to all, in the end far more important than Cohen, Trump, Assange et al.

    Anecdotal weather anomalies do not reflect the climate or its degree of change. However, when the anomalies are piling up on each other as they are now, swinging between extremes constantly and with increasing violence, we need to closely and critically review our operating theories and response. In a crisis, we should never be afraid to question even our most cherished assumptions when survival is the issue.

    There are many, many reasons to stop polluting the planet. I have grandchildren. We all do. Your kids are my grandchildren too. That is enough reason for me, trying to leave them a planet that can offer the possibility of lives with some dignity and joy. This is what we do here – as feeble as our efforts may be.

    Recently I have become troubled by some obvious gaps in the work of climate change reports such as the IPCC last issued. I’m no scientist, but there is such a thing as common sense. If the oceans are warming – and they are – it’s obvious this results in more cloud formation because of increased evaporation. Why is this increase in cloud cover not addressed in the IPCC report? More clouds should mean greater albedo from them. As the earth’s magnetic field weakens more cosmic radiation gets through to the atmosphere. There are numerous studies that show the relationship from this increased radiation to increased cloud formation and precipitation. Again not included in climate calculations. The list of potential factors that are ignored – many that involve solar output – is a long one. No solar outputs except UV are included in the calculations. You have to ask what they are afraid of.

    We have had dramatic warming of the oceans and the atmosphere over the last few decades. This has coincided with two very important events. One, a dramatic rise in industrial and transportation related pollution including carbon dioxide and methane. The other, a dramatic rise in solar output, the highest levels in hundreds of years. Now, the solar output wanes, and the weather goes nuts.

    The space and solar folks are just as smug as the climate people. For them, humans can’t do anything to effect the climate and we should just gas up the old SUV. I find this to be very irresponsible, self serving and dishonest. However, for what I consider a relatively unbiased (and very informative) presentation of the space weather/earth climate perspective I suggest a look at Ben Davidson’s recent lecture.

    Our plans here do not change whichever way this climate thing shakes out. We plant with as much diversity as we can especially using species that can thrive over a broad range of temperatures. I plant many species here that are out of zone – going with the warming trend that has been in place around here for decades. However, I always include very hardy species as insurance. This year we’ve had a very warm rainy early winter and a very cold snowy February. All in all we are still much warmer than the historical norms, with the primary winter difference being in nighttime temperature. Yes, two hundred miles to the east or west there are snow records being set.

    The climate quandary is emblematic of many of the crises we face. Entrenched interests refusing to view the crisis past their own gun-sight. We need to do so much to mitigate the consequences, yet we just snipe at each other. Why don’t these folks get it together and do their real jobs? Because of the huge business interests lined up on either side. There is a lot of money at stake.

    Sorry to drone on. I must feed the critters, get in the firewood and put on snowshoes to prune some fruit trees. Peace

    V. Arnold

    Raúl Ilargi Meijer

    Why is Cohen given a stage to talk about nothing at all? Please fill me in.

    Sorry, can’t help on this.
    But; the very fact you don’t get it, should be a tell; there’s nothing to get; there is no there there…

    Interesting read, yours; I do not trust any of “it”; “it” being almost all news is heavily politicised, and amounts to nothing more than propaganda. I rely on being in possesion of common sense and an inquiring mind…
    Put another way; I try to listen to everyone and “believe” nothing…

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